Trance Talks by Valerie Sturesteps and Betty Foster

Recorded and transcribed by Gaidis Sturesteps.
HTML Version by Waldis Jirgens.

Second edition July 2011. This material is not copyrighted. Valerie wanted it to be freely available to anyone.


A lot has been written about mediumship and contact with the spirit-world. One of the most fascinating aspects is trance mediumship, where an entity actually occupies and uses the body of the medium for a short while. This can be done with complete awareness on part of the occupying entity or - like in the case of psychic rescues - the entity might be totally unaware, of what is happening. One of Canberra's most talented trance-mediums was

Valerie Sturesteps.
Valerie's PictureShe was born Valerie Turner on 23/11/1935 in Birmingham, U.K., and passed away on 19/8/1997. Valerie grew up in Birmingham and attended there the local Spiritualist church as a young girl. She was always deeply religious, but was not attracted to any particular church. At the age of about 30 she became interested in Indian religion and practised yoga for about 12 years.

She came to meet a local Canberra medium, and started to regularly attend his home circle. After 2-3 years of attendance, she spontaneously went into trance instead of the regular medium, and the spirit of her dead father came through. There was a powerful emotional discharge, as old and painful conflicts were resolved between father and daughter. From then on she started to trance regularly and for many years ran her own home circle. She became president of the Canberra Spiritualist Association Master of Science degree in Psychology from the ANU.

Unfortunately Valerie's association with Spiritualism ended tragically. Around 2 years before her death she was diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis was a a very heavy emotional shock to her, since her guides had not given any indication of the upcoming illness beforehand. She stopped all mediumistic activities, and tried to heal herself by meditation - unfortunately to no avail.

Valerie's husband Gaidis (Guy) Sturesteps (10/12/1927 - 22/4/2006), who besides being an engineer, held a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the ANU, taped all the séances, which then were transcribed in machine readable format. Here is a collection of the transcripts. Only a few less relevant ones have been omitted. This material is quite voluminous, and in quality rivalling anything hitherto published! However, before you get carried away, please read my disclaimer, on how to interpret these talks.
Please read also: Some doubts about Trance Mediumship.

The sessions consist mostly of "Spirit Talks", where a spirit gives a lecture on a certain subject - from séances held during the 70s to 90s. The spirits involved are inter alia Arrian alias Robin, Ah-So, Jhannee, Sartorius, Silver Moon, Margaret McMurray, Verna, and Wung-Lo - not necessarily their names in the material world! Arrian is also the "chief guide of the group" - this function is often described as the "Control" on the spiritual side.

Spiritualists often have been classified as superficial, having no philosophical concept about spiritual life. Nothing could be further from the truth. These lectures prove otherwise. I have ordered them by subjects and added - as far as possible - an abstract, outlining the teachings:


Arrian on conditions in The spirit world
A thorough explanation!

Arrian on spirit world and material world
A Church talk, somehow lighter than the first one.

Arrian on Levels in the spirit world
Again a Church talk.

Arrian on the goods of heaven
More about guilt, remorse, retribution and forgiveness.

Arrian on the pre-birth process
Reminiscent of "Life Before Life" by Helen Wambach.

Ah-So on spiritual realms and unity
A church talk.

Levels of worlds
Related by Valerie from Ah-so's ideas.

Sertorius on progression in spirit
The institution remains - the persons move on.

Spiritualism from the other side
Arrian talks about the spirit side of spiritualism!

Jhannee on the Spirit-World
Many aspects are covered, even exorcism.

Jhannee on conditions in the world
Reflections on the Bangladeshi tidal wave disaster.

Jhannee on the unreality of the world
Relationships between spiritual and natural world.

Ah-So on the lower astral world
Inter alia a more civilised version of the traditional "Hell".

Silver Moon on spirit's influence on the earth
Or better: ... on the earths.

Verna on how spirit guides see the material world
It's not easy for them to tune in!


Arrian(?) on the message of the masters
Church talk.

Ah-So Easter Church talk
About the general meaning of Easter.

Arrian on the meaning of Easter
This again is an easy church talk.

Easter Church talk by Arrian
A few years on.

Christmas Church talk by Arrian(?)
A simple Christmas message.

Christmas Messages 1984
Ah-So, Verna and Sertorius.

Christmas Messages 1989
Jhannee, Ah-So and Silver Moon.

Verna's Christmas Message 1989
Followed by Wung-Lo and Ah-So.

Christmas Messages 1990
Margaret McMurray, Sertorius, Verna.

Margaret McMurray on the children and Christmas
Another friendly chat in the circle.

Ah-So - Pre-Christmas talk and meditation
A multi-subject session.

Sertorius Christmas Message 1989
Arrian and Verna also chip in.

Jhannee's general Church talk
Love and hate, and how they affect you.


Wung-Lo on bringing up children so their psychic abilities are preserved
Good parenting from a spiritual development viewpoint.

A "relative" of Robin about expansion of knowledge
Again some quite down to earth advice.

Arrian about creativity
A church talk.

Verna on material life
Some down to earth advice.

Verna and creativity
An often light-hearted discussion.

Ah-So on thoughts and emotions
Includes creative visualisation.

Sertorius - Note on changing a future event
A bit like creative visualisation.

Sertorius on life
Quite general.

Sertorius and Jhannee on life
More authoritative.

Silver Moon on attitudes to the world
Church talk about world-interrelationships.

Pat and an unknown entity
Deep philosophical talk.

Sertorius on evildoers
Church talk rationalising Christian principles.

Sertorius on balance in life
Church talk.

Silver Moon on vibrations in foods
What's good and what's not.

Silver Moon on mental health
Alternative views on mental illness.

The dying process
A look from both sides of the divide.

Jhannee on why some babies die at a young age
Covers a wide range of subjects - including suicide!

Margaret McMurray on the death of young children
Similar subject - different spirit.

Jhannee on "Walk-Ins"
An often light-hearted discussion.

Ah-So - Introduction
Some good advice how to lead your life.

Ah-So on China
He is still concerned with his home-country!

Ah-So discusses sleep states with the circle
Some interesting questions are answered!

Ah-So debates disasters
Puts the "Acts of God" in perspective.


Ah-So on praying
Some unintuitive answers.

Again Ah-So on praying
This time a Church talk.

Wung-Lo on meditation
A few useful techniques are given.

Ah-So introductory talk
Ah-So introduces himself and the essence of his lectures.

Ah-So about divination
What is valid and what is best.

Ah-So on people's relationship with guides
An introduction to the subject.

Sertorius on guides
The nature of guides, and how to contact them.

Wung-Lo on spirit doorkeepers
A very important reminder. Don't leave yourself open to undesirable spirits!

The Egyptian priest - Isis of Amun Re - on the beginning of guides
A historical view.

Silver Moon on magic
Evil influences and how to prevent them.

Lecture and discussion
The lecture is given through Valerie's trance-mediumship by an unknown entity. Later "Albert" takes over through the mediumship of John Dixon, and involves the circle in a lively discussion about techniques and impressions of the séance. Commentary is by Valerie herself.

Jhannee on the guru-disciple relationship
More an instruction for spiritual development.

Verna - Development and Healing
Another instruction for spiritual development.

Verna on the aims of the circle
Why have a circle?

Ah-So on the organisation of the circle
...and many other topics!

Silver Moon on the responsibilities of mediums
Being a medium can be quite a burden!

Verna on mediumship
There even is an answer to the question: "What happened to Adolf Hitler in the spiritual world?".

Verna on mediumship (short talk)
Given at a spiritual development circle.

Sertorius on mischievous spirit influences
How to protect yourself.


Sertorius on the aura
A thorough explanation.

Verna on auras and energy
A hands-on approach.

Wung-Lo on energy and the aura
Questions are answered by Verna.

Silver Moon on healing
The general principles and techniques.

Silver Moon on healing and the aura
How both are interconnected.

Jhannee on healing methods
A thorough view at spiritual healing.


Psychic rescue is an interesting - but demanding - aspect of trance mediumship. In a nutshell it is the practice of a circle to help people, who could not handle their transition to the spiritual world, realise the facts of their circumstances, and set them free to move on. This can often be a daunting task, especially if the "lost" spirit does not believe in life after death.

Discussion with Sidney about psychic rescues
Sidney gives an introduction to psychic rescue work.

Ah-So explains psychic rescue
The same from a slightly different angle.

Arrian(?) on psychic rescue
Church talk - again a slightly different angle.

Verna on psychic rescue
Verna chips in with the same theme.

Verna tells, how to conduct rescues
..and gives a lecture, together with a visitor.

Verna - Instructions on conducting rescues
Same subject, one year later.

Psychic rescue organised by Anderson
Anderson's first one! Followed by a lively discussion about rescues, guides and mediums.

The rescue of Sister Dorothy
A MUST-READ for Christian fundamentalists!

Valija's rescue
There is some background to this. During the rescue Guy recognises the entity as
his late sister in law Valija, who had died in February 1983 in Latvia from TB and
cancer of the throat. Her marriage had not been good and she died full of hate.
Her husband - Guy's brother - then had a series of misfortunes and finally in
January 1984 a terrifying vision about Valija and her dark companions in what
he describes as "hell" - wanting to hurt him, but being powerless to do so. This
vision lasted for 15 hours. - Valerie writes about this:
"When Guy first translated this letter aloud to me I felt a little thrill run through
me. One of my guides intimated that something must be done about this, and I felt
as though one of them dashed off quickly to take action."
Seems, that this rescue is the result of this action!

Rescue of a holocaust victim
A 10 year old girl too horrified to remember.

The rescue of a Mayan priest
Some long kept beliefs had to be left behind.

Margaret McMurray - a rescue and the wee ones
More like a chat with an old friend of the circle.

Talk at John Dixon's circle after a rescue
Why rescues sometimes become necessary.

Alice's rescue
Alice is a lady of the early 20th century. She needs a lot of persuading!


These talks are more light-hearted chats, not lectures as some of the previous. They serve to clear up some misconceptions, that people might have about the spiritual worlds.

Anderson's first session
Anderson's chattiness makes this entertaining.

A general Q&A session
Valerie's guides take turns at answering.

Another general Q&A session
Same here, more than 1 year on.

Silver Moon - Introduction
Silver Moon talks about himself.

Silver Moon on love and the Redman
Indigenous wisdom.

Silver Moon on time
Followed by a light-hearted talk with Verna.

Jhannee on Jesus
Jhannee denies Jesus' trial and crucifixion, which contradicts recorded history. Odd is also the mentioning of the shroud (presumably of Turin), that has been proven, NOT to be the cloth that was put around Jesus' body. It seems, that Jhannee is not telling the full truth here.

Anderson has a chat with the circle
Anderson is not quite as advanced as Arrian. The reason given, why so many people are coming to this earth now is slightly disconcerting...

Al-kara talks about her life on earth
This is a one-off!

Questions answered by dictation
Not strictly Trance-Mediumship but interesting.

Questions answered by dictation
Same thing - four years later.

Verna - Discussion session
Various subjects.

Verna on meditation
She has a social chat, the subject is incidental.

Jhannee answers questions
Terminated pregnancies.

Beuzan the priest of Stonehenge
A view into history.

Introduction of Sertorius at John Dixon's circle
Sertorius symbolises power and discipline and explains it.


Sometimes the spirits lead a meditation for the circle:

Arrian's meditation on the material world
Relatively light and easy to emulate.

Another meditation by Arrian
Comments by Valerie.

Flower meditation by Arrian
Followed by a Q&A session with the circle.

Philosophy of the underlying spirit
Inflow and outflow and their relation.

Meditation by a high, unknown entity
A bit like astral travel.


Who Betty Foster is
A short history of Spiritualism in Canberra and Betty's involvement.

An evening with Betty Foster
Various aspects of Spiritualism are touched.

An Evening Seminar Talk given in the Hughes Community Centre
Spiritualism explained to the public.

Christmas Church talk by Betty Foster
Not a spirit talk - What Christmas is all about.

New Years Eve Church talk by Betty Foster
Again not a spirit talk.

Some of Betty's spiritual experiences
Another Church talk.

Spiritualism Today
Modern aspects of Spiritualism.

Ka-la on Christmas
Another Church talk.

Church talk through Betty Foster
Highlighting deficiencies of conventional Christianity.



Spiritualism is a way of life. It combines philosophy, science and religion. It covers a very wide field, and, therefore, you cannot expect to understand it without a certain amount of study. Spiritualists mainly agree on seven principles:-
  1. The fatherhood of God.
  2. The brotherhood of man.
  3. The communion of spirits and the ministry of angels.
  4. The continuous existence of the human soul.
  5. Personal responsibility.
  6. Compensation and retribution hereafter for all good and evil deeds done on earth.
  7. Eternal progress open to every human soul.

The primary object of Spiritualism today is to prove the survival of human personality after death. Death is the doorway to a new and wider life. From the day of our birth we each have two bodies, the material or earthly body, which can be seen, and the spiritual body, which is unseen during life but is a counterpart of our earthly body. These two bodies are linked by a cord. In similar fashion, before birth a baby is joined to its mother by a cord. When it is born the cord must be cut.

When we die, the cord linking our two bodies is severed. The material body returns to the earth whence it came, and the spiritual body becomes the vehicle of our spirit. We are spirit here and now - we don't have to wait until death to become spirit. Death, as a rule, seems like sleep - there is no pain. When we awake, conditions seem much the same to us as before we "died". We take with us into the beyond no material possessions, such as clothes or money - they are no longer needed. But we do take our character and our individuality. In every way we are the same individuals immediately after death as before, with all our faults and virtues.

The home that awaits us in the spirit world depends upon the life we have led on earth. If we have honestly tried to do the best we can, then we need have no fear of death. We have fitted ourselves for the result which is automatic, a better, happier life where we are reunited with our loved ones and friends.

If, on the other hand, there has been more selfishness than goodness and service in our lives, we will automatically have to pay the price. This is part of the law of sowing and reaping, which is only another way of saying that effect must follow cause. It is perfectly summarised in the sixth principle (printed overleaf), which says that hereafter there are compensation and retribution for all the good and evil done on earth.

Acts of service that we have performed will naturally increase our spiritual status. Sins of omission or commission will just as naturally retard it. There is, however, no hell in which its inhabitants are condemned for eternity. Once self-realisation dawns and the soul is ready to advance, there are enlightened spiritual beings who will show the way to progress.

The practical application of Spiritualism is the supreme necessity for all of us to lead the best kind of life we can on earth, to practise qualities of compassion and kindness and to give service wherever we can.

Heaven and hell are really states of mind, not geographical locations. Even here we can live in heaven or in hell, the choice is ours. The world we inhabit after death is not far away up in the sky. It is round and about us, interpenetrating the world in which we now live. Those we have "loved and lost awhile" are not in some far-off, inaccessible place, seated on pink clouds at the right hand of God and playing golden harps. Very often, they are close by our side, striving to help and guide us, and loving us just as they did before passing.

The evidence reveals that love, like life, is stronger than death. It is love that proves to be the compelling force, striving to break down the barriers, which man in his ignorance has created, between this world and what is called the next, in order to achieve spirit communication. Often there is grief on both sides of the veil. There are the tears shed over loved ones who have died and the grief they experience when they try to reach us but fail to make their presence known.

There are many spheres of existence that are invisible to us because they function in a different manner from earth. Millions of vibrations of sound are lost to us because they are outside the range of our hearing. And millions of vibrations of sight fail to be registered because they are beyond the scope of our eyes.

Microphones and radio receivers enable us to hear what is normally beyond the range of our ears. The telescope and television will bring into focus what is beyond our vision. The inhabitants of the spirit world are very real even though we cannot see or hear them.

There are, however, highly sensitive individuals who have developed their innate natural psychic faculties with the result that they can tune in to the spirit world and its denizens. These human television and radio sets are mediums. They become the agents through whom spirit communication is achieved.

There is nothing supernatural about this happening, though it is supernormal. Everything in the universe is in accordance with natural laws. They were devised by God and God is perfect. If it was God's will that we should be ignorant about His natural laws then we would know nothing about them.

God is not only perfect but all-powerful. God is spirit. He is not an old man with a long white beard who sits on a throne in heaven. To picture God as a human being is to impose limitations. Were He human He could not be in all places at once, neither could He hear every prayer.

God is not a person but the creative universal spirit. Wherever there is life there is spirit; and wherever there is spirit there is life. We exist because a spark of divinity is within each one of us. This is a divine relationship in which God is our father and we are all His children.

We can, by our lives, fan the spark into a flame so that a greater expression of divinity is made known through us. The result will be to sustain, uplift and help us in our spiritual development. And we have the free will to reject and ignore the spark of divinity. The result is that we fail to make the progress we should and deny ourselves the beauty that life has to offer.

We do not believe in a vicarious atonement as preached in some orthodox religions. We regard Jesus as an exemplar, not a saviour. Man has no saviour but himself. We are each personally responsible for our sins and must atone for them here or hereafter. It is far more moral to acknowledge our sins and try to make amends than to try to place them on the shoulders of another. We believe that Jesus was divine, but only in the sense that we are all divine. There is a difference of degree but not of kind.

We also believe, as the Bible states, that Jesus developed his psychic faculties and was a supreme master of spiritual law. Moreover he was in close touch with the spirit world and demonstrated his survival after his death. His teaching of brotherhood, love, humility and service is the basis of Spiritualism as we know it today.

We do not claim to know everything - no one does. Knowledge is infinite and we shall always be learning. What we do maintain is that we have caught a glimmer of truth. It inspires us to search for more, rejecting anything that does not appeal to our God-given reason and accepting that which is logical and uplifting.

What makes Spiritualism unique is the evidence of survival after death that is obtainable through mediumship. Whereas most religions preach an after-life as a hope, faith or belief, we maintain that any reasonable person can prove it for himself.

We do not ask you to believe what we say. What we do suggest is that you study the literature and then make your own inquiry.


Update 17/11/2008

I have presented the talks on an "as-is" basis, just as they were recorded. My own comments are only on the Mediums' page. There are a few obvious questions, which need answering:
  1. Do the talks genuinely originate from outside the medium?
  2. Are the spirits, who they claim to be?
  3. Do they speak the truth?
  4. Are their statements corroborated by other Trance Mediums' spirits?
This in ascending order of difficulty. So lets take the questions one by one:

1. Do the talks genuinely originate from outside the medium?

 Since I knew Valerie's husband Guy personally, and he assured me, that his wife was not faking the whole thing, at least I can say, that in her case she was convinced, that the spirits were external to her, and the talks were not given by her subconscious or superconscious mind in the guise of spirits. But there is no way of knowing for sure. That genuine spirit communication does take place can be proven, if the spirit gives information, that was previously unknown to the medium and any guests, and then can later be independently verified. Such cases have been well documented, probably the best known involve Emanuel Swedenborg. Closed minded sceptics have however put up theories, that the medium itself was searching the world for this information via astral travel, and then presented it to the spectators as a message from spirit. Even more fantastic is the assumption, that this process could have been controlled subconsciously, with the medium thinking, that genuine spirit contact had taken place.

2. Are the spirits, who they claim to be?

 Well, who knows? As they themselves state, names do not mean much in the spiritual world, and can be assumed as the entity wishes. When they talk about their lives on earth, not often one has the opportunity to cross-check their names with history. One possible exception is Valija, Guy's and Valerie's sister in law. However the situation, she found herself in shortly before her death, is unfortunately all too common. Guy also missed a golden opportunity by not using Latvian - a language that of all people present in the group only he and Valija could speak - to communicate with his late sister in law. Still, even if one can verify, that the person, the spirit claims to be, had lived during the stated time on earth, it is not sure, that the spirit really was that person. Sometimes however the claims of channelled spirits can be proven false - see for instance: How to distinguish spiritual trash from spiritual treasure.

3. Do they speak the truth?

 The age old question: "What is truth?" comes to mind. It certainly seems, that they speak "personal truth", matters, that they themselves have accepted as truth. And they state, that nothing in the spiritual world is "one way only". It stands to reason, that these accepted "personal truths" will depend on the spiritual development of the spirit talking. Just like with people "in the flesh" there probably would be those, that have very little understanding, but still think, that they "know it all", and simply show off. In case the spirits talk about historical events, some of their claims can be checked. From what I have read, I suspect that not all of the spirits have been 100% truthful all of the time. It also begs the question, where the spirits derive the historical information from. Surely not all spirits know everything about all historical events!

4. Are their statements corroborated by other Trance Mediums' spirits?

 The answer is: Partly, but not 100%. If you are an experienced web surfer, you surely have found several other sites like this one here. There are also a few books about Trance Mediums and the messages of their spirits. If you compare the messages, you get the following pattern:

In Conclusion:
Channelled spirits will tell you, what they know. Well meaning spirits will not try to deceive you, but they may be unaware of lots of facts or may even be misinformed themselves. Different groups of spirits will be aware of different facts. A particular medium is in touch with a particular group of spirits - that's why there is no 100% sameness of the transmitted information between mediums. Thus, if you look for absolute truth, you probably are asking too much. It is possible, that there is no such thing, and you must be content with personal truth, that is yours only.  Each person's truth will be dependent on the level of their current spiritual development. So please examine the talks, and take aboard, what sounds right for YOU at this moment in time. If in doubt about the appropriateness of any suggestion made by a spirit use Immanuel Kant's "Categorical Imperative" as your ethical guideline.

 An example of "personal truth" are the so called "stigmata" - the "wounds of Christ", that appear on some people's palms and feet for some religious occasions. The latest documented such case was shown on Prime TV on the 24th of August 1999 ("Signs From God"). It is well known now, that in order to be crucified a victim has to be nailed to the cross at the WRISTS and not at the PALMS, lest the soft tissue in the latter break under the strain of the body, whilst it is at the cross. But stigmata appear on the PALMS of the affected. Why? Simply because they have accepted the "fact", that Jesus' palms were used to fix Him to the cross as their personal truth!

Under hypnosis or autohypnosis many such "personal truths" can be accepted, opening the potential for healing addictions and even severe illnesses, but also enabling negative thoughts to take hold - like a shaman "pointing the bone" to kill a suggestible victim.   



We have been asked to tell you about life on this side. The important thing to remember is that there is really, in your terms, nothing here. But you form your surroundings yourself. The type of surroundings you experience over here depends on what your basic attitude to life has been in your world. So, if you have been kindly disposed towards other people, if you have been willing to see good in them, to be friendly, to be outgoing, to give of yourself to other people, when you come over here, you will carry on that attitude. You will, therefore, form pleasant harmonious surroundings over here. If you have been the bitter kind of person who has always been automatically suspicious of other people, if you have not been willing to give of yourself to the world and the people in it, you surroundings you will form over here will be less pleasant, more stark and barren. This means that souls with similar attitudes will tend to - I am trying to put things into phrases that you will be able to grasp although the concepts are not strictly parallel over here to what they are on your side. But the only way I can put it is that people with similar outlooks will tend to congregate together. Although, really there is no space here, there is no there, there is no here. But I cannot think of any way of giving you the concepts that we have here because it is so foreign to your terminology, the way you approach life, the way your world acts. So please try to, as this medium would say, put "inverted commas" around things. Perhaps in the future I will be able to get concepts across more similar to the way they really are. For the time being at least, I must try to put things into your terms, your concepts. The main criteria is your general overall attitude to life rather than specific details. It is the acceptance of people, the willingness to give yourself to them. Not necessarily in actual work or deeds or actions but in giving of the spirit to each other, although the physical actions also come into it. What is more important is your mental attitude, your willingness to accept people, that forms the general tenor of your surroundings on this side. The actual details will depend more on the specific things that you liked in your physical experience. So someone who liked gardens, will be surrounded over here by gardens. And if they liked the strict formal English type of garden that is the kind of garden it will be. If you liked the more open, wild, countryside then that is what will be there. It is possible to pass from one side (that is, one type of area in the Spirit World) to the other but only for certain souls, those souls who are wanting to help people in the poorer areas. Because nothing is set here you grow and develop, you can change your attitudes.

It is very often quite a while before you are ready to face up to what you did in this life (material life). It is often a tremendous shock to people and they are often completely shattered at the realization of what they did on this earth. So you will, at some point, review your life but that point will vary for different people. Your guides and helpers maintain that link with you when you come over here and it is they who will watch over you and judge this point when you are ready to review your life. It is mainly the more advanced people, the guides and helpers, who can pass from one area of the Spirit World to another. But when a person is "passing over" then their friends and relations, the people they were close to, can then pass from where they are, to their little area. It is also possible to see from one area to another. This is so that the people in the more barren areas can compare and start to realise that something is wrong, that they have to change something. It is when they start questioning and wondering "Why?" that they can start to make stronger contact with their guides and their helpers and so start to break the pattern that they have set up. When a spirit who has been in bad circumstances in the physical world, - a drug addict or someone who has been crippled in some way - starts realising that they can break out of that, they can have a whole body, even though they didn't on earth, that its just the way they are picturing and they only have to picture a whole body and they will have one, they will want to work with people who have the same difficulty and are just awakening. In this way spirits can help each other. People who have been blind have a particular difficulty because at first they do not understand seeing. The senses are very much all mixed up and when you have had a sense missing in the physical world this causes more confusion when you are trying to make sense, or interpret, your surroundings and what is there. When the soul is really wanting to move on and to work and develop, then, the link with their guides becomes even stronger and they can start learning - I guess that is what you would call it - how to develop. (The soul) too, can pass on to "higher duties" as it wishes to help others and to bring them up too. It is this desire to "lift" people "up" - the movement upward being in inverted commas as you would say - that is really development. Although we have given it before, (the movement upward) is a smooth graduation, there are no real steps. But if you look at a rainbow, you can identify bands on it. You can say that is yellow, that is red, that is green, or whatever. But it is difficult to see exactly where one colour starts and the next ends. It is something like that. You can see that you are in one area and there is that crossing over phase, the blending. There is something with the physical atoms crossing over. There is part of the atom - cell - which isn't always there and it comes over this side and back again. This is forming a link.

The division between the material world and this side is not so strong as people think. It is because you see your world, your senses are highly attuned and affected by your world, that you feel there is that definite dividing line. It is not so definite as you think. There is much more of a link, of a graduation, between the two spheres. I feel that this link is being strengthened and that people in the world are beginning to realise this, to look beyond the world. This is linked up with your exploration into space but you will not find the Spirit World by going up in space ships. It is more that the two places are intersecting each other. The Spirit World is where your world is and you world is where your Spirit World is. It is a matter of sort of, looking "up" of looking for the Spirit World. By shutting yourself off you will only ever see the physical manifestations. Human beings are the link between the two worlds. You are, you have the graduation starting with the heavy physical rocks, then soil, then the plants, then the insects, the animals, the higher animals, the primates and then the human being and you are the link between the two, not spheres, but areas. That's not quite the right word but I think you know what I mean. By becoming more concerned with your spiritual aspects you can strengthen that link and you will become more and more aware of spiritual manifestations.

Animals are part of that link, they are more of a basic elemental soul. The lower ones have what has been called a group soul. But when they get to the level where they are capable of expressing individual characteristics then they are more of an individual soul and so you can get the individual animals manifesting over here. Animals have their own "section", but, again, it is not divided off. There is still the link, they can cross, they can meet their masters, their owners. But they cannot be exploited the way they can be in the material world. It is still all mixing up, interlacing, being interwoven.

When a spirit has a block it cannot progress. We have to find some way of removing that block. Now, it depends what the blockage is (and) it depends on what the person wants to do about it. Some people may need to reincarnate to remove it. It depends on their own set ideas. If they believe in reincarnation, if they believe they have GOT to reincarnate in order to work out their "bad karma", (they) are more likely to reincarnate. Suicides are another group who are very likely to reincarnate. Sometimes it is people who have the wish to help people in your material world. People who want to strengthen the link, people who think that they can bring the message about the Spirit World into your world more easily by reincarnating and bringing the memories of the Spirit World with them are likely to reincarnate. Mediums are often in this class. It is easier for them to link up with the Spirit World and so they are again strengthening that link.

(In) the higher parts of the Spirit World people don't manifest the sort of scenery as souls in the lower - in inverted commas - area of the Spirit World. Perhaps we should borrow the terminology from the other circle that we know : the World of Illusion (the so-called 'lower' area) and then the Spirit World proper. The world of illusion is the part that I have been talking about where you form your own surroundings. But when you move into the Spirit World proper, you don't need these props and so you will go through a gradation where you are getting more ethereal. I guess you could say, more abstract type surroundings. Where, instead of a house with walls and a ceiling and floors and windows, you might have more of a diamond or a crystal shape. You, at your stage, would not recognise this as a dwelling place, but to someone in this Spirit World proper that is, sort of, where they "belong" - still in inverted commas.

And, of course, as you go higher up even then, that falls away and there will just be space. An expansion of the soul out into, it's not really space, but expansion out through everything. The phrase has been used "cosmic consciousness" and this medium knows that phrase and I can use that phrase. It is not my invention but she is saying, well, perhaps this might convey what I am trying to say.

Then, beyond that, if there is a beyond, is the Godness, the Absolute, the Godhead. I am not going to use just the word God, because in your material world this seems to be, to have, the connotations of a set concept. People form their concepts of God, and of course, there is no concept of God. So we are trying to use the more, not really vague phrase, but conceptless words of Godness, Godhead, the Absolute, All-There-Is. I am sure you have all heard these phrases before, so we think they will probably be acceptable to you. This Godness is permeating through everything. You have heard the phrase that He, It, is permeating through the physical world, through the material world, that He is in every minute atom, he is all through it. It is known that in your atoms there is more space than physical matter and the Godness is, sort of, like the, not current because that implies movement, but permeates through that, something like a fog, the way that penetrates through everything. But even that isn't the right word. Some people have used the analogy of the cinema with the beams throwing on to a screen. But not even that is right. You have got the atoms sort of there, and there is the Godness intermingling through them. Holding them in their place, type of thing. Try a cake with sultanas in it (laughing). Something like that. You know, you have the cake mixture and you have the sultanas here and there, but it is not solid and hard like a cake would be. It is more amorphous and fluid, finer even than gas. It is a stillness. (pause) It is peace. (Becoming serious) Experiencing great peace. It is the cessation of desires but it is not annihilation, it is not unconsciousness of any sort. It is a greater awareness, a greater consciousness of anything than you can possibly imagine. It is unobtainable while you are in a physical body. You have to leave that body before you have any chance of reaching it and you will all ultimately "reach" it. But "reach" again, is in inverted commas, because (in that region) it is there already, you don't have to reach it. But because of your concepts that is the word I think (that) conveys what I am trying to say.

This is the blessing of death, as you call it. Death is the first stepping stone to this greater awareness. (Speaking much slower) It is the blessing of Godness to man. The more loving kindness you exhibit, the more the Godness will be available to you, the more you can use it, the more the link will be strengthened and become more apparent. You know how your atmosphere has its layers and gradually fades away. It is something like that. That is another analogy - the gradation of the layers of the atmosphere. But in your world the atmosphere is comparatively thin, whereas in the Spirit World it is the greater part of the Spirit World. There is no limit, it is infinity, that's why there is no movement, because it is infinity. There is no where to go, you can go forever and not reach the end. So while you use the phrases of the "higher" areas, it is still really a going in. This is what you need to do - to go within to tap this source. But you only can tap it - you cannot entirely experience it while you are in that physical body. The body forms a shell which is interpenetrated, but still contains you, one from another, and it is the breaking down of this individuality which occurs in your progress through the Spirit World. And when the individuality is broken down, then you are in Godness. This is the formation of the Groups of souls. You have the individual soul there and there is a link with groups of souls going higher up (forming) bigger groups. So between you and your guides and helpers there is a breaking down in individuality. You believe you are quite separate, one from another, in your world, but you are not quite so separate from your guides and helpers, there is a group there with you. Then it forms larger groups still this gradation, there is no set level. At first, when most people come over this side, they still have this enclosing, they will still have their gardens with walls around. They will still have their houses, and, as the individuality is broken down, so you get the freer manifestations. Until, at last, there is no manifestation. And that is when you have gone right within as well as right without. That is when you, as you would say, are throughout everything. This basically a thing which this group (of guides) wants to try to get across. That is (that) the individuality is only apparent.

But few people on your side can break out of that and those who are in a physical body cannot manifest the absolute Godness. Although a few people can catch a glimpse of it they cannot really experience it, but perhaps (they) have some idea about it, although, like me, they will have difficulty in getting the understanding across to others in your world. It is beneficial to try to develop yourselves, to have this experience but please understand (speaking more slowly) that there is no right way - no only right way a to develop this. There are many ways, the right way for any individual, is or will be known to that person. Frequently people have to go through different ways. They will subscribe to one approach for a while and go on to another. This is right for them. You should not decry them as turn-coats or even traitors to the first set of teachings. You have to go through different ones. At least, some people do. There is no set rule. Please understand that, even if I talk as though I am laying down rules and regulations, there is no set rule for every one. Each path or approach that you try, that you subscribe to for awhile, or belong to, each one will be developing you. The unique characteristics of the person in the world that the soul is working through sort of govern the paths that the person will approach, will use. The soul in a physical body, exhibits certain characteristics, individualities - they will ultimately be dissolved - and the soul having experiences in the world is moulded but it is not only experiences in the world that form those characteristics. The different parts will work on the characteristics and if you are open to new influences, if you will accept that the path that is not "right" for you, may be the right one for another person with different characteristics. It is all leading or helping in breaking down the individuality. Never claim that your approach is the only right one. Never try to force people into it. By all means, tell them about it, there must be this free interchange. But accept other approaches, because there is no right and proper approach. There is only the one that is right for that person, at that time. Even the strictest, most rigid, approach is right for some people. But the pity is when they will not accept that another approach is also right. Do not put such people down, they have to work it out, they have to learn and if they have to wait till they get over this side before they start work on breaking down this individuality, well, that is their way.

And where do you come from at birth? You come from the unmanifested Godness. There is no concept, I am having trouble getting it into words for you. A part will coalesce like a drop of water dripping from a tap. No, no, no, no, (speaking more slowly), if you have a cup of water and tip it slightly on its side, a drop forms. It is that type of thing. But the drop in this case, never completely severs. There is still a very faint link, and, as the individuality is dissolved, the link becomes stronger until you reach back to this Godness. Would you please sit quietly. We hope that we have got our concepts across. We had hoped to allow time for direct questions but this medium is tiring. We suggest that later, when you have your refreshments, if you have any questions, that you ask her then and we will try to inspire her with the answers. If not, hold on to that question and we will try to answer it later.



Good Afternoon friends.
I thank you for the opportunity to speak here to you again. You know me by the name of Arrian, and I seek to speak through this medium to bring you encouragement and love as you journey through your life in the Material World. Often it is asked what is the difference between the Spirit World and the Material World? Why are we here if we are spirits?

I would like to tell you that the difference is very small, in reality you are already in the Spirit World, because the Spirit World interpenetrates the material world. It is simply that you see your individuality. Your modern science has taught you about the atoms of which your matter is made up - of the nucleus and the particles around it. Really friends, there is more space in your body than there is matter, and yet, to you, it seems so solid, because that is what you see. And when you shed that so solid seeming body, you change the focus of your attention and so you will see different surroundings. But because you are so used to seeing your material surroundings at first, when you come here, that is what you still see. You will see your friends and your loved ones and they will be in bodies too, and you will recognise those bodies. But as you go beyond that area you will lose your physical form, you will become more like a shining light, like a candle flame. And when you go beyond even that area, you lose even that form and you will merge back with the Godness.

What is this Godness? Godness is the underlying spirit which upholds your material world and all the other manifestations too, both immaterial and material.

Why, you may ask, has God made this world? Why does he allow the happenings in this world to occur? This world is an expression of Godness, He is just bubbling up and manifesting, you just see the surface manifestation, the little crinkles and the bumps. But, because the underlying spirit in you is also a part of Godness, you too, have a hand in that creation.

Before you were born, you agreed, in discussion with your guides, to take on various conditions in your life, and because you agreed to them that is why you can change them. You can change them by your attitude. When you find yourself in certain situations, you can behave in ways which will direct your life that way, or in ways that will direct your life in another direction.

You have a part in all this, too. You have an incarnation in the world and during that incarnation you absorb certain ideas. You take on certain attitudes towards other people, towards objects and when you come into the Spirit World you bring those with you, and so it may be that you re-incarnate because you are so attracted to those material things; perhaps because you are carrying hate toward someone, or towards a group; perhaps you strongly desire something and so you re-incarnate. You do not HAVE to, and this is one of the things that we - this group of guides - wish to bring across to you. It is your choice.

It is when this desire for material conditions is strong, that you are drawn back again here (that is, to the material world) and because you may bring back with you the negative attitudes that you absorbed before, you may express them again. And this cycle will occur again and again, until you can break out from that negativity, until you can love everyone as you love yourself. As the Master, so many years ago said, love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Remember also his teaching on who is your neighbour - your neighbour is anyone who needs help. Your neighbour is someone who doesn't look like you; your neighbour is someone who eats different food, who has different traditions. But that person so different from you, is still an expression of the Godness that is expressing itself through you too. And when you can rid yourself of these negativities, you will experience such an up-pouring of peace and bliss and love, that you will want to spread it everywhere throughout creation, and then you really start to move back to where you came. You will have discarded this mortal coil and when you join us on this side, as you see it, you will quite rapidly pass through the lower areas of the Spirit World and you will go to that area where you are the candle flame. And there you will find such peace and love and bliss.

And often from that area someone will choose to come back into your material world. Can you imagine that sacrifice? That person, that drop of spirit, coming from that rarefied area, coming to a gross material body is making the greatest sacrifice anyone can think of. They come to try to tell you, too, about this bliss and peace and joy. They come to explain to you, that this world is an illusion, a game. Play it with all your heart, but play it in the right spirit. Play it with peace and with love.

Sure, there will be hurts in your life and there will be difficulties. But try to look underneath. Try to remember that it is a game, and if you can keep that attitude, when you shed that mortal body, you will know the real peace and bliss that is available to you.

We would like you all to try to spend a few minutes each day, just remembering that this peace and love is available to you. We know many people meditate and they will say "I can't. My mind is too restless." We ask you only to attempt, because in that attempt you remind yourself that that peace and bliss is there for you to tap, and even just remembering it for a short time will help you.

Now, friends, whenever a group of people meet together like this, you generate a tremendous energy which we see as a light, remember as the master said : Where two or three are gathered together there I am. You are generating this energy and light. This is bringing through spirit, peace and bliss.

Gathered around you now are many spirits from all levels of the Spirit World. They, too, are rejoicing in this energy and the peace that is here. And, as is the custom when we speak with you, we would like you now to spend a few moments and open yourselves up to that.

Sit quietly and just be aware of what is going on around you beyond the veil of your sight. There are spirits there wanting to help you. There are spirits there wanting to bring you love, accept it. Put aside your scepticism. Put aside your doubts and your worries and your sadnesses and for these few moments just accept that love and peace. (There followed a few moments peace for meditation.) As often as you do this in the remembrance of Godness, so will spirits be attracted to you with love and with joy, and you will be refreshed. Farewell.



When you are in the Material World, you are surrounded by many objects. Some liquid, some firm and some air. The matter of your world seems well defined and formed, but in reality you know that it is made up of atoms. You have the nucleus and you have the particles going round it, and there is more space in that atom than there is solid matter. When you leave your physical body and you come to this side, you have got - for want of a better word - what you may still call a body. But it is very much finer than the one you left behind and it can do things that your physical body cannot do. It can move faster than the speed of light, it can move instantaneously. When a person, a spirit, visits your world it can pass through your material objects. Because the body in which it is in is so much finer, it can pass through those particles. But that is not the end. As you progress further through the Spirit World - and the group (of souls) who speak through this medium are always at pains to emphasise that there is really no direction in the Spirit World, but we use concepts that you would understand in an effort to get these matters across to you - as you progress through the Spirit World you become an even finer body. It is so fine that souls are beginning to merge. They merge, they share past remembrances and experiences, so that souls at that level have much more knowledge and understanding on which to draw than you do at the other levels. And I use the word 'levels' still merely as a vehicle to get across to you what we are saying, there is really not any levels. It is from this level at which souls can choose to re-incarnate in the Spirit World, and that is quite a sacrifice for them to make. They make the sacrifice to come back to try to remind those of you still in the physical body of what you have left. To ask you to remember, to remember what you are still striving for.

These are the people whom you have called Krishna, or Buddha, or Jesus. There have been many of whom you have never heard. They have been long before the time of recorded history, or they have lived in places where their lives have not been written down. They have lived in civilizations that have passed from your world and are no longer remembered, or have only vaguely been re-discovered, and so you do not know about them. These souls remember many lives and so you have a concept of re-incarnation.

You can, at any time, decided to re-incarnate. You can choose to re-incarnate again at the first level which you come to, or you can wait until you get to the higher levels and return to help others on their path. At this level those that you merge with will be souls, spirits, which whom you are most compatible, those around you who have been drawn together by similar vibrations.

The organization in the Spirit World is very free. We do not need to have people to set down and organize things and to decide who will do what. It just organizes itself. This is through vibration, for, as you bring vibrations along with you, so you attract similar vibrations. This works to some extent in your physical world, but not very well, for you will always find that there are people around you with whom you are not compatible. These situations are often those that you have chosen to have in your incarnation for various reasons known only to yourself and your guides.

In the Spirit World it works very much more effectively, and when you go beyond even this level of merging, you find somehow that the vibrations themselves are all similar, and so what you thought were different or incompatible at level you realize it is all the same. There is nothing that is incompatible, or compatible, it is just as you think it.

To some extent in the material world your thoughts govern what is there. you come together in a group and decide what the world is like, and then you will have other groups, a different level from those, who work - for want of a better word - in different areas of the world. And then you have your groups beginning to manifest in the material world itself, which affect areas of that. so you build cities, or you plant, or you cut down and so there your are obviously affecting the world.

But you have the other level - your own individual sphere - at which you can affect your world. When you come to the Spirit World, each individual can form their surroundings. You project your images of what you want out around you. When you want contact with other spirits you can have it. And eventually you realize that there is something more than just projecting your own ideas around you and you look up. 'Up' is still being used metaphorically please remember - and then you see. You see the next stage of what you need. it may be what you term the 'Halls of Learning'; it may be groups of people who need help. They will be the people who you can help the most effectively. There may be other things, and when you have gone through that stage you see things very much more finer, very much less strongly defined. They are beginning to merge. And you go beyond that when you are beginning to merge. Then you will experience the bliss and joy of the true Spirit World. You will no longer need 'real' things around. You are experiencing this joy. You are experiencing colour and music as you have never experienced them before - the music of the spheres, the music that is throbbing in the whole of creation. And when you go through that stage you will be merged with the Godness. You consciousness will be expanded in a way that not even I have experienced.

Many people who have heard of stages variously termed Nirvana, or Christ consciousness and similar terms, feel that this is an annihilation of the individuality. It is not! It is an expansion of that individuality, to such dimensions that you cannot conceive in your physical world.

It is such joy and bliss and then you will truly know the meaning of the one in all and the all in one.

It is the practice when we speak with you, we like to give you something to take away with you. And we are building up now, around this room, you have a golden light around you, encircling you, protecting you.

We would like now, to give you a taste of the peace which will come to you as you shed the layers of things, and atoms, and particles as you progress through the Spirit World. We would give you a glimpse of that.We ask you please, to sit quietly, be relaxed, breathe gently. Do not will anything else, just be at rest. Just be. open yourselves to what we have to offer. To those of you who are troubled, distressed or unhappy, to those of you who are joyful and in good circumstances, may you be able to contact this joy and this peace as you go through life. As often as you remember it, where you are, taste this peace.

(The following prayer was spoken softly and with deep meaning)
Take it with you into your difficulties.
Take it with you into all your adventures.
Take it with you into all your joys.
Think of it as often as you can.

(After a pause Arrian quietly left.)



In your world you have a saying : "You can't take it with you." You are referring to money and material possessions of your world. But the question comes then: What can you take with you when you come to this side? You bring with you your beliefs, your attitudes and your psychological attitudes.

What you believe about this side influences very much what you experience here. Most of you have some sort of idea that there will be a judgement and that you will be rewarded for your good deeds or punished for your sins. The first thing that I want to explain to you is that it is you who does the judging. Not the Godness, not some superior being who is far removed from your world and has little understanding, but yourself. You can be very strict with yourself. I am appealing to you to forgive yourself. Do not hate yourself, do not put yourself down. Remember, you, too, are an incarnation of the Godness. Do not put down or decry that Godness. You will have opportunity for reparation for the things you regret, but you do not have to hate yourself because of them. This is a very big factor in your experiences on this side. Do not hate yourself. There are opportunities, many opportunities, for you to make reparation on this side.

I would like to stress that you do not HAVE to reincarnate in the material world to perform your reparations that you may think are necessary. They can be done here (that is in the Spirit World). If you believe that you MUST return time and again to the material world because you have not lived the perfect life, then you will have to return again and again, and again. It is almost impossible for you to lead a perfect life in the material world. Those that do are beings reincarnation from the higher realms who have CHOSEN to incarnate in your world in order to pass on some enlightenment and guidance to your world, who try to lift you up. It is a conscious, deliberate choice on their behalf.

The more that you recriminate against yourself, the harder you will make it for you to begin your work of reparation. Activity on this side is very much performed in an attitude of joy, of love, of acceptance, acceptance of the life you have. But, remember, there is but one life for you, that life continues from one state to the next. It is truly said that you only have one life, but that life can be lived in many states. You will live through many different states until you reach the highest. As some of you know, there is really no higher or lower, or inner or outer, and the concept is very difficult for us to get across to you. So, we will talk of higher states because that way you may grasp and accept more easily what I am trying to say. And eventually you, too, will be reunited with the Godness. It will come for all of you in time.

I am anxious to repeat again what I have said, although probably most people here have not heard this before. You have heard many descriptions of life in the Spirit World, I am anxious that you realize that there are states beyond the one that you usually hear about. There are states where everything is getting finer and less clearly defined. They are not so individualised as you are in the 'first area' of the Spirit World, which is the stage to which most of you will come when you first pass over.

In the first area you can have your surroundings much as you wish them. If you have a desire to live in a golden palace, then you can have that palace; if you have a desire to live in a country cottage with a garden then you can have that too. But eventually you grow out of these things, eventually you start to think "Surely, there must be something else". You start to feel a restlessness of spirit and then you start to see some different things around you. It is your ideas that are beginning to slip away from you and the next stage of the Spirit World is becoming apparent, a stage of life, and of colours. There are so many different colour that you are incapable of seeing them with your physical eyes. They are vivid and they are soft, they are bright and they are dim, and it is truly beautiful. You can slide along the rainbow and you can play with the stars, and you, too, can form worlds and universes and dissolve them at your will.

And ever as you move higher, you are merging more and more, one with another. First with your immediate guides and helpers, and then with another level. It is like the flowers you have. The little white flowers and their stems joining down to other stems, and those stems join on to other stems until they join on to a higher stem and that stem goes on to the roots and into the earth. And eventually, you, too, blend into the earth, the underlying, supporting substance which I refer to as the Godness because you cannot, ever, in the physical world conceive of God. There is no conception of Him and so I use the term Godness to get away from the preconceived ideas which you may have of God.

I would like to repeat to you, it is your ideas, it is your firmly held beliefs that govern your experiences here. I ask you again, accept yourselves and love the Godness that is within you. You do not have to love the things you do. Just think of that inner seed and accept it and express the joyousness of that love and you will be able to express so much more when you come here. You will be able to achieve much more. It will be like missing the first year at school - you can go on ahead and you will be able to help others more around you, because of this joyous attitude which I pray everyone of you may be able to cultivate in spite of all the sorrows which you may experience in your life. This is my prayer for you.

May I, as is often the custom with this medium, ask you to sit quietly for a few moments and just hold on to that thought. The Godness within you and its joyousness, and let it flow through you to one another and especially to those who are not kind to you. Let us have a couple of moments please.

(After a short pause, Arrian speaking softly, more slowly and with great feeling said the following prayer.)
May this peace, which is beyond your understanding, stay with you for ever and ever. May it give you guidance and strength in your life and may you all come at last to that peace and joyousness which we know to be the Godness.




Good Afternoon. I thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today.

I will talk today about the pre-birth process. You have often heard about what happens after death, but today I wish to talk about the beginning of your material life. Now, the first thing I wish to impress upon you is that there is no one way that things occur in Spirit. If anyone ever tells you that it is thus and thus and thus, do not believe them. It is one way for some people, another way for others, yet another for others. So I will try to tell you briefly, about different ways that it can occur.

We will take first the instance of a soul that is incarnating for the first time. You see, you have the Godness, the underlying Spirit of all manifestation, the one Spirit, there is only one Spirit. And, this Spirit can manifest in many souls in many parts of the Universe. An analogy which I will use with you and I cannot claim credit for it myself, is to think of all your electric lights in a city, but there is only one electricity underneath those lights providing the energy for them. So, with a new soul there will be a welling up of the Godness to form an individuality. That individuality will overlook all the choices possible and select according to its wish, to both experience and to give out to other individualities. There will gather around that soul other individualities, they will accompany the soul. In this way they can share that soul's experiences, they can also attempt to advise that soul from the broader perspective which they will have. But that soul is always free to ignore that advice. This applies to you too, you are not puppets to your guides. They will give you advice, but it is your decision to accept that advice or not.

Now, this soul has different types of worlds in which it can choose to inhabit, but for the purposes of my talk today which must of necessity be brief, let us think of a soul that has decided to incarnate in your material world. It has no previous experiences, it is totally free and so it can look around your world, it can look at different conditions. It will re-act to the vibrations. It is the vibrations that we communicate with and so the soul will be feeling different vibrations. And, eventually, it will pick up some vibrations coming from an area of your world. It will narrow the vibrations down to a specific country; to a specific area of that country; to a specific place, whether it be country or town; and finally, it will be attracted to the vibrations of a particular human being.

It will hang around that mother-to-be, it will enter the child's body from time to time and it will step back again. And if it decides that after all this is not correct, it will leave. It still has the choice, you always have the choice. If all is well, it will finally enter the baby's body sometime shortly before birth, and so it will go on in its material incarnation.

Now, let us turn to the souls who have already had one or more incarnations in your material world. What is it that will draw a soul back to your world? It is some connection, some interest, some concern with your world, or a person in it.

When that soul came back to the Spirit World it will have undergone a life review, and I must impress on you now, that no-one judges you in the Spirit World, except your SELF. This is why we urge you to always make up for anything about which you feel guilty that you have done. This is what the Christ meant when he spoke about agreeing with your adversary on the way to the judge. Do your best to make friends if there is discord between you and another. If the person rejects you, you have done your best, you have no more to feel guilty about. If it is someone that you cannot make friends with - perhaps the person has already passed back to us, perhaps the person has left your country and you cannot make contact - then make some form of reparation somewhere else in your surroundings, it doesn't matter what, so that you can come over here with an easy mind.

Now, suppose in that life-review the person feels guilty about something - and we repeat to you again, you do NOT HAVE to return to the material world in order to be punished. You can make such reparation as you deem fit on this side. There are many opportunities here. There are souls passing over here who are frightened, who do not know what to expect. There are some passing over in very bad circumstances through the use of drugs, and there are all manner of reasons why souls passing over here need help and enlightenment. You could work with them if you wish. On the other hand you may return if you want to make a reparation in the material world, but I stress to you - you do not have to. Now, before birth you will have had discussions with the group of guides who have agreed or decided to accompany you this time. It is possible for a guide to be with you for more than one life, but it is quite possible for you to have a different set of guides each time. You and they will discuss the conditions of your material life to be, and you will agree to certain things but because you have agreed to them, you can also change them during your material life. There will be times during your life when you are offered choices, and your future life depends on the choice. If you listen carefully your guides will be telling you what will happen with the different choices, and then YOU decide what you want to do. This is the limit of karma. It is not a millstone that you carry around your neck from one incarnation to another. It is simply what you agree to take on in a material life. It is true, you can reward yourself; you can also reward yourself through the way you handle the situations you find yourself in. You can very often change the situations by the way you behave, by changing your perceptions of them, as well as taking sensible action. So this being agreed upon, the search will then begin for suitable parents. Again you will consider areas, you will consider countries, areas of those countries, and you will search until you find parents with the appropriate vibrations for you. Parents that can provide a set of circumstances that you need. Why you need them is entirely up to you, it is your choice whether you punish or reward yourself, or whether you feel you lack a quality which you wish to develop. A new soul is free to develop all qualities, you may feel - the case of a reincarnating soul - may feel there are special ones that they lack, that they wish to develop.

All these are reasons for coming to your world. I have but skimmed the surface, I am certain there are many questions I have left untouched, unanswered, perhaps in a future talk I will be able to answer them for you.

But for now friends, I would like you to meditate with me for just a few seconds as I leave, this is the way this group of guides wish to leave this medium. For just a few seconds of quiet, tuning in with you, I would like you to feel that you are a new-born baby in this world. You are going to tune in with your guides and together the rest of your life will be glorious.

My peace I leave with you.

Thank you.



My name is Ah-So and when I was in your world I lived in that area which you call China. This was many years ago in your time. I do not intend to display any of the stereo-typed characteristics which you associate with that nationality. These stereo-types and characteristics serve to separate, I want you to understand the underlying love of Spirit that is in you all. You see the colour of a person's skin, you see the shape of their eyes, you see their height besides your and you categorise them. I ask you, my friends, to look beneath this frame and see the spirit that is manifesting. It is like a tree, the main trunk, branches and the smaller branchlets and the twigs. Is one branch of that tree any different to the other branches? They are all part of the one tree, all part of Spirit. If you picture that tree and start at the twig, you will see that several twigs merge into one branchlet, and several branchlets merge into one branch, several branches merge into the trunk. This is how Spirit is organised. You have many twigs in your world, and you have the branchlets in the Spirit World, about which you hear so much in your particular teaching. Then there are the larger branches which are the areas beyond that Spirit World, and, finally, there is the trunk, the support of all this, which is the God or Spirit.

I wish, my friends, that I could tell you about the part that corresponds to the branches, the area beyond the Spirit World. It is a marvellous place to be. But, as Spirit develops and grows, you gradually merge and pass on to that other finer area. You really do not have concepts in your world that would enable me to really explain to you what that area is like. It is finer than the Spirit World. It is light. You have no set physical form. Your form is more amorphous, more fluid. There is a great state of bliss there. It is in that area where the finer energies are becoming apparent to you, where you have to shed the need for physical forms, where you can shed the need for communication, and yet there is still this unison in blissful, joyful experience?

The boundaries between the spirits in this part are very tenuous and as you pass through this area, the boundaries gradually fade altogether, and you merge through the boundaries into God.

The 'air' in this area is like sparkling, sparkling like jewels, and in your innermost soul, you know about this sparkling, and this is why you find jewels so attractive. They echo with this understanding somewhere deep within you. This is why you find the rainbow so beautiful. There are many, many more colours in this region than you can see in your world.

It is an area of great peace and bliss. It is an area which you should remember. I am afraid lest some of you concentrate on the Spirit World and feel that that is all there is. The Spirit World is a very necessary step in your development and I pray that all of you may have good experiences there. But it is only the beginning of far greater, more wonderful experiences. And I ask you, my friends, to remember there is something beyond it. Then you will not be trapped in the Spirit World. Its joys are very tempting, very enjoyable, but there is more beyond. Follow that vision and remember this world and you will be able to absorb all the experiences that you need in the Spirit World more easily, and you will, therefore, be able to develop more steadily to the stage where you can pass into the other area. Can you understand that there is no set area. The Spirit World manifests through the physical world and is beyond it, and this whole region as such manifest through the physical world, and through the Spirit World, and beyond. And God also manifests through all three stages and is beyond, as the deep calm, mysterious deep. This is why merging into that Godness is so wonderful. It is not an annihilation of your individuality, it is an extension of that individuality, to encompass everything there is.

I seek, my friends, to help you all on your pathway. I wish you to really understand that these divisions all merge and you cannot separate one from another. And underneath it all, there is Godness. I try to use the word Godness in an effort to prevent you conceptualising that area. It is not the God of the Christian, nor the God of the Hebrews, nor Buddhist, nor any religion in particular. It is something much greater than you can grasp or conceptualise by the human mind. It is a mystery. Do not conceive of God in any particular shape or form. Try to hold on to this universe of light. It doesn't conform to any picture, any image. It is greater than anything you can imagine. My friends, I thank you for your kindness to me today. I wish to bring you all peace. I wish you all to try and understand it is all so much more wonderful than you can conceive.

Thank you for giving me your love.



(Note dictated after a rescue. This is information given by impressions when I was not in trance.)

You asked about the world and how we all agree on what's there. Well, what Ah-So was saying was:

They've told you several times about the umbelliferous flower, how you have the little flowers there. You have several joining onto a stem and you have several of those (stems) joining. They said that why you all agree on roughly what is there, is that, at a higher level - about three levels up - that branch there has, sort of decided what is going to be here and then that would be the overall universe type of thing. So you see the stars, you have the sun and the earth, asteroids and all that sort of thing. Then there's another level which sort of, if you like, designs the world and then you get your level where you decide your lives. There's a level in between which is governing more the actions of men and nations, and then you've got your level which is concerned with your own life. And that's why there is general agreement as to what is there although people still have some differences of interpretation.

Gina: That means there's four levels?

Valerie: That is not the sum total. That's four levels concerned with the material universe and world. You have still got others above it. They are very weary of using the word 'level' because really there is only the one, there is just sort, of graduations down. They are wary too, of giving a set number because it's going to give you a set concept when you go on to the other side and they don't want you to have a set concept.

Guy: There's no distinct limit between levels either? They all merge?

: That's right.

: Where does the distinction lie between the creator and the created in terms of consciousness. We create the image of our environment, by consensus or belief. But what about animals? Do dogs participate in the creation or are they created?

: Put it on the list (topics for talks). I think there is a level.

: There must be a cut-off between the created and the creator.

: Why? There is something that looks after the animals but I can't quite get it.

: If there isn't a cut-off, that means there isn't a cut-off anywhere, between the stone, the plant. There's the atoms creating us and the whole thing back that way. If there is a cut-off there, our illusion being projected on a back-drop or something, then there's a line drawn between everything, there's consciousness.

: They say you change your atoms every seven years and you can have that as part of your atoms today and it might be part of that chair tomorrow. I don't know how true that is. You get some atoms entering the water and some leaving it, and there's a balance created there. Vapour pressure is it? It might be stretching it a little bit with wood, but it must happen sometime in a million years.

: That's stretching it a bit, to have an interchange between living and inanimate.


19th January, 1986.

Hail Caesar! This is my customary greeting when I come amongst you. I use the name Sertorius and in my earthly life I was a general under Caesar Augustus. I served the office, not the man. In those times this was the safest course to take. The man came and went, but the office remained. It is like this in many things, you may observe it in your world, in your own sphere of existence, for yourselves. It will occur in a school - the teachers will be there for a while and then they will go, the students will be there for a while, and then they will go; but the school remains. It occurs in your businesses, in your offices, both those of your government and of the private businesses. over the course of a few years you may find that every person in that office has moved and their place has been taken by others. it is still the same office? I will leave that to you to deliberate. This also occurs in the Spirit world. When you come over here you will come to a certain area. The guides attached to this medium try not to use 'level', because using the word 'level' implies that there is higher and lower. In the Spirit world there is no 'higher' or 'lower' - there is no direction, and so we will use the word 'area'. We must confess, this concept sometimes causes us some difficulty in trying to get our ideas across to you. Many people coming to this for the first time find it difficult to grasp at first. We repeat the age old original instruction - accept what you can, and what you cannot understand or accept, leave on one side, that will be for you at a later stage.

So, you come to an area. You come to an area that is compatible with you, if you like - that suits your vibrations. now, that type of vibration will always be attached to that area, but the souls in it will not remain the same. You will be there for a while, and eventually you will start to think, there must be something more, and as you think that so your consciousness will start to expand, and it will experience something more.

Perhaps you will come to an area where you can still enjoy earthly type surroundings, there are many reasons for coming here. Perhaps you have desired to have certain types of surroundings and experiences which were denied to you in the material world and, before you can progress, you must go through those experiences here. And that, we stress, is your choice. Nothing is strictly ruled and laid down in the Spirit World. And so you may experience different types of vibrations. Perhaps now you are moving on to the Halls of Learning, perhaps you wish to develop in some way, or to have some understanding of something. The Halls of Learning can cover many things and many different types, and after a while there you may become one of the teachers in that area, but in any event you will eventually pass beyond. But I should explain first, although we use the term 'Halls of Learning', they are not necessarily, actual 'Halls'. Some people may, indeed, see halls, others may be in an outdoor setting, and others may be in an abstract setting. You may simply be aware of lights, flowing and melting around. But whichever setting you are in, you will be gaining understanding and experiences necessary to you. And, of course, at some point you will be passing on understanding to others. This is the whole point of the process which you call 'progress'. But, again, 'progress' implies direction, but it is the best term which we have at our disposal to get our concept across to you. It is a development and change.

And these areas in the Halls of Learning, too, will always be there. Particular areas may change, but there will always be somewhere where there will be those types of vibrations.

Passing from there you may experience a particularly wonderful state. We often describe in through this medium as 'sliding down rainbows'. The surroundings there are nothing like your experience on earth. There are colours, and there are sounds and it is at this level where you will start to have a greater influence in making universes. There is a state in which creation is taking place and, again, that state is always there, but the spirit in it has different experiences and memories. It is a state at which the individuality is very much less. As you move through these different areas of the Spirit World, your individuality is beginning to break down, and you are merging with other spirits. First of all, with very compatible spirits, and as the process goes on you merge with those who, earlier, you would describe as incompatible. But, of course, as the process has been going on, differences have been dissolving, and so everything and everyone is becoming compatible. The individuality and the differences are most noticeable in your material world, and by the time you are getting to the state of creation, the individuality has almost broken down. So there is still some communication between one and the other at this state, so there is always that state of creation, but there is - there are - differences in the spirit inhabiting it. Notice that I am saying Spirit, not spirits. Because at this level, the real understanding of the underlying Spirit is really beginning to be UNDERSTOOD, not just accepted, UNDERSTOOD.

And, the next stage from that is merging back with Godness. merging back to that perfection which the Master Jesus spoke of when he said 'be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect'. How many of you have read that and thought 'It is impossible, I cannot be perfect'. May be you won't in your imperfect material world, but I promise you - eventually you will attain perfection, and joy, and bliss. And the first step in your material world is remembering that that state exists - remembering one day that you will attain it, and do your best to remember that it is in every person, even while they are in your material world. It is there in every person and when there is someone you dislike, spend at least a short time each day, quite deliberately sending that person loving thoughts, because in every person there is some good. It's just that in some people you cannot see it. Remember, it is there. This is the first step towards that perfection. Remember, people come and people go, but the office will stay. it may change a little, but it will be there.

And now, it is the custom with this group of spirits when we speak with you, to ask you to spend a few moments in meditation. And today I would like you all to think of someone who has, perhaps, hurt you, someone you disagree with, someone you dislike, and quite deliberately, feel love for that person. Hold a picture of that person in your mind now, and love them. That love will go to that person and the more you do it, the more the difficulties will resolve. The more peace will come to you, because the thoughts you have are magnets, and what you think is what you receive.

(Pause. Sertorius is now speaking very slowly and quietly.) I thank you for that my friends. There are spirits here who are being released. Spirits being touched by that love.

There is just such joyous singing.

I pray that this peace may go with you, and stay with you through the coming days.

During the clairvoyance given later in the service I, Valerie, was moved to write the following message.

Many spirits here - a heavenly choir, more the guiding, protecting type. But also many other spirits attached to you and some unattached spirits. Some of these experienced release through your loving feelings. For some it was the first time they had experienced love. They had a tremendous out-pouring of their own love that had been bottled up and repressed. You help not only the person you are directing your love to. The love infuses your aura and affects yourself and other spirits too.

This is why it is important to watch your thoughts. One small pebble thrown in a pool will cause ripples to expand all over the pond. Your thoughts are like that pebble. You think they are small and insignificant. But years of that feeling build up and permeate you and your surroundings and that includes spirits too. Both those permanently with you and those transient passing souls. You never know who you are influencing when you feel and think. So watch your thoughts and always count your blessings. Concentrate on the good things you have in life and in other people and they will increase around you.



A Talk given at a Church Seminar by Arrian.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to address you this morning. The name I have chosen to be called is Arrian. I will give no details of my incarnation in your world, which was many years ago. I wish you to concentrate on the message I have to bring you, and there will, therefore, not be a change of voice or a change of face in this medium while I am talking. These things have been amply demonstrated and we wish you to concentrate on our message and not be distracted by physical phenomena.

We have chosen as the topic of our talk toady "Spiritualism from the Other Side", that is from our side. What does it mean to us and why are we working this way?

First, perhaps we should look at what is meant by Spiritualism. Stated as briefly as possible, it is the contact between the material world and the Spiritual World. It is the deliberate fostering of that link, attempting to make it stronger and clearer.

Why do we, on our side, wish to do this?

We wish you to understand what you are. We wish to help you become less involved in your material world. You are so absorbed with that world that you don't realise that there is another world interpenetrating. This state of affairs is clearly understandable for you have a physical body and you must attend to it, and you must keep that body healthy. You live in a society which has certain ways of behaviour and we wish you to follow those ways. We wish you to be a normal, fully contributing member of your society. If you do not, you tend to stir resentment against you. You get, shall we say, bad vibes directed towards you. It is best if you can keep the vibrations around you smooth, calm and loving. So we wish you to take a full role in your society.

But at the same time be aware that there is something more. Treat this life as a game, a game which you are playing to the fullest. And it is a game. There is more underneath it.

We see people coming over to this side, they are afraid, they believe they have sinned during their life, and they have been told that the wages of sin is death, and hell-fire, and damnation for eternity. We see others who go to sleep, they are waiting for the archangel Gabriel with the trumpet - you would be surprised how many times we have had to dress up as Gabriel and go around blowing a trumpet. We see people who do not realise they are dead because they are still alive. They hang around their old home, they are puzzled by these strange guests who won't speak to them, they feel guilty because they go and buy things in shops and they don't pay - your check-out operations won't take their money - and that state of affairs can go on for many years in your time measurement.

The interaction between our two worlds is the normal, natural thing. Many more of you will have experiences and understanding if only you could be told about these things from an early age. Unfortunately this does not happen in your society. We note a particular fear of death in your society - you go to great lengths just to keep people alive without wondering whether that is really in their best interests.When you come on this side, you will have a finer body, for a while it will resemble the one you have now. It doesn't have to, but people, somehow, are attached to their physical body and so for a while you will still maintain that appearance. You can change the appearance if you wish, you can appear to be younger than when you died, if you wish. It is a body that feels no pain, is not sick, doesn't hunger, doesn't tire.

What else happens when you come here?

At a certain point which varies from person to person - it may happen immediately, it may not happen for a while - you will review your life. This is the only "judgement" that will occur. I repeat to you - God does not judge. YOU will judge.

This brings us to a very important point, one of the main points that we wish to bring across to you - forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the central core of true religion. Forgive everyone who has harmed or hurt you in any way. Offer them the olive branch of peace. Make friends speedily. As the master Jesus said, make friends before you come before the judge. He wasn't speaking of an earthly judge, He was speaking of your own judgement when you pass on this side.Think of your life - No-one is perfect. Every person who has ever lived has done certain actions which they consider to be wrong. If you feel you have acted like this, seek them out and make amends. And, if for some reason, you cannot make amends to the person you have harmed - and there are many reasons why you cannot do this - then forgive yourself. This is one of the most important things you can ever do. Accept that you have done something which is against your own ethical behaviour codes.

There will always be chances for you to make some form of reparation if you wish. You do not HAVE to reincarnate in the material world in order to work something out. If you believe that it is necessary for you to reincarnate in order to work something out in the world, you can do this, if you wish, but you don't HAVE to. You can forgive yourself.You can work on this side. There are many ways in which you can work to help others over here. You see, when you come here you bring with you your psychological quirks and habits, your guilt and your fears. And when you can work these out you will start progress on this side. And progression over here can be very wonderful.

What sorts of things can you do?

You can help work with those coming across who I mentioned earlier, the fearful, those who have died (young?) perhaps drug addicts, which is becoming more common at present. You may have the alcoholics, you have those who do not know that there is life after death. It can be quite difficult convincing them what has happened.

You may choose to do some form of study. There are places you call the Halls of Learning. You do not have to learn things about reading and writing. There are also healing places here, places of great beauty and peace in which the damaged soul can rest and be renewed. Places in which auras can be strengthened and straightened. It is one of the joys of work here, to work in that place, and you see the people realise (what has happened), and then you can see this look of joy and peace as their fears and their doubts vanish. When they start to realise the truth - they too are an incarnation of Godness. I will repeat this to you now - each one of you has deep within a divine spark.If there is a truly spiritual sin, it is in denying that divine spark the opportunity of expression. You do this when you believe that you are hopeless at something - naturally you all have different talents, no-one person can express every talent. But if you do not look to see what you CAN do, if you say about everything "I can't do it", you hold back. If you repress yourself you stop yourself feeling and experiencing.

Live the life in the surroundings which YOU have selected, to perform to the best of your ability. Not everyone can climb Mount Everest. You may have selected a very quiet little backwater. You may, you think, be ONLY a mother of four children, you have no time to do anything else. You are not ONLY a mother of four children, you are a MOTHER of four children - and that is a very important task. Perhaps you think you are ONLY a bus driver, but what an important task that is to do well. Think of the people who could not go about their daily business without a bus driver. So value the setting in which you have placed yourself. You have chosen that setting for reasons which you may never fully understand while you are in the world. Look at the life you have and live it to the best of your ability.Living your life, taking what it brings without resentment and with joy, knowing that there is some reason for your trials, will assure you of a wonderful reception when you join us. And remember EVERY life has its trials. Even the rich people have their problems. Even the important people, the successful people as you see them, they have problems too. They may have a difficult teenagers, they may have a parent who is suffering an incurable disease. NO LIFE in this world is entirely happy. You have chosen an imperfect world.Why? Why is this world imperfect?

This medium has a saying "A camel is a horse designed by a committee". Your world was designed by a committee. There have been many spirits who have added their contribution to your world and consequently there are many features that cause conflict. A germ may make you feel ill, but that germ has life. A falling tree is not in your best interests, if you are standing near it. Yours is a world of challenge. You have chosen a certain path of challenge and when you come over here there will be other challenges.

But, in the ultimate sense, EVERY SINGLE person will advice, will progress and develop. You are in your world for a reason. Learn to make your own decisions. Do not rely on us ALL the time to tell you what to do. You do not need us to tell you what to wear to-day, what meals to have. There will be times in your life when you are confused, and upset, and worried, and then, by all means, seek advice. But if you do not have experience in making decisions in your world you will be lacking something when you come over here.

The first stage of the Spirit World will be very much as you picture it. You can have a country cottage if you wish. If you think you will suffer hell-fire and damnation, then you will, at least you think you will, until eventually somebody gets through to you to enlighten you.And then, you start to think, "Is this all there is?" And immediately you think that, then you will see somehow things you haven't noticed before. There are different colours, what's that beautiful sound? And so you start to look out of your surroundings.

Now, this is where I start getting some problems in talking to you. Those people who have heard me talk before have heard me say, in the Spirit World there is no better, there is no worse. But, in order to get across to you certain concepts I have to use these words that you understand. So please do try to remember that even though I am using directional words this is only my effort to help you to understand.So, you start to realise that there is something else, and you will have a look at where you are. There is a different landscape. It is finer, there are colours, there are sounds. The structures, if you can call them structures, are somewhat like gems, like crystals, diamonds, amethysts. Have you heard a description like that before? If you have read your New Testament you will find it in the Revelation. The author of Revelation had a vision of this which he called the 'New Jerusalem'. He had to put this experience into words and concepts that the people of his time understood. I can express to you the same things in a different way because you have changed since those days. Your science, your understanding of things like electricity and radio waves, make it so much easier for us to introduce these concepts to you.But even when you are at that stage, there is something more. And eventually you, too, will progress to this "higher" level - and remember what I said about no direction - the level at which you are "playing with rainbows". By this stage you have shed any form of a material body. This is the level before the soul merges back into Godness, your confining body has become finer and finer. The barriers between individualities have been breaking down and you have been merging, and so you remember many more lives than the one you are inhabiting now.

Think of a tree, at the moment those of you in the material body are those little tiny twiglets, several twiglets make a twig, several twigs make a branch, and the branches merge into the trunk. This is how life is - and its many manifestations. I assure you that every person in the world who has ever lived, will eventually reach back to the trunk.I ask you again to remember : forgive, forgive, forgive. Forgive yourselves, forgive others, and truly be a light of love to all men.This is what we are trying to bring to you. We are not the only group trying to bring this through to you, we are but one manifestation and we take a broad approach. Another group may take another. All approaches are valid. One approach cannot possibly satisfy every person. So do not feel that yours is the THE right, the ONLY approach and everyone has to conform to it. One approach is right for you, and allow others their approach, because that is right for them. So live and love, and let be. This is forgiveness.

There is building up here a large degree of love. There are many souls here, some of them known to some of you, others are not, they have just come to bring love. May I ask you, please, to sit quietly for just a few moments and make yourselves receptive to that love.May it strengthen you. May it give you understanding. May it give you peace of mind and reassurance. You ARE cared for. You ARE loved. You ARE important, in each and everyone of you is strength, is calmness.(Some sentences are lost at this point because the tape is very indistinct.)

After a few moments meditation, The Chairman, Mr. Ron Davies, thanked Arrian for the talk and called for questions.

Question: What is the position of people who are on life-support systems, perhaps for many years, who are unconscious. Are they unconscious on the spirit level, or are they fully conscious there?

Answer: On the spiritual level they are fully conscious. They are trying to get back into their body. It is as though they are the rope in a tug-of-war, they are being pulled back to the body, but they are also reaching to the Spirit World. They are in between, they are like Janus, they look in two different directions at once. While the material body is alive they will attempt to re-enter it. But they can also conceive what is being offered on the other side. This is a recent dilemma which has arisen with the increase in your medical science. It is something which I think each of you should think about. The ethics of it vary from place to place. With more spiritual contact and understanding each case could be resolved more satisfactorily.

Question: I would like to know what Spirit thinks of heart transplants. Does a heart transplant make any difference to the physical body, or to the spirit body.

Answer: It does not affect the spiritual body. The spiritual body does not have the circulating fluids that your material body has. There are effects on the physical body. As you know, these people need constant monitoring. But I would remind you too, that this is something which they agreed they would take on before they were born. For some reason known only to their inner, deeper, selves, they agreed that they would have this experience.

Question: Is a trance medium able to astral travel to other places while the body is asleep?

Answer: Many of them can. Again, this is an individual thing. Perhaps we should explain for the new comers here, you can have a full-trance medium and you can have a control medium. A control medium is conscious and knows what is being said, a full trance medium does not. When they are in trance, it is as though they (full trance mediums) are asleep. Both kinds of medium may do astral travelling, both kinds may not. It depends on what abilities the medium wishes to have and to use. When I say 'wishes' I do not necessarily mean 'wishes' on the conscious level. You have three layers (of consciousness) There is your sub-conscious, your conscious and your super-conscious, and so you conscious mind may have developed a wish that, perhaps, your super conscious does not have. And you will have an ability when all three layers of your mind are in agreement. So some will want to have this astral travelling ability and some will not.

Question: What about euthanasia?

Answer: We think it is preferable not to have euthanasia. But we also concede that different people have different levels of what they can tolerate. Again, I think it is very largely an individual decision. We think it is preferable to live your life to its full length, but some people may reach a level at which that is intolerable. And so we will qualify our answer. We are against it, but .... . May we leave it there?

Question: I would like to ask about suffering. It appears to me that people to-day suffer much more so that it was the case, say, 30 years ago. Does that have a special meaning?

Answer: Before you are born you will agree to have certain experiences and the depth of those experiences, their strength and weakness is something which, for some reason, each person agrees to take on. Does that fully answer your question? I am not certain.

Questioner: No it doesn't. I did not ask for myself but more for my surroundings. I can see suffering increasing and it seems to have reached a level mankind has not experienced before. What can we do about it?

Answer: There are changes taking place. At this time the world is undergoing an upheaval and many people, like yourself, are aware of it, and are trying to help. If you wish to help try to radiate around you the feeling of love, and care. Hold this feeling in your mind and mentally see it spreading around. Try to spend a few moments at least, every day, doing this and you may see a great improvement. You may be able to change the direction of society if enough people do this.

Question: There are views that postulate different reincarnations simultaneously rather than at different times.

Answer: Reincarnation is something that can happen, it does happen, it doesn't HAVE to happen. Now, if you will think back to my analogy of the tree, I said there are several twiglets that make up a twig. They do not necessarily all have to be incarnating in the material world at the same time. Also, if some of those twiglets, at least, do have more than one incarnation there will be memories of different times in the different lives, and so to someone who at the level of the twig, they can remember - this is the only word we can use - different time incarnations. Time is one of the concepts we have problems explaining to you. In your world time is linear. The only reason why time exists in your world is because you have ways of measuring it - whether it is the succession of the seasons or whether it is your time devices. And so this impression of incarnations simultaneously in different time slots occurs to some who is at the level of the twig and therefore has access to all the memories of the twigs, or to someone who is at the level of the branch, and so has memories of the twigs and twiglets, which is a much larger memory bank to access.

This section of the seminar ended at this point.



We decided to start tonight with Marsha to give a little gift of energy to take with her. (She was preparing to leave for work in India). If you are tired or distraught, just think of our love and you will receive comfort. This should also put you in touch with your guides, so that you will receive guidance. We give you, symbolically, a pair of golden wings, that will help you on your journey. We have been pleased recently with the attitudes you sitters have been building to this circle. We detect in many of our regular sitters the determination to progress in this work, and there will be some who will eventually contribute too. You will not all contribute in the same way. It would be extremely limiting if you did. We need a variety of abilities in this work, no-one fits the same mould as another, and so paths are open to all approaches, to all personalities, to all attitudes. It is the variety of personalities in the world which gave rise to the necessity for many approaches to God. All approaches are valid for someone, there is always free choice in spiritual matters.We bring a particular viewpoint through this medium, we know that we cannot bring something for everyone, but we also know that not everyone is suited for us. At the moment we have a good harmonious circle. We are very pleased with the way this is supporting this medium. There is always a good deal of love and concern manifested here, and it is very gratifying to realise that people who are busy, as most of you are, should find the time to bring this to us so that we may work too. This kind of work is always an interaction - we cannot work without you, you cannot do this work without us. So always realise that you have something to contribute.

