A Message from Norman Ivory's Guide Teh

Note: This message was given at Norman and Lynette Ivorys' Development And Awareness Group on the 13th of August 2009 during trance mediumship and transcribed by Yael Larkin.

The millennium will be peaceful in the future. Now you are experiencing the birth pains of a new time. The age will be peaceful, as will its processes. It will be peaceful because it is in the nature of this time to be peaceful. Great progress will be made in spirituality.

In the 2000 years ahead there will be progress in research, particularly science and spirituality and the well being of the planet.  New methods will be available for your needs. Peace will allow provisions to reach people. Science will find ways of spreading humanity into the solar system and farther, into other places. There is much research now. There is much potential for such science. Travel to other systems will not be physical. It will be discovered.  It will be an age of happiness, prosperity. People will become less selfish because all will be provided for.

The present age of Aquarius is that great advancement in psychic achievement, spiritual achievement.  People during this period are more advanced. Others are retarded in their ability to come back. But in the next two ages this will not be the same. More people with less spirituality will show themselves. Because of advancement, they will have considerable power. Until Capricorn, when power will be ultimate, men will have power but an amoral approach. They will have less consideration for individuals than total society. There will be 'mind blowing', horrific things. But this will bring lessons, and in the following ages, the power of Capricorn will come back and prosperity will be assured. It's a long way off though.

Your responsibility is to sow the seeds in this age which will grow peace, love and light so suffering here is reduced considerably. This is why you have come. You may not know but each of you were in revolutions of previous times. Now you are in a revolution of spirituality. There is some suffering in this in that the mind needs to change itself in line with your spiritual growth. You will bring spirituality in your own way. Like a dye in water, love will be spread. You live in a great country, a country of extremes. The population will increase and you will have problems of providing for those people. You each have a duty to yourself to achieve the height of your ability in physical control of your life. Some have many years - some not.

My society was not as big as yours. There were not as many people so is it not wonderful that you have so many opportunities to spread the word of spirituality. It is a responsibility to yourself.  Do not fear Capricorn - they cannot destroy a soul, love, the plan made by the shining ones above us. They cannot destroy those plans. I see them more clearly. But you can see the light. It is for you, a child of God - a child of that creative being who sprang into life and gave us life. When I was alive I worshipped like you today. In your heart you know who that Great Being is. You worship and long to be, and understand. You are on a pathway to find that presence. It may take a while but you will get this.  It's a long way to go. Many hundreds and thousands of years.  Eventually you will no longer need your physical body. Wish for light and love and for understanding and for the eye to know the difference.