Always be prepared to take part in life, do not reject the experiences that come to you, unless there is something deep within which tells you it is the wrong way for you. Always listen to what is within. There are people who have the gift of prophecy to some degree - the clairvoyants. But do not blindly take their advice, especially if it conflicts with what you feel within - what you feel within is the correct way for you to follow. The advice you may be given may not be appropriate for the immediate situation. You may find that it is appropriate later on. So if, within, you feel that something is not quite right, then do not push it. Do not take it just because 'I was given this'. Listen within carefully and when the two coincide, you will know that conditions are right. We spirits are often concerned when people in your world leave all the decision making to us - even down to the point of what to wear that day. We are not here to make your decisions for you. We are here to channel energy to you, to encourage you in your endeavours. But the final decision is always yours. You are not a puppet. Remember you will be answerable for your deeds. Think of your stay in the world as a class, and at the end of that class you will examine yourself. And you will sit your examination - you will look at what you have done. There is no higher spirit who will judge you, who will punish you for this, or reward you for that. You, yourself, make these decisions because you will understand more clearly why you did those, you will understand the pressures and you will understand what are the appropriate outcomes. Then you will have a period in the spirit world, again you will sit an examination, you will look at what you have been doing and, for want of a better word, you will look at the 'progress' you have made.So often people in this philosophy talk as though this first stage of the spirit world is all there is - it isn't. It is very much a transition, it is the area where you really break the bonds of the material world. It is that area where you have the opportunity, if you so wish, to work out the desires and the unfinished business left from your material life. There are opportunities there where you can work with souls who are lost, perhaps the souls of drug addicts and others like that. But that is not the end. It is true, you DO have the opportunity to come back to the material world if you wish, but you are not forced to. It is your own choice and decision.There are other areas in the spirit world which are further removed from the material conditions, and these areas are much more difficult to try to explain to you because you do not have the concepts available for you to really understand any analogy which I may try to give you. It is an area of greater - perhaps - abstraction. Please understand that I am fumbling for words and no words that I can use can really explain what it is like. And very often I may use words which to you may seem negative, perhaps, depressing, or distasteful. I assure you it is NOT. It is an area of greater bliss than the first state of the spirit world - which we usually refer to as the World of Illusion, because there you can create the surroundings that you wish.You come then to an area in which those barriers are breaking down, they are not so clear. That is where you can start working to help other spirits. And then, beyond that, is an area of this much great bliss and joy. This is when you really lose the material form which most people have been using up to this point. Now, I am talking as though these are definite, separate, divisions. They are not, it is all very gradual.

We are often forced to use words such as level and stage and area, but please do not understand these as meaning separate places, they don't. It is rather a change of your perception of what is there, and when you see this less formed area you will start to enter a greater state of bliss. And from that level you will be able, when you wish, to come back to the other levels and to work even more to help the souls that are still there, to help change their perceptions and to bring them with you into this greater bliss. Some souls need definite help, some of the types mentioned earlier.

Others can naturally evolve. Nothing is ever set on this side of the curtain of life. Just as I said earlier that there are all approaches open to God in your world, when you come over here there is even greater choice. And all things are possible.

Unfortunately, there are still many spirits who pass into the Spirit World in a distressed state of mind, not understanding what is happening, with false concepts which cause them great distress. It often takes the more enlightened spirits considerable effort to make them see, to drop the scales from their eyes and understand what is happening and lose their fear. Because this fear, these concepts set up vibrations in the aura which make it very difficult for us to contact that soul. It is very similar to someone in your world who is having hysterics, and you can't contact them, they don't hear what you are saying, they don't understand. It is SIMILAR to that. There is a lot of work to be done there. And these spirits who help these souls, as they succeed in helping one soul into a better state, as they feel joy and pleasure, that is how they, too, can progress. That is only one of the ways.

And eventually there is a state in which you pass even beyond this point, and of that I can tell you nothing. It is a state of such awe and bliss that I cannot even bring any analogies for you to hold onto. It is from this level that the great avatars in your world come. They come to try to bring through some knowledge about the Spirit World and about the Godness. They can often help people immediately around them to understand, but their message is very frequently misunderstood by others, but they manage to bring through a bit more of the truth that the people of that time can accept. And beyond this, there is the Godness Itself, which you will all ultimately reach. Do not be in a hurry, remember you have all eternity. Godness is ever patient and ever loving.


Pat: I was visited by some Jehovah's Witnesses last week and they were telling me about their philosophy. It was causing them great joy to be able to tell me these things, and they did it with love which I appreciated. But their philosophy did not quite coincide with mine. I didn't tell them so, because I felt that they had a need for their belief as I did for mine but surely we are not supposed to make an effort to change other people's viewpoints when it comes to a particular religious philosophy, or is this just part of the plan for all life?

Jhannee: Yes, we know of these people. Unfortunately, they are very often very strong and dogmatic, and will usually totally reject anything that you say to them. I think that the best approach you can take with them is to ask questions. Question what they are saying. You can try to put an alternative viewpoint, but if you feel that it is being totally rejected, that there is a total barrier there, there is not much point to continuing the discussion any further.

Pat: They seem happy in their service.

Jhannee: That is right. They need that particular point of view and they will probably not let it go. It could be quite shattering for them if they did. This is why we suggest, by all means, question is the best approach to take with them because it forces them back into themselves to look at their beliefs. And try to put across an alternative viewpoint, but you have to do it very gently and tactfully with them. And if that barrier is there, there isn't much point in going on. But you never know, you may have succeeded in planting a small seed which in the future may sprout.

Pat: There is a two-year old child in Spain who is reported to be a reincarnation of a Tibetan Llama of some kind. The family have taken the child to Dharmasala in India with the Dalai Lama where he will be educated in the Tibetan-Buddhist way, and to bring those teachings to the West. Is there some truth in this report?

Jhannee: We are not fully conversant with the case. As you know, we are constantly saying that reincarnation can occur, it DOES occur, it doesn't HAVE to occur.

Pat: Its just that to Western thinking it is a little difficult to believe that one could, at such an early age, assess whether a young child is a particular reincarnation of a certain person.

Jhannee: We were just about to question what the evidence is for this. You see, it may not be a true reincarnation, it may simply be that the child has a guide from the Tibetan area, and that that guide is impressing himself on him. But we would point out that this is quite a major event in that child's life, and would therefore be something which he would have agreed to take on before birth.

Pat: The story is that the Llama, before he died, told the mother of the child that he would reincarnate in a child of hers, and I believe that it was 1-2 years after his death that the child was conceived.

Jhannee: We hold out the possibility that it is true, and that is all. This concept is somewhat at odds with our own ideas, but cannot be completely ruled out.

Stina: If one lets the body go for a while, how can you get back into it?

Jhannee: Just by wanting to. You cannot permanently leave your body until the time has come. You will always have that link with it. It belongs to you.

Pat: How do you protect it from intrusions?

Jhannee: Those of you who have been coming here for a while will know the aura strengthening exercises which have been give, they will strengthen your aura and will also set up a stronger link with your body and that, in itself, will automatically protect it. It is not really possible for another soul or spirit to take over your body. What you term 'possession' occurs when a spirit enters the aura of the person. They do not really enter the body, they enter the aura and thereby influence the person.

Pat: Should such a contact be made, would the aura exercise rid the aura of the entity?

Jhannee: The aura strengthening exercises we have given you will strengthen the aura to the point where stray entities can not inhibit your aura.

Stina: But if you have one there already, will the aura strengthening exercise expel it?

Jhannee: This is always a difficult situation. They should help to remove the entity, but it depends a lot on how long the entity has been there, and it depends a lot on what is REALLY the attitude of the person. They may be saying consciously 'I want to get rid of this entity' but sub-consciously they may not want to. I hope you are conversant with this kind of psychological problem. It sets up a conflict. There are a great many things which can affect auras - severe psychological shocks for instance, can permanently affect the aura, especially if there has been more than one, and usually if the personality is not strong in the first place. Also, taking the narcotic drugs, as you call them, can permanently affect the aura, so can prolonged excessive use of alcohol. In these cases the aura loses its form, it is 'all over the place', and this makes it very difficult for the person's guides to protect, to control, the aura, especially if there is this ambivalence in attitude by the person. A strong personality and a strong aura are usually sufficient protection. Always remember, there is no such thing as an EVIL spirit. You will get mischievous spirits, you will get misguided spirits, but because there is ultimately only one spirit or Godness, there cannot be an inherently evil spirit.

Pat: Do we tend to remember only those dreams that have a strong message for us?

Jhannee: Not every dream has a message. There have been many theories about dreams put forward and all theories are correct sometimes. So some dreams will be something from the daily events, a 'film-clip', some dreams may be surges from your sub-conscious, some dreams will be just static electricity through your brain cells, and several things will govern whether you remember a dream or not. Some dreams will be remembered if you are woken in the middle of them. You will more likely remember dreams that occur later in the night, towards the time of your awakening. Very strong emotional dreams will be remembered, or very clear ones, or something very unusual or very strange. There are lots of reasons for remembering dreams and there are lots of reasons for forgetting them too.

I think, with your permission, I will bring tonight's proceedings to a close. I thank you for coming and for your contributions.



(This was the week of the Bangladesh tidal wave disaster and after meditation we spent a few minutes concentrating on that country, sending thoughts of love and peace.)

I thank you for your kind thoughts for my country, for in my day in your world, this area was part of my country, although I was not directly associated with it.

There is much anguish in your world, all over, all around. There has always been much anguish in your world - it is no greater now than it has been in times in the past. Always there has been domination of one country and people by another, always there has been repression, always there has been cruelty, always there have been natural disasters. You should not think that they are any worse now, or any more frequent than they have been in the past.

I am particularly grieved at the moment because it is my country that has been struck. The world has never been free from grief and it is doubtful that it ever will be. Individually you may find areas and times of peace, you may find that peace is taken away from you for a while - it may come back. There will always be fluctuation. This world is but a part of the expression of the Godness. You find in the world what you have yourself created and assigned. You have qualities to express - no one individual in your world could possibly express all of them. You need the whole range of humanity in order to do that. Unfortunately most of humanity in your world gets side-tracked and absorbed in the world. The trick is to be in your world and to live in it, and to take its experiences and to remember what lies beneath. But we have talked about that before, I will leave it for tonight.

When you pray for others, when your heart is stirred to pity and sympathy for them, some of this stays with you too. You have brought a little more love and sympathy into the world, there is a little more love and sympathy in yourself. You remind yourself of the underlying love and so your faith - your faith in yourself - is strengthened a little each time.

Any deed done with concern for another, with benefit for another, will not leave you, yourself, wholly not benefited. By such means you, yourselves, will receive some benefit. You may not be aware of it in your material world, it may not be till you come over here, but it will be there.

The area for which you have been paying, which you now call Bangladesh, is receiving much help from us on this side. There are many spirits concentrated there, trying to calm the survivors, to give them guidance and support, emotionally. They are also attempting to help those who have died, to re-assure them, and to lead them on to the part of our side where they can start their rest and then, their own progress and work. We assure you that this work, on our side, is being done in all the stricken areas of your world. Wherever there are large scale disasters we are there.

Please understand that your material world is not really as you see it. Be involved in it, but do not be totally committed to it. Remember the things of your world will pass from you. Be ready to let them go. Do not hold on to them and you will have greater freedom when you come to this side.

Remember that the people that you leave behind also have their lives to lead. You cannot lead them for them, they have assigned to themselves too, their tasks, their qualities, their experiences. They will grow much more if you allow them to experience them, this is why they have incarnated in your world.

And then you pass on from this world, and it is not necessary to be there more than once. Do not be absorbed with it, you can, if you really want, reincarnate more frequently in your world, but you do not HAVE to. Why not go on, on this side, and see the experiences there are here for you. You grow through those too.

But it is your decision.




We are having a bit of trouble with the heat and the lay-off that we have had (a break of two weeks) so start with the light in the centre of your forehead as usual. And that light is beginning to spin like a globe. (Pause) Now it is spinning faster and faster, it's revolving round its axis, and so it spins. It is getting bigger, until it fills the inside of your head. Now it is expanding beyond you, and all the lights from each of you, are circulating and intermingling, interacting with each other around the circle. And now, your light is so big that it is completely filling the circle, and so is everybody else's. So we have all the circles circling with their individual points around the periphery, the circumference. (Pause) While each of you are at the centre, each of you are the centre of the universe. And it is revolving around you. You are the centre. . . And you are going within . . . And the more you go within, into that centre, the tiniest little space, that atom at the very centre, the more you are spread throughout. You are spreading right throughout the universe, the universal space. Because when you are spread throughout the universe, nothing in this world really matters any more, you are beyond it. When you carry that feeling with you, you can play your part in this world . . . but with detachment, and therefore, you can enjoy this world without becoming attached to it, because you know what is beyond it. You know that this is the toy that the child plays with, and you, too, can enjoy playing with a child's toy, but you know how much more there is besides the child's toy.

(Pause. Then Jhannee came through.)

Good evening. We are going to talk to you tonight, quite a short talk about progression in the Spirit World and what it means.First, we are going to make the point to you that you are already in the Spirit World. All too often you seem to think that the Spirit World is separate from your material world. We wish you to understand that it isn't. It is not just, as some of you understand, that the Spirit World is interpenetrating the material world. We want you to broaden your horizons and understand that the material world is part of the Spirit World. Because everything is Spirit. As you say quite often, you address God as present throughout the universe. And we are not the only ones who have this concept.

Now, if God is thus present throughout the universe, Spirit is present throughout the universe, and, therefore, the Spirit World is throughout the universe and your material world is a part of it. We are using the words and phrases you are conversant with; words and phrases that you use, and understand certain things by them. Now, you need these in order to get some sort of understanding, but they also have the effect of limiting your understanding because you tend to focus on them, tend to focus on the part. One of the things which we are trying to get you to do is to break down the boundaries and try to look at the whole.Now, we are talking about progression. What is meant by progression? You see, again, you have this idea of two separate aspects. You think you incarnate in the material world and then there are the discarnate spirits in the Spirit World. You are as much spirit entities as are those of us, as we usually say, on this side. There is no 'side' about it, it is all one. Understand you are already a spirit. You think you are encased in a material body. You see the material manifestation.Now, what is meant by progression? You seem to think that you, in the material world, are a different lower type to those in the Spirit World. You know that we are of the same level, we are always saying that there is no higher, no lower, there is no up or down. We are now expanding that concept; there are no materially incarnate spirits separate from the discarnate spirits in the Spirit World. It is all one. You can only see your material world because you think that is all there is, but you are just focusing on it. We want you to try to expand your focus. Now, therefore, we put it to you that there is no progression. You THINK there is. You THINK there is a difference, and so, therefore, from your point of view, there is. You think you have to do certain things in order to progress. We put it to you that what you have to do is merely REALISE that you are a spirit. We have explained to you that progress in the Spirit World is really an expansion of consciousness. But you don't HAVE to come to the Spirit World to have that expansion of consciousness. You can attain it in the material world. And I know that some of this is contradictory to what we have said before. We are having to give things on different levels to give people what they can absorb. We are now trying to give you that little bit extra.

You are born attached to a body in the material world, and that new baby learns to see the material world. But you don't HAVE to ONLY see your material world. Please give us a moment. (Pause) As you learn to perceive your material world and to come to terms with it, you start developing these categories, you are trained in certain ways of thought, and this prevents you seeing beyond. If you like, the material world becomes opaque to you, you cannot see through it.We have explained to you that there is no real purpose to your material life, that it is sort of the bubbling up of the Godness expressing itself. If you can take away that opaqueness, you will feel and experience this.

You know, these days, about the structures of the structures. what is there? Energy, nothing! Can you see that it is something which you have to feel. We have been giving you certain terms and concepts. When I say 'we' I mean Spirit, not just this little group, all those of us who have been working through the medium. So you have been giving through your world concepts, and if you look at them you will see that there is a sort of progression. It started off at one level and, these days, we are not the only group doing this, we are bringing through a different type of approach. With the changes in your knowledge and understanding we can bring this through. Do not be afraid for your world - there is nothing to be afraid for, or about. You are still a part of this universal beingness, and you can only see your world because you have learned to only see your world. You are passing through that world. As we said, enjoy it and play your part. But also experience what is beyond. Start now, making the effort not to be limited by categories. Not even by the categories that we have given you. We try to give what you can use, but we are also trying to give more than this. And I am still referring the whole of the Spirit World when I say 'we', I am not just referring to this group working with you. Try to go beyond, particularly your categories of race and class, nationality and even of your planet. And of your universe. Try to hold with you this expansion of 'ALL'. We are trying to take you beyond the early steps, and we know that much will be incomprehensible to you.

We will, in a few moments, give you a chance to ask questions, but for a little while, you may switch off your machine (the tape recorder), we would like to leave some peace with you. And I will tell you when you can talk again.

Now you may ask questions.

Question: Before you have talked about little bits of Godness getting together and manifesting in, say, plants or something like that. And then more and more of them getting together and manifesting in a more complex animal, and then being complex enough to manifest as a spirit able to control a human being. If you say 'expansion of consciousness' that means, the more humans getting together and so developing that process. Is that true?

Answer: I feel there has been some misinterpretation. We must ask the medium to read through your transcripts.

Question: I think it was written by Myers or someone. I had a talk with Guy and the medium one afternoon and Guy tried to explain it, but it was beyond me. But thinking about it now I can understand the concept. Is that the idea of progression?

Answer: Not as we were using the word.

Question: Yes, you were using it differently. You were developing the idea of the human being and developing the higher emotions, as in human beings.

Answer: That is a different type of progression.

Question: How many different types are there?

Answer: We would rather say it is not so much little bits of spirit getting together and manifesting in plants, and so on. You have the Godness, picture it, if you like, as round; its not really but I've got to do something to bring it down so that you can get some sort of a concept. And it has spikes, perhaps, or little mushrooms, and those are the manifestations in your material world.

Question: So it's a fourth dimension or something like that?

Answer: Another idea which might appeal to you: when you boil water it bubbles, and so the manifestations which you see are individuals, whether it is individual plants, animals, people, or what have you, these are bubbles on the surface of God, and this is why if you can get away from the categories of your world, progression isn't needed. There is no progression. But we have to give these terms or concepts because that are what some people can accept.

Question: If we are part of God, how come we are having such a difficult time understanding the higher life.

Answer: Because you have trained yourselves to only see the world.

Guy: So the people who can see auras, they have this specific power to see auras, is it because they have not trained themselves to see only the world, or are they exceptional?

Jhannee: They have - there is one category they have not shut out.

Marsha: It's there but we are shutting it out.

Guy: But with the idea of progression, you are saying that it's basically there all the time?

Jhannee: Yes. You have only to realise it.

Guy: If you look beyond the material world ...

Jhannee: If you can realise what is beyond the material world.

Guy: Then why are we in a material world?

Jhannee: Because you wanted to be. It is one of the forms of expression of the Godness. We have to more or less give you these other concepts and ideas because that is what you want. You want to think that there is this progression and you are down here and one day you are going to be up there. We are trying to tell you that you are already up there. And you cannot grasp it with your logical mind. It's a Zen koan.

Guy: You're saying we are already progressed and we don't know it. Are you saying that?

Jhannee: Yes.

Guy: Then are we smaller bits of the God?

Jhannee: You are not a 'bit' of it. You are just a coming up, you are still part of it. You are not really separate.

Garry: You have to dissolve the surface tension of your own bubble?

Jhannee: Yes, that's right.

Guy: It's a good simile. How do you translate the simile in the small context into what Jhannee is talking about in the large context? That's where I am having trouble.

Jhannee: That's where we are having trouble. Because - it is THERE. You have to realise it for yourselves. We are trying to give you things to break down the categories you have imposed. That is the best we can do.

Guy: Where is the place of spirits in this scheme of things then?

Jhannee: They still have categories to break down, otherwise I would not be interest in working this way.

Guy: So is it, breaking down the concepts of the categories, the further you break them down, the faster you progress.

Jhannee: Yes. The less the curtain, the shield, is that blocking you from seeing it.

Guy: Oh, so the idea of - you are you and a distinct individual and the previous ideas we had is as you progress you become a finer, and finer mechanism until we blend into each other.

Jhannee: But what we are trying to add to you is that it doesn't have to be a gradual thing. You can have it instantaneously. You COULD, I'm not going to say you will. We are trying. We can but do our best with the material which we are given. (General laughter.)

Guy: So it's a different slant on the idea of becoming a less and less distinct, defined human being.

Jhannee: Yes. A different, slant, different angle.

Gina: Another idea that I don't quite understand is the idea of the higher self while you are down here.

Jhannee: What higher self?

Gina: I read somewhere that if you pray to your higher self that is an effective form of praying.

Jhannee: Contact the divinity within.

Guy: You mean the three levels of consciousness? That kind of thing?

Gina: I don't know because I didn't understand the concepts they were talking about. It was sort of like there was you up there looking down at the little bit of you down here.

Jhannee: We are saying the within looking out. Stop using your logical mind that you have been training for so many years. Don't think, feel.

Gina: It took me ages to get that other concept ...

Jhannee: You see, you swat one concept for another concept.

Gina: I'll have to integrate the two.

Jhannee: Don't integrate - get rid of them.

Gina: But it leaves you with a big void - nothing to think, nothing to contemplate, nothing to hang anything of the intellectual or emotions on. There's no reason for anything. There's no reason for trying.

Jhannee: Stop trying.

Gina: That defeats the purpose of being here. I still prefer to have some reason for being here.

Jhannee: All right. Have your reason for being here if you need it.

Gina: It's like a security blanket.

Jhannee: Yes. Have your security blanket - it doesn't matter. You don't have to ACCEPT EVERYTHING we say. Take only what you can accept. And if something troubles you, don't accept it.

Gina: I can understand what you are getting at when it's put into terms of being slowly dissolved and blending into each other. But I think I will wait for the transcript of the tape before I ask you any more questions.

Jhannee: Well, hang onto what you can accept and understand. Don't worry about it.

Gina: May be there is a limit to how much you can try and teach people who are still tied into the material world.

Jhannee: We know this.

Gina: Somewhere, sometime.

Jhannee: Now, we would like to draw the proceedings to a close. We would be very happy if you continue your discussion, we will listen and we will prompt where we can. At the moment we feel this is the best course for us to take.

Marsha: Why do we have guides?

Jhannee: Because you and they, think you need guides.

Marsha: We think we need each other, eh?

Jhannee: You think you need each other.

Gina: Because it's the person's higher emotion trying to help someone else who is not so far up as they are ...

Jhannee: That's it - they are trying to help somebody else. Remember you are still all linked.

Gina: They are trying to help someone else and consequently they are helped too.

Jhannee: So they think. Now, as I say, this is a Zen Koan.

Gina: What is a Zen koan?

Jhannee: The medium will explain later. Good night.



We have decided to accede to a request for more information about the Spirit World and in particular about lower areas of the Spirit World. We have been concentrating with you in our descriptions of the Spirit World, on conditions which people like yourselves will find when you come over here. Now, other types of people will find some different conditions, and this depends largely upon the expansion which you have exhibited in your material world. By expansion I mean this outgoingness of your spirit to other people around you, it is being open to spirit influence, being aware of the deeper side of life, the spiritual aspects of life.

There are people who are much more closed in, people who limit their contact with other people, the narrow people. The kind of person who will reject other people, perhaps on the basis of race, or creed, or that kind of person - who are rather limited in their approach to life.

There are people who operate only on the material level - they may be friendly and outgoing towards other people, but they have no contact with spirit or with developing their higher mental faculties. So, they are a sort of intermediate type, they have a greater expansion of attitude but it is limited to the material level. They concentrate on their possessions, their work or perhaps the next whatever-they-do-to-enjoy-themselves, trip to the pub, or watching the next television series - that kind of person.

I hope that by now, you will be realising that there are no set cut-off points, so these other types of people will experience something somewhat less inviting than people like yourselves, who have more expansion and more openness. They will find a much more material level in the Spirit World. There will be much more of a continuation of the conditions which they experienced in the material world, this is because they have no other concepts to put there. They will stay in these material conditions for longer periods, similar activities to what they did in the material world. The influence of their guides and helpers will be less evident, and if they have any sort of fear after their physical death, they will be much more liable to certain undesirable entities in the Spirit World.

Just as not everyone in your sphere is holy and saintly, so not every spirit over here is exactly desirable, shall we say. We do not like to use the word 'evil' because all spirit is a manifestation of the Godness, we prefer to use the word 'mischievous'. There are these mischievous spirits and they will play pranks on people, and they will try to influence other people, - and at the moment I am using the word 'people' to denote those people in the material body and those who have passed over. And some of these spirits, if someone is afraid, can take on the shape of that spirit's fear. And this was one of the causes of the rescue which you had last week. Although he had picked up some religious ideas, unfortunately they were very limiting religious ideas and consequently when he came over here he became afraid, because he had not led an exactly ideal life - not that anyone DOES but he had made no effort. And because of his criminal activities he was always afraid of being chased by your police, and so his fear when he came over here was of being chased, and so there were these mischievous spirits who were chasing him, because that was what he was expecting, because he was afraid of it. And he put certain concepts onto them, he knew he was being chased and so they became certain monster concepts which he put on to them.

Now, there are other spirits who, when they come over here find very barren places, it is not even an expression of a material environment. Imagine something, something which you might term a lunar landscape - completely barren, nothing grows there. There are rocks and there are cliffs and this sort of thing. People finding themselves there will not only have had a limited attitude towards other people but they will have been most uncharitable. You could find quite a few rich people here - those who had hung on to their wealth without making any sort of attempt to help those less fortunate than themselves - you could also find people from other economic levels. You may find people who were physically cruel to others - the torturers you have heard about in the near past, for instance, you may find there. The sadistic kind of people, those who haven't even been neutral in their material life, are likely to find themselves in those very barren, very forbidding surroundings, because this is what their lives were like, barren and forbidding, without even the slightest hint of any sort of love, not even for their immediate family. These people may find strange bird-like creatures flying over head - something like the dinosaur era - that is the kind of inhabitants in this area that they will find, such creatures as can exist in such barren surroundings.

Now in this area the creatures that are found there are more of the collective unconscious type - they tend to form them together, and it is somewhat difficult to help these spirits because they are so closed in on themselves. But with this collective unconsciousness forming these particular types of impressions and monster type of things, that is the step out of it, because - this is one of those concepts I know I am going to have difficulty getting over to you - it is a type of community where they are together, they are in this together, and when they start expanding to those around them, some sort of co-operative effort to protect themselves from these monsters which are there, which are really something like your cinema screen projections, they don't have an animating spirit but they move, because of the energy these people are putting into them. This very expansion, that acknowledgement of the others around them, the development of some sort of co-operation between them, is the first step out of it. It's their first step to opening up, the first hope that Spirit can help to lift them up and into the broader Spirit World. There are no set steps to getting out of it, it is all so very various, but it will go through more pleasant areas. As they start expanding so their concepts will start to change, and so their surroundings are clothed with more pleasant layers.

They start with this, as soon as there is some sort of co-operation with others, and they start having - experiencing - perhaps for the first time, the joy of communion with others, and so their attitude is starting - their attitude towards themselves is starting to change. They feel more pleased and consequently their surroundings can become more pleasant, and so they can 'climb out'. Of course the phrase 'climb out' is purely figurative, I trust you understand and remember what we have said about direction. And with this, of course, their concepts of - the same attitudes can be put to the influences they are getting from Spirit. They are beginning to become aware and respond to what their guides and helpers are trying to do to lift them out of this.

And, of course, we are also trying to work on the mischievous spirits. The ones on which forms are put by the (fearful, chased) spirit there. I said before that they are basically not evil, they are still an expression of Godness, but for some reason, at least some of them, have come over here with this rather twisted, warped attitude. They are aware that something is different to when they were in the material body, they realise that they have different powers and abilities, but they haven't realised the true potentiality of what they have. Now, they may have some sort of resentment left over from the material world, they may have a particular prejudice. The most noticeable one which we know is causing some concern in your material world at the moment, would be the racial prejudice, colour of the skins perhaps, and so that kind of mischievous spirit may make a particular point of teasing those people of haunting them, if you like. And there are occasions when the guides and helpers who are working on the victims can also lead or assist the guides who are trying to work on the mischievous spirits, and so when a circle performs a rescue, the type that you had last time, you will also be helping the mischievous spirits, because when they lose their victims, for a little while they don't have a focus, and that is when sometimes the guides can get to them and lead them out of this attitude into more fruitful activities.

Now, all the classes of people that I have talked about tonight, and even some that I have not mentioned, because it is a bit difficult to simply enumerate all the types I am talking about, so please understand I haven't mentioned all of them, are greatly assisted by prayers for them, because when you pray for someone you are sending to them love and concern and that may be the first time they have been sent love and concern, at least in the previous material life. And they can sometimes respond to that. They respond at first with a feeling of awe and amazement : "I can actually receive this love and concern." This is why in the past we have occasionally asked you to deliberately pray for those who you know have led particularly evil lives in your world. You can free them from these barren places and get them into a more productive attitude. Not all are evil people who are in such places. Someone who has enjoyed fighting, and I am talking about someone like the person you would call Genghis Khan - that type of person - I am not specifically saying he is in such a place, but that type of person - could well engage in some sort of fighting in the Spirit World. And that sort of thing can be quite different too. It is even more difficult to stop a spirit having a fight than it is for some of you to stop a person in a body having a good old bout of fisticuffs.

And spirits caught up in that kind of activity particularly need a lot of prayer for peacefulness, for a peaceful attitude, so that they can start to feel the Godness within them. Just as frantic activity in your world can prevent you feeling this, so it happens over on this side. So from time to time, pray for peace for those in the Spirit World.

Now, there is another type of spirit I would like to bring to your attention tonight, and this is the cases who, in your material world, have been psychological victims. They are the ones who, for some reason or another, have developed very negative self-image, very often it is attitudes around them when they were young children, babies, self-concepts that were fed to them by other people, and I also include people in this group, who died in the concentration camps during the last war. Their self-concept was very often completely undermined by the conditions in which they were - the conditions in which they died. They took these attitudes over with them and so also put themselves into barren places, they also can be prey to these mischievous spirits because they died in fear and these mischievous spirits can feed off that fear.

In some ways it is harder to help this group, because at least the others have a strong sense of self, but these don't, and so they don't respond readily to the love and concern. Not always, but in many cases there is a trend with this type that it is hard to get them to accept the love and concern that is sent to them.

Now, tonight, we have brought here some spirits who have attained a certain level of receptivity, and we would like you now to express the love and concern that you have for them.

We would like you to do this tonight using light. So first feel golden light in the centre of the circle. Now see it more amorphous, somewhat like a cloud - but now it is a rainbow - but there are lots of rainbows there - it is multi-coloured - and into that put all the love and concern and compassion that you can - and we will bring these spirits into it, as into a pool, a swimming pool - concentrate on holding those coloured lights there and fill it with your love to focus there. We are trying to help, but always when there is this interaction in the material with the spiritual, this help will be greater. It is not just an additive thing, it multiplies. Where two or three are gathered together in MY name, there I am.

It is not enough to get groups to work together on material problems, you also need to pull through the spiritual influences, the 'name' aspect. It is much the same thing with a healer working on someone in your material world. The healer usually has to undertake certain attitudes, certain approaches in their material life. If there are things there that are causing an obstruction, they may have to alter their food or their drink, or perhaps they have to give up something - smoking is a very common one. And this indicates a certain receptivity and co-operation with spirit so that spirit can work through them more effectively, and this also applies when working on your planet, when growing your food, or trying to actually improve a plant. Some aspects of your planet are easier to improve than others, especially with the scientific knowledge which you have at present. It is extremely difficult for people to change actual landforms, you may be able to alter the composition of the top few inches, but you cannot alter what is deep down. It is also harder for you to affect what is in the air, although you can have some influence there too, I am referring of course, to your rainfall. There are limitations but you can improve things with certain practices - tree plantings for instance will very often attract what cloud happens to be in the area.

So there will always be some limitation on what you can do in the material world. Even the spirits when working in a world as strongly formed as yours, will have some limits. But there is a lot that can be done between the two of us.

We trust that at some time you will reach the level of this work, then you will see. You will be able to see the plant life and its possibilities, and you will be able to, perhaps, assist in the evolution of something. Maybe you will devise something directly yourself, maybe you will simply inspire an earthly scientist, or draw his attention to something that has been there all along. I with you well, for this can be a very interesting phase of your development, it will only be a phase. There are many phases for you to go through in your development back to merging with Godness, and you must not rush any of them. There are things that are appropriate for your stages, accept what is at that stage for you, and do not be in hurry to advance to other stages.

Now, I feel I have talked long enough, perhaps you have some questions.

Question: What happens when you modify a plant with genetic engineering, to a spirit that is controlling the plant, will it require a different spirit or does the one of the original plant take control?

Answer: Plants have not an individual spirit inherent in them. There may be Spirit, or a spirit, interested in that particular plant. Now, if there is a change or development coming it will have with it the influence from Spirit, whether the spirit is directly influencing the plant or influencing one of your scientists. It will not need to be instigated by the spirit, but if it is a useful development then one of the guides of that scientist will have been prompting him how to do it, what to look for, the approach to take. And this will have come about in some interaction between the spirit interested in the plant and the guide of the scientist. It will also need some work on behalf of the scientist, because these inspirations are never put into a blank mind, or into a mind that is not striving or battling with the problem, because you also need the interaction between the human scientist and the plant. And if you read carefully the biographies of your scientists you will always find that those who have had some sort of brilliant insight will have already been battling with the problem. These insights don't come to someone who isn't already involved, because they would not understand the insight and would not know how to apply it.

Question: The crystal radio was invented in two places at the same time.

Answer: This happens all the time as this medium has herself experienced. You will very seldom find that one person alone has been working on something. It has happened, but it is very rare.

Question: The Findhorn experience would be a typical example of Spirit working to stimulate plant growth in circumstances which otherwise wouldn't be suitable. Another example of Spirit working through scientists would be the new practice of cloning plants, making exact carbon copies. When spirits are dealing with different types of plants are they related yet different spirits, one spirit for instance, looking after apple trees and another kind of spirit looking after Eucalypts? Are these spirits in a way self-conscious, or are they more like blind forces? Do they have self-consciousness in the same sense that we have self-consciousness?

Answer: I don't know that I can say that they have self-consciousness in the same sense that YOU have, because these are spirits who are approaching the merging back with Godness, so their awareness of self is somewhat different to yours. They do understand what they are working on in the material world, or working with.

Question: So all the spirits that work on different types of plants would, in a way, be merging with each other, and aware of each other.

Answer: Yes. Particularly those working with what you term the different kingdoms, animal kingdom, the plant kingdom. All those working with plants will be merging with each other. You remember we have explained that your individualities merge together to form a larger being, and you get those merging together to form one still larger. You merge first with those with whom you are compatible, and so the spirits working on the plant life will be compatible spirits, or more compatible with each other. Similarly, with animal species.

Question: When you take spirits working on rather vicious species of animals, say, tigers, lions, they would rather seem to be sharp and rather violent types of spirits, because that is the type that these animals are.

Answer: But remember that they usually cull the inferior animals, the sick, the aged. It is all interacting, interconnected, just as you grow, mature and deteriorate and return back to the earth, so do the animals.

Question: This is the balance of nature, isn't it?

Answer: Yes, that's right. It is the same thing with plants.

Question: Do plants have a sense of being or self, the individual plants? We know there is life force flowing through, but does the plant have any awareness of self?

Answer: The awareness comes with the spirit working, that is, with it. So the spirit has the awareness of what is happening with the plant.

Question: Does the spirit experience any suffering when, for instance, the grass is being eaten by an animal? What does the blade of grass experience in that situation?

Answer: Much the same as your guides experience when you cut yourself. They are aware of it happening.

Question: But they don't feel the pain or anything?

Answer: No.

Question: So there is no pain involved in cutting down a tree?

Answer: No.

Question: There is no karma involved as such?

Answer: It depends on why you are doing it. Now, remember what we have said about karma, it is not an automatic law. Karma only exists to the extent that you agree or believe that something should happen to you in an incarnation, because of something that you have done previously. We keep stressing that you do not have to reincarnate, you can forgive yourself and do what sort of reparation you desire on this side. So, if you feel some sort of guilt for destroying something, to that extent you may have a guilt feeling, it is up to you to decide whether to use that to form 'karma' as you call it, to give yourself some punishment. You need to 'kill' certain plants in order to live. You are the apex of the pyramid and the plants are there provided for your material body.

Question: The same as animals?

Answer: Yes, but they are not necessary to the same extent as the plants. It is possible to do without them (that is, the animal meat) in many parts of your world. In other parts it is not possible.

Question: Having been an Indian in your past life, which is largely a hunting people though you also grew plants of course, corn and so on, there seems to be no real spiritual argument for being a vegetarian.

Answer: No. The reason is - why you kill. Do you kill for pleasure? That would be harmful to your spiritual progression. But if you kill for sustenance or for protection, that is not. The main thing is to keep a healthy body. Without a healthy body your spiritual progress may be hindered. I say, may be, because sometimes you use illness as a form of guilt removing mechanism. But while you are overly aware and attached to your body - and I stress 'overly' because you must give it some care - when you are 'overly' aware of your body your spiritual progress to some extent will be delayed or hindered. You have to give it a proper balance, care for it enough to keep it healthy and to a standard which is considered desirable by your society, so that you are not in any ways discriminated against by other members of your society. If you meet your society's standards you will be accepted more, and you will be more able to influence it, we hope with the spiritual ideas you are developing here. So give it enough attention to attain those.

Question: What is the function to plant life, the plant kingdom, of fermentation into alcohol such as whiskey, beer, etc.

Answer: Fermentation basically has the effect of breaking down substances and rendering them usable to some other aspect in your world. It is just that man has seized on a way of developing that process still further. It is a transformation.

Question: I've quite often wondered about its effect on the human body.

Answer: As you know that effect varies from person to person, and so you are coming back to effects which the incarnating soul has agreed or decided to bring with them. We may suggest that it was perhaps a mischievous spirit that inspired certain people to develop the alcoholic drinks, or taking the natural process a few steps further.

Question: There are some animal species which seem designed to plague and torment other species, such as mosquitoes, fleas, and so on. What kind of spirit would have invented and sustained those? They don't seem to perform any necessary function in life such as fleas on cats and dogs. Are they mischievous spirits?

Answer: They certainly have some influence in their development. To some degree too, some of your incarnating souls have this ideas that this would be a suitable punishment. Of course, things like mosquitoes, their larvae provide food for other species, and some forms of these parasites also form food for other species. But too, it is just another way of Godness manifesting.

Question: How far down the pyramid would whales, dolphins and porpoises come?

Answer: About three-quarters up the pyramid. Very intelligent, like dogs, chimpanzees would be higher than dolphins.

I think, with your permission, I will bring tonight's proceedings to a close. Good night.




We will start with a large ball of light in the centre of the circle. And tonight it is pulsing with pink light, softly pulsing light, out and in. As it gently pulses it is getting bigger and bigger. And now it is surrounding us, this large ball of pink light. Feel the gently glowing light and absorb it. Feel the ethereality of the physical body and feel the underlying unity through this pink light - with each other. This pink light is enabling our guides and helpers to link close with us, and so they are surrounding each one of us - they too are in this ball of pink light. We are all united in the peace and joy that this pink light is bringing us, and this peace and joy will stay with us throughout the evening. We will be able to take a bit of it with us when we go, just be aware of it now.

Silver Moon then came through:

How! Good evening to you.

Tonight I am being taken back to the days of my incarnation. I see our camp fires at night, burning, and the smoke gently drifting skyward. And I think that smoke is like spirits gently wafting as they come back to the material world. For those of us in the ethereal body your existence is not so firm and solid as it is to you. As you see us, those of you who can see us, you see us as finer not so definite beings, and this, too, is how we see your world as we come closer.We spirits have available to us a wide range of activities, we can choose to work in many different spheres. One sphere is to come back to your world and work as I am working now - through a medium - and this is one way we can get information through to you.But there are many parts of the universe in which we can choose to work. There are many planets far distant from you where work is being done. Some of them are only now being formed, others are at different stages of development. Some have plant life, some with animal life, some that are, as you would term them, rocks, and some have water. It is not necessarily water as you know it, you would not describe it as water. You are in a particular manifestation which uses certain chemicals and gases for its life system. Other planets use different chemicals and gases. They are all really but different manifestations of the One, and if you were to examine them closely enough you would see that they, too, are composed of the nuclei and the various particles and they dissolve back to Godness. But the Godness in its infinite variety manifests in different ways in different areas. And we spirits also work in those areas. We, too, can have some effect on this basic substance.

The spirits who are at this level are those who are approaching the point of merging back with the Godness, and so they can work quite closely with the Godness in forming these material manifestations. But even after the material manifestation is formed, we do not desert it. We can still work through the various aspects - there are some spirits who work within the firm framework of the world, dissolving in part, building in others, changing and re-shaping perhaps.There are others who work with the plant-life, helping its change or evolution, and then there are those who work with animal life, and we use the word 'animal' to cover a very wide range of creatures.And then there are those who choose to work with the conscious animal life such as you would term 'man'. Some spirits choose to actually incarnate in these conditions. Some will choose for reasons best known to themselves to incarnate as a group, and this will usually be the creatures which you would call the very primitive. But creatures that are necessary to the maintenance of the world, think, for instance, of your worms. Think of the valuable work that they do. And they will be animated by Spirit in an attitude of service to other aspects of life in that world. All creatures in a world have some purpose, even those which other creatures there would term harmful. And to make things easier let us talk about your world, but understand that my words can apply to all worlds.

Your world is a sort of self-maintaining unit. There are many parts to it and all are inter-dependent, and all have Spirit working through them, Spirit that has different levels of individuality. Those spirits manifesting in man have greater individuality than Spirit manifesting in your lower creatures - the worms in my particular example. So in some cases there is a group soul - in the case of mankind, yourselves, there are individual souls and, naturally, there are intermediate stages between these two. There are creatures in your world, some of which are wild and some are domesticated, such as the small creature over there (pointing to our cat). The ones that are domesticated have more individuality than those that are wild. Now, if you take - on a different level I have explained to you that the Godness is welling up in the individual aspects of manifestation - each of you is like a little bubble of the Godness welling up. While it is not separate, imagine another welling up of Godness which is invigorating, let us say a cat, so there is the welling up of cats, and again you can have small individual wellings up on that big welling up. And they will be particularly the domesticated cats, who have close contact with the humans. Those that are wild will be at a level that is closer to that main welling-up, and so they will not be so individualised - they will operate much more by instinct. The instinct of a wild cat is to hunt for food when it is hungry, your domesticated cat first miaows and hopes that you will produce it. It, too, has this hunting instinct, but in the case of the domesticated cat, it rather reacts to the chance occurrence of, say, a mouse running past. Whereas the wild cat will have to go deliberately to look for such a creature in order to satisfy its hunger. And so the domesticated cat has its basic instincts a bit lower down, and it has learned other tricks to satisfy its hunger.There are spirits who work with the plant-life. They will take delight in producing say, immense trees, there will be others who take delight in working on the dainty, delicate, small flowers, and the mosses and so on. Now, the plants have much less individuality than the animals, and in this case there is the underlying Godness welling-up in the plants, but rather than spirits really invigorating them, they work more on the plants instead of through them, if you can see the difference. Perhaps I might say that the welling-up of the plant life is lower than the welling up of Godness in the animal-life, and so the spirits interested in the plant-life work from the outside, as you might perhaps say, whereas with animals they will tend to more incarnate in them, 'inhabit' them, perhaps I should say. 'Incarnate' has a certain connotation for people.

Now, in your world, man is the most developed and individualised expression of Godness, and these other levels are working in ways to make man's existence possible. Man is at the apex of the pyramid - many things can be read into pyramids, and I guess now that somebody is going to ask me about pyramids - but you can see a pyramid in the build-up of the manifestation of your world and mankind is at the apex in the material manifestation. Man is the juncture between the material manifestation and the Spirit. In the Spirit World you have the upside down pyramid and man is at the tip of both.Those people who are more spiritual, more receptive to spirit influences, can at least sense spirit influences, some consciously sense spirit influences, and some have concepts about those spirit influences. Individual people in your world also have their own needs and these needs can also be superimposed on these concepts, these sensations, these awarenesses, whatever you like to call them. So whereas in reality they have little form or shape, people in your world can put the shape onto them and so they become embodied in some sort of symbol for them. Some people are happier, work better, when they have a definite form which they can understand and relate to, some use a more amorphous form, and we are getting to the point where there are those who can accept the quite formless manifestation. We are indebted to your scientific discoveries and understandings for much of this.Now, your material body also has certain needs and one of those needs is food and its close ally, water. And you have developed systems of deliberately growing your food, your vegetables, your fruits. Now, your world has been so arranged that certain foods and fruits are appropriate for different areas. You need to take into account the climatic conditions of the different areas, and the foods that naturally grow there will compensate and balance those conditions. There are also certain geographical conditions, either influences or the quality of the soil, the humidity, the amount of sun, and all such influences. But, it is possible to take plants from one part of the world and grow them in another part where conditions are somewhat different. Some plants you can't - but there are many plants that can. It may be more difficult to grow them there, on the other hand some things grow much more readily there, it can even get to the point of being a nuisance. And so you increase your work. You need perhaps to produce more water, so may be you have to build a dam to store large quantities of water; there may be certain elements lacking in the soil and so you will have to add those elements. Perhaps they will need shelter from the winds or frosts, or the harsh sun, or the snow, or whatever.

Now, the plant spirit will always have some interest in the plants that are growing, and if you have someone who is more sensitive to spirit influences, they will understand and be able to concentrate spirit in those areas to work on the plants. And the stronger and more developed the person is, the more spirit influence they can attract into that area. And this can help in a large degree in the growing of plants there, plants that are really not suitable to that area. Naturally, also spirit can influence those people to what they should do in order to produce what they want there. They can sometimes give valuable information, particularly perhaps if there is some element missing from the soil, something which may not have been realised by other means.Also these sensitive people can focus the spirit energy to certain things which it is realised are needed, that are lacking, such as rain. And the interaction between the two can set up a cycle of greatly improving the situation. Sometimes certain actions can be taken by people in the material body, can facilitate the work of spirit, makes it more effective.

If people, other people, are attracted to somewhere where this is happening, so that their own progress and development is accelerated, the process will, naturally, increase in scope and in strength. Each person attracted brings not only their material energy but also their spiritual energy, their own guides and helpers. And with the greater desire and intent which each person brings to the project, so the greater spiritual energy is focused there. And the greater desire being manifested on the material level focuses and channels the spiritual energy and influence. And so you can take barren, unsuitable areas and with a great deal of effort both on our side and on yours, you can transform that place. And it may be that you can influence other areas and also transform these areas. These are the ideal conditions. It takes great determination, great perseverance, and it also needs an ongoing impetus so that it does not collapse after the aims have been attained. Always in your material world there is the birth or build up, there is the maturity, and there is the disintegration.

You are presently aware of serious deteriorations in your planet, and many people are working to correct them. They should also call in the spiritual aspects and concern.

It is like a baptism, the negativities are being washed away with your love and concern.

(There was silence for several minutes.)

This process will continue for a little while longer, but I am now ready to answer your questions.

Question: When people are in this reality with monsters and they begin to communicate with each other and to co-operate, do they start to realise a better environment as a group or individually?

Answer: Sometimes it is a group, sometimes you will find that an individual will have this experience, sometimes it will start from an individual and spread to others.

Question: You said nothing is set on the other side, but it seems that loving and giving yourself is a set law on that side. That if you love one another and give of yourself, then you get over a lot of problems on the other side.

Answer: We would not like to describe it as a law, because when you use the word 'law' it implies something which is set down, it also has, for some people, a rather negative concept - of somebody standing there and absolutely insisting that you do, or else you will be kicked out, or something along those lines. It is just the way things work.

Question: Process?

Answer: Yes, process is a good word. It is the expression of the Godness. When you have this attitude the Godness can then work through you more effectively.

Question: These people who have very negative self-image on earth, do you have any suggestions from your side of how we can help them apart from being encouraging?

Answer: This is a very difficult thing to do, because it is so ingrained in them, very often right from babyhood, even if you deliberatively set up positive experiences for them. In many cases - I am not saying in all cases, only in many cases - they will still misinterpret it negatively. Cases are so individual and various, you can try but you will have to play it by ear. Sometimes if you are constantly giving that person compliments, they may sub-consciously realise that by having this negative attitude they can get nice things to happen, and so they will hang on to that attitude instead of adopting a more positive attitude. It would possibly earn them compliments, but they don't realise that, and sometimes these people can be a drain on you and be very demanding. So do your best, but watch out for yourself. There are people in your society who are trained to help those people. They will attempt to help, we will give them that, they do want to help.

Question: How do you do it on your side?

Answer: It is more the growth of the person. We explain about the Godness being in them, and because they don't have such a dense physical body as you have in your material world they have somewhat more sensitive reactions to this.

Question: So you really just wait for the concept to grow in them? To take hold in their imagination?

Answer: That is only a part of it. I am still trying to bring it down into concepts and words for you. Again we find different approaches. You see, we have a far greater scope over here for activities in which such people can start to learn, activities in which they can help others, who they can see are worse off than themselves, that is one way. Without that material body you are just so much more open. You understand that I am talking about those who have already made a couple of steps of progress and are more receptive to us.

Question: Are people able to reincarnate back here from the barren places?

Answer: It can happen.

Question: If they reincarnate, will the guides and helpers of that person come with them into the next incarnation? They would have less contact with the person then.

Answer: It's not that they have less contact - it's that there is less receptivity to their contact. Again, it can happen that they will stay with that person, but it is much more likely that there will be a change of guides, because the guides themselves will be wanting further experiences and they have already had one experience of helping that type of person. That is the usual case.

Question: And that person will come back not knowing that the guides are there, or that they changed?

Answer: Usually.

Question: With the rescue last week of the man being chased by monsters - from what level of his mind did they come from?

Answer: What he feared he put on to the mischievous spirits. So it wasn't entirely his imagination, there was something there, but he put his concept onto it.

Question: Some years ago this medium had a rescue of a Mayan priest. The priest obviously had a very strong personality, he seemed to me to be very devoted, concerned and loving to his people, he was certainly loving in a way to his Golden Eagle God, and yet he spent several hundred years in these barren, bleak landscapes being chased by these demons.

Answer: That was a somewhat different case. He had a concept that he would find his Golden Eagle if he overcame these tremendous obstacles, so he wasn't quite in the barren places I have been talking about tonight. But he was at that level where he was creating his own environment, and he thought he had to go through these kinds of places - they were the most difficult places he could imagine - because he thought his Golden Eagle would be secreted in such places, and that he would have to struggle over and struggle with such monsters and things in order to find his Golden Eagle.

Question: To set a challenge to himself?

Answer: Yes, but he thought that was the kind of thing he would HAVE to do to find his Golden Eagle, and so he presented it.

Question: What is the best thing for us to do when we go across, so we don't get into such places?

Answer: Because of your involvement in this philosophy it is most unlikely that you will. You are already opening up to the influences from your guides and helpers, and that will go with you when you pass over. With the knowledge which we are passing on to you, you should be able to understand these things, and that will be your protection.I think, if you will excuse me, I will draw this evening's procedure to a close. We have emptied our 'swimming pool' and there have been several spirits who have made some progress tonight, and we will be able to help them more effectively.





Picture a candle in the centre of the circle. A candle only gives out a small light, but this one is spreading. Picture it spreading through you - you can see the light through the spaces in the atoms of your body. You are not part of your body, you simply inhabit it and this warm golden light from the candle is spreading through this very ephemeral body that you have. And now the light has changed to pink, a lovely soft rose pink. See it spreading over all of us in the circle, we are ensconced in a pink ball of light, and we are united in that ball of light. The energy from each one of us is blending and mixing, and that will force the entity coming through tonight.


We thought tonight that we might tell you a little bit of how we perceive you and the material world.

When we come back into the material vibrations we no longer have the material senses to work with and so things are not at all clear to us. We sense a lot more than we see, as you would term it. The main thing that we can see is our own particular person and we see that person mainly as a light. The people who are close to that person we also perceive as lights, and the ones that are very closely related seem to have a similar sort of light or vibration, and it's through this sort of vibration that we can distinguish one person from another. So family members will seem to have a similar vibration to us, and when you meet with other people we see those people as a different type of light. Usually it's not so distinct as our "own person" and their immediate family. Our "own" person of course, is the most distinct to us.

Now, you could perhaps take the analogy of the candle flame, because if you look at a candle flame you can see that there is the centre bit, and that is different to the outer edge of the flame, and you can see, sort of golden light just beyond that, and then you see the things that it is illuminating. And people are sort of like that to us, we can see the centre part which is the part that is your body, and then we see your aura around it as a different type of light, and that gradually blends into the fuller light at the edge. And, naturally, when you are in close contact with someone we can see those lights overlapping somewhat, and from what happens to that overlap, we can see what type of relationship you have with the other person. A sort of clear light where the overlap is, indicates a pleasant relationship, and the more murky the light becomes then the more unsatisfactory the relationship. And, naturally, with people who you see a great deal that overlap can change, you can have different reactions to the same person - they may have annoyed you in some way or especially pleased you in some way, so that will affect that overlap. At the moment I am not talking about the colours of the auras, I am talking about the quality, the brightness, the clearness, the distinctness. Or whether it is murky or less distinct, as though you were holding a veil between yourself and the lamplight, so the light is not so clear - especially if the veil is a sort of gray one. Can you picture that perhaps?Now, when you come to sit in a circle like this we have several lights, and, because you come - at least usually - sitters have the sort of desire to help - a positive attitude - so you usually have a brighter, clearer light in a circle, and also the underlying intent to communicate with us helps to make your combined light brighter and sort of, bigger. The candle flame actually is a very good analogy because in the circle the light takes on that sort of shape - broader at the base and then coming in to a point at the top - and that is the typical shape of a circle light. And so when we see that type of light, we know that that is where a circle is being held. But, of course, our "own" particular circle will have to use its own distinctive vibration and light, and we recognise the sitters there by this vibration, we know who is present there and who isn't.

The colour of a circle light is not so various as the colours of the individual auras. The most common colour is white, because white is a combination of all the coloured lights, but it can change, it can be golden. Tonight yours is pink because this was deliberately specified in the meditation. You can change the colour of a circle light if you all think of a particular colour, naturally you would all need to think of the same colour. This is very often done without you being conscious of it, and will indicate to us a more positive circle from a less positive one. This indication shows us whether there is someone in the sitters who isn't physically well, or who is having some sort of trouble in their life. A particularly dark, almost black, light would indicate the presence of a disturbed spirit - I mean the kind of spirit who has either attached to one of the sitters or to the house. When you have a regular circle meeting it is very rare to find a spirit who is attached to the house though it can happen. Usually the very fact of having a regular circle is enough to remove any attaching spirits - they will automatically be helped to progress by the activities taking place. So usually a black tone to a circle light indicates that one of the sitters has brought with them an attaching or disturbed spirit. It may also indicate a serious illness in one of the sitters, and we tell the difference by the quality of the vibration.

Animals have a different type of light to us. The light takes on a shape vaguely resembling the physical form, and this gives us some clue as to what type of animal it is. Their lights vibrate rather less than the human lights. This is because of the difference in the brain capacity - I think we have explained once before that the physical body of mankind is the centre of the range of material manifestation. You are really the link between the material and the spiritual, I mean you are at that connecting point. So your vibrations are finer than those of animals or plants.

We generally can't see inanimate objects. This is why we are usually very poor at locating lost objects, although some spirits can do this. In that case they have decided for some reason that they want this particular ability and they would be more tuned in with the inanimate objects, shall we say? They will be seeing a clearer shape of the inanimate objects. They can also type the vibration of it into the vibration of the owner.

Very often when spirits come into the sphere of influence of your material world, it can have varying degrees of affect on us. It can be quite oppressive, it can be more difficult for us to move through it. This isn't a very strong influence, but it is there, and it is more difficult for the more evolved spirits to come back. This is why if there is someone at the level before merging with the Godness, who wishes to help the material world, they will usually incarnate rather than working through a medium. You see, the very act of taking on the body acclimatises the spirit to working in the material world. The spirit comes into the influence of the mother of the unborn child and spends periods in and out of the body. At first too, they are not always in the sphere of influence of the mother, but as the gestation period progresses they spend more time there and gradually spend more time in the fetus. They usually find it easier to bring through to the material world what they want to, to work that way. And, of course, as we get more used to operating through a medium, so we are more accustomed to the physical manifestations, and this also helps us to adjust to the vibration and the earth influence.Now, when a spirit is a helper to someone, rather than a guide, a helper is usually - but not always - someone who has known you during your material life, and has simply died before you. And they will spend longer periods of time with you than a guide will. Sometimes they will even be with you continuously. Their desire to help you is part of their development, so that they are not being held back by choosing to be a helper and staying with you. Sometimes they will decide that they have helped you as much as they want to, or as much as they can, or as much as you need their help, and then they will move away from you and do other work in the Spirit World.It is always a very conscious and deliberate decision to work with you, whether as a guide or as a helper. Guides will often have spent a period of time as a helper, and then have gone on with development before deciding to take on the greater task of being a guide. And, of course, there are different types of guides. You have your overall guide, your overseer perhaps, who is with you most of the time, they very seldom leave you. The other guides will come and go, they will sense instinctively when you need their particular kind of help. People very often, without realising that they are doing it, are sending out messages or calls for help from their guides. This happens when you are faced with some sort of difficulty and you are 'mulling over' it, this in itself, can act as a sort of call to the guide who is helping you in that way. And this we perceive as something like your radio waves, you can't see them but their effect is still there. I don't really know which word to use, whether to say 'seeing' or 'feeling' but we perceive that type of vibration, and it goes automatically to the person best able to help. The guide will come to you, but it depends a lot on your receptivity whether the guide can get across to you the information that he or she wishes. So there is always that sort of interaction. You can sense the vibration from your guide, as well as the guide can sense the vibration from you. And if your vibrations are too quick and erratic, if you are panicking too much, it is more difficult for your guides to get help through to you. So try to watch yourselves and your reactions, and if you realise you are getting into a panic situation and need help, calm yourself down. Consciously relax the muscles in your body - and you don't need to lie down or stop your activity to do that. Just check what is happening to your body, check what is happening to your mind and try to centre yourself. And that will enable your guide's influence to come through your vibrating link.

On the bigger level, we see the material world, and again, with the world it has its own particular aura. And the aura can change in different parts of the world just as it changes in an individual aura in different parts of your body. And the thoughts and vibrations of the people in the world affect the whole aura, and so the more spiritual and calm people can be, so the aura in the total of the world will become more spiritual and more calm. Again, this is one of the benefits or contributions made to the world by circles such as this. You are creating a space of calmness, and the more of these areas of calmness that we can get going in the world, the better the aura - the more the world will itself move through its stages of development and progression. This is the way each of you can contribute to your world, even though you may feel that you have no influence in the material world, perhaps in your politics, the broader sense of what is happening in your country, the decisions being made, and so forth, still you are contributing to the whole world, and, in so doing, to the events in your country, your city, your suburb, your sphere of friends, and, of course, your family. Never think that you are totally helpless. And, of course, we can step further back, and we can see the galaxy and the universe.

Now, when you are getting to the level of the universe, there are so many contributing factors that at that stage the aura around it is steady. It is a golden light. Gold to white, it's really one of the colours you can't quite see in your material world. A pure light, because everything is balanced and everything is contributing, and so it is steady.

You may ask questions.

Question: What is the aura of a cat who is very much loved and petted by a family? is their aura more clearly defined that a wild cat?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it of a higher level?

Answer: It is clearer and brighter and more defined, more individualised. Wild animals are less distinct, more of a group soul.

Question: You said you perceive differences in auras in different areas of the earth depending on the moods and emotions of the people who live there. Are you able to describe how you see the aura of vibrations of Australia, as compared with other countries of the world, perhaps you know the aura of Sweden for instance.

Answer: There are differences according to the peace of the people in the country or area. The more urbanised, industrialised countries have a difference in the quality of their vibration to the more rural countries. The mood of the people again, affects the aura round that particular part, I am speaking as though there are separate auras, please understand, there aren't really, it is all one, linked. In your industrialised areas there are very slightly more depressed auras, they are not quite as vibrant as the more rural areas, but this is really only slight, although we are aware of it. More sensitive people amongst you will pick up the difference. The moods of the people can be shown in the colours of the country's aura. The urbanisation compared to rural areas affects the quality. Also the vibrancy of the plant life affects the quality, the more plants there are, the more inherent life in the country - the soil, the rocks, I am talking about - the more vibration there is. But the moods and attitudes of the people affect the colour. Countries where there is war and fighting are darker, black. Where people have hope and energy you will find rainbow colours. Red bringing the energy, hope being a positive vibrant attitude, will bring a green. Overall wisdom will bring the mauve, purple shades. These shades are a blend of the reds and blues which are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and therefore, do not occur very often, we regret. Some countries do have tinges of those shades. Blue is also indicative of peacefulness, of kindness. Orange indicates energy, the attitude of contributing to the world. Most countries are a blend of colours. In the severe war zones you will get the black predominating. Where there is despair, famine, severe poverty, there will be gray shades. But the gray will be tinged with other colours, as there are those determinations to do something about it. The countries where many people desire to help will develop pink to mauve tinges. Your country is lower than we would like it to be, not seriously low yet. The green is duller - you need to take on an attitude of determination and hope, you are at a balance point. You can go one way or the other. There are forces at work trying to influence your one way and there are forces who are trying to resist.

Question: Why can I feel a guide as a soft cool breeze, and yet other spirits can be felt as a form?

Answer: It just depends on your sensitivity and the way the spirits desire to be sensed. Each spirit around you will have their own individual manifestation, and this will help you to identify them.



Good afternoon. It is a pleasure to speak to you today.We are always appreciative of any opportunity to talk to other people about the message which we wish to bring through to those of you who are still caught in the material conditions. The guides who speak through this medium do not, usually, cause change of face or of voice characteristics. We do this because we wish you to concentrate on our message, not on the phenomena through which it is given to you. The important part of our message is that God is love. Moreover, God, as you say in your service, permeates the whole of the universe and, therefore, God permeates you. In fact the innermost part of your being is a drop of the Godness. Your material world is one of the manifestations of this Godness, the energy of that Godness which bubbles up and forms your material universe and all that is in it. You forget this because in your material world the new-born child gradually focuses more and more on the manifestation and gradually forgets the knowledge that the child has brought with him. This knowledge, however, is not completely lost, it is not completely forgotten, it is merely covered over with your concentrate on the material aspect of your being.

True progress comes as you forget the material aspect. Some people in your world can forget their concentration on the material and see, contact, the underlying spirit and through them Spirit can manifest and spread the truth of its being. Those people whom you revere as Masters, such as your Jesus, your Buddha, your Krishna, or the great ones, were able to bring this message through to your world and to help those people in the world. These people were able to bring the power and love of God through in the purest form possible. With other people it is still contaminated to some extent by their concentration on the material conditions.

But always there is this love underneath, this love that cares and wishes to remind you of itself. This is the joyous message which your Lord Jesus, who is so revered in your society, wished to bring through. God is merciful, God is love, that was his main message. He came to bring hope to those who were reviled by the society of his time. We reinforce that message, we try to bring love and hope to all of you, for we know that everyone of you has cares, has griefs and regrets which you carry. As the saying is, bring unto me ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. The Spirit of love within will lift these burdens from you. While the Godness is also forgiveness, as you forgive one another so you forgive yourselves and the Godness is manifested more greatly in you.

Forgiveness is everything. Love is everything. These two are the opposite sides of the one coin and today we are focusing on bringing comfort to you. There are many souls here who have gathered here, attracted by the spiritual vibrations of this congregation. Some come to ask your forgiveness, others come to give you their forgiveness, others come just to absorb the vibrations of peace and love that are building up here. When you let go of your hurts you manifest the Godness to the highest degree that you are capable of.Friends I would ask you now to think forgiveness. Forgive everyone who has ever harmed you in any way. As you forgive you will see the star of love and hope, you will feel its rays shining on you and you will know that there is a greater xxxx behind the Universe. Please, for a few moments feel the forgiveness around you. Pass it out to souls you feel you should ask forgiveness. Receive it as it is being given to you. Open yourselves now to Spirit. Feel the joy that comes with forgiveness, whether you are giving or receiving it doesn't matter, it is all the same.

Peace, go gently. There is love all around. Holding on now to that feeling of peace and love and forgiveness, let your attention return to the material world. Hold on to those two dualities, the material world and the love that you have received from Spirit. This love, this peace, will go with you through the coming days. It will lighten your material cares. It will guide you to what you should do. Listen to it and may it stay with you.

Thank you friends.



Good afternoon friends. I thank you for inviting me to speak to you to-day. My name is Ah-So and it is indeed a great honour to speak to you at this Easter Festival that you celebrate.

This festival for you commemorates the death of your master Jesus on the cross and also his resurrection - of His proof that death is not the end. Your Lord Jesus was one of the many incarnations of Divine Love - He was that Divine Love come down to earth. I wonder if you can comprehend the sacrifice He made when He came back to earth. He was at the level, highly advanced in the Spirit World, He was at a level where He was almost merging back to the Godness from which we all come. He gave up that bliss, that peace, that ecstasy for which I really have no real words to describe. He came back down through several levels of the Spirit World and into the material world to put on a physical body that is subject to the whims and laws of your world. He brought a message which the people of that time could not comprehend. And so He talked in parables so that those that were ready to receive the enlightenment He sought to bring, could receive it. And those who could not understand would leave the stories (alone), so that the transmission could go on.

You celebrate His death at a time of the year that has always been a sacred festival. For the Jews, from which your Christianity sprung, they celebrate their release from bondage and slavery. For those people you call pagans, it was a time of rejoicing, of welcoming the Sun back, they rejoiced in their freedom from the Winter.Your side of the world is really out of kilter with this because it is your Autumn, it is the time when your winter is coming and your part of the earth is beginning to rest, to die down. But it is not so noticeable in your part of the world as it is in other parts. The symbolism, however, is still there because, before you can have this release, there must first be the dying down. You go down and then you come up. Particularly in your Church is that freedom understood because you can have proof that death is not the end. Just as the Lord Jesus rose from the dead again, so you, too, will rise after your death, so do your loved ones and even the animals for whom you have cared. Death is the release, the freeing from the bondage of the body.We have said it does not matter whether the stories in your Bible are literally true. It does not matter if they are only analogies, you still have the symbolism, and if you look, you can see through those symbols, and those will tell you that death is not the end. Truly this has always been known. All the early cultures have been in much closer contact with the earth, with the vibrations from the earth, and the vibrations from Spirit. Even though they were not so clever, they used their feelings more than most people in your society do. However, your society is progressing, you are making discoveries in your sciences, you are making discoveries in your understanding of people. As this happens it enables us to bring through to you that which could not have been understood even fifty years ago, let alone 2,000 years ago when the Master Jesus walked the earth.

Always when there are great religious festivals in some part of your world, the vibrations of upliftment are around. Those of you that are sensitive to them can have many experiences at these times. They can sense the Joy and Love that is passing backwards and forwards between the spheres, between the material world and the Spirit World. It is always much more intense when the human minds are lifted by a religious festival. Your senses become more acute and more accustomed to these feelings, so that even those people who are more immersed in the pure material level, who give no thought to spiritual things, or to religion of any sort, even those can feel a hush and a wonder.How many times have you felt the goodwill around you at Christmas time, and wished that it could always be like that. Have you not felt the hush on Easter morning? Is there not something special about the eggs which you exchange, the symbols of re-birth. If even those who are immersed in the material level can feel something, how much more can those who already have some upliftment and attunement with the Spirit World, feel the vibrations at these spirit festivals. Even now there is gathering around this group, choirs and choirs of angels - but they are not angels as they are usually depicted with wings and white robes. They are souls dressed in golden light. These are special choirs at this time. They are choirs of the souls who are beginning to merge, who are giving up their remnants of the bodies that they have had here, they are moving on.

And they are enabled, because of the upliftment around you, to draw closer to you, particularly today - your Easter Sunday. Now there is the finest, sweetest singing you can possibly imagine. On our side we have many more colours than you can see in your world, and we have many more sounds. They are wondrous sounds - sounds bringing peace and love. That Divine Love that the Master Jesus had when He decided to come back to your earth, to bring what upliftment he could. He grieved that his message was so misunderstood, but he knew that it would live and eventually it would become manifest in the earth.And now, we would give you some feeling of these souls which are gathered around, the souls that are responding to your upliftment and so bring you joy.

Would you, as we so often ask when we speak to you, sit quietly for a few moments and open yourselves to these souls.

(Speaking softly and with deep feeling Ah-So then said the following prayer):

Let your cares and your worries slip away.

Let your joys and your happinesses slip away.

Be aware. Just be.

May blessings be upon you and your receptivity.

May blessings be upon you for your openness.

May blessings be upon you for your acceptance.

May blessings be upon you when you are pursuing beneath surface things.
We pray that you can take this with you through the coming days of
the week.

We pray that you may be guided by all this love in all your dealings,
so your light may shine before men, so you can show them true
Christian love and the love of Godness.

May the love of God and His peace be always with you.

Peace. Peace. Amen.



I bring you greetings from all of us on this side of life, as you term it. My name is Arrian, and I am the chief guide of the group working through this medium. I wish to bring you the peace and the blessings of this Eastertide. When you have your great festivals in your world, the vibrations of the joy and peace come up to us and we join in that festival. No matter what the religion or denomination, we can join with you in those great and uplifting festivals.

In the hymn you sang just now, you referred to the decay of matter and to the new life, and this is the message of Easter. You celebrate the grief of the crucifixion of the Master, and then you celebrate the joy of the news of His resurrection. This is the news that we wish to bring to you - that just as you, too, will died in the physical body, as too, will you thereby be released into the joy of the Spirit World, and there you will be welcomed again by many. Thus Easter for you is a mixture. It has the two polarities, just as your lives are full of joys and pleasures, they also are full of griefs and sadness. Accept both - both are gifts to help you release from this material world into which you get so caught up. Frequently people concentrate too much on the griefs and sadnesses and they tend to forget the joyful times. This is natural - we understand that grief can be completely overwhelming, but remind yourselves, too, that there is a joyful side to life. If you have lost someone you will miss them in your material plane, but can you deny them the joy that they experience when they pass over here? And be assured that they are waiting for you. They go to prepare a place for you - if you wish to think of that, take it, and take comfort from it.

One of our aims in working in the material world is to try to bring you to a state where you can feel the joys of spirit. This knowledge is becoming more widespread in your world, and it is something which gives us great pleasure. To you it will seem to be spreading slowly - we can see the speed with which it is spreading. We wish it to spread even faster, and so we try to explain to you about conditions on this side when you come here. We are not insensitive to your problems in the world, but we do promise you that they will pass and you will attain a state of joy and happiness. It is true that if you wish you may return to the material world for further experiences, but we also tell you that whatever you have lacked in the material world, you can, if you wish, experience that over here. And, eventually, you will pass from these material conceptions, you will have opportunities to bring this news to other souls. Many souls come over here afraid and grieving and we experience much joy when we can bring some enlightenment and comfort to them. Try, while you are still in your material world, to pass this message on to those who are receptive, not everyone will want to listen to you, but pass it on where you can.

Pass on the real message of the Easter story : that just as Jesus rose again from the dead and passed into the Spirit World, so will you.

There are many wonderful places here. I cannot find words to describe them all to you. But remember that there is more than just the Spirit World, the world of illusion, whatever you wish to term it, where you can fill out your material existence. There are greater states and more wonderful, and you will return to those places. You came from there once and you will return there again.

Try to understand the illusion of your material world. Your scientists have demonstrated that material is not what you think it is. You get together and you arrange an understood world, and you often get very involved with that understood world and you forget what is underneath it. This, too, we wish to remind you of, also that you can see your world as the chimera that it is, but one in which you need to play your part.

You need to play your part in your material world to your full extent, as the Master did. He took on that role and He played it to its fullest extent, although He knew and understood what was beyond and behind and underneath it. He played His role - so, too, you play yours but remember what is underneath.

Set aside a little time each day to remind yourself of this, this little memory time. It does not matter when, it does not have to be for hours and hours, but just a short period, and in that time your guides, your loved ones, your helpers will be able to come closer to you and strengthen their link with you. Thus, you, too, may find you are developing a psychic gift, so that you, too, can help us in this work of lifting the vibrations of the material world.

There is a change in the consciousness of mankind coming about, and we are only a part of it. There are many approaches, many aspects of it. This upliftment is coming, work with it. Be faithful to us and remember us.

I would like you now, as is our custom, to spend a few moments quietly. Just think of those who come close to you from Spirit, give them your love. Just feel love within and think of them. Some may be willing to show themselves to you, others are more reticent, you must accept that. But quietly now, remember the true message of Easter: That death is followed by a more glorious life and it is your due, it is your honour.

(Pause for meditation)

We come to you with love. We leave you with love. We pray that our love stay with you through the coming days. Tune into us as often as you can. We bring you Peace. Peace, Hope and Joy. And roses all the way.




Greetings dear friends. We are especially pleased to be speaking to you on this day before your special Easter Season. I come to you with the name of Arrian, I have spoken with you before and I wish again to thank you for making it possible for us to communicate with you.

Easter - the promise of new life but, in reality the promise that there is eternal life. You have the zzzzzz when you are in a physical body, an astral body, an ethereal body or when you have attained the ultimate of absorption back with the Godness. You celebrate at this time the release of the drop of Spirit that incarnated in the body of the man called Jesus. The body is sacrificed in order to set the Spirit free. You see, you concentrate, on the sacrifice, but it was the joyousness of being the Spirit.

The Spirit that incarnated as Jesus understood much more than most people who have inhabited a material body in your world - his true, divine nature. His spirit incarnated bringing the memories of Spirit, of the Spiritual state, and it is this understanding that the man called Jesus tried to pass on and to communicate. To a select band he was able to pass on this understanding, he was able to guide them to their own understanding and experience and knowledge. Others were not yet capable of that understanding but they, too, were able to receive reassurance and joy and peace when they understood that there was still life, even if the material body disintegrated and died. For them, this was the first step towards realisation. It was the step that brought them great freedom, for as they passed over, they at least knew that there was eternal life and were able to go on to the next step. Please understand (that I am using 'step' in the same way that I use words like 'level' and 'area' in an effort to get concepts across to you which otherwise I could not get across. In reality there is no division in the Spirit World. There is no 'step', there is no 'level' - it is all one. Progress, as you call it, is simply when you start to realise that there is something more than you are experiencing. Immediately you ask "Is this all there is?" "Is there not something more?" then you will start to see that "Yes, there is something more." There is a greater something which you can progress on to. And so these people, although they had gained really, a small part of the knowledge, yet were able to take a bigger step forward. They experienced a joy, there was an urgency about them to bring this enlightenment to others. Some received it, some rejected it, and some remained neutral. zzzz everyone who has come into contact with the message of Jesus was changed by it. Societies have been changed by it. Countries have been changed by it. Most of the world has been changed by it - by opening up to Spirit, to the knowledge that you can communicate with Spirit as Jesus did. He demonstrated this many times to His close circle. Other people felt it but did not realise it. But they still responded.

We ask you now to respond in your own way to this Easter message, this reminder of the eternal love. You were alive before you entered the physical body, you will still be alive when you leave it. It is, as has been said many times, as though you walk onto a stage one side and you walk off the other side. And what you are when you are on the stage is nothing different from what you are when you are off. Only something different - there is still zzzzz the drop of Godness in each one of you.

So, we ask you now, open yourselves up to this message of Easter. Sit quietly and receive the bliss from Spirit. There are gathered around you your friends and your loved ones and also your guides. They are all linking up to strengthen the feeling of peace that will come from Spirit. Please receive it. (Pause)

Be aware of the Peace. Be aware of the Spirit. Be aware of the energy. Be aware of the Joy. Be aware of your own divinity. So that when you, too, leave this material body you will be aware, you will be ready to expand, to open yourselves up to the zzzz you are capable off.

Receive in your hand the flower that is given you. We pray that this peace stay with you in the coming days to be manifested to people in your presence. I leave with you my love and may you take this peace. Amen.



(I was not under control when I first started talking, but the control gradually took over after the first two or three sentences. The control was not identified but, judging from the manner of delivery and the content, it was probably Arrian.)

While I was sitting there, just now, I was being given the sort of picture or impression - I don't quite know what to call it - of the spirit as it came down into the material world. It was just so immense, I just don't know how to describe it, but this spirit was coming down and it wasn't incarnated just in Jesus or in the Buddha or in any of the other great masters of the world that we know about. It has been incarnate in every atom of the universe. It has reincarnated in every person that has lived, in every animal, in every plant, every insect. The whole universe is made out of the spirit of the Godness. This is what the Spirit World rejoices in, what any of the great festivals that celebrate the incarnation of Spirit in the world, and at this time we are especially rejoicing with you as you remember that one particular incarnation. But we ask you to spread your understanding and see the greater incarnation. As the spirit of Godness brought the universe into manifestation from the depths of its being. You have the manifest universe and you have the unmanifest universe, and the incarnation is of that unmanifest universe. As it crossed the border into a more solid material manifestation, a manifestation in which you are, at this moment, incarnate. There are the two sides but it is the one coin, and whenever you have the feeling of peace and of love, of joy, you are reflecting the side of the unmanifest. And when you concentrate on the material objects, when you concentrate on your own need, for it is a need, for material objects, you are reflecting the other side. Please notice that I am not referring to good and evil, for there is only one. There is only the one spirit that is manifest in the material universe. Therefore, there can only be one spirit. At this time in your part of the world, you start remembering love and peace, and in so many, many cases, you let fall away the discordances that have been around you in your life during the year. We pray that you could let them go completely, and through the coming year entirely manifest the love and joy that you feel at Christmas time. As you celebrate your Christmas it is a tremendous mixture of the two sides: You have your busy-ness of your material celebrations, but we ask you to remember the peace and the depth of the spiritual side of Christmas. But remember this all through the year, not just at Christmas time. Not just on Sundays. But in every moment of your life. In everything that you do, let it be from that centre of peace and love and joy that is the real you, that is really within you. And if there are hurts, let them go, do not refer to them. True, we know, you cannot help remembering them. But do not express them. Concentrate instead on expressing your true, spiritual side, the depths of the Godness which in your master, the Lord Jesus, was so fully manifested on earth that a great religion has sprung from his teachings.

Go to the basic core of his teachings. You have so much that has been laid on the top of them, tear it out. Go to the real message that he came to bring, the real message of love and forgiveness. If you can express those two, especially the unconditional forgiveness that the Lord Jesus was able to express on the cross, you will be carrying the spirit of Christmas through the whole year.

Now, we are building up here a pool of spiritual energy for you. In this room there are not only your own guides, your own loved ones, who are drawing close especially at this time to share with you and to bring you their love, their manifestation of love, but we have many other souls here, many other spirits. And they are building up to form a great cathedral of golden light. We are channelling through to you this love, this energy and spirit. And for a few moments we would like you to open yourselves up to us.

There is a great golden dome over this room. Open yourself up to us and receive the love and the joy that we seek to bring you. We will come around you, and to each one we will give a spiritual flower for you to take home. I am not going to tell you what they are because for each person they will be different, but you will get the impression of a flower before you. And over you will be a guiding star to guide you in the coming days.

(Pause for a few moments.)

And my friends, as you remember the innocence of that day so long ago, may you be able to express it too - the innocence of the spirit within. We pray that this peace may go with you all, and may you feel this joy throughout this Christmas time and throughout the coming year as often as you remember today.

My peace be with you.




My main task tonight is to say 'thank you' to you all for your support during the year. We have had a disturbed year but we expect from now that things will settle down and we will be able to build on the foundation that has been laid this year. The success of much that we have been able to bring through has been due to those of you who come regularly and sit with us. We note that you have put some topics together on the list for us and we expect to get into that next year. You are at liberty to put down any topic you wish to have discussed at any time. As we have said to you before, if you don't keep up the supply of topics you will get what we are interested in and that might get a bit monotonous for you because our interests on this side lie in slightly different directions to the interest of those of you in the material world. From your point of view it might be a little one-sided perhaps. So we need input from you, just as you need output from us. We work best, we think, when there is a two-way interaction between the sitters and us and this is our way of inducing that interaction. We hope next year to also introduce more regular rescue circles and also more regular evenings for your own development, and we would remind those of you who have not yet done so, to bring some sort of notebook. We suggest one with a spiral backing because it opens and folds flat and is easiest to write on. You don't need a large one but don't bring a very small one, otherwise your writing will be cramped. This is our last circle for the year and I look around you and I see a definite solidifying or firming of the circle around you. There is now a much stronger link and the circle joining you up and it should be much easier in the future for us to link up with new people coming. Until now this has been a bit split up and fractionated, now it is forming quite strong links and firming. It is a golden one. I look at you and I can see that you have each developed and strengthened in your way.

(Some general comments to the sitters)

As this is the last circle in our own group, and the Christmas season is approaching, although its vibrations are not being fully felt in your world yet, we thought it appropriate to say a few words about the meaning of your festival, which you call Christmas. It was instituted in celebration of the man you call the Christ. We think that by now you have some understanding of what the Christ is, that level of consciousness which exists before the level of the union with the Godness. The man you call the Christ is a clear representation of that Christ consciousness centre. Christ consciousness is not the formal, set, name for it. We use this phrase with you because you call the founder of your dominant religion, The Christ, and he is a representative of that area. And so the title we use for that area comes from your world. Where another religion is dominant it would be called some variation but still being the concept that religion uses. It is a surface name rather than the set idea.

We hope that by now you understand that there are no set or formal ideas in the Spirit World, but what you experience here will be the result of your own set ideas and beliefs. Remember that after a while (I cannot say after a time because time does not exist here, neither does it in your world but that's another talk), after a while your set ideas and beliefs start to fade, and when that happens then you can progress into the higher realms of the Spirit World. But remember, as we keep reminding you, and we must make sure you do not forget, that there is really no higher or lower. We use this kind of phrase in order to get these concepts across to you.

It is really a concept we cannot put through to you while you are in your material world, because your logic keeps getting in the way. So please understand, when I talk in terms of direction, it is a poor way of attempting to explain what is happening. But you have these concepts and we will use them.

So the coming festival is in celebration of this man, who was a representative of the Christ consciousness. We are of the opinion that it doesn't really matter who he was. It doesn't really matter when he was born, or when he died. What matters is that there was such an Incarnation. What matters is that certain teachings were passed on to you.

The world has changed since then, and for many of you it is difficult to reconcile many of these teachings with the world as you now find yourselves in. For your protection we suggest that you follow your societies' traditions and customs, but that you always remember that this is a joke. The joke is that it is also immaterial. You are children playing with toys. Don't forget there is a University over here to which you will come.

Play the game, why not? You are put in your setting for certain reasons known only to your inner selves. Those reasons may come into your conscious mind but usually they do not. So do not worry about it, but play your game to the best of your ability and in the way that you think fit. It does not matter, we think, whether the festival of the Christ falls on the correct date or not. What matters is that you celebrate that incarnation. What matters is that for a short time there is good will on earth. That good will is a reflection of the good will that you will experience over here if your mind and hearts are open to it. If you come here with set ideas of what is over this side, if you come here with set ideas of how virtuous you have been, with how right you have been, that your religion is the only true religion, and similar set ideas, you will not feel that good will. In order to feel that good will, you have to give it. And if you have set and rigid ideas about right and wrong you are not giving good-will, and therefore, you will not receive or feel it.

So the institution of your Christmas is to remind you of that good will, and we understand you have your traditions of giving presents and you are so busy because the shops will be closed and you must stock up with food and you must get everything organised and it is a lot of work. And so often, and so often, the real meaning and purpose underneath gets forgotten. We, too, grieve about this, but there is a still that feeling of good-will and so the purpose of Christmas is still not fully lost.

We appeal to you, through all the busy-ness of the coming season, and the excitement and the worries and activities, try to keep a little centre within you. Try to keep that centre of calmness that is carrying the good-will about with it all the time. In this way you can pass on to others what you have gained. You do not do it in words or openly. But others will benefit from you just by being near you. Adopt a joyousness to life. Welcome life and its challenges, and its fears and its worries. We cannot promise you an easy life when you come into this philosophy. Many people expect that because they adopt a certain religion their life will, in future, be all smooth and flowing and happy and light. Such a life would miss an opportunity for growth and development, for strengthening you. Life is challenge. Go out and meet it.

I will bid you good night. Please bear with us for a few moments. (There was a pause for a few moments, then Verna came through.)


I remember the festival of lights at Christmas time, candles, and I hope tonight to place a lighted candle over each one of you. You, in this circle, are candles at Christmas time.

I have come with a prayer that the candles I have lit within you will glow throughout the coming year. They will give you the guidance and the love and all the rest. And, as the year passes, may it burn brighter and not burn lower. They are eternal candles and can burn as long as you wish to feel the light burning within you. We have a different approach from our friend who was here just now (Ah-So), what we are calling the candle is what he was calling the centre of calmness within you. My picture of a candle burning steadily in a still room, shedding its light around.

Candles are especially associated with Christmas, although these days you have a different type of candle which doesn't flicker and makes light still (electric candles). But the candles I have lit will burn as steadily and gently. Remember the candle in your heart as often as you can.

You may feel your candle is really extinguished when your material concerns are dominating, or perhaps if you have slipped behind the aims you made. But I promise you, the spark will always be there and when you regain your composure, you only have to think of my candle and it will flare up again, as bright as ever.

Never revile yourself if you feel you have slipped. You are earthly, you are not ideal. If you were perfect you would not be alive in your world. Accept yourself. Remember, you, too, are an incarnation of the Godness. Only you do not know it. When I use the word 'know' I mean that sure certainty within. We can tell you about this and you will know what we mean. But when the sure certainty burns with you, then you will be capable of many things you do not dream to bring about. We hope that through our meetings you are gaining some of this, at least a small understanding about your world and the Spirit World. We hope that you will not be afraid when you come to join us. We hope you will not be hidebound with many set ideas as many people are when they come over here, because, whatever conception you have, you will find it is different.

My peace and blessings be left with you.

(Verna left and then Sertorius came through.)


This is the first time that we have brought through more than one person (in an evening). It is a sign that we are strengthening links and we are becoming more competent.

In some ways your festival of Christmas is similar to some of the festivals that we had, in terms of eating and drinking and so on. We had some good times and there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy yourselves at your festival either. I do not decry that. But you have the added dimension of love and good-will to one another. What a pity it cannot be there all year round.


I'm just remembering, forgive me. We had some good old times. Your festival can be viewed in two - not parts - there are two approaches to it. There is the spiritual one and there is the material one. We have stressed frequently during the year that you need a balanced life. You need to look after the material aspects and you need to look after the spiritual aspects, one should not be sacrificed to the other. But where the expression of the spiritual may be making your material life, not so much dangerous, but perhaps a little hindering it, when it perhaps may expose you to ridicule or other negative emotions, then we do recommend that you keep it quiet, keep the two (aspects of life) a little bit apart. Do not let negativity be hurled at your candle or your calmness. If you cannot avoid certain people, keep quiet about your beliefs. But also seek out those people with whom you can share. You must take care of yourselves, but in doing so do not harm others. Sometimes you need to walk a razor's edge in this. It can be a very narrow edge. You really need the scales of justice on your side to be able to judge at times, where the priorities lie. Sometimes it may be the other person's priorities are greater than yours, and sometimes it may be yours. Try always to look at the whole scene to make a balanced decision.

Balance is important in your lives. While you are in the material world, balance one against the other. And also when you join us over here you will still find a balance to be held, the balance between helping your loved ones and your own progress here. As the non-existent time passes, for want of a better phrase for it, the material world will slip away and you will go on to the further reaches of the Spirit World. But while there is material and spiritual (aspects) you must keep the balance in your life. If you are to develop a gift, you will be placed in circumstances that will allow you to express it. Until you are in those circumstances be patient. Do not rush or force things, the plan is there. It may be that you will develop that gift only when you come to this side. Because you have a certain gift, it does not necessarily mean that it will be developed in your world. There are many expressions and eternity is a long time. Even though it doesn't exist. We must constantly remind you of that and you may get tired of hearing this reminder. You may say we know that, we've heard it, we've heard it. But if we do not keep on bringing it up and reminding you, there will still be the tendency to slip back into that way of thinking. This is why we will keep on reminding you as we are using these phrases because they are concepts you can understand.

You see, my talk tonight was more on the material aspects, to provide balance against my previous colleagues. But consideration must be given for one and for the other, and that includes your Self. My friends, I will leave you and my gift to you is strength. You need strength when you come into this philosophy and I pray that you will always have it to call on. And having strength does not necessarily mean that you have to fight or dominate. Sometimes it is the strongest person who can back down.

And so I leave you with this gift of strength, and remember, no matter what happens, ultimately you will always be safe, even if the physical body is destroyed. You, the real you within, will always be safe. Good-night.



(Jhanee's identity uncertain- he had no accent, could also be Arrian). We are preparing for your great Christmas festival. We are seeking to make the next two weeks times of quiet peace wherein we wish you to make a particular effort to open yourselves to Spirit. Tonight and the next two weeks when we link, we would like you to particularly open yourselves to Spirit by thinking of your guides and your helpers and deliberately drawing golden light into yourselves. The usual imagery is to think of the light coming down from above and flowing over and through you. This should help to cleanse your mind and your body of all negativities, which should affect the cells of your body so that they behave harmoniously, letting go of all toxins, refreshing you for the busy time ahead. Let the golden light flow through your mind, cleanse it of all negative thoughts, concepts and feelings, Particularly during the coming weeks you should hold thoughts of love and kindness to one another. Even to those people who may be annoying you or who seem to work against you - make a particular effort over the next few weeks to hold positive feelings towards them and to consciously send them love and good will.

The vibrations in your society will be gradually heightening during the next few weeks until they culminate in your Christmas Day. You will be caught up in the material aspects of your celebration, but we wish to also prepare you for the spiritual aspects. People who are interested in this philosophy can, during the next few weeks, take advantage of the heightened sensitivities, the heightened energies that are around you, that are being generated by the excitement and goodwill that is always generated by this Festival.

It is important for you to spend a short time each day in remembrance of Spirit. If you sit quietly for a short time each day, making yourselves available to us, you will achieve greater development and unfoldment now than at any other time of the year. Make the effort now, it could very well lead to much greater sensitivity in the new year, giving you a greater assurance of the working of spirit and of your link with spirit. Without your co-operation while you are in the material world it is difficult for spirit to link with you, it is difficult for us to strengthen that link. It needs to be a two way interaction between the two sides - those in the material plane and those of us working in the spiritual plane. We cannot do it all ourselves, as we often remind you, you are not our puppets, you are free independent spirits occupying a denser body than us. So if you wish some sort of unfoldment of closer contact with spirit, you must play your part too. It is little that we ask of you, but a few minutes each day. If you want greater spirituality and contact you, too, must make the effort, and the next four weeks are particularly important ones. Try whenever the opportunity presents itself during the day to draw the light into yourself, it can be done quite briefly in just a couple of seconds. It is an activity that can be disguised during your normal work, but those small seconds, those small minutes, you remember us will add up.

Bring us more into your daily life and we can help you much more than we do now. Also at this time your helpers will be drawing closer, and people who you have known who have passed on will be making the visit to you, even though they may not be permanently or frequently working with you. They will come to share your Christmas season. Such souls are always particularly pleased when you can feel their presence and possibly even identify them. Achieving that, even briefly, helps them on their way, it is one of the steps of progression when you come over here.

(Pause. The entity slipped away and was replaced by Ah-So.)


Ah-So's Message.

Greetings my friends. I come to thank you for your help you gave me earlier this year when there was that great upheaval in my country (China). We are still continuing to work with those souls that came over to us at that time.

Although my country does not share your great festival I ask you to remember it, to send your thoughts of love and concern there. Send to my country the light and the energy which it so badly needs at this time. There is great freedom coming in your world, freedom for those who have been oppressed, but it will not spread to my country for a while yet. We rejoice that freedom is coming to part of the world. We try to work that that freedom should spread further. I hope that that freedom will reach my country. We have a long history of wisdom and understanding, but that has not spread right through all layers of society there, it never has. We are working that one day it will, for all souls are capable of partaking of this wisdom and understanding. For many hundreds of years it has had to work quietly as a yeast fermenting in the society. At the moment it seems to be completely wiped out, but it is merely repressed - at some point in the future it will come forth again, and this time it will reach all layers of society.

So while you take part in your Christmas activities, remember those who are excluded, again even momentary thoughts of love, of sending the energy to them, will help, for someone, somewhere will pick that up and it will enable their link with spirit to be re-awakened, strengthened. Never think that what you do is too little to make any difference. Remember that many drops join together to make the ocean. And your drop is just as important as anyone else's.

I wish you much joyousness this coming season.

(Pause. Then Silver Moon came through.)


Silver Moon's Message.

From the spirits of the Red men I bring you greetings. We understood the incoming of the spirit into the world, to reactivate the love and knowledge of spirit. Always the spirit has been in the world, but sometimes it was necessary to particularly concentrate that spirit in one particular embodiment. In this way it was able to be disseminated to many people who otherwise would not have understood. Because the person bringing the spirit into the world understood the conditions of the people in that particular part of the world at that particular time, and therefore they were able to enunciate it for them, to make it more manifest, more obvious to them. Many people at all times in your world are oppressed in spirit, so that all they are aware of is the material world and its objects and conditions. This arises when the thoughts of men become clouded, and there is the intention to oppress others in order to gain the glories of the world. This sets up a chain re-action, so that others born to these spiritually oppressed are in conditions in which they, too, cannot lift their eyes or their mind to anything beside the material world. And so by concentrating spirit into one person, a great many of these oppressed souls can be released, can be awakened to something beyond the material world so helping them to break the link to the material world, so that they can go on in spirit when they leave the material body. For people do get caught in the aura of the world and will be unable to escape it after death, and these people will reincarnate until in some way they can lift their vibrations and so break free.

You people will be amongst that number of free spirits when you pass over here. Some of you will deliberately choose to come back to the world to help enlighten the others. Some of you will choose to stay on this side, to work with spirits over here - for often this enlightenment can take place on this side. Others of you are ready to let go the material plane and to streak onwards through spirit. This is not a selfish attitude - it is a cause of joy. It is a natural progression of merging back into the Godness. Every drop of Godness that is embedded in any sort of soul in a material body is equal, it is all from Godness. Whatever slowing conditions there may be are only temporary. Remember there is eternity, and all souls shall be eventually returned to Godness.

Please concentrate now on your planet, try to picture as I speak to you. Picture your planet as it is seen from space. Picture the beautiful blue oceans, the greenness of the woods, the yellowness of its deserts, the whiteness of the clouds. And feel now the joyous uprising from that earth, the eager souls of millions of people, feel them being uplifted, feel the shouts of joy. Feel the souls escaping from the world's pull. Join now in the joyousness, feel joy within you. Feel you are shouting with joy with these souls who are streaming upwards and outwards.

Feel the stream of joy encircling the world, feel the excitement - you are part of it too. Feel the joyful love of spirit. Hold it in your mind. Understand that you are already a part of that joyful spirit. You are more than this material body - you have other concerns than your daily life. And shooting through the spirit world is one of them.



Tonight we are going to continue our lead up to Christmas and I come with my Christmas wishes for you. You have been told many times how Christmas vibrations in the world change round about Christmas time and how, in the spirit world, we feel this change in vibrations too. We are also giving our contribution to the vibrations in your part of the world at this moment. This year it is somewhat different because there are so many changes going on in your world, so many sudden changes, that there is a tremendous amount of excitement and joy. We hope that the people affected do realise that they are going to have to put in a lot of hard work, otherwise they may loose the gains they have made. They must go slowly. There will be a lot of spirit workers in the coming year working in those areas of the world trying to influence those in power as well as the ordinary people. (Referring to the freedom movements in Europe) At the moment we know that the ordinary people are making tremendous challenges to their leaders and so all through those societies, guidance and patience will be needed in the new year, and I want you to know that there will be a lot of us on this side, working with them, trying to influence them, and to give them the right energy. They are not out of the wood yet, but it is a tremendously exciting and very promising time. And I also wish to repeat, as you have been told, that it is very important at the moment to watch your thoughts, what you are thinking about, and if you find yourself with negative thoughts towards someone or something, very quickly replace them with positive thoughts and make sure that those thoughts are stronger than the previous ones. Hold onto those positive thoughts for as long as you possibly can. In my country, at this time of the year, just before Christmas, we celebrate a Light Festival, and this is what I want you to do tonight. I would like you, for a few moments, to think of yourselves as being surrounded by a very special ball of light. I don't mind what sort of symbol you use as long as it involves light and the giving of light. Put yourself in the centre of that light and choose for yourself a nice, bright, clear colour and make your light that colour. I will leave it up to you to choose, because each of you will know within yourselves what is the best colour for you. So, just see what colour comes to mind. Build up that light around you.

(Several minutes pause. Then after a few moments general chatter Verna explained.)

What we are finding is that the vibrations are especially building up in the Halls of Learning and becoming like a great mountain over them. And when its actually Christmas Day, we are all going to congregate there, and we are all going to enjoy those vibrations. Of course, we are going to have a very much longer Christmas Day than you. Christmas Day lasts for a long time when you consider the whole world. It starts in one place and goes around so we get more than you. This is what makes Christmas so nice, it lasts such a long time. The other festivals are sort of concentrated in one place, Christmas is spread all round the planet, so we get more of it.

 I am going to leave you now to let someone else come through. Good-bye and a happy Christmas.

Ah-So's Christmas Message.

It is some time since I have been through to you. I, too, am coming with my Christmas gifts to you. Now you may wonder what is the link for me, a follower of Lao-tzu and Christmas time. Well, both the founders of our religions were fully realized masters, and if you remember the teachings about the Godness you will realize that they must have been the same. Because while they were incarnate they still had the link with Godness, and at that level everyone is the same. And you have your legends that Jesus was conceived from the Holy Ghost, and we have our legends that Lao-tzu was conceived from a star. So, I too, can join in your Christmas time, because of these similarities. While I have been over here I have been developing very much more the feeling of love. When I was in your world I made the mistake of concentrating on exercises and thought. And now I have been concentrating on love and acceptance of all beings. You will find that talk of love always comes true, it is because it is a very important thing. You may ask "What kind of love?" We have different kinds of love, the English language is actually very deficient in the terms for love, some languages have many more terms. Some European languages have many terms for the word 'love'. So, what do we mean by 'love'? We use the word because it is the only word we can use. It is more the abstract idea of love, you may also call it, if you wish, acceptance, because that is very much involved in our concept of love. Love will never judge, it will never condemn, it will accept everyone. But in your language the word 'love' has a different connotation to the word 'acceptance'. It is an more of emotion, of a feeling. But the idealised kind of love is also a state of mind. Now, I am spending many words trying to describe the indescribable. I realise this, but what else can I do. I can let you feel it. Now, Verna has already done this with you tonight, I am not going to repeat it. But I am going to give you my gift and I would like you to hold out your hands - like this (showing). Now, in each hand I am going to place a lighted candle, and it is going to burn for you until the New Year. And after that you are still going to feel its warmth, and THAT will remind you of love. So a moment please, and I will give each of you your candle. Feel the weight of it in your hand. Feel the warmth of them on your face and the gently perfumed smoke rising. And as it rises it will take away all negative thoughts. As they rise they are transformed into positive thoughts. And as they rise so they draw into you beautiful positive feelings of love and warmth. I ask you please, during the coming days when you have your meditation, meditate on my candles in your hands. And when you think of me, will you also, please, send your love to my country, it needs it very badly.

I will be spending most of my Christmas time in my country, working there with those disappointed young souls, to try to encourage and sustain them. Their darkness will not be lifted yet. But eventually it will be lifted. You see, everything in your world is changing and so the change will come there too. But we must encourage the people there so that they do not become downcast. So I will say Good-night to you.

Wung-Lo's Christmas Message.

My name is Wung-Lo, it is a very long time since I last spoke with you. I have been working with this medium in other ways, it has not been necessary for me to come through to speak with you because of this. I, too, am bringing you greetings from my land, Tibet. For the Buddha in all his manifestations is also one with the Jesus whom you celebrate at this time. There are many ways of worshipping the one, I have chosen one way. I am now progressing onwards from that way. In your material world each religion emphasises one aspect of worship of the Godness, and when you come over here you will find many other aspects which you have forgotten or ignored while you were in your material body. I am learning very much the outgoingness to other people, to reach out to people who are placing too much emphasis on the within. You do need both, but the path I trod placed TOO much emphasis on the within. I feel that in your society you place to much emphasis on the without. Don't forget the within. It can give you very much more than the without, but you still need both. We keep repeating this because it is necessary to bring it through to you. We keep reminding you. So you must forgive us if we become very repetitive. I will not stay long with you tonight, but I, too, am bringing each one of you a gift. And my gift to you is a bird. As you open your hand the bird flies free, and that is what I wish for your souls, freedom to fly and to bring the memory of your experiences back into the material world. You may picture your bird any way you wish because that, too, will symbolise your inner life, your inner soul, which you are going to free. The process of freedom may not be so sudden and dramatic as just opening the hands, but you are doing it. Don't worry about the back slidings, over all there will be a gain for it. My country was very mountainous, when you stand on the valley floor, all you can see around are high mountains. But some birds can fly over those mountains. This, I think, is how your life seems to you at times - you are hedged in by mountains. Be like the bird, fly over them. Your little bird will fly, but it will also come back to you, freely, of its own will. So let it nestle on your shoulder until it flies away again. And now, to all of you, I will bid Good-night.

Anderson's Christmas Message.

Anderson: My name's Anderson. I wanted to tell you - we've got our medium.

Guy: He's just been born?

Anderson: Not quite born yet.

Pat: Conceived?

Anderson: Mm mm. Yes. And he's in America and its going to be a young man. Got it all organised.

Pat: How many of them are you?

Anderson: There's still only the four of us. But we decided we would start off with us four, and we are willing to take on more if somebody wants to join us. You see, this is the first time we have been guides. Our guides are going to act as guides to his guides - if you get the idea. We are not going to be left on our own to muck things up.

Georgina: As if you would anyway. I don't believe it.

Anderson: Oh, you never know, you never know.

Gina: Anderson's quite a dab hand at anything.

Anderson: Oh, yes, oh, yes. So we've got that sorted out and - erm - I've been helping more people over here, because we don't have to hang around our medium all the time, you see. So we've just left one of us there to keep an eye on him, and to sort of have a few little chats and work out a few things. At the moment he is very keen to do some proper work. So I expect in the future I will be very busy. Oh, yes, he's quite keen about it, he is. He said: Well, he'd heard about this sort of thing in his previous life, but he then wouldn't have any truck with that sort of thing, you see. But this time he thought well, you know, he's learned a thing or two, and now he is all ready and raring to go.

Angie: When medium's or people with clairvoyance are born, have they developed that ability in a previous earth existence or can it be developed in Spirit?

Anderson: It can certainly be developed in Spirit. You don't HAVE to have had anything to do with it in a previous life. I mean, you don't HAVE to have had a previous life anyway. So, anyway, this young man said he had hear about it and he felt, he decided he wanted to have a few more material experiences. So, we said: Right, it looks as though we are now ready to start doing something a bit more spiritual. So, there we are.

Guy: What was he in his previous life?

Anderson: (Importantly) He was Irish.

Guy: Sufficient answer!

Anderson: That's right. He was Catholic and he lived in Dublin. And he was a man ...

Pat: And he died of old age?

Anderson: No. He wasn't all that old when he died. He was in his fifties, and it was in your terms, about 30 odd years ago. So, you know, he is quite keen to work out some more material things, and have a few of the material things in life that he didn't have before. So we said, Oh, well, all right, we'll get to work. So I thought I'd just call in and let you know the good news.

Georgina: Thanks for dropping by.

Anderson: And wish you all a Merry Christmas. And enjoy those Christmas puddings and things while you can. It will be difficult when you come over here.

Pat: Verna says we can't eat too much.

Anderson: Oh, yes, but you enjoy what you DO eat. Because when you come over here, you see, its a diet of spiritual light.

Pat: I see, not quite so tasty, eh?

Anderson: It's very tasty.

Pat: More mental than physical? Something is missing.

Anderson: Think about it.

Pat: Sugar and eggs.

Guy: I thought you could have puddings there, as much as you like.

Anderson: You sort of think that you do, you see. You put your pudding in front of you, and you can eat every bit of it, but its not QUITE the same somehow. It doesn't have the substance in it somehow, you know? So, erm, so we sort of have this spiritual light. But, I've got a few of me relatives together, and what we're going to do, Christmas Day - London Christmas Day mind, not your Christmas Day - we're going to sit down and open presents and pull crackers.

Pat: Lovely. Be sure to wear your paper hat.

Anderson: Sure will. Yes, we've got it all worked out. And they're going to be shiny crackers and they're going to have a sprig of holly on.

Pat: Oh, very pretty.

Anderson: Yes, and we're all going to have a present in the crackers. And I'm busy thinking up the jokes to put in them.

Pat: Are you having all the trimmings, then?

Anderson: Yes, yes. We're going to have the Christmas decorations up. And Christmas cards, we're going to have Christmas cards from everybody, so I've got to think up my designs. Its rather good over here, you see, because you don't have to go and buy these things, you don't even have to put them up, you just picture them. So I'm trying to think what I'm going to put on my Christmas cards, because I want everybody to have a different Christmas Card. And there are rather a lot of people.

Pat: You can always look over a few shoulders down here and get a few ideas.

Georgina: You could have one Christmas card with one Christmas tree, and another with two Christmas trees, and another with three Christmas trees ...

Anderson: I want to be a bit more original than that.

Georgina: You could put a bird on the bough ...

Anderson: True, true.

Georgina: It's just a start.

Anderson: I might start off that way. We'll just have to see how we go. And, of course, they don't get made of paper.

Pat: What are you going to make them of?

Anderson: Light.

Pat: What's it going to look like, the same old thing in the end?

Georgina: Oh, no. They'll look wonderful.

Anderson: And you can have them all sparkling, you see. You can even have them all moving.

Georgina: You can have musical ones too.

Anderson: Good idea, hadn't thought of that.

Georgina: Forget the Christmas trees.

Pat: You wouldn't have to worry about sparklers would you?

Anderson: Oh, no, no. We just flick our fingers and sparkles come out.

Georgina: You could scent them too?

Pat: Oh, yes, a whole laboratory. Your thoughts would be picked up nicely, but that would be like writing on them.

Anderson: Yes, you do have to be a bit careful with your thoughts. Because that's how we communicate, you see. And If you're thinking something that you don't want anybody to know about, then you close down a bit. But you've got to watch some of them advanced souls, they are very clever.

Pat: Don't you ruin a few surprises that way?

Anderson: You do, I can assure you. But, you know, most of the people at least where I am, they just accept you. They say "Oh, yeah, yeah. Hello." This is what its like on my side you see. Even if they pick up this sort of thing they can put their way of thinking to it and you understand each other better. Yes. Yes. So, its a lot easier in many ways over here. Emm. I haven't been travelling about very much lately because we've had so many confabs about this 'ere medium of ours. His parents are still arguing over his name. The trouble is that they don't know yet it's a he.

Pat: No ultra sound?

Anderson: No, no. I don't think they've had that. Sounds very nasty, it does.

Pat: No, no. Its quite gentle.

Anderson: It still sounds nasty.

Pat: Its like jelly on your tummy and rolling in it. (General laughter at the expression on Anderson's face.)

Anderson: What a place to put jelly!

Pat: Its so they can see inside.

Anderson: They want to see inside people?

Pat: Well, that's how they figure out whether its a boy or a girl. Before it's born.

Anderson: Take your word for it. Anyway, they don't know so there's a fine old argument going on over the names. Anyway, that's their problem.

Georgina: You don't help in that?

Anderson: No. We don't really mind, you see. What goes on in the person, that's the main thing.

Guy: Do the parents' guides also have a say in the matter?

Anderson: In which matter precisely?

Guy: Well, in their child being a medium, and that.

Anderson: Oh, well, they're quite happy about it. They're more interested in the parents.

Guy: Are the parents that way inclined too?

Anderson: Not at the moment. They're going to be in for a few shocks.

Pat: Might do them good!

Anderson: Yes. You see, in a way we're also going to be opening them up to their guides. Yes, we're going to try to. We'll just have to see how it goes. Could have a bit of ingenuity called for there.

Pat: Won't be beyond your powers.

Anderson: Of course not.! Anyway, I'm going to give you all Christmas wishes, and I'm going to give you all a sweet. They are sitting here in front of you on a nice silver plate, so each of you can take one.

Georgina: You know the way to a girl's heart, Anderson.

Anderson: She's spied me out.

Pat: Well, there's something for you too.

Anderson: So, these sweets are designed to give you spiritual substance in the coming days.

Pat: Can we take more than one?

Anderson: No. One's going to be quite enough, otherwise you will get spiritual indigestion. You see, these are meant to work on you from the inside out, the other ones have been working from the outside in.

Pat: Do they help with indigestion?

Anderson: If you eat them properly, you won't get it!

Pat: Physical indigestion.

Anderson: Doesn't have anything to do with that. I'm going to start getting serious about my responsibilities now.

Pat: Have a cigar for Christmas then.

Anderson: No, never liked them things. Didn't like the smell of them. No, I'll see what I get out of my cracker.

Pat: A couple of good jokes.

Anderson: Yes, I've got to put the jokes in 'em. They said I was the one to write the jokes. I just hope some of them lot doing the decorating do it proper. Anyway, I've been told I'd better leave for tonight, I was only supposed to have a short visit. So, you can take your sweets and you can eat them on Christmas Day.

Pat: Thank you.

Anderson: You've got to wait till then. Otherwise they won't work. They're special.

Georgina: You have put a spell on them!

Anderson: Charmed, I'm sure. So, good night, everyone, and happy Christmas.

All: Good-night. Happy Christmas.



This is one of two sessions devoted to Christmas messages during Advent, 1990.

Margaret McMurray.

I thought I had better come and talk to you tonight because next week will be your last official circle for the year and some of the other high and mighty ones are lining themselves up for that. So this is going to be the only chance I have to come and talk to you and to tell you about the wee ones.

Now, I've brought a few of the wee ones with me tonight to meet you and each one of you have got at least one of them with you. I promised them that if they were very very good then they would be allowed to sit on your lap or stand close to you. So I'm curious to know if anyone can feel them.

(For a few minutes there was talk with the sitters about which children they could feel about them. One child has passed as a result of cot death.)

The trouble with the wee ones is that when they come over here it is often as a result of a dramatic or traumatic way, because the wee ones were really meant to live in their bodies. So when a wee one comes over here it is as a result of something very specific. They don't just fade away as your elderly ones do. And we always think of the waste of life and what they could have done in the material plane. But I hope that you realise that there is still all that they can do on this side. They grow up quite rapidly. You see, this wee one that you have (gesturing to one of the sitters) - I don't really know, of course, how she is going to develop - but it could quite well be that this time next year she will be twelve years old. And so, by that stage, she will be beginning to take on the adult roles and will be moving out to do some definite helping work. It all speeds up so much over here.

Of course, there are some who want to stay as a child and so they do. It does not matter. Eventually they will be moving on too. In addition to these children (the ones with the sitters) there are some others. You may have felt them dancing around earlier on. I had to be quite firm with them and tell them to sit down and be quiet because you were meditating. But they are so excited to be coming to a circle. It is awfully difficult at times.

I left the very youngest ones at home - those who are not yet walking. I decided that tonight it would be best if I brought the ones who were at least nearly capable of moving around.

I am going to issue my usual request and ask you to invite them to join you at Christmas time. The children always like to join in the preparations for Christmas. And so if you could think of them while you are doing your preparing they would then be able to come. They pick up a lot of the thoughts and the vibrations. The feelings perhaps I should be saying not the thoughts, because the feelings, you see, project through your aura and those they can feel. And there are always such happy feelings at Christmas time. They always like to come for that, and they get caught up in the excitement and the busyness. Especially if you are doing some cooking, do invite them to come along. You see they can't really eat over here, although, I suppose you would call it, pretend to. But you don't really absorb food the way you do on the earth plane. All we need over here of course, is the light and the energy.

But for these who have only recently passed over you see, they are still used to the idea of the food. And so although they can't actually taste it, some of them, of course, remember the taste of the different foods, but still they like to see the preparations and feel that they are part of it.

In a year or so's time - in your time - they are beginning to let go of the material concepts and they begin to open up to the more abstract feelings of the Christmas time.

It doesn't matter if you are not in Canberra. You see, they can latch on to your vibrations. And, of course, they may bring some of their friends with them. You may finish up with quite a large houseful. Especially if you are in a house where there are some other little ones too. They always like to come to some of the young ones who are still in the material world because through them they can still experience the world. Very often they still have some curiosity about it and the sorts of things they would be doing next. Of course, the ones who are a little bit older still have some ideas of their own. They are planning ahead and that sort of thing. So they like to see what is going on. After a while they begin to loose their interest and to open up more to the things we do here in the Spirit World. Of course, you know it is not only at Christmas time that you can invite them along. They love to be invited if you go to the sea-side. You see, its so safe over here, and if they can go to the sea-side there is that added element of excitement. It is very daring to go in the material sea. Of course, it is still very safe for them, they can't possibly come to any harm, but still they like that feeling and remembrance of how daring it is to go on the edge of this great expanse of water. There is also a lot of other occasions they would like to be invited along too. Even a shopping trip can be fun for some of them. Especially those who have come from another culture. Because then it is doubly interesting because everything is so different. It helps to open them up, you see, so that they become aware of different things. Young children tend to think that their way of life is the only way of life there is, and so they tend to focus in on that. And when they discover that there are different ways of living, it broadens them up and helps to make them more flexible. That flexibility is always a useful thing to have here, because nothing really is as you would expect it, and if you expect something and it does not happen, you shut out such a wide range of experiences. Ay, and information too. So their experience of a different culture is part of their development. And now I shall say good-night to you and Merry Christmas.


Hail Caesar! Good evening to everyone.

It is sometime since I have been through to talk to you. This should not be interpreted that I have not been here. I have, on occasions, but I have also had some extra duties to do lately and this is why I have not been so communicative with you.

I have taken some interest in the difficulties in your world. I have been trying to give guidance to your leaders in the present difficulties. The situation there (in the Gulf - Kuwait) is still quite critical, it is still in the balance. It is still necessary for you to send to that part of the world (the Persian Gulf) your love and the golden light. We need those energies so that we can use them. We are trying to sort everything out before your holiday season. With your thoughts of love and good will, we may be able to manage it. But it is still in the balance and I make no promises at this stage. I also come to give each of you my gift for this time. When I was in your earth plane I was a general under Caesar Augustus and, at that time, there were many rumours about the saviour of the world who was coming. Alas, I did not live long enough to find out if those rumours were true or not. But this I can tell you, there is always a saviour in your world. The truth of it is, is that the saviour is in each one of you. But few of you realise it. The saviour is the drop of Godness that is your innermost being, your soul. And that drop of Godness, one day, will be freed from these material concerns. The Christ whose birth you commemorate at this time in your world, is an example of someone who knew the saviour within him and Spirit is constantly working to help those of you still in the material plane to realise, this and to realise the broader vision of the Spirit World. The truth of it is much broader and grander than you can grasp with your material brains, because while you are conscious in the physical body, everything is interpreted and apprehended through the physical brain.

It is during sleep that you can, shall we say, raise a blind and look through a window into Spirit. So many people when they leave the physical body when they come over here, they still bring with them material concepts. And it takes a while for those concepts to fade away. We are trying to bring you to the point where the physical concepts can be left behind. Where perhaps you won't even have physical concepts.

And now, I am going to give my gift to you. I am placing in front of each one of you a small ball of light and this ball of light acts like a mirror, when you look at it you can see yourself. (Speaking slowly and deliberately) You can see your Self. Look now. And look beyond your Self. See what is beyond that Self. (Pause of several minutes) Take that ball of golden light with you when you leave to night. It will guide you. I pray that it may help you on your path to wisdom. Farewell. Good-night.


We thought that somebody a bit quieter had better come through after Sertorius. I'm not going to stay very long. I just wanted to wish you all a happy Christmas. And I wanted to give you my gift too. I want to give each one of you a candle. But you are not going to light it yet. I want you to light it on Christmas Eve. Have a special meditation on Christmas Eve and light my candle. And then it will have a special light and a special colour for each one of you. And, to Guy we are going to give pink, and Sheila will have yellow. And Gina will have blue. Angie will have green. And Karl will have purple and Doreen will have white. Another thing I should explain to you, that the two people who are not here tonight, they are still going to get their gifts. So, will you try to remember to tell them what they are? We will give Pat a royal blue and Therese will have gold. You never know, you might get some other impressions from my candles too. I am not going to tell you what though, that's for you to find out.

And I want to assure you that in this holiday season your guides and helpers are going to be making a special effort to look after you. You see, in your world, whenever there is one of these big festivals coming up, the vibrations get stronger and so people tend to be more excitable. Tending to be a little more impatient when they are driving, things like that. You may notice that there is an increase in the number of your car accidents and this is getting to be a concern with us. So we are going to make an extra effort to try to guide you in this Christmas season.

Of course, you know that some of you are determined to have trouble anyway. And when I say 'you' I don't mean the people here, I am talking about people in general. Some people are just determined to go ahead and be reckless. So, before you drive out, always surround your vehicles with golden light. You see, your co-operating with us in this way makes it easier for us to contact you and give you guidance, should it be necessary. I am not really suggesting that it is going to be absolutely necessary in your case.

And so, I shall say good-night to you and wish you a Happy Christmas.



How are ye all tonight? Indeed it's pleasant to be speaking to you all again. I'd like to start off by thanking you for asking the children to join you at Christmas time. They all really appreciated it, especially those of you who had family get-togethers.

They get so excited over the Christmas trees. For some of them it was quite an event, especially for those who came from those areas of the world where they don't have Christmas trees. So it was something so weird, so different for them.

It took me many hours to explain it all to them. For some of the wee ones of course I had to explain more than once before they grasped it. Anyway, they were very excited and they loved the lights and the decorations. It's the shiny things that we can see most clearly. It is so much easier for us, they are very much easier for us to see and they also remind us of parts of the Spirit World. You see where we are, if you listen to music, you not only hear it, you see it. You see colours and, of course, it sparkles. Sometimes we have great showers of sparks - some pieces can be very dramatic like that. Some pieces, of course, are much more gentle and won't have so many fireworks about them.

So the children were particularly excited about your Christmas trees and the lights that they can see. As for all those lovely presents, I think they were just as excited about what was inside as you were. I didn't like to tell them that they could see what was in them anyway, just by looking through them - it would have taken all the excitement out of it for them.

So, now, tell me what have you been up to since we last met?

Pat: Working.

Margaret: You have to work hard in your material world don't you?

Pat: In some ways we do and in other ways we don't.

Margaret: Wait till you come over here - then you will know what hard work is.

Pat: You work in a different way don't you?

Margaret: To be sure. In some ways this side is very much easier than your side because we can think things into existence you see. But where we get a lot of work, of course, is with the disturbed souls.

Pat: Have you been working more with that now Margaret?

Margaret: Well, I have had some quite disturbed children coming over.

Pat: Because of the war?

Margaret: Well, in particular because of the war that you have had the last few weeks. I have even taken some of the older children. You understand, not all have passed as a result of the war itself. The people who passed over, some were sick and some had accidents and this sort of thing. But they passed over during that war period and so they had the additional fear of the bombs and the bangs and the things falling and all this sort of thing. And of course they had been told how dreadful the American troops would be if they got to Baghdad. So they had all these fears on top of the usual transition type things. So, as I say, I agreed to take just three or four of the older children because when they see the wee ones they start to think 'this isn't such a bad place'. When they see the babies that sort of helps to calm them down, especially some that have younger brothers and sisters. They are used to having the younger ones around, it was more like home. I've only one of them left with me at the moment, You see when they calm down and you can start talking to them, they understand much more. They only stayed with me for a short while and then they passed on to more appropriated activities for themselves.

Pat: Margaret, the last time you talked to us, you said you were interested in looking at the Halls of Learning, I thought you might have gone there.

Margaret: Well, I'm still interested, but with these children coming I thought 'Well, I'd better stay here for a while, hadn't I?

Pat: Who is there to take over anyway?

Margaret: Well, I've still got Lily with me. But, you see, we did have a bit of an influx so I decided to stay. But I'll be going.

Pat: Will you still come and visit?

Margaret: Ooo aye. I hope they allow me to. I mean I'm not clever enough for that. I'll just go for a while and then I'll come back and make sure everything's all right with Lily and the wee ones. It will be quite a step letting go of the wee ones you know.

Gina: Yes, it certainly will be.

Margaret: But I'll come sometimes. I can't very well say someday because it's always day.

Margaret: And tell me, what did you pick up about your children? (That is the children who visited each sitter at Christmas).

Gina: I don't know - I kept sleeping.

Pat: And I had the same one I had last year - with curly hair.

Karl: I had the little girl that was here.

Margaret: I've just been trying to make sure they are here tonight. At times I get quite a crowd you know. No, We have not got Miss Pat's child, but the other's are here. I hope you don't mind Miss Pat but we will lend you somebody else.

Pat: That's fine.

Margaret: I thought it might be.

Margaret: So, what else would you like to know?

Pat: It's hard to say, you have told us so much.

Margaret: Well, I am not so clever as some others. I do try to tell you a little bit of common sense you know.

Pat: That's sometimes more valuable.

Margaret: There's always the two ways of looking at things. I mean you can be all mighty and clever, or you can look at it from the other side. Just what's what. I sometimes think that people can think about things too much. Just get on and do what you have to do.

Georgina: How many children do you look after?

Margaret: It's hard to say, it changes. At the moment I've got twenty.

Pat: You sound like Monica, they're not all boys though.

Margaret: Don't forget when you come over here you don't have a sex anyway.

Gina: Well, you wouldn't have to worry about whether to wear an overall or a dress then, would you?

Margaret: Oh, goodness no. You see, some of these middle eastern children, especially the girls, they do insist on being dressed properly.

Pat: You mean all over.

Margaret: Well most of them are too young for that. But they do insist on being dressed properly.

Pat: They fuss a lot.

Margaret: Fortunately, they soon start to understand the situation and then they are not so concerned with the clothes.

Pat: So they have not started to dress up yet. Have you many different nationalities at the moment?

Margaret: Oh, ay, I always try to help mix up the races. Because it helps to break down these concepts about race and culture and so forth. Some children have already absorbed their parents' prejudices. And so, as part of their progression and general expansion, they have to get rid of those first. And, I think, one of the easiest ways is to mix with people from the other culture. And, of course, after a while you begin to realise that everyone is same. And when they realise that we are all different centres of energy it makes life a lot easier. You understand, some of this I have been told. I haven't realised it all myself yet. This is what I am told is the situation and one day I will surely see it for myself.

Pat: Of course you will.

Margaret: Sometimes I look at the wee ones and I feel sure I can see it, like light over it.

Pat: I am sure you can, otherwise you would never look after them for so long.

Margaret: Then, the wee ones need so much love. 'Course, you see, over here we don't necessarily have to pick somebody up to help them. You can send the love and energy to them and just surround them with that and they really bloom. They feel vibrations, and vibrations you see, over here, you can put them round them like that, (shows with hands) the vibrations affect the whole of them. So they get the vibrations from the sight, the sound and the feeling as well.

Pat: And to think that people take drugs to get that over here.

Margaret: Well, you don't have to. You can do meditation and such like practices. And you get the same feeling when you put the light rays around somebody else. Because what you give to somebody else is what you get yourself.

Pat: It seems strange to see you so soon after Christmas.

Margaret: Well, I wanted to tell you about the wee ones' Christmas.

Pat: That's lovely. Then we can get some feed-back on how they are going and how they enjoy the celebrations.

Margaret: We have our own celebrations too.

Pat: What did you do?

Margaret: You see, when it was Christmas Day, we were with this medium and others. But, you see, with our Christmas, over here we had our own party. And instead of the cake, we had lovely stars. Sparklers, you call them. They bounced around. They had a lovely time. I taught them some of my dances, and some of the older ones who had already learned some of their dances, taught us theirs. So if you felt some dancing around you on Christmas Day, we were to blame.

Pat: I seemed to do a lot of sleeping.

Margaret: Your body was sleeping. You were having a fine old time.

Gina: I can imagine.

Margaret: I'm not going to tell them. You'd be surprised what some of you get up to at night time. You've been on many a travel. You have also helped many a soul.

Pat: It's good to know we do something a bit useful instead of just sleeping.

Doreen: It's a pity you can't remember the travels.

Margaret: But you might - someday. Very often when you have these dreams that make sense, that is what you've been up to. And the dreams of flying also, you've been travelling.

Angie: And if you don't remember your dreams does it just mean that you've come back too quickly?

Margaret: No. It means that you haven't brought the visualisations back to your conscious mind. Sometimes you are prevented from remembering what has been going on. But you can train yourself to remember too. You can ask your guides to help you to remember; you can instruct yourself to remember; planning to write your dreams down the next day. And of course, with that you start with just the slightest little thing, even if its only thinking that "I had a dream and now I can't remember it." You can just try that way, its a start. But program yourself to remember before you go to sleep, that's the biggest step.

(There followed a brief and unexpected clairvoyant session in which Margaret gave three or four names. Only one name was actually identified.)

Margaret: That was a strange aside wasn't it? But the name was coming through so strongly that I thought I had better step aside for a few moments. Now, where were we.

Pat: You were talking about what we had been getting up to at Christmas and dreams.

Margaret: Well, try those ideas if you want to remember your dreams, it just might help. I think it is even on one of your transcripts somewhere.

Pat: The medium will be able to find it on her computer.

Margaret: I'm not too sure about that.

Pat: She is supposed to be able to find it.

Margaret: It depends on where it is. Its not too difficult to find these things, though.

Pat: Not with your help.

Margaret: Its not too difficult. Some of us are organised you see. It doesn't go for everybody. But some of us are. (Request for help in finding a missing article.)

Doreen: There must be many many people looking after children in Spirit.

Margaret: Well, there are quite a few of us, but then remember that the children do not stay with us that long in your terms. Because they have not been in the Material World as long as the adults, they are still closer to their pre-birth state and consequently adjust much more readily. Except for those that have a few problems, particularly the ones who have been abused. We very often find that those children come over here and actually want to receive the love. And that's where people like myself come in. We help them to adjust and they grow up. Different spirits (take different times), I must confess. Sometimes they can grow up 12 years in terms of one of your years. And the children might decide they want the love a little bit longer so they slow it down a bit. And too, you see, children are naturally curious, and so they will start investigating the Spirit World and things will be great fun to them. But adults might be quite put out about it, because it is not the same as the old world. The older one gets, the more one wants things to be as you are used to them. But the wee ones do get over it quite quickly.

Pat: What about children that come back to see their parents who are grieving for them. Sometimes quite a long time after they have passed.

Margaret: Well, the children will come to them and will very often do their best to comfort them. Sometimes they have to manifest themselves in a dream, that is the only way they can break through their parents' barrier. That way they can get caught in quite different connections and give the reassurance.

Pat: What about - say the child has not been gone very long and grows up very quickly in the Spirit World, is there likely to be that bond if they are adults?

Margaret: Oh, Yes.

Pat: Will the parents recognise them?

Margaret: Well, it depends. Sometimes they will present themselves as were when they passed over. It depends on the Entities and the parents who recognise them. In other cases parents will see them as they would have been if they had stayed on earth for that period of time. So, if a child visits its parents, say, six years after it has passed over, he may present himself to them as six years older than he was when he passed over. Sometimes they might even present themselves as they like to be thought of.

Doreen: And the young teenagers who passed over through drug abuse, will they be looked after?

Margaret: They belong in a different category. And this is one of our biggest problems at the moment - with the drug-abusers. It can cause quite some difficulties because, you see, when they come over they are not really in their right mind. And they think they are hallucinating, and this is a very important area of work that we have. I haven't had anyone in that state myself but I have heard about them. They can be extremely difficult to calm down. Of course, a lot of it depends on what kind of drug it was.

Pat: Is one drug worse than another?

Margaret: The natural hallucinogens may not be as bad as some of the others. You must understand that it always depends on the individual case, but generally speaking they seem to be a bit easier, because many of them will give a sort of afterlife experience, or something that has the religious connotations for the person.

Pat: It gives you a basis on which to work.

Margaret: That's right. But the more artificial drugs, they cause the worst problem.

Pat: There are children dying because their mothers were addicted. Have you had any of those, Margaret?

Margaret: I had one once. And it took me some work to calm the little one down. But, you see, on this side, as I said just now, putting the energy around the person, affects the person all over. And that is really our most potent 'weapon'. But that wee one did take some working, but we got there. We got there. Of course, being so very young also helped.

Angie: Do some of them reincarnate quickly?

Margaret: Well, always remember that you don't have to re-incarnate. It is your choice. And if you've got any sense, you won't. The world is getting a wee bit crowded, isn't it?

Pat: Its getting faster too.

Margaret: Ay, and dirtier.

Guy: Why do so many souls want to come here? More than ever.

Margaret: Well, as you've been told, there is a new wave of souls coming in, ye'll have to ask them.

Doreen: Have they started to arrive yet?

Margaret: A few. But that is all I have learned on that topic. I have just been told that there are a few. I think I'm going to leave you there.



We are starting the pre-Christmas circles and I agreed to come to you tonight to start off the process. I wish, first of all, to come round to each one of you to work on your aura. We are going to give each of you a flower, and I am going to ask each one of you in turn to tell me what your flower is. Do not worry if somebody else already has the flower which you feel you have got. It doesn't matter. (Each person then described their flower.)

I would like you now to spend a moment or two thinking about the concept of Christmas. (There was a few moments pause.) I would like you each, in turn to say a few words about the concept of Christmas.

Guy: I see Christmas as a symbol. It is a symbol of the divine, of the spiritual, expressing or manifesting itself on earth.

Angie: To me Christmas is a time of light and of God coming to earth and spreading good will to all men.

Gina: The Jesus as divine eternal love.

Karl: Love, forgiveness, and I don't mean material forgiveness, but Loving thoughts and understanding.

Doreen: To me Christmas is light, and lots of love, and keeping people close together.

Ah-So: You do not leave me much to say, do you?

It is one of the great festivals of your earth. It is a time when we receive these vibrations from the earth. The spiritual vibrations, we feel them, we sense them, and we can use them. We can use them a great deal for rescues. We can bring enlightenment to a great many more lost souls during Christmas time than almost any other time of the year, because of this tremendous increase in love which permeates your planet.

It is a time when people are really much more friendly and loving to each other because it is the time when you remember the pure love of God. It does not matter whether things are explained in their true form or in dogmas and tenets. What matters is that you remember that love exists. And that love has been expressed towards the earth. You remember that. And so, to a small degree, you start exhibiting it in your life, in your relationships one with another. It is true that there are some people in the world who do not share your philosophy, and they may take advantage of this state of affairs, but in the overall scheme of things the love is more dominant. It will always be more dominant because, in reality, love is all there is. There are various expressions of it and sometimes on the material level those expressions will clash. If only all men could realise that there is the one love and they are all trying to express that love in their own way, it would be so much easier.

In this circle we often emphasize the more abstract ideas and concepts. We seek to give some counterbalance to your material concerns with which you are necessarily involved because you are in the physical body. And we try in this small way to bring these concepts into the earth plane, to plant a seed. There are many such seeds being planted, each with a slightly different aspect and emphasis, so that we can appeal to the greatest number of people. The knowledge and understanding of these things are increasing in your world. There is a great need for this knowledge to expand and to be used by as many people as possible in your world. There are trials to come and you will need these ideas. We give them to you to help and support you, and also for you to pass on. The abstract underlies the physical.

Remember that which underlies all. By remembering it, by attempting at least, to contact it, you can increase it in your world and in your own way influence the world. It does not matter that you feel you only influence a small area. I assure you that such influence will spread. It will multiply like the ripples in a pond. It will greatly increase. Unless some knowledge of this abstract underlying energy is given to you, it is unlikely that you will be able to contact it. Some people do, but not very many, and so we have to tell you about it. But words are totally insufficient, inadequate, to explain it - you must experience it for yourselves. I would like you now to contact the underlying spirit, that you may bring it into your life and enrich your life.

I wish you to let go of your daily cares, let them slip from you. It doesn't matter what imagery you use. Gently relax. Check all through your body that it is at ease, be comfortable and relax. Take in a deep breath and gently breathe out. Breathe in love, and breathe out love. Breathe in joy and breathe out joy. These are your true selves.Now try to locate the centre of your head. It is such a tiny pinhole but so much can be seen. You can go through that pinhole if you wish. (There was a break of several minutes.)

Spread back through your brain. Feel the surface of your body. Feel the chair by touching it, the chair is supporting you. And now the floor.

That is a meditation which you can do over the next few weeks. It should help you in contacting the greater source that is available to you.

There is time for several questions if you wish.

Guy: We don't see you very often. What do you occupy yourself with now?

Ah-So: I have spent sometime in the Halls of Learning, talking with those who are beginning to let go of the material conditions, those who are beginning to wish to start their expansion in the Spirit World, with those who are realising there is something more than their present surroundings. I spend some of my time in the next part of the Spirit World - you understand that there is no real division but I have certain concepts to bring across to you - and that state of more 'abstractness', is the word perhaps I can use. I spend more time in the meditative state. Similar to what I have tried to give you tonight. But when I am in that area it can become very much deeper and more pro-longed. I spent some time in the material plane with my country. I have continued to work with some of the young people who came over here when those conditions were low. But the greater part of my time has been in meditation. That is the major activity of those who are passing into that part of the Spirit World and eventually they will go beyond even that, and that I cannot even start to begin to describe or explain to you. That will be enough.

Doreen: How does a person 'shut down' after meditation, or after you have been in a circle?

Ah-So: There are several ways of doing this. You can try different methods that you hear about and see which one suits you. As you know, part of the process in this circle is to say a short prayer, also to have something to eat and drink. A more specific way is to simply think of shutting down. Imagine your aura contracting in a little. The spine is important in contact with the Spirit World, so you may like to devise some imagery for closing that down. This medium uses the idea of a zip. You can also with your hands start here (at the forehead) smooth down (going to the back of the head, then down the front) and throw it away. There is also a more elaborate cleansing technique which is similar to that one, which also serves to shut you down. Start here (both hands at the centre of the forehead) go to the back of the neck then down each arm and throw it away. Do that three times. Then start there again, go to the base of the neck and down your front, and do that three times. If you wish you can close down another person in a similar way, take your hands from their forehead to the neck and down both arms at once. And the second part, start at the forehead, the nape of the neck and down the spine. Also, most important is wanting to close down. There are people who wish to remain open permanently. This is not advisable because, as you move about your world you sometimes go in very crowded places, you are forced to be very close to people, to whom, if you had a choice, you might not wish to be so close to. And you can pick up vibrations from them, even sometimes an attaching spirit can be picked up in such conditions if you are still wide open. If you have been in such conditions and feel drained, then do the aura cleansing technique which I have just demonstrated to you. If you are properly closed down these places will not upset you so much and you will not pick up an attaching spirit. Now, because you are thoroughly closed down does not mean that you have no contact whatsoever with your guides. They are still there with you, they can still communicate with you if it is necessary, but you are not going to be open to all the influences around. But remember that your guides and helpers also have other activities in the Spirit World, they are not with you all the time. There is always someone with you but no one guide or helper is with you all the time except you doorkeeper. But doorkeepers do not usually communicate. They are there to make sure that only those people who it is desirable to enter your aura, do so. That door keeper can be over-ridden. If you want to have the willy-nilly spirit contact, you can over-ride your door keeper. We have no worries about anyone here. You should also remember that you have material responsibilities and you should always perform those material duties with full care and attention. Of course, there is always the other side of the coin, the opening up to spirit when you have your meditation, and you can do that simply by wanting to open up. If you wish you can simply 'unzip' your spine. You do not have to. In most cases, simply wanting to be receptive to spirit during that special time of the day is sufficient. But try all things and see what suits you.

Angie: What can you tell us about what is happening in the Gulf? Will anything happen before Christmas?

Ah-So: Such conditions change so much from day-to-day, we can but pick up trends, please understand that things are never completely set and determined. When dealing with such a large section of humanity there are so many inputs and some many different sides. At the moment we do not think there will be a problem before Christmas. We would ask your prayers and ask you to send the light and love to that area, you may be able to tip the balance. It is important at times such as these to maintain an optimistic attitude. Optimism and love to all concerned will help a great deal. So will tolerance and acceptance of different views between peoples. Keep directing the love and energy to that area, it will help us too.

And now, if you will excuse me, I will take my leave and wish you all a very happy Christmas.



I come tonight to bring you my Christmas greetings. Several of my companions have been through these last few weeks and now it is my turn. I come to bring my strength to you; this is my main role in this circle. I help to bring the strength and the steadfastness. And so, tonight, I will be giving each of you energy. And I, too, have my Christmas gift for you which I will give you in a moment. One of the features of the man you call the Christ was steadfastness and honesty and sincerity. This is why this religion has persisted so long and has pervaded so much of your world. At its very basis it has these qualities. Now, we understand that many of its variants, its material manifestations may be criticized in some way, but not the base from which it started. He came into the world from that last level before full merging back with Godness. He was able to bring into your world a tremendous amount of love, and compassion and spiritual energy. We are not going to go tonight into what has happened to those qualities - I am talking only about the manifestation, the original manifestation.

Other people, too, have manifested in the world bringing these qualities. So there is always a focus in your world at any one time. You are concentrating on one point only. We hope that many of you who are coming in contact with these teachings are also spreading your horizons to take in other points of this focus. They all bring something which is presented in different ways to take account of the prevailing world attitude, and the particular attitude of the people in the country of the manifestation, and in particular of those in closest contact with it and then it spreads out further and further. So all parts of the world benefit to some degree. Your world is always constantly changing and so the manifestation of the spirit also changes. It is necessary. Spirit always brings what is needed at anyone particular time and place and group of people. Many people will be attracted to a particular manifestation, and they will drift away again. There is something about it that isn't quite right for them at that time, but they are still affected and uplifted from it. They have taken what they needed. Does not matter that they did not need to stay with it - they have taken what was necessary for them. And we always take this approach with our own small group. Some come to stay and some come for a while only - that is all right, we give freely. We give freely in an attitude of love, because there is only one spirit and all manifestations are building through the one - it is ever new at its source. Take the manifestation that you need and take as much as you need.

Remember with joy your Christ child. Does not matter if the details of His life as passed down to you are correct or not. Just remember the underlying spirit that is being given out to you. Have you ever wondered why you have so many sparkling decorations at Christmas time? It is the reaction of your innermost spirit, because the innermost spirit within you remembers the spirit world and how it sparkles. So at Christmas time the vibrations of the earth are being uplifted, and so you react to these sparkling decorations. Each little sparkle is like a star - and remember the star that guided the three wise men. It reminds you of that search for the inner Godness which all of you are undertaking, even though you don't realise it. That search is still there within you.

Now I am going to give you my Christmas present. In front of each one of you is being placed by one of your guides, a scroll from me. Mentally look at that scroll and see what yours looks like. Now, unroll it, its not a very long scroll and on it you will see some marks. These are the representations of spirit writing. They do not carry any particular words with them, but those marks, the pattern they form, will strike a chord in your inner soul. And you will respond to them. And through the coming days and weeks, for as long as you wish to do so, whenever you picture my scroll, your inner spirit will be stirred and will respond and remind you of the underlying spirit of all life.

This is my gift to you. I wish you good-night and a very happy festive season to you all.

(End of Sertorius' address)

Arrian's Christmas Meditation.

Good evening. I come tonight to lead you in a meditation as preparation for your Christmas time.

Go gently within. Be aware of the energy that is building up in this circle around the centre. You are part of that energy. It is pure spirit. You see only the material body and the material plane, but I remind you, you are also in the spirit world at the same time you are in the material world. So you are part of this energy, you are part of this beautiful golden light building up between you. Feel this golden light spreading, encompassing all souls in the material world and in the spirit world. May those who are sad and disheartened feel this energy and be uplifted. May those who are happy and joyful be aware of this energy so that they remember the spirit within. Take this love and give this love. Absorb this love, and in absorbing it you are in no way diminishing it. Your destiny is to wholly become this love, you cannot avoid that destiny, one day it will be yours. My love and my peace I leave with you. Remember me in the midst of all your doings and I will be with you, now and for evermore.

(End of Arrian's address)

Verna then entered and in reply to a question which was not recorded, but which seems to have been about the previous speaker, said:He is barely at the level of some resemblance of manifestation.

Norman: In relation to that last statement: Many teachings have the implication or say that Christ may return to earth. There are various Christian teachings about Christ's return. Would you say that it will be a spiritual return or a physical return?

Verna: What is there to return? What is there that has left?

Norman: Well, people have a belief of his return. Whether it is a spiritual one or a physical one is left up to the individual.

Verna: He has never left. Because the entire universe is made up of the one substance, so as you merge back into the Godness you are everywhere.

Norman: How do these things come about then. In the Great Invocation it says: May Christ return to earth. That seems to make nonsense of it.

Verna: I leave it to you to judge.



Good afternoon friends.

I wish, first, to thank you for giving me the opportunity of speaking to you here this afternoon. We know that it was not planned on your side, and we thank you for inviting us.

You know me, when I speak through this medium as Jhannee. It is a name I use purely for your conventions, so that you may refer to an individuality easily. The truth, however, is that we are all that one individuality. I use the name Jhannee but I am really not very much different from anyone else whom you meet in your world, or speaking to you from the world of Spirit. It is all the one Spirit - Spirit is all there is. While you are in the world you are focused on those material circumstances around you and you cannot see the deeper circumstance of the spirit which is projecting those manifestations for you. It is all one so truly that I really do not know how to bring the truth across to you, to explain it to you.

It is the one spirit that manifests in each one of you, and it is the one spirit coming again into your world. Many people claim to remember their past incarnations in your world, but with one spirit welling up in different places in different times, you are really tapping the deeper memories underlying it all. So anyone of you can remember an incarnation, say, as your first Queen Elizabeth, or as the chief of an African tribe, because the memory of that life is in the underlying spirit, and some people tap it. You all cling to your individuality when you leave the material plane. There are several layers to the individuality. While you are wholly in your material plane you have a dense physical body. When you shed that, you have an astral body, and when you shed that, an etheric body, and when you shed that you are merged back into the deeper underlying Spirit. Some people give you more than three bodies, some people give them different terms but it is all the one thing.

When you have shed the material body there are no more sudden levels, it is all the one level. I know these concepts are very difficult, we have tried before to get them across to you. There are sort of different qualities. Its like when you look at a rainbow, you can see seven different colours, but where exactly does one colour finish and another one start? There is only the one rainbow but with seven different shades in it, and it is something like that in the Spirit World. You must understand all analogies are imperfect, they are only approximations.

And so, try to grasp this idea that there is only the One. You perceive yourselves as having a personality, an individuality, that is associated with the circumstances of your life in the material world, and you cling to that personality when you have shed the material body. You cling to the material circumstances. Why? We are constantly telling you that life after your material death is so much better than the life you have confined to the material world. So why do you cling to that material world?

There are many reasons, but there are two very broad general classifications of those reasons : one is love. You cling to the people you have known, you care about them. So you worry about them, you try to hang round to help them. This is good. Love is the tie that binds, but love is also the tie that releases - you will let go. Out of love parents will let a child go - spread his or her wings, perhaps move to another country, another city. It is love that lets that child go. And when you have someone leave their material body, you love them, you will say to them "I let you go. Go on your path, go about your duties, your tasks that you have on the other side. I will be all right." That is true love.

The other classification that binds you to this world is hate, and this one is stronger. You get locked in with the person or the situation that you hate.

What is hate? It is when something does not go the way you want and you feel hurt - you want to impose your will perhaps. It has many manifestations, but it locks you in far more strongly than does love.How can you break this? The one word I can give you is forgiveness. When you can truly send love to the person, the situation, whatever it is, that has caused you the hurt, when you can send them love, the hurt will go. And it must be true love from within. That will be when you are expressing the underlying Spirit, the underlying Spirit with forgives and lets go. The underlying Spirit will not force you to come back to the material world to work out you karma, to work out your guilts, to suffer as you have made others suffer, because the underlying Spirit forgives and accepts. And when you do that you are allowing that underlying Spirit to truly express itself. And that will be when you break the necessity to come back to this material world. The individuality will persist for a while in the Spirit World, and so it can come back to the world. But it does not have to. I cannot stress this to you strongly enough - It does not have to. Let go. Let go the hurts, give love for those hurts, and you will find that people have less and less power to hurt you.

You will have feelings, you do have feelings, I am not asking you to repress them, but when you can remind yourself that the other person is also a drop of Godness, the other person too has desires like you, has hurts that they are carrying. When you can be solicitous for them, even if at first it is only on the surface, you will find a miracle taking place. And you will truly love that person. You will be able to give them love and you will be able to let go.

Love is a paradox. It binds and it lets go. Experience both sides of it, remember, you are this underlying Spirit. There is only one, and no matter how far the other person goes you are that person too. So the love you give the other person, you are giving to yourself. Is that not much better than giving yourself hate and locking yourself into this churning, biting feeling. Transmute it. Sure you will slip back and find the negative feelings coming, but as soon as you identify those feelings put golden light around the person, or the situation, and quietly send love. Induce in yourself the feeling you have about someone whom you love, and send that kind of feeling to this other person. Forgiveness is the key to life, it is the key to freedom, it is the key to joy.

I would like to ask you now to sit quietly for a few moments and try this exercise of sending love to someone you do not like. It may be somebody you know, it may be a prominent figure, perhaps you do not know them personally. Select someone and send them love - that true love that swells within your heart. As you do it, be aware that your angel helpers are coming close because they want you to feel that love, to feel that underlying Spirit welling up within you, and they will help you. If you find it difficult just ask their help. Do this whenever you are disturbed and the peace that passeth all understanding will be yours. That peace I leave with you now. Return to Waldis' Home Page



The evening started with a period of meditation during which the guides were working on taking me into a deeper trance state than normal. At last Wung-Lo started speaking, his manner was quite different to his usual style of delivery. He was very detached and his voice had a dreamy, dissociated or distant quality. He started by saying:

You know me as Wung-Lo, and I will speak with you this evening before another entity comes.

We have been asked about the up-bringing of children and we will talk about that for a few minutes.

A new baby in your world still has strong connections with the Spirit World from which it came. This is why it sleeps so much during the early weeks, the soul is gradually becoming accustomed to the body and to the material world again. It must become used to the weight of the body, the feeling of the air, the lights, it must get used to controlling the body, it must get used to eating and drinking again and the feel of clothes and many other sensations.

Young children often have many psychic impressions and we have been asked how to bring up children so that they can retain these psychic abilities.

Some children will naturally retain them without any help, others will not retain them in spite of what you do. It depends on what the child has brought into the world, what is the child's life plan. it is possible for all the psychic abilities to be unharmed and unhindered by these experiences. But if the psychic abilities are not to be retained in that life then they will gradually slip away as the child grows older.

To prevent the child having its psychic abilities squashed you need, first, to be aware that these abilities are there. Talk to the child about these things so that the child knows that you know, then the child will have confidence in telling you about his or her experiences. Accept the experiences that the child will tell you about. Do not force the child into your material activities. Take them gently. You need to guide them so that they can be useful members of your society, but where there are choices available allow the child to make its own choices. Try to bring up the child in such a way that they have a sense of self-worth, so that they can rely on themselves and upon the impressions which they are receiving.

You will, at times, need to control the child, to control certain behaviours which are not acceptable to your society. If the child will not behave in acceptable ways they will be, to some extent, ostracised and their psychic abilities will not be accepted by others. But be sure that any punishment which you may need to mete out does not destroy the self-esteem.

Try to inculcate in your child a love for nature, to enjoy the flowers and trees and animals. Because nature is one of the expressions of spirit, it is good to appreciate nature and natural surroundings. Enable the child to be open to this channel. Ensure the child knows its strengths and its good points. Always emphasize the good points that the child has. As the child grows older you can explain more to them. You can talk to them about meditation about the age of 8 to 10 years. But again, do not force it if the child is not so inclined. Always present the spiritual things but do not force them, do not insist. Coercion in this line of thought is more harmful than not presenting it to the child at all.

The child with these gifts, the child destined to KEEP these gifts, will always be a special child. There will always be something different about such a child, a certain quietness, a certain gentleness and soothingness. They will not be rough or excessively noisy, they will be the ones who will be watching, they will be the ones who are questioning, they will be the ones to make some unusual comment or to be particularly aware of other people's feelings and what is happening to other people. normal children are very self-centered, they find it difficult to see things from other people's point of view and feeling. They will always be able to see things from more than one point of view. Or they may go to the other extreme and be quite uninterested in the material concerns of your society. They will accept what is there but be unconcerned if there is not much.

The retention of these psychic abilities may not be apparent all through the child's life. It is quite common for these abilities to become latent, especially towards the teen-age years. In your society particularly heavy stress is placed on your young people. In the simpler societies life is much more easy, and you will often find in these societies that the world of the spirit is closer to them, is much more involved in daily life. In your society, material concerns impinge very heavily on the teenagers and until the material life has settled down, it is quite common for the psychic abilities to become dormant, but they will reappear at an appropriate time. Trust your children, they know what they are bringing, they know what they are here for. Although it may be that this information is not in the conscious mind, still at some level they will always know, and when they find the right course for their life things will become much smoother and easier.

Just do the best you can for your children - is the best advice I can give you.

We hope this satisfied the questioner's problem. If further elucidation is required please ask for it.

(A short period in a meditative state followed until a question was asked.)

Pat: Children facing the separation of parents through divorce or whatever, is that a karmic matter or is that just a life lesson that they invite upon themselves in that life?

Wung-Lo: What do you mean by 'karma'? (the voice had changed somewhat, now being deeper).

Pat: I'm not too sure.

Wung-Lo: Karma as usually taught in your society does not exist. You bring with you a broad general plan of your life which you have agreed upon. There is no automatic law forcing you to reincarnate for any particular experience or punishment or reward. The children will weather these storms and difficulties the way they are intended to. Such things have no effect upon their psychic abilities or lack of them.

Isia: You mentioned starting meditation with children round about 8 - 10 years, is it good to start with colours, the colour of the rainbow and playing a game, like playing on a beach in their mind or a forest.

Wung-Lo: You can start that way. All ways are legitimate.

Isia: Its more fun if you make it a game.

Wung-Lo: True. Do the best you can.

Pat: What is the purpose of meditation for children?

Wung-Lo: The Same as for adults.

Pat: And that is?

Wung-Lo: To still the mind so that you can contact your Self. The simpler societies do not need to meditate because there is no material world to get in their way.

Isia: Are there any simple societies left in the world?

Wung-Lo: They are diminishing.

Pat: What is the best way of preparing our children for the coming of the new age?

Wung-Lo: What we have just been telling you. What 'new age' anyhow?

Pat: The Aquarian age and possible holocausts in the world leading to a reduction in population.

Wung-Lo: What holocaust? What reduction in population?

Therese: All is in good order, isn't it?

Wung-Lo: Yes. Why do you think there is going to be these disasters? They have been forecast for the last 4,000 years and they haven't come about yet, have they?

Pat: Wung-Lo, you know more about it than we do. We can't answer that question.

Isia: They are predicting that the disease AIDS is going to wipe out a large percentage of the population.

Wung-Lo: So did the Black Death. This is what we are telling you. Your world is in no more turmoil than it ever has been for the past 3,000 years.

Isia: But how can we protect ourselves from coming into contact with AIDS? Is it something we have to prepare ourselves mentally not to get?

Wung-Lo: You can use mental methods, if you think they will work. A few practical ones will probably be better! Why not protect yourselves against cancer or MS? Or anyone of the other diseases.

Isia: Its just that there is an emphasis on AIDS. But I guess that is just another fad that this world is going through.

Wung-Lo: To be sure. Last time it was influenza, remember?

Pat: How can we protect the children?

Wung-Lo: You are in a material world and need material measures.

Isia: Is there any special way we should play with children, any exercises?

Wung-Lo: We will give it some thought and let you know.

There followed a pro-longed period of semi-trance which gradually faded. There were times when I felt I was way out in space, and feelings of floating away. I was terribly disorientated, the sitters' voices seemed to be coming from all over the place. I had never known him to be so detached.

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The identity of the entity in this session was not clear. A few sessions have been given by such an entity who is often referred to as 'High Unknown'.

Entity: It is so oppressive.

Guy: Is it you Robin?
Entity: It is difficult after so long - To be accustomed to your atmosphere. (The entity was speaking very laboriously and breathing heavily). Do not be afraid. The medium is not distressed. It is we who are under difficulty. The weight of the physical body is hard for us. Please relax, any tension you are feeling makes it more difficult for us. All is well, have no fear. We have been waiting patiently for the chance to come through again. Is there someone who would like to ask a question?

Guy: Who are you?
Entity: We have no name.

Guy: Are you the entity we used to call Robin?
Entity: We are closely related.

Guy: You belong to the same 'tree' as Robin?
Entity: It is one of my vibration. Not quite the same, very close.

Guy: Tell us what you want to tell us. Where do you exist and how do you relate to the instrument?
Entity: It is like a diamond. It is like a diamond shining. It is expanding. The diamond of knowledge, it is expanding. There it is round us. It is focusing rays down. There is a lot of hard work to be demanded from members of this circle. We want to expand and develop this work, but we cannot do it without co-operation from the rest. You all have a role to play. Each one fits like the facet of a diamond, helping to channel the rays of knowledge down to this place. We cannot work without you, but you will get nowhere without us. It is the two halves of the yin and the yang. We work with you and you work in with us. This is what I want to emphasize. By your conscious desire to work with us you can be guided. You can also put up barriers to us.

Guy: What kind of work do you have in mind?
Entity: The expansion of knowledge of you individually and of the human race as a whole. You must keep an open mind. Listen to your inner being, being aware of when we are trying to speak to you. Progress may be very slow, I do not promise quick results. You may feel that you take one step forward and two steps backward, but remember that there is always that step forward. Do not be tense and concerned, but do not be upset if you do become tense and nervous. It is when you are calm and relaxed that we can advise you. But remember, as has been said before, it is your decision whether to go along with the impressions that you get.

This is a physical world and it needs physical action. You cannot leave everything up to us. Just as we do not leave everything to you. It is well to set aside a time and place to relax and to meditate. Try to carry this through in your everyday life. Remember to take action. If you think something is right and needed, then do something about it. Strength will be given when you need it. Protect yourselves. You too, are the temples of God, those temples need care. The Godhead that is within you deserves consideration too. It is right to protect yourselves. Others may make demands upon you, it is your choice how far you go with these demands, but do not run yourselves down. (A fly was flying around and was flicked away). As I drive away the fly, so you, too, must sometimes flick away obligations and duties that interfere too much with you. But listen to the still small voice within. That will guide you as to what is too much for you, and provide you how to protect yourself while still caring for others. You should not be completely self-concerned, but neither should you be completely "other" concerned. Strike a balance. This is the message I gave before. On that occasion I could not stay long enough to say everything I wanted. Everything I wanted to say then.

I am seeing a crucifixion. It is that strength that is available. It is that love that you can call on. (That is the strength and love that Jesus had).

You are all interconnected with the higher realms, it is really a matter of gradation. You hear much talk about planes, this suggests a discontinuity. But there is no discontinuity. it is merely a gradation from the highest down through you, and down through lower realms still. This world is in about the middle position. it is a gradual procession from your world upwards.

You can hinder your progress but you cannot halt it completely. Have no fears, do not strain or strive, or be disappointed. Accept yourselves as you are, eventually you, too, will progress, you, too, will reach those higher realms. Do not be concerned. (Perhaps worried or anxious would be better words than concerned).

There is the notion of love, it is love that permeates the world, the universe, it is love that is beyond and holding everything together. The higher realms are only higher in terms of your concepts and consciousness. We do not see them that way. We are trying to put things into concepts that you can grasp and understand. So you may legitimately use the idea of higher realms, but there is no higher and lower. It is a matter of density, not weight, but density. Sparkling diamonds are souls, (or rather, souls are like sparkling diamonds). The diamond we talked of earlier is this soul which I have to call 'me' in your concepts. We are all so intermingled, that it is difficult to identify a 'me' from a 'you'. It is like an expanse of water with whirlpools in it, each whirlpool can be a 'me'. The whirlpools also touch and merge, and beyond the whirlpools there is the still water. Eventually the whirlpools become still water. And as water in your world goes through changes and different states, so this water, too, goes through changes and different states. It can go down to the densest realms and then back up again. It is a continuous process. And you, too, are like whirlpools, or vortices in the air. But you, yourselves, (are) enclosed by body and, therefore, you have the concepts of 'I' and 'me' and 'mine', and 'you' and 'yours' and 'thine'. you are at a certain stage of development. You will progress, accept the stage you are at, don't fight against it, don't rail against it. It is necessary for you, accept it. Go along with the situation in which you are, it will change eventually. Enjoy what you enjoy. If you can, avoid what you dislike. If you can't avoid it, and many things cannot be avoided, try to accept it. it is something that is necessary for you in the stage at which you are at.

You are human beings, we love human beings but eventually you will loose that human shape. You will become amorphous, perhaps egg-shaped as some people have said, and then diamonds, and so on, until you will be re-united with the infinite.

How can you be re-united with something that you are already united with? But these are your concepts. you have the concept of separateness, you will loose it. Human beings are so often attached to their bodies and to their personalities. They do not like the idea that they may loose them, that they will loose them. If I could only show you, if you could only experience, the bliss when you loose those identities. You don't loose consciousness, rather your consciousness expands, you have all experiences in the Universe. When your consciousness is all over the universe, then you understand that time doesn't exist. You measure time because you are aware of your world, going round the sun. That's all time is. when your consciousness is throughout the universe, and you are aware of all the worlds and all the suns, which time do you adopt? When you see all these little atoms of solar systems and universes, which one do you pick out to be the timekeeper? That's why there is no time, that's why time is only relative.

My friends, Good night.



Good Afternoon friends.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity of coming and talking to you this afternoon. It is a great honour to be able to come, to try and tell you of things that many of you have wondered about. It is often very difficult to pass on this information to you and our particular approach with this medium (is that) we often give her pictures and she helps us to put those pictures into words which we all hope convey what we mean to the rest of you.

There are many wonders in all the worlds. And many wonders in the world which you inhabit. There are many more in the worlds beyond and in the worlds beyond things are so very, very different that it is difficult to pass on the concepts and we try to do this. The approach we are using is with pictures and impressions. This medium is willing, if there is something you don't quite understand, to talk with you individually afterwards if you care to come and try to clarify some point. Our approach is experimental. It is very much more an interaction between us and this medium that often takes place and it is useful to us to know when we have passed a concept across successfully and when there is still some area of fuzziness and misunderstanding. We will all be very happy to try and clarify things afterwards if necessary. Please don't hesitate to come forward.

We wanted today, to try to tell you about your standing with the underlying spirit. Very often people in your world will have an insight into some problem. They will say "I had an inspiration". The question is, from where is that inspiration coming? They will often say it was a guide, a helper, perhaps some relative who has passed on. But we would point out to you that these inspirations do not come into an empty mind. They come into a mind that is already dealing, or attempting to deal with the problem or puzzle. There is an interaction. If all inspirations come only from our side, you would not develop yourselves, you would not develop the skills for you to use when you come to this side, to help those you have left behind.

Think, what do you mean when you say "I"? "I am sitting", "I am talking", "I am doing this" or "I am doing that". It can refer to you as a material being, to your activities, things you are doing. But it can also be used in a much deeper sense - and notice that I said deeper, not higher, but deeper sense - to mean the underlying spirit that makes you an alive human being. What is that deeper sense of I?

I want you to think of the analogy, and it is not a new one, of the lights of a city. There are many lights and there is one electricity. So there are many people, there are many spirits, and there is one underlying all these. We can use a familiar term, the Absolute. This term should be familiar to some of you at least. So, if you get an inspiration from your guides or your spirits, you are not getting it from someone, or something, who is separate from yourself. You are getting it from an extension, from an extension of the Absolute which extends into you, too. This is the way the interaction takes place. There is activity on all levels, for you to receive these inspirations you have to be doing some work too. You have to be tuning in, you have to be developing, because it is all the one spirit. From my point of view there is no developing to take place, because there is the one spirit, and it doesn't need to develop. But that spirit is filtered in your world, by your bodies, and so from your point of view there is a development that is needed. And so I use a phrase which I think you will be able to grasp.

Creativity is a process you are all involved in. No one process is any greater, more important, than another. You are creating the whole time. Yes, there is creativity which you can see and grasp in your world - when you make things. There is the creativity of music, pictures, buildings, clothes, food. But there is also a deeper creativity. You are creating the conditions of your life. And, as your attitude is, so will those conditions be. This is why it is necessary to hold everyone and everything with an attitude of love, and respect. If you allow resentment or bitterness to creep into your attitude then those are the conditions that will manifest in your life.

Watch the filter that you have, through which the Absolute is manifesting in your world. Keep the filter clean. You will be hurt many times in your life. The filters shut off, one from the other. When you come to this side, the filters become finer and finer and so these hurts are much less possible because there is much greater understanding of one another. Remember an old Chinese saying, Before you judge a man, walk three miles in his shoes. People will hurt you, you cannot go through your life without hurts. But watch the way in which you handle that hurt. There are ways of discharging it that are harmless, ways of discharging it that are harmful. If you cannot really forgive the other person, pretend you have forgiven them. Behave as though you have forgiven them. And you will often and so often, discover that you have forgiven them.

As the Absolute comes through your filter, let it come through. Do not hinder its passage with your resentments and bitterness. And if you cannot get rid of those resentments, there are people in your world who are willing, who would try, to help you discharge them in a harmless manner. If you cannot handle them by yourself, then seek the help of others. But most of all seek the Absolute that is within you. As the Master said, come unto me ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. The Absolute will give you that rest from your resentments and bitternesses.

I can hear you saying; But I am only a human being, I am not strong enough. You are the Absolute. If you can maintain an inner calmness, you will be able to do it. If you can't maintain that calmness, then find some way to discharge what is upsetting you. There are many ways available and if you pray and earnestly desire you will receive the inspiration of which way to go for you. For what helps your neighbour may help you and it may not. By prayer you can bring into your world the Absolute, the calming vibrations. By prayer you can increase these vibrations. By prayer you can clean the filter. There are many methods of prayer and many methods that will keep clean your filter, us e the one that seems right to you. There is no hard and fast rule. Seek and you shall find.

My friends, I thank you again for listening to me. There is all round this room a vast choir, I guess you would term them angels. The ones I am talking about are those from a higher level. You have your friends and helpers here, but about them there is this further choir. A golden choir and they are bringing much energy. This room is a vortex of energy. Would you please sit quietly for one or two moments and absorb that energy.

(After a pause Arrian softly prayed) May this peace linger with you through the days to come.
Thank you.



First, you should remember that you are in a physical world, you have come into that physical world for certain reasons known to your innermost self. You may be able to tap those reasons consciously, or you may not. It does not matter. The first duty, therefore, is to yourself, in that physical world. We have talked before about the illusion of the world, that it is a game, but it is a game that must be played seriously.

You are in a certain society in that world, you should fit in with that society. If you do not, then certain resentments may build up against you and these may - I stress 'may' - hinder you. They will certainly cause you to expend great mental and nervous energy in warding them off. So you should first take care of your body - see that it has rest, that it has a well-balanced diet, not too little and not too much. Follow whatever dietary dictates seem appropriate to you, for what suits one person may not necessarily suit another, but follow common sense rules.

On the matter of diet, the most sensible one is to make sure you have a balanced diet, not emphasizing one food at the expense of others. Make sure you have a sufficiency of live foods - that is, the raw fruits and vegetables. You need a sufficiency of the starches, you will need a sufficiency of the proteins. Make sure they (the types of food) are balanced and do not over-eat one group more than others. Check your weight for your height and your frame, and do not let your weight drop too low or become too heavy. In either instance the energies in the body are depleted and there are not enough available for your spiritual work.

You should engage to the best of your ability in some useful work. You are in that world, you breathe the air, you receive sunshine. In your society you receive many other benefits. It is your duty to contribute to your world, to the world and your society and your family. We feel it is preferable, if there is a clash between this world (that is, Spirit World) and family members, (that) you should put the family first until the conditions resolve themselves. This is to prevent a build-up of the resentments that I mentioned earlier. In the family setting resentments can be especially damaging to one embarking on the spiritual path deliberately. Everyone is really on the spiritual path. I mean this talk to be applied specifically to those who are deliberately and consciously engaging on their spiritual path.Work so you can contribute to your society to the best of your ability. We recognise that every one has different abilities. You chose those abilities when you incarnated and no one ability is any better, or any lesser than any other ability. They may be different, but there is no difference in quality. We do not wish you to go in for strong ascetic practices. These concentrate the mind too much on the body and hence detract from your spiritual development. These are also apt to increase pride - pride in the suffering you are experiencing. What is the value of suffering if you inflict it on yourself? Is not self-inflicted punishment punishable in your army? There is no glory in hurting yourself, by deliberately and consciously hurting yourself. It may be said that all suffering is self inflicted, since, when you incarnate, you may have decided that you are willing to undertake certain suffering. But that is a different class to what I am talking about at the moment in these strict ascetic practices.Remember, you have incarnated, you have taken on a life. Live it, live your own life! You are responsible for yourself. Make your own decisions in worldly matters, in your social interactions. We are here to guide you, we can give you suggestions when you are in difficulties, but we are not here to lead your life for you. We are not here to tell you what clothes to put on in the morning, or what food to have for dinner or supper. When you are in a serious quandary which may have repercussions for someone else or the future path of your life, by all means then turn to us. But you don't have to turn to us for everything.Remember, you incarnated for a purpose, if you want us to make every decision for you, you are not living out that purpose and you will have to incarnate again. Think what a waste that is! How attractive is that world to you? Wait till you see this one. Unless you live your own life, you will not have had practice in decision making, or in the interaction with other people. You will not have had chance to work out your own psychological difficulties. It is these mental qualities which you bring over here with you. It is these qualities which influence your ability to act as guides and helpers over here. You do not become a saint when you die - you are basically still the same person, and, as you adjust and learn about life in the Spirit World, that is when you start changing. If you come over here not having lived your own life, you are still going to be relying on us to do all the work. It doesn't work that way.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes. While you are in the physical body, in the physical world, you are not perfect. If you were perfect you wouldn't be there, except for a few very special people, and those people usually make their mark early in life. Mistakes are inevitable, on this side as well as on your side. In the "lower" regions of this side, mistakes can still be made. Remember that when I talk about 'higher' or 'lower', these are in inverted commas. There is really no 'higher' or 'lower' on this side, but I am using terms which I think you can understand in an effort to give you concepts which just do not exist in your world. You are like people wearing glasses rather like binoculars. Have you looked through binoculars from the wrong end? You can see like through a tunnel with a little picture right far away. That is what you are like. That is how you see the world, the universe, the totality, this is but a very small portion of it. We have much more different concepts over on this side and it is a very exciting adventure when you come over here and start exploring. Then you will see our difficulty.

So, to return to my theme. There is nothing wrong with developing what talents you have to the very best of your ability. I have just asked you to remember that you cannot be perfect. Too much strain and stress is encountered in an effort to be perfect, to produce perfect things. But you should still strive to do the best you can. But don't be too depressed if you fail. You are a spirit that is encased in a human body; and the spirit is operating through that human body. Human bodies don't always respond the way Spirit would have them respond. It is as if you had a large sheet over yourself and you are trying to do something - the sheet is draped all over you - you know how ghosts are sometimes drawn. Any way, you have this sheet draped over your hands and you are trying to cut something. This is how it is for Spirit operating through a human body. There is something between the spirit and the other objects it is trying to manipulate and, of course, the other objects also have their "sheets" over them, because you are operating in a physical world.

So do the best you can but keep relaxed within you. There is much emphasis these days on stress management and relaxation. This is a prompting from spirit to try to get this quality into human beings. In your society it is being very greatly lost. It is also being lost in the more natural societies because of pressures from your society, because of overcrowding, because of starvation and drought, because the natural covers of the earth are being eroded. Forests are being decimated and deserts are spreading, and this is putting pressure on the natural peoples. At this moment I am especially thinking of Africa.So we are prompting this emphasis on stress management. When you are under stress, when you are tense, when you are nervous, when you are heated up, Spirit cannot work through you properly. It is as if that sheet is being tied tightly round you so that you can't move. So that sensation is cut off. That is how Spirit feels when the human is stressed.

Remember what we have told you before, this world of yours, its a game. Play it like a game, to the best of your ability. Follow the rules of your society, but keep that centre of calmness, keep that relaxation. This is important for your physical bodily well-being and it is important for your own spiritual development. Each person's method of stress management will be different. Find what suits you. Leave other people free, don't try to impose your ideas on them. At the moment I have finished with stress, this is still a part of stress but I am thinking at the moment more in terms of your general life, your general attitude. Accept other people for what they are and do not impose your standards on them, because they will rebel against this. They will pull away from you and this will cause you more stress, because you are trying to impose yourself on them, and they are rebelling and you will try to impose yourself, again they will back away more and you will get nowhere. So leave other people their space. Accept them for what they are. Remember that they, too, are an incarnation of the Godness, they have their path and it is different to yours. Accept that and be at peace.

There is much more we have to tell you on this line, but we are tiring. This is the first time we have worked for some months. We can stay a few more minutes if anyone has a question, we will try to answer it.

Question: Do gurus present a valid way for people in this culture developing their spiritual nature?

Answer: If a person is attracted to the Guru's methods then it is valid for them for as long as they feel it is right for them. We do not think that the cultures are as widely separated as they used to be. The Western culture has spread so much, there is much more mixing than there used to be, and it is in an effort to keep these ancient teachings alive that they are being spread into Western societies. We see nothing wrong with this. People will only be attracted to them when it is right for them, and they will leave when it is no longer right.

We will bid you good-night. If you have any points to raise bring them up during supper and discussion. We will try to impress this medium with answers for you. We have done this before and it is less tiring than actually speaking through (her). She is tiring quite rapidly at the moment.

So, with your leave, we will say good-night and God bless you.




Imagine a golden circle spinning faster and faster around us. As it spins it is beginning to rise and is taking us with it. We are going up through the roof, gradually higher and higher. Look down and you can see the world beneath us, see the city, see the country. Now you can see the oceans and the other countries gradually getting smaller and smaller. Now look up and around us. Everything is jet black, a soft, velvet, safe blackness. This is the void, the Godness.Look at the stars that you can see twinkling, the beautiful silver stars - the golden stars. Look at them. - Reach out and touch them. Hold them in your hand, play with them. Throw them up and catch them. Throw them away and catch another. Play with them like children. Sometime you will be able to play with stars like this - when you are beginning to express the Godness within you.

See, you are at a rainbow, see the seven coloured bands stretching away from you. Climb that rainbow. Feel yourself bathed in the beautiful golden lights. Those seven lights make the one pure light. - Feel yourselves bathed in that one pure light. - Feel the peace of the Godness that one day you will merge back into.


Oh God of Peace, O God of love,

We are thy children,

Guide us, Inspire us.

Let us know thy blessings, every minute of the day,Let us seek thy love and peace,

Let us know that it is within us, there for the asking,Provided by the God as a father provides for his children.(Pause)

Come back down that rainbow, into our golden ring. The rainbow is fading, the doorway to Godness is fading. But we can open that doorway whenever we wish. - And one day we will go through that doorway to the state of peace and love that we can barely glimpse but one day it will be ours. - Look around at the stars that one day we will be able to make. - See them fading, becoming smaller. - As you return to our world, see the earth becoming bigger and bigger. - See our country and our city. - Come back to this room and be at peace. Know that you can have this experience whenever you sit and think of it. I do hope everyone enjoyed that meditation tonight. (General agreement) It was a special one given to you from Arrian. Did you all have a lovely experience? (General agreement) You see it is useful for us to know when you are having these experiences in our meditations, because it helps us to give you the things that you respond to most.

Margaret: I think everybody would have to respond to that one. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

Georgina: And very joyous too.

Verna: It also helps us to hear from you what you are experiencing. It gives us an idea of how you are progressing.

Isia: It felt like skipping.

Verna: That is good because this is a joyous time of the year coming up, and in these next two or three circles we are trying to lead up to that. And we are anxious for you to understand that there is more to the world of spirit than what you usually think about in this philosophy. You hear so much about the conditions when you first come over here, and how you can provide your own surroundings and all that sort of thing, and some of that is really very exciting because you have all sorts of wonderful things like flying around if you want to - it can be fun. But we would like you to understand that there is more to life over here than just that. You also hear often about the ways in which you can help other spirits, spirits of people who have some difficulties and have brought material conditions over here with them. You also hear about Halls of Learning and you can expand and extend yourselves. There are ways in which you can make objects with which you are familiar. But we also want you to know about the other states, states that you can go into in which you too, can actually take part in creating worlds as you know them. You see, the steps of going through the Halls of Learning and learning to create things by thought in the spirit world are leading up to this stage.

First you have to let go of the material conditions. Sometimes you need to work things through, and we are anxious that you understand that you do not HAVE to reincarnate back into your world. If you do, you see, you are hanging on to the material conditions. We are anxious that you understand that you can let them go. And a part of that is when you get to the point at which you can help other spirits, who haven't yet realised this and you can work with them and this also helps you to let go of your material conditions - those little last vestiges.

Often what ties you back into the world more than anything is the people that you have left behind - the attachments that you have made - and you all have to, eventually, let them go.

Many people only finally let them go when the last person comes over into the spirit world. This doesn't matter, because you may have things to work out with those people that you have left behind. But then you can move on to the Halls of Learning where you can start learning about mind expansion. We have often described this to you as merging with other souls around you - souls with whom you are compatible. It's an awfully difficult concept to get across to you, because it is an expansion and a merging with others so that you have many more experiences on which to call. Its a much broader range of experience, understanding, general knowledge perhaps, and you are starting to understand very much more about the working of the mind and the thought processes. At first you use this in creating objects such as you may have created in the material world - pictures and sounds and so forth. But very much different to this. True, they may simply be bigger, they may have more depth to them, and you get to the point where they also have more sort of movement and light to them, and that is the beginning.

You move into spheres where the thought processes have let go of the material concepts. Often this will be stages where it is something like the gemstones, you can see the colours and you can see the lights that they reflect. But they are not really the same. But that is the closest analogy that I can give you. And it is at this stage where you are beginning to enter the act of creation, because these surroundings that you find yourself in are so very tenuous and so fine, and eventually you just go through them, and that's when creativity really starts. By this time, of course, you have expanded and extended yourself very much more.

You see, my difficulty is that I have not yet experienced this, I have caught glimpses of it and it is terribly difficult for me to really bring it through to you - its expansion and the ability to create. But I do know that it is a very joyful stage, its a very playful stage. And there is one stage beyond it at which you let go even that, and there is a stage beyond that at which you reach the final merging.

So do not get TOO caught up with your anticipation of what you are going to experience over here. You will enjoy that stage too. That, too, is a form of creation because you will be forming your surroundings. And the things that you make in your world, too, are a part of the process, a part of your training, because you have to think it through first - you have to create the thought idea and then you start with it and you make it material. But the big thing is the thought creation.

It does not matter what you make, but try to do things where it is all yours right from the initial thought. That is the biggest training for creation later.

How many of you think "I am no good at making anything?" You are. You create things every day - even if it is only a meal. you see even that you have to plan. You have to work out beforehand. You have to see what you have available. Perhaps you are only planting in the garden - but you still have to think it first - you still have to plan. Even the act of creating a child is part of the process - especially as you have to train that child. That process is not entirely dependent on the parents, the child has a great say in it too, but you are still contributing. Even your acts of keeping house - you still have to plan it and create, don't you?

Margaret: I suppose we think of it more as every-day mundane things.

Verna: But you still are creating something - you are creating a home. So it doesn't have to be great works of art. It may be a bit of pleasure that you give someone - that is creating. What is available over here is really very much greater than any concept you can have and any concept that I can give you. You have just been shown what is there.


Isia: I've just been told to give you a box of Turkish delight, from a friend of yours. Someone said that you liked it very much.

Verna: Yes. I did once have Turkish Delight. I accept it.

Janet: Did you come from an area where Turkish Delight was once a sweetening dish?

Verna: It was brought to us. Especially at Christmas.

Margaret: I think you have made us all feel too peaceful and steady, Verna.

Verna: That's all right. Maybe some of you needed it.

Dorothy: Maybe it was meant to make us think.

Verna: No. Just to be.

Isia: Do you have any pets over there?

Verna: Oh, Yes.

Isia: They are always around, are they?

Verna: Every pet you have ever looked after will meet you. Some of you are going to have problems.

Isia: I am looking forward to having animal friends there too.

Verna: You see, the animal kingdom forms one of the strands - strand is really the only word I can use (feeling slightly frustrated), but you know about analogies. - There is one big tree trunk all being twisted round and, eventually, animals too merge back into the Godness, because originally they, too, came from Godness. So they will be there, and you will have much better communication with them.

Guy: When we reach the stage where we create, some mischievous or cranky individuals may also reach a stage to create, and create creepy-crawlies and bugs and all kind of things. Is that how they came to be made?

Verna: Well, don't forget we had to make something to feed the birds and the fishes.

Guy: Fleas on dogs are just made to feed on dogs.

Verna: Well, as I said, it is a play time.

Guy: Some rather cranky entity made many things. Would that be right?

Verna: I don't really know. I shall have to ask some one to find out.

Janet: At least the fleas let you know the dog's dirty.

Verna: You see, there always has to be a flaw somewhere, because Godness provided the initial basic building block and that is perfect. But this creation isn't by perfect people - there will always be faults.

Guy: That is what I am aiming at. The spirits who have reached the stage of being able to create are far from perfect -

Verna: Not FAR from perfect.

Guy: Well, not perfect, so they mess things up occasionally.

Verna: Well, they wouldn't, but don't forget that you people also have some input.

Janet: But isn't the power to create life, something that only lies with God?

Verna: It depends on what you mean by life. The incoming spirit has to be God but you can mould it, you can affect it, interact with it. Are you not made in his image?

Margaret: I think we find that a little hard to - you know - we almost thin 'Oh, no. That cannot be.'

Verna: Because you consider your earthly personality. You have to go within.

Georgina: Verna, do we create our own bodies? I understand that we have - now you tell me.

Verna: It is rather you select a body which suits what you want to do. That suits your prime purpose. But you can affect it to some degree, but it is largely seeing what is available - 'largely'. You understand that there are always exceptions to every rule - we can only tell you about what USUALLY happens.

Georgina: Can it be that what is available for selection will be made according to genetic blueprints. Is that correct?

Verna: Yes. Largely.

Janet: So you can see what you look like before you are born?

Verna: And then, of course, you have some input to it, by the way you treat it. So there is a lot of interaction and your thoughts and your intentions and your overall attitudes which show on your face, too. And so you can affect what is given genetically. The plainest face can look beautiful if it has a beautiful soul.

Margaret: Like the saying : There is no plain bride on her wedding day.

Verna: That's right.

Dorothy: So are babies as far as their mothers are concerned.

Verna: And a lot of other people.

Dorothy: We are coming up to a joyous time as you said. There are celebrations going on, on your side and on our side, are you doing anything in particular on your side?

Verna: Well, we only have to think of things you see, but we are already receiving the changed vibrations from the world. You see, every time there is a big religious festival the vibrations change, and people tend to - at least in the area where the festival is - to become happier and excited and, perhaps, more tolerant of other people. We feel these changed vibrations, and that's what comes to u.Dorothy; Does that mean that anything you feel from our vibrations in this world on your is that much more felt by you?

Verna: Yes, because everything is vibration and the communication between souls on this side is by vibration, and we are aware of the vibrations on your side too.

Georgina: There has been a lot in the papers lately about the terrible conditions in prisons here. Do spirits have any idea about the way criminals should be treated or how they could be rehabilitated?

Verna: A lot of the criminal's sort of behaviour arises out of their experiences in your world - a lot of it, you understand - and the way a person reacts to it. It is sort of basic outlook on the world, and you need to be able to change that person's outlook and 'inlook'. The way they feel about themselves. Now this is extremely difficult - you do need to shield other people from the criminal element. Even in the most 'primitive' societies that the world has experienced, there were the misfits - the people who would not obey what rules of society there were. So it is not just a phenomena of your society. Often these people were coming with the idea of changing something in society - that was one of their ideas for coming through - and so they saw society in a different way to the rest of the people in that society. Then naturally, they were in a minority, they were not getting very far, and so they developed a rebelling attitude. Of course, there were people who were able to do what they had come for - shall we say, they went about it in an appropriate manner for that society. We cannot give you an easy way of dealing with this, there are people in your society who are attempting to gain understanding of human behaviour. But at the moment they are focusing far too much on the material manifestations, but we expect they will get over that in time. It is a very fine 'knife edge' which you have to draw.

Janet: Not all the criminals are in jail though, are they?

Verna: No. We are trying to work with people who are interested in that problem because, you see, when those criminals come on our side they are still going to have these problems, and we will still have to work with them. So we are trying to work with the material conditions as well, now. There will be mistakes made, there will be injustices, but there are gropings being made to correct it, and in time answers will come forward. You need to find some way to improving their basic self-concept, and their concept of society and other people. We are not sure that the present state is correct, it is evolving from a previous state, which was even more incorrect and eventually it will evolve forward. We cannot give you an easy 'pat' answer. Because it still comes back to the basic interaction of the incoming soul, its immediate surroundings and life experiences. There are those rebels who will go about things in an appropriate manner and there are those who can't.

Janet: What would you do about someone like the Ayatollah Khomeini? Is he not a criminal?

Verna: I don't know what to do about him. I assure you there are many of us who are very concerned about that gentleman, and we are trying to work in that area. But remember that even he is a drop of Godness. Pray for him.

Dorothy: How does he justify his actions because he is supposed to be a leader of their religion isn't he?

Verna: That's right. It is how the original message given has been misinterpreted over the years.

Margaret: But undoubtedly he believes in everything he says. Of course that sort of person really frightens me. Anybody who is a fanatic about anything frightens me.

Janet: But isn't there a more important issue? And that is that there is a question of degree with what you want to call the criminal element. You have the people who Georgina mentioned, who in many ways are the more petty types, and you have the hidden operator at the macro level - like the Ayatollah, or Hitler, or Fidel Castro - you name any number of them and what you have to look at is the source of the problem. So how do we in a society that has developed today, cope with the problems which now lies before us. Hundreds of years ago it would have been dealt with more effectively in a society which was so much better equipped to cope with these individuals.

Verna: The thing that you as individuals, can do in your society is to pray for them. To direct love to them because as long as you direct hate at these people, they will be receiving that hate and feeding on it. So love, send love to them, don't condone what they are doing. I do not know if you were present when we talked about the work that we had to do with Mr. Hitler. When he came over here and he went through his life review, he became completely rigid with horror at what he had unleashed. And more than one group was involved in sending love to him, and it was that love that was able to unlock him, because it was the first time that he had really experienced unconditional love. When he realised what that was, then he was able to start working on the people who had suffered at his hands. Many of them could only be released from THEIR hate by him. He had to show them love.

Dorothy: So, as the other people here said, about the criminals today on this earth, they will have to face probably the same thing.

Verna: That's right.

Dorothy: Being rigid with shock at what you've done?

Verna: Yes.

Janet: But look at what motivates most people to be criminals, particularly at that level. Its the problem that we have about repetitiveness and people's desire for power, to be above everyone else - there are some people who cannot be happy with their being equal to others.

Verna: It's as though as soon as man settled, some have to be leaders, and you do need leaders in a group, in a society like yours.

Janet: Benevolent leaders.

Verna: Yes, but you need leaders, but it is the wrong type of leader that causes a lot of problems, and I think that this is what you are concerned about.

(Break in recording)

Dorothy: That means we have to learn to be tolerant of each other, then these things wouldn't happen.

Verna: If you can get it through the society so that it is part of society's whole mores. This is one of the things which the world is having to learn - bring this tolerance, this acceptance about. This is the preparation for the new type which is to come, and there will be many social upheavals. If you look at the patterns of history of your world this century, you have had the whites moving into the blacks area but you have also had a lot of blacks who have moved into the whites' area. So there is a tremendous mixing going on. And so many difficulties come because you have material assets.

Janet: So what does this do or mean in the meantime? When a black person or an Asian person see their children, or parents or their family, the people that they love, slaughtered before their eyes, are they supposed to stand back and not do anything to help?

Verna: It makes no difference what the race is, all people suffer the same in those conditions.

Janet: That is not the issue I am driving at - if someone you love is at risk of their lives - you must defend.

Verna: You have to act ethically yourself.

Janet: The trouble is that it starts off as one individual's action which is one you have to take in defence.

Dorothy: But how can you justify that protection which causes you to kill a person?

Janet: The trouble is that it is not really the means to the end.

Verna: Your world will never be perfect, and you are constantly faced with these choices and you can but choose which, to you, is the better one.

Janet: Would it be considered a crime in the Spirit world to not act to protect someone whose life is at risk if you could help them?

Verna: To us sin is when you prevent the manifestation of Godness. We look at a person's intent. Now, because we are all part of Godness, because basically there is that under-linking underneath, what you do to one person, you do to yourself. And this why when you go through your life's review, you feel what you have done to other people. And there are some people who have been in very humble circumstances, who would feel just as much remorse as what to someone else may be quite a small sin or crime in your words, compared to what some of the leaders have done, and yet that humble person will suffer just as much as the 'great' person.

Janet: But you are talking about acting from the individual point of view. You are confronted with choices - you could either choose passive resistance which is a ways equated with saying "I will let this person die even if I could help them because I know that to help them would only lead to continuing the larger problem" which might be apartheid or it might be anything else. On the other hand you can do what you feel would be morally right for you as one individual to protect that person. You have the dilemma of the two - the greater good or the individual situation.

Verna: Basically it is your own decision. You are in the world to make decisions. It's one of the experiences that we are here to gain.

Margaret: Yes, you have told us that before Verna. It's very hard.

Verna: It is.

Dorothy: What I find hard, Verna, is that when a spirit comes into a baby's body, before or just after they are born, you say that the spirit knows what our life is going to be like, how it ends, so it knows that there is also the possibility that it could kill.

Verna: The incoming soul knows the broad general outline. Now, as you are in one situation, so you can influence what comes next, and so you can affect what actually happens. So are the decisions which you make.

Dorothy: It's very hard to understand that if a spirit really knows what is going to happen, why then ages ago is the decision not made to avoid the bad or unpleasant situation, that things are not started so that we wouldn't have the situation in front of us.

Verna: The spirit only knows the very broad general outline and that can be changed by the way in which you act in each situation.

Dorothy: In other words there is action and reaction.

Verna: It is trends all the time. Tell me what is the time?

Guy: Nine-thirty.

Margaret: In some ways, I suppose I am not right, but some of the things which are happening today seem so terrible, it seems to be one of the worst times in history - the degradation of people.

Verna: This time in the history of the world is no worse than it ever has been. If you look back at some of the things that have been done in history.

Georgina: It's just the media coverage probably.

Janet: It seems worse because we are living in it - its different to reading about it in a history book.

Verna: You see, before you had such good communication you didn't know about all these things, but it is no worse now than it has ever been.

Dorothy: How can you compare things that Caligula did with what Idi Amin did. But it's just that we heard about Idi Amin on the TV.

Verna: These days you are also not so willing to just accept, but they had to in those days.

Guy: There is something different Verna because for the first time in all history I think, the world is now linked in one interdependent whole, it has never been that before.

Verna: That is true.

Guy: So there is a new stage coming.

Georgina: I read a spiritualist healing book in which the healing spirit said that man will not find a cure for cancer until animals are not used in experiments.

Verna: This is an area in which I do not know much about. Breakthroughs will come, but there will always be something.

Margaret: There has to be because people do it to themselves.

Verna: Well, there has to be an excuse for the body to die.

Guy: At what level is the decision made to go, Verna? It is not the ego who decides. Who decides when enough is enough?

Verna: It is a decision which is made at all levels of your mind, being, soul. You just decide that it is time to go. But if there is just one level which says "No, I want to do something else", it won't.

Guy: All want to agree.

Isia: What about those people in the London sub-way fire, did they all want to go?

Margaret: Even something like that?

Verna: Yes, because if they hadn't made that decision they wouldn't have been there, or they would not have been killed, they would have been one of the survivors.

Dorothy: I read a book that said even the suicides know when it is time to go, and it doesn't succeed if they weren't meant to go.

Verna: At some level the decision was changed.

Janet: What do you think of the concept of passive resistance?

Verna: It is a good one.

Janet: When we were talking before about the problems and the moral dilemma about either defending someone you could help or standing back and letting it happen because of the greater good! I was thinking really that was what Christ was doing when he died and went to the cross. So it is reasonable to assume that if enough people could be educated to passive resistance, then you could eliminate the violence provided that could be maintained?

Verna: True, if you can do it as Gandhi did. You need someone, a leader, with that amount of control over the others.

Georgina: If such a person arose today, those in opposition may kidnap a member of their family, or some close worker, or torture them, would that person be strong enough to continue in those circumstance?

Verna: As I understand it, it is possible.
If you will excuse me, I will bring tonight's proceedings to a close. Thank you all for coming.



In the question we were asked "Thoughts create forms - if I have remembered the wording correctly - what happens to our thoughts and emotions when they are expressed." It is a very interesting topic. We wonder whether our idea of thoughts is the same as that of the questioner. We will take it to be those ideas, in words, which form in your head. Some of them are intentional, sometimes you go to considerable effort to work things out and form them in your mind. Very often our thoughts are stray occurrences. They may be efforts of recollections, they may be just impressions of the moment, they may be commands to your body to do certain things - as when you are driving one of your motor vehicles.

Thoughts take varying forms, and I do not claim to have just covered every type of thought, they were simply examples.

Now, emotions are somewhat different. Emotions are feelings, something which you experience - it is often, or usually, your reaction to some event, or the recollection of some event - and I am employing the word 'event' in as wide a definition as possible. It may simply be something that is said to you. It may be something which you see on your television or which you read. Emotions can be roused by actual physically occurring events and by fictional events. Again, I do not claim to have covered all types.

Emotions, as you realise, can, again, be divided into two or three broad categories. You may call them positive emotions, you may have negative emotions, and you may have neutral type reactions. But many of the classifications you apply to emotions are just that - applied by you to the feeling. It is possible for you to be in a situation and to react to it in one way, you will view that situation as positive, something pleasant. Another person could be in exactly the same situation reacting in a completely different way and classify it as negative. So we will not go into specific types of emotions, such as anger, love, pleasure, and so forth. We will leave those to you. Emotions in this reaction affect your body, your physical body and also your astral and etheric body. I trust that you understand that when you shed this physical body you will still be occupying a finer body - and various names have been applied to this body over the years, we are trying not to add our own name and increase the confusion. This body, too, will gradually dissolve, it will go through various stages of increasing fineness until eventually, it is completely dissolved and you are merging with the Godness.

So, let us get back to our topic.

Now, what causes emotions? An event, they can also be caused by a thought and thoughts are also involved in this reaction. It is your thoughts which will classify the event or occurrence as positive or negative, or neutral. You can be in situations in which you really do not have any particular reaction.

Now, for our new people, we sometimes have to stop and work out how to express things to you. We have great difficulty with some of our concepts. The reaction of the emotion is largely centered in your spiritual body, your etheric body - let's call it etheric. That is where a lot of your reactions will occur. Your etheric body is, of course, interpenetrating your physical body and so your physical body will also be affected - you may have an increase of heart rate, perhaps the palms of your hands will perspire or other physical manifestations like that. But it is largely in the etheric body where the emotions are occurring. The etheric body is reacting to the external events, external in the physical world. The emotion causes this movement in the etheric body, and if you can, when you have some emotion or physical reaction, if you just stop and look at the reactions in your physical body, you will find that in many cases you have very similar emotions whether it is a negative reaction or a positive one. The stirring up of the etheric body can have very similar effects on the physical body. But it is what is going on in the etheric body which really counts.

Now, some emotions can increase the contact, or your link with the world of spirit and that is the real classification between negative and positive. The positive emotions will strengthen that link, the negative emotions can get in the way of that link, so that the contact with Spirit is more difficult. It is more difficult for us to give you guidance to deal with that situation, because it is a different type of movement in the etheric body. With the positive emotions there is a smoother sort of movement. It gives clearer, brighter colours in the aura. The negative type emotions flare the aura, produce stronger darker colours, and introduce a tension in the etheric body, so that we have greater difficulty in our attempts to help you. This is the realm of emotions.

Now, the expression of thoughts. We have told you that you largely create your own circumstances and that you can affect your circumstances with your thoughts. We have explained to you to use imagination, not will-power, because will-power creates a tension which the imagination doesn't. Now, not all thoughts will be manifest, not in this world, not in any other. The stray thought that comes through your mind will not be manifested. There needs to be some sort of an intention before the thought can be manifest. Now, I am afraid that by using the word intention, we are going to get caught up in the will-power thing. This is one of our difficult concepts. Give me a moment. (brief pause) Does it help if we use the word desire? I am looking for a word. We need a word that implies something wanted or intended, but which isn't going to bring in the attitude of will-power or tension.

It needs also to be a continuous thought to be manifested. Something said in the flash of anger just once or for a short time, is less likely to be manifested than something that is held quietly in the mind, continually. Now, I imagine someone saying: 'But anger has force and can be manifested.' If that occurs it is a manifestation of something which is really at the 'back of the mind' and is merely expressed briefly in that flash of anger, that is, if that anger, saying or thought manifests. This is a complicated issue because, also you may be merely expressing on the surface physical level, something which has been designed or agreed upon in your general life plan. I do not think I can tell you how to discern the difference. This is the reason why, in oriental philosophies, great stress is placed on watching your thoughts. It is the continuous thoughts that you must watch, and also the thoughts which mesh or tie-in with your life-plan, and you can change that life-plan by changing your thoughts. I say you can, I do not necessarily say that you will. It depends on how many levels of your mind the agreement to change takes place. It is often in young children who have not yet fully absorbed their surroundings in your world, who often feel that they have had a thought and it has come about. It would help children a great deal if it was explained to them that a thought just coming once does not have the fullness of intent and therefore, does not manifest. It needs to be a continuous thought held in the mind, even at the back of the mind, as a sort of undercurrent to your daily life. They are the kinds of thoughts that get expressed and again, sometimes, these thoughts may simply be a knowledge coming to the surface of your mind of what your life's plan is. And this is often what the psychic flashes mean, when people suddenly know what is going to happen - it is just that some aspect of the life-plan has surfaced.

You can, of course, if you have been in a situation where you have had a thought which distresses you, which you classify as a negative thought, you can undo that. Just replace it with a positive thought. Just keep that thought there. Keep it there long enough and it will counter-balance.

Now, we have talked to you often of this analogy of the tree - you have the little twiglets, and groups of several twiglets form a twig, and several twigs form a branch, and groups of branches merge into the trunk. Your thoughts can be manifest in some other part of the universe or with some other person. One of your fellow twiglets. The contact between you and your fellow twiglets is unlikely to be strong enough - I am not sure that is quite the right word I want - to be effective, for your thoughts to affect someone else's life. I am talking about someone with whom there is no physical contact. Naturally your thoughts can affect the lives of those who are around you in the suitable conditions, but not going into what some people call another reality, another life in your same reality, but it has no actual physical contact with you.

Sometimes though, the opposite can occur - and what is a thought in your mind is actually an occurrence in somebody else's life. People who write, often, without realizing it, have a stronger link with the Spirit World. And it has often happened that they have picked up somebody else's life and have written it. So, this sort of thing is a bleed through into their consciousness from another person, someone they don't know at all. If, for some reason, you have chosen to reincarnate, it is possible that a thought or a desire from a previous incarnation can, shall we say, 'bleed' through into the present one. But you see, that is a link with yourself. You do not have your stray thoughts sort of floating about the universe and manifesting somewhere else. For your thoughts to manifest, there has to be something behind them. The link through, which I suggested just now with writers usually has some sort of emotion with it, and there is a link through between thoughts and emotions, because thought is the manifestation in the physical body and, as I said, the manifestation is in the etheric body. So the emotional manifestation, is in the etheric body. So there are two aspects. But it is in your Self, and your surroundings that are affected.

The whole area is very complex and intertwined, and I am not at all sure that I have expressed these things in an understandable way for you. I have been trying to talk in general terms rather than in particular terms, and there will always be the occasional one that breaks the rules - 'rules' isn't a very good word I am afraid. It implies that somebody has been sitting down saying this, and this, and this. Nothing is completely and absolutely set. Instead of rules shall we say 'normal occurrences?'

So now, as is our wont, I will open up to you for some questions. There is sure to be some points on which you need clarification.

Andreas: Do all our thoughts, positive and negative, come back to us? Is there a link between our thoughts and our lives? Are thoughts going into cosmos and coming back out of the cosmos again?

Ah-So: The only way your life is affected by your thoughts is if you have a continuous thought, or idea, desire, plan, constantly at the back of your mind. And it has to be something agreed on by all three levels of your mind. If the three are in agreement then the thought can manifest.

Think of the radio wave - if a signal is sent out, can you pick it up when the signal is finished? That is how it is with your thoughts. So you will need to have a thought constantly before it can manifest, manifest permanently.

Andreas: Since time is not an affect of the Cosmos or the eternal circuit what else could we us to understand, what measurement could we use to understand how long a pattern of thought takes until it is ready to materialize?

Ah-So: I am not sure that I really feel it is necessary to measure. It will vary, you may be picturing something which will necessarily take a longer time than something else to materialize. Do not worry too much about the details. Accept what you can, because what you can accept is what you need at the moment. Other things come to you later again.

Marsha: In the course of things we have to decide which path to take, and sometimes there is a feeling of desire, I would like to do this, and other times, on the same path, you have this feeling that instead of the path or road that you would like to take, we need to take something else - you need to go in a different direction. Is it always true that that second path is better or is that just a general notion or background, and then perhaps, instead of taking a more desirable road, you must always take the more difficult. How do you discern between the desirable and necessary or better? This occurs very often during our lives.

Ah-So: Yes. Now, nothing is set with a hard and fast rule. Sometimes what you have described as the second one - was that the path of duty? - So there is the desire and the duty. Let's use those terms. Sometimes the path of duty is the correct one, sometimes the path of desire is the correct one for you. Remember, what applies to you does not necessarily apply to the next person, and vice versa. And the question is, how to decide?

Marsha: Yes. How to reason or how to decide what is better at any particular point in time. Sometimes you can ... you might have fears about a certain course and it is difficult to know if it is just our fears because of the unknown, or valid fears, about taking a certain course of action, perhaps testing or taking the other course.

Ah-So: This is a very difficult question you have given me. It is necessary to take into account physical conditions. While you are in a physical body you are there for certain experiences, so you need to take into account physical considerations. You need to take into account your mental and emotional needs, responses, and, of course, you need to take into account your spiritual path, your spiritual aspects, let's say, not path. You can really only know by contacting the Inner.

It is this type of situation in which you are justified in asking Spirit's advice and help in making the decision. You have probably heard us stress that you need to make your own decisions, but there are occasions when you are justified and when it is necessary to seek Spirit's advice. Naturally, when you have time in making a decision, you can wait until you feel absolutely right about the decision. Other times of course, you do not have that time. There are constraints in your material world and sometimes those limits have to be adhered to, and the decision one way or the other must be made. But that inner contact is always the surest one. Then you may do something when you need to make a quick decision, and this is something which the medium as often suggested - and something we agree with - toss a coin. now, you do NOT necessarily do what the coin says, but tossing the coin makes the decision for you, and in the very act you can tell - you can get a reaction inside you. And it is that reaction which will give you the decision, whether you are happy with the decision, or if you think, at that point, 'No, that's wrong.' And THAT is the decision you follow, not necessarily that of the coin, but the reaction in you. We feel that this inner reaction is really your best guide in these situations. There are other methods you may use besides the coin: the pendulum is popular. But always look at your own reaction to the answer, and follow that reaction. Does that answer satisfy you, or would you like some further clarification?

Marsha: I think that's very good actually.

Ah-So: Sometimes we answer a question and we make things worse, so we have to check. We do not mind in the least if you say no.

Marsha: I sometimes think we are raised in different environments and sometimes I am not quite sure whether it's our background that influences us, or whether we really do get impulses from our souls. And I think that's where the conflict has been. I felt I understood that it was important to me to do what's best, despite what the odds are, I mean - what other people say. That makes it even more complicated.

Ah-So: Yes. There is something which we have sometimes said and you may come across. We have often said, you should try to look at ALL aspects of the situation. Sometimes it may be that the other person's needs are greatest, and sometimes it will be your own needs that are the greatest. And we admit it takes a lot of wisdom to make that decision. But there are times when you are justified in putting yourself first, but seek the guidance too in that kind of situation. Try to look at all aspects from every person's point of view who is involved in the situation.

Sylvia: In knowing or recognizing there is a universal intelligence that governs all things, does that mean that our lower levels or deeper levels of consciousness, at sub-conscious level, link through to universal consciousness and the gradually come to an individual up into the consciousness that is concerned with our individual lives?

Ah-So: Can you picture the earth? It has depths and it has heights, but there is that inner core supporting it. People are like those heights. There is that underlying spirit, and at a level, and it is difficult to say whether it is a deeper level or higher level, but somewhere, permeating it all, there is that connecting intelligence. But you are metaphorically, like the mountains sticking up and there are ... we have described three layers of the mind. There is the super-consciousness which is the closest to the underlying Spirit, and there is the sub-conscious and the conscious. Now, you may picture these three in a line, but it is more of an interlinking or a triangular picture. The sub-conscious has some link with the superconscious and some with the conscious, and of course, the conscious has links with the other two also. Now, I feel I have got carried away. Have I departed from your question?

Sylvia: No.

Ah-So: Is there any other point you want brought out?

Sylvia: Not really, no.

Ah-So: I think, with your permission, I will leave it there tonight.



This was the first session after a break of two weeks while we were on holiday.

The meeting opened with an exercise in which golden light was passed around the circle and then expanded through the universe. Each sitter was then asked to sit on a stool in the centre while the other sitters directed loving concern and acceptance towards the person. Afterwards sitters reported feeling waves in the air which were very pleasant, one sitter reported that she had not wanted it to stop, it was like a conceptual waterfall.

Sertorius then came through and introduced himself to a new member of the circle. He explained that they had been working on the auras of the sitters to strengthen them, and on increasing the energy available in the circle. They had also been working on the medium - they were trying to increase the depth of trance, work which cannot be rushed. The expansion of light exercise was appropriate after a short break.

He then asked if anyone had some particular concern in the spiritual area and some time was taken in discussing a problem concerning a person with low self-esteem.

Sertorius then explained that they were still working on the sitters and that this was the main purpose that night and this was why there was no set lecture. He then gave the following short talk: Perhaps we should remind you of the importance of what you are holding in your mind. Very often, by changing what is in your mind you can change conditions in your material sphere. Now I am not talking so much about the conscious mind but very often there is something at the back of your mind. You may hardly be aware of it, and that is, shall we say, a picture or depiction, of a condition in your life, an event which is to come, and if you can identify or become aware that that picture is there and change that picture, you can by so doing, change the condition or event in some way.

So try to become aware of what is at the back of your mind. Not quite on the sub-conscious level. Perhaps we can say, a pre-conscious level. It is almost in awareness and - this is where I am having trouble with the words and concepts - I am trying to tell you how to become aware of this. Now, if I say analyse what is in your mind, you are going to think you have to sit down and look at everything that is there in a sort of mechanical type of way. That is not really what I am wanting you to do. Perhaps if I point out to you that this is there. If you spend a period, a relaxed period I am not talking about meditation or anything like that - perhaps the word I want is reverie. (Sertorius was groping for the words to express his idea) You are just sitting quietly, perhaps you are having a cup of tea or perhaps just idly sitting watching the birds in the garden. Something like that - a gentle state of mind. And see what is there, see if you can become aware of what is at the back of your mind.

Many clairvoyants do this quite accidentally. They are more aware of the general thing, and can pick up either what is just at the back of the other person's mind, or an event which is forming in the pre-conscious level in the minds of people generally - that would be a world event or a localised event, something that is to happen to a community or to a group, and of course, to themselves. So try this sometimes. A presentiment or a hunch, might just be this thing on the pre-conscious level, and if you can change the picture that is there so you can change the event. Now, if that event involves other people you may not be able to completely prevent the event, but you may be able to change your part in it, and so by consciously, intelligently saying this event will be there, you can see what your actions or part in it might be. And try to change the picture of your part in that event to see if you can alter the outcome. The stronger people, by strong I mean those who have a greater awareness of this, may also be able to change the other people's actions. But you should at least be able to affect your own. So when you have a presentiment or hunch, look at it and see if there is something in your own actions in that event, and change the picture of them. Change your imagining of them and in this way you may be able to change, not perhaps the event, but the outcome of that event. So that you can change it to a more positive direction. Now, are you all understanding what I am trying to say? Does anybody want anything clarified?

It is one of those things where I have the concepts and have trouble putting them into words that you can accept. Words that you can work on and use.

I think the greatest difficulty is this becoming aware of what is there. When you are aware of it your own development is taking another step upwards or forwards - if you want to use these directional words. This, perhaps I should say, is one of the steps in your development. But you must never do these things with any sort of force in them, or tension. It must be a gentle process. As soon as you start applying force or strain at it, there will be a tension and it will be more difficult. You have to grow in it like a flower unfolding. This may seem contradictory, I ask you to look at it and then be natural, like a flower.

Guy: If I may put it in our terms, Sertorius, if I understand you correctly, it involves concepts which may not be clear to everybody here. Please contradict me if I am wrong. The basic concept is that all physical events, before they happen to us in our world, are first formed on a psychic level. Now if we can become consciously aware of these psychic structures as they are being formed in our psyches on a conscious level, and if we can then change them, not by power of will but by imagination, projection. We then, in that way, change the actual course of the physical. Is that basically what you are trying to say?

Sertorius: Yes. I think that is well put. And the easiest one to start with is yourself, your own actions. So if it is an event in which you are involved, change the picturing of your actions so that the outcome of the event will be changed to a more positive direction.

Gina: So that we basically influence our own destination? Instead of being carried by them?

Sertorius: Yes. You have agreed on certain things before birth as we have taught before, and therefore, it is possible for you to change them. And, naturally, it is easier to change the smaller events, and the more that you find you can change those (small) events, the more you will be able to change the bigger events.

Sylvia: It is being aware of the path you are on yourself, isn't it?

Sertorius: Yes. You can use that analogy if you wish.

Rosemary: I can certainly picture myself imagining, changing myself, but you said before that you could somehow change the other people involved. Is that what you said?

Sertorius: Yes. The more adept you get at changing the picture on the pre-conscious level, the more likely it is that you can change other people's actions. But remember that by changing your own actions they will be reacting to something different. So there are the two ways, you can use the picturing, but also by changing your own actions they have something different to react to. Is that satisfactory for everyone?

Gina: So far.

Sertorius: I think I will leave you there for tonight. Just because I said that tonight would be light and easy, it doesn't mean to say that nothing much has been going on. We have been working on your auras. We would like to have a few more moments in silence with you, and I will then withdraw.



There are many spirits here today, they are banked up on all sides, they are singing and praying with you too. There is the most glorious, golden light, which is a light, not only as you understand the word. It is a light also of the spirit. A light of love, and strength and truthfulness, of steadfastness and kindness and gentleness.In my previous life I was a general under Caesar Augustus. I was Caesar's man. I gave him my allegiance and it stayed with him. I was faithful to him and I survived. For a man in my position, life in those days was dangerous. But I survived because of my steadfastness, my honesty and faithfulness. But also there was love and justice, and understanding. I applied the rules of Rome faithfully and honestly. This is what I want you to understand is necessary. But understand the other person. Look at their circumstances, their point of view and be gentle with them. You do not have to be harsh or stern. You do not have to be rigid, nor inflexible, temper all with love and gentleness. Let no-one fear to come to you. Before you pass judgement, listen, and look at yourself. I would remind you of the saying, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

So often in this world there is great injustice. If you feel you are the victim of this injustice, try, my friends, and I weep for you in that circumstance, try not to become bitter or resentful. Don't let the flame of love that is in your heart become extinguished by the thunder and storms of other peoples' harshness and thoughtlessness. If you can give out that love to others, there will be people who will return it to you. There are those that know the truth. There is a pattern, a meaning in all things. The injustice which you feel you are suffering may have a deeper meaning than you are capable of realising at the moment. Treat it as a step of growth for you and keep that flame of love in your heart. Keep it burning brightly. If you let that flame be extinguished, then your life indeed becomes grey. Often and often it is the way you look at things. If you can accept what is happening and stay cheerful, if you can make a joke out of things, if you can laugh (no matter how weakly) in the midst of sorrow, you will overcome eventually. It may be that your struggles are there for you to set an example to others. We can often draw strength from knowing a story of what others have overcome. If one person can overcome difficulties, so can another.

To live life, and not be defeated by it, takes courage. We all have our dangers and our problems, our difficulties and our bleak, dark patches. But if you can keep that smile, keep that flame burning in your heart, in time it will pass and you will conquer and become triumphant. You will become a bigger, stronger person. Remember, you are never alone. There are always people with you who are bringing you strength, who are bringing you love, who are cheering you on. They may be people known to you, and if there is someone who has passed on to the other side, with whom you feel you had a close link, think of them. That will enable them to bring you succour and support more easily. If you cannot think of any particular person, then just address yourself to your guides and ask for their help. If you ask them for guidance and sit quietly, try to keep your mind calm - and I know how difficult that can be when you are worried and upset but just the very act of trying to be calm - they will give you guidance. It may not come immediately, but it will be there.

You may not understand why you are prompted to do things, it may seem illogical, but if it feels right in your heart, then follow those promptings.

Oh, my friends, there is such a wonderful feeling with you today, there is much strength and energy here, and there is love. And if you could but see those who are with you from the other side. They are calling out names to me, Lillian, and Arthur, Frank, so many (laughing) I can't bring them all through.

Wherever there are services such as this one, there is much joy amongst those of us on this side. At last, people are listening to us. At last, we have an opportunity to meet you, to reach out to you. We have our sorrow too, when we can't reach you on your side. We try, and so often the person we are trying to reach isn't receptive. No-one has told them that we are here and that we can give guidance and help.Please remember us with love and kindness, and if there is someone who has passed on who hurt you while in the physical life, send that person your love and forgiveness. Hurts are very often so hard to wipe out and they linger, as a cancer, in the corner of the mind. The very attempt to remove that hurt will help both you and the person on this side tremendously. If there is someone in the physical world and there are things between you and them that aren't quite right, I beg you my friends, try to make peace. And if the other person rejects you, leave it for a while, and try again. Keep sending them your thoughts of love and goodwill. It is better if you can heal wounds before one of you pass over.

My friends, my time is up today. I thank you all for listening tot me, and I pray that the blessings of God will remain with you all, all through your life.



This work requires quite a lot of strength and I do not mean physical strength, but rather moral strength. It takes quite a bit of courage to do this work and you will always find, somewhere in the group of guides, someone who is bringing that moral strength. In our particular case, that is my area.

In my incarnation I was a general under Caesar Augustus. I carried out the laws of Rome firmly, but, I believe, with justice. I sought always to understand the situation before passing any judgement. When my judgements were uttered I sought to temper them with justice and with kindness. I must confess I was no paragon of virtue, but I made the attempt, and very often, THAT is the main thing, to attempt. while you are in the physical body, you cannot be perfect, and you should accept this. Do not revile yourselves because you have made a mistake, because you failed. Accept it - O.K. I was wrong, I made this mistake, O.K. It will not be completely erased from your memory - but don't carry it with you. Don't harp on it. Just resolve to carry on trying.

We have said before, that it is your attitude towards life which largely determines your conditions over on this side. That attitude towards life also includes your attitude towards yourself. Be accepting of yourself. You, too, are precious, in spite of your faults and your mistakes and your backslidings. Don't completely ignore them. Acknowledge that they happen, and resolve to do your best. It is the open acceptance of life itself, with its challenges - DARE to ATTEMPT. That is the greatest gift of all, to DARE to attempt. It does not have to be tremendous things that you attempt. Many trials in an ordinary daily life of a quiet person who will never be known to the world at large are very bit as demanding and as serious as those challenges involved in climbing the highest mountain. So if your life is one in the quieter backwaters, remember, it is just as valuable. It was what you selected, at your stage, for reasons known to yourself and to your guides.

My link through this medium is partly possible because of my old association with her homeland. It was there only a short while, I spent most of my time in Gaul. That short time was enough to forge a link.

There is a lot of energy present in this circle, and we will be doing our best to use it. We thank you for your good will. Without your presence we could not do this work. While the centre of attention is necessarily on this medium, you too, are very bit as important. Without each one of you we could not function as well as we do. Those of you present here, in this beginning stage will eventually leave the circle, and we will see you go with regret - but it is inevitable. You will pass through a phase, and we hope you will remember it with a lot of goodwill and affection and go on developing. We hope we will be able to set you on the right path. I thank you.

Question: When you said that some people here would be leaving, does this mean short term or long term?

Answer: I feel in a long term but these predictions are notoriously erroneous. It is difficult to tell - as thing are at the present tonight, I feel that it will be a long term association. But things could change, situations in people's own lives and inclinations can change quite suddenly. Nothing is set and settled. All is change and can change quite quickly.

Good Night.

Jhannee - on Life.

Be at rest. I come to bring peace. I come to bring rest. I come to bring you the blessings of the Godness. There is no need to fear. All is well.

Deep is the well of life. It is within you. It is the eternal spring from which you can draw. In moments of distress seek the inner divinity and peace. It is from this inner divinity that you can draw your strength, your wisdom. It is the well within the spine. Shrink back into the spine.

The brain is the bucket which fills it. Picture the liquid golden water draining into the spine. The brain is the link with the source of life, through it the life-force can enter into the spine and out through the body. We seek also to strengthen your ability to do this. We seek to help you to develop your contact with the source of life. Everyone has this contact. The stronger it is, the more you can use it. Thereby knowing about it starts strengthening the link. There is the inner divinity that is hidden in everyone. Let yours shine forth as a light. You should light up like a Christmas Tree - so can you bring peace and comfort to your fellow creatures. Do not hide your light by leading a cramped life, by rejecting your fellows. Accept them as they are, and realize they, too, have their difficulties, and their problems, and be forgiving and patient with them.

We stress again the acceptance of your fellows. You cannot like everyone, but do not dwell on their thoughts, and when there is someone who is incompatible, let them go. Be friendly, but you do not HAVE to seek them out. Be kindly disposed towards them - that is important for your own peace of mind, and for your own ability to contact the inner divinity because there is that same inner divinity in that other person too.

AUM. Peace be with you.



Greetings to you my friends from my side.

This is the first time I have had the honour to speak to you. My name is Silver Moon and when I was on the material plane I was a medicine man with the Ojibway Indians in that land you call now America. I wish to speak to you today of peace. We often wish you 'Peace be with you' - what do we mean? We wish that you may have no cares in your world. We wish that you may have no strife, no contests, no conflicts in your world. We wish you to know that calmness which truly passeth all understanding, that surety of knowledge that You Are, that You Always Were, and You Always Will Be - a part of that greater unity which is beneath the material plane, the spiritual world and all manifestations that you see and experience.

There is much conflict in your world, there is much trouble and strife. It often seems that man is at war with the earth itself. All these things cause un-peacefulness. You will have strife in your inter-personal relationships, with the people that you meet every day. All these things we wish away when we say 'Peace be with you'. You may truly ask 'How can we be at peace when we have all these things?' We wish we could show everyone of you the truth which comes as you pass through the spiritual world. The material world adds an extra layer of dimness to your understanding of your true self, and of your relationship with what is around you. I would perhaps remind you that in truth you are ALREADY in the spiritual world. This world is a part of the world of spirit just as much as those surroundings which you will experience when you shed your material body. It is but another layer that need to be at peace. With so many complexities in your world there will always be something to disturb what you perceive as peace. 'If only the people next door would move this would be a more peaceful neighbourhood, wouldn't it?' 'If only that dog would go it would be a more peaceful neighbourhood, wouldn't it?' 'If only we had more rain at the right time, it would be a more peaceful country, wouldn't it?' 'If only countries would stay within their boundaries it would be a more peaceful world, wouldn't it?'

How hopeless do you feel at times? You have no right to tell your neighbour to move, and so you must put up with that neighbour. You feel the need to defend your boundaries, there is nothing you can do about the natural boundaries, is there? Or is there? Truly it has been said 'If you wish to change the world, start with yourself.' Start with the basic way in which you perceive what is around you. Accept your neighbour, you do not know what has happened, what has caused your neighbour to be like that. Accept and send your neighbour love. It is true, you do not have to let him 'walk all over you', but in your heart of hearts, accept your neighbour. Spend a few minutes each day, peacefully sending love to him, practice this in all those fields of your life, of your world, where there is disharmony. I do not promise that the problems will go away, but what I DO promise is that your reaction to them will change. You will be able to deal with your problems without losing that inner calmness. You will still need to act - I am not proposing that you sit on the sidelines and do nothing and let the world go to rack and ruin. But by accepting it, by sending love to those things that disturb you, you can change your reaction, you can increase your inner peace so that you will have a greater understanding of what is happening, you will see many sides to the problem. You will be able to tap that inner wisdom that will help you to deal with them in a positive productive manner. Walk with nature in your world. Are you upset by pollution? Watch that you cut down on the pollution which you are causing yourself. It is only a drop in the ocean but if many drops act it will be an avalanche, and you will be able to make your mark. But the greatest peace will come when you understand your inner being. To some people this understanding comes even while they are in the material world, some people are born with it and seek to spread it to others. Other people only understand after they shed the material form. Doesn't matter, there is no time, there is only eternity, do not be in a hurry, just be at peace and know that you ARE.

Remember, that this material world is only the 'tip of the iceberg' of what there is. Vast as this material universe may seem to you, there is much, much, more beneath that surface. You are like tiny pin-pricks of light on a string of electric lights, but look at the electricity underneath that is lighting each one of you. Those of us working through this medium seek to spread this message, this understanding, to those of you in the material world, to help you both there and when you come over here. There are many of you here today who can do great work, you may not know the work that you are doing, your openness to this philosophy is expanding your minds and making you aware of far more things than this material world, this material universe, and when you come over here you will be very valuable people. There is much work to be done in the Spirit World, much light to be brought. There are many souls still in darkness here just as there are in your material world. So do not worry, do not feel that you are an insignificant unimportant person. To those of you here today, I say that you ARE and will be doing important work. You are important to our movement, you are important to what we are trying to spread through you.

We always try to finish our talks with you with a short period of what you would term meditation. Today, I would like to spend a few minutes taking you through a guided imagery. Would you please sit quietly, close your eyes and FEEL what I am saying.

Feel it in the innermost fibre of your being. - Feel that light inside your body, it is vibrant, it is pure. - Feel that pure pristine light expanding through you. - Expanding through this room and out through this city. - You are expanding, you are merging with those close to you. - Feel this expansion. - Feel this expansion of love, - and peace, and nothing else matters.

Picture your world from out in space. See, it is within you. - Look up to the beautiful, soft, welcoming void and go to IT. - You are that void. - You are the stars, - you are your solar system, - your earth, - your sun. - You are all people on the earth. - You are all beings on other planets. - You are everything. - You ARE the inner core, the inner being, the vibrant matter of everything there is, and nothing can harm you. - Feel this peace, this surety, this love which we try to being to you. Receive it.

See you, too, are part of those who have gone before you, and all those who will come after you. See the glory of light, of which you are a part. See in front of you a star, a drop of light, and hold it in your hands. Bring it back with you as you come down. See your earth. - See your country. - See your city. - This building, -this room, - and you have with you your little star of light, to shine within you during the coming days, and be at rest. When trials and troubles disturb you, remember this peace and may it bring wisdom and strength to you. My peace be with you.



Pat, speaking by invitation:

I have been thinking lately of stories about sickness and people, near death situations, fear of death and dying, that they haven't finished their work on the earth plane, that there won't be anyone to take care of that work, or that they haven't achieved that which they want to do. The people concerned are the ones who believe that they are going to a better place initially - they have learnt their lessons on the earth plane and graduate into the next plane. They can still help people on the earth plane and even, through their sickness, they allow others to learn their lesson which involves sending love and light to people, teaching endurance and the will to continue this sort of work, even if it is only sending love and light; to give out, not just what they think is necessary, but because there is a need to. It relates to the eternal laws, the laws of nature, or God, or whatever; to open oneself to Spirit, to channel the energy, to give it out to everyone, not just to those which are being good or needy.

So, whatever you do, and whether you feel it's not enough or unworthy, just the fact of doing it is an achievement. It's a lesson learnt, it's a stepping stone, and that's the next opportunity to do something more.

What I feel is disappointing is people feeling inadequate, dropping out or opting out - because you are NOT. You are giving other people an opportunity to do that which is necessary, as part of the learning process here on earth. Part of it is a reward for you, and an achievement for those left behind, because they have learnt so much from you.

It's just one more bond they have with the Spirit World. We are all learning, and some of the lessons are not easy, and some of our exercises don't seem to achieve much on the surface. It's all because we don't see the larger whole. So relax, be one in ALL, the loving force of God, and stress that it is worthwhile. You are doing something, even though you don't think so, and take life as it comes.


(This evening I was in a deeper than usual trance state. I felt dreamy and very dissociated from what was happening. Pat was asked to talk spontaneously at the beginning in order to draw attention away from me so that the spirit could take me deeper. The entity was not identified and it is possible that it was not a separate entity, but my group impressing the concepts onto my sub-consciousness which was able to express them because my conscious mind was 'out of action'.)


We wish to strengthen the link between our two worlds. The beautiful part of life is what you are forgetting about. We wish to renew and strengthen the link between the two worlds, for your benefit as well ours. The more you remember us and know that we are here, the less you will grieve, the better the vibrations we receive from you, the more we can return to you. In days gone by, your understanding of the work of Spirit in the material world was much stronger, much bigger than it is now. Today you look too much on the material manifestations and you do not see the Spirit underneath. The Spirit is always manifesting; do not ignore it. So many discoveries are being made in your world about the structure of your world; do not ignore the implications of those findings. Whether or not they mean much to you, your understanding will affect your progress and development, both in the material world and when you come over here. It is necessary to accept both, to accept both the material and the physical world, and from them the spiritual. You speak of the astral worlds, so often they are spoken of as though they are separate from the physical; they are not. They are all one. They are all interlinked, they are all manifesting one through the other, and it is simply a matter of where you are focusing your attention. Do not forget what is beneath your material manifestation; Spirit is there. One day the world will dissolve, and then where will you be? You should realise already that the world does not really exist, it is simply a picture on a screen in which you are caught up, in which you are playing your part. Tear the screen away and see what is beneath. Do not be afraid of what is beneath. We talk about what is beneath the manifestations which you see when you leave your physical body - they too are illusions, they too do not really exist. What you see beneath that, you see as a void. Do not be afraid of that void. It is warm and welcoming; and when you become part of that void you will be part of the ALL. And more of that I cannot bring through to you for you cannot comprehend it.

When you tear away the remaining shells of the physical body and of the astral and ethereal body, then you will understand. Then you will see the dark light, the light that is dark and yet it illumines ALL. There is never any danger. Fear is what is holding you back; there is never anything to be afraid of. In the ultimate sense we are all a part of Godness. We can never come to any harm. Go along with us, come to the light. The light is always there. It is not an illusion, it is the Spirit manifesting, adopting various guises so that you can accept and will not reject it.

This is why we say: regard your life as a game, play it, but remember, it is but a game. All the things that you worry about, get involved in, they pass away; only the Godness is permanent. Don't let this be depressing to you, rather let it be joyful. If you truly can adopt this feeling, you will cease to have any concerns about the material world, about what is there. Seek always to express that love, that Godness within you. Remember, it is there. Provide a home for it to express itself, to manifest through. Manifest it in your world. If you mean life to be a game, you will manifest a slightly different attitude to the others. They do not know.

Try to hold onto this concept of the Godness within you. Hold on to that delicious void, that warm, comforting, encompassing, joyful void. See it as a game. Have fun and laugh about your little world, but remember the only permanence beneath it. When you can realise that permanence, you will have all the security you need. There will always be a way for you. Step on your pathway with joy.

You will forget my words, you will be absorbed by your little world again, but try to remember them. Remind yourself every now and then. Play with this world as the child plays with a toy. You will outgrow it one day, but take the lessons that you will learn. One day you will lay by all those lessons too.

Do you see how the Godness wells up, now here, now there, in your world? One nation is dominating, then another nation is dominating, and eventually you forget about those nations that were so dominant. Do not be sad about it. The Godness has many ways in which to manifest, and if you seek to hang onto the old forms and old ways, you will restrict that Godness. This is why there is always change. It is like a boiling over. If you boil water you get many bubbles coming to the surface and bursting, and that is how the Godness is. But see the joyousness in it. Can you feel that? The joyousness, that newness which is yet permanent? The ever new, it is manifesting in the physical universe as much as it is in the spiritual, as much as it is in the void beyond. It is joyful. This is what we wish to stress to you - the joyousness of it all.

It is not annihilation. It is not negation. The old truth will ever come again. The ancients saw the One God manifesting as many. The trouble was they saw the many and forgot the One, and then they tried to have the One, and forgot the many. By having only the One, you see, they separated it. We wish you to see the One AND the many. When you can accept that, you will know you are returning.



Hail Caesar! In my incarnation in your world I was a general under Caesar Augustus, and I was Caesar's man. And now I serve Spirit in the same way I served that office.

I come to you today to talk on an important aspect which we feel has not often enough been mentioned. You have heard it said that when someone comes on this side, they will review their past life. And so it is. Most people are ordinary people and they have done things they regret, and things they are pleased about. But there are people in your world who have great power and who abuse that power. Have you ever thought what happens to them when they review their life?The ordinary person has many regrets, the ordinary person will grieve and feel repentant and seek to do reparation for those things. But when a person is completely overwhelmed with the realisation that they have caused great harm in your world, they become stifled, they cannot move, they become rigid, as you might conceive it. They cannot get on with their work of reparation. The people they have harmed are now directing hatred towards them, and they cannot move, they sink beneath its strength. Now you may think that this is justified, that that person deserves this. May be they do, but it is a destructive thing. Today, I want to ask you to carry out one of the sayings of the founder of your dominant religion - Jesus - when he said, render good for evil; do good to those who deceitfully serve you. These words which have been translated in slightly different ways several times, are the very epitome of the behaviour of those who would follow the Christ.

I want to ask you and I think it would be good whenever you meet in little groups, each time you meet, deliberately send loving thoughts to the people I have just been talking about, to those who have done evil. If you will send them love you enhance yourself, the people you are concentrating on may be liberated. It may be that your thoughts of love will be the first feeling of receiving love that that soul has experienced. Just one loving thought could be enough to release the soul, so that it can get on with its work of reparation, with its work of passing on love to those whom it hated before. In this way that person can resolve the hate that the people they harmed have been experiencing. In many cases it is only that person who can release their victim from the feeling of hatred.

The victims have often been overwhelmed by what happened to them. We bring them much love and support when they come to this side, but there are many here who are locked in such hatred of the person who caused their suffering that they, too, cannot progress. If we can relieve the person who caused the suffering, they can in turn, as their part of reparation, relive their victims.

I know this is a hard thing to ask. I know that many of you have suffered as a result of the dictates of those in power. But if you can express that love, you will be released from that suffering. It is of benefit to you, as much as to the person you concentrate on. It is not necessary for you to even select a person who is in the Spirit World. There are many people in your world who are in the position of power which they abuse. There are others, humble people, some of their names may not ever reach the circulation of your news media. I am (also) thinking of the mass murderers, that occur occasionally in your society. If you could concentrate on them, sending them love, it may be that you can change their character while they are still on earth. This is one of the most Christian things that you can possibly do. You in this church are in a position to receive some of the highest teachings that Spirit has to give. I am asking you to live up to those teachings, that your love may shine before men, that they have a clear example of the Christian way of life, which is love, love, love.Please will you at least try to live up to that. Every effort you make will be supported by us here in Spirit, for we are concerned that there is much hatred around. By doing this you will relieve hatred in your world and so bring to it more love. You will increase the love that is available. I assure you, we will do our best to help every one of you that will attempt to do this.

There are many here today whom you cannot see. We are joining in a great band of love around this room. The love is building up around and over you. Would you please sit quietly for a few moments and just experience that love.

(Speaking softly and slowly, with many pauses)

Feel the peace ... and the calmness ... that is coming towards you. Feel love through your being ... do not use words ... just feel and experience.When you try to pass on that love, do not use will-power. Use your imagination. Feel that love you feel now, and then think of the person to whom you wish to direct it. You may, of course, use this method with the people around you whenever there is any bad feeling. It is a very powerful technique.

I thank you for inviting me here today.

My love and peace I leave with you.



Hail Caesar! In my life in your world I was a general under Caesar, and now I serve Spirit. As I served the office of Caesar in my life, so now I serve Spirit. I went with the armies of Rome across much of Europe and, for a short while, across the sea to the land you call Britain. I had many duties imposed on me and I carried out those duties with faithfulness and with trust and with truth. I come to ask you to also carry out your earthly duties in this manner.You need, in your life in the material world, to keep a balance. You need to pay due attention to the spiritual aspects of your life, but you should in no wise neglect the material duties you undertook when you came into your world.

Always there has been this movement which you term 'Spiritualism' in the world. It has taken many forms according to the different societies in which it was manifesting. In many societies it was quite dominant, it performed healings in many cases and we (that is spirits) were often called on to lead and give guidance in the material affairs of the society. Unfortunately, in your society, for many years we were not able to work openly. It is very pleasant to see that this is changing although there are still areas in which many of you must be careful. This grieves us to some extent but we know that it is changing, and so we are working patiently with you. So do not neglect the material aspects of your life. This movement needs to become more acceptable to what you term the 'establishment', and you can do this best by following the conventions of your society - by watching your dress, the way you treat your surroundings, your home, your gardens, the way you perform your work. Do not neglect any of these aspects. Watch your manner of speech that it is respectful where necessary and speak where necessary. You will receive much guidance in this if you are open to the influences from Spirit.

Each day, set aside a short time in which you are open to us, in which you can set aside the cares of the material world and devote yourself to Spirit. Even those of you who are not exhibiting an overt gift of contact with Spirit - you too, can commune with Spirit. It can be that underlying thread through your life, talk with your guides, you can ask their guidance when you need it, you can tell them about the good things and thank them, and just bring them into your life when you can.In these ways you will be working for Spirit, just as much as those who work on the platform, those who work as this medium is working now, by allowing us to work and speak in their body; just as much as those clairvoyants who seek to give more direct help to others; and just as much as those healers who help those that have some physical sickness. We can work through you in many ways, in your day-to-day life we can guide you. We can guide nurses and doctors who are not aware of us, and who probably would not co-operate if they were told about us. We work with teachers who are guiding and moulding young children in your society. We can work with the police who are protecting those who need protection, and those who are keeping order in your society to make it safe for all. We work through your politicians, trying to guide them in the decisions that they make. And in many other areas, too many to mention here, we are trying to guide and inspire people, and those of you, like you, who are open and receptive to us and have a much greater contact and can bring Spirit through much more into the world, even though others do not know what you are doing. You are like the leaven in the bread working there, lightening it. So you, too, can lighten this world.

There are many crises in your world at the moment, this is quite a disturbing period in which to live and you can bring Spirit to bear on these areas too. Just think of all the areas in the world where there is fear, where there is fighting, where there is destruction, where normal life is disrupted, where there is famine and all sorts of pain and stress. Hold, mentally, a picture of that place, and just direct to it love and peace, and it will automatically go there. You can do this to any area of your life where there may be some strife or upset.We have gathered around here today, many spirits, some of them are attached to you here, others are just here helping build up the energy and some have just come to join in the service. There are a few lost souls too who are seeking comfort - and receiving it from you. We would like you, now, as is our custom to ask you to spend a few moments in meditation and sending those thoughts of love and peace, wherever in the world you know that it is needed. Do not try to (use) will or force to direct the thoughts there. Just imagine them going, they will go, and while we have this band of angel helpers with us, it will be so much more effective.

(Long pause. Then a softly spoken prayer followed.)The golden light of love and peace is rising from this sanctuary. It is carrying with it the rainbow colours and spreading them over the world, wherever you are directing them.

This is the highest duty of man to spread peace and love, and carry it too in your day to day relationships. Resolve now to love all those who deceitfully use you, those who have harmed you in any way. Deliberately send them love.

Feel the hurts dissolving away, feel the hurts dissolving away from your country, feel the hurt dissolving away from your world. Ever hold this picture of peace and love and perfection, and so you can help to bring it about in all spheres of your life and all through the world. May this peace go with you, and may it return as often as you remember it, and twice as often whenever you send it to others.Peace, peace. Amen.



Tonight I am going to talk about the psychic vibrations in your world, and how they affect the plants and animals and human beings. You recognise in your world, four principal seasons of the year: the dormant stage in your time called winter; the awakening stage which you call spring; the time of maturity which you call summer; and the time of decline, passing into rest which you call autumn; and then the quiescent stage of winter.

There are, of course, many fine shadings within those four major divisions. And parts of your world do not have the same divisions, in some parts of the world the cycles may only consist of two parts, and of course in some parts it is steady most of the year. These cycles, as you can observe for yourselves, affect the growth of the plants. In some parts of the world there are no fresh plants available at all during the winter time. Then there is a sudden quick growth of plant life during the summer. In other parts of the world, over all the plant life is steady, but you will find that certain plants flourish at certain times at the time when other plants are resting or quiescent. So all over there is some sort of a cycle going on. This is brought about by the movement of the earth around the sun, and the way in which the sun's rays fall upon parts of the earth. They are also affected by the direction from which the sun's rays strike the earth. When the sun's rays fall almost directly, they will be stronger, where the sun's rays strike at an angle, they will be weaker, because they pass through more of the atmosphere and so more of the rays are absorbed before they strike the earth. And, of course, there are parts of your world where for part of the year the sun's rays do not strike at all. In the other half of the year there will be some sun's rays all the time, but they are weaker because of the angle at which they strike the earth. At the moment in your part of the world you are experiencing the new spring growth when everything is growing, everything is fresh and green, when you, yourselves, feel this rush through your own body, this upsurge of energy. This is the active time of your world. In a few months time, the growth will be ceasing, the plants will be gradually maturing and you, yourselves, will not be quite so active as you are at present. And then, it will be autumn, your principal harvesting time, and the slowing down, retreating back into the earth of many plants, the scattering of the seeds of many plants, trusting that in this way the cycle of that plant will begin again. Other plants will simply, sort of, close down and rest, before reproducing their own new growth in the spring.

You respond to these cycles in your bodies each year. I am sure that you are all aware of this. Do you not suddenly feel the joy when there is the first real warmth in the sun? Feel like getting to work again, do you not feel more cheerful? And do you not respond to the heat of summer by slowing down and resting? You can feel these cycles, each one is always somewhere in your world as the world turns in response to the sun. One side will be at rest while the other is in full growth. This is one of the reasons why you feel some upset in your bodies with the present fast travel around your world. I believe you refer to it as 'jet-lag' because when you suddenly get to the other side of the world, the vibrations there are quite different to those that you are used to. Your scientists have been looking at your body rhythms saying that they are out of synchronisation with the day and night cycle. But your body is also out of synchronisation with the larger yearly cycle too. If you are going from a state of summer which is your full maturity stage, that period when things are maturing, and you go to the other side of the world where it is winter and things are sleeping, then, naturally, you are going to be out of synchronicity with the seasons and that also is going to be affecting your body. It is still doing one thing and it is put into a climate where the opposite is more appropriate.

Now, the plants in the spring have more energy in them than they have in the summer. In the spring they are making their growth, and in summer they are simply maturing. We can liken this to your body strength: think how much growth your bodies make during childhood and the adolescent periods. Think of all the energy that you have during those periods, and how in adulthood you become somewhat calmer and more sedate. And towards old age you are beginning to slow down. And in old age itself you are reaping your lifetime's work. It is much more a spiritual time.

The childhood and teen-age is the physical growth - spring time. The adulthood - twenties, thirties, forties - is the solidifying time. It is the time of maturity when everything is approaching fruition. Then, with the later forties, fifties, early sixties, you are reaping the fruits of that growth what has been done previously. And the period after that is one of quiescence, of watching the world, of withdrawing somewhat and preparing for your next step of growth and development. So for each of the seasons of your life, they all have some growth and value, in all of them you are contributing and receiving. Now, those plants that are ready in the spring, they have much more energy, spiritual energy and growth energy than the plants that mature later. It is a different type of energy - I am tempted to say, much more 'energy energy' - because they are coming with the first flush, that first upsurge. Its a little different to the fruits and plants that mature and are ready in the summer and the autumn. Both kinds are valuable - I am not saying that one is better than the other, but simply that they are different. And you should try to make the effort to grow those foods which mature early in the spring so that you get that particular kind of spring energy in them, because that will counteract the quiescent period that you have been through. It is a very valuable type of energy to have. Those fruits that mature late, say in the autumn, have had a longer period in which to absorb the energies from the sun and the air. They are much more of the storing type fruits. They will store that energy for use during the winter. It is a much more stable energy. It has accumulated, it has settled, solidified and will last for quite a while. So you have those different types of energy. Do your best to take advantage of them. Eat those fruits at different times of the year to give you the energies you need to cope with that cycle of the year that you are in, and the autumn ones are holding on to what they have accumulated during the year to last you through the winter. There are plants which you could grow at different times of the year. You could make an early planting and a later planting of the same plant, and you will find that the early one and the later one are somehow different. There seems to be a different quality about them. Try to notice it in the coming year. Perhaps now that I have told you about it you might even notice it. I am not just referring to differences because of late versus early varieties of a plant, they will have their differences in taste and shape and firmness, but the same type that you planted at different times of the year will have a different quality between them. You should do your best to co-operate with this fact. Do your best to eat those fruits which are in season. In your county you have the advantage of a much wider spread of climatic conditions, and fruits can easily be transported from one part to another, so that where there is a lack of a certain vegetable in one part of your country it can be brought from another part to fill that gap. For most of your country this is quite all right, because you have similar climatic conditions. But you will not get the same benefit from foods imported from the tropical areas into the temperate areas. You still get benefit, I am not saying, do not eat such foods, but there is still a different quality to it. By all means take advantage of it, you will still be getting your vitamins and minerals. But tonight I am thinking more about the actual vibrations, there will be different vibrations there. In the tropical areas the seasons are not quite the same as in your temperate areas and so there is this different vibration, there are different needs of the bodies there and in your area. So there is a bit of difference in the vibrations. On the material plane things will still have value for you. It is just the different vibrations that are there. I wish to stress this, because I do not wish you to go away thinking - I must not eat those fruits. You can, they give you some value, but I am telling you that there is a difference in their vibrations because of the different climates.

As you know, health is my main area of interest, and I am particularly interested in foods and the properties that they bring you. And, naturally, from the spirit point of view it would seem that fresh foods have the best vibrations in them. But, unfortunately, in your material world you do have to preserve foods for later use, there is no real harm in this. There are still valuable properties in those foods, but the vibrations are altered somewhat - they don't have quite so much energy as the fresh foods have. So do not depend completely on the preserved foods. Try to make the bulk of your diet fresh, natural foods. You cannot do it completely, we understand the conditions of your world. I understand that in your society, particularly, conditions are quite different to the ones in the society I lived in. In my society, too, we had to preserve foods to see us through the winter - and our winters were very much harsher than the winters in your country. So it is necessary to do this, but take advantage of the great numbers, the great quantity of fresh food which is still available, to you and make that the greater part of your diet. We know that many chemicals are used in the production of that food, without some of those chemicals you would hardly have those foods, because those insects, birds perhaps, and other animals would get there before you. We also feel that there is a greater interest in the effect of these chemicals, there have been many protests about them and the possible effects on your bodies. And with time, much safer chemicals will be produced so that the need for these deleterious effects will no longer exist.

But food is only one aspect of health, another important one is yourselves, your attitudes, your inner thoughts. A joyous attitude towards life will greatly contribute towards good health. Kindliness to others, a genuine ability to forgive, these are some of the greatest aspects towards a healthy body in your material world. We understand, we still remember what it is like in a material body. You DO have feelings, you cannot do without them. It is part and parcel of being human. Accept those feelings. But also remember that you, too, are not perfect, and be willing to put aside the slants and hurts of others. Let them go. They are separate people from you, do not cling, do not try to force them into a certain pattern of behaviour, just accept them for what they are. Sometimes I know this is difficult and sometimes you may need to, shall we say, 'put on a bit of an act', to pretend that this is the way you feel. That is the first step. You are aware of what is right. You are aware of what is happening inside you and from that you will often find that in time a genuine love of forgiveness will come forth.

As often as you become aware that you are thinking negatively about someone else, deliberately sit and consider the good points that person has. Everyone has some good points and as you concentrate on the person's good points, their bad points, their negative points, from your point of view - because another person may not view those qualities negatively - they will become less important to you and this too, will help with the forgiving process.

And so there is more than one aspect to health. Try to take into account all aspects. And with genuine love and sincerity I trust that all will improve for you.

And now, my friends, if you have any questions I am willing to answer them.

Pat: Does it matter what combination of foods you have at one time?

Silver Moon: In general principle, no. If anything, there is an advantage in taking different foods because then you are taking a wide range of vibrations at that time. However, an individual may find that certain combinations of food do not agree with them. If you find that, then do not consume those combinations. But generally speaking the combinations of food in anyone meal do not matter greatly. Always try to keep things balanced.

Guy: Could you comment briefly on the merits and demerits of eating meat, and various types of meat. I believe in your country and among your people meat eating was universal.

Silver Moon: There are parts of your world where it is essential to eat flesh, because it is virtually all that there is in the natural course of events. From the health point of view it is not greatly harmful unless you are eating excessive amounts. You do not need meat every day, you certainly do not need it at every meal. Our personal preference is that the white meats, poultry, from the vibration point of view are the best. The red meats, beef and pork have, sort of, lower vibrations. Meat does provide some substances which are difficult to obtain for your body. On a strictly vegetarian diet you should include at least some eggs and dairy products. Fish, too, could be included with the white meats. If anything, from a vibration point of view fish is superior to those. We mean the 'true' fish, not the other sea creatures which some people consume. But the main thing is on an individual level, to eat that which is acceptable to you, without being too dogmatic.

Angie: Why do fish have higher vibrations?

Silver Moon: Because they live in the water. They are not so much in contact with the earth, which, itself, has a lower vibration. The earth is the more solid vibration. It is solid, a slower vibration than water and air. So fish have less contact with the solid, slower vibrations of the earth than the other creatures.

Angie: In addition to fish you mentioned the other sea creatures, why do they have lower vibrations?

Silver Moon: I am thinking mainly of those which are more in contact with the bottom of the sea, those types of creatures.

Guy: What effect does freezing or canning have on the vibration of food? Drying, canning and freezing, is there much difference?

Silver Moon: The effect of these preservations is to slow the vibrations. Now, you will need to take various practices into account when choosing the best type of preservations. Some foods are more suitable for one method than others. So I do not completely dismiss all methods. Preferable are methods which do not use heat. Freezing preserves more of the natural vibration than your bottling or canning methods. Drying is very good, it is slightly superior to freezing methods. Especially if it can be done in the open in the sun, because with that method you are using the vibrations of the sun. This isn't always possible, but those foods which can be dried that way are superior to the others.

Guy: Silver Moon, myself and the medium also, we are aware of the work of a certain healer by name of Edgar Cayce. He is now in the spirit world. His method of healing was really consulting, I would think, spirit guides or advisers. Do you have any knowledge of him, do you have any contact with him? Would you be able to do similar things like he did?

Silver Moon: We do know of him, mainly through the books that you have read. We do not have a particular knowledge of him. His guides used one approach to healing, we do not wish to use that approach - at least at the moment. Most of his methods of healing were given to specific individuals and their efficacy is, therefore, somewhat uncertain, but they are worth trying. They may be right for you, or they may be not right. Give it a try.



It is pleasant to be with you again. Allow me to introduce myself, I see a new face. My name is Silver Moon and when I was in your world I was a medicine man of the Ojibway Tribe. I have been working with this medium in a healing capacity.

When I was in your world, in my duties as medicine man I employed many ways of healing. I used the wild herbs, I used what you term massage, and the laying on of hands. I also used the shamanistic approach in which I journeyed into the Spirit World on behalf of the sick person, to see what spirit influences there were on the illness. Sometimes I would find what we term an attaching spirit and I could help that spirit on its path in the Spirit World, to heal the person in the material body. These spirits by entering someone's aura can obstruct the flow of energy into the material body. This energy is a special vibration of the Godness. It enters the material body at the top of the head, moves down the spine and out through the nerves on the spine into the other parts of the body. And an attaching spirit can cause physical illness by interfering with the flow of this energy into the physical body. They draw the energy into themselves which should be going to that material body. By teaching the spirit the truth of its whereabouts and the opportunities open to it. I was often able to move that spirit on.

The absorption of this energy is different for those spirits who are not in a material body. With us, we can absorb it all over, we no longer have the shell. Our spirit bodies vibrate at a higher rate than your material bodies. We can adjust that vibration to some degree, the ability to do this varies from spirit to spirit. Those of us who are working as guides need to be able to adjust our rate of vibration so that we can match the rate of the medium so our auras can mesh and we can speak through the medium. In time, we let go even of the spirit body to an even finer body, the ethereal, which, itself, vibrates in time with the vibration from the Godness. And eventually even that body is let go and that is when the spirit merges back with the Godness.

This whole process is a gradual change, only your departure from the physical body is sudden. After that all so-called progress in the Spirit World is gradual. Please always understand there is only Spirit, you are already in the Spirit World, it's just that you will insist on focussing on the material objects. When you can focus on spiritual aspects you will see them. The only levels that exist in the Spirit World is in the understanding of spirits as individualised egos. When that individualisation realises there is something else, when it starts remembering its oneness, so it will see that state. There is just one. Please always remember that. If you wish you can picture that One as a mass of some kind of gas, or, if you wish, steam, which does not have clearly defined boundaries.

As it curls up, that is, it forms what you would term, an individual soul, in a material body. Of course, this analogy is not perfect. I doubt if I would even describe it as 'good' but it is the closest I can get that ties with your understanding and experience. The material body is subject to material ills. It is but a temporary dwelling for the spirit. Unfortunately it can impose itself and dictate much to the spirit. As people forget or ignore the inner spirit and its source, as people become absorbed by the conditions in your world, so they forget. So they impose their own concepts. But it is all change, the only thing that does not change is the underlying Godness, the source of all. But its manifestations change. Even its individualities can contribute to the change. That is a proof of the source of the individuality. Look always for the source. Attempt to tune yourself with that source. Remember that that is what is working through you. No matter what the sphere of your life that you are focussing on. It is still the source working through you. These attaching spirits are clinging too strongly to the material world, they refuse to look around for something more. Sometimes it is only when we can bring them into a material body to experience the difference that we can help them to understand. Each case is different and requires a different approach. Sometimes it takes someone to enter into the Spirit World to deal with them, because they see the person from the material world and when that person's spirit comes into the Spirit World, the attaching spirit sees the body and the spirit. Very often that is what enables us to work with that spirit and help them on their way.

Even in my time and in my culture there were those who doubted the spirit and what came after the veil of death. And so, even then, there were spirits needing help. They were much fewer than the spirits in your culture today. We lived closer to the earth and more in tune with it. There were less material things to distract our attention. Our lives were simpler, but had their difficulties in other ways. Our life span was shorter, mainly because we were not so attached to the world. We could see a stronger link with spirit and its manifestations. We understood the spirit in the mountain and the spirit in the lake, the spirit in the trees and the animals, and in man. The teaching was always there for those who wanted it, and only those who did not want got into trouble in the Spirit World.

We revered those who had gone on before. There were some who thought that these spirits always had bad intent towards those in the physical body. It is true that some did. But by far, the majority had good intent. And a large proportion of those were able to let go the material world and pass on in their spirit life. The discoveries of your world are moving into directions more out of the larger, physical universe, and they move into the cells and physical atoms. Your scientists are learning much and one day they will be surprised at the conclusions which they reach. They are going in a different direction to the one we were going in, but they will arrive at the same conclusions. You will see the Godness in everything.

We hope and trust that you will pass with understanding when your time comes. Your spirits have a different quality. There will still be work for you to do on this side to hasten your fellow spirits in their spirit life, too.

We seek to light the flame of understanding in your heart that it may burn like the camp fire that I remember. The smoke from the camp fire would drift, it could be smelt from quite a distance away, so will your spiritual understanding be spread around you and enlighten those with whom you come in contact.

There is a short time if you wish to ask questions.

Gesella: How do spirits attach themselves to our bodies or our auras? How do we go about it?

Silver Moon: They attach themselves only to your aura. They do not enter your body. They enter the aura at some moment when - forgive me I am seeking for a word - when your aura is distorted or shocked in some way. your physical consciousness is shocked or jolted in some way, especially in a state in which your aura is being expanded without your understanding it. Sometimes people do this, and they do not realise what they are doing. But they, sort of, broadcast a state of mind rather than actual words, that can be interpreted by the spirit as 'Come to me'. It can happen in states of distress or in states of happiness. It is in conditions in which a person over-rides their door-keeper, the spirit who is always with you from your birth. You can over-ride that door-keeper. Perhaps the word I am looking for is vulnerability - a state of vulnerability when a spirit can enter your aura. It is usually a person who does not have a strong sense of Self. I am not talking about selfishness, but that inner sense, self-esteem perhaps is a word you may accept. But a certain inner strength of Self is the best protection from an attaching spirit. Should you ever feel that for some reason, someone is trying to influence you unduly, you can evict them. Telling them very strongly to go away, almost rudely, and stop any spiritual activity, especially anything such as meditation which you do by yourself. Firmly ask your guides and helpers to protect you, to allow only right spirits to come to you and absolutely mean this request. Busy yourself with things in the material world, especially things which will help other people. And, by all means, request prayers from others to protect you. But do no other spiritual work other than attending church services, orthodox, spiritual church services, anything except those where a heightened state of excitement is induced in the congregation. Remember that these are mischievous spirits, they are only attaching. There is no such thing as an evil spirit because there is only one Spirit. Some of the individualised spirits are mischievous, they will like to play pranks. They will try to influence you to behave in certain ways, but remember, how you behave in your material world is your decision. You can go along with Spirit, embrace us if you wish, but you do not have to.

Does that answer your question?

Georgina: How does a person know if a spirit is attached to you?

Silver Moon: Impulses to do inappropriate things, behaviour that is inappropriate for your society.

Gina: It is not just getting up and doing something mean. But where you think, 'This just isn't me'.

Georgina: Does it happen very often? (I.e., an attaching spirit.)

Silver Moon: No. Perhaps to one person in a thousand. It only becomes a serious problem when a person allows it to continue.

Georgina: Most people wouldn't know, would they?

Silver Moon: Most people would be aware of the impulses towards inappropriate behaviour, and many will fight against it. It is the ones who don't who get into serious trouble.

Georgina: So does the spirit often leave of its own volition if the person doesn't follow the impulses?

Silver Moon: Yes. Especially if the person is very firm and insistent that the spirit go.

Guy: We have in society sometimes people who we call eccentrics, people who delight in challenging society by doing the unacceptable and unexpected thing. Some of them are brilliant, such as artists, would you say that some of this behaviour is due to attaching spirits?

Silver Moon: Occasionally, but more usually, it is the person's deliberate intention to behave in that way. In the case of those who you might term 'specially talented' people, it might be their way of discharging 'excess energy' that they are receiving in order to exhibit their ability. In the majority of those cases it is a deliberate decision on the part of the person.

Guy: What proportion or percentage of people in our mental institutions who are schizophrenics or paranoid, are suffering from attaching spirits?

Silver Moon: The schizophrenics, almost entirely. Some of the remainder will have an attaching spirit, others are suffering a material imbalance in the body. Those in this category who have the attaching spirit, the attachment will be facilitated by their imbalance in their body and being associated with a weakness in the character. Where there is an imbalance in the body, but a strength of the inner character, there will not be an attaching spirit. But there will be what you term a mental illness.

Georgina: You said that people with a strong sense of 'self' don't attract attaching spirits, so if a person does not have a strong sense of 'self', how do they go about fostering a strong sense of 'self'?

Silver Moon: This condition usually arises during the material life. Some of your psychologists can help, but the person has to really understand and want to develop the strength. It can be done, but not very often. Please understand too, that not everyone who has - its a difficult term to give justice - not everyone who have this weakness of character will have an attaching spirit. It is a difficult thing to overcome. Younger people can be helped, but not the older ones because a sense of 'self' develops from the early days in your material world.

Georgina: Well, how is a weak sense of self brought about?

Silver Moon: Unfortunate incidents in the childhood.

Georgina: Can you give an example?

Silver Moon: There are many. Being derided, neglected, not made to feel they are wanted.

Georgina: Perhaps not honoured.

Silver Moon: Perhaps that is a good term.

I am being told that, for tonight, it is time I left. Thank you.



(This evening, although I was in a deep state of relaxation trance, no definite control was taking place. I was inspired to ask for a topic for the evening and one sitter asked for a talk on the process of dying.)

The process of dying differs from situation to situation, that is, the cause of death. If you have been killed in, say, an accident it can be instantaneous - the same with heart attacks - you can get an instantaneous death, or you can get the sort that is, shall we say, mildly drawn out - say you have been injured in an accident, so you take two or three weeks to die, something like that. Then you can get the very prolonged dying process which can take several months or even a couple of years - a slow death.

In the case of a sudden death, a sudden destruction of the body, the soul or spirit, of course, is very suddenly ejected from the body. One minute it is in full possession of a body and quite suddenly it doesn't have a body any more. This way of dying, of course, is quite a shock to the soul/spirit. There is also an added complication of personal characteristics, the personality. The person who believes in life after death will adjust to this situation more readily than somebody who doesn't. So there are different degrees of reaction to this situation.

In the extremely adverse reaction, the soul/spirit can go into an extreme state of shock in which it is completely bewildered and - I can't quite get the words for it. This is one of those cases where I am being given the feelings and I am trying to grope for the words. It can sort of, freeze. You know how a person is sometimes described as being rigid with fear, it is that sort of reaction. If they were in the physical body they would actually become unconscious, but, because they are not in the physical body it is not really becoming unconscious, it is a sort of freezing so that they can't react. They don't know what to do and consequently they do nothing. This would be the kind of reaction of somebody who does not believe in life after death. Somebody who totally rejects any sort of spirituality. Again, they will be in that state for different periods of time. The Astral Body itself is receiving a sort of shock so that you are getting two types of shock, shall we say, the psychological type of shock, but there is also what would be a physical shock if it had a physical body. I suppose I should call it an astral shock. You know how you can go weak at the knees in certain situations. If you are very afraid you might start trembling, feel weak at the knees and that sort of thing. It is a similar state where the soul/spirit cannot control the astral body. It actually becomes somewhat dispersed. It is not broken off into little bits or anything like that - its sort of spread out for a while and it takes a period of time for it to coalesce back together. During this period the person's guides and helpers, loved ones, will be gathering around the person; will be trying to reassure and make contact with the person. This is successful to different degrees, naturally those persons who know about this philosophy and have accepted it will respond more readily than those who have completely rejected it.

The rejecters will very often become rescue cases and the really extreme types will eventually have to be brought into a circle, into a medium as a rescue. Other cases will be "worked on" shall we say, in the Spirit World by the spirit guides and helpers, and loved ones there.

The effect of the Astral Body gradually coming back together and coalescing again has a similar effect to the process where death takes place gradually, because, as it is gradually coming back together, so the person gradually comes aware of the people around. And the receptive people, of course, will respond to them, will be able to understand what has happened and will then go on to a more normal adjustment period to the Spirit World.

As in all cases, one's expectations of what will occur after death have some effect. Those people who believe that they are going to sleep until the last trump will, of course, be expecting to go to sleep and will even insist on being asleep. Then there will be those people who are expecting The Judgement and will, sort of, be trying to get themselves to the judgement hall type of thing. Usually that type of person isn't too difficult to deal with, at least they will be asking what to do, where they are supposed to go, this sort of thing, and what the routine is with the judgement. And so you can get an interaction going with them and gradually help them to see and understand.Many of this sudden death type will almost instinctively be drawn back to the material world. Either they will be trying to continue their life if they have not believed in life after death, or they will be wanting to try to contact, to reassure, to comfort, the people they have left behind. The process of the body coming back together, would, in material terms, take two or three days. So, usually, by the time you are beginning to dispose of the body, or the remains of the body, the person will be going through the process of adjustment and probably trying to contact the loved ones; they may be watching the funeral; that sort of thing.

It is almost universally the case that a person who has passed over will come to their funeral. They are drawn there by the people's feelings. You get quite bombarded with the feelings and impressions of the people that you have left behind. This is why extreme prolonged grief can hinder a person's progression in the Spirit World. You are hit with this grief and usually have the desire to comfort or reassure the person who is grieving, and so you will hang around these people much longer than you would otherwise. Naturally, initially you like to feel that people are grieving at your death and not being too happy about it.

Now, the case where there is a slight or a small period for the dying process to take place, again has several variations. One situation is where the person is unconscious during that period and dies without regaining consciousness. In this case the physical body hasn't been completely shattered and so the Astral Body is still linked to it, and this gives the soul/spirit chance to adjust, to see and understand what is going on. Again, their reactions will be governed to some extent by their expectations, but very often during this 'in between' period the guides and helpers do have a chance to communicate with them and to explain the true situation. If the beliefs are strongly held then this initial period may not be very successful. If the beliefs are not so strongly held then this period can be extremely helpful and information can be passed on, so that the person adjusts better in the Spirit World.Those people who understand and accept the Spirit World during their small transition period will be much more concerned with the people they are leaving behind, and will be making considerable efforts to contact them, and to comfort them. Again, the amount of grief being experienced will affect the process. Extreme grief will always hold back the person who is passing and will cause some distress to the soul/spirit. The person who is having periods of consciousness will very often have the chance to talk with their loved ones, and can indeed sometimes give information about what they are experiencing in those periods when they are seeing the other side, because in a gradual dying process - and this applies to both the short term and the long term dying process, the soul/spirit has chances, opportunities, to see the Spirit World. The longer, more drawn out the dying process, the greater opportunities for seeing the Spirit World, for communicating with people, for communicating with their guides and helpers. They also have the opportunity to review a lot of their material life during this process. This is why elderly people who are gradually dying, those who just gradually waste away, spend a lot of time reliving their past, reliving their childhood and their youth. They seem to spend a particularly large amount of time on the early part of their life, because this is where a lot of their psychological, shall we say, luggage, is formed. And so they have chances in which they can work out a lot of their psychological difficulties. In some cases, this can be done so thoroughly that they do not have to go through a life-review on this side.

For the protracted transition period, the quality of care and the amount of love that they have been given will considerably affect their adjustment over here, because they will bring across with them a lot of that acceptance and unconditional love which their condition and state has required people to give them. The greater the love and concern and care that they are given, the calmer they are and the more accepting of the Spirit World. Particularly, for the elderly, gradual dying must be treated with great care and love and tenderness. They are in a condition in which their senses are quite wide open and sensitive to people's attitudes around them.

People who die in a lot of pain, when they come over here, are usually in a way, sort of put in hospital. It's not quite like that, but this is the sort of surroundings in which they are usually placed. The guides and helpers, try to reassure and calm the person. You can remember how you react to pain in the material body, now when you pass over the pain ceases instantly, and people experience great joy and relief at that. But the reaction to the pain experienced before will very often set in. Of course, while I am talking you must remember that I cannot cover every type of situation and reaction and there will be people who won't react like this at all. So don't expect that everything I am saying is exactly set and rigid. So you will often find a reaction sets in.

Pain can be very tiring, and so they will be put in a situation where the astral body, too, can receive healing and where the soul/spirit can be refreshed. Now, when I talk of a hospital I do not mean one of these sterile white walled institutions, you don't go to bed. It is more a situation where you are surrounded by coloured light, and the colour depends on what the illness has been, on what the experiences have been. So there will be different colours, and it also depends on the personality of the person. We use a lot of the cooler colours, the colours containing blue, so there will be greens, blues themselves, mauves, purples. Also the yellow colours, the pinks, the softer reds. We don't usually in this situation use the strong, bright reds because they are energy givers, and usually people in this situation need calming and building up. They don't need the vibrant energy just at this point. So the warm colours that we use are usually the blended ones. We will use orange, we will use the soft pinks and the paler types of red, but not the very strong bright reds. We use the rainbow colours. We do not use grey or black or any of the fawny beige shades because those types of colours are rather deadening colours, and we are trying in this situation to build the person up. Brown is also not used. Brown can be a very good colour, it is the colour of the earth and gives strength and firmness. But it doesn't really give the building up that we need in this particular situation. So they are the rainbow colours that are used with the addition of the mauve-purple type of shades.

So you can imagine the person in the material world in a room with some of your bar-heaters on the wall, and they are radiating heat down. And we generate the coloured light that we need in a similar type of way, but we use other souls over here to do this. So, instead of walls with strip heaters on, you will have a group of people standing there, and they are mentally projecting the coloured light that we need for the soul/spirit until the person is refreshed, until their astral body has adjusted, strengthened, until the person's aura has strengthened too. You still have your aura over here. And when they are ready they can go on into the Spirit World, into their life here.Your life-review will take place when you are ready for it, there are few people who really look forward to their life-review. You usually have a pretty shrewd idea of what you have done in your life. You may have forgotten certain incidents of course, but all of you know that there are things that you have done that you are not very proud of. So all of you face your life-review with some trepidation, and it does not usually occur until the person is considered strong enough, psychologically, to be able to handle it. Your chief guides will always be with you during your life-review. Others will also be there, especially if there is someone you particularly want to be with you. That soul or spirit particularly will be there. After the life-review you will have the chance to discuss it with your guide - usually with your principal guide although one or more of the others can also take part. You will decide if you wish to take action to make some form of recompense for the things you have done of which you are not very proud. You could also discuss your next line of work, your next activity - whether you wish to go straight into helping those souls, of which there are many coming over, who need help. Whether you feel it is wise first to undergo further development of your Self before undertaking this sort of work, and if so, what form that development should take. Very often this will at least include a period of time in the Halls of Learning. I think the activities there which can be undertaken, in your world are termed philosophy. Although, having studied philosophy in your world does not mean any great advantage when you come over here. Some philosophers have had a bit of a shock. On the other hand you may wish to work out some desires which still linger from your material life, and these opportunities can be made available to you on this side. Of course, you can, if you wish, return to the material world, but it is much wiser to stay over here.The forms of help you can give to people coming over here are as varied as the people coming. They are as varied as people have in your material world. Some people may simply need to talk with someone who is closer to their material experience than their guides and helpers. For various reasons they may feel happier reacting with someone closer to their own experience and understanding. There are people who are extremely distressed when they come over here for instance, and for those people someone with a more familiar type of appearance can be more reassuring than a highly evolved guide. And so they will welcome someone to just talk.

We need people to work with people who have passed over in tragic circumstances, especially the drug addicts. Those who have a psychological dependence on the drug will still be craving that drug when they come over here. So they will be needing help.There are people with guilt complexes and all sorts of other imaginable problems. As you are moving to work with these people, you are, yourself, evolving and progressing. You will be working in association with evolved guides who will be guiding you in how best to help these people. Just as on the earth plane, you are not puppets to your guides, so in this situation, you will not be puppets to them either. Their guidance largely takes the form of suggesting what a person needs and then you putting that into action. It is still very much an interaction between the two of you. In this way, as you progress, you are developing to the stage where you, too, can be a guide to people still on the material plane.

Now, other things that you can do, of course, is to act as helpers to people you have left behind. People very often take this approach in two broad, general attitudes. One is to have a relationship with someone you have left behind which you did not have. So, the grandparent for instance, who for various reasons did not have contact with their grandchildren, might come back as a helper to a grandchild in order to fulfil that relationship. The other approach, of course, is to come back to someone with whom you still have strong loving links.

Then you may come back as what we have termed in the past, a free-lance helper. In which you will help someone in temporary difficulties, say somebody who is very ill, you will then draw close to that person to help them through that illness, to bring the extra energy that you can give to help them through that illness. Or people who are going through a difficult time, you may help them with that problem, with that difficulty. And you can also vicariously fulfil material desires that were not fulfilled in your own life. You may, perhaps, attach yourself to somebody who is an artist, if you wished to be an artist, or a musician of some sort. That sort of thing. These are the ways in which you can work out, what is commonly termed karma, and which we would prefer to call your guilts, your doubts, your worries, your unfinished business. And as you do this you are moving through the first few stages of the Spirit World. Now, please understand that I am being forced to use words and concepts which apply to the material world. In reality, over here, there is no higher, no lower, it is all one. And so, although I may talk about levels or areas of the Spirit World, please understand that it is really all one, but the only way in which I can get certain concepts across to you is to use these phrases which you have in your material world. So when you first come here you have gone through the initial process of death. You will have detached from the material body. You may have seen your death, you may have been already semi-detached. You will withdraw from the material world and re-adjust to the spirit orientation. This is when people have the sensation of going through a tunnel. You are not really going through a tunnel, it is that re-adjustment of sense perceptions, an adjustment from the dense material world to the Spirit World.

There will always be at least a split second, as you term it in your time, in which you are greeted by your guides, your friends, your helpers, before your own reactions and expectations set-in. If you understand the process that is going on, you will be able to react and progress through your transition more readily, more alert, with full awareness and co-operation. And, having gone through that, you will start working out these other things. You will find yourself, for a while at least, in certain surroundings which are dependent on your own psychological state. Some people may find themselves in dry and barren places, others will build for themselves material houses, buildings, as they wish them. Others will be in beautiful realms, perhaps country settings, they may not be attached to a particular thing. It is all so very, very, various that I cannot possibly cover all the possible variations, but we may term this stage the lower or first level of the Spirit World. Now, people like yourselves are already working with Spirit co-operatively. You will pass through this stage quite quickly. It will have little attraction for you. In many cases you will already, at some level of your consciousness, made this disconnection from material conditions, and you will pass on to the next level of development of your self, working with others and circles. There are areas - you have heard of the Halls of Learning. These may take the form of immense marble halls. It may be perhaps an out-door setting, may be taking place in a field, or a wood or something like that. Other times it takes the shape of an abstract setting. Some people can find themselves in cities built of crystal, and this sort of setting is in another level of the Spirit World - those people who are just letting go of material conditions and concepts. I am talking at the moment more about the environment in which you could find yourselves rather than the psychological states I was dealing with earlier. And as you progress through, that surroundings will drop away from you and you will become aware of the vastness of space. You will be moving into an attitude which we have previously described as sliding down rainbows. The concepts I really cannot give to you, but if you look up into space on a moonless night when the stars are clear, and feel the immensity of that space that has no bounds, it will give you some inkling of this sort of state. And beyond that there is the Godness.

These are the conditions over here. One cannot put them into a concise logical scheme, because it is all happening at once. And the different states I have tried to describe to you - both the psychological ones and the environment - are what you give yourself. They are what you perceive to be. Do not believe anyone who will give you a cut and dried laid out order of the Spirit World. It is like I feel my talk has been tonight, all over the place, and from one state to another. (The trance state was beginning to get much deeper at this point.)But that is how the Spirit World is, it is all at the same time. It is all one. And it is your perceptions. When you go beyond your perceptions you will know true freedom and true joy.Let go as much as possible of your rigid concepts, so that when you come over here you will be more receptive and accepting of what you find, so that you will not put yourselves into these pre-conceived ideas and so limit your experiences. It is true you have all eternity and you will eventually reach the Godness - you cannot fail to reach the Godness. But why wait? Remember, there is no-one who is saying you have GOT to do anything. It is always what you choose to do.



I wish to speak to you tonight about what happens when the little ones pass over. We have had your little one here tonight, indeed, he is still here in the middle of your circle. There are several people who are interested in him and will take care of him as he grows up in the spirit world.

We know that there are many questions asked about why the little ones pass over. Why do they have such a short life? Those of you who have been coming here for a while will, I know, be saying to themselves: there are many reasons, because we keep telling you that nothing in spirit is laid down hard and fast, and what applies to one, does not necessarily apply to another. So we try to explain many different causes.

First, there are those who, in a previous life, died by their own hand and who seek merely to complete the length of time that had been allocated to them in that life. Some people in this occurrence, only had a short time left to live and they wished to spare themselves and their loved ones the unpleasantness and the unhappiness of a slow, painful death. But still they feel, within themselves, that they should have lived their full span. And so, often, they will reincarnate just to live for that period of time that they feel they should have had. And when it is up, then they come back to the spirit world. Unfortunately, some people in this situation will put themselves back into a similar situation, so that they live long enough to experience the painful death that they saw before them in a previous life. We wish to explain to you and to stress that you do not HAVE to reincarnate in order to go through this experience. If you wish to make reparation for something in your life, you can do it quite easily here in the spirit world. You do not have to go back to the earth plane.

Unfortunately, we get many people who feel that they must be punished, and who feel that they can only be punished in the earth plane - that they have to go back into an earthly body to be punished - and so they force themselves to be reincarnated for this experience. Another reason is someone who lacked love in their material life, and they want simply to experience being loved. Everyone loves a baby, and so they have this concept that to be loved they have to become a baby. And so they will bring themselves back and they experience this love, this care and this tenderness. And this love, this care, this tenderness, can awaken within them the realization that there always was this love and care for them , they did not have to come into a material body to experience it. They grow and advance in that short period of love. Then they realise that there is something in the Spirit World for them to do, and they realise their mistake and come back.

These are the major causes of a short incarnation. There will sometimes be a genetic cause behind the purpose of going. Sometimes there is none. Sometimes it will occur as an accident as you would term it, and sometimes in the accident situation the child is being presented with a choice, you can come if you wish or you can survive and stay. This situation really indicates a soul that is uncertain, and at the point of the accident it will make a clear decision one way or another. A child surviving an accident will have made a clear decision to stay. It will have been a soul uncertain, deciding to go, deciding to stay, deciding to go, and so on, changing its mind all the time, until its guides put it in an accident situation and say, "Right, make a decision." At that point the soul will make a decision either to stay or to go.

When a little child comes into the Spirit World they will bring with them their concept of themselves as a baby or young child. Even those who are coming back to carry on their work in the Spirit World will, for a while, still conceive of themselves as that little child. Now, time over here is not like time in your world. Time really does not exist for us. It is true we will have an event after event, but we have nothing with which to measure time and so basically, it does not exist for us. We are, we experience but we do not have time. So, a young baby or a young child coming over here, will grow, mature, shape his or her babyhood or childhood at a pace to suit itself. One baby may, in a week of your time, have developed a whole year over here. May even have developed two years or more. On the other hand, another young baby may stay at that age for one or two years of your time. It depends. The one who has received the love that was wanted and has realised that it has work in the Spirit World to be getting on with, will, of course, be the one that sheds babyhood quickly. Now, when that soul visits the earth plane, visits the people who perhaps were caring for it, it will still have to present itself - if those people are sensitive enough to see him - as a baby. Otherwise they will not recognise it. If you have lost a baby a few months old and then you see a spirit child of six or seven, naturally you would not link that with the baby that you have lost. And so, even a young baby who is making rapid progress or development in the Spirit World, rapidly shedding its babyhood, will still appear to its associates in the earth plane as that baby, in order to make itself known, accepted, recognised. The ones who are staying at their babyhood, will, of course, still be presenting themselves at the age at which they passed. There is no real difficulty with recognition there. Those who passed as a result of illness, will usually present themselves in a state of good health to reassure their associates that all is well now. Only if some definite information is to be brought across will they present themselves in the state of illness in which they passed. This usually happens in those cases where some proof is needed. Perhaps information is being given by a psychic to the people concerned. In which case the psychic needs to be able to see the child as it was when it actually passed, so that a definite identification can be made. But if the associates are sensitive enough to pick up the soul, then the soul will USUALLY - remember what I said before - usually present itself in good health.

Now, I said that the baby or child brings with it its concept of being a baby or young child. And the one thing that babies and young children need is someone to look after them. And so, coming over here, with that concept of themselves, they will need someone to look after them. Now, I assure you there is ALWAYS someone to look after a baby or young child. ALWAYS. Such youngsters are usually much easier to deal with when they come over here, because they have not acquired the indoctrination that people in the earth plane received from those around them. And so, a baby coming here expects to be cared for and accepts who is there. You have none of these problems with guilt, or with surroundings being built up, or with preconceived ideas of what is going to be here. They are open to us, and in some ways a brief life of only a few weeks or months is one way in which a rescue can be obtained, because that period in the body washes the material memories from the actual brain cells. The brain cells have not acquired knowledge of the immediate environment and surroundings. And so that child coming back is 'clear', and will accept us, and ultimately can deal with whatever problems there were from the previous life. It has been like a holiday or a sleep - as an analogy. In the immediate passing over period the child will accept us, and so we can make contact with his spirit in the Spirit World. And if there is something left over from the previous life it can be dealt with, with full co-operation with the spirit.

We often grieve when somebody comes back for a short life, and one that is going to be painful, because you do not HAVE to punish yourself. There is no-one here who will judge you and say,' you have been wicked, you have got to go back and suffer'. You are the ones that make that judgement and that decision. Please understand now, no-one has ever lived through a material life perfectly as conceived by the society in which they are placed. Accept your humanness, and remember that there are opportunities here for you to work and help others if you wish to make reparation for something.

But when you come here, if you are open to spirit you can realise an expansion of your spirit to encompass others around you, to enlighten them, if you are open to us. If you had a great desire during your material life, you can satisfy it here if you are clinging to it. That's all right, after all you have all eternity, but do not condemn yourself. Sometimes, the hardest person to forgive is yourself. Acknowledge that you may not have lived up to your society's standards to the full extent. Many societies demand quite superhuman behaviour which is quite beyond those who are not saints, and there are very few saints I can assure you.

So, I said that every baby who comes over here has someone to look after it. Naturally, the babies guides and helpers will be there. They will take the soul. Now, again, a lot depends. If the soul is going to progress rapidly and be wanting to go on, the baby may stay with those guides and helpers. In this situation the development and progress can be very rapid indeed, and then the soul can take on full understanding and work in the Spirit World. But there are those who have not received optimum care in the world, and this may be a new cause for that soul to want love and care. They may reincarnate, but they may also be taken by one of the helpers in spirit. There are some spirits who just wish to care for these little ones, to help them get over problems that they have brought with them until they are ready to go on to their full spirit work. You have had several visits, I know, from one of these workers - I am referring, of course, to Margaret McMurray - who particularly wishes to work with those little ones who have not received proper love during their earth life. She gives it to them, with great joy and with great love. For, in a way, she is hindering her own individuality progress by doing this work, but when she decides that she will go on to other areas of the Spirit World, she will be very effective, and she will make, as you would put it, rapid 'progress' there.

Sometimes these concepts are very hard to bring across to you, on the one hand she seems to be retarding her own progress, but on the other she is still developing. And one day she will manifest it in a less material fashion because of the great love that she has. Sometimes a young child will be looked after by a relative. Now, our particular young child has had several relatives around him. Each of those relatives is happy to look after a baby for a while, but they are seeing him at different earth plane ages, and he is going to make quite rapid progress. He can go to these different souls who are interested in him, and he can be at different ages. It doesn't have to be linear, it can go from baby to six years if he wishes, and then he can come back a bit. But it will not be long before he sheds the concept of the earthly body, before he grows to what you would term adulthood, and then he will be manifesting his spirit work.

Now, I think I have given the important points I wish to bring across. I am willing to answer questions if you have them.

Guy: Is it proper to ask what particular condition our little Matthew had? The reason he had to go so quickly?

Jhannee: He had lacked love and he wanted to experience it. This is why he will develop quite quickly and go on to the Spirit Work. This was all he wanted.

Guy: Which relatives are attending him?

Jhannee: Well, there is a great-grandmother, there is an aunt who is showing some interest - a great-aunt I think the specific relationship is. There is the daughter of that great-aunt, she is showing particular interest in the babe. I think you understand to whom I am referring - this medium's cousin. She is seeking to fulfil some of the obligations she left behind and so, at the moment, when he is with her he will be a young baby. There is also a great-grandfather who has done a bit of "baby-sitting" too, and a grand-father. These are the ones that we have the strongest links with, there are others from the other side of the family but the information from them is not so strong. There is a grand-parent there.

Guy: Can you convey on my behalf my greetings and thanks to the great-grand parents.

Jhannee: Those thanks are delivered.

Pat: Jhannee, I feel I have had two experiences of assisting in the birth of children, but not at the physical level. Could you give some explanation of this?

Jhannee: You mean that while astral travelling you have assisted at a birth into the earth plane?

Pat: Yes.

Jhannee: Yes, this has happened. Forgive me a moment, I am trying to link to the specific occurrences. As with a death, at birth there are also spirit helpers, and you have been particularly drawn to this situation because of your own love for children. The extra energy that you brought with you was used to make the birth a little more easy than it would otherwise have been. Because you - how can I put it - because your spirit was inhabiting a body you were able to reassure the incarnating spirit that all would be well. There is sometimes a feeling of apprehension as a birth approaches by an incarnating spirit. We have these cases where a baby dies shortly before birth or during birth, or very soon after birth. It is usually a soul which has achieved some sort of understanding and is suddenly not so certain that it wants to incarnate. And so death at that point is a change of mind on the side of the incoming spirit. But very often there is just this feeling of apprehension and - it is after all, a change of state, and whenever you are approaching a change of state there will always be some apprehension, whether it is of being married, or, of course, of your own approaching death. No matter how firmly you believe what we are telling you, how firmly you believe in the Spirit World, as you approach death you will have some apprehension. We hope in your cases that it will be very much less than in people who do not embrace this philosophy. One of our purposes in working through this medium is to lessen this apprehension about death. It is really quite easy to do.

Pat: There was another instance where I wished to reassure a mother-to-be that she would carry her children safely through to a healthy birth. Is that possible as well?

Jhannee: Yes, certainly. In the astral state your spirit would have been given this information from her guides, and, again, because of your spirit's link still with an earthly body, the mother-to-be would have been more receptive to you, because your vibrations are still of the earth plane and so they are easier to receive. (There was a short pause then Verna came through)

I thought I would come through for a few moments to say "Hello" to our newcomers. My name is Verna and I organise this circle. I hope you have enjoyed your night.

It has been quite a while since I have spoken with you all, I have been keeping an eye on you though. There have been upsets here and we have all been close at hand to give support. And I can assure you that Matthew is quite happy in his new state. We are looking forward to him starting his full spirit work. He has formed a link with his parents and we expect that one day he will be working with them. He needed a particularly strong link with them and this was the way he chose to do it.

There is often more than one reason for something to happen, and this was one of the ways he wished to work. The parents, too, have had to learn something, to learn an understanding of things in the earthly plane to really bring into their consciousness this sort of understanding. People do not always remember the understanding that they have gained around various events from previous incarnations, or from watching from the spirit world and, of course, there are those souls who are incarnated for the first time. And so, earthly experiences will bring into the conscious consciousness an understanding and awareness, and this is one of the things that has happened in this family recently.

It has been very nice to see you all here tonight, I look forward to seeing you all again in the future. Good-night.

Guy: Can I ask you something before you go? From what you said about Matthew, it seems that he has had a link with his parents before. Is that so, or is this the first time he has had contact with them?

Verna: No. This is the first time. He wished to have a strong link with them, before working with them.

Guy: In other words he feels that he has a job to do with his parents?

Verna: yes.

Guy: He will be bringing them up?

Verna: You could put it that way. As you know, we do expect something from your son. He will work through to it himself in his own way. Good-night.



Good Afternoon to ye all.

Indeed it is an honour to be with you today, you see, I've never before addressed a public meeting like this and I've been told I should introduce meself to ye. My name is Margaret MacMurray, and when I was in your world I lived in the country called Ireland. I spent my life caring for the wee ones and this is why I've been asked to come and speak to you today. I understand that today you are all celebrating and saying thank you to those wonderful men who are fathers, and also I know that recently you had a special day - you were raising money to research into why some of the wee ones die so suddenly. And so I've been asked to day to come and tell you about what happens to some of those wee ones.

Ye see, I loved the wee ones, and when I came over here I decided that I wanted to carry on caring for them, just as I had in life. I concentrate mainly on the ones who pass over when they are very young. Now, ye see, what happens, everyone when they pass over here, is met by their guides and helpers. And very often with the wee ones, their helpers or their relatives will take care of them and introduce them to the Spirit World. But, every now and again, there is a baby who has no-one over here to whom it belongs, to take care of them. And so people like me step in and we look after them.

Now, the very young ones who pass over, those who pass over before they have been born or those who pass very soon after birth, don't need very much care, because they are so recently into the material body that when they come back here, they are more or less as they were when they incarnated. That is, a fully aware spirit, and so they can go on with their guides, perhaps you might term them, as adults. But the ones that are a little bit older have already gain the concept of themselves being a baby and, therefore, they expect to be cared for. These are the ones I like to have.

I also take a few older ones, especially the ones who were somewhat neglected and have a need for the love. I like to do that, to teach them to love and see them blossom and start opening up to me. They are with me for varying lengths of time. Now you must understand that on our side, time is quite different to time on your side. And so, a young baby, let's say, three months old, who passes over quickly, may come to me. It has the concept that it is a baby and needs care, needs taking care of. But, in a matter of days in your world, that baby could already be several years old. And I take care of them until they have progressed to the point where they can leave, go with their guides and carry on with their spiritual work. Of course, sometimes they absolutely insist on being incarnated into the body anyway, but that is their decision.

Now, I try to give them what they need. I have a cottage by the sea, and they can run and they can jump and they can express themselves as much as they wish, until they have worked through it, and this is all part of their development.

You see, no-one on this side is ever left without someone to care for them, providing, of course, that that person is willing to open up to them. And so I watch these young children grow, and if they want to stop at a certain age and stay with me, they can. There is no hurry over here - when you have eternity. All things are provided, and I have had some very sad cases. I remember one wee laddie who came over when you had one of your wars and he had lost part of his legs. And I had to teach him that now, he had legs again and that he could run, and I shall never forget the experience of watching his face, how it lit up with joy when he realised he had left the old faulty body behind and now he had a beautiful, new, whole body. I tell you, he spent a long time just running around. I gave him a hill with a tree on the top. He used to run up the hill to the tree and run down again. And with that realisation, ye see, he gained a lot of understanding, and it wasn't long before he had taken the grown up form and had passed out of my care with his guides and he was going to work. He was going to work with those people who passed with these disabilities. He wanted to explain to them and show them the joy and release that he had experienced.

Sometimes the wee ones that have been neglected are quite afraid when they come and I must confess that I resort to some subterfuges with them. My favourite one is to have a tiny baby animal there. Kittens are the best because they are really so cute and mostly harmless, apart from the wee scratch. But, of course, over here it's only pretend scratches. After all the wee ones have to learn some restraint and consideration for others too. But I have seen many a wee one cuddling the wee kitten, and, from the kitten, they expand out to me and to my helpers.

I have to have at least one helper I find, because sometimes you see I have children who want to have the sun out and go swimming in the sea, and them I'll have some who want a hillside covered with snow so they can go toboganning, or skiing and things like that. Sometimes I have to have both for them.

And then there was the time when I had a wee laddie who wanted an elephant. He was just beginning to understand how he could conjure up what he wanted and all of a sudden I had the elephant. Fortunately, he'd had enough sense to put it out in the garden, but there were a few who were a bit, er, apprehensive. But in a short time, well, I've got no way to measure hours, of course, but I'd got them all over their fear and they were having the most marvellous rides on the elephant. All the same I did think I had better explain things to that wee laddie. But, you see, that was one step on his development and understanding.

And, each time, I watch the children leave I know that that is one soul I have helped along. And I know, too, that one day I too, shall grow out of this work and I shall go on to other work. But that time is not yet for me.

What the wee ones who pass need most, is your loving thoughts. Most of them have not realised that they have died. Most of them have not realised that they were in a body, those are the fortunate ones, they can go on. It is the other, sadder ones who need the care. There are many people like me over here, who care for the wee ones and we tend to take the different types of children. Some take the bit older ones, some may specialise in those who have died as a result of illness or an accident, or that sort of thing. I, myself, have cared for a few who have passed over because their mothers were on the drugs. Those needed a lot of care and attention from us, quite intensive for a while, but we got there. We brought them through and we passed them on.

So I was asked, when I'd finished talking to ye, to ask ye to spend a few moments thinking of the wee ones, and thinking of people like me who care for them. Send them your love and direct energy to them, so that we can use this in understanding the many different needs these wee ones have from us, and remember that we will bring them to a point where they will return love to you in due course. And I've got a few of my wee ones with us too. They are seated just in front and many other baby spirits have been brought. They are around the edge of the room. So, would you please, for a few moments, send them your love. (Speaking quietly and more slowly)

Think of the love that comes to ye from Spirit. Direct it, channel it to the wee ones and to their helpers. And we promise you no wee one will be left unattended or alone.

May God be with you.



This has been brought up with this medium on more than one occasion. The basic theory is that a spirit can leave its body and the body can be taken over by another spirit. This is supposed to happen at times when death could occur - in an accident, serious illness or operation, for instance. It has been noticed that some people undergo some sort of character change after such occurrences and the theory has been devised that this is caused by another spirit.

Now, the sort of occurrences I have just mentioned can lead to an opening up to spirit. Many well-known mediums have developed, and this applies particularly to clairvoyance, after they have received an electric shock, having an operation under anaesthetic is also another well-known precursor of mediumship or some sort of development. In cases of accident or serious illness people have died for short periods and some of them remember the events during that period. There have been many books written on these near death experiences as you call them. These people very often have some change in their character. They usually will lose their fear of death, their attitude to the material fields of their life will be changed - it will be less important to them. They may become religious whereas before they were not. Changes of this sort often occur - not every time, but often. And, of course, not everyone who has died for a period will remember these occurrences.

Now, the question we wish to look at is, what is actually happening? The type of occurrences that I have mentioned - and there are others, I have not given you an exhaustive list by any means - often occur in points in the life where death could, or should, have occurred. But, for some reason the life has been extended. This only occurs with the agreement of the person. Not on the conscious level, of course, you understand. And this, shall we say artificial? lengthening of the life, the event itself, the accident, the shock, the operation, lead to an opening into spirit. The aura at such times is weakened and this very often has the effect of making the person sensitive to spirit. Now, the aura doesn't stay weakened, it strengthens up as the person recovers their full strength, but it has changed vibrations, assuring that the spirit communicators can contact that person more easily. So, it is not really another spirit taking over the body but it is a stronger influence from spirit, This is arranged in conjunction with a persons guides and helpers and so beneficial helpful spirit contacts are being made.

Those spirits who wish to work and help the world in beneficial ways can work this way more easily than if they were to actually take over the physical body, because the physical body puts a limitation on them. Immediately a spirit takes on a physical body impressions from spirit are much weakened, they are less, and can be shut out by the material conditions, by the distraction of material conditions as they have arisen in your material world at present.

Some spirits wish to increase the contact between those of you in your material world and the Spirit World. And where there is an appropriate person to work through in this strong overshadowing they can do so. But the person has to co-operate with them. It is by their agreement that they work in conjunction with this spirit and this is the process that takes place while the person is either unconscious or in a so-called 'death state'. Some people, naturally will refuse this arrangement. And so the character changes after the incident will be much less. But this kind of contact with Spirit will ALWAYS change a person in some way. But if they do not wish such strong co-operation it may not manifest at all on the outside, but there will be some change somewhere in a person's psyche. It may not manifest at all to other people but it will be there. Other people are quite happy to give full help and co-operation to Spirit. This is where you can see it most strongly in a complete change of interest for instance. Quite sudden and, of course, to extremes. There will be people of varying degrees in between. But I wish to stress to you that it is ALWAYS by agreement with the spirit that belongs to the body. If that spirit wishes they can say "No". I wish to impress this on you very strongly. This overshadowing only takes place after consultation with the guides and helpers associated with the person. It is not undertaken lightly, because each spirit inhabiting a body in the material world has some plan for their actions in the world, and it is only, I stress, with their agreement that it takes place, when it is a good and beneficent spirit. Unfortunately, as you know there are mischievous spirits and they are the ones who will try to influence people in the material world. No, again I stress, they can only succeed with the person's agreement and co-operation, the strong person can, and does, refuse the contact, and this is why we prefer only people with a strong sense of 'self ' to be involved with this movement. But everyone who is interested will be contacted by such spirits. You see, when you come into this kind of philosophy, your aura expands and becomes brighter. It is like a lighthouse, and naturally, these misguided spirits will be attracted. to it because they will know that this is a person who has the gift of receptivity. The strong person cannot be influenced. Always remember that you can over-ride your guides' and helpers' wishes, and people who get too carried away with this philosophy sometimes do so without realising that they are doing it. They will open themselves up with no restriction, with no discrimination as to whom they are attracting. This is one of the reasons why we usually stress that you should not do spirit contact by yourself. If your guides are wanting to give you information for some reason they can always do so, but by sitting in a circle like this or by attending a church service, you will have the protection and if a lost or misguided soul is attracted to it, there are circumstances there to help that spirit safely for you, sitters. There is little danger in this philosophy for the right kind of person. And what is the right kind of person, I can hear someone asking. The person with a strong sense of 'self', with purpose in their life, who has a settled environment, who will listen to warning and instructions and follow them. The person who realises that he or she does not know it all; the person who does NOT accept everything without questions. We have said many times that we like newcomers to have a questioning approach - it does not have to be a negative, destructive approach - but we do like some questions being asked, checking things out. Now, tell me if there is any point I have not covered?

Does anyone have a question which has been aroused by my talk?

Georgina: How would a mischievous spirit try to influence somebody?

Jhannee: By coming into the aura.

Georgina: And they will influence them to do things that are not beneficial for them?

Jhannee: The usual case is - the spirit is confused, they do not understand what they are doing. The common situation is that the spirit has come from another society or from an older time period, and wishes to influence the person to behave in ways the spirit believes are the correct ways to behave and so there is a clash between what your society expects and what the person is being influenced to do, what is being suggested to the person to do. Always remember that every time you think of anything spiritual your aura will expand and light up. This is another reason for stressing that you only do deliberate contact in the circle, and this is why we like to make sure everyone who leaves the circle is properly disconnected.

Margaret: When you are just meditating on your own, is there actually any danger? I always protect myself before meditating.

Jhannee: That is wise. It depends on the type of meditation. Many of you follow meditation practices which involve things such as chanting which do not leave you open to spirit influence, because it is an ordered, regular set thing. It is people who sit with an open mind. I am not sure that is clearly describing what I mean. Not a blank mind, but with nothing 'set' in the mind. (When) the mind is free that is when the mischievous spirit can intrude or can attempt to intrude. It does no harm to protect yourself, to ask your guides to keep away unwise spirit contacts. You can put light or purple light around yourself, and should you feel that you are being contacted by a mischievous spirit, then stop all such practices until such time as you can ask for help from an appropriate person. It is a good general rule to start off with a prayer. Your guides are not generally concerned with your practices.

Marsha: Is there anything I can do to improve?

Jhannee: So many of you people seem to be looking ALL the time for improvement. How can you improve? You are already a drop of Godness. What is there to improve? I am talking about the inherent nature, not the physical manifestation.

Guy: It would seem that if a person starts meditating that is very often in response to the prompting by guides. Now, I am puzzled why then is it that the guides don't seem to be able to protect that person against possible intruders.

Jhannee: They can and they do, but they can be over-ruled by the person.

Guy: It is the sub-conscious over ruling by the person himself?

Jhannee: Unwise acceptance. Going into these practices too long, too frequently. Generalised enthusiasm without any direction, without any wisdom.

Guy: In other words, the person doesn't know why he is doing it?

Jhannee: Or what he is doing. This is one of those instances when a little knowledge is dangerous. They read a little, they go to a talk and they think that they know it and they just go overboard. You have to keep it in balance.

Guy: So you could assume that anybody with a serious intent and knowing what he is about would be pretty safe?

Jhannee: Yes. Beware of the dangers and pit-falls and avoid them. There are many machines in your world with instructions, it is the same kind of thing.

Ron: Today a man was blown apart by police during an attempted robbery. Did that man have a guide?

Jhannee: Oh yes.

Ron: Where was he then?

Jhannee: Everyone has a guide, but not everybody listens to guides.

Margaret: Not everybody would know they have a guide.

Jhannee: That is true. That man in question is still in the equivalent of a hospital, he is only now beginning to - well, in your world you would say he is semi-conscious - he has reached that stage. You see, when people in your world die, the first thing that is done by those around, they are greeted by their friends and relations, and during that greeting we can see how they are reacting. At first they respond to those people, but sometimes that response does not last very long. Now, someone who has died in an accident, being shot like that young man, it is a traumatic thing. And anyone who has been shot or is in an accident in your world, is taken to a hospital, and so when you pass over they remember what has happened, and they expect to be in a hospital. So we provide one. It has the effect of calming the person down because they are in surroundings which they expect. It also gives us a chance to tend to them in a way which they will accept. When you are in a hospital you expect to be surrounded by nurses and doctors and when you see that, you are going to be receptive to those nurses and doctors, aren't you? And this is the setting in which the young man has been placed. He remembered what had happened, expected to be in a hospital, and so he was. Of course, people have other expectations and whatever they expect, we provide, because in most cases this enables us to contact them and to explain what has happened to them, and introduce them to their new surroundings and the new ways they have to behave and so forth. In most cases it works very well. There are cases where it doesn't and that is when we have a rescue. Or somebody who understands that they have died, but for some reason they are not receptive to their guides and they will become a mischievous spirit. Perhaps - nothing is imposed on you in spirit. Many people have material desires and are drawn back again to fulfil them. Suppose you wished to be a famous singer and you couldn't be one for some reason in the material world. When you come over here, you can. If you sang like a bear with a sore throat but wanted to be an opera singer when you come over here you can sing, beautifully. And you can reach the point where you think there must be something more and you discover that there is something more, and it is even better than what you are providing for yourself. This is why we are not particularly impressed with these theories of reincarnation. Everyone is so happy and has such a good thing over here, why should they want to go back to your world?

Ron: You are always so condescending about this world, how do you know everyone is not happy? I think it is pretty good here.

Jhannee: That is true.

Ron: But you always make out that it is a bag of misery and all happiness is over there.

Jhannee: We do not intend to be quite so depressing about it, but when you come here you will see the difference.

Margaret: It must be much more restrictive in a human body than it is in spirit.

Jhannee: You have to eat. You have to sleep. To name only two things you have to do. Do you not think it would be very nice to be whatever age you wish? You don't have to grow old. You don't get sick. You don't get tired. You wait.

Guy: I think people who reincarnate are driven to do so guilt.

Jhannee: That is the commonest cause. For some reason they think they have to come back to be punished. You don't. There's nobody sitting up there saying "You naughty boy. Go back and learn your lesson again." You can, if you wish to.

Ron: So the fellow who was shot and had a criminal record, he will have a good time too? That does not sound right to me.

Jhannee: At some time you go through a life review, and you judge yourself. And you can, as I have said, if you wish, choose to come back, but you can stay on this side and make such reparation as you feel is fit. You don't have to punish yourself, but .... (interrupted)

Ron: What reparation can you make in that world, because everyone's happy?

Jhannee: You will have some regrets about your life, and there the means of relieving those regrets, you see? Then you will be happy. There are people on this side who come over with their psychological problems, because what you bring over here are the psychological things, the guilts, the regrets - all that sort of thing, and you will be enabled to work them out. And some people will go though their life review immediately, for others it will be delayed.

Ron: If I want to be an opera singer who will be the audience?

Jhannee: The other spirits. You can make music, you can act, you can write, and there will be an audience for you. There are people who wish to be an audience for such activities.

Margaret: I'll go, everything will be free.

Jhannee: That is another thing you don't have to worry about over here - you don't have money. That's going to cause some problems. If you haven't got money you don't have accountants. (Georgina is an accountant)

Georgina: There are a lot of artists who continue to paint after death aren't there?

Jhannee: Oh, some do. Some feel they have had enough of it and discover something else they want to investigate.

Georgina: Are many of them drawn to other people who are trying paint and draw in this world?

Jhannee: Oh yes, some of them are.

Georgina: Is Picasso?

Jhannee: No.

I think with your kind permission I will leave you for tonight.



A long time ago I sat in a cave and watched the world. The mountain was high and I could see for many miles on a clear day. I watched the traffic going to the city and coming away. I could watch the towers of the city as they pierced the morning mists. They appeared to be floating in space. I was isolated and alone above the world, I could watch the comings and goings from afar. Life was pleasant on my mountain top.

The world was very indistinct and I gained great peace and understanding. My fault was the isolation. I had some contact with nearby villagers, they would bring me food and clothing, they revered me. But they did not understand my sin, the sin of not returning to others, to give them what I had learned. I was entranced with the bliss I had found. The bliss that came to me through the varieties of weather and the changing seasons. But I did not try to pass the bliss on to others. I was jealous of my mountain stronghold. I was proud that I had given up the world, but I did not realise, I had not given up the world. As long as I was in the physical body I was dependent on the earth to support me, on the air and on food and drink to keep my body alive. I took all these things as my right. In this I was more tyrannous that most earthly kings. I am seeking now to repay my debt to the world. It is true you need to retreat into your mountain fastness, but it does not have to be a physical place. It can, and should be, something within yourself, which you carry with you. It is well, if you are so inclined, to seek solitude for a while, but remember, you must repay, you must contribute to your world.

The world has always needed such people as can retreat into the mountain fastnesses of their innermost being. Carry it with you all the day while you are working, while you are carrying out your daily duties. Do not shirk the world, everyone has their tasks. Do not look down on those who cannot attain their mountain fastness, everyone has their duties, their reasons for being on this earth, and if they are not the same as yours, they are just as worthy as you are. There is room in God for all the varieties of expression of the human nature.

Forgive yourself, and you can then more easily forgive others. It is important to forgive yourself. When you come on this side you will punish yourself for those guilts, your guilt will stay with you like a thorn in the side, unless you forgive yourself, and anyone else who needs your forgiveness.

Do not heap blame on those who break your codes, whether of the secular or of the sacred law. Do not judge a man till you have walked a mile in his shoes. You do not know the pressures that have been on him or her. You do not know what past experiences have moulded the person, his personality and character. You cannot know the workings out the soul has brought into this world. So judge not, that you be not judged. This is the real meaning of that saying. Forgive yourself, that you do not judge yourself when you come on this side.

This is not to mean that you have free licence to do whatever you wish. If you retreat into that mountain fastness which you carry with you, you will always act with good accord. But have compassion if you slip, have compassion if you do not meet the standards you have set yourself.

As a great colleague said, those who are perfect are usually born in some other world, not yours. Watch the intent of your actions, try to live up to the highest ideas you have been given, but forgive yourself if you do not. Resolve to try better. Learn from your past mistakes. By forgiving yourself you free yourself to act spontaneously. Love yourself and those who will try to give you advice from our side will then be able to help you. It will be easier for them, to talk to you. It will be easier for you to hear them. Your mountain fastness will enable you to act in accordance with the leanings of your soul and your soul will give you good advice.

We on this side can only give you guidance. It is your decision if you follow or not. There are those in your world who will give you advice too, you don't necessarily take it though, do you? It is the same with us, we can but whisper to you. And if you hear that whisper, it is then up to you to follow it or not. The free givingness releases your soul. Release yourself, and you can then love others, as you love yourself. For you cannot love others unless you love yourself. I am not saying that you should love yourself more than others. The saying is, love your neighbour, as you love yourself. There are many interpretations. I want you to look at the interpretation that can be read : - Love your neighbour equally as much as you love yourself, and vice versa. This love unlocks all things, and carrying that love for all men unites you with us and the underlying spirit can work through you. There is you on your side and us on this side, in this way you can carry out the plan you have brought with you. For in your life you will be able to help others, it may be simply an upliftment of the spirit. You could bring upliftment of the spirit to others. They will be helped too, to act spontaneously and in accordance with the underlying spirit. In this way peace will come on earth. I do not necessarily mean peace when nations are not warring with each other. I am talking at the moment more of that inner peace of mind.

These concepts are often difficult to pass on. That is why The Master who is predominant in your culture, spoke in parables. It is what He meant when He said "Those who have ears to hear, let them hear". "Do not cast your pearls before swine". There are glories awaiting the human race. They will not necessarily be on this earth. This earth is a stepping stone, souls must pass through this earth in their great cycle. This is why this may not ever be a perfect place in which to live. It is a receiving place for souls on their journey. Until the souls have reached the end of their journey they cannot be perfect. Therefore, your world will never be a perfect place in which to live. It is changing and it is progressing, some parts at different rates to others. The cultures clash. One culture is dominant, but that culture is not necessarily the best one. Like people, all cultures have good and bad in them.

You have slowed the death-rate, it has relieved much suffering. It has prevented many people from suffering anguish, mental anguish, and the death of loved ones. But by prolonging life needlessly, you are holding that soul back on its journey. Do not go to the extreme to preserve life. It is better to let the soul pass on. What progress people make in your world is through anguish. It is only one progression.

You prevent people seeing death as a part of life. It is artificial, it is hidden away. This causes greater fear of death. What you call death is so often a blessing. The world is greatly restricted, but you learn through it. And when you have learnt your lessons then you pass on. My remarks are applied only to those drastic extreme measures which are often employed in your world these days.

Experience the full range of feelings from sadness through anger to happiness, to the ecstasy of your mountain stronghold. To do all these things, you must lead an active life. You must play your part in your world. You must contribute to it. Do not shirk your tasks and duties. Your battle cry should be as your Bard wrote : "Once more into the breach, dear friends". Tackle your life in eagerness and vigour, and savour everything you can. But do not desecrate your temple. Care for it, treat it well. You cannot join in the joy of life, if your body is hampered with drugs and alcohol, and such like.

My friends, I am not sure if I have made myself clear. So I will give you the opportunity now, if you wish, to ask questions. Do you want anything clarified?

Question: You spent your life in meditation, and as you say, to a large extent you ignored the people and their life around you. Yet you have made now, what seems to us, a very good progress in the world where you are. Would you, therefore, not say that your life of meditation on the mountain top probably helped you more than the life villagers spent in the village. How would you compare your present situation with the situation of one of the villagers who brought you good?
Answer: It is true. Your comment is good. But, I returned nothing to the world in exchange for what I got. Those villagers fed me and clothed me, and they considered it a privilege, and when they came on this side, it was one of their good points for which they rewarded themselves. But I returned nothing to them.

Question: Did you not have the opportunity to return your knowledge to them on that side where you are now?
Answer: I have. But I still wish to pass on what I have learnt. I would wish that others will give of themselves before (passing), so that they can prevent waste of time over here. I have now forgiven myself. I have learnt that, but it took me a while.

Question: You said in your talk, do not prolong life. Does this mean that you are condoning euthanasia?
Answer: No, no. My remarks were referring to extreme measures taken to prolong life. There is a phrase, I am not sure if it is still current in the medical world, of "heroic surgery". Surgeons who operate when all hope is gone. I am thinking of cases where there has been severe brain damage and the person is kept artificially alive, for months. I do not believe in artificially taking of life.

Question: You mean things like organ transplants?
Answer: I think my criteria would be whether the person can lead a full and active life. Organ transplants can often do that. I am concerned mainly about people who are artificially kept alive.

Question: The girl Karen Quinlan is still alive, and she has been kept alive on a machine for eight years now.
Answer: Yes, that is the kind of case I have in mind.

Question: In any case I should have thought that her period of unconsciousness would now render her possibly brain damaged anyway.
Answer: Yes, her muscles have atrophied, and even if she regains consciousness she will not be able to use them (i.e. the muscles). She has shrunk drastically.

Question: Are you suggesting that we should try and balance something like your meditative life in conjunction with our every day life?
Answer: Yes, that is exactly what I mean. And you should try to carry the calmness from your meditation into your every day life. Do not keep them separate as many people keep their church service separate from their daily activities. So they become Christians when they enter the church and leave their Christianity behind them. Try to keep that stillness, that peace, which I am calling your mountain stronghold, no matter what you are doing.

Question: What happens if something has happened in your life that you find very hard to forgive yourself?
Answer: That happens to all people. Try to remember that you are human. If you are inclined, try to do something to relieve your guilt while you are still on earth. It is best if that can be made to the person whom you feel you have harmed. But if, for some reason, that is not possible, then seek some other way.

Question: So you think it is best to die with a clear conscience?
Answer: Yes, and accepting your frailties. Do the best you can, but if you slip from your standards, try again, but don't hang on to that slipness. When you fall over you pick yourself up again, you don't just lie there. So, if you slip from your standards, o.k., pick yourself up and carry on. As long as you try, do not throw away your gift of life. Do not cling to old deeds. Acknowledge to yourself, that you did it, try not to do it again. Try to make your reparation if you feel it is necessary in your world.

I will bid you good night.


Thursday, 15th June, 1989.

Guy: Good Evening Ah-So.

Ah-So: I must introduce myself to our newcomers - my name is Ah-So and when I was in your world I was a monk, a follower of Lao-tzu. It is sometime since I have spoken with you, and I came tonight specifically to bring my young countrymen to your company, your circle. To ask your help. Some of them are considerably confused and others are still trying to carry on their purpose. If you would for a few moments, please, to send them your thoughts of love and peace. It is necessary to calm them down so we can talk to them.

(Long pause)

We must explain to them that they have passed over, and that they must look for their friends and relations. Such young ones, to have come over here so soon! ... Now, they are calmer and more use to me here.


The leader has now stopped waving his banner.


We have a dozen of the young people here. We felt that this was as many as we could handle tonight.


And now their friends and helpers are moving amongst them. We can now explain to them what happened and what they are to do. There has been much work for them to do this last few days, as they are of your time.

I have been trying to get some semblance of organization and sense into the capital of my country. So many young people came here. I have been with a band of souls busy working among them to try to help them understand what has happened and where they are. There is some difficulty and some confusion with them, you see, because they have been brought up in a country which is against any sort of religion. They have still received some of the teachings from their parents, but they have come over here with this uncertainty, this ambivalence, and
so it has been particularly difficult for us to get through to them. And also, of course, the highly emotional and excited state in which they came over. They, too, have been shocked and surprised at what happened.

I fear there are hard times ahead yet for my country. Eventually all will be well, but not for quite a while yet.

(Long pause)

Some of these young people are anxious to reincarnate as soon as possible, in order to carry on the struggle. That is the supreme sacrifice. Others have decided that they will work for freedom in the country from this side. Others of course will tread their own path. But there are still many who haven't yet realised what has happened to them.

When you come over here in such highly excited and emotional states of mind, it is often very difficult for your guides and helpers to get through, to make contact, as it were. Such highly emotional states of mind carry a lot of energy with them, and so can carry with them the material surroundings. With so much energy available you can put yourself into similar surroundings over here. And it will take us some time before we can completely clear our Tienanmen Square.

Some people in this circumstance are so bound up with the material circumstances of their passing that they really cannot see, or hear or feel, their guides and helpers who are trying to contact them. Material vibrations are very strong and they are so determined to win their right that they just block out everything else. Those souls we were able to bring here tonight are resting now, and I hope that in a short time they will be recovered enough to be able to go back and work with their fellow souls.

You see, because they, too, are their comrades the souls we are having the greater problems with, will listen to them.

They will see them, they will see they are their comrades and they will not shut them out. And we expect these young souls to be able to help us greatly with those who are still in their own Tienanmen Square. First they will rest for a short while.

Over here the power of the mind is so much stronger than it is in your world where you have physical constraints. Over here everything is of very much finer energy, therefore, we can much more easily build your surroundings, especially when you have this tremendous mental force.

It is much easier for the elderly in your world to pass over because they have worked through so much in the material life that they don't cling so hard. They don't have this tremendous emotional attachment to the material world and so they let go much more easily. You understand, of course, that at the moment I am talking in general terms - there are always exceptions.


And so these young people here in the room at the moment are in a very difficult situation for us. It is not every one who has come over in this manner, you understand - there are some who have some understanding, and we are able to deal with them, and then the ones that I was able to bring along here tonight. You have helped us tremendously because when you were able to calm them down, then they were receptive. They will rest for a short time, and then we will ask them to work for us. And when our Tienanmen Square has been resolved then they can go along the pathway that they have chosen. You understand that none of this is forced on them, we hold out the options and explain, but such idealistic young people usually choose to help their comrades. I know there will be some of them who will not - that's all right. The majority of them will reach out a helping hand to their friends.

I do not expect that it will take longer than twelve months in your terms of time before we can accomplish that. I have chosen at the moment that my main task will be to work with these souls. There are many other spirits here who have decided that they will continue to work in the material level. There is so much help needed in so many different directions, everyone can chose what they would like to do, to choose the task that they feel better fitted for. Temporarily, I and some others have put aside many of the conditions in which we have been existing for a while. We have left them to come to do this work. We are not troubled about this change because we know we will go back to that state eventually. When you have all eternity you do not worry about a little delay.


Guy: May I ask you a question Ah-So?

Ah-So: Certainly, my friend.

Guy: From your vantage point, what would you say is the best course for the people of China to adopt in the present situation?

Ah-So: Immediately, they should be quiet and wait. Another four years, there will be better conditions.

Guy: Three to four years?

Ah-So: Yes.

Guy: What would be the best course for us in the West to adopt?

Ah-So: That is more difficult to say. To some degree you will break some associations but not all, you must keep open some channels at all costs, that is important. I feel that some connections will be broken. You must find ways of letting the ordinary people know that they are not forgotten, that they have friends.

Guy: I will ask you a question I have asked before but not of you, but I don't feel I have the answers yet. A lot of this trouble is caused by the tremendous population pressure, especially in China, the tremendous amount of souls coming in. The resources are so scarce that it is difficult to feed that amount of people. Why is there this tremendous pressure of new souls coming in at this time. A lot of the problem, I feel, is due to that.

Ah-So: There is an upsurge of the Godness. Now, we have told you before that the world is coming to an end of its usefulness for the current people in it. I am not prophesying the destruction of the world, but that there is a different type of person coming in. And there is a great mixture of the races taking place at the moment for that very reason, and there will be a great input into that new type of person from the Chinese race.

Guy: There is a period of suffering to transform it.

Ah-So: The suffering will pass. As you know, the suffering is only relative. It only exists in your level, at your material level.

Guy: Do these students represent the new type of soul that is coming in?

Ah-So: Some of them are a vanguard. They feel the direction of their destiny.

Norm: Is this necessity of change being predicted?

Ah-So: There is always change in your world. So whatever predictions of change are made will always come about. That is one of the features of your world that it is not static. It has always been in movement, it is always changing. There have been tremendous upheavals in the past, there are tremendous upheavals now and there will be tremendous upheavals in the future. It has always been the same. One of the problems these days of course is that you hear about it so much more.

Norman: Will these changes be as great in Australia as they are in other countries, in this case in particular, in China?

Ah-So: All countries will be caught up in changes at times. You may not be affected in the same way, it may affect you in different ways. It is the same the world over.

Margaret: The Australian prime minister has promised to extend the stay in Australia of Chinese students. Will this be an advantage for those students, or will the situation still be not sufficiently settled in China when the time comes for them to return?

Ah-So: It is an advantage for those students. Some will return, some will stay.

Margaret: Will the lives of those who return be threatened?

Ah-So: I think threatened, but that is all. And those who stay will also have a hard time of a different type of difficulty.

Margaret: Because of their emotional attachment, the family attachment to China?

Ah-So: Largely, but also because of conditions in your county. No place is perfect. Not in your world. Why you cling to it is beyond me.

Guy: Would you say that the new movement which Gorbachov started in Russia is likely to spread through China eventually? Or is it more likely to die out in Russia?

Ah-So: No.

Margaret: Will this lead to a more peaceful situation between Russia and North America?

Ah-So: One moment please. Now, each change of leadership in China will bring changes in society. There will be a lessening of tension among the super powers in your world. There will never be complete harmony.

Pat: Who are the people who started this project? Will it get off the ground?

Ah-So: The details do not interest me. Worry more about yourself - your area.

Guy: Do you see, a religious revival in China.

Ah-So: Oh yes. You see there is always that feeling about the self, it will always come out eventually. It can't be kept down for ever. There is that upwelling of the Godness in each person, which can be kept down for a while but not for ever. It will always be an undercurrent.

Garry: How can we manifest the Godness more clearly in this country? Is the Green Movement over here a manifestation of it? Or is it something different again?

Ah-So: Everything with the intent of improving the world is a manifestation of the Godness. Whether it be your environment or people themselves. Then there are those - what shall we call them? - deleterious activities which are the result of the consciousness being trapped in the material world - in its own material world.

Guy: Is the new type of soul that is coming, especially in China, going to need a new type of philosophy? Which of the existing systems of philosophy: Lao-tzu, Buddhism and so on, is any of those, or a new philosophy, from the existing or known philosophies, likely to be right for the new souls that come?

Ah-So: There will be as many variances in the new souls as there are in the old ones. There will be old philosophies available if that is necessary for some one. And there will be new ones for others. Nothing is static.

Guy: You don't see a new religious movement sweeping China or something like that?

Ah-So: There may be developments of new types of religions as you know them, everything is provided for the necessities. As we see the races mixing so we see the greater mixture, too, of the religions. A synthesis if you wish. You understand that I am talking about trends which will take a long time in terms of your material world to manifest. One, two hundred years will be necessary for the new souls to completely manifest in your world.

Margaret: What will be the main difference between these new souls and the old that we have here presently?

Ah-So: Do you mean in their physical body, or do you mean their psychological make up?

Margaret: Both, if there are differences.

Ah-So: The major difference of the body will be the colour of the skin. Eventually all races will be mixed and the skin colour will mix too. Your world is an imperfect world, and the people coming in will not be perfect either, in their manifestation. As you know, there is that drop of Godness in every person that makes the, shall we say, inner seed of the embodiment. With that little drop of the Godness where is the progress to be made?

Guy: I seem to remember somebody, it may even have been you, saying that the new type of soul coming into the world will be less technologically oriented than we have been. Is that so? We have been looking to technology for solutions. They will look elsewhere.

Ah-So: They will have their technology, but it will not be so prominent in their life. The technology will be there. It is always so difficult to put into words; to be accepted as part of the things that are. There won't be the tremendous emphasis on it that there is at the moment. It is because your technology has taken a tremendous leap forward, that you are so much focussing on it. For the souls coming in it will be part and parcel of the world and will be the accepted thing, such as for you the motor car, and their emphasis will be in other directions. They will have the technology but it will just be a different attitude towards it.

Guy: We hoped that technology will cure the ills of the world, but now we know better.

Ah-So: While you are in the world you cure one ill, and there will be another.

Garry: Is there a limit to the number of souls that can be manifest?

Ah-So: No. Souls just come up out of the Godness and Godness is limitless.

Garry: There is no relationship between the quantity and quality - such as less souls and a better quality, a larger drop of Godness in each, sort of thing?

Ah-So: Drops of Godness can be big too.

Guy: Like Jesus or Buddha?

Garry: Or Sai Baba and others. Big drips.

Ah-So: So are many other people in your society.

Margaret: Does this relate to their attitudes in life, their behaviour?

Ah-So: Yes, something like that. That is probably about the best way I can put it. You understand I find it difficult to bring across these concepts to you because they have to be put into words. And when you hear the words you interpret them. So there are often difficulties.

Garry: When souls are born again, reincarnate, I have the impression that there is the possibility that parts of previous lives can consolidate to produce one new soul. Does it happen often that you get snippets of previous incarnations coming through in new personalities? Or is it more a pure form coming through and reincarnating each time?

Ah-So: Often the drops that will come back to your world, will sometimes have picked up some vibrations from others. So sometimes memories will be from that same drop's previous lives, sometimes you will have reflections from others. Sometimes you will have memories that are simply an overshadowing from a spirit. And we like to emphasise that it is better to worry about this life and what you have to do here, than worry about previous lives about which you can do nothing. What is past is past, let go, let go of your incarnations and remember always that you do not have to reincarnate. Those who die thinking they have to reincarnate will do so, but it is not necessary. Why bother?

Garry: Why is there bother on your side? Why is there the bother to go to the Halls of Learning on your side, to excel, to work, to consider to help, why is the bother there? What is the motivation?

Ah-So: We still have not completely let go of the material circumstances. When we can do so we will not do this work. We feel the vibrations from your world in distress, and we come to try to soothe that distress. Eventually, I will completely let go the vibrations of this world. As my merging becomes greater I will not need to keep this personality. I need to use it often in order to be able to make contact with other spirits who have a greater attachment to the material world than I. Because if I didn't use this material personality, you would not be receptive to what I have to say, there would be a barrier, perhaps fear, not understanding. Eventually I will let it go. I will then be working on a much deeper level.

Garry: Then your personality is then a kind of bridge?

Ah-So: Yes.

Garry: What is the best form of "bridge" we have, besides our attitude for us to bridge closer to the Godness?

Ah-So: To try to hold within you that stillness. You need to be able to work in your world. To be able to fulfil the material circumstances in which you are, yet to hold within an awareness of something else. An awareness of the peace. Be aware, perhaps, that you are acting a part, and that one day it will all slide away from you, or perhaps I should say that you will slide away from It. You will get upset, you will be distressed from time to time, you may get angry, you will also experience the positive emotions, joy, happiness, love. Even in those times try to hold the stillness within. They too are part of the play. But as long as you have some bridge to the activity in your world you will keep at least some part of your personality. Eventually, it will go, you don't need to do anything about it. The more you try to get rid of such things the more they will keep you because you will be focussing on them. Just accept what you are, and what you have.

And now I wish to spend a few more moments immersed in peace and quietness - I know you have had a lot of peace and quietness tonight, but there is a period of that still coming. If you will bear with me for a few more moments, and then I will quietly slip away. Error starting shell: /bin/csh



(Ah-So first greeted two newcomers and the rest of the sitters and thanked them for coming.)

We have decided tonight to attempt to address ourselves to the topic which is on your list - that of sleep and dreams. This topic we are aware, is a very difficult one. It is one in which there are some difficult concepts which we may have trouble getting across. We make every effort to answer and address the topics you request and so we will attempt this one.

The phenomenon of sleep and dreams has fascinated mankind from a very early age. There are many theories about sleep and dreams. Sleep we designate as that period in which you lose most of your consciousness of the material world. It is a state in which your consciousness, your Self, if you wish, is withdrawing from your material world. This withdrawing has one effect of enabling various physiological changes to take place in your physical body. It is a time when much repairing and replenishing of cells can take place. During your day- time activities, you will very often burn up cells at a faster rate than your body replenishes them and during the period of rest and relaxation while you are asleep, the repairing process can proceed more easily. When you are busy with your worldly affairs there is often tension. You often have some degree of anxiety about the outcome of what you are doing, or the desire to do something particularly well, and all this causes some tension in varying degrees in your muscles. This places some strain on the cells of those muscles and so the use of them is increased and there are changes taking place in the cells.
The sleep period is also a time when certain deposits can be laid down in the bones, during those periods of your life when this is appropriate and this is why young babies sleep so much, with them there is a large degree of physiological growth taking place.
The elderly, it is often noticed, seem to need less sleep. But with age there is a wide variety in the expression of this phenomenon. Some will require more sleep (than other people) but it seems to be generally so that a little less sleep is generally needed.
Except, however, towards the very end when the end of your life is accompanied by sickness or general weakness and debility. In the case of this so-called slow death, it is noticed that there are many periods of sleep, and in this case it is a special kind of sleep. These people are really taking short journeys over to our side and then they will return to the material world and they will do this, on occasion, many times. They are getting a glimpse of what is on this side, and this will help them when they finally take the permanent step. There are many reasons why they will do this. Sometimes there is a feeling of fear of the final step. Many people are afraid of the unknown, and our Spirit World for many people is unknown. And so they will come and look and then they will go back to the security of the body they know so well. This period is also often characterised by them talking to people who it is known have passed on before. These people are making their presence known to assure the person and so they can be close by when the final step comes.

For the majority of people, what is sleep? Obviously everyone can see it is a withdrawing of the consciousness. Where does the consciousness go? There is more than one answer to this question. At times the consciousness is merely withdrawing from the body, it settles in the centre of the brain. Now, it does not need a particular organ or area of the brain to do this. It just withdraws there to the lower part of the brain, (he is possibly referring to the limbic system). This occurs in the period of the lightest sleep. We believe that it has been shown that you have various cycles during your night-time sleep, with some periods being deeper sleep than others. In the periods of the lighter sleep, the consciousness has settled in the centre of the brain.
Then at other times, it (the consciousness) is withdrawing from the body. It may merely stay close by, it may travel further afield, in what you call, astral travelling. Everybody will do some astral travelling but not everyone will remember. Some people can do this deliberately and consciously, most people do it without realising, and either do not remember it at all, or recall their experiences as a dream.

Your need for sleep and dreams varies from age to age as you progress through your life. It is the means whereby your spirit can renew and remember its contact with the Spirit World, this is another reason why babies sleep so much. They are having to get used to their body, they are having to get used to the stimuli of your world. They have to get used to receiving sound through their ears, sight through their eyes, sensations through their skin. And they have to get used to the sensations from their inner organs and the moving of their arms and legs and other parts of their body. They spend periods where they are really in the Spirit World and other periods back in the body and your world. When they receive some input from the body that says that it needs attention, for instance hunger, they wake so that they can cry to receive what they need. And as they adjust to the body, as the senses are beginning to realise there is more in your world, so they start to stay awake later and later. We do not need to go through those processes, we think you are all familiar with them.

Your consciousness during sleep, whether it is in the body, just out of the body, or travelling, always maintains some connection with the body. Many people report that when astral travelling they can see the silver cord connecting their spirit body with the material body. Some people claim that they cannot see this, it doesn't mean to say that they haven't got it. Sometimes it will simply be that they have been too busy to notice. Other times perhaps it is (very) fine and they have not registered its existence, even though they may, perhaps, actually look for it.

Mankind has often put forward many theories to account for dreams. And we have to acknowledge that every theory is right for some people some of the time. Sometimes you have the brain cells reactivating a memory of something that has happened. This is usually of some very impressive event, and the things that impress themselves most firmly on the brain cells will be the scary events.
And these are what you call nightmares. Your sub- conscious mind has been affected by this event, it sets up a fear and the fear triggers the brain cells that were operated by this event when it occurred, and so the event is seen again. Sometimes the fear will be very great, it may be something of which the person is not consciously aware. They were frightened, or it is something that the conscious mind refuses to confront, and represses it. And in these cases the event will be clothed in symbols. Something has been triggered and the same thing is being repressed and so to get around the block, the brain will use a symbol of some sort in order to discharge and also in order to repress. There is the contradiction that causes the need for a symbol.

It is true also that happy events can be dreamed in this manner. But they are less likely to be remembered on waking, and I am stressing that 'less likely'. Remember, as we have often said to you, nothing is absolutely set in spirit and things are less set in the material world than you realise. So some people will remember reliving the happy events, especially something which sub- consciously you know will be a very significant event in your life. But the fearful events, the ones you don't like, are the ones that are most often remembered, very often the consciousness in its fear will wake up in order to stop the dream and this means that you will often be more likely to remember the dream. When there are periods of sleep between the dream and waking, the chances of remembering the dream are lessened.

Now, very often your guides and helpers over here, will give you a dream, maybe a warning dream or a prophetic dream of some sort, and when this dream is remembered and it comes true, that person has a stronger link with the Spirit World. Now, if the person is disturbed by this, that link may be disconnected, sometimes though, the fear may actually strengthen the link so making this prophetic type of dream more likely to occur. But because it has the fear there, conscious progress in your waking life is seldom occurring, because the fear of the person will prevent that person taking steps in which a psychic message may be brought through.

Other theories of dreams are more physiologically based. It is the brain discharging itself, clearing its memory banks, we believe are phrases that have been used. On occasions this, too, is so. No one theory can account for all dreams for all people. And so, the random charge can be set up through the brain cells, and many impressions from the material world can be jumbled together and you get these very bizarre dreams. As the waking period approaches, the consciousness gradually comes back into the body. A lighter period of sleep will occur, and then a period of even semi- consciousness, before you come into full consciousness and the material world again.

When you are awakened unnaturally, unexpectedly, I am sure you have all experienced feelings of really have to force yourself to wake, perhaps coming up from deeper consciousness. This will often be experienced when you have used one of your alarm clocks to wake you earlier than usual, and you can see from that how the senses can draw the consciousness back. Alarming situations - the smell of smoke for instance - will trigger vibrations in the brain that call the consciousness back into the body to deal with the emergency.

The use of various aids to falling asleep, such as sleeping tablets, interfere with the processes of falling asleep and waking, mainly because of their effect on the brain cells. They are deadening to the brain cells and so you do not get the variation in the types of sleep during the night. This, we believe, is quite well-known in your material world and can lead to sleep problems when they are discontinued. Because of this, such aids should only be used in real emergency situations for as short a period as possible and preferably not every night. By having breaks in between, the brain cells will be allowed to behave as normally as possible, the withdrawing of the consciousness is closely linked with the body and the body affects the consciousness, just as the consciousness can also affect the body. Abnormal activity or abnormal lowering of activity in the body cells also affects the consciousness. Likewise highly irrational states affect the brain cells, they also affect the finer etheric body. And, in some instances, it even seems that it is the etheric body that is encouraging some form of emotional excitation because the person's etheric body likes these vibrations and can absorb some energy from them. Fortunately such occurrences are not common.

So you may ask, what do we do is we are having problems sleeping? First, ascertain the cause of the difficulty. Is there a physiological reason? Have you consumed something which will keep you awake? This can vary from person to person and there are well-known substances in your world which can cause wakefulness. Are you excited about something? Excitation can be pleasant : positive things, pleasure anticipated for the morrow perhaps. It can be nervousness - apprehension about the next day. It may be pleasure or anxiety about something which has already happened. What is it that is causing the tension in your body? Because it is basically the tension in your muscles which prevents sleep. We recommend first trying not to worry about the sleeplessness. This may not work well the first night. Usually if you do not allow yourself to get worked up or excited about it, the next night's sleep will naturally return.

If it is a more lasting thing, then methods should be tried in which the body can relax. We prefer natural methods. Relaxation exercises are well-known in your society and they should be tried in the first instance. If necessary you may use natural aids to sleep, these are less harmful than your medically prescribed drugs. However, we do understand that people can get into quite traumatic situations will need stronger aids to sleep. These may be used if you remember the stipulations which I mad earlier. But first of all try the other methods. If necessary turn for help to people in your world who have some skill and knowledge and training in such matters. Hypnotherapy may help. Where the cause is of a psychological nature you may seek help in that field. We cannot lay down one firm rule, it is necessary for you to determine for yourself what caused this (problem) and then you can take the appropriate steps.

Now, I am sure that with this topic there is some area which I have not covered and about which you would like to ask questions, or may be you require further clarification. I am quite happy at this point to answer your further questions.

Guy: What is the state of the spirit in cases where people spend years in a coma? We had a case just now where a girl, Karen Quinlan, died after spending 10 years in a state of coma. Such cases are quite numerous. What happens to the state of consciousness or spirit in these cases.

Ah-So: These types of coma are caused by some damage of the brain, whether by a blow, injury, or whether by some chemical means. The consciousness is drawn suddenly out of the body. In cases of slight concussion, I believe you call it, the consciousness may be only - this is where I have difficulties with concepts. The only word I can use is 'shaken' into the centre of the brain. Now, if the centre part of the brain is damaged then the consciousness leaves the body. It is in a similar state to the sleep state, but consciousness cannot get back into the body, or cannot get fully back into the body. There are parts of the brain which are no longer working and so you may have partial consciousness. Then the consciousness will come in as far as it can and withdraw, much as in the sleep state. It, too, will do some astral travelling, but it will keep coming back to the body. It will keep trying to get fully into that body. As long as the body is alive, the consciousness will have some contact with it. As long as there is any possibility of consciousness entering through the brain and hence into the body, it will attempt to do so.
Now, the guides and helpers of that person will be around. They will be trying to help that person in the same way that they would if that person had died instantly. They will be surrounding the consciousness. They will be giving it support and encouragement in much the same way that you in the material world will try to help and support someone you know is in difficulties. It is the same type of process. The consciousness - perhaps I should explain that instead of consciousness we could, with greater clarity, be saying spirit, but because it is the body becoming conscious of the world, we are using that word (consciousness).
The consciousness cannot travel far in the world of spirit while the body still has some life in it. They are very exceptional souls who have travelled in the Spirit World to any great length while the physical body is still alive. There have been very few people who do it. And so in the case of these pro-longed comes, the consciousness cannot progress in the Spirit World. It is still attached to the body, and will constantly be drawn back to the body. It will be aware of physical sensations, something that would cause a conscious person pain, for instance, will be experienced by it in the same way. And this too, will be a means of drawing the consciousness back to the body if it happens to be travelling somewhere else. And so the prolonged coma acts as a brake, a limit, on the progression of the soul and the work that the soul has to do in the Spirit World.
Does that fully cover your question?

Guy: Yes, pretty well. Does it follow then, that it would be very useful to talk to a person in a coma and read to it because there is a reasonable chance that the consciousness will understand?

Ah-So: Yes. Usually the consciousness will receive sounds, sounds are also one of the ways in which the brain cells may be re-activated and so this sometimes serves to rouse the person from the coma. If you know someone in this state, if you are associated with someone like this, talk to them, read to them, play music to them, particularly the music which they like. This often has served to rouse the coma patient. If you can talk or read about spiritual things to the person in the coma, you can be helping the soul to make as much progress as it is able to. You can be preparing it for the final step over, if the coma is to lead to a final death, as you see it.

Jim: My dreams have been becoming more and more logical, particularly over the last 18 months. They seem to have a beginning and an end, and sometimes there is a story in it. There are still some break ups, but the stories make sense. I remember some but not others, or the next day I do not remember any of them. How do you bring them through to the consciousness and hold them there? Some of them have been messages I have got to give.

Ah-So: Do you make a practice of writing down dreams when you awake?

Jim: No, never.

Ah-So: This is one method which many people have found improves their re-call. It has some thing to do with impressing the memory on the more accessible parts of the brain cells, the more accessible brain cells. The consciousness is somehow, instructing itself to remember, and when you have the idea that in the morning 'I must write it down', the consciousness is reminding itself to remember.
Many dreams, of course, I hope you realise, will not have significance, these are the ones which it is useful for you to forget. You are more likely also to forget the dreams which would arise from astral travelling, because they are not actually taking place in the brain cells, it is something which is happening to your consciousness. And so the consciousness has to hold on to its memory when it returns, so that they get locked in the brain cells and can be accessed in conscious life. The development of logicality in your dreams suggests that you are getting more in contact with your Self. You are getting more control over what you do in the sleep state. Are you aware of astral travelling?

Jim: I've never been aware of it.

Ah-So: You cannot remember it.

Jim: I dream in 3D and full colour and the people are real people.

Ah-so: That is the first step. When you say real people, do you mean people you know in the material world?

Jim: Some of them, and some of them are total strangers.

Ah-So: You are gaining - because you are new to the circle we have some difficulty with the contacts - you are gaining a greater confidence and maturity in spirit and you are getting this greater control. As you say some of them could be useful messages, signifies your clairvoyance strengthening. We believe you have had conscious clairvoyant flashes at least, and it is a sign that steady progress has been made. A steady dream life and logicality, pleasurable dreams, indicate a settled life, not necessarily settled as meaning living in one spot, but you have steadiness in what you are doing. You have reached the point in which your development is beginning to reach fruition, do not worry about it. Do not try to force the pace, simply co-operate with it.

Garry: At what stage does spirit enter a human foetus? And at what stage does that spirit carry on living if that foetus dies before birth or shortly after. I have been told that they live on and grow up on the other side.

Ah-So: Yes. The incoming soul is usually hovering around the mother. It can enter the foetus and withdraw again. The time at which it permanently enters can vary, it is no later than the beginning of the birth process. There are instances when a soul, for some reason, desires to enter the body early and it is seldom that the entering occurs before the quickening - the permanent entering we should say. Usually by the time that the foetus is beginning to look like a human, temporary entering can take place. When a baby dies before birth or shortly after, it is usually because the soul, the spirit, has decided that something is not right. It may be simply that the spirit has decided or feels that it has had enough experience of the material world, and wishes to go into its spiritual development. Sometimes the death before birth is occasioned because of some physical event, this may be used simply as an excuse for the incoming soul to depart. Sometimes the incoming soul may simply decide to alter the life's plan and may be the body in some respect, does not, or could not for some reason, fulfil some aspect of that changed plan, and so the soul will withdraw. It very seldom happens that a change of incoming souls occurs. If it does it, occurs very early before many temporary entries have occurred. Usually the withdrawing of the soul, the spirit, simply causes the foetus to die, because the life force is withdrawn from it. Even a temporary withdrawal of the life-force will cause the death of the foetus. This, of course, has to be a complete withdrawal of the life force. The soul will always be around or be close to the mother, and the permanent withdrawal of the life-force occurs if the soul withdraws completely from the mother's aura. Where the soul withdraws because of a change of life-plan, naturally that soul will simply move to another foetus. Where the soul has decided to withdraw from the material world, it will do its growing, growth and development in the Spirit World, up to the point at which the etheric body is the one that it desires to have. So the soul may grow to, perhaps five years, it may decide to grow to 15 20, or whatever age it desires. Having been attached to a developing foetus it will help the etheric body and will inhabit it as you do when you come over here from a normal death. As you know, in time that body will dissolve, the merging of that soul with others will begin to take place. This is a gradual process.

Jim: The merging of the souls is more or less what I understand as a spiritualising of the etheric body.

Ah-So: You may use that term. It is the body becoming finer and less defined. It loses its human characteristics. Perhaps you may think of it as a formless light, to you, but not to us.

Deirdre: When you say merging, does that mean losing our identity?

Ah-So: This merging takes place in what you would term, the higher levels of the Spirit World and the identity isn't so much lost as broadened and expanded, and eventually the merging of souls with other souls, merges and merges, until eventually you merge back with the Godness.

Wendy: When you are dreaming is that the time your guides can talk to you?

Ah-So: Yes, this can happen. Not necessarily with everyone, and naturally, not necessarily every time. But it is one way in which your guides can speak to you, especially if the link isn't very strong yet and the person is not receptive to the input from their guides.

Deirdre: What can you do to strengthen those links?

Ah-So: Generally, becoming interested in the psychic area. There are many paths to follow and it is necessary to select the correct one for you. You may find it necessary to experiment and investigate different ways. Usually this is a prompting from your guides, but you are not aware of it and you are still able to shut it off and to say, 'No'.

I think, if you will excuse me, we would like to withdraw at this time. We make our usual invitation to you to, if you have a query during your supper, please ask and we will do our best to impress our answer on this medium. I thank you all for your attention.

(This talk had the unusual feature of having some grammatical errors, these have been corrected in the text. The words in brackets have been added in an attempt to clarify the statement being made.)



I am pleased to be speaking with you again. It is very gratifying to see so many people coming to our meetings.

Tonight I understand there has been some distress with this disaster (Columbian Volcano) in your world, and we thought we would give you our thoughts on the subject of such disasters.

Inevitably, we feel, somebody is going to ask us if these disasters are being caused by the comet (Halley's Comet). We wish to point out to you that there have been many disasters without a comet, many kings have died without a comet, and many wars have started and finished without a comet. Natural disasters have been occurring in your world ever since it first started. Just think of the many 'disasters' that must have occurred while the Himalayas were being formed, and other mountain ranges. There have been many disasters in the formation of your world, land has disappeared and land has come up. Your world is not static.

There is, however, one change that has been occurring over recent centuries, and that is the number of people involved. Naturally, this is, in part, caused by the increasing population in your world. Naturally, the more people you have, the more are likely to be involved in disasters.

Another factor, is the collecting together of many people into cities and towns. Now we know that earlier this evening the question was asked of the medium "Why are these people involved in these disasters?" Many of the people so involved are there because they have chosen that event as some sort of punishment which they see or feel as being what they deserve. Those of you who have been coming here regularly know that we have been stressing that you do not HAVE to reincarnate in your material world in order to work out what you term 'bad karma'. You can make what reparations which you may feel are necessary, on our side. You do not have to reincarnate in the material world to suffer some sort of disaster - it only occurs when you think that has to happen. There are various reasons for you deciding on that. So that is one cause why people are involved. Another one is that there are people there who have just decided to depart your world. For some reason, they feel that they have accomplished what they came here for, perhaps they just don't wish to take part any more. And, of course, there are people who just happen to be caught up with these others. Perhaps you feel that this is a negative thing for those people. Maybe it is, but may be it isn't. You see, there is NO death, you shed your physical body, and you have many more opportunities over here than ever are available in your world.

Then, of course, there are the helpers, your physical helpers I am talking about at the moment, not the spiritual ones, people who have a desire to help others. Some of them see this as working out their 'bad karma' - they feel they have something to repay and so instead of choosing to suffer in a disaster or some other way, they choose to work to help others, and so they need a disaster in order to do their helping work. Now, I hope you understand that I am NOT talking about conscious ideas - these are things that are on the sub-conscious level and also on the super-conscious level. And it is possible to view these reasons in a negative way - perhaps as a result of some sort of twisted, negative thinking. On another level of thought, such disasters occur in order for the underlying Godness to be able to express that love and concern that are brought out in human beings on such occasions. It has been only in recent times that massive outside help has been possible in these disasters. Until recently, people involved in floods and earthquakes, volcanoes, and so forth, had to fend for themselves, and for many who were on the periphery there was still little hope. What you now perceive as quite simple injuries, such as broken bones, were quite major injuries until fairly recently, and could lead to death. And if not death, then to permanent crippling in some way.

Never perceive of any event in your world in terms of black and white, no event is wholly good and no event is wholly negative or bad. There is always a mixture of both. There will be joy at miraculous escapes - there will be grief and mourning and equally miraculous deaths. There will be that welling up of love and compassion and help - there will also be grief and anger and despair. This was why we asked you to send to that area particularly peace and love. Let us increase what you will perceive as positive aspects there. We know that material aid is being sent there, there will be people working, there will be equipment sent, and food and medicine.

But what is taking place on our side, in that area? As you understand, each person has around them, their guides and their helpers, and they are there to help the persons who are passing over. There are also attracted there many other spirits - we have termed such spirits in the past 'free-lance' spirits - they are attracted to such disaster areas - to anywhere where there is large loss of life - and they do their best to help, so that each person passing over will have several spirits on hand to help.

What actually happens to spirits in disaster areas depends a lot on their understanding and their acceptance of what we are trying to do. People who passed over peacefully - and we would include amongst those the youngsters, babies, will make the transition quite easily and smoothly. The older people who had the chance to realise that something drastic was happening will have with them some element of fear, possibly of anger, distress of some sort. And according to their concepts so they will be received. They may be taken to a hospital setting where they can gradually come to realise that they have passed over. I think we have explained before that someone who dies in an accident will very often be taken to a hospital setting because they expect to be taken to a hospital. Consequently, when they are in hospital surroundings they will be more open to our influence and what we are trying to say to them, because they will expect to see a nurse, they will expect to be in a bed, and consequently they will be that much calmer.

The little ones I have just referred to may be taken to some sort, perhaps of an orphanage setting where they will have adults to care for them. Particularly those whose parents or perhaps grand-parents have died at the same time with them, because those adults will also be receiving attention and will not be available to help, shall we say, care, for the younger children. Fortunately young children expect adults to be in charge, and so with adult spirits around them, they will be relaxed and calm, and will quite quickly start investigating their surroundings and accept what is being told to them. Naturally, there will be some rescue type cases - people who, in their fear, threw up some sort of wall around them - if they have realised that mud or rocks were raining down on them, they may even picture a wall around them to protect them from this. And so there will be cases where there is some difficulty like that. With so many passing over at the same time I hope you realise that I can only give you a few examples of what may be happening there.

Now, there will, therefore, be a high concentration of spirit workers in that area, and we wish to assure you that there is plenty of room. Please understand that space, objects, spirits over here do not occupy the same area as do objects in your material world, and so we can have many hundreds of spirits in this room where you may think there is only room for a dozen or so. In your material world one object can occupy the same space at any one time. Its not necessarily so over here. And so we can have high concentrations of helpers there. There will be people there - spirits there - who had many and more different talents, they will be available quickly to go to wherever they are needed most. We don't need someone to oversee and direct people hither and there - we are naturally drawn by the vibrations being sent out. In many cases we will be bringing with us the spirits of what you term 'dead' relatives to the people. Such spirits are always invaluable at such times. Their special knowledge of the souls coming over can help to decide what areas or surroundings will be appropriate for the newly passed over soul. The recognition of relatives, particularly in that type of country, helps very greatly. Very often even adults who die in such circumstances will be crying out for their mother or their father. This is an instinctive reaction, and enables the person so called to come more directly and quickly to them, and very often the newly 'dead' person will react instinctively to seeing that person, and it will be a little while before they suddenly think "that person died", and then they start questioning about themselves. But that first instinctive reaction has a calming effect on you, and so we are better able to help. Many of the souls involved in the disaster have already left that area. There are some who are still clinging there, but they will move on too in what you would conceive as quite a short time. In your measurement it will take no more than two or three days for us to have dispersed the concentration of souls. This is a rather difficult concept for us to talk about with you, because in a way they are still there, and, in another way, they have left it. We are always saying to you that there is no direction on our side, but it is sort of spreading out from that area - this is the only way I can try to explain it to you - with the underlying Godness spreading through the universe, and this, of course, includes the Spirit World. It is, in some ways more the spread of the concepts than individualities. The Spirit World is interpenetrating through your material world. It is merely a different way of sensing that is there. You use your material senses and so you perceive your material world, but when you come over here you have different ways of sensing things and consequently you see the Spiritual World, the world of Spirit.

The sense that is greatly enhanced over here is the tactile sense - the sense of feeling - but it is not that actual touching with your etheric body, it is more feeling through your aura. Sensations from your aura pass into your etheric body as long as you have that body, eventually, of course, you shed it. Without the physical body, the etheric body is more like some sort of condensation or accretion of the aura to form a shape, but when you reach the point at which that body, that shape, is not necessary, it dissolves through your aura so that there is just an aura. This is the very beginning of the merging back process and occurs when you have shed all contact, all links, back with the material world. As long as you have some sort of interest or link with the material world, you will still have some sort of form in your aura. As those links, those interests become less and less, so that form gradually dissolves into your aura. It is a gradual process, and after that, then starts expansion of auras and the merging of one with another. This stage I have not experienced myself, I have seen the beginnings of it, but I am still interested in trying to help in the material world, and so I still keep a little bit of my form, but it is not all that definite.


I am just trying to check what I have been talking about with you. I am sure it must seem like quite a jumble to you. So, do you have any questions or points which you would like clarified? Can you fully accept what I have been saying to you tonight?

Gina: You are saying another version of the same thing, except not in those words and from a slightly different angle. You have been saying that for every year, and other people have been saying that for over a year, so it's a new angle on it.

Ah-So: At least, I have something different.

Gina: Yes. The concept itself is not totally new to some people.

Ah-So: Perhaps it is time you gave us some more topics.

Guy: Can you clarify one thing for me, Ah-So? I am not sure that I got you right. In the disaster areas those people, many happened to be there or chose that locality, for reasons of their own, either to suffer or to help. To what extent were they instrumental in CREATING the disaster there? Did they simply happen to be there to share the results, or are they actually involved in creating the disaster itself? Would it have happened if there were no people living there?

Ah-So: (Definitely) Yes. They were simply attracted to an area where the likelihood of this happening was high.

Guy: So they were not actually involved in creating the disaster itself?

Ah-So: No. Because there were disasters going on in your world long before there were conscious men.

Gina: So was that what you were talking about in the general outline before you get born. These disasters are going to happen to you, but it is not designed how old you will be when it does?

Ah-So: Yes. You need - I'm being given the phrase - critical mass. When you have the requisite number of people with this - (exasperated) words, words, words, words - intent, I have to stay with intent although it is not quite what I want, intent it will occur. There seems to have been some influence with this from that previous earthquake (in Mexico City). There was a greater weakening there so that this eruption was greater than your scientists had expected. But it was this certain critical mass of people there.

Gina: But how did that conflict tie in with the fact that it is near the edge of the plate - the one down the west side of South America. How does that contact tie in with geology?

Ah-So: It affects the time. The two can work together. If you like, there is some sort of consciousness in the earth - it is not the same consciousness as yours - and so you have the two working together. The souls are drawn to that area where this is likely to happen, and the edge of the plate is an area where the chances are higher. You see, if you had not had so many people there it would hardly be considered a disaster. Exactly the same thing would have happened.

Gina: So would you say that the people who had decided to be born in Australia are not after that sort of major upheaval in their lives?

Ah-So: They, of course, can travel. You can change your plan.

Gina: I was just thinking generally. Because Australia doesn't have any major natural disasters.

Guy: There's fires and floods.

Gina: But it's not a sudden physical disaster though. I was thinking more along the lines of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Ah-So: You were being more specific than your friends?

Andreas: Is anything known to you Ah-So, what the behaviour pattern will be of souls who have gone through their lives here in Canberra. It was predicted once before that there will be an eruption of earthquakes and outbreaks of volcanic matters, which didn't happen, thank God.

Ah-So: That is exactly why we are not very interested in forecasting. It detracts from the main point of the message which we are trying to bring through. As I said earlier, your world is not really a stable planet. There is still change going on. Your continent is moving.

Gina: Change will continue to go on until it is a place of rock with no atmosphere.

Ah-So: Something like that.

Gina: It's interaction. That type of change with interaction of the atmosphere with the earth. The sun heats up the atmosphere and is causing friction with the earth.

Ah-So: Many things will be happening.

Jim: What is the cause of mass extermination? How about that?

Ah-So: Mass extermination of what? Physical bodies?

Jim: Physical bodies.

Ah-So: That is all!

Gina: If you feel you have to reincarnate you end up on another planet.

Ah-So: There are many opportunities. There is never just one thing. Always keep your mind open to all possibilities. Never say that only THIS is so.

Garry: Since there is some determinism in planning each individual entity's life plan, how can the 'vulcanologists' on the other side determine the possibility of these eruptions on earth?

Ah-So: (After a pause) I have conceptual problems, give me a moment. What happens is that the spirits will look at your world and see what is likely to happen - and I am emphasising the word 'likely' - and when there is the critical mass of people there, it will. It is probabilities, perhaps everything is probabilities. But it can change because you can decide to move somewhere else, and, who knows, on what ground you make those decisions? People make quite major decisions on the basis of very small occurrences, at times, you understand.

Gina: Can I get something on a different topic?

Ah-So: If everyone has exhausted what they wish to talk on this?

Irene: What happens to all the spirits, the people that were killed in that disaster? Are they all into the hospital on the other side?

Ah-So: Those who need that setting will be. We will provide appropriate settings for everyone. Many will want the hospital setting, but there will be quite a few who won't. There will be those who are immediately open to us, and can go straight into the Spirit World setting. As I said, the children will be looked after and they will adjust quite quickly. But whatever setting the individual souls think appropriate - so they will. There are even some who think that they are still helping in physical bodies, and they will work like that for a little while and then they will start to think, "This is strange, there's no weight in these bodies." And little things like that will prompt them to look around a little more.

Irene: I have read that there will be more disasters, a shifting of the axis they call it.

Ah-So: That has occurred many times in the past, and will occur again.

Irene: Will it come in a few year's time?

Gina: The earth wobbles anyway, as it goes round the sun.

Irene: As you said just now, the earth is shifting all the time ...

Ah-So: And it always will.

Irene: So there will be more disasters

Gina: Actually, as Ah-So says, the only reason we call them disasters is because of the people there. It's a perfectly natural occurrence.

Ah-So: It has been going on all the time, there is no greater frequency of occurrence. In many cases you feel that there is, but this mainly the result of your improved communications so you know now what is going on in other parts of the world. And so you have the impression these things are happening more frequently.

Irene: It has been said that by the year 2,000, the next century, things will be very different to what they are today.

Ah-So: Things are surely very different to what they were 40 years ago. It is the natural progression.

Irene: But vastly different from what they are in comparison to what they were forty years ago. I mean that people will be different in their thinking.

Ah-So: Change is always taking place.

Gina: The only difference between this century and previous centuries is that the cumulative change is making itself known, and the rate of change is increasing as a consequence. The rate of change is a reflection of human society. It's no reflection on nature because the two things are totally different.

Irene: The guides of this author (Ruth Montgomery) of the book I read, said that there will be a war, not an all out nuclear war, but there won't be many people left. There will be a shifting of the axis.

Ah-So: Perhaps that will be an advantage.

Jim: Can I ask spirit - who I understand is of Chinese origin - if there is to be a change in concepts, in thinking, in philosophy. The people in ancient China used to understand the concepts and trends in nature much better, than we do today. How come? Have we lost our sense of harmony with nature?

Ah-so: The gathering together of so many people into urban situations has caused many people to be less aware of the natural cycles and rhythms. But the changes that are taking place, these are to be expected changes, and they are part of the development of the souls who are experiencing them. And we have said before, that this material world is beginning to come to the end of its usefulness for the types of souls that are in it at the moment. But we do not wish to go into descriptions of other souls coming into it, or any such thing. We feel that this is not particularly helpful to you. So it is this development of the souls coming through, it is leading to greater concepts being available to people in the material world which are approaching, and I emphasise approaching, many concepts in the spiritual world. For instance your development of electricity, the radio waves, that come through the atmosphere, you understand these things and so we have, we can bring through to you these days a lot of information that we could not bring some hundred years ago. So the changes that are taking place in your society are not necessarily negative. Remember what I said earlier, everything has negative and positive aspects, the yin and the yang, and everything in your world is in flux and change - it always was and it always will be.

Gina: We are getting more sophisticated, but are we growing up in the process?

Ah-So: Some people are. You wished to ask a question.

Gina: Yes. What I was thinking about when you were talking before is: Is there any specific sort of soul ... all these souls think "O.K., I've got to reincarnate." ... is there any specific sort of person who decides I'm going to reincarnate on earth, because it's got certain experiences and things like that, or are all the planets generally much the same version of the mishmash? Do all the planets offer approximately the same stage of development and the same variety of experiences?

Ah-So: Which planets do you mean? The ones round your sun or are you referring to my inference a little while ago that there are other worlds in which you can incarnate?

Gina: Those that are inhabited by intelligent life.

Ah-So: They are at all different levels. Everything is available.

Gina: So that means that it is a certain sort of person who decides to reincarnate on earth? Or a certain level of development?

Ah-So: Yes. You get sort of waves through the world, at one time there will be a certain type - and it is a gradual process. That type, some of them will stay and develop and go along with the next type coming through, others will pass on. If they want to have more material incarnations they can pass on to wherever they wish. Then, of course, there are the wise ones who decide to stay in the Spirit World. And, too, there is the other type of soul, the one who is at the level of beginning to merge, and who decides to come back to try to bring some sort of enlightenment to the souls in the material world. They have varying degrees of success, some of them become well-known and some don't. It depends on what exactly they decide to do. And usually the message gets twisted, and altered and added to, and subtracted from.

Gina: And changed to suit the current status quo.

Ah-So: And so eventually somebody else decides to come back to earth to help.

Irene: I read that the people from Atlantis, that was submerged so many hundreds of years ago, that they are coming back now. Is that so?

Ah-So: Well, those people who were incarnate many thousands of years ago, if they have not progressed, they will still be here, if they have not learnt.

Irene: They say that they are a very disturbing influence and that is why there is so much crime in the world today.

Ah-So: I doubt whether the level of crime is proportionately worse than it ever was. You must remember, not everything that is printed and published can be accepted wholly. Very often it needs interpretation. Nothing is completely set, some things will apply to some and some things won't. Always be open, never form set ideas.

Jim: I would like to ask Spirit, what happens to the earth-bound spirits? How long are they locked in time?

Ah-So: It varies. It varies. There are some who will remain here for thousands of years, others for only a short time. There are not many who stay for what YOU would term long periods, because in the Spirit World, remember, our concept of time is quite different to yours. Usually they break away, or their helpers can get through to them. And, of course, we receive quite invaluable help from rescue circles such as this one. There are always at least several souls around the earth bound spirits trying to release them.

Gary: You left an option of whether the planets around this earth could carry incarnate spirits in other dimensions or in material form. Do spirits who need different types of material existence have to go elsewhere to get other existences?

Ah-So: There are spirits who are attracted to those other planets. But I doubt that people in your material world would ever be able to recognise them there.

Gina: Are they actually incarnating in some version of a physical three dimensional body?

Ah-So: Not solid physical, as you would understand it. And we are not going to go further into that line of questioning because it will distract you too much.

Andreas: I don't think that a planet in one dimension is duplicated elsewhere in the universe. If there are others like earth would that be among existing planets? That would be a waste of resources.

Ah-So: All things are possible. There are opportunities for everything. There are as many variations as there are planets. There will be some similarities between some, and there will be some which bear no similarity to any other, but even where there are similarities, there will be differences too.

I will, with your permission, bring this session to a close.



Often people are puzzled when they have prayed very deeply and that prayer wasn't answered, and they want to know "Why? Why wasn't my prayer answered?"

There are several reasons for this. First, the answering of that prayer may not have been in your life plan. As most of you know, and as we have told you, you are born in this life with the broad general outlines of your life-plan.

Some details of this can be changed as you progress through your life. The thing about which you are praying may be in your life-plan for a very definite purpose and this is why your prayers are not answered.

Another reason, and this is what we wish to concentrate on tonight, is the method of the prayer. To have your prayers answered it is important, and many of you have heard us say this before, to use imagination rather than will-power. As soon as you start to use will-power you get yourself in the way of the energy, which is the best way I can describe the medium through which your prayers are answered. When you use will-power you are thinking of 'I'. You are thinking that the individual ego which is manifested in this world is doing the work. In reality, what you need to do is to turn yourself into a channel through which the underlying energy can be formed, can be guided, used, or what you want. Again, with will-power you are usually using words. Words are an ineffective way of praying. They will be answered if it is part of your life-plan, but words are ineffective to change something in your life-plan. To get your prayer answered, first use imagination, because when you use imagination the focus is on the picture of what you want. Now you must be careful not to use a negative type of picture. Do not focus on the present situation which is unpleasant to you. Make sure your imagination is of what you want. Later we are going to give you an exercise to practice, and we will demonstrate in that what we mean by this. We want you to picture the idea.

If you are taking the approach of wanting something removed from your surroundings, if you think of removing that thing, you are really concentrating more on it and so it will stay there. If you want something removed rather think of the state that your situation would be if it were not there, leaving that out of the picture. Let's take a very trivial thing which probably wouldn't occur in practice. Say, you have been given a table which you dislike. You can't offend the giver by throwing it out or selling it, or what have you, but you would very much like it removed. Do not focus on that table being removed. Imagine rather, the room without the table. Think what would be in the place of that table. If there would be nothing there, picture the rug or floor-covering, whatever, but you can see all of it without the table obscuring part of it. If there is a pattern you might imagine seeing the pattern without the table standing there. If you see the pattern, there is nothing to occlude your seeing the whole of it. That was a very trivial example of a very concrete thing.

What if you are wanting an abstract thing removed? Again, focus upon what you want rather than perhaps thinking that you don't want to suffer that particular condition. Instead of focussing on not being sad, focus on being happy. Trying to feel within you the inner happiness which is always with you through all trials and tribulations. Deep within you there is always that core of happiness. You will not always be able to contact it, you will often be overwhelmed by what is happening to you. But if you can remember that deep within you there is that happiness it will carry you through those times and eventually you will be able to feel it again.

So now, if you are not to use will-power, how do you develop that prayer. First, you must be VERY SPECIFIC (great emphasis) about what it is you want. You must know in detail, because to use your imagination you must be able to picture the thing, whether concrete or an abstract thing, or an event. You must be able to picture it in detail. It is no good perhaps concentrating on wanting children - you might get five at once! You must state precisely, you must give dimensions, you must give a time period, you must give locality, colour if it is an object, and whatever. You must be very specific. You cannot imagine something the way you need to, unless you know the details, unless you know exactly what you want. You must be able to picture it precisely. This is a very important point.

So you decide what you want. You have this picture. First, and this will not be new to you, you must be in a relaxed state of mind. Now, we do not mind what it is you do in order to attain a relaxed state. We prefer that you do not use aids such as alcohol, smoking or any of the mood altering drugs. We prefer it, however, in important matters, if you absolutely cannot relax without them, by all means indulge. The important thing is to be relaxed. These things that I mentioned just now affect the aura, changing the vibration and that makes it more difficult for spirit to operate through you or with you. Abstaining from these will improve your spiritual progress if you have been indulging.

So, you are relaxed. Form this picture, build it up in detail in your mind. Just thinking about it, you are not willing it, you are using your imagination, much as a young girl will perhaps imagine what it is like to be married. She will picture her wedding dress, she will perhaps think of what her young man will be like, and often she will carry this in her mind. Again, perhaps someone has the ambition to be something, perhaps to be a movie-star, and you will carry that in your mind. Now, these are rather ephemeral things and will not materialise unless they are in your life-plan. If they are in your life-plan then this will bring them through.

For something which you deliberately want to change, you have to change, expand the window of your consciousness. We have spoken before, that you have three layers of consciousness. In your daily life the window is open at, for want of a better word, the "middle" layer. You need to expand it to cover the three layers. You have the sub-conscious, the conscious and the super-conscious, these are the three main identifiable regions. Now, as you are relaxed and you have built up your picture, and this is where I have difficulties with words. We can let this medium know what I mean. She can experience it, but I have to use words to pass it on to you and I am not sure that we have the right words. To start, I have to use directional words, and, as most of you here tonight know, there is no real direction in spirit. But you have concepts of direction in your world and so I have to use them.

Try to go within yourself. For you it may be somewhat easier to think of going over the top and into the spine, you may use whatever imagery prompts you to do it. You may wish to contract in, but it is getting to that 'within' state. It somehow takes you behind the conscious mind and you get in contact with the other regions. Contacting the super-conscious mind expands your consciousness beyond yourself. And, here I really cannot put it into words for you. The process of going within you should mean to try and eventually find for yourself that you are expanding.

You will probably have the concept of expanding about your head. In reality it is expansion all round, and in that state your picturing can be materialised. You will not need to take specific actions to remove the table, it will go. What you need will come to you, what you want to achieve you will do, in spite of all obstacles.

Now, for what sorts of things should you use this technique? You know what I am going to say. You must use it only for good. When you use it for your own aggrandisement, it will back-fire. You may achieve what you want, but you will find there is a bitterness with it. You will find that it wasn't really what you need. You may use it to help others. It is an effective healing technique, but remember that unless it is in the other person's life-plan, the material healing may not occur, but they may get mental and spiritual healing. When you are using this technique for other people, you also get the other person's vibrations involved. It is no longer only you. It will work when the other person is open to you. When they are compatible with you. The compatibility is only important in the material world. You need to establish rapport with the person you wish to heal. Sometimes this has to be done instantly, and you will need, when you meet your, shall we say, client, to behave in ways that do not cause that person to reject you. Do not be over-bearing in manner, but do not be the other way. Do not seem to be insecure or shy or lacking faith in yourself. You need to be calm and self- confident. Be quiet. You should not dress in extremes of dress. You should not dress in jarring colours. Quiet colours are to be preferred. The mixture colours are very good, so are the pastels, the greys, the beiges. But they should be colours that you feel at ease in. Cultivate a concerned manner, a welcoming manner, but do not be over-effusive. Do not fuss over your client. This will tend to introduce unnecessary movements and so your aura may be affected by these.

The furnishings in the room should be simple but not stark. A pleasant picture on the wall. We feel it preferable not to have some of the modern art which is very garish, jerky, square, angular. Some abstract art is good, gentle, flowing, or use art of the realistic type. The room must be comfortably warm, it should not be too hot, nor too cold. Flowers may be helpful. Have whatever furniture you think you need. You may prefer to have a stool for your client to sit on, but if you talk with your client beforehand have a comfortable chair for them. Have available water in case you client needs it and you may need it yourself; have it easily available. And, if you are lucky and your client has a life-plan that involves that healing from you, it will be more likely to occur in these types of surroundings.

Try not to be disheartened if you feel the healing has not occurred. Remember, you are making yourself available, but by using the correct imagery techniques you are not doing the work. And you should acknowledge that it is not your material ego that is doing the work. You may acknowledge, if you feel it is correct, that you are contacting a greater source, and that this source is being channelled through you.

Does anyone have any questions at the moment?
(There were no questions)

Either I have been very lucid or very obtuse. Now, we are aware that you badly need rain in your city. There are some clouds about which will help, and we are going to ask you now to try our technique and to picture rain. Now, how much rain do you want?

(It was decided to concentrate on receiving half-an-inch of rain to fall during a four hour period during the next two days, and then everyone would carry out the visualisation at 9.30 p.m. each evening. The quantity of rain could be increased after the first half-inch.)
Make yourselves comfortable and relax. Watch your breathing, let it come and go. Picture the rain falling, slow, steady, soaking rain. Sometime in the next two days, picture the clouds coming together. Picture their colour. Picture the rain on your back. You can see rain coming down through the window, running down the pane. Are you out in it? Feel it hitting your skin. Is your hair getting wet? Do you have an umbrella? Do you have gumboots on or a raincoat? Hear rain beating on the roof. Do you have a leaking roof? Is there an animal outside in it (i.e. the rain)? What does its fur look like? Look up at the clouds. While I give you these pictures, do not use will-power on them, just let them run through your mind. Slowly contract with it - go down into the spine, use whatever imagery you like. Going within and holding these pictures, relax, imagine.
(Five minute pause.)

Gently come back.
Is it possible for all of you to agree on a time when you could all do this during the next week?
(It was agreed to do it at 9.30 p.m. each night.)

Question from the medium. She asks if this could be like sympathetic magic which is used by what is called primitive tribes, in which they try to show their gods what it is they want.

Primitive people make a physical representation or try to act out their wants. So if they want to catch a lot of fish, they will perhaps do a dance which imitates the movement of fish and they will make a fish figure on the beach. This sort of thing will show the Gods what they want. We should say there is a germ of similarity in it that the magic men in the tribes picked up this type of instruction from Spirit, but because of their level of expertise it was mis-understood to be calling for representation in a material way. They did not fully understand; or the medicine men did not pass on the instruction in the way it could be grasped by the rest of the tribe. With the passage of time, in other instances, the succeeding medicine men did not have the level of attunement of the first one, and with time it was mis- interpreted and changed into physical representation. The mental imagery we are asking you to do, picture it in a way the material manifestation, shall we say, sort of knows what to conform to, but it operates on a different level. It is calling into play wider concentrations of energy, of mental energy. The wider concentrations are more able to affect the patterns in your world so that material things can come to pass, or pass away. Or so that people in your surroundings can pick up the vibrations - we mean sub-consciously, pick-up the vibrations - and re-act to them.

Now, we feel it is time that we departed. Thank you for your presence, we wish you well till we meet again.



We wish you good afternoon and we thank you for inviting us here to talk to you this afternoon. I have spoken with you before and the name I use when I come back to you is Ah-So.

I wish to talk to you this afternoon on the subject of prayer. I am sure you have all, at sometime, prayed, even those who were in a state in which they did not believe in a higher guiding spirit. It seems to be instinctive in the human mind to pray in some sort of way when in moments of distress.

There are many concepts of God. He is usually thought to be omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. He knows all, he has all power and he is always present. He is present in every atom of the universe and so the question may be asked "why is it necessary to pray? If God knows everything he knows the situation in which you are in, he knows what help you need. So why do I need to pray? Is not prayer, in a way, an "out" showing that one has little faith?"

You pray in order to bring yourselves into a stronger link with that higher spirit. The act of praying can bring to you some calmness. It can calm your fear or your worries. And with that calmness there is a greater link with Spirit and consequently we can help more than if you are still tense and nervous and anxious.

Perhaps more words have been written on prayer in the religious literature than almost anything else. You have been given many ways of praying, many prayers to repeat. But if you follow a strict formula you lose your natural spontaneity and when you repeat a prayer many times, unless you are careful, it can become mere repetition of words and your mind is elsewhere. Repetition of words does bring results if you are concentrating on them, but it is an inefficient way. You must concentrate on the words, you must think what you are saying and this brings into play, will-power, as we have said to you before, imagination is stronger than will-power. As soon as you use will-power you re-introduce an amount of tension, and tension gets in the way of the link with spirit.

So then you may ask how do I suggest you pray?

Hold in your mind the picture of what you want, hold it there. If someone, or some place, is the subject of your prayer, picture it as clearly as you can. Perhaps it is necessary for you to send love to that person or place. Just hold the feeling of love in your heart as you are picturing in your mind what you want. You see, to do this you need to be relaxed and the relaxation will increase and with increased relaxation, the contact with us is improved and you will be better able to understand the circumstances you are in and the benefit of those circumstances for you. You will understand better how the situation arose and how to deal with it. For you are in a material world and it is usually necessary for you to take action in the circumstances you are in, and this method, bringing you the greater understanding, you will know more easily what is the right way for you to behave. There are times when you will be in a situation in which you can do nothing. In this case the greater contact with Spirit will help you to achieve a measure of acceptance and, again, understanding and strength to continue to the end.

There is much help available for you from our side of the veil. We wish so often to bring it through to you, but your vibrations of worry and tension and nervousness make our job much more difficult. There is in your world at the moment, much conflict, much fighting and bloodshed and war. Many of you are probably praying that these conditions will pass. We would ask you all to join in sending loving vibrations in the manner I have suggested. Hold in your mind the picture of the part of the world that you wish to bring peace. And hold the feeling of love and peace in your heart. Those feelings will go to the area of the world you are thinking about. You do not need to will it to go, it will just go. We would like each of you to do this at a certain period or time each day. It does not really matter what time - just a few moments whenever it is convenient for you. Would you like now to try that?

Sitting comfortably, select a part of the world where there is trouble, picture that place - you may form a picture of the map in your mind, perhaps you have seen a picture on the newsreels you might prefer to us that. And now hold thoughts of love and peace. Picture the people sitting down to talk instead of fighting ... picture them agreeing ... picture them coming to a decision that will benefit all. With greater co-operation between you and the Spirit World and your guides, you can do much to soothe the world and to guide it through this period of change.

This period has, as its main focus, the mixing of the races. The different races are mixing, travelling about the world much more than ever before and we are trying to guide the world through this period and we ask you to help us in this way.

As is the custom with those of us who speak through this medium, we would like to have just a few moments of peace and meditation as we leave you. There is a golden light over this room now - picture the golden light raining down on you and bringing peace and love to all of you.

Just hold that feeling for a few moments and open yourselves up to us. (A few moments of silence, then, quietly):

Thank you.



It was some time before Wung-Lo started speaking. He had been making various hand movements and explained what he had been doing. You know me as Wung-Lo and I thank you for your indulgence in waiting with me this far. I have been giving this medium the impression of my ceremony when I became Abbot of my monastery. Unfortunately her tongue is not suitable for bringing through the sounds which I wished, and I did not want to translate them into your English words because the vibrations would then have been different. And so, she has had the impression of that ceremony. The hand movements which you saw were those I made during that ceremony. She received the scarves and gave homage.

I particularly sought to be an expression of the love of the underlying spirit which you mention in your prayers. I understood about the immanence of the spirit, unfortunately many of my colleagues did not. And so I truly tried to express that love in my work and in my leadership of the monastery. I seek often to bring you here that feeling of love which comes with the communion with that spirit. I often come, though I seldom speak with you.

I wish to tell you more tonight about contacting that deep pool of love which is available to each one of you. We know that in your world at the moment there are many systems teaching you how to meditate, and we wish to talk with you first about meditation. There are different ways of approaching it, different types of meditation. They are all valid, we do not really wish to choose one above all others. We suggest that you adopt that which you find suitable for yourself. You may like to go in for silent chanting of a word or syllable, it does not really matter what word, or which syllable you chant, that's a big secret. We do suggest though that you choose a word which you consider to have good, positive, meanings for you, and note, that I said which YOU consider. There are differences between peoples, but it doesn't matter. Choose what is right for you and allow others to do what is right for them. Never be dogmatic.

Others may choose to hold a picture in their mind, others may like to sing aloud, or chant, even some form of movement or dancing can help. It does not matter, as long as it enables you to still your mind and to be at peace.

You are very involved with your material world, and you need some way of switching off, so that you can contact that which is within you. Unfortunately, many extravagant claims are made for specific meditation techniques. Strange postures are imposed, and lengthy periods. In order to still your mind you must be comfortable. If you are twisting your body into a strange posture, your attention will be on the body. Relax and forget the body. But deep breathing is one of the essential requisites for relaxing and letting go the sensations of your body. It is one of the few things which we feel necessary. Breathe deeply from the diaphragm and fill the lungs and let go. You do not have to hold (the breath) you do not have to force yourself to wait. If you do that you will concentrate on your body more. Breathe deeply and slowly and regularly a few times and let the sensation go. Consciously relax your muscles.

That may be all you need. By all means, use these other techniques if you feel you need them. What we want you to aim for is the consciousness of inside, without the physical sensations. What is inside is also outside, but when you are conscious of the surfaces of the body, you have the idea that there is separateness. So when you can let that sensation of the surface of the body go, you will start to feel the universal oneness and the universal love that underlies everything. That spirit is not disturbed by what is happening on its surfaces. The surface may be disturbed, but if it can remember the underneath, you can then bring that love into play in your life. The real benefits of meditation become apparent in your etheric body, that body that you still have after you have discarded the gross physical body. This etheric body still has form as long as you want it to have form, but it is finer than your physical body and so you have a greater degree of this feeling of oneness. You understand that at the moment I am talking about the normal person, there are people who come over here with problems and they will not have this sensation straight away. I am talking about the normal person passing over in the normal way. And if you have been able to make this contact while you have been in the physical world, you will be able to make this contact when in your etheric body much greater. Because the etheric body is much finer, because it does not need food or sleep, because it doesn't get sick or malfunction, it is so much easier to forget about it, when you want to.

We have told you before, that when you come on this side there are many activities for you to indulge in, and people just come and go into those activities as they wish, as they need. And one of those activities is meditation. Always, at any one time, there are spirit here who are meditating, who are contacting the underlying spirit and bringing it through to operate in the Spirit World, they are increasing its influence there. It is not always the same souls, souls will come together just as they do in your world, because as the pattern is in the Spirit World, the pattern can also manifest in the material world. The groups form and they dissolve again. As they dissolve another group will form. Sometimes it is the individual members coming and going, and sometimes it is the whole group. It all depends. This manifestation of love is needed in some areas of the Spirit World just as much as it is needed in your material world. When these groups are meditating, they can bring the greater surge of love and peace to those who need it, and those who are ready and open to it can often really start making progress in the Spirit World. And then there is another level in the Spirit World where meditation is virtually the main practice. The souls there meditate much longer and with much greater intensity than the souls in the other areas. I am using the word 'are' because I am trying to avoid the implication that there are levels to move through. As we have said, and we apologise for having to repeat, there is no direction in the Spirit World - there is no higher, no lower. So I am using the word 'are' in an effort to get away from any sense or implication of direction. In this area, meditation is not just the static process which you usually think of in the material world and which is the greater manifestation of it in the Spirit World. At this level is becoming active. It is the greater manifestation of the underlying Godness. It is more joyful, there is a certain movement with it. There is even, at times, a sort of manifestation, but it is not material objects that manifest, it is colours, and it is sounds, and it is sensation. In the Spirit World spirits, at times, become aware of sounds and colours, they are the spirits who are beginning to shed the material manifestation and to move on. So they are becoming aware of this manifestation from this other area. I think some of you are envisaging it as high levels, it is difficult for you to get away from it. They are beginning to respond to it and to be attracted to it. At first it will be faint and intermittent, and then it develops and grows within them. In your concept you would say that it takes a long time. We have no way of conveying this process to you without conjuring up impressions in your mind of time, but as you know, on this side there is no time. And, at last, the soul can experience that joyous upwelling of the Godness. Descriptions of the bliss which you have been given in the material world are but pale comparisons to this bliss and joy. If only I could describe it to you. It is far greater than any of the bliss which you can experience through meditation in your material world, because this is the point at which you are merging with the Godness, becoming, is increasing. If one tenth of this bliss could be experienced by your material world it would burst for very joy. And I promise you this, everyone of you, will experience it. Everyone of you is a divine spark of the Godness, and there is that potential within you.

The physical body cannot - rather I should say, the souls in a physical body - cannot vibrate at the requisite speed in order to be able to experience this. This is why the experience of death can be so very uplifting and releasing. You always talk about your soul being released, but also the cells of your body are being released. They have been working for you very faithfully, you know your body is not the solid that it seems to you. And each cell has been doing its own work, and has some degree of consciousness, and when those cells break down, that, too, is released. Think of the evolution which even the individual cells of matter go through. No-body ever thinks bout them, do they?

But there is a type of consciousness there. You are a microcosm of that tree of which we talk about so often. Just as there are many parts making up that tree, so there are many parts making up your bodies, and they, too, contain energy. And they too have their manifestation at some level of the Spirit World, and the, too, will evolve. You know in the trunk of a tree are many fibres, there are many channels for the sap to rise and fall. There are different types of fibre, fibres in the centre are different to the fibres in the outer edges, and the very outside fibres are different again. And this how it is with life. We have the consciousness of man, we have the consciousness of animals, we have the consciousness of plants, and of the rocks and soil, and of cells too. It all mixes to form this trunk, which we have told you is the Godness. And many will say that I am raving like a madman.

if you cannot grasp the meaning of my words, try to get the feeling. Don't intellectualise it up here (pointing to my head), try to feel it down here (pointing to my heart).

We would like, with your permission, to spend a few moments in the meditation state. We invite you to join with us.

(After a few moments of meditation Wung-Lo left quietly. When it was obvious that everyone had finished meditation I suggested that as he had left without the usual question session Wung-Lo wanted the group to join in some general discussion.)



You want to know what to call me? My name is Ah-So, that is what I wish you to call me. You wish to know my nationality? I was Chinese. My body was Chinese in my material manifestation. The underlying spirit is immense and impersonal. It knows no boundaries, it knows no nationalities. It is not bounded by the solar systems. It is one manifestation through the many. But you always want to know, you always want to classify. You want to know the names, you want to know the nationality, you want to know when. Don't bother with such trivialities, they don't exist. Look beneath the manifestation, there you will find the underlying spirit.

(This was said rather contemptuously with emphasis on the bold words.) You are worried with these things. What colour is the skin, what is his age, how much does he earn, what has he got. They don't matter. Look beneath.

In each one of you is the manifestation of the one. This is what you must look for, this must be the aim of your life, of your understanding, of your work.

There are things unfinished, there are things before the earth was formed. It hasn't stopped. You are still in the process of evolution. But the evolution is now in the spiritual line, in the mental line. This physical realm is but one of the lower levels of manifestation. You must evolve upwards. The work you are doing here where you meet is part of the process of evolving the human race upwards. Many circles meeting like this may never be heard about by others outside the medium's circle, but the work they are doing is immense. They create vortices of power and energy. The vortices increase the energy and this increases the possibility of evolution. I want you to know, when you meet in this circle, how many (there are) who do not manifest, how many (there are) who do not really join in the immediate circle. If your guides were to look around not even they would see some of us. But we are tuning you in, we are watching you. Remember not to worry about the trivialities, the classifications, they don't matter, they don't exist. If you could know the peace of mind that comes when you don't worry with trivialities! You may play your part in this material world. Enjoy it, work, have your friends and your ambitions. You are here for a purpose. Play your part to the best of your ability, but remember in this, all your busy-ness, remember to keep a little space, and remember this oneness. There is no harm in enjoying yourself, there is no harm in taking pride in your possessions. But let there be an under-current. Let this undercurrent be deep peace. Laugh at your games in the material world. Have good games, have good ambitions, but kind, help those who need it. But remember, the real reality is underneath. Don't worry about what is going to happen, you will be cared for. What does it matter if this life ends, it is only your material life, you will go on living afterwards.

You people know that, surely that has been demonstrated to you many, many, many, many times. Take care of your bodies, make them look nice. But remember, its a game. Play your game, as the children play their games, whole-heartedly obey the rules. But remember the time will come, when mother calls you in for tea and you will have to leave your game.

Try to leave your little part of the world in better condition than it was when you came. Do your best not to harm this world. It is true there are other worlds in the universe, but they all need to be cared for. Remember that each little part of the universe, even you, including the stones you walk on, including the animals that are around, even the insects, are all bricks in the wall. Without one brick the wall will collapse. The wall is not much use if bricks are missing. It is weak, the wind blows through it. So take care of these bricks, everyone has its rightful place.

My friends, I wish to give you my blessing. I would like you all to join in a few moments silence.

(Pause of about four minutes. Then the following prayer was said):

The temple bells are ringing.

The temple bells are calling.

Do not be afraid, all will be well.

Be still everywhere.

I must seek the broader horizon. May peace come to your world. Peace will come to each of you individually. Remember the undercurrent. The undercurrent of peace and remembrance. The one that lies underneath all manifestations of your world.



We have been asked to talk to you about certain sciences that are in your world and which not everyone agrees with or believes. It is thought it would be best (that) I deal with this subject since many of them originated in what was my area of the world.

First, we wish you to understand that everything works in harmony. The vibrations set-off in one area affect vibrations in other areas. If you think of interlocking wheels I believe you use them quite a lot in your world these days (he meant cog-wheels and demonstrated their movement with my fingers) they can pass energy quite a long way through a series of interlocking wheels. It is much the same principle applying throughout the sacred sciences. Vibrations and their influences spread from one to the other, and so a star that is far away may influence the life. Now I am talking about what you call astrology. There are different types of astrology. Astrology rose in two parts of the world independently over a long period of time. The two approaches have been modified. Things never stay static or stay the same. They are modified according to the intellect and understanding of the people in that area. As so-called scientific discoveries in your world are made so your understanding is changed and altered. As new stars are found so fine tunings can be made in this science. The approach to astrology in my part of the world was different to the approach of yours. They were gone about in a different manner. The interpretations have long since been written down and can easily be disseminated and discovered by you. I will not go into interpretations of this or that.

Many people discredit astrology by asking how distant stars could affect human beings. I said earlier that vibrations in one area affect vibrations in another, the influence can be passed on. Of course, we do not really need the system of cogs - in this area that was an analogy which I hope will help to convey what I am trying to say. The new-born baby will be born when there is a star-pattern that is compatible with the baby's life-plan. The baby will be born when conditions are right. The baby's life-plan must fit with the parents' life-plan and the life-plan of any siblings. This affects not only the moment of birth, but also the birth conditions. Whether it is early, whether it is late, how difficult it is, etc.

When a baby is still-born or dies shortly after birth, you may ask for the reason for this. As usual, there is more than one reason. It may be that the parents and siblings have this experience as part of their life-plan. Sometimes the baby has simply changed during the period in the womb. Something has happened to necessitate a change in life-plan and so sort of revises what does take place.

In the case of short lives it is much the same thing. You have a life-plan of those around the child as well as that of the child. The child decided to come for a short time - may be that particular soul merely wanted to experience being in a physical body, and when that experience has been satisfied, the soul sees no reason to carry on with the physical existence. They are souls perhaps in a hurry, they have realised that there is development on the other side but for some reason they wanted to try a physical body, and when they have exhausted that, they decide to carry on with their development. They will only pick parents whose life-plan includes having a child for a short while. There are other methods of personality divination, or of, shall we say, fortune-telling, forecasting. And a well-known one is that of numerology - the science of numbers and of vibrations. Again, there are different systems and if you wish to become a numerologist, then you should read around and find which system suits you best. It is a similar thing. There are the vibrations that affect, you may call them vibrations by star-patterns, you may call them vibrations by numbers, you may call them by a few other names too. You will 'key-in' with these things. You have systems using cards, tarot cards or the ordinary playing cards. These are more short-term than the previous ones. Astrology can cover a whole life-span. Numerology can be used in various ways: It can pick out a person's personality; it can particularly pick out vibrations of a group, of a dwelling, or several things.

The methods with cards are mostly for forecasting the future. They can indicate people who will come, they can indicate the quality of relationships, they can indicate events (to come). Then you have even more short-term methods, which are not so hard to practice. You may have tea-cup reading. In this there are some set-down symbols, which are acknowledged. But this method in particular, leaves open to the reader a lot of interpretations. Because the reader looks at one pattern of the tea-leaves, and to different people who look at the same tea-leaves they may suggest a different things, different symbol, and even the same symbol being picked by different people may be interpreted differently. So you may ask what is their reliability and what is their purpose? In all these systems there are things which are set and there are things left to interpretation. Thus it is possible for a novice to pick up some things accurately. The more one practices, the more fine and subtle symbols, prognostications and what have you, can be picked up coming down to finer details. If you like, it is rather like drawing. The young child will first scribble, and then he will start to colour in pictures. At first they will run over the lines, but they will roughly fit the shape. Eventually they will not run over the lines. The colours may be, shall we say, unusual. Eventually as your world impinges itself on them they will refine their colours. And some few people will develop a gift for drawing when they get beyond the stage of colouring in.

So much in these methods depends on the skill of the practitioner, and much more depends on the psychic abilities of the practitioner. In all these forms the most highly developed, the most accurate readers will be those with a natural clairvoyant gift, a natural psychic ability. Very often the method merely serves as a focussing point, as a method of getting the person "out-of-the-way" so that the information may come through. By focussing, by, perhaps doing their calculations, by holding the tea-cup or dealing the cards, you are in a way getting the person's mind occupied with something else, and then the information can come through.

The biggest bar to psychic development is the person's own mind - putting the mind out of the way. These methods have grown up over the years, as attempts largely on our part, to do this, so that we can get through. It is in much the same way, some people will go through a ritual before we can speak through them as a medium. Some societies have needed very elaborate rituals, others need less. This medium goes through her own ritual. It may not be obvious as a ritual to other people but it is one that seems compatible between us and helps to strengthen our link.

Next, you may ask, if we are born with a life-plan what is the purpose of knowing ahead what is going to happen? Are things set definitely in the stars? Can we avoid troubles if we are warned ahead of time? It depends. Nothing is set - this is one of our reasons for working in - through - you. We want you to understand that nothing is set. What may apply for one person, may or may not apply to another. And so it is with these indications of the life's plan.

There are things which some people may be able to alter or to avoid. There are some things which you cannot. There are other things in which you may be able to mitigate the effects, if you can be assured that all is well. You see, it is easier for us to give you information, to strengthen our links with you if you maintain some degree of calmness. Any sense of panic, fear, distress, affects your aura - it vibrates differently and makes it difficult for us to contact you. It makes it difficult for you to feel our presence, to feel our love and concern for you. You lose the contact with that inner joyousness that is deep within you, so if you can understand what the tendencies are in your life-plan, you may be re-assured. But, as I have said, nothing is set. It may be that you can change (something). For this you need to be able to contact all layers of your mind. You need to be able to contact the super-conscious, your conscious and your sub-conscious and the layers in between. Very often these three consciousnesses are spoken about as though they were completely separate, they are not, they blend. It is like a slot that you can move up and down. But if you can make that slot bigger so that you can contact all the layers, you can then change the life-plan. Sometimes the super-consciousness knows something and is unwilling to have something changed by the other layers. Sometimes there is something in the sub-conscious which may have been there from before your birth. It may be something that has developed during your life as part of your re-action to your life-circumstances. To change something major in your life-plan, you need to be able to get those layers that are out of your conscious ken to change - I am almost tempted to use the word 'agree' to change it.

you need to have had a practitioner who can speak with absolute certainty and this will be your problem - knowing whether you have been given the full truth and often that will be the obstacle to changing. You will doubt and you will question. There may be part of you that will say 'I don't believe it'. And, of course, there are occasions when that will be correct, there has been some misinformation. Sometimes you will be insistent on a certain part of your life actions and, for reasons known to your higher consciousness, you will stick to it in spite of warnings. This is when you know but you need that experience.

Of course, the one ultimate prognostication, the ultimate fore-seeing, fore-casting is 'Everything will be all right'. In the ultimate longest term, longest run, you, the inner you, the inner joyousness will be all right. But you are concerned with your material life. And we agreed to give these methods to the world so that you can receive some help during your journey. But we are trying to bring this understanding that nothing is wholly, definitely set unless you, on all your levels, want it so. You may, on your conscious level, resist something in your material world, because you have lost the understanding from your higher consciousness. When you have calmness, you can find the understanding warped, you will be able to accept, and the more highly developed and skilled practitioners of these arts can give you that understanding. If you feel it necessary to resort to these methods, take what is given, and realise the limitations. The greatest understanding is what you can get yourself by contact with your higher consciousness.

We understand that often reassurance is needed and we try to provide it. When we provide direct, through someone who does not need to use a method, or when we can get through direct inspiration, it is possible to bring through other things, more subtle. This is the method by which it is possible to really prove to you that there is no death. And this is why we are keen and anxious to give you opportunities to develop these gifts if you have them and do not be distressed if you think you do not have these gifts, you bring other gifts to us. People who do not manifest gifts are those who bring energy to enable others to do so. So you, too, are just as vital as important as they. Now, we have some difficulties with your rain (it was raining heavily and the sound nearly drowned out voices). If you have questions we will do our best to answer. The medium has especially asked tonight, when you ask a question, please to also write it down because we may have problems transcribing what you say. If you have a question to ask, please do so.

Guy: If one wants some change in the life-plan and not knowing the life-plan, wants some particular event to come into their life, the old method is to pray for it. Now prayer, is probably the most effective means of communicating through all the layers of consciousness. In other words, that would be the answer why prayers are answered and why prayers are effective.

Ah-So: It depends largely on the prayer and the type of prayer. It also depends on what you mean by prayer. Endlessly repeating a string of words without feeling behind them is not very effective. It can be effective if it leads to a change of consciousness, but mindless repetition of words is not true prayer. Holding a picture in the mind may be conceived of as a type of prayer. It is the quality of holding that is of importance. You may have mindless daydreams, I am not talking of those. To hold a picture of what you want calmly in your mind, gently perhaps, is what I want, with the feeling of Godness with it. Not necessarily with a concept of a God, not necessarily repeating the word 'God'. I hope those of you who have been with us for a while will understand that God has no set form. The formless Godness is the highest concept we can give you. To, let us say, present this picture to the Godness, without imposing your will, gently, I do not like the word 'humbly', but that has some of the connotations of what I want to say. Not grovelling, but with love towards the highest self, towards the Godness. That is true prayer and that is the effective one. Naturally, the smaller, less significant areas of life are the ones easiest to alter. The classic one would be your need to find a parking spot. The more important areas of your life, perhaps the time of death, will be harder for you to control. Again, I hope you will understand 'harder' is in inverted commas, because it is your material concept. Does that satisfactorily answer your question? Guy: Yes, thank you.

Garry: Regarding that prayer for a parking spot. Is there any payment due on our part for that parking spot, or is the visualising actively and the work put into that visualisation all that is involved? Is the work you do in visualising it paid off by that parking spot? Or is there a further payment due, as like the Devil's agreement concept, where you trade something for something you need?

Ah-So: No. We believe the work you put in is the payment enough. These trivialities as we think of them, can be used as steps in your development. But if you do this, remember too, that there may be someone with a greater need for that parking spot. These trivialities you may regard as being paid for by the work you put into them. Do not latch on to this concept of something having to be paid for. Think rather of the freedom of your spirit. It is all you anyway. If you latch onto this concept of something having to be paid for, you may, unnecessarily, punish yourself. Accept all in a spirit of joyousness, because there have been many times in your life, when you have done something for which you have not been rewarded. It all balances out in the end. You do not need to worry about paying or reciprocity. Does that feel right for you?

Garry: Yes, it does. The question was brought about by my mother-in-law saying you will have to pay for that when I visualised parking in Sydney and ended up having to walk about a mile in 35o heat to get to where I wanted to go. The similarity of a tree growing: it sometimes shades a tree below it, where it grows. But you shouldn't be annoyed because it grows there, just because it shades the tree below. The tree is no better or worse because of it. As an analogy with the ecology, even though it symbolises the person who visualises and uses their imagination to secure a parking space, that person is not any lesser or higher than the one who misses out on a parking place, although the people are different.

Ah-So: That was very well said. Thank you.



The name I have chosen to use is Ah-So, and for those of you who do not know me, and there are many tonight, in my incarnation in your world, I was Chinese. I was a follower of Lao-Tzu, and I spent many years in a temple. The tape tonight brought back many memories to me, because the bells were so similar in sound to the bells that we had in our temple. We were in the countryside and close by was a stream with trees overhanging. I wish to thank you for the memories that this tape has brought back.

I spent many years in retreat and many years in strict meditation practices. To some people these practices are very beneficial and right and proper, but there are not many people like that. And if you are placed in a situation where you must lead a very material life in the world, you should not feel that this is a lesser calling than those of us who had the opportunity to follow these esoteric activities. Each one of us was born in this world with a particular plan, that plan is necessary for your own progress and development. I wish tonight to concentrate mainly on your relationships with your guides. Everyone has guides and helpers. By being aware of this fact, you make the link for us much stronger and easier. Our plan is to try to inspire you to the actions which are right and proper for you, but the choice ultimately is yours. You must make the decision. We are only to prompt you, to suggest. You have to lead your own life. If you listen to your own inner heart, when you can recognise our promptings, then you will be guided aright. But I stress, the decisions are yours to make. If you have no practice in leading your own life in this material world, you will not have the experience to try to guide and help others when you join us on this side. So, it is beneficial for you to try to pay attention to us, but we are not autocrats. We are not going to govern every aspect of your life. You don't have to ask us what clothes you are going to wear when you get up; you don't have to ask us what you are to eat for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. Those things are strictly your decision. If something is wrong, if you feel a change, perhaps in diet, is needed, then sit quietly, talk to us, tell us, layout to us the choices you have. We will prompt you perhaps, but you will have your own ideas, and it is up to you to make the decision.

You also must remember that not every thought that comes into your head is from spirit. That brain of yours works for itself. It may be like a computer, but the thoughts are your own. When you can identify which messages are from us, and if you agree with our promptings and you decide, yes, you will do that, all will be well. But we may make a suggestion which is out of keeping with your character, you may feel that this isn't the kind of thing you can do. Perhaps, if you are a shy person and we are telling you "Look, you've got to go and tell that person they are doing something wrong." Take that situation, that shy person may feel incapable of doing it. That person is free to make the decision. If they feel that this behaviour is totally foreign to them, that they are incapable of carrying it out properly, by all means don't do it. But if that shy person can say, "Well, I'll try. You lot up there help me", then they may start to overcome their shyness, and so, in future they will become more attuned to us, and more able to carry out promptings.

That is only one instance. There are many, many, many instances in which that kind of thing may occur. We may be telling a very brash, aggressive person, to quieten down and they may say "I don't want to quieten down. I get very good results the way I'm behaving, thank you very much." It is their decision. Do not shed all your decisions on us. We've got enough to think about.

Before you were born, you reviewed with your guides the broad general tenor of your life. You can change it because you had part in the decision making. It wasn't laid on you. You chose it. True, you had advice, it was discussed with us. But you agreed to take those situations, because of this you can change situations. You can change yourself if you decide that a change is needed. And if you decide a change isn't needed, well and good. That's your decision. That's O.K. It probably means that you want to stick with the original plan, O.K. Nothing is laid down hard and fast in Spirit.

In the material world you have many more rules than we have. Objects fall to the floor, for instance; water evaporates into steam when it boils. There are physical laws to which you are subject, and you need to live your lives within the bounds that are set, until there is a point at which you can, and are willing to change. Often and often, people are offered a choice. You make that decision, these things are LIKELY to happen; you make this decision, and other things are LIKELY to happen. If you pick up the promptings from Spirit and you have the courage, if it is needed, to follow those promptings, well and good. We will not cease to love you because you haven't followed our promptings.

There is an indissoluble bond between you and your guides. We will still look after you when you enter the Spirit World and together we progress through the Spirit World though we may be on a different level to you, in time we will end up on the same level.

Many people are confused between guides and helpers. Helpers are people who have some link with you, they may be a relative or a friend. In a relative link, they do not need to have actually known you. A great-grandfather, for instance, may take an interest in you, even though he has never met you. But there is the link through the sub-atomic particles and through the genes. There is a link there between you. And so he may take an interest in you, even though he has never met you. There is still that linkage The helpers are the ones who bring love to you. They are the one who will seek to comfort you when you are distressed. They are the ones who usually seek to pass on messages to you through mediums and clairvoyants. They are - I must use the word 'level', there are no levels in spirit, it is all graduated, but it is a concept you will understand better. They are on a lower level from the guides. They are more interested in your material welfare. They can act as a liaison between the Guides and yourself. Sort of message bearers, although guides can come close and pass messages on themselves, in the majority of cases it is passed through the helpers, the people who are around you. Sometimes the person will stay with you out of a sense of duty, or sometimes it is because the person wishes to relieve something which he or she regrets. They are trying to compensate for some wrong perhaps that they might have done you. Please understand - there are no hard and fast, set rules.

Those helpers who are not related to you in some way, are friends who did know you before they joined us 'up' here, if it is 'up', which it may not be, but that's another talk. Even if they only knew you very briefly.

In addition to these guides and helpers, there are other spirits who have taken on the task of bringing additional help and energy to people who need it for a short time. Perhaps someone who is sick. Very often a pregnant woman will have additional helpers around during her pregnancy. It may be when you are going through a difficult period in your life, if you have some worries, if you have extra work to do, then very often these, shall we say, free-lancing helpers, will come round you for a while for some special purpose. And when they see they are no longer needed, they will pass on to someone else. They don't need to be told where to go, they are just drawn by certain vibrations. A free-lancer who is, who wants, to specialize in helping sick people will pick up vibrations of sickness from someone and will naturally, go along to them to see what they can do. Or it may be vibrations of sheer desperation, or unhappiness or whatever.

There is much grief in the Spirit World over people who are addicted to very strong drugs. Even tobacco affects your aura, tea and coffee, very little. But alcohol and the strong drugs shatter the aura, so the person is wide open to the Spirit World, but they are incapable of handling what is happening. The aura is a protection around you, and when it is shattered, any spirit can come in, any spirit can over-shadow you and cause you to act the way they want you to, which may be harmful to yourself or to others. When the aura shatters like that, it is very hard for your guides and helpers to protect you. It is rather like being struck by lightning, only whereas lightning is a brief flash, in this case it is permanently there. Brain cells are destroyed and other cells in your body are affected. And this all contributes to the shattering of your aura, virtually destroying the link between your guides and helpers, so they cannot influence you. Much of the guides' and helpers' influence on you come through the aura - they 'work' on the aura, if you like the phrase. It is the way they can link up with you. I am speaking through this medium now because she has an aura, and I can manipulate that aura. She is allowing me to manipulate her through her aura. When the aura shatters that cannot occur. The sensations from our side are coming through violently, full force, you have no protection, no filter, so you can filter it down, so that the guides and helpers can feed you what you can handle, what you are ready to accept. And when such persons pass over to us they are in a sorry state. The ethereal body is sort of a shaking type. These concepts are very difficult to bring across to you. If you can imagine a physical body of a person in delirium tremens and they will shake, they will see things that aren't there, they are hallucinating. This kind of thing happens when they come over on this side. There is this excitation. The vibrating, shaking, they are frightened. They don't understand what is happening and the guides and helpers cannot contact them. They cannot receive the messages that are being given to them to calm them down. It takes a long time and a lot of work from a lot of other spirits before we can really reach those spirits and bring them to a point where they can start their progress in the Spirit World. And we grieve. It wastes so much of what you would call time, and energy And we work on them, and we work on them, and we work on them, until at last someone manages to make contact. Until we have been able to build up that body the person needs much quietness. We have to bring soothing calm vibrations and conditions. We have to keep trying and experimenting until we find out what that person can respond to. For one person it may be a cave, for another it may be a hospital, or a straw hut in a jungle, or snow fields or mountains, and we must keep on trying. This is one of the things we do, to try to contact the person. We keep bringing them loving, soothing vibrations. We keep trying out different settings.

And oh, the relief when finally we can make progress with that person. The joy we experience, like the shepherd who saves the hundredth sheep. This one of the aspect of work by guides and helpers on this side. We would ask at this point if anyone has any questions on anything I have been saying. To those of you who have not been here before, I would explain that many concepts we have over here are very difficult to translate into phrases you, in your world, can grasp and understand. The analogies we often use are but very poor and pale compared to the reality of what we are trying to say. So if anyone has questions at this point, I would be glad to try to elucidate further.

Philip: Am I being guided now, in my life, am I listening?

Ah-So: You are always being guided. You are listening. You are trying to listen too hard, I am told. I am told, keep your feet on the ground. Look first for ordinary explanations. Only when you have exhausted all physical and material explanations should you then move up higher and start looking for the mental and spiritual explanations. Do not try too hard, this sets up more of a tension, and remember, make your own decisions, after listening. Do not attribute everything to spirit. Calm down a little and take it more gently. You will be fine, you will develop.

Garry: Are there a limited number of guides and helpers in the Spirit World, and is there a limit to each individual soul in this world?

Ah-So: Are you asking does each person in the world have a limited number of guides, or is there, in total, a limited number of guides?

Garry: Both, actually. Is there a total limit on the number and are some shared between individual person?

Ah-So: Give me a moment please. let me say, there are plenty of guides, enough to go round. (Laughing) You see, using this dreadful analogy of levels, which we don't like, but it is the only way we can try to get this concept across. As you go higher up, individuality breaks down, and so it is harder to talk about numbers of entities at that point than it is in the lower levels. So it is really very difficult to answer in a short way. Guides can come from many different levels. People have as many guides as they "need". Some people only have two or three, others may have a dozen, nothing is really laid down hard and fast in the Spirit World, though it is rare for anyone to have more than about a dozen usually, because the tasks of the incarnate being can be quite adequately covered by that number. We do not have to indulge in redundancy. So, in one sense, you can say, yes, there is an unlimited number of guides in Spirit, because as you go higher, the individuality is breaking down. Usually, the group of guides connected with a person will be from different levels, so that a person can receive or have the benefit of different types of inspirations. We like to leave people their choices.

Kingsley: Is it an opportune time to go into further detail on the aura, or would you want to leave that for another time?

Ah-So: By detail do you mean colours and that sort of thing?

Kingsley: Yes. I understand there's a health aura and an ethereal aura.

Ah-So: I will speak briefly although the subject of the aura is something to which we could devote a whole year of circles. It does reflect the health of the body. It also reflects the mental condition. The mental aspect has two factors, two parts, two aspects. One is an overall sort of impression, this would give someone who can see auras an idea of your general personality. It can also reveal passing moods, depression, or anger, or joy, or pleasure. The auras merge into one while you are in a physical body. When you come over to this side you still have an aura, but it is different to the one that you had when you were in a physical body. Like the ethereal "body", for want of a better word, it, too, is much finer. It is much more easy to see the spiritual stage of development of the entity, because when you are in a physical body, the aura is affected by the body. When you no longer have the heavy material body then the real aura can shine more clearly. It tends to be proportionately bigger, as though it has been released from some confinement. It is through auras that we, on this side, communicate. We do not need words to talk to each other, it is done through the auras. This is why the drug addicts are so much harder to contact, because the aura is so shattered and fragmented that it is difficult to really make contact with.

I will try to talk more, or my colleagues, on other occasions. Please feel free to bring up this subject again later. It is often easier for us when we have a specific question, because so many of these topics are so wide and general, even we have trouble deciding where to start. And a question gives us a focus and from there we can lead on naturally. I feel it is time that I left. So, my friends, with your concurrence I will bid you good-night and God bless.



Allow me to introduce myself to our new members. My name is Sertorius and when I was in your world I was a general under Caesar Augustus. To my great shame I died in bed of a fever. I will leave it to the others to tell you the rest of the details that I have given in the past.Now, you have requested a talk on guides. The first thing I should explain is what IS a guide. A guide is a soul or entity - whichever word you like to use - who has been in the Spirit world for a number of years and has made some progress in understanding and wisdom. Now, there are - and I regret that I have to use this word but, by now I think most of you understand my difficulty - different levels of guides. With a working medium you will usually have at least one guide who is well on the way to merging back to the Godness. This will be the chief guide and when that guide comes through the talk will usually be of some deep philosophical context.

Then you will have a guide, or guides, who have not progressed quite so far along the path of merging, but have made some progress along it. Very often you will find that there is a guide who has taken on the job of organising the circle, and that guide will very often be someone who has been on this side for the shortest period of time. You must understand that in Spirit nothing is ever cut and dried and absolutely set down. So there is always going to be an exception somewhere to what I am saying, but I will give you the usual, general way, that things are.

Usually guides will no longer have anyone left in the material plane whom they knew when they were in the material body. In my case, I have been over here for some two thousand years.

Now, each guide usually has a particular aspect which they try to help their 'person' with. My particular aspect or interest is to give strength to this particular medium. As you know, Verna is the organising guide. She has been over here for the shortest period of time - very approximately for one hundred years. Our main or chief guide is Arrian. Arrian has not given any details about his material life. Although I am using the masculine pronoun it is merely a matter of convenience. He has not indicated the sex of the body he inhabited, nor has he given any details of the country or the time that he was in your world. To do so, he believes, increases individuation, and he wishes to stress the underlying oneness of all people. And so he will give no details about himself.

Now, Silver Moon is the healing guide for this medium. Ah-So is concerned with philosophical aspects. Jhannee is the one who helps with meditation and contact with the Spirit World. Wung-lo also has some interest in the prayer or contact aspect. He prefers to remain more in the back ground than the rest of us do, generally keeping an eye on what is happening and seeking to assist when special help is needed. He will, in cases of emergency, bring in special spirits to assist.

These are the main guides working through this medium, and everyone will have at least one guide who acts as the door-keeper. Their job is to protect the person from undesirable spirit contacts, and in the case of a working medium, to control the spirits who actually work through the medium. The door-keeper seldom actually speaks through the medium. Very seldom will the door-keeper make himself known to the person.There are two classes of spirit who attach themselves to a person in the material world: the guides and the helpers. The difference is that helpers are souls who have known the person during their material life or have some connection - how would you put it - some relationship, some genetic relationship. They may be a great-grandparent, an aunt or something like that. And their purpose is to help the person with the material aspects of the world. Now, you can have changes of guides. Usually, your door-keeper will stay with you throughout life, and usually also the main guide will stay with you throughout life. You do sometimes get changes but not often. The other guides may be with you through life, but very often you will have changes in that level of guides.

You see, guides are those spirits who still have some interest in the material world and who wish to assist or help people in your world. Now, this can also be a way for us to work out any guilts or regrets which we may have left over from our material life. By maintaining our link we can attempt to help people in your world until we feel that we have repaid. That is very often the case when a guide will leave a person - they will have worked that out, or decided they no longer have any interest in the material world and will be drawn into other aspects of their life in the spirit world. And so they will leave to continue with that aspect. Again, you may have a guide attach themselves to a person. This may happen when a guide has left, or it may simply be to increase the number of guides around a person.

The guides may also increase when the person becomes interested in this kind of philosophy. The overall number MAY also decrease if the person loses interest in this philosophy. Sometimes a person will be interested for a while and then for some reason become disillusioned, or it may be a case that previous conditioning makes them feel uncomfortable with it and so they will drift away. This doesn't matter, you have all eternity, and also remember, when you come in the spirit world you can satisfy any desire which is unfulfilled. You do not HAVE to reincarnate in order to work them out.Now, how do guides become attached to a person? It is, as most of you who have been coming here for a while, will probably realise, a matter of vibrations. The person's aura must vibrate at the correct speed for the guides to link up. The guides and the person must be compatible: that is, in general interests, in certain personality characteristics, but the personality does not HAVE to be the same, but just that some aspects of the person's personality matches with some aspect of the guide's personality. Otherwise the auras cannot mesh and there can be no sort of communication between the guides and person. This communication will often take place even if the person is not aware of it. You would probably give it the term 'the subconscious' or 'super-conscious' level. It might even take place during the sleep state, but there is ALWAYS at least some attempt on the side of the guides to contact and to communicate with their person. Very often the person will attempt to do the same thing even though they may not realise it. Even thinking to yourself - 'Oh, what am I going to do now!' can be a form of trying to make contact with your guides. Naturally it would not be so strong and so certain as somebody who tries to deliberately do it.

Now, there are certain people in your world who are completely materially orientated. The people who do not thing beyond the material world. There may be people who do not really fit in with your society, there may be people who have some mental problem, or the ones you term as 'mentally retarded'. Now the first class of person, they are focussing purely on the material plane. This is all they are concerned with, they do not indulge in any sort of philosophising about things beyond the world. They may even be totally self-centred, worried or thinking about only their immediate family. This kind of person is one whose aural vibrations are such that one of the more progressed guides cannot really link with them. And this kind of person will usually only have guides who are (we are forced to use this term) from a lower level. The type of guides who are mainly interested in this material world. Now, those guides will attempt to expand that person's sphere of interest - that attempt will ALWAYS be made. Sometimes that attempt will be successful and you will sometimes see, in such a person, a sudden change of direction of thought and when that happens then higher guides can attach themselves to that person. The - how shall we term them? - the misfits of your society, are usually people who have some psychological difficulty and this will affect the contact with the guides, so that the guides are having a much more tenuous link with the person. We will often find that working mediums will have had certain traumas in their lives, and they will have had to work through those, perhaps they will have had to come to terms with them. It has been said that to be a working medium one will have HAD to have a tragic life, that is not necessarily so, but the person will have been making attempts to come to terms with those psychological problems which have developed during their life. And please remember, as I said earlier, this is a general thing - there are always exceptions. That process of working though them will enable the person to sort of grow, to develop psychologically, and this psychological growth in itself can correct the vibrations of the aura so that the guides can link up more strongly. A working medium does need to have quite a strong sense of 'self', to have a good deal of self-confidence, without necessarily being domineering or bombastic, or that sort of person. I think 'sense of self' is the best term I can use because it is not somebody who is really FORCING their own ideas on other people, but you do need to be very strong in yourself. You need to be able to trust your guides and that sense of self, of centeredness, is an important ingredient of that sense of trust. You need quite a deal of psychological strength to be a working medium. The retarded people are, again, different. Sometimes the retardation is a genetic, inborn thing, sometimes it occurs as the result of an accident. Now, in the case of the first kind, the aural vibrations are such that it is extremely difficult for the guides to make contact. But on the other hand, their guides are particularly loving. You also find that this kind of person has very few guides - possibly no more than three, two or three at the most. It is quite difficult being a guide to this kind of person. Very often the guides will even have been the guides of the person's parents, and will have left the parents to come to the child. It can be a frustrating link for the guides, because it is so difficult to make contact with them. It is, for instance, difficult to warn that person if they are getting into some physical danger. It is difficult to try to inspire them to assist somebody else. There are so many different forms of mental retardation that it is very difficult in that particular area to give any sort of general forms, it depends a lot on the character of the person. You will find that some of these people are very loving people for instance. Others can be quite aggressive, and the guides who are around them will be trying to deal with them. It is really a very difficult job to take on, to be a guide to such a person. Such guides make a great deal of progress in developing love, unconditional love. If you take the case of a person who has brain damage from an injury or accident, this again is a difficult case. And in this case there are a lot of very complicated interrelationships. It affects the relationship between the person and the people around in the material plane, who are associates of that person. Sometimes there is a situation where the people have come into the material world with this as part of their life plan, it will help them to develop certain qualities. Unfortunately, sometimes there are negative aspects to it. Sometimes such people will be trying to avoid some area of life, and so they sort of, more or less, have the accident in order to withdraw somewhat. They usually do not know that they have this kind of attitude, it is something that will be very much at the sub-conscious level.

Now, I have done my best to cover all aspects, as I see it, about guides. So, at this point I will ask you if you have any questions.

Gina: Are there any exercises to help get in contact with the guides, just meditation?

Sertorius: A short period of meditation each day is a great help. Being aware that you have guides, of course, will strengthen the link. Involve your guides in your life. You do not necessarily ask your guides to make your decisions for you, as you know, this is your life and you must live it. But when you have difficulties, there is no harm in asking for help. You should also thank your guides for their help. You may also ask your guides to show themselves to you - they will not necessarily do it, some guides do not wish to be identified or revealed. But there is no harm in asking, because sometimes your guides will agree. You may see them in a sleep state, you may even see them during your meditation. Now, there are some things which do affect the aura, making contact difficult: Drinking excessive amounts of tea or coffee. These substances do affect the aura but NOT very strongly. Smoking also affects the aura, a bit more than tea or coffee. Next in increasing order of difficulty is consumption of alcohol. You do not have to be a complete teetotaller, but large amounts of alcohol can severely interfere with the contact, and, of course, the narcotic drugs are the worst of all. They can completely ruin the aura so that contact is VIRTUALLY impossible. People who can break the habit, their aura will improve to some degree depending on the seriousness of the addiction. So the degree of recovery and the time taken for recovery will also be affected. The stronger and longer the time of addiction and making recovery, the longer and less certain is the time of re-establishing contact. So watch your consumption of those substances. You should eat a balanced diet making sure that you have all the necessary components of a well-balanced diet, your starches, proteins and carbohydrates and so on. Getting sufficient sleep is a great help, because you can make a lot of contact during the sleep state. Excessive sleep, however, is not very helpful. It can lead to a deadening of the senses, so sufficient sleep is needed. Desiring to help other people in some way also strengthens the links with your guides. For someone interested in this philosophy, the desire to help other people is almost mandatory. You find people becoming interested in the spiritual aspects of life will have this desire. There are a few people who don't, and these are the people who will get into trouble through this philosophy. I think I have covered all aspects on that.

Guy: Let us assume that we have an intelligent person who has guides of corresponding status. That person may suffer an accident or illness, as a result of which the brain may become damaged, and he is now a retarded person. That person, as a spiritual entity was aware, let us say, at a pretty high level before the accident. He is after all a spiritual entity incarnated in a body with a brain. Does the brain damage automatically degrade his awareness as a spiritual entity in line with the capability of the brain, or is the guide still able to see him and communicate with him as the intelligent person he was before that? In other words, is the intelligence automatically gone as the brain is gone?

Sertorius: The intelligences that 'goes' is that of the material level. With all forms of retardation, when the body is left behind, the spirit will live. This kind of person - the accident type - will have contact with his guides but usually in the sleep state. Depending on the degree of damage, there will be great difficulties in bringing it into their material life. So the problem is on the material level. I should add, perhaps, that guides of the retarded person would also be paying attention to the people around that person to help them. This is one of those instances when extra 'free-lance' guides are brought in to assist the care-givers.

Guy: Suppose that person now dies and passes into spirit. Does he now function on the level which he had after the accident, or is he now able to function on the level which he had before?

Sertorius: He will function on the level he had before.

Guy: So the accident is now wiped out?

Sertorius: Yes.

Jackie: Is there a chance that persons who have mental retardation may attract people of the lower levels as their spirit guides?

Sertorius: There is the chance that retarded people will attract the lower level spirits. This will be the case in those retarded people who are particularly violent or manifest the more negative side of human nature. As I said earlier, you do have a door-keeper whose job is to keep away these spirits, but very often the door-keeper can be over-ridden by the person they are attached to. So the person being attracted to this philosophy who gets too carried away with it, will attract to themselves willy-nilly any spirit who is around. It becomes very difficult for the door-keeper to keep them all away. Also, if a person's aura has been damaged, this can occur by psychological shock, a severe psychological shock, very often there will be more than one. Their aura will not then have a firm shape and will be all over the place. Something similar applies to the retarded people - em - because some retarded people cannot, sort of, focus on something, sort of, they would have no aim in life, and these are usually the very severely retarded people. Their aura will not be very firm, they will attract the lower or mischievous spirits. They also may be aware of them at some level, not understanding what they are. And that also can cause some problems for their door-keeper, because any kind of spirit entering your aura will bring a vibration with it. And if the person likes the vibration then, of course, they will be happy to have that spirit there. And sometimes with these mentally retarded people they will sense the change in their aura, and it is something which they really feel and so they tend to like any change in their aura, and so want the spirits to stay there. There will always be spirits around to protect them but this is their life and they can always be over-ridden by them.

Jackie: I am wondering if there is something one can do to increase the vibrations to protect such people who have that kind of mental retardation.

Sertorius: The carers can help the retarded person by mentally placing golden or violet light around the person. The vibrations of golden or violet light are usually those that the mischievous or 'low' spirits find uncomfortable, and so they will leave or stay away from that person. Naturally, the stronger the carer can make the light, the more effective it will be. Of course, they can also appeal for more 'free-lance' spirits to come and help. Pray directly to the Godness, or whatever your concept of God may be, will also materially help. The more light that care-givers and even others around the retarded person express towards that person will also help to keep away the mischievous spirits. So deliberately mentally surrounding the person with love, no matter how obnoxious they may be, will help to keep away the unwanted type of spirits.

With your leave, I will say farewell.

All: Farewell, Sertorius.



I bring you my blessing.

Wisdom that has often been overlaid with practices that tend to cancel and mask it. This wisdom has lain concealed for many years. On occasions these practices have deliberately been put there in order to protect the wisdom, particularly from those who would mis-use it. The wisdom will be in the world, so long as the world exists. There are different variations of it, but it is always there. And you can find it in the innermost recesses of your being. There is no special technique to be used. Just think of your own recesses, just think of the ancient wisdom, and think of the peace no matter how small within you. You can touch that wisdom, it is always available for you. You cannot put that wisdom into words. There is no magic formula, no rigid saying. But when you contact it, you will know peace in your heart, it is deep inside you. Many profess to know this wisdom. You are taught how to touch it, and yet it is not necessary (to be taught). In your culture you are taught about the still small voice within. Samuel did not need any particular practice. Practices are sometimes useful, especially for those in your culture, who have difficulty in being at peace after your day's activities. Your society is developing in ways which make it more difficult for you to tap the inner wisdom. The jarring noises and vibrations and many people in close proximity, the speed with which you move about - all affect the vibrations of the aura, and it is difficult for the aura to be at peace. This is the main use of the various techniques which are taught. You do not need initiation ceremonies, you do not need to be given a particular word - I stress the 'need'. The conditions in which you live and move in your society mean you need a ritual which enables you to calm down by going through certain motions. If you believe they will bring you peace, they will. But they are not really NEEDED.

Sometimes you must deal with the belief system of your conscious mind before a higher level can be reached. Remember the three aspects of the mind. The sub-conscious, the conscious and the higher conscious. There are others but these are the three that give access. The sub-conscious is in two sections : one looks after the body and keeps it functioning automatically. The other is the repository of the memories, your experiences and governs your reactions. Your conscious mind deals with your everyday life. It is the decision maker, but it is also the receiver of both your sub-conscious and your higher conscious. Your higher conscious may, perhaps, be called your conscience. It, too, is really in two layers, part of it is in closer contact with your guides and helpers.

I have been speaking as though this mind, is a line, the venue of it, you might say. The truth might more properly be (that it is) like a ball with the different layers. Even that analogy is a poor one. The different layers can 'bleed through' and affect one another. So your conscious mind will be affected by your sub-conscious, and the super-conscious. The sub-conscious can be affected by your conscious and through it, your higher conscious. The higher conscious receives input from the conscious and makes it more readily available to your guides and helpers. They are aware also of your conscious mind, but the contact with the higher conscious makes things clearer for them to give their input into the higher conscious.

When the conscious is available to the higher conscious, then the input (from the higher conscious mind) can be received into the conscious mind. The spirit contact can be made when the link between the conscious and the higher conscious is open. You need to open the conscious to the higher conscious to receive this input. This input affects the conscious mind and its workings.

It is important that this link should not be open all the time. We consider it important that you operate in your world in the manner that is acceptable to your society. In this way you can bring the influence of Spirit into the world without setting up barriers from others, without getting negative feelings or interruptions, which will in turn affect the spirits near you. You can do this effectively in your everyday life when that link is not wide open. You may think of it as a door in which (there) is a small window, through which your higher-conscious can observe the conscious. When the conscious desires to window to be open, when the conscious needs extra guidance for instance, at appropriate times the door can be open wide. This is why each of you needs a door-keeper to guard that door and make sure that only the right spirits come in. But if you do not co-operate in keeping the door closed, the whole area of protection around you weakens, and if you are not co-operating with your doorkeeper then mischievous spirits will attach themselves. For you can over-ride your spirits. If they do not wish you to open up your door wide, but you insist on doing so, you are insisting on admitting the mischievous spirit. They (the guides) must hold back, because they know it is important to you. That is one of the situations in which the spirits can enter you. It is like letting down a drawbridge of a castle so that the enemy can enter.

You must decide to close off the link when you close your circle as you say your closing prayer. Think of closing the door. You will still have the window. Picture yourself with a protective shield around you. Remember when you really need the link with spirit you can open the window.

Gina: Can anyone else put a protective shield around the person?

Wung-Lo: When a person is in danger of having attaching spirits you can put a protective shield around them, but without their co-operation it will not last long.

Strictly speaking it is not absolutely necessary for you to know your door-keeper. Door-keepers, very often do not manifest, and very seldom do they speak through a medium. Occasionally it happens, but not very often. They assume that others may be there, and they themselves will not directly say anything.

When you are closing your circle, or when you have been doing any other religious practices, you may speak to him as you are finishing. Strengthening the link between you makes his job easier. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and your acknowledgement of their presence helps them. If you carry out this you will be safe, both on this side and in your society. Think of them sometimes, think of them as your guides and helpers.

And there are others around you, especially when you meet in groups like this. All around this circle, there will be other spirits with specific jobs to do. They will give up energy, and pass it round the circle. Tonight we asked you to pass the energy around the circle in order to strengthen this and increase the energy available for this work. It is a practice that should be done occasionally. This acknowledges the work of the, shall we say, technicians, and again, helps their work. One of the technicians here tonight is a small coloured boy who is dressed in gaudy clothes. He lived in the French court 200 years ago as one of their servants.

Question: What course of action can we take to help a member of our circle who we think has some attaching spirits?

Wung-Lo: At this stage I suggest you put him on the healing list. Whatever advice you give him, he will not accept. Ultimately, he will listen, but at present he is making things more difficult for our side, which may lead to a waste of his potential.

Question: Would it be appropriate for him to come back to the circle and possibly trance here under controlled conditions.

Wung-Lo: We think not at this stage. The danger is that he would keep the link open. At the moment the door is not fully opened. The danger is that he would not close to afterwards. He also may want to go through this week after week, which would destroy the purpose of the circle. Keep friendly contact if you can but at this stage do not encourage his return.

Question: What is the purpose of the circle?

Wung-Lo: The main purpose is to enable us to pass on to you information from this side. Information about life after your so-called death. Information, guidance, perhaps, to you in matters of right conduct. We hope to speed up the development of people in this circle. There will be some to develop as mediums and pass on to their own circles. There will be others to develop to work on the platform and to heal. But as our principle purpose we hope to possibly and simply to help other spirits.

Question: When development starts and the person gets carried away, what can we do?

Wung-Lo: First, talk with them and explain these matters, you can advise them. If they will not accept your advice, then so much depends on the person. If the person is seriously disrupting the circle then they must be asked to leave. If the person does go into trance then you should talk with the spirit in the usual way, ask their name, and encourage them to talk. If it is a mischievous spirit and is claiming high messages, challenge it on every point you can. Watch for contradictions and inconsistencies. A mischievous spirit will not be able to answer you, because they have not advanced very far and do not know the answers. If it is a genuine high spirit, they will be able to answer. If it is a mischievous spirit, then carry on in the usual rescue manner. Ask details about it, what is it doing in the Spirit World, what are its activities, reason with it, suggest that it has some developing to do itself, can that spirit see friends and relatives about. This line of attack is probably the best. But if the person does not wish to break the contact, the spirit may not be permanently dislodged. If the person is not showing signs of wanting to dislodge the spirit, you can all of you start directing energy to the person. This speeds up their aural vibrations which makes the person hot and makes things uncomfortable for the spirit and makes him retire. But if the person does not want the spirit to leave, does not really want the spirit to go, the spirit will hang around. You may have to do something to shock that person, to really get the message home of what they are doing. If after, say, three sessions like this, there is no progress made, then for the sake of the circle and the other sitters, that person will have to be asked to leave.

Serge: Is meditation advisable for me?

Wung-Lo: We feel it is better you do not do any form of meditation by yourself. If you wish to do this, do it in a group. Keeping yourself busy and active in the material realm is your best protection and be sure to close that door when you close the circle. Mentally picture it as your wish. You do not have to picture a door, if there is another concept that is more acceptable to you, then use that. But it must be something that is protective or is solid, a shell is a good one - like an egg-shell - but you must be careful to make sure that it actually meets around you. You are right at the moment. Do not spend too much time alone. We would suggest no more than about 15 minutes of meditation a day. Are you following any particular path

Serge: Siddha Meditation.

Wung-Lo: Do not over-do it. When you finish always make sure that the door is closed. Do not rush your development, do not be impatient. There is a long straight track ahead of you.

Question: I had a vision of a child and a man put it into my arts. Is there a meaning to that?

Wung-Lo: It is a spiritual gift which is beginning and will grow, but as a child takes a long while to grow into a man, so this gift should also be allowed to take a long time. Do not force development, let it grow naturally as the child would grow.

Gina: (indistinct) Help for parents.

Wung-Lo: Parents are very difficult for children to understand. Spend a few minutes each day, hold a picture of them in your mind's eye. Picture them as clearly as you can. Picture their faces in every detail so that you have them very clearly in your mind's eye. Then picture them with golden light around, that is the peaceful vibration. Be patient with them. They are in this world to learn and practice. Even the aged have their lessons to learn. You are a very loving person. If you give them too much advice they will be unable to take it, mainly because you are their child. Be subtle. Try not to dictate to them. Try to make suggestions subtly, so that they do not have to lose face, if they do not take your advice, and it turns out that they should have done. In your culture it is always important to preserve face. I think it is probably important for you too.

Question: We have a son and I feel he is badly in need of guidance and I feel we cannot get through to him. Like you told Gina, are there any suggestions to us?

Wung-Lo: Your son has a strong desire to prove himself. He has a strong desire for independence and to stand on his own feet. You cannot prevent him learning his lessons. I suggest a similar practice of picturing him and putting the golden light around. He may want to do things which seem wrong to you, and for you they would be wrong, but he is in a different situation to what you are. He has his own lessons to learn. And remember in the ultimate long terms, everyone will be safe.

Question: Should I only practice healing in the church?

Wung-Lo: Spiritual development is always safer in groups. It would be safe in the church, and in this circle, places where you can make a firm link.

Garry: Do babies have door-keepers?

Wung-Lo: Babies always have a door-keeper. You have a door-keeper from the time you are born. The window in a baby's door is larger than in an older child. They are more susceptible to spirit influences and it is important for this reason that babies are surrounded by a lot of loving carers. Whenever you are around a baby you should always mentally put golden light around them. Their innocence, innocence of the world is a protection for them.

Question about effects of behaviour on the window for spiritual influence.

Wung-Lo: Some practices can 'fog' the window over - alcoholism, drugs for instance. Sometimes these practices can also blow wide open the door. It depends a lot on the individual. The window can always be re-opened. It can be, but will not ALWAYS be re-opened. Some forms of mental disorder can sometimes close the door.

Question: There are a lot of people in society with mental disturbances, schizophrenics, etc. Would you be able to say whether there are many among them, who are not actually mentally sick but simply have their doors blown open. How many would be like that?

Wung-Lo: About 50%.

Question: What can be done for them, because our doctors treat them with drugs and shock treatment, and things like that. What would be the way to treat them?

Wung-Lo: Drug therapy can sometimes be very good. As I said a minute ago, drugs can close the window and they can also close the door. I am emphasising can, it doesn't always. These people still have their subconscious and their higher-conscious minds. If the sub-conscious and higher conscious minds both want to close the door, then therapies will work. But we would speak strongly against any form of shock treatment because it can destroy brain cells, it can distort the aura and the vibrations of the aura. There are always spirits around these hospitals trying to help soothe things. But without the co-operation of the person's sub-conscious, and this is more important in this aspect than the higher-conscious, because the higher-conscious always wants to do the right thing. The sub-conscious can be negative. So, unless the sub-conscious too wants to correct the condition, therapy will not close the window, or work.



Good evening to you all. You know me - you know me as Jhannee and I greet our visitor tonight. I hope you will find my talk interesting. I wish to talk to you tonight on a very difficult topic. It is something which I do not believe has ever been asked or discussed. I am going to try to explain to you how the process of guides first arose in your world. You will understand the difficulty of this as I go on. The species known as man has been in your earth for some few thousands of years. The development was, in some respects, a gradual process but there were sudden leaps. Now we have pointed out to you before that at certain times in the earth's history there has been a change in the consciousness of at least a part of mankind at a particular moment. There are peoples in your world who have remained at a static level of development but, if you think back, you will see that there have been sudden changes in the consciousness of mankind - most particularly in those people living in the Mediterranean-European areas. Now, when the process of individual guides first started in your world that was another of these points in the jump of the consciousness of those creatures that were becoming man. At any one point in your world, you have an entity, or group of entities or spirits, who are interested in a particular life-form manifestation in your world. So you will have a group who are particularly interested in a type of plant, the trees, the wheat, the flowers or whatever. You will also have entities who are particularly interested in a particular animal, so there will be some who are looking after the cat family, or the aquatic family, or perhaps the bears, and so forth. Now, some evolution in the development of the human type of creatures had been gradually taking place, and then there was a group of souls attracted to your earth. If you like, they were hanging around' in the atmosphere and they were looking at the earth and at what was going on, and so they influenced the development of these creatures so that they could incarnate in them in your world. So there was a leap in the consciousness of these early man-like creatures. Your researchers have found the remains of different types of these human-like creatures, and they are attempting to place them in the order of development. Now, I am not going to give you any advice or information on that aspect, because it does not concern us in which particular order these fossils should be put which you have.

Now, there had then been a jump in the consciousness. For the first time the entities interested in these creatures had actually entered these creatures to work directly in the earth plane. So, instead of having an entity or group of entities who look after a particular animal from - if you like - the 'spirit' side of manifestation, these souls actually entered into those animals, those creatures. I would prefer the word 'creature' to animals because there is a difference at this point in the consciousness. Now, those spirits, because they were particularly interested in the earth and in their fellow spirits, when the physical form died, they stayed around because they were still interested in what was going on. And so they started from a spirit angle trying to help those who were left behind. This process also attracted other spirits to the earth plane and so, every now and again, there would be a leap in the quality of consciousness. And some of the first group of spirits stayed around and moved on with this development, and some continued on their way in the Spirit World, and some of those, at a later point, came back to try to help in the progress that was going on because they still had some interest. Others did not return. It is all a part of the upwelling of the Godness, this joy in existence that the Godness has. And so there were spirits accumulating around your Earth. They all, at some point, incarnated into your earth, this was the way in which they sought to help the development. To take part in it - perhaps is the better phrase - it was just their expression of the Godness. Everyone of you has creativity within you - the natural creativity which the Godness has. Each one of you has this creativity and each one of you expresses it in a different way, and this is how those souls, those individualities that were around at that time, were expressing their creativity.

Now, there were some of them who became really absorbed in the Earth. They stayed very close to the earth, if you like they really got, sort of, 'entangled' with the Earth plane. So they stayed much closer and reincarnated more frequently. And it was this attraction that held them here - the desire for the earthly things became stronger, especially as the civilisation developed. And as man was able to make and create more desirable things so these souls became more and more attached to the Earth plane. And with that attachment it happened too, that when their physical bodies died they started linking up in a personal relationship with people still in the Earth plane. They started blocking out the knowledge of the greater opportunities that were available in the Spirit World, and so was set up this process: the

personal guides, the other guides who are trying to enlighten both those of you still in the physical body, and those who are entangled with the material world although they are in spirit, to broaden their horizons and remind them of what else there was.

And, as they succeeded, so certain spirits were moving away from the Earth. But it has set up a sort of magnetism and was attracting others, and so there have been these waves every now and again of a different type of consciousness coming into the Earth. As each wave of souls works on the development or evolution, if you like, of the Earth plane, this forms a stepping stone and a different type of consciousness can come in. As long as the incoming souls can also remember the Spirit World and the conditions that they had before they incarnated in your material world, they do not get entrapped. But it is this forgetting, the forgetting of the real nature of the inner self that causes the attraction to the physical world.

But the physical world also has its counterpart in the Spirit World, and so when you move into the Spirit World you can take with you your concepts of the material world into the Spirit World, and, as we mentioned to you a little while ago, there have been changes in the Spirit World too, at least on that level where you go when you first pass over. Because you are coming over and bringing with you different concepts. Those early people, the ones who started off living in the caves, they brought back with them different concepts to what someone in your society would bring over with them. Those early people had much fewer things to bring over with them. They were closer to the Spirit World.

But now you are preparing the way for another type of consciousness to come in. These different souls are already moving into your world, and you are going a sort of 'full circle'. The early spirits were much closer to the Spirit World, and you are reaching a point now where you have gone away as far as you can and you are coming back to that higher consciousness. You are at the point where each wave of incoming consciousness is bringing with it a closer link with Spirit. So from being drawn closer to the material world you are turning the corner now and you are having a greater contact with Spirit. And from now on, each succeeding wave of spirits that comes into the world will have a closer contact with Spirit.

Your world, your material, physical world, will not be for ever in the material manifestation. There will come a time when it will not be there. And it will be there fore many thousands more years, so do not get all worried about the end of the world being nigh - it is NOT nigh. There has always been this paradox of the Spirit and the attraction to the Material. In some respects it will seem as though your material world prevails - as though the EMPHASIS is on the material conditions in your world, but in reality there will be this higher contact with Spirit. Do not worry about the developments in your material World. It is a paradox or seems so to you, but they are enabling the higher contact with Spirit to be brought into your Material World. And when your world ceases to exist there will still be the etheric form there. This is what your astronomers are picking up in areas of the sky that they are investigating with their telescopes. They have recently seen a star explode, and what they will be seeing over the next few centuries is that star's etheric body. And in time, that too, will fade away and there will be the astral body, more or less just like the difference of atmosphere - which is quite the wrong word because there isn't an atmosphere there - but this is a point at which there are not the words for me to use. There will be a difference in that area of the universe and in time that will fade. You understand, I am talking about what you would term 'time-span' of thousands of years. There are many thousands of years yet before your sun explodes like that. So don't get worried about it, it's not going to happen tomorrow. So this is an interesting time in the development of your world, with this new consciousness starting to incarnate in it. Some of the souls presently incarnate or still attracted to the atmosphere of the world will get caught up in that consciousness and will develop into it. Others will pass on to other areas of the universe and, of course, there are many who are realising that there is something more than the material universe and they do not have to re-incarnate into it. We stress this again, because this is one of the important points which this group of guides wish to get across - you do not HAVE to reincarnate in your world - it is your own decision. If you think that you have got to be punished for something which you have done in your present life, and if you think you can only work that out by reincarnating in the material world, then you WILL bring yourself back in, but you do not HAVE to. There is so much work to be done here helping other souls, bringing this message to them, helping them to come to terms with their material life. In this way you can work out any guilt feelings which you may have. But, remember, you don't even HAVE to do that. Just realise the freedom which you have inherent in your inner being. You can 'shoot' off into the Spirit World at any point.

In a moment I will be willing to attempt to answer your questions, but first I must thank Jhannee for introducing me and helping me to come through. In my incarnation I was a priest in Egypt. And if you have questions I am now ready.

Pat: Can the medium pronounce your name?

Entity: I am using the name Isis of Amun-Re.

Pat: When you were a priest, was there any development of the land of Egypt along the Nile or was it later. Can you give us some idea of where your life fell in that era.

Isis of Amun-Re: I was there at the building of the first pyramids.

Pat: Where did you fit in to the life of the people?

Isis of Amun-Re: I officiated in the temple as a priest of the Oracle. Guy: Who was the Oracle?

Isis of Amun-Re: The Oracle spoke through me.

Guy: Then you were a medium?

Isis of Amun-Re: Yes.

Guy: In our terms that would go back about five thousand years ago. Have you ever reincarnated in that time?

Isis of Amun-Re: No. This was why I needed the assistance of Jhannee.

Guy: Do you still have reasonable memories of that time?

Isis of Amun-Re: Very few. They have degenerated to the level of impressions. Impressions of the ceremonies mainly of the entombing of the dead.

Georgina: With what work have you been busy since then?

Isis of Amun-Re: For a while I worked as a helper to those left behind. I sought to work mainly with my fellow priests, and sometimes I worked with the ordinary people. Then again, I worked with the souls that have passed over into the Spirit World, and as my understanding of the Spirit World increased and developed so I sought to bring this understanding to those souls coming over. To use your concepts and words which, as you know, are highly unsatisfactory, you would say that I am approaching the end of the next level of the Spirit World. I shall shortly be moving more into the last sphere before the uniting back with the Godness, and I must stress that these are not separate levels. It is just that we have to use words in an attempt to bring the basic concept across to you.

Georgina: Was it very common for a priest to be a priest of the oracle, were there many mediums on earth in those days?

Isis of Amun-Re: I would not describe it as very common.

Georgina: It was commonly accepted, though?

Isis of Amun-Re: There were two or three in each temple and, naturally, some of those would be training, developing their gift. There was, however, I think the term you would use, a 'high-turnover' because lives in those days were not as long as they are in your society. So if you look at it in that way, it would probably be somewhat more frequent than in your society, but at any one time we would probably have had fewer, shall we say, 'working' oracles than you have today. And, of course, remember that in this century of yours, people have been able to manifest this gift more frequently than they have for some hundreds of years.

Pat: Is the process of mediumship or the experience of mediums today similar to that in your time?

Isis of Amun-Re: There are some similarities but, naturally, the conditions in your society affect the expression of the gift or ability. Guy: Can I ask you a hard question? Egyptian civilisation lasted a very long time, certainly about 2,000 years at least, possibly three thousand. During that time there continuously were priest oracles operating who were in contact with Spirit and transmitted messages from Spirit. And, to us today, it seems that the practice of mummification and the extreme emphasis on preserving the body after death, we see it as a strange aberration. How come that the oracles never came to reveal the fact that the spirit doesn't really need the body to be preserved?

Isis of Amun-Re: As in your society there were certain constraints on the full operation of our gifts. Society in general had developed certain ideas and concepts. They liked those ideas and concepts, they found them comforting and insisted on clinging to them. There were a few of the priests who tried to explain this true state, and I confess I was not one of those. I was using my abilities more on the material plane. I did not have the opportunity while in the material body, to develop the awareness of the higher realities. But there were some priests I remember who tried to bring this through. And may I point out to you that there were a great many more people in Egypt at that time for whom no effort was made to preserve the body than there were people whose bodies were mummified.

Guy: Only the rich ones?

Isis of Amun-Re: True. At my stage it was only the Pharaohs. I know that later the practice spread down to other layers of society.

Guy: Yes, that's true. In your time was the Step Pyramid built already?

Isis of Amun-Re: Yes.

Pat: Were you, as oracle, involved in any ritual for informing or interring of Pharaohs?

Isis of Amun-Re: No.

Pat: Did the Pharaoh consult you as an oracle, for his advisers?

Isis of Amun-Re: There was a higher oracle than I who dealt with the Pharaoh. I was still in a period of advanced training when I departed the world. I worked mainly with, I suppose you would call them, the aristocracy and, to a small extent, I tried to help some of the ordinary people.

Pat: Was your status regulated by the amount of reward the enquirer would make? Or by your level of ability as a clairvoyant?

Isis of Amun-Re: Both were in operation. There was also politicking going on in my society just as there is in yours as I understand it. Some were placed in positions for which they did not have the true ability but they made up for ability by quickness of thought.

Pat: Did they help anyone?

Isis of Amun-Re: Oh, yes.

Pat: So the enquirer was always happy with the results.

Isis of Amun-Re: They always went away with some advice.

Pat: Do you have any advice for budding clairvoyants in this age?

Isis of Amun-Re: Remain true to the inner voice. Be sincere and use your gift. But do not set yourselves up as authorities because it is given to you from Spirit. If you set yourself up as an authority you will be emphasising your Self and that will get in the way of the contact. Always acknowledge the part played by Spirit.

Guy: You seem to have lived at the time of the First dynasty in the Old Kingdom. We distinguish between the Old, Middle and New dynasties. You would be of the Old dynasty. In that time the cult of the dead was supreme. Many people still think today that the old Egyptians possessed special wisdom, which we don't possess today. Do you think there was any such special wisdom.

Isis of Amun-Re: Those with true understanding were as numerous then as they are today in your society. There were sincere ones but there were many who were not.

Guy: There is a belief which we call 'the curse of the Pharaoh', that whoever disturbs the Pharaoh's sleep will die. Do you remember such spells being put in your day?

Isis of Amun-Re: Yes, we frequently used those spells, those threats, against disturbing the Pharaohs. They were not very effective though. Guy: They depended on the belief of the person?

Isis of Amun-Re: It also depended on the degree of hunger and need and misery. For some would break those curses because they thought that they may be struck down but at least they could help their family.

Guy: Very, very few of the tombs survived without being robbed. The great pyramid was not yet built in your time?

Isis of Amun-Re: No.

Guy: Were the pyramids just tombs, or did they have other significance?

Isis of Amun-Re: They were just tombs.

Georgina: Would you mind telling us for a few minutes how you explain the opportunities of the Spirit World to people who come into the Spirit World?

Isis of Amun-Re: We try first to make contact with the spirit or soul. Some people are very receptive but others, especially those who have been very attached to earth, will set up those earthly conditions. Because in the Spirit World you do not have physical objects and it is much easier to - shall we say - think into existence certain conditions, and sometimes it is very difficult to break down that rigidity, to break through those expectations. Sometimes we have to fulfil those expectations. Other people with less rigid ideas are much more open, and we can explore with them their material life, we can explore with them what they would like to do, and just help them through that way. And gradually they go on expanding their horizons, realising that there is more or asking for more, and it is with them a natural process. Everybody eventually will go through this evolving and expansion stage. We simply have to keep trying to make contact and to reason with them. Sometimes of course we have to resort to a rescue. But, I think my friends that it is time for me to depart. I hope that I have helped you to go forward a little on your path of progress. We need many more people like you - open to this philosophy and ideas, both in your material world and in the first stage of the Spirit World. May peace be with you and may you go through your life with joy and understanding. And I pray that you may join us one day in full peace and happiness. Farewell.



I will talk to you tonight - this will be my first serious talk with you - I will talk about evil and magic.

First we wish to establish with you that there is only one force or energy in the Universe. There is one source of it and therefore there is only one kind.

The next point - what do you mean by evil?

When you think of something as evil or wrong or bad, it is something that is contrary to your own interests, or something that you think of as contrary to someone else's interests. But from another person's stand-point that same evil may be good. What is considered to be evil is something which is harmful to someone or something, because we can extend this to the plant world, animal world, and the way you classify it depends on your point of view. So there is the one force or energy and what you do with it determines whether it is beneficent or maleficent.

Forgive me if there is some slight problem with pronunciation or with the use of words. This is the first time I have talked with you, and there is bound to be some slips. We understand you put these words in writing and this medium may vet them.

Everything that you term as evil in some aspect can be viewed as good. It is difficult to find something that is wholly and entirely, one hundred percent beneficent. It is also hard to find something that is wholly one hundred percent maleficent. It might be a good exercise for you to try, not during tonight's proceedings but later, think of something which you classify as evil and just see, if you cannot find from someone else's point of view some way of regarding that as good. It may be only in a little tiny way, but whatever it is, you will find that if you look hard enough you will find someone who could consider it as good.

Now, you will all of you at some time or another be in a situation in which you feel that there is an evil force at work. This is someone who is using the energy for something that is contrary to your interests. What do you do? This depends largely on the manifestation. If you feel that it is some sort of psychic use of the energy, for instance you may feel that someone is draining energy from you for their own use, and from that person's point of view this would be beneficent, and from your's of course, it is not. Immediately, think of your aura, mentally make it into a firm egg-shell shape around you. Remember that energy cannot be taken from you without your own co-operation. You do not have to co-operate with such a person. You may even physically withdraw from that person. You do not have to let that person associate with you, you can withdraw from that relationship. You have every right to protect yourself. You do not have the right to harm that person in your turn, unless it is a life-threatening situation which would be a very extreme case, and that would be manifesting strictly on the physical level. Why would someone want to do this type of thing? Remember we are only using this as an example. They would want to do it, firstly, because they can do it. Secondly, because they do not understand that there is a deeper and vaster source of energy available to them. I am referring, of course, to the Godness from whom everyone can freely draw energy. So ignorance on their part is the major cause of what you may term evil.

Consider the subject of magic. What do you mean by magic? Magic is a term which actually indicates a process by which something may be brought to pass without the use of material means. It may also be used to influence material objects. But there is always an element of the supernatural and wonderful in it. Again, use of magic may be used in two ways. It can be used to cause harm to others; or it can be used for good to others. Use of magic is not favoured, because you are in a material world. You are there for the purpose of using and manipulating material objects. Your experiences are in your interacting with souls encased in bodies, and this is quite a different process to those souls who have shed the material bodies. But this kind of interaction, (i.e., material bodies) in which there can be misunderstanding, helps when you are in the Spirit World and you are using the more direct telepathic approach. When you have experienced the difficulties of communicating with separate material bodies, you have much more understanding when using the telepathic approach. The one leads to a greater skill in the other. So using magic hinders the experiences which you should be having in the material world. It also implies some sense of the use of force. To force someone to behave in a way they do not wish to behave, to force them to do your will. This is a wrong approach, because you are attempting to take away the other person's free-will, and in so doing you are hindering the expression of Godness through that person. You are hindering their experiences, experiences which they need.

Does magic work? If you have firm faith in what you are doing, the magic ritual will strengthen the picture which you have in your mind, will make it much more dominant, much stronger. But if that is developing will-power, you need to exert much more force and effort. It is much more efficient to use imagination, and using imagination still leaves other people, who may be involved in the situation and who you are desirous of influencing, their free-will. The force implied in will-power is attempting to take away their freedom, and to compel them to behave according to your desire. Imagination is a much more co-operative way, and can enable the person's guides to interact with each other so that at that level a suitable outcome may be decided. But remember that even we do not impose such a decision on people in the material world. If they are receptive to us, we can let them know that this would be the best, but it is still up to you to make the final decision of what you will do. There are guides who give you guidance, we are not puppet-masters pulling strings to make you behave this way or that. Do not let anyone tell you that. If you are puppets you will not gain experiences for which you are born in your world, and you will therefore be lacking something when you come on this side. Now, you have probably heard of evil spirits, of spirits possessing people in the material world. Spirits who try to harm you, even trying to kill you, spirits who are trying to influence incarnate being to harm other incarnate beings, and so forth. There are many stories of such evil spirits. You may have heard of witches and goblins and many other variations. I said before that there was but one force, one spirit, so what are these evil spirits of which you have heard? We prefer to use the term mischievous spirits - in the ultimate analysis no spirit is evil, because there is only one spirit. So, there are these spirits who will try to cause mischief in your world, but they can only do it if people co-operate with them. They can only do it if you allow them. Unfortunately, there are people who have certain conditions which makes it hard for them to reject these spirits. These are sad cases, I believe we have talked of them before. There is not a lot that you can do to help these people. Pray for them, mentally put the light around them. Give them some support but beware that they do not start draining your energy, or imposing on you. You do have the right to withdraw if that situation is arising. You do have the right to set your limits. Because as long as these people are getting attention this way, pleasant attention, they will not make the effort to dislodge these spirits. And you have to find ways of making them understand and see what their behaviour is doing to other people. Only when that happens can these people really be helped. How can you know that you are not behaving in some way which is wrong or evil?

We feel that the real sin is when you prevent the Godness manifesting or flowing through you. Remember, you are the equal with all other people, and do not make yourself obsequious to others. When you do that you hinder the flow through you. Providing your actions are not going to harm anyone around you, there is no reason why you should not satisfy your own material needs and desires. And when there is conflict, you may be able to see whose is the greater need. And if it is your own you can accept it.

So do not be afraid of evil forces, in the ultimate analysis they cannot harm you. Just as the unfortunate people who have some sort of what you would call possession or influence from mischievous spirits, in the ultimate analysis they will be all right. They, too, will have their time of progression, and they, too, will ultimately reach the point of merging back with Godness. They may be delayed, they may take a more circuitous path, but in the ultimate analysis they too will be quite all right. Eternity is a long time, and nothing will last for eternity. From your world you understand that material conditions will change and pass, and so will the psychological attributes which you bring over here with you. Because you are trying to express love for all creatures, for all persons, does not mean that you have to give way to all persons and all creatures. Watch that your behaviour does not encourage someone else to behave in a way that is harmful to yourself or others. It needs considerable wisdom, but do not beat your chest and wear sackcloth and ashes if you fail. You are seeing the world and situations through instruments, through material eyes, through a material brain, and therefore you may not have true perception. It seems that there is not much in this evil or magic doesn't it? Perhaps the whole thing is a facade? It is the facade of the way you view things, things that you have been told. Always remember that in the ultimate analysis you are quite safe.

Now, I am quite sure there are points which I have not covered and which trouble you, so you may now ask questions.

Question: In the country where we live there are the aboriginal people. Basically they are nature people from our standards primitive, and yet they are advanced in other aspects. They have practices like pointing the bone and singing others to death, and they are very effective among the aborigines themselves, but not at all effective against white people as a rule. How would you judge these practices, how would you judge the level of the spirituality which our aborigines have?

Answer: We would comment that it works among their own people because they believe it. The white people do NOT believe these things and therefore it doesn't affect them.

Question: What exactly is the mechanism, why does that person die? Is that just his own belief that kills him or are there actually their own ancestral spirits working on him, passing him out?

Answer: It is their belief system.

Question: More than any spirit action?

Answer: They believe that this ritual or rite produces this effect, and so they allow it to. There are people who can request their guides and helpers to perform, or to influence other people. But they would be effective only if the other person allows them (to be). If the other person opens up his aura then the spirits, IF they are being used, can be effective. They are not all virtuous.

Question: I met someone recently who has learnt several of the levels of magic, they asked how much I knew of the occult. I said "Not very much". I decided not to mention my involvement with Spiritualism. What they were talking about didn't make sense with the impression I got of the person. It was the impression I got of a person who was basically quite straight. When they were talking about it I thought "O.K. fantastic." But the person has a very magnetic type of personality and I was just wondering in what way you approach that sort of person. Because, as he said, he was about the seventh highest level in magic and astral travelling is right down near the bottom. I can't even do that. So I was just wondering how you would handle a person like that without becoming vulnerable yourself. I think that person has a lot to offer me in terms of friendship, because of his personality. I was interested in going further, but I was not going to leave myself open.

Answer: We feel you are wise not to let him know that you are interested in this kind of work. If he knows of your interest, you may find that he will persist in talking about these matters to a level beyond that to which you wish to go. You do not want to talk about this all the time. You may find still with this person that it will get to the point where there is only one topic of conversation. You also may find that it will be the area that he wants to talk about, that there will be no room for you to talk about your attitudes or the sphere in which you are particularly interested. You may find that he will try to, as you say, persuade you to go on to his line. Think very carefully and be quite sure that you are going in the direction in which you really want to. Make no commitments when you are with this person. Always delay making any decision till the next day, or the next week, a period of time which you can be alone and analyse the situation without his influence.

This kind of influence works more on the material level than on the Spirit World, etheric type level. I believe you have the word "charisma". Such people can be very persuasive, so question every point you can, if you feel that undue influence is being brought to bear on you. Also think of your own guides and helpers, this will strengthen the link between you and them and they can help you more. Keep that firm centre within yourself. Look always at "What do I want." "What do I feel." "What do I think." You are beginning to open up, and so be very careful. Try deliberately to spend a little time each day forming this egg-shell around you so that it can be quite firm and strong, and so that you can bring it quickly and easily into play if you need it. Watch any interaction that you are having with this person, and check all undue deliberate influence.

I think that is all we can give you at the moment, but let us know if you need any more specific advice.



This was an unusual session, the entity's talk was quite short. The comments of Albert, one of John Dixon's guides, and of myself and the other sitters are also given because they give some indication of how the entity spoke and behaved.

Entity: I have to tell you that Arrian is Robin. He decided that Robin was not quite right for him and chose this name Arrian because the sounds and rhythm are more compatible with his stage of development. Names still survive and divide one from the other but he will bow to your convention and adopt this name. Please do not think of him as a distinct, separate entity. It is more like a vortex, a whirlpool in a river. You can see where the whirlpool is but it is difficult to say where its boundary is. The sphere of influence spreads beyond the body at the centre, and merges and overlaps with others, as you would term, souls. The analogies are actually rather weak and poor - it is the best I can do to bring it down to your level of understanding.

In your world only one object can occupy a space at any one time. In the Spirit World this does not necessarily hold true. We can overlap and inter-mingle at the higher levels. These concepts can hardly be understood in your world. Please understand that I am talking about the world beyond the Spirit World, using the word 'world' in its very widest and broadest connotations. What I am calling worlds is more a state of mind. The whole level, whole series of levels, intermingle one with the other, all being present in one, and what you see and experience depends on your state of mind, and what you are able and willing to see and perceive. (A pause with laboured breathing.)

My message is not new, it has been told before and some can accept it and some cannot. And every now and again we try again, reaching more and different people each time. It was said once before, 'He that hath ears he will hear'. The message is not scattered willy-nilly. It is heard by those who are meant to hear it and where they are at a stage to accept or reject. The rejecters will eventually accept and understand. Everyone will ultimately accept and understand. But at every instant, there are those who gain this knowledge. It is not a matter of time, it is happening always. Events that are going on in the mind of God have no time as you know it.

Time is the passage of your world around your sun. This marks the time, it marks day and night, and the seasons and the years and so you have time. But time isn't a concept of God, it is a concept of man, and to God, time and space do not exist.

To Him everything is happening always and all at once. Because at every second, in your terms, things are happening you see things happening to separate people. We see the whirlpool going through the event, not the event passing through your own little whirlpool or person.

Events are concepts. The concept for living all those (events), will be gone through by the different whirlpools. At some time or other but always that event is taking place. You see it as many different events. The events are the manifestation of the underlying concept, and it is a concept that has permanency. I do not know how well you are grasping these ideas. It is difficult to express such things to you in language that you can understand because your language deals with your world, and this limitation makes it unsuitable to use for talking about the world beyond the Spirit World. In many ways it is also unsuitable for talking about even the Spirit World, and that has many correlations with your world, but it is also very dis-similar. It is, what you make it, this has been told before. Your experiences in the Spirit World are of your own making. Your intent, your attitudes, have more effect that the actual deeds that you do.

In God there is no concept of sin. Man has various rules of living, whether formal or informal and designated any deviance as sin. But I repeat what sin exists is in your intent. An intention to harm another in any way whatsoever is a sin. There is no reason why you should not enjoy the things that you have in this world but they should never be acquired at the expense of others. There may be reasons why you have certain things and others do not. Do not try to judge, accept everyone for what they are. There is some truth in the old saying 'There but for the grace of God go I'. But it is very often more true to say 'There but for the grace of I, go I'. Do not be afraid to love yourself as long as you do not love yourself at the expense of others. You are all children of God, and yourself is as worthy of love as others. If you feel guilty about something try to repair what you see as damage. If you cannot, forgive yourself, and try not to do that again. For if you feel guilty about something, that action is wrong for you. But examine your intent when you did it and remember that at your stage you are still human beings and not yet perfect. Do what you feel is right and accept yourself, and accept others. For you are all manifestations of God and, as such, are worthy of love, no matter what 'sins' have been committed. The most hated person in the world is still a manifestation of God. Extend kind thoughts towards that person and that person will be helped on his pathway. It may not be apparent in your world by kindliness extended to such a person may not be received but one eventually will help him on his way, on his path back to the Godhead. Do not be too strict or rail against yourselves. You are a manifestation of God and as such are not sinful. Always the underlying spirit is the real person.

There are many forces at work that affect people and their actions and some people must be restrained to prevent harm to others, but do not hate those people. Your good thoughts and kindliness towards them, will help them more than you can ever know. One kind word can help them to restore their sense of self worth.

At this point the entity left and Albert, one of John Dixon's guides took over the session. As I was still in semi-trance he asked the other sitters for their impressions.

Guy: I saw light shapes swirling round Valerie. Not exactly like an aura, but like a sort of light area, sometimes expanding, sometimes contracting, something like a dark bubble arising out of it, sometimes disappearing, sometimes like a light flare around her.

Tina: The only impression I got was fairly early on when he was talking, I was looking at Valerie, and my vision seemed to be peculiar. I thought I saw the beginning of a manifestation but it never really took on any particular obvious, physical, recognisable shape. Then it disappeared and I seemed to loose track of it.

Lola: When she started to talk I went into a sort of sleep. I could hear what she was saying.

Albert: Second round of questions. Anyone feel any physical sensation?

Guy: Just before Valerie went into trance I felt very warm, there was energy streaming right around me. I was warm all over, feet, hands, everything. I was not exactly hot but there was no feeling of coldness or anything. I felt like charged up.

Tina: I must say I was feeling progressively colder and I seemed to feel an overflow of energy as if whatever it was there was throwing out quite a long way into the room. Whether it was just energy from Valerie's control or whether it was energy in the room tonight I couldn't say. One thing I forgot was early in the part when Valerie was speaking. I went through a brief phase there of being almost deja-vu type of thing. As though what was being said was almost, sort of, already there. Almost very much as though I knew what was going to be said. But obviously I did not know in advance. But as you said it, it was as though it was there for sometime.

Albert: Lola, apart from feeling a little restful, did you have any physical sensation?

Lola: There was quite a lot before but I can't quite remember what it was. But I felt strange for quite a long while before she tranced. A few different things, but ...

Albert: We were sort of putting waves of energy into tonight, rather than building up to a peak, we were just letting the energy come through the instrument (John) and out into the circle. It made him feel extremely cold, like last week and the week before, but there wasn't a great height in the energy. It was just a steady flow coming out. (I was now completely out of my trance-state and Albert turned to me.) Let me come to you, Valerie. Did he give you a key very promptly?

Valerie: I thought at first that it was Ah-So because I was getting the hand movements. But then I felt as though he slipped away and the other one came through. At one stage I was holding my arms in front like the stereo-typical Chinese. And as I made that bowing movement, each time I did that, the energy sensations I was having increased. I can't quite remember the sequence in which things happened, but at one stage I put my hand back on the back of the chair with my palms up, and I could feel this big ball of energy going round and round between my hands. I even debated to ask if somebody wanted some healing, I thought perhaps it was a healing energy or something like that.

Albert: The words came in bursts. Very long bursts. Is that how you received them?

Valerie: Yes, there were pauses. In that long break in the middle I felt extremely distressed as though I couldn't stand it any more. At one point I thought I was going to pass out. I thought perhaps it was a physical condition that was manifesting.

Albert: Can you describe the physical sensations?

Valerie: There was the one where I thought I was going to pass out, sort of bursting - I couldn't contain it. I really thought it was a physical condition, and I thought I wouldn't be able to do anything at all if it was a physical illness.

Albert: What did you expect was going to happen?

Valerie: (Laughing) I didn't have a clue. Then things seemed to come more under control. The closest analogy I can think of is when you have a tummy upset and are going to be sick again, there is that awful feeling just a couple of minutes before you actually vomit, and you think, oh, I can't stand this.

Albert: And when the words came back, did that disappear?

Valerie: Yes.

Tina: Almost as though you were in the middle of the vortex of energy and it was too much for you.

Valerie: Yes, I didn't know what they did, whether they speeded it up, or slackened it down or what.

Albert: That was a physical re-action of yours as the result of the connection between you and the spirit being closer and the energy building up.

Tina: Was he actually taking control within Valerie, or was he standing to one side?

Albert: He was standing to one side before that last bit and then he wanted to come in. The energy was high and we were building up the energy to see how far he could go in coming in. He got within her sphere of influence, the aura, and he was a little bit too over-powering.

Tina: So, in fact, he was controlling from outside Valerie's aura?

Albert: He was standing back, yes. That's why there were the pauses. The pauses were evident, but they were not all that frequent. There were long passages of words, and then a pause.

Valerie: At times I would get half a sentence and the rest was coming as I was speaking so I didn't have a clue what I was saying.

Albert: That's deliberate, so you know its not you.

Lola: When Valerie was distressed I had a strong impulse to reach out and touch her. Would that have been the wrong thing to do?

Albert: That's a very strong temptation. Anyone who is sensitive to the energy has that temptation, and it should be resisted.

Tina: Unless its somebody like John who is actually being controlled by somebody like he is by Albert at the moment. In which case they change the energy, but if we do it, just as we are, its quite dangerous. It may not be, but it can give the instrument a shock.

Albert: You feel you want to take the cause of the problem away from somebody. Its very common for somebody who can sense the energy.

Tina: The safest thing to do is actually talk, like we do in rescue circles. This assists the energy levels to change and perhaps even get rid of the entity by talking.

Albert: I came along tonight to have a talk to you.

Guy: Before you start, Albert, can you tell us briefly what you saw? What did the whole thing look like to you? Because I think it was a bit out of the ordinary what happened.

Albert: Well, there's not much that I am able to tell you because I'm not allowed to say anything that will identify the control. That is deliberate at the moment. All I can is that the control stood back almost directly behind Valerie. standing so that the energy is just a little bit above Valerie, about two feet above her head. The connection was to the back of Valerie's head. It seemed like a shimmering, it was three feet or something like that. It caused something like a whirlpool sort of going round and round, around Valerie's chair there and it was just around her legs and that's not very common, but that method of using the energy was chosen so that if the circumstances were right, the door-keeper could build up, just pick up the energy and Valerie could go into trance. Just a low level with a steady circular flow. Most of the time the circular flow of the energy is around the entire circle. This time it was looping the circle and then it was going around. So that more energy was coming around Valerie which could be picked up at any time to be used. We do that sometimes with the instrument when we have a rescue and we are never actually sure when the controlling spirit is going into the instrument and if we don't sort of capture him when the influence of the instrument is full of energy then we will lose him. With someone like myself we don't need it because I can come in gradually to the instrument. Its when you've got to capture the person in the energy so that there is a connection between the control and the instrument.

Guy: Are you allowed to tell us what he looked like?

Albert: No, I'm not, because that's something Valerie has to do. What I can say is that you are going to hear a lot more from that one. He is going to have a very important role. He is different in personality to the other controls. He's of a more serious vein and he is going to be very important. I am not allowed to describe the control because that one is going to be one of the regular controls that will actually take over Valerie and cause her to go into quite a deep trance. And at this time it would be undesirable to give her any pre-conceived ideas about that control. Until they have the key organised and until she can recognise that control.

Valerie: There was one other thing which I've remembered feeling, during the meditation or just afterwards. I had cold draughts going across my hands, my hands didn't go cold but I felt the cold draught. I had a lot of tingling in my cheeks and muscles round my mouth, the third eye and then at the back of my head. I could also smell something, not sure what the perfume was. I thought at one stage it might have been baby powder.

Albert: We have asked the instrument to keep this room free of strong smells like that prior to the circle. Its not likely to be a physical smell with a physical origin. Its likely to be a manifestation of the energy.

Tina: Was it disturbed much when I walked right across the middle of the circle?

Albert: No, not really.

Tina: There wasn't much I could do about that. I'm, curious to know whether it does have any effect.

Albert: No, it doesn't. It might have been distorted just a little but not a great deal.

Valerie: Would it have been different if it had been a stranger walking across?

Albert: It would have been different then, or if it had been somebody who was a very strong power builder. Or someone we are using as a funnel, like the instrument, if he walked across, it would have really changed the shape of the energy flows. We do that sometimes to achieve certain things.

Tina: I don't know if I still do, but I used to tend to give off more energy than I usually used.

Albert: It doesn't actually make any difference.

Tina: I don't know if I've changed.

Valerie: But you are so much a part of the circle anyway it probably wouldn't matter.

Albert: I hope you listened carefully to what was said. It's a bit hard to fully appreciate because it sounds so mechanical in the way that Valerie's giving the information she's receiving.

Valerie: I was getting pictures of whirlpools and the eddies all over-lapping.

Tina: It made me think of a diagram in a book that the Theosophists have. They use a fairly intricate drawing to indicate how levels of energy come down from a very high developed level, through various levels to be able to actually reach this level here. They showed things that looked like cart-wheels or a vortex of energy.

Albert: Just because of the way the information is given, don't dismiss information because it seems routine and mechanical and there was no change in Valerie's appearance.

Valerie: The thing I want to know is, did it make sense?

Guy: It made sense. It was very slow at times. There were long pauses in between (some phrases). Sometimes it was quite fluent and then it was very halting and interrupted. But it made sense.

Albert: It was coherent, I agree. It was coherent.

Valerie: And logical? (Assent from other members of the circle.)

Albert: Even before and after the gaps it followed on logically.

Tina: The presentation was mechanical but it struck me as being a very deeply philosophical personality.

Albert: A very serious one, that one. He knows what he is talking about. I can't quite imagine how he is going to come across once he gets to taking control. I can't quite imagine at this stage, how the two personalities are going to come together and what sort of personalities are going to come together and what sort of personalities are going to emerge. It will be interesting to see how that develops. You will be hearing more of him so there will be more opportunities to think about what he's got to say.

Albert then went on to give the following exercises which are used in the Spirit World and which can also be used in the material world.

1. To be used when intense mental activity is called for, especially when you are feeling listless. Relax for a minute or so beforehand. Sit comfortably, shut your eyes, feet on the ground. When you feel more relaxed, rub your hands together, put your fingers on your temples, little finger on the ridge where your forehead comes round. Index finger and second finger just below the ear and concentrate on your fingertips. Imagine that there are flashes of lightning going right through your head, right through to the other side of your fingers. Try to visualise the flashes going from right to left and left to right, for about 30 seconds, no more. It's the visualisation that is important. You find that the more you concentrate, the more you can concentrate.

2. When feeling physically tired at the end of the day, and you feel a bit on edge and irritable, to re-charge yourself, put yourself on an even keel. Sit with shoulders firmly against the back of the chair. Slightly arch your spine so tummy muscles are stretched. Put your left hand just under the rib cage with the right hand on top of it, push your tummy muscles into your hand and keep your spine just a little bit curved, but comfortable. Imagine that energy is coming in through the backs of your hands. You will feel the inside hand getting warm. Stay like that and concentrate imagining there is a vast hole where your hand is and you are covering it up. Keep imagining the energy coming into that hollow. Just quietly breathe and imagine this energy coming in. Do that for about 10 minutes and then relax.

3. When you are wanting to solve a problem of any sort, something on your mind to which you have no solution, when you need an intuitive answer. Sit comfortably in a chair. Push your hair off your forehead, put your two little fingers end to end just in front of your third eye, don't touch your forehead with your other fingers. Keep your fingers pushing against the third eye. You will feel a little bit of a pulse, hold it there and then slowly think about the problem and either say it aloud or to yourself : "The problem I would like some help with is ..." When you have been able to say the problem, just relax the fingers and take them away. Sit there for about 30 seconds and within an hour something intuitive will come. It may not be the entire answer, just a hint. But an intuitive answer will come. It can come in a variety of ways, a word in your head, something from someone else, a flash of insight, or an image. Or a series of thoughts may be stimulated.



(Although this is attributed to Jhannee on the basis of the opening remarks, some doubt is felt because of the very different manner of delivery. Jhannee is usually very sedate but this talk was given in a vivacious manner. My hands were used a lot and a noticeable mannerism was pointing with the index fingers, in the air.)

It has been suggested that I speak to you tonight on one of the topics in your book. Someone has requested information on the Guru-disciple relationship, and as this is considered my area, I shall speak.First, what is meant by Guru and disciple?

In the yogi tradition the guru is the person who leads the disciples into - what shall we call it? - the realization of the Self, the cosmic consciousness. The disciple, therefore, is someone who wishes to attain this level, and who agrees to follow the guru. He is supposed to be completely obedient to the guru's instructions. Obeying every command, implicitly believing his guru to be able to lead him safely to his goal.

Now, do you need a guru?

We feel this is the implied question in the original topic requested. Some people do, and some people don't.

There have been many instances of people attaining - let us call it self-realization, because that will cover a broad spectrum of the field. There have been many instances of people quite spontaneously achieving this, although 'achieving' is quite the wrong word, because 'achieving' implies that they were striving towards it, but they weren't. This experience has come to them. Many of these cases have been in your Western society, and to some very learned people. They have also come to people who were completely unlettered, having no knowledge of beliefs, doctrines or creeds taught in your society.On the other hand, there are people who have attained - I use the word deliberately - attained this goal by dint of many years of continuous striving. These people have been in the West as well as in the East. But it is in the East that you usually can see this attitude. It also occurs in the West, and I do not necessarily mean those people, who in recent years have started following the Eastern approach.So, it would appear that the guru is not strictly necessary. You can have one if you want. If you feel you need someone to hold your hand and lead you there, you will be attracted to those systems that endorse this belief and provide the wherewithal of that to occur. It may also be that you need to go through that type of approach for a certain period of time, perhaps it will lift you up one or two rungs of the ladder - and we will still mention that there is no direction. Never mind, you have these concepts and it is the only way we can get them across to you.

However, in the majority of cases the person is in some sort of belief system. This is determined at birth. If you are born in one place, you are more likely to follow one belief system. If you are born in another place, you will follow another belief system. We are pleased that these days it is not quite so clear cut as it used to be. We will be very pleased when boundaries between creeds have been eliminated. But at least it is mixing up in the world and you have a greater choice.Many people who have been dissatisfied with a creed have simply been born in the wrong religion for them in particular. If they have been born in some other area of the world, they would have kept the religion of that area.

We would make the point that if a guru were necessary to attain this self-realization, who helped the first guru to attain it? So, if the first leader, prototype, whatever, was able to attain the goal without a guru, it cannot be strictly necessary for everyone to have a guru. The original and basic aim - and I am stressing original and basic - of a religion is to guide its adherents to some form of realisation, ecstasy, that is attained by contact with Spirit. Not 'a spirit' - Spirit - the underlying spirit, that immense font, pool of knowledge and wisdom and understanding on which all men can draw, from which all men can draw.

Unfortunately, in nearly every case mankind has lost sight of it and has become attached to form and ritual, (mankind) has lost sight of the original purpose. And this is why we are trying to get you to look beyond, to get you to feel, to experience rather than to use words. Use the heart rather than the head. Use your head in every-day life, to operate correctly and successfully in your material world, but it is the heart that will give you the true wisdom to guide the head. And it is the heart that will contact Spirit, and bring Spirit through into your life. The heart is the gateway.

Now, I do not mean your physical heart, I hope you realize that. It is rather the etheric centre that corresponds to the heart in the physical body. Since you have the concept I will use the word 'chakra', it is only a word, use it if you wish. We have, in the past, given you exercises working on the chakras. They are there for those who would like to do this. What is in the heart is more important than worrying about these other forms and rituals. We try to give something for each person, these things will help, but it is what is in the heart that is absolutely necessary.

In my country, which is India, the guru-disciple relationship is so strongly emphasised, we like people to be interdependent. In you society you have much more independence. In my country we have an external part of religion, just as you have in yours. In both areas it is possible to find what you want in the religion. You can stay with the surface rituals and they may satisfy. You may dig deeper underneath until you reach your goal.

If you feel you WANT someone to guide you, if you feel you want set guide-lines and steps to follow, then you will adopt that faith. But if you are a freer spirit who has the feeling to experience more, you will adopt a freer approach.

I sometimes think you must be getting tired of us saying, whatever you want, is available to you. Nothing is hard and set and fast - unless you want it to be.

How do you know what is the right approach for you?By trying out whatever comes. Investigate it, you don't have to really go into it at first. Talk about it, you may read a book about it, attend a lecture, a service. If it attracts you, you may go into it a little further. If it doesn't you can back off and stay with what you have. If you stay with one approach, one religion, or sect or cult, from your childhood on, how do you know that that is the correct way for you? Look at others around you, until you find the one that your heart says is right. Even then you may look at others (religions) if you wish, but still remaining with the one that you feel is right for you. We do not preach absolute exclusivity. All roads will get some people there, if you enter in them effectively.

Now, we feel we may have strayed a little.

Is there any particular point which anyone wants clarified or discussed?

Gina: In development, we keep talking generally about persons, who want to get in contact with themselves, the rate at which they are developing as human beings. And contact with a guru is not necessarily some person, it may be a trigger or something that helps someone develop.

Jhannee: You are quite right to say that it can be a thing that helps you develop. The first thing, of course, is to wish to develop. Make your point again.

Gina: Well, what I thought I understood from what you've said so far is basically: once someone is in contact with themselves, then they go on to try to develop a bit more as a human being. They are aware that there is something more, and something they are trying to achieve, and its got nothing to do with society and what it expects. Once they've got to that stage, these ideas of following a guru is not blindly following another human being, obviously with exceptions such as Jesus, Buddha and that. Others are not that much further developed than what you are. And it's much better for someone who is trying to develop to look for a trigger here, and ideas there, which will open up the mind and help to develop that way. And not taking anyone, or what they say, in total blind faith. Because if you do that you are not thinking.

Jhannee: That is right. We have often told you: you must think for yourself, you must make your decisions. You are thinking quite clearly young lady. Does anyone else wish to make a point?

Jim: In the path of spiritual enlightenment we will leave both the physical and the etheric body. And, as I understand, we are here to more or less spiritualise that physical body while we are alive on this planet. It seems very, very, slow and arduous process to clarify one's experiences and to open up so as to benefit other people. I understand that there must be a simple way, which even a child could understand, a simple way of opening up to one's self. It appears to me that definitely our self is the hardest thing to overcome.

Jhannee: It seems a long time to you. The concept of time in your world is different to when you come here, when you leave your material body behind, when you cross over. Accept the instruments with which you are forced to work in the material world. There will be much more when you come here. Do not overly concern yourself too much with problems. Accept, and it will slip away more easily when you come here. It is not necessary to strive - just experience and be. Striving is implied in the theory of the guru-disciple relationship. It is not necessary. Some people like that and they can take it. Usually people like to have some sort of direction, some sort of form. And that is alright, but do not be stuck in it. That is just the beginning. Allow yourselves to outflow - we are getting into concepts for which we have much trouble finding words to express exactly what we mean. To many people, what we say will seem like the rambling of a mad person, it will have no sense to them. Try to feel what we are saying, try to let it by-pass the mind. Because you are in the material world, many people need a form when they start on the spiritual path. But there are many forms and underneath there is Spirit. Pay your material body enough attention to keep it healthy, to keep it presentable - if you are not presentable there will be some sort of adverse reaction towards you and this is not good, especially for a sensitive. And beyond that - just be. That is the only way we can express it, the experience. You will be able to disassociate yourself from your body during your material life. It occurs in a small degree when you sleep - you need this break from the denseness of your material body. You will be able to disassociate yourself from your dense material body at times. It will not be good to be in that state all the while. While you are in the material world you have to act in your world. Can you feel what I am trying to say to you?

Jim: Yes.

Gina: Yes.

Jhannee: Just feel it.

Gina: Every time you say 'just feel it' I always get the feeling of great peace and great love and great acceptance, just being there.

Jhannee: We are very pleased with that. It is what we want to do for you.

Jim: We, each one of us, are in essence spirit clothed in a dense physical body. If we are here to develop our spirit, it occurs to me that our physical personality seems to block out the communications with Spirit, or the growth that spirit has already made. It seems to be part of us, but then again, separate from us. And yet we exist forever in spirit, but in the dense physical body for only a short time. How does Spirit accord with that concept?

Jhannee: Treat life in your world as a game. Play that game to the fullest extent of your ability. But try to remember that there is Spirit underneath, there is something beyond this world. Whenever you meditate, or pray in some way, you get to a state of great peace and calmness.

Jim: Sometimes, not always.

Jhannee: Progress is made when you can hold that feeling all the time, no matter what you are doing, even when you are in circumstances which you dislike, or that trouble you. When you can hold that peace underneath it all, you are progressing.

Have I covered all the points you raised?

Jim: So far I am satisfied.

Jhannee: Sometimes we get carried along on one track and leave something out.

Gina: Can I say something? I am under the impression that the reason why we are here is because we've got things to learn and develop as human beings. It is good to know that there is a spirit. The reason why we're here is because earth happens to be the best situation whereby we can have those experiences, and hope, as a human being, that they work. And the most important thing why we're here is the interaction with other people. I don't know if this is right to put first the interaction with other people, when you've got people sitting in front of you. Development as a human being is the most important and the most important job that we play here. It is the interaction with other people. And when you look at interaction with other people you are looking at interaction with other spirits as it is, with people who are more highly developed than you are. Then you can - when you are in contact with yourself, you can say "Yes, they have got something more than I." That's the way whereby I might be able to get something from them, but not slavishly follow them. They might trigger something whereby you might develop as well. You learn to be compassionate to other people as well, they might be absolute bastards but you can have compassion for the fact that they've got so involved with the game that they can't see what it is any more.

Jhannee: Now you have raised so many points. We like your basic approach, and we like your idea that someone else can trigger something in you. Take from each person what you need.

Gina: Yes, but when you are here you are basically having a spiritual relationship anyway, because you are interacting with other people and they are other spirits and you are learning interaction between spirits. Essentially you are learning basic lessons and it just happens to be the best place to learn the basic lessons. That's the reason why we have bodies with two arms and two legs instead of four arms and three legs or whatever. This is a good place to learn it. And so essentially even though we are here we are still having and learning a spiritual relationship. I'd better shut up.

Jhannee: We are quite happy to let you carry on. This is part of your training. You don't realise you are being trained do you?

Gina: I'm just spouting my mouth off.

Jhannee: But WHERE is it coming from?

I think we have time for Jim to ask one brief question. The others can ask any time but because you don't come very often you can ask now.

Jim: How long does it take to peel off all the layers until you get to the essence, if you like to call it that?

Jhannee: No time at all and all eternity. If you can experience it immediately, it will happen immediately.

Jim: Yes, I've read that many times before. If you take the example of Jesus, his life is the initiation of each earth-bound spirit which will happen to everyone, and to my idea it can also happen exactly in one earthly experience without many incarnations to achieve it, without having to peel off all the layers to get to that point.

Jhannee: Please understand that you do not HAVE to reincarnate in this world. How do you peel off those layers?

Gina: Are we not doing it all the time as we develop as human beings and develop the higher emotions and the higher concepts. Aren't we doing that?

Jhannee: There is - you see we don't like this sort of idea of progress - this is one of your concepts.

Jim: There is a difference from our world to your world, I realise the difference.

Jhannee: And the difference of concepts. You have some progress of spirit in your material body. You also progress on this side. The ultimate is the merging back with Godness. Those people in your world you regard as avatars, Jesus, Buddha, so forth, there are many you do not know about. They come from that level just before the merging, and that is the true sacrifice they make - to come from that level back down to your world. Each brings, or tries to bring, into the world help for mankind at that point of time and this is why each one is different to the others. As people in the different areas and the different times have already in themselves different concepts and stages of development, we can bring through to you different material because your science has progressed at certain points. You (now) understand about radio waves, and so we can bring through to you something different to what the Avatars brought to people at their stage. You still want to know how?

Jim: I know the concept of divine energy and using our own selves as an amplifier, to the power of square and using it to develop mankind.

Jhannee: (pointing to my head) You are still using this instead of this (heart).

Jim: Yes, but if we use the physical mind to set this in motion, is this not the same as if we have in our heart the divine energy we can use? So basically, the concept is - how much spiritual love you have for your fellow man, so we can transmit the energy through our physical body. That would be already using the heart and mind. I understand the bit of the heart and the rational mind. The difficulty is the head mind and the heart mind.

Jhannee: It is the heart feeling, that state of peace that passes all understanding.

Jim: You have answered my question.

Jhannee: Thank you. I think we should leave it there.



Valerie: Tonight they have chosen the topic of developing your spiritual gifts.

The first thing to consider is why you should develop your gifts. The first reason is to strengthen the link that we talked about last week, the link between the Spirit World and the material world. It is like any skill - if you don't use it, it will fade, you will lose the skill. And the link needs to be strengthened in order for the two worlds to work together for the progress and benefit of mankind.With the tremendous emphasis on the material conditions, material goods and activities, the extra benefit that working with the Spirit World can give, is being lost. And so the conditions in the earth are not what they should, or could, be. When the link between the Spirit World and the material world is strengthened, the Spirit World will be much better able to help the material world, to manifest the more suitable conditions that are in the Spirit World, on the earth.The second reason for developing your spiritual gifts is to benefit yourself. The strengthening of the link not only works in the greater world sphere, it works more particularly and more noticeably in the individual sphere, in your own life and well-being. Strengthening the link means that your own helpers and guides can help you manifest the things that are necessary for you in this life. There are often obstacles to developing your gifts, and very often these are the material conditions around you. Sometimes your gifts cannot be developed until you have been through certain experiences.The two aspects - the material and the spiritual - work in conjunction. You may feel that it is impossible for you at the moment to work on your spiritual gifts. In reality the experiences you are going through are affecting your spiritual gifts. So even if you cannot bring them into actual manifestation, work is being done that will enable them to blossom sometime in the future. So be patient, if you think that material conditions are against the development of whatever gifts you may have.

Sometimes the development seems to be very slow, other times it can be quite rapid. Be patient, the slow developing of gifts means that they will be built on a solid foundation. Fast development merely means that the link was stronger for that person. Be content with your own development. Don't wish for speedy development if yours is proceeding slowly. Do not delay your development if it is going quickly.We feel that if active work on developing your gifts will cause severe emotional upset around you, with possible resentment, it is better not to actively work on development. The emotional upheaval and resentment and other negative thoughts can work against you. You need calm conditions for optimum development. You will not have calmness around you if you are upsetting others. Work through your material conditions first. For some people this life was not intended for them to develop their spiritual gifts. For everyone has some sort of link with the Spirit World, therefore, everyone has some sort of a gift. But you may have incarnated with the intention, not to work through your spiritual gifts but to concentrate on your material conditions by physically, perhaps, serving others, caring for others. Some people do wish to serve other people in an active physical way. And this is the path they have decided for this life and that should be accepted.How do you know what your gifts are?

You will usually have some inclination towards a particular activity. You must learn first to listen to your inner heart of hearts. That is the first step. The first step is to practice calmness, so that you can listen to your own inner stirring. You may need to try different methods of achieving that calmness. We are not going to actively recommend any one particular method - they are all beneficial, they all work for some people. You must try and find to suits you.Breathing does, however, seem to be important in most methods, and we are suggesting that when we finish talking, which will not be very long, you play a tape with some breathing exercises on it. Try them out and see if they suit you.

You should also try the different types of gifts. You can try clairvoyance, or healing, or automatic writing, whatever you feel like. Try all, see what is comfortable for you. See which you feel you are most successful at.

The gifts that you desire will not always be the one that you have. In this case it may be your conscious mind which is suggesting the desire and not your inner heart of hearts.

The next step is to try it and keep on trying. Set aside a time each day when you are going to practice your gift. If it is something like healing in which you need other people, then you can try absent healing. For clairvoyance you may do something like, say concentrating on a person. See if you can pick up what they are doing, or wearing. It is a good idea to pick someone with whom you can talk about these things and then it will be more easy for you to check out with them. Unless, of course, it is some who feels, thank you very much, I would rather not have some checking on what I am doing.

The one thing you must not practice by yourself is any sort of trance work. This especially must not be practised when you go to bed at night. The reason for this is, (that) if you go into trance after you go to bed and fall asleep, any entity which has come into you will have the opportunity to stays there all night while you are asleep, and it then become much harder to dislodge them in the morning. One of the most dramatic gifts is astral travelling. For some people this can be frightening and they should not practice it. But it is possible by this means to bring back to the material world messages or descriptions of the other side, and sometimes it is possible to travel about your own world. So you can come back and tell others what has been happening at a distance.

It is best when developing your gifts to try to do it in a manner which you can use to help other people. Do not use it just for your own aggrandisement. The desire must always be for good to others. Often we on this side are distressed because we wish to contact our loved ones on the earth to let them know that we are here, to comfort the mourners, to take away their fear of death and the beyond. Every time a spiritual gift is practised you make it easier for us to do this and you can relieve some distress on this side as well as on your side.

(There was a long pause of about two minutes.)

We are building up much love around you. It is forming a circle to protect each of you and to strengthen you. The energy is now going right up the centre.

Does anyone want to ask a question?

Nila: What does it mean if you have green coming from the power chakra?

Verna: Green brings growth energy. Can you see green in your own power chakra?

Nila: I'm not sure. I've been told there is.

Verna: As far as I can ascertain it is the growing, the strengthening, developing aspect. Colours are important, they are merely vibrations and vibrations can affect people. They can affect the cells and atoms in the body and through this, the mind and emotions of the person. You must be very careful of the colours around you. Pastels are good, they are gentle and calming. Strong colours are most vibrant and disturbing.

Garry: Are there such things as dark or anti-life forces in existence? If so, what measures can be taken to ward them off or dispel them?

Verna: We are told there is only one force, but it can be used in different ways. If you feel the force is being used against you negatively, concentrate on drawing light into you through the top of the head, so it can go straight down the spine and outwards into your body. If you think there is a specific direction against you, you can build this light up so that it forms an egg-shape around you. So the light is coming in and out all around the body forming a protective egg-shape. The light pictured should be golden, something like the sun, that type of colour. Does that answer your question?

Garry: Yes, thank you.

Verna: You can also use that light to project to others, especially those who are closest to you. Because you already have a certain link with them it is easier to direct the light to them. But it does not hurt to try directing the light to people who are not so closely related to you. And, as you would expect, the more you practise that, the better you will be able to do it. This is one of the ways in which healing abilities can develop, especially absent healing.

Guy: The process would be something like imagining the light entering through the top of the head as before and mentally sending it towards that person enveloping them?

Verna: Yes. It doesn't really matter if you picture the light coming from any particular part of your body. Most people find it easier to picture it coming from the third eye, but you don't really HAVE to do that. Do it if you feel happier that way. Some people may find it useful you know, to picture it coming from the whole length of the body and out into a funnel shape. Do whatever feels comfortable for you.

Nila: Is it all right to use it to heal parts of yourself?

Verna: Yes. You picture the light coming in, concentrate on the part and the light will go there. Would now like to practise that for a few minutes?

(Verna took gradual control during this talk and I am not certain at which point she fully manifested.)



Opening Meditation.

Start with a star in the middle of the forehead - the third eye position. And the star is getting bigger. It is a lovely silver-white star. And as it gets bigger so the points of the star link up with the stars of the people on each side of you. So we have this sort of a chain connected through all our heads. Imagine it sparkling. And the stars are getting bigger and encompassing all your body and expanding, and now we have a solid silver band. And this is our safe place tonight. We are going through the centre of that band, we are going through the point in the centre, and out. And now, we are the stars, we are the stars, constellations, shining in the sky, so many shining stars, revolving there. And the paradox is, as we are there expanding through space, at the same time you are still here safe in our silver band. We have both expanded and contracted. This is to loosen up your sense of space and identity. You are both an individuality and connected with a greater, bigger, whole. And because of that connection you will always be safe, there is nothing to fear on your path of progress. Step firmly and joyfully, the path that lies ahead, the path of the mountain on which you will be guided by that star, the star of Bethlehem that guided the Wise men to their destination - you, too, will be guided to your destination. Just absorb that feeling and keep it with you always.

(After a short break Verna came through.)

We were going to have someone else come through tonight but we thought that some of you were going into that meditation quite deeply and so I should come through because I am a bit quieter.

We thought we would talk with you tonight about the purpose of this circle. We think we have talked about this now and again, over the past couple of years, but as we have some new people, we thought it might be a good idea to talk about our aim and what we are hoping to do.The first aim which we have is to bring through to you more information about the Spirit World and how you can progress through it and what you can do in your material life to help you when you come over to join us.

As we have explained to you, many of your recent scientific discoveries have made this process easier for us, because you are now gaining concepts which you haven't had in the past, and this made bringing through a lot of the information difficult. It's so much easier when you already have some concepts and you can liken those to what we are trying to explain to you.

So working through this particular medium, we have been able to bring through more information than has come through in the past. We also need a particular type of person to work with. We feel this medium has just enough knowledge to enable her to assist us when we get into difficulties, but not too much (knowledge). Sometimes too much knowledge can also get in the way of what guides would like to bring through.

One of the things that you gain by being in the material world is a sense of individuality - it is one way in which you can experience that. This is a bit of a contradiction because when you come over this side you have to gradually lessen your sense of individuality. Now, we find very often that people who have too much scientific knowledge, sort of, get stuck with it, and are not so freely open to the influence from spirit.

A second aim that we have is to help spirits on this side who are having difficulty, and this we do, as you know, in the form of rescues. Rescues need a form of interaction, and we are also having to train you to deal with rescues. We also feel the training which you are getting in this way also helps you in your daily life - we hope so anyway.

The third aim, and because I am putting this last, does not necessarily mean that it is inferior or less important than the others. This is to help you to progress now. This occurs naturally with people like yourselves, who are interested in a little bit more than the purely material world. This is a contradiction, because you will progress more easily if you are firmly rooted in your world while you are in your body. While you are in the world you need to operate in the settings in which you have placed yourselves. Unless you are firmly rooted in that reality you will not be able to operate so well, and what would probably happen is that the people around you will not react well to you, and you may find that negative thoughts and vibrations are being directed towards you.

The individuality which you are experiencing is also a protection for you from spirits which we term 'mischievous spirits'. But, as we have explained to you, there are no really evil spirits, but there are spirits who are a bit confused or mixed up, and they can attach themselves to certain types of people. Because they are drawn back into material conditions, they keep trying to get the person they have attached to, to behave in ways which they think are appropriate, because they are remembering the ways that their society operated when they were in the material world and they don't realise that this (way) is inappropriate for the conditions that that person is in. They have not let go of the material world, and, naturally, you will find some behaviours which they are trying to influence could be dangerous to that particular person.

So you will very often find that a person will not start developing their spiritual gifts until they are in a stable, settled condition. The typical situation would be someone who has married, raised a family, have their own home, this kind of setting. Because that particular setting provides a safe place, you have your own vibrations there. The person going through these life experiences will have a certain amount of confidence in themselves, they will be strengthened and all this sort of thing. Now, this is only one example, the clearest one that we can describe to you. It is NOT the ONLY setting, please don't think that. This seems to us to be the one that you would most readily understand and use as your analogy.

Very often a developing medium, let's use the word medium at the moment to cover any type of gift that may be developing, it may not be strictly mediumship like we are working through this medium. Now, the medium will be fairly busy. They will be accomplishing a lot in their daily life, and we think this will become evident if you read the biographies of well-known mediums in the past. You will see that when they were developing they were at quite a busy stage of their life. It has been said that mediums typically have had a tragic life. We would suggest though, that if you look at the lives of as many people as you can, you will find that every person has had some sort of tragedy in their life. We would rather emphasise the aspect of busy-ness, they have a lot to accomplish, they will have a lot of energy. It may necessarily really be physical activity, although that, of course, may occur. But they will be people who do a lot and accomplish a lot, because they have that extra energy there and they will use it and, of course, the more you use it the more is there available for you. There will, naturally, be the limitation of the type of body, the smaller, frailer, person will be doing less physical work than, say, a strong man. So when I am talking about physical activity it is not necessarily working the body, it can be mentally, using the hands, that type of thing. They will, typically, have a strong sense of self - I am not talking about being selfish - but they are aware of themselves and can centre in themselves. And this is a sign of being, strengthening the aura.

This is one of the reasons why it is not advisable to try to force development. Wait until it starts and see where you are lead. It may be necessary for you to try out different ways, but do not force yourself to stay with anything. Only go with those things that feel comfortable to you and right to you. Don't force yourself into anything. Try not to have preconceived ideas of what should be happening or what you should be doing. When you do this you limit the expression of the Godness which is acting through you, and what is right for you may not be right for another person. So do not try to impose your ideas on another person. Naturally, you will discuss what you are doing and may suggest trying something, but do not try to impose on the other person, or on any other person. And, in the other way, you may try out something that they say they are doing, and only in that way will you know if it is helpful for you.You may find that at one stage of your development, one approach or activity is helpful, at another stage it may not be. Realise that you will grow through things and so attending circles like this one, and your church services, will be automatically developing your gifts, even though you may not realise it. We, too, particularly, try to emphasise the meditations like you had tonight, and the kind of activities that you had last week, as a more particular way of helping you sitters to develop. We are also willing to give anyone who wants to practice a gift, (time) to try out if they have this gift. We are also willing to provide time and advice and any other help we can give to that person. We do not impose anything, we will encourage anyone to try out their gifts if they wish.

We have also in the past made general comments about attitude to the life in the material world. Again, we are not laying down firm rules of what you should do. We are more interested in your general attitude towards the world, towards other people and, especially we have emphasised, towards yourself.

We would like you to be open to other people, do not close off from people because they are in a different 'box' to yourselves. Really, the phrase 'be open to other people' is the best one we can give you. But, again, you see, you get this opposite, because you also need to think of yourself as well. Remember that everyone has a drop of the 'Godness' deep within them and that applies to yourself. So you, too, need consideration, and the type of consideration which you give yourself will vary from person to person, because you are all an expression of the Godness and so there will necessarily need to be all these different variations. And this is an important reason to be open to other people, to other customs, to other ways. And this isn't necessarily to people from cultures other than your own. Do not be closed in from differences in your own society. Do not think that things always have to be in one set way. There is a wide variation even within the same society and culture.

Now, this consideration for yourself which I mentioned before, there is no reason why you should not take care of your body and its immediate surroundings. That is one form of taking consideration of yourself. Another person may take that same idea of consideration for the self, but express it in the form of ignoring or neglecting the body and its surroundings, and immersing oneself in work for others. Both approaches are a type of consideration for yourself. This is where things start to get so blurred, the boundaries are so blurred. We are not advocating that you should only work for yourself, but there is no reason why 'yourself' should not be cared for as much as for other people, but the expression of that caring is open to very wide interpretations. And one of the messages which we repeatedly try to tell you is, forgive yourself as much as you would forgive other people. There is that drop of divine Godness within you, and it is also operating through a material body, a body which has had certain experiences and has adopted certain patterns of reaction. Accept the creatureliness of that expression of Godness because there is something of Godness within you should not vilify yourself. If you feel you have done something which you dislike, or which you would even label as 'sin', forgive yourself for that, and there are many ways in which you can work out that 'sin' if you feel it necessary. You can, if you wish, come back to this material world and punish yourself, but that is not necessary. You can work out things on this side too. You can make a form of reparation, you do not HAVE to punish yourself to do that. You can work with others, you can try to be just an expression of that Godness which is within you. And this is an important message which we are trying to bring through to you.

There is always something a little sad when someone comes on this side and really hedges themselves in with guilt. There are people who have done grievous things and for whom it would be natural to feel guilty, but it is better for those people to work to help those whom they may have wronged than to just be frozen with guilt.

There is another type of rescue we have occasionally asked you to do, and I would like to spend a few minutes now doing this, because there is someone here who very badly needs it. Just think of a person who you consider to be one of the wickedest people you can imagine. And now send love to that person.

(Pause for a few moments.)

That love may be the first that that person has ever experienced. It could break that shell, so that they can make good what they have done. As Jesus was able to forgive on the cross so you, too, can forgive.(Pause.)

Forgiveness is the real key to progress.


Thank you. There was a tremendous amount of love here tonight, and we have helped several people.

Now, let us try to deal with your questions.

Bob: Can you offer any advice on the process of developing during, say, meditation during the week between circles, where help may be required.

Verna: We have recommended that some sort of meditation each day would be beneficial to your progress and this is the kind of thing you can do in between the circles.

Bob: Sometimes during meditation, self-evaluation questions come up, sometimes sparked by events during the day. now insights come up, and it can be confusing for some considerable time. Is there a way of seeking help from one's guides other than just attending the circle?

Verna: Whenever you think of Spirit, in any context whatsoever, you will open up to Spirit. Now this may be in your meditation which you set aside, it may just be in daily conversation, something like that. Generally, that sort of thing will automatically strengthen the links with your guides making it easier for them to bring advice through to you when you ask for it. There are, naturally, always some of them with you, and they will always be trying to influence you. More suggestions to you, is possibly a better phrase than 'influence' because 'influence' implies trying to get you to act in a way. Whereas we suggest things. To quite a large degree it is necessary for you to find your own way of making that contact. Some people can feel the contact in the solar plexus, other people may feel it in the spine or what you usually term the 'third eye', or even the hands. There are different ways of feeling that link, and this is the sort of visualisation, visualising that link. Usually the connection is made, facilitated, with some degree of relaxation. If you are tense it is very difficult for the link to operate - or more difficult. It is possible to very momentarily, for a split second, to just quickly relax, throw the thoughts to your guides and no-one around you will be aware of what you are doing. Even a split second of that will be enough to increase that link. It is a sort of 'centering technique'.

Bob: For a while I have been thinking that one of the major purposes of life in this material world is a learning experience, but that learning experience is not just for our individual selves. People on the other side also observe and also share that learning. Some people choose, through free will to be completely insulated and learn their lessons without any due consideration for others, while others become mediums and otherwise make themselves available. I feel it can be a conscious co-operation venture too. We can make ourselves available on a daily basis so that people on the other side can also share, at least to the degree that our guides are willing to let those other people see what happens. Our bodies are really cosmic property aren't they?

Verna: Not really the body but the sphere around it. It is true that there are spirits who will attach themselves to you for a while just to experience your life. We can think of one spirit, well-known to you, who wanted to experience driving a car, because cars hadn't been around so much when he was in the world. This sort of thing. There will be other spirits, we have used the phrase free-lance spirit, who will come to you for a while to help with something. We have also thought often of our analogy of the tree, where you have the little twiglets that combine to make a twig, and the twigs combine to make a branch, and the branches combine to form a trunk - the trunk, of course, is the Godness, and you are the little twiglets. And so there is this linking up so that several individual spirits can link up for a spirit, in your terms, higher level. And so the spirit at that level has all these other life experiences from which to draw, to help them in the work at that level, and so it can go on. One of the contributions to the idea of reincarnation have been people who have reincarnated from the highest level before the merging with Godness, come back into a material world to help people here in a more direct way, have brought back with them memories from those other shared lives. And this has been interpreted that they had lived all those lives. It is possible that they had lived some of them, but some of them were shared experiences from linked spirits. And this too, is something that we are anxious to stress - that reincarnation can occur, it does occur, but it doesn't HAVE to occur.

Bob: Another part of the question : Where it is a previously agreed or understood situation, whether a person makes himself available at various times in a situation particularly where we may find our individual selves on this side in a strange situation, come to realise that somebody else may want to experience that situation, and agree to go through with it. It may be a situation where, if one took that line, one would accumulate some bad karma. But by making himself available, is this still going to cause bad karma for the individual, or is it perhaps shared, or is it eliminated.

Verna: First, let us think about your concept of bad karma. You can only have bad karma if you accept it. As I have said before - forgive your, and you will not have any bad karma. You only have what you accept. If you think you have bad karma, you will want to punish yourself. And as I said, you can make all reparation on this side that you may think is necessary. You see, when you are over here, at some point you will go through a life review. This may occur at the moment of so called 'death', it may occur later, it depends on the individual. Nothing is ever completely set. Now, you go through that life review, when you are able to accept your actions, and because it is a life review, you will understand the pressures that were put on you, that influenced your actions. And you are the one who will judge yourself, and you will have greater understanding. We are very fond of quoting St. Paul who said : Now I see as through a glass darkly, but then I shall know, even as I am known. And this is that type of thing. with that further understanding, if you realise that you do not have to punish yourself to relieve any guilt that you may feel, you will have a lot more understanding about yourself. And you will then be able to undertake more suitable ways of relieving feelings.


13th July, 1989.

Therese: Good evening.

Ah-So: Allow me to introduce myself to our newcomers. My name is Ah-So and when I was in your world I lived in the country called China and I was a follower of Lao-Tzu. I spent many years meditating in a cave and was looked after by the local villagers. I now do this work as recompense to the world for all that I received during that incarnation.

Now, tonight, I am going to try to explain to you how this circle functions. Now, you know that there are several guides attached to this medium. Now, if I may break a rule of ours, I may describe the "highest" guide as being Arrian. As most of you know, we have explained that over here there is no higher or lower, it is all one. But we sometimes have certain concepts to get across to you, and it is very difficult to do so without introducing these relational terms because you have these concepts. It is one of the things that is extremely difficult to convey across to you, because of the difference in perception, the concepts and understanding of you still in the material world and those of us over here. In your world you usually have a hierarchical society, over here we do not - it all just operates. You see, there are so many manifestations of the one spirit that wherever there is a need there is someone to fulfil it, and because we are manifestations of the one spirit communication is so easy.

Arrian has many important matters to deal with and he does not often speak through this medium. Sometimes he does. You see, it is very much more difficult for him to handle the material vibrations than it is for those of us who have more recently passed over. So then we have the rest of us. There is Sertorius, Wung-Lo, Silver Moon, and Verna and myself, we are the principal communicators. This medium of course, like the rest of you, also has some helpers who vary from time to time. The most important one for her is her grandmother, her father has also taken some interest and there have been two or three others.

Now, since over here, we have no time as you know it in your world, one of the many questions which we are often asked is: "How do you know when it is going to be circle time?" Well, we usually pick that up from the vibrations of the medium. But we are also attuned to the seven day cycle and so we just, in a way, sense when a certain amount of your time has passed. And we usually then make a point of all of us gathering around the medium together. There is always at least one of us with her, but on circle nights we all gather, even though not all of us will be making contact or speaking through.

Now lets see. In addition to us there are also a few others - sort of general helpers. There is Ambrose, who I believe has spoken with you, he was a crusader. In addition to him there are two other spirits, now, those three take it upon themselves to make sure that no unwanted mischievous spirit can disturb the evening's proceedings. If you like, you can imagine the area of your circle as a clear open space: we put the barrier around you so that only those spirits whom we wish to communicate can come through. At your request we place the golden circle of light around you, and other spirits may stand by that ring and observe the proceedings. Sometimes the guides and helpers of those other spirits will also come and they will often seek to take advantage of the energy that builds up to help their soul - the one they are looking after.

There are also many spirits who have not specifically attached themselves to someone in the material world, if you like you can think of them as freelancers. They will join in wherever help is needed to give a little bit of extra energy, general assistance or whatever is needed. We often have these free-lancers visiting your world too. They will help someone who has a bit of an emergency, someone who is not well, or having a difficult time. You will very often find a free-lancer present at a birth giving that little bit of extra support to both the mother and the new baby. We have some of those around too.

Now, we gather, and the guides and helpers of all the sitters also join with us, we make a ring around you and we focus the energy into the circle for you to use for the evening's proceedings. Those of you who have been coming for a while will know that from time to time we give you a meditation and it usually takes the form of the energy building up and taking you through the roof. And we have you imagining the energy spreading around your world. This is one way in which you can assist your world with all its difficulties and its joys and pleasures. We do not only focus on the difficulties of your world. Remember there are many joys and pleasures too. You should always remember them. So, you may ask: "What is this energy?" Well, if you can imagine your world as a solid sphere - its not really solid but it seems solid to you so we will call it solid - and around it there is the atmosphere. Now, if you will bear in mind that no analogy is perfect - we are going to use that analogy to enable you to picture the Godness, and around the Godness there is this atmosphere of energy. It is - you might perhaps think about yourself, the different layers in yourself - the outer layer, the molecules are a little different to the ones in the middle. Then this relationship is something like that - the energy is an emanation of the Godness. And, if we wish, as we get together as a group, we can focus our energy into the centre. You might like to think of the spotlights on a performer on the stage. Where two or more spotlights converge together, that spot on the stage will be very much brighter. You will also have some areas that are a little less bright and around that there will be areas that are less bright still. It is something like that. We can focus our energy into the centre, and this is why we always say that you sitters, too, have contributed to the evening's proceedings. Even if you have not spoken or done anything, you have still contributed because you have brought your guides, your helpers, your energy with you and that has been put into, shall we say, circulation in the circle. It has given us that little bit more energy.

Now, you may say: "All right, if we are all a little bit of the energy from the Godness, how come that we are individual spirits?" This is one of 'those' concepts again. Underneath all you are all united, you are all linked. But the personality you have developed in the material world persists after you have discarded the material body. It persists partly because of its memories of the material world and the people still in it, but also because of the memories of the people still in the material world. It is that bit of interaction between the two that keeps that personality functioning in the Spirit world. And as people forget that personality, so the person becomes, in a way weaker, spreads, becomes more "pervious", it blends with other spirits around it. And this blending and merging comes on and on, until you are back in the Godness. What you refer to as progression is simply an expansion. And so those of us who gather around you in the material world, if you wish to use the concept, who have not 'progressed' all that far. We readily acknowledge that. This is why I said to you earlier that someone like Arrian will have greater difficulty coming into a medium. They require greater energy in order to concentrate their personality and in order to slow down their vibrations, so that they can 'take on' a material form. They always need a great deal of energy to do this, and it is some considerable sacrifice on their behalf, a greater sacrifice than it is on our behalf. But we have started this process of expansion. In a way we have deliberately slowed it down in order for us to continue working with the people in the material world. We still have some concerns for the world we have left, although those concerns occur to us only periodically and intermittently, unless someone deliberately calls us for help. Now, when one of the medium's guides wishes to communicate through the medium, of course, there is no great difficulty. Guides have similar vibrations to the aura to the medium. People very often comment that guides speaking through a medium have a similar personality. Of course there has to be some similarity in order for the vibrations to match so that the auras can mesh. So that process is, of course, fairly simple because the guide will come into the medium's aura, and with the co-operation of the medium the guide can impress his thoughts and concepts onto the brain of the medium and so use the voice box of the body.

We often have more difficulties when we are doing a rescue. Rescues are souls who have left the material body, but who are clinging to the material life situation. Very often they do not realise they have left the material body. Sometimes they do realise but will insist on trying to persuade those they have left behind to behave in certain ways. Sometimes they will have such rigid concepts of life after death, for instance those who believe they are going to sleep until the last trump, that they block out what is actually here. And so their expansion and merging cannot take place - they are 'cramped in', they are 'turned in' on themselves. Other rescues are people who died in very traumatic ways and have set up some vibration of fear, or perhaps they keep re-living that death, in which case it will just keep going on, over and over, so much so that their guides cannot get through to them to explain and introduce them to the new conditions. There are various tricks which guides can use to get over this difficulty. But if the soul or spirit has set up very strong, rigid, inflexible ideas they can do it to the point where the guides cannot get through to them. They may see their guides, they may hear what is being said, but block it out. You know how some people in your material world can block things out - you can talk to them till you are black in the face, but they cannot hear what you are saying. Well, it is like that too with some people when they come over here. They just completely block out, reject what is being said to them. So, these are the rescue cases. Now it is often very difficult to get a rescue case to come through and speak through a medium. Again, we can sometimes adopt subterfuges, we can dress up and pretend to be someone in the little scenario which they may have built around them, or something like that, and we can trick them into coming into the circle and into entering the medium's aura. Usually, once we have got them that far, there is no great difficulty because they feel at home in the material body. Sometimes things are much more difficult. We have had cases where the group of us have had to get around the rescue case and more or less force the soul into the medium's aura. You know, "We have ways of making you be rescued" sort of thing. Any of the experienced sitters in this circle will be able to tell you how difficult it can be at times to break through a very rigid belief system. To our newcomers we do have some transcripts which you are at liberty to read. This rescue work is usually successful, if not because of the efforts of the sitters, then simply by getting the spirit into the material body slows down their vibration, and we can very often get through the spirit in that state. We find that sitters who come to circles are concerned, loving souls who genuinely wish to help, and so it is rare that they cannot help a rescue case - it does happen occasionally - and the biggest factor in their help is the love and concern which they give that spirit. Many of them feel guilty or unworthy for some reason, and receiving the love and concern which they are given in the circle very often by itself will do the trick. I trust, you will understand too, that when you have built up the energy in a circle, it can be used for healing. Now, usually the medium being more sensitive can channel the energy through her body to the others. But it is also available much more strongly to the sitters in the circle to use in a similar way. And this is a prime and an optimum time for you to do absent healing. Just think of the name as it is said and your energy, your love, your concern, links up with the person in the circle who actually knows that person who is being prayed for, and so greater energy can be sent to the person. The energy can go more or less directly through the air because the molecules of air are so fine there is very slight hindrance to material objects, but it is slight and is not strong enough to really hinder the healing energy. The healing energy is different to the energy that is forming in material molecules, it is very similar but there is a slight difference to it. So there is a little hindrance from the material molecules, and this is why absent healing is a little less effective than actual presence healing. And it does depend in some degree on the strength of the picture that you can form of the person. The more clearly the linkage person can form the picture in their mind of the sick person, the more clearly, the more direct the energy can flow to that person. Now, when you have a group of regular sitters the linkage person does not have to be present in the circle. As tonight you have some people who are absent, but still their friends whom they have put on your healing list still receive the energy from them, because we can link up with them. Their vibrations are still with them, and so the energy can still be directed to the patient.

You may be wondering perhaps, what is the golden light with which we make the golden circle of protection around you. It is simply a specially - how can I put it - a special vibration of energy which we build up. You might like to describe it as a faster rate, it might be a bit denser. And again, each of the guides and helpers who come with you will contribute to that. In addition to that golden band your increased energy - how can I put it - you have the stronger energy in the centre of the circle. Now, there is not a sudden cut off of vibration of the energy, it is a gradual diminishing, and so over the circle you will have rainbow colours too and those rainbow colours also help with any of the lost or unhappy souls who are attracted. So you might have immediately around you this golden circle of protection, but then beyond that there is another area of vibrating colours, and, as you know, certain vibrations can heal, certain vibrations can be harmful to those of you in the material world. But the rainbow colours that come from the spiritual energy are the healing kind, and so the lost and unhappy souls can absorb that healing vibration from those colours too. And that will, sort of, automatically help them in much the same way as giving a malnourished child food will, over time, increase that child's health. So these souls who are in a way starved of spiritual vibrations can rejuvenate themselves, can become stronger. And so, just meeting together like this can help many, many spirits and souls on this side, even though you are not aware of it. It is a sort of automatic thing coming from the love and concern and your interest in matters more than the material world in which you are so involved. And when you come to close the circle that rainbow energy is contracted, it concentrates back into the golden ring and we place a little of it round each of our sitters and so the whole arrangement gradually and gently dissolves. Those watching souls will gradually drift away, some now listening to their guides and helpers, some somewhat refreshed but still with quite a way to go before they really start their progress. Until we feel again the vibrations of our own circle, in the meantime we go about other tasks and interests. Some to amuse themselves, to indulge in desires from the material world, others to work with the lost souls, others to teach those who are ready to listen and others to progress on their own expansion and merging into the deeper bliss, which I promise each and every one of you, will eventually be inexorably yours.

I have no doubt that some of you will have some questions you wish to ask. You may do so now, if you wish.

Norman: Is communication between you and our individual guides possible, if requested?

Ah-So: This does happen. I do not guarantee that we will always communicate with your guides. Sometimes your guides may not want to communicate with us. So, it can happen.

Guy: Take the very highly advanced souls, such as Jesus or Buddha, people of that type. They would be, we presume, pretty well merged into the Godness. It is possible for such souls to "reassemble" their personalities sufficiently to come and manifest here through a medium or appear as materialisations or apparitions. Because he has virtually dispersed, the Buddha is no more. Can the Buddha be reassembled?

Ah-So: He probably could if the Buddha so desired.

Guy: So there is still individual consciousness left?

Ah-So: If the Buddha so desired. But they have, as you rightly surmised, expanded and merged to a great degree. Mainly what is keeping them with what little manifestation they have left, or what little resemblance they still have with their earlier earth manifestation, perhaps I should say, is the thoughts and the prayers of the people in the material world. You may perhaps remember that they have reached a state of desirelessness, and so the desire to actually speak through to the material plane is not really there. So the possibility is really hypothetical.

Guy: In the case of Buddha perhaps so, for that was his teaching, but what in the case of Jesus?

Ah-So: He, too, is in much the same state. Because of the great merging that is taking place he is barely at the level of some semblance of manifestation.

Norman: The answer to that last question has great implications for some teachings being banded around these days. One argument says that Christ will return to earth. Will this be a material return or a spiritual return?

Ah-So: What is there to return? What is there that is left?

Norman: Some people believe the return to be a spiritual one, and others a physical one. Which belief to accept is entirely up to the individual.

Ah-So: He has never left, because the entire universe is made up of one substance, and as you merge back into the Godness you are everywhere.

Norman: How do these things come about then - when people think they see indications that Christ will come tomorrow. Such teaching makes nonsense of it.

Ah-So: I'll leave it to you to judge. It depends of course on what you mean by 'Christ'. Do you mean The Christ or do you mean Jesus? The Christ, is merely a state of mind, a state of awareness or consciousness. Jesus was someone who had that permanently.

Guy: You said that when an entity or guide, such as yourself at the moment, enters a medium's aura you now are able to impress on the medium's brain images and thoughts of concepts or whatever you want to convey. Now that has been hotly debated among philosophers here for years and years. How can such an impression take place? Can you help in explaining how does the discarnate mind operate on the physical brain? It is a mind boggling problem for philosophy.

Ah-So: The discarnate spirit enters the aura, the medium's aura permeates the medium's body. The discarnate spirit enters the aura and consequently the discarnate spirit's ideas, thoughts, if you wish, and can be conveyed along the vibrations of the aura into the brain.

Guy: So its basically no different from the medium's own discarnate spirit operating on her brain? The same process? But there is this gap, how does the disembodied mind operates on the embodied brain?

Ah-So: Through the vibrations of the aura.

Guy: In other words, the brain is nothing but a vibration, and the aura is nothing but a vibration, and so is the mind, so one vibration impresses and modifies another vibration.

Ah-So: Very nicely put. I knew I could rely on you.

Guy: That has puzzled our academics for years and years. Thank you.

Ah-So: That puts in place much quicker.

Angie: I would like to know what the future of this planet is.

Ah-So: The planet will go on. We have said before that this planet is coming to an end of its usefulness for its inhabitants at the moment. You do not have to worry about great cataclysms and disasters, the world at present is no more disturbed or upset than it has ever been in its history. It seems to be to you, simply because you hear about all of it. We would wish you not to focus on all these predictions of great disasters. I repeat, it is no worse now than it has ever been. There will always be changes in your world. There is a new type of soul coming into it. If you look back at the history of your world you will see that there are periods when there has been a leap forward. One of those times is coming now, but there is no need to worry or fear, it will be so gradual that people will hardly notice. It will only be when someone in a few hundred years looks back and will say "Oh, at that time there seems to have been a tremendous change". Do not be afraid. Nothing can harm the real you, and when you shed your body you will be so relieved, I wish you to have no fear.

Guy: Ah-So, from what you have just said, is it really correct to speak of a leap forward in all this, is it not simply one pattern replacing another?

Ah-So: Yes. You could put it like that.

Guy: Is there actually a progress in the whole thing?

Ah-So: You are quite right, perhaps I should have said 'change'. Its just that in the relational terms of your world you think of it as progress. It is usually progress in your material objects.

Guy: You basically say that this old spiritual concept of progress, or evolution, does not really hold.

Ah-So: Well, since each of you is a little drop of the Godness, what is there to progress? Is not Godness already the Godness?

Guy: The concept that the human race as such is becoming more Godlike, getting " higher" if you like, or more "God conscious". We interpret that as progress, is there such a thing?

Ah-So: Do you mean a specific race, or man-kind as a whole?

Guy: Human-kind as a whole.

Ah-So: If you take it has a whole and average it out, has it really changed?

Guy: It doesn't seem so.

Ah-So: Statistically, significantly? (mocking the mediums statistical studies).

Guy: You ask the medium that.

Ah-So: She told me to say that.

Guy: In other words, is the human race today closer, say to God than it was 2,000 years ago?

Ah-So: You mean the physical brain part of it?

Guy: The consciousness with which we function in this world.

Ah-So: Its like the curate's egg - parts of it have. But that is how it has ever been.

Norman: And is it how it will always be?

Ah-So: In your world, yes. Your world will never be perfect. Because of the nature of its materiality there will always be conflict between the different parts of it. The people in it have a greater individuality. And as that individuality decreases through lives, lessens, so there is less conflict.

Norman: So it all comes down to a state of perpetual change.

Ah-So: I think I will leave you with my blessing for tonight.



Tonight I am mainly going to talk about the responsibilities of mediums.

Mediums take upon themselves many great responsibilities. They need to have attained a stage in life that is settled. They need to have worked through all those personality changes and crises that are associated with your material world these days. In my day and in my tribe, life was much simpler. We may add that in your society and the world you have at your disposal you do have the opportunity for many more experiences and many more challenges and, in a way, your souls are much harder tempered than ours were. On the other hand this does tend, in some degree, to distract you from the world of spirit, but nothing is perfect in your world. Always remember that everything has its good points; we like to encourage people to keep an optimistic outlook, so always look for the good points. Deal with the bad ones but don't dwell on them too much - it's the good ones you need to watch for.Now, anyone in your material world who takes on any position of responsibility will need to be very firmly centered. There will be much adulation of a medium, people will tend to think that they are some perfect, incarnated being. They will tend to take their every utterance as gospel law, as your saying is. We would remind you that they are only human beings - they will have their faults too, they will have certain characteristics. During the course of the tempering that we referred to, they will have acquired different characteristics, one from the other, some may take a gentler approach than others, some may be quite firm and dogmatic, some may be extremely jolly and hearty, while others will be quieter and more introvert. All these things are the sum total of the interaction of the person's in-born character - the things they bring with them - and their particular life experience.We like a medium to have had many life experiences, and to have developed a degree of self-reliance, self-control, and what we term 'centeredness'. To have a kind of individuality, and yet by the very fact that they are a medium, they are also able to tap the inner core; to tap the spirit world and to act as that link between. Because of the awe in which many people hold a medium, they need also to be very practical people. There are not many mediums who are rich and able to lead a life of leisure. They also have to be very careful what they say, and in their dealings with other people who sit with them.You will inevitably, as a medium, reach a point at which you are starting to encourage and help others in their development. And again, you will need to be very judicious in your handling of this situation. Look at the person's whole life, look at what responsibilities they already have, look at their character: are they confident, are they centered, and those kinds of aspects. You may come across people who have a definite gift or ability, but you need to be able to judge whether this is the particular right moment to encourage that person to develop actively. Look for the people with the qualities I have just mentioned, the people with their settled life who have struggled through, and got over their doubts and uncertainties. Particularly look at family responsibilities. You may be much more encouraging to people whose families are with them in this work, who understand and will encourage and support them. We are always very wary of actively encouraging anyone that has family difficulties because a lot of resentment can be directed towards spirit and this movement if one person in a family comes into it without the others. The others perhaps may be resentful if that person is spending too much time in this philosophy. Children will always need a parent, a spouse will expect the other spouse's company. There are certain expectations which you have of your partners in your world - do not neglect those expectations. Do not change the way that you carry them out when you come into this philosophy, because all these things can cause resentment, disturbance in the family and that, in itself, can hinder a person's development.

So a medium needs to be aware of all these aspects when trying to help others to develop also.

Now, a clairvoyant medium has to tread a very fine line. You will be given information from us, and there are different ways in which that information can be given to you. You may hear a voice, you may 'see' something, you may get an impression. Particularly you will get things in symbolic form. Now, you have in your society a saying - a picture is worth a thousand words - this is why you will get so much in symbolic form. And it is then up to you to start working with that symbol, to find out what we are giving to you. I think I have touched before on the difficulties of these symbols, particularly in a country like yours where you have many people from different cultures. Because a symbol to you may mean one thing, it may mean something quite different to the other person. This is why we always recommend that you say first what the symbol is that you are getting, then you can start talking around it: Is it this? Is it that? Maybe its the other. And eventually you will 'know', you will know your own little 'signals' from spirit when you have got the right thing. The other thing you have to contend with, of course, is the memory of the other person with whom you are working - they may have forgotten something. You may be giving them something which they do not even know. So work with it and try to tease out the information behind it.Now, one of the great difficulties is if you are given a negative message. Let's take the extreme case of a death approaching. This can really frighten people and we recommend that you never actually say that there will be a death. You may say there is a danger around so-and-so, be careful of something. You need to be aware of what effect your words can have on the other person, and to tell someone that there is going to be a death can be very scary to people, and very distressing. Of course you also have to be aware that you may have misinterpreted the symbol, but if you come straight out and say there will be a death, the other person will be very upset and distressed, and their upset will interfere with your link and so you may not get the full import of what you are giving. (To say that there will be a death may in some cases take away hope if someone is ill, and we wish always to give hope.)

And always be honest. Say if you have lost a link, or if for some reason your source has 'dried up', is the phrase that is often used. Do not try to go on if the link is weakening or you are tired - your accuracy will only decrease if you try to do that. And you are the ones who are having to live and work in this material world, so you will have to phrase things tactfully.

I hope you all realise that in your everyday interaction it is not necessarily WHAT you say that causes upsets, it is HOW you say it. And a medium often needs to be very tactful. Now, sometimes we, on our side, can forget about these rules of everyday interaction, and this is another reason for so much 'stuff' being given to you in symbols. It is to leave you free to work with it more, in a way that is going to be comfortable for you and the person sitting opposite - or with whom you are working.

You may say that - to use one of your phrases again - the medium is the jam in the sandwich. He or she is in between, they are trying to satisfy what is coming from Spirit and they are also to some degree trying to satisfy what is in the material world. This is why I said that mediums tread a very fine line. It is a difficult task, and the medium's every day personality can both help and hinder the work. The more introverted mediums may be more shy and hesitant to speak up. The bolder types may tend to speak too soon and too quickly, before they have worked out those fine shadings of tactfulness. These balances can be quite tricky at times.

Mediums will often be given instructions from Spirit of what we would like them to do, and again, sometimes there will be clashes. They need to balance things again. We give what we think is ideal, the medium then has to work with it in the material surroundings.So be aware of these conflicts around mediums, and if you have a gift which you are desirous of developing, also look at your own surroundings, your own life, and check out whether it meets the criteria which I have mentioned. And, above all, be patient. It will often take a long time, often many years, before a spiritual or psychic gift is fully developed to the point at which you can usefully use it. Never rush, because to actively, forcibly, develop a gift before conditions are right for you may actually be a hindrance in that development. And if you were to be more patient it would have reached its full maturity sooner than it actually did.

Now, you may ask your questions.

Question: When you used the phrase 'hard-tempered' did you mean it as like steel or being hard-tempered as a personality trait?

Answer: As in steel.

Question: I am having lessons in reading cards and in numerology, astrology, etc. in the hope that this will develop my psychic gifts. I know that my life is unsettled; do you recommend that I continue with these lessons?

Answer: We see no harm for you in this kind of thing for the moment. You see, you are learning these skills, it is something you have to learn, you have to remember, and this is not quite at the same level in which you are really actively developing your psychic gift. It will lead to it in time. It is a learning type of thing, something which is on the mental level AT THE MOMENT. It is easier for us to work through somebody who has some sort of skill and training. If you were actively trying to develop as a medium, the kind of medium through which I am working now, we would AT THIS STAGE counsel you against that. But these things which require mental learning and skill are quite all right for you at this stage. It is all right for you to learn and practice them. It will be a while before the psychic gift of using them as a focus will develop, but that is quite all right. We see nothing wrong for you at this moment.

Question: Thinking of your own people, the Red Indians who are still surviving in the U.S.A., and our aborigines, who are facing the problems of cultural transition from one culture to another, would you say that adopting the Western culture is for them a step forward or a step backward, from the spiritual point of view.

Answer: In each epoch of the world, there were spiritual and religious practices which were appropriate. There are many layers of societies in your world and some have reached the end of their development. There is approaching the real mixing of all these races and of religions, and this will enable the new type of person to come through, and so all these disturbances are really an advancement of the world. But there is a new type of person starting to incarnate. If you look back to your history, you will see certain waves coming through - I think there have been about four so far. So you have the one type that comes through when you have your pre-historic one. You had another type coming through after them in your ancient world. Then there was another with the increase - there are concepts which I am having trouble bringing through - when the European races started to spread, that was another. And there is another one beginning to come through now. This is how evolution is working, but it is not the one 'lot' of spirits which is evolving up through them. There will be one wave which will prepare the way for the next wave, and the first wave will go on. Often the 'wave' will leave the material universe and will carry on in the spiritual world, but you get some remnants left behind, and there are some who will want to go to another material world. But to a large degree that wave of souls will usually continue their own evolution in the spirit world. But now, there is this 'mixing up' which at this point is beginning to occur to a greater degree than has happened previously.

And those who go on into the spiritual world sometimes decide to come back - to reincarnate. They will have evolved so far over there and will come back as a different type of soul coming into the world. And this is what has happened with those coming through now, which is why they need the greater mixing up of the races. You can perhaps picture a circular motion - maybe something like your Catherine Wheel - where you have the main sparks going round but others are shaking off. It is not an easy concept to bring through. But many of the remnants need to be mixed up, so that they are not so many little 'dead ends', and this applies not only to those who you regard as more primitive than yourselves. There are institutions in your own society in this state. The main one which is most noticeable will be your religious institutions, they will be undergoing great shake-ups and changes. They will be forced to this. You already have been having some shaking up in your social institutions. This has been a forerunner. You have things like the attitude of the colonial powers towards the countries which they have been ruling, that has changed. Be prepared for a great many more changes - you need to get rid of a lot of your set ideas.

Question: What can we, as individuals, do to help this process of change?

Answer: Be open to others. Work with spirit. Get rid of your prejudices and your set ideas that things must be thus and thus. Try to establish harmony in your own immediate surroundings. Be aware of spiritual concerns, so that you may be the one to stay in the Spirit World.

I think, if you will excuse me, I will bring tonight's proceedings to a close.

Farewell, and may Spirit go with you.


12th November, 1987.

It is most pleasant to be here with you again and have the honour of talking with you. It is a long time since we had a serious talk with you and I feel that it is time we went into some detail about contacting the spirit side while you are in a material body. I shall give a brief talk which I hope will inspire you with some questions because we really like to work with you in an interaction. And we feel that if we give the outline, then by your questions you indicate to us what are your particular interests.

Now, the biggest obstacle to your contacting us on this side is, of course, your material body. It is very dense and it is very heavy and you are very used to it. You have your five senses which lead you out into the world and give you information about the world and because you must keep that body alive you concentrate on the world.Consequently all these impressions about the world often drown out the impressions coming from spirit, which are always very tenuous and slight. When you have the light impinging on your eyes and the nerve impulses going to the brain, and you have the sounds coming into your ears and the impulses also impinging on your brain and then you have the feeling of your clothes and your chair and the weight of the air doing the same thing, it is sometimes awfully difficult for the spiritual side to make itself heard. And even if it does, very often you will not take any notice anyway.

So, when you become aware that there is another side to life and that there are souls here who are willing and able to communicate with you, what do you do? Well, being in the material world you will often start thinking that you need help from something else. So you start reading and then you come across books that say "Ah, now, you have to breathe like this." and you will go away and you will have a little puff. Now, this can affect the level of oxygen in your brain and you can have certain experiences. That is well. Another book may say, "Well, you have got to fast." So you will go without food and, of course, this can lead to certain experiences because the chemicals in the brain are affected. Then other people may say you have to sit in certain positions, you have got to do certain exercises. These practices also affect oxygen levels in the body. They do lead to squeezing of the muscles so that certain toxins are released and dispersed, and can lead to a state of relaxation in which the spiritual side can make itself heard.

All these sorts of things can help. There are others that go in for spinning around. Fortunately there are not too many in your society. Same thing, certain physical effects are made to your body. now, there are even more drastic ones, one can have an electric shock. A bit drastic and a bit dangerous - I do not recommend you do it deliberately. This again affects the brain and can lead to an opening up. Now, it has to be just the right sort of thing, for goodness sake don't go around shoving hairpins in your electric power points or something. It has to be the correct amount, the correct way and all sorts of things but I am not going into details, so don't ask me - much too tricky.

Now, you can try all these things, the one I have mentioned - with the exception of the electric shock - are reasonably safe. You will achieve some degree of contact, there are others which are dangerous, I am of course referring to certain types of drugs. They can lead to a certain type of contact, but it is more risky because of their effects on the body because you will often need increasing amounts and, in some cases, after the first time they are ineffective. These can effect permanent changes in your brain which can eventually lead to completely blocking the contact. This is why in some cases where the contact with the spirit world has become excessive to the point where it is seriously interfering with the material life - in fact where it is leading to cases of what you call "possession" where the person completely loses control of their material life, certain drugs prescribed, block the contact, enabling the person to achieve some measure of control again. Sometimes it is quite effective and sometimes it is not, but that is another matter.

The major point of contact between the Spiritual World, or perhaps I should say, souls in the Spiritual World and souls still incarnate is through the brain and through the spine. That is the major point of contact. Spiritual energy can enter through the head, through the top usually and down the spine, and then can go out into the body, if you wish to use it in that way. As it comes into the head messages like this one can be impinged onto your brain cells and if you are receptive you will be able to hear it.

As we like to stress to you, it is your decision whether to take this advice or not. You are not a puppet on a string. We only give you advice - it is up to you. Another important area is the centre of the forehead. Now, this is a good point for you to direct your messages outwards from your forehead if you are wishing to send thoughts to someone or absent healing or even contact healing, you can sent it more easily that way. Please understand noting that we ever say is absolutely IT - but often there are other ways of doing things. We merely give you the usual way. We like to stress this because we do not wish you to become so bound it has to be this - you may shut off what, for you, is a very good contact, even if it is an atypical contact, or way of contact, I should say.

It is, when a medium, a control medium, starts to work, often easier for controls to come in from the back, over the spine. That way they get a better control over the body. Sometimes contact can also be made front ways, but in the majority of cases it will come through the back. now, naturally, your receptivity and your willingness also contributes greatly to the contact and the quality of what we can bring through to you.

I mention quite briefly, ways which are often taught for increasing this contact. I would call them the beginning steps, they are useful at first, they also give you a sense of security and that is very important when you are first starting. What concerns us is that you may stay with them - you may feel this has GOT to be done. Now, if you are inclined to these methods by all means try them, they will give you some help but also understand that they are not essential.The one thing that is essential is that you be able to relax, that is the essential part. And this is why these other things help, because you feel you have done the right thing, and then your spirit helpers can contact you more easily. It is also very helpful and this is what we prefer, this is what we would like to lead into: a period set aside each day where you relax and make yourselves available.Now put a golden light around you and specify that only well-intention spirits are to come in to you. Welcome your guides and healers and make sure they understand that only spirits who are coming with something beneficial and helpful to you are to be allowed in. This period does not need to be very long, fifteen minutes a day is quite sufficient. Now, try to carry with you into your daily life that feeling of relaxation, of awareness. But we always wish to repeat that during your day life you are the one who is in control and you must make sure that your guides and helpers understand this. Because when they finally make contact with you, they are going to get very excited, they have so much to bring through to you, and at first they can get a little bit carried away. You must not let this happen - you must make it clear that there are times when you are willing to be in contact with them. But by carrying with you this feeling of awareness you are not completely blocking them off, because they can give you a little bit of useful information. What I am talking about is that you do not let them take control of you at any inappropriate times. You have to work in this material world, you have certain duties to do and you must carry them out properly. When, if, it is for you to work, shall we say, professionally in this philosophy, situations will arise and your life will somehow, quite without your understanding how it happened, be arranged so that can come about.

All right, now, I said to you for you to have this period each day of quiet relaxation. We suggest that you spend a few moments consciously relaxing your muscles. In time you should be able to do this immediately you sit down. It is a matter of practice making perfect. This I intend to be your daily practice but actual control should be done only in a group setting. In a group you have more energy available, you have different types of vibrations, they will mix and so you will get a much better vibration than if you are by yourself. It is like light, you could take pure light and you can split it up into the colours of the spectrum so that white light contains all the colours. If one colour were missing it would not be pure white light. So when you are in a circle you have a mix of vibrations and it is a different type of vibration much more likely to enable your spirit guides to make contact with you, because there are the different vibrations around for them to use. There are also people around to you. Very often the first spirit to come through will be a distressed spirit and if you are with people they will be able to talk to that spirit and to help it to move on. This isn't always so, we prefer it not to be, but very often it is something about the person's aura in that first stage and with an outside spirit coming through the person's guides are able to be there to watch what is happening, how the person's aura is affected and this sort of thing. This makes it easier for them again to work with the person. It is usually someone who is not very greatly distressed who will do that. It will be someone who is anxious to make contact with the material plane again, and naturally your guides and helpers will be there in force to make sure that everything will be all right.

In other cases it will be one of the guides to come the first time. It is all very various for different reasons for all things. Also when you are in a group setting you are much more likely to feel safe; you have less anxiety in you and this is conducive to contact with spirit. There are also different degrees of control ranging from that little whisper to the full trance control. That is more rare and many groups of guides prefer not to work with a full-trance medium. They like to have their medium with at least some degree of self-consciousness so that the person can exert themselves and take action if there is any sort of emergency around them.

In the past, trance was much more common than it is now, there were problems and difficulties and accidents, so many of us now prefer to work with conscious mediums and what a lot of people do not realise is eventually you can have this contact without going into any sort of trance, and that is quite rare too. In fact this stage is a quite recent phenomena which we are achieving with a few people. In this case the contact is always there, the person can refer to it when needed - can sort of bring things up from the subconscious, might be the way many people want to describe it. It, too, works very well with somebody who is able while still conscious to put their conscious mind to one side. it is an awfully difficult thing to describe to you. One of the best examples we can think of is the musician. It is the sort of thing where the musician is playing, he has rehearsed what he is doing to the point where he no longer has to think what he is doing with his fingers, it just comes through, and it is something like that. It is an analogy you understand. This sort of thing will become much more common in the future as these different types of souls start coming through and becoming more frequent.

Now, coming back to our relaxation - I often get distracted on things. While you are practising your relaxing deep breathing will help towards this, but don't do it all the time, it should be just two or three breaths to help you relax. But then think about your spine and you will probably find that it will become sensitive. But don't worry about this chakra and things. That sort of teaching has become rather exaggerated; for spiritual things you only need the spine, it is sensitive, it carries all the nerves to the body. So relax, think of yourselves as sinking into the spine - I think that is the best way I can describe it. You may be able to find different ways of conceiving it which may work better for you. Remember that the brain is at the top, the crown, the point from the spine where spiritual energy can be directed outwards, most commonly through the hands for healing and in activities such as psychometry where you are trying to get the vibrations from the object.

It grieves us at times that we still have to try to give this proof to people. The people still wish to be told what is going to happen, still wish to be told what do to, and so forth. it is our hope that in time you will move away from these practices, we do understand that at times it is really needed but we worry that people focus on it too much. Go within and get your own messages, have faith in yourself and in the Godness that all will be well. You will cease to need to be told what is going to happen. You will cease to need this reassurance. Trust what is within you and remember you, each one of you, is a drop of the Godness and you have that direct link. This is the pinnacle of your spiritual aim.

You don't need to put any effort into it, you don't need to focus completely on all these other material things, use them as your first steps if you wish to go beyond, even go beyond your own guides and helpers to the Godness itself. Because deep within you that is what you are and you have that direct link and you need nothing else and in time not even what I have been recommending to you will be necessary. use my suggestions perhaps as your second stage. I am going to repeat - within you is a drop of the Godness - you have that direct link. Nothing else is essential. Remember that. Repeat it to yourself every day.

Now, you can ask me your questions. I do not guarantee that I will answer them but you may ask.

Dorothy: What should our reaction be if somebody does manage to contact us when we are in a time of peace and we are by ourselves?

Verna: Now, the contact that is OK. It is the actual control. Now, explain the situation, explain and tell them they are welcome, you are pleased. Give them a set time, say five minutes, and enjoy that five minutes and then assert yourself. Now, if you feel they are trying to actually take control at an inappropriate time, move around, move your arms, your legs, have something to eat or drink, be in contact with other people. Now, another thing which may help is to try writing. It has been found in the past that the spirit can give information through the writing. It is a form of control that is only in the hand and so the rest of the body is not affected. Now there are people who do the automatic writing and the whole of their body is taken over. But that is very advanced people, people who are very experienced. It is usually just in the ands and if they can give their message that way that will often satisfy them and then you can assert yourself. Sometimes you see, especially with those of us who have been over here fore quite a while, those of us who have lived in some different types of societies to you, we forget that there are different rules to be obeyed in your society and so we may be wanting you to obey the rules that existed in our society. As I said before we, too, can get excited and forget ourselves a little bit. But is always your life and you live it. With help from use, sure, we don't want namby-pamby, wishy-washy people. You need to have a bit of strength when you come over here if you are to do some useful work.

Margaret: I have been trying more or less the way you have suggested for some time. I have some feelings but I get nothing.

Verna: Are not feelings good enough for you?

Margaret: Well, yes and no.

Verna: This medium sees and hears nothing. What you like to have?

Margaret: A little more directness, a contact with my guides.

Verna: You lack faith?

Margaret: I don't think so.

Verna: You talk with this medium afterwards, she will tell you. She has the same problem, but she just has to put up with it. That is the way your guides are contacting you at the moment. The more you insist on having something else the less likelihood of it happening.

Margaret: Thank you.

Janet: How do you explain the different sensations people have while that are meditating - like swelling and hot spots -

Verna: It is just their particular sensitivity at that moment. It is just the way their guides or helpers find it easiest to impinge their presence on the person.

Janet: It doesn't signify anything in particular?

Verna: No. It is just the form of contact. You see, your aura has to be at least in a similar state of vibration to the aura of your guides, so that they can mesh. And sometimes it just so happens that they can mesh more easily with one part of your aura than with another. Contact at first is usually just partial contact.

Janet: And sometimes when I meditate I feel I am being pulled over at my right side and tonight when I meditated I felt my nasal passages in my nose were under pressure and when I get that sense of pulling I feel like I am going to fall over while I am meditating. And my whole body, my head, tends to turn around while I am meditating as if I am drifting - the I am conscious of turning my head and body around. That can be a distraction while I am meditating.

Verna: You have a strong guide who likes to be on your right hand side. He likes to think of himself as your right hand man. You see?

Janet: It has nothing to do then with the right side of the brain or the body being the intuitive side?

Verna: No, don't get tied up with these things about the body. It will tie you into the body. Keep aiming for spirit. Anything else?

Stina: Your guidance up to now has been extremely valuable.

Guy: It might be useful to other people. There are various techniques of putting oneself in self-hypnosis i.e., putting oneself in trance. There are several methods to do that and one can, with a reasonable amount of practice, succeed in putting oneself in a full or light trance. Could this be a useful preliminary step to mediumship?

Verna: It too can be used as a preliminary step. It can make contact easier but the person in this state has less control over the situation. They are much more open to undue influences. As long as there is a time limit set to it you can use it first and naturally this sort of technique is beneficial in certain physical conditions. So one does not have to go to great lengths to avoid it, but it does make one more susceptible to us - but there is that warning that you are in less control and we feel it should only be used as the very preliminary state.

Guy: I could be very wrong in this but I think that is how this medium started.

Verna: She did have this ability of a self-hypnotic state - it does not occur theses days.

Guy: No, I know that. But in the very early days that's how it started, I think.

Verna: There was an element of that. She had this ability - er - she probably told you herself. She would lay down and go "out" for exactly half an hour - a sort of conscious sleeping state - and wake in exactly half an hour and you would probably have heard her talk about it. This was a preliminary stepping stone, she does not do it now. So it has some element of help. But you can go beyond it.

Guy: That was what I wanted to bring out. Some people start that way I think, it was the way this medium started. it can work out very well although there is an element of risk there.

Dorothy: Referring to hypnosis, is it necessary for a person if they are able to have regressions? Because often I have thought hypnosis was why it was used, for that.

Verna: The problem with these regressions is that very often it is simply and overshadowing spirit who is able to impress their own life memories on the person who is being hypnotised. Remember, that not everyone has had a previous life and remember too, which we must keep impressing on you, you do not HAVE to reincarnate. It is your decision and if you die with this idea that you have got to be reincarnated into this material world and ought to be punished for what you have done you will reincarnate and you will punish yourself. But you don't have to. We do not like the great concentration on these previous lives. if there is a serious knot somewhere and you really cannot find the source of the problem in this life then try the regression. There might be a previous life difficulty, but don't do it just to find out what you were.

Dorothy: No. I was just curious about it.

Verna: Another thing too, is that when you are in this hypnotic state is that your imagination can be very creative. And if you by any chance have a secret thought of "Wouldn't it be nice if I had been that famous person in Greece", or wherever, your imagination may run away with you.

Dorothy: In other words, we may imagine then ... huh

Verna: It can happen. I am not saying that it always does but there is always this possibility. We feel it is much better to concentrate on this life and to keep aiming up there to Spirit instead of what is down here. Let it go, don't hang on to it. There has only been one Mary, Queen of Scotland.

Janet: That then says that what life is about is development and not punishment. And if one does not have to reincarnate to develop they can also develop on the spiritual side.

Verna: Yes.

Janet: Are there differences in experiences between the material and the spiritual world, why would a soul then choose to reincarnate into the material world if they can learn - if they can gain their lessons in the spiritual world?

Verna: Partly this is an illusion which is gaining much more currency in your world - that you have to reincarnate - that is one of them.

Janet: So the soul carries it over with it.

Verna: Yes. That is one of them. Sometimes people are just caught up in the material conditions, they want to have done something, they want to have been famous, they want to have been the best of painters or something like that. And they are so caught up with this desire that they will block out what has been shown in the spirit world that they can do that here if they absolutely want it and they force themselves back into material conditions.

Janet: But there are also very developed souls who prefer to come to the material world instead of staying in spirit isn't there?

Verna: Well, there are those advanced souls who choose to come back to the material world in an effort to, shall we say, let us use the phrase you are all thinking about, to bring enlightenment. These are people like Jesus, Krishna and all the other avatars, St. Francis and people like that. They come with the sole intent of helping the people caught up in this material world to let it go. They try to turn people's attention upwards and away from the material conditions. There are a few of them in the world at any one time.

Dorothy: When there is not such a difference between the material world and the spiritual world why wasn't it done in the beginning of time that there is just a spiritual world and no physical bodies?

Verna: The difference between the spiritual and the material world is very slight, and we keep talking about the material world and the material plane in order to get our concepts across to you, but you ARE already in the spiritual world. The material world does not exist as you see it, and it is really only another part of the spirit world.

Dorothy: Only more dense?

Verna: What is dense? There is more space in matter than there is matter. And when you look at the matter, it is not matter anyway, it is energy.

Isia: If spirits don't have to reincarnate as a form of retribution how can souls such as Hitler, who have committed crimes again humanity, how can they retribute without having to reincarnate? What can they do?

Verna: Now, this circle was a part of the process in releasing that gentleman, so we will talk specifically about him, but it applies to many other people. when such people undergo their life review they are often so horrified at what they have done that they can become frozen. Have you ever had that experience, of sort of being horrified at something and going rigid?

Dorothy: We have the phrase "frozen with fear".

Verna: Right. They react like that but they stay like it, until, in some way, they can be released from it. Now, this circle joined with other movements around the world, this is going to sound strange to you, I expect, but in sending love to that gentleman - it was a very long time since he had experienced love, genuine love - and finally he understood love. And with that he was released from that rigidity, and he was then able to go to the souls of the people who he had harmed to release them. You see, many of those holocaust victims were so filled with fear or with hatred of him they, too, were locked in.

Janet: He must still be doing it.

Verna: And so our friend was helping to release them. And yes, he is still at it. He was a person of tremendous will and he is now channelling that will in a productive, spiritual, loving manner in the direction in which he should have used it while he was on this earth.

Dorothy: We here are trying to understand it but I am not quite sure if there are many people in the world still alive from the holocaust that would find it very, very hard to come to terms with a thing like that.

Verna: That is very true. And it is a sign of true spiritual greatness when you can do this. It IS very difficult. And such people have attracted helpers to them who are trying to help them over it.

Dorothy: When a person like Hitler, like that, the helpers that he gets, would they be extremely strong people because of the intensity of this fear and the way he locked himself up?

Verna: They were no stronger than the ones with anyone else. It was his own driving force and you understand, of course, that particularly towards the end he was a very sick man, who was not thinking correctly. And because of this he was able to attract the mischievous spirits, those who had not yet let go of the material conditions and who were using him as their tool to do what they wanted. And he, because of his mental condition, he was over-ruling his own guides, you see, and so attracting these others.

Guy: Going back to reincarnation, in the time of Hitler, in Indian thought the whole key to the reincarnation is the argument that the spirit body or the astral body does not have the means of material action and therefore when we do things on the material level in the material way they cannot be re-balanced or re-acquitted in the spiritual world because the spirit body cannot act in a material way. Therefore, by logic, the soul has to reincarnate. Can you comment on that belief? Because that is the key to why the Indians believe that you must reincarnate. The inability of the spirit body to re-balance material actions.

Verna: Now, the material body is but a vehicle for the spiritual. The spiritual operates the material body. The material body is like a car - you will not blame a car being used as a means of transport for, say, your narcotic drugs being distributed. It is the intent and the intent of the mind, and it is the mind thinking that goes to the spirit world.

Guy: I accept that.

Verna: That is where all the intent lies.

Guy: I accept that, I just wanted you to make it clear because that is why the Indians believe you must reincarnate - what is done materially must be re-done materially. That is their logic behind it.

Verna: I think I will then, take my leave and do remember that if you have any further questions you may ask this medium during supper and we will attempt to impress her with the answer. We can often, shall we say, dictate an answer to her, especially after your circle. So I will say Good Night, and thank you.



A short talk given at a development circle as a visiting medium.

It is very kind of you to invite us here tonight. I am very often very shy when I first come through. My name is Verna and when I was in the material world, I lived in that country you call Sweden. I have been working with this medium for a few years now, and we have been able to channel through quite a lot of information from us. Some of it is quite difficult for you to understand, because our world and our concepts are so different from yours. Sometimes we feel that we don't succeed very well, because conditions over here are so very different to your material world.

Tonight the medium has specifically asked that I talk to you about mediumship. She said for a few minutes. I don't quite know how we can pack it all into a few minutes, but we will do our best to give you a few basics.

If you think of the universe and try to put things in an order, you will find that mankind is at a level that is half way between the material world and the Spirit World. Mediums are people who are incarnated from a higher level of the Spirit World, and have a better link with the Spirit World than most people.

Everyone has some sort of a spiritual gift - but not all of you are going to develop that gift during the material life. It depends on the purpose you adopted before you were born, the broad outline you agreed upon, to work through while on earth.

A medium is one with this stronger link between the two worlds - I do not mean to imply that a medium is necessarily a better person than anyone else. You all have good points, you all have points about yourself which you consider to be deficits. As was said on the tape you were playing earlier tonight, (one of the Matthew Manning Fighting Back tapes) your so-called deficits are in your mind. When you come over here you will judge yourself and it will be your concepts (that are judged). We have often stressed, as the gentleman on the tape stressed, to forgive yourself. This is a very important thing to do. Not only forgive others, but forgive yourself.

A medium is able to dissociate himself or herself from the material world at certain times, and this enables their guides to enter their aura more firmly, more closely, and to actually affect movements of the medium's body. We believe that in order to allow these functions to happen and the energy to flow, it is necessary to be quite firmly oriented in the material world. The medium needs to have quite a bit of moral courage and to operate firmly and securely in the material world.

It is difficult for mediumship to develop in someone who doesn't have a firm basis, and this is why it is usually - I stress usually, because there is never ever, any firm set rule to anything - it is usually the case that mediumship develops later in the life, when the material side of things is settled and firm. Very often it will be at a stage when the medium has married and has children who are grown up. It is unusual for mediumship to develop in someone who has an unsettled home. They probably have their own home, I don't mean they need to own a home. They need at least a home that is firmly rented. We know that people can own their home or they can rent one. When there is any uncertainty in material life, it is more difficult for mediumship to develop.

They (mediums) are usually people who like to make their own decisions and this is something which we have stressed in our own circle. In your material world you make your own decisions. You have adopted that material life for a purpose, and you need to go through it on your own account. If you do not get used to making your own decisions during your material life, you will be lacking a quality which enables you to help when you come over on this side. You need to understand the decision making process and what happens, to get your own confidence in making those decisions. We do not want the approach in which someone will ask help from spirit in making every single decision - right down to what they should wear that day. There will be times when you don't know where you are going, when you are bewildered and confused. By all means then ask for our help, but you don't need our help to make every single decision in your life. But you are not alone. So, having a stronger link with their guides, a medium probably has moral strength in acting. It can take quite a bit of courage to allow someone else to take over your body for a while. Just think what your body means to you. It is the closest and dearest possession that you have, isn't it? And so we regard it as a great honour when a medium starts taking up her work in the material world, and allows us to partake in his or her life in the body.

You will often find that mediums have had a dramatic or even traumatic life. Again, this does not always happen but it is usual, and one of the reasons for this is that the medium is testing out his or her strength or courage. And so it is agreed beforehand that certain things will happen to the medium in order to demonstrate these qualities.

Again, one of the qualities of a medium is love - love for other people, very unselfish, very giving love - because the mediumship work will often completely take over the medium's life. The medium is very often very sensitive to other people's distress and problems, and this causes the desire to help them. And having the link with the other side, the help can be very often strange to the recipient, unexpected and, very often, unnoticed.

Some mediums are also very sensitive to distress of souls on our side, and these are the mediums who can conduct rescues. The world on this side can seem very strange and very wonderful to people, but for some people it can be very distressing. If you do not know that there is life after death you do not understand what is going on, and you become very bewildered and frightened. This affects your aura and so your guides and helpers have a much more difficult task in getting through and helping that spirit to adjust. Other spirits are overcome with grief at things that they have done, and they will need help in understanding and in accepting what they did, and to be given help to gain confidence and realize that they can make reparations on this side and so start their own progress.

The forms of mediumship are varied. You can have the teaching approach, which is one which we have adopted with the medium, there are the healing mediums and clairvoyant mediums, and all are equally valuable. Perhaps the area of clairvoyance is the one that has the greatest variety, and we stress that it doesn't matter what method you use, they are all very valid and very valuable. Some people may need a physical object to hold, as in psychometry, or a crystal or cards, these are a focus point for the true clairvoyant. Some people can learn to use material objects such as cards, and, on a more material level, they can learn the rules and signs. But the true clairvoyant will pass beyond that and these will simply be a focus for them, a step to help others and to improve their link with the Spirit World. And they usually pass on to true clairvoyance by this way. We do not think that in the circles it matters what methods you use, it is the fact that you strengthen your link with us.

We understand that you are all trying to develop your psychic gifts. We welcome you very much in this work, and we hope and pray that you will all be successful and so be able to help your fellow souls in the material world and in the Spiritual World.

I do not wish to take up very much of your time in these proceedings tonight but, as often happens in our own circle, if you have any questions you might like to talk with this medium afterwards, and we can usually manage to get through to her our answers to your questions. Thank you for inviting me. It has been a great honour to come. God be with you all.



Although I had quite strong contact with the guides for some reason I was not being given the words. Eventually they told me to start talking. So at first I was not in a real control condition but the guides gradually took over. No identification was given but the manner was strongly suggestive of Sertorius and so this talk has been attributed to him.

Now, they are saying that over time they have given various exercises and instructions on your physical body, things like giving it adequate care but not being overly concerned with it, appropriate clothing, appropriate food, a well balanced diet, no excesses - neither too much sleep or too little sleep. Naturally to keep off the stimulants and other narcotic type drugs. They do not ban alcohol, but keep its use moderate. And they are saying : When you are on this path, those of you who are ON it, you need to protect yourself psychologically. The temptation is to rush in to help people, sort of willy-nilly, but always make sure that you are keeping a reserve on which you can draw for your own needs. Don't completely deplete yourself psychologically - don't be afraid to say "No, this far and no further." Don't let all and sundry impinge on you, impinge on your privacy, don't allow yourselves to become drained by other people. There will be times when you are helping people who ARE in a crisis, but learn to distinguish them from other people who will just drain you and keep on taking from you without eventually returning something to you.Now, when you are with people and especially on occasions when you are trying to help someone, your aura will be mixing with theirs and you will tend to pick-up - vibrations is the only word I can think of at the moment (there was some trouble selecting a word here) from them. They will attach to your aura and so vibrations of other people will affect you. Particularly when you are mixing with a lot of people. After a few hours your aura can be sort of shabby, it can be, sort of, pulled out irregularly. You don't actually get bits off somebody else's aura, but brushing against it, you can get the vibrations and so you brush past somebody who is particularly down, for some reason, and they have a dark coloured aura, you may find that a part of your aura will also become dark and so, in a way, you have picked up something from that person, but it is not an actual thing, it's an impression or a vibration.

In the past we have given you the cleansing technique, if you remember, the one where you put your fingers in the middle of the forehead and bring them down to the nape of the neck and down each arm three times, then bring your hands back to the forehead and bring them down your body to your feet, three times. That is a good one when you have been healing somebody, to make sure that you have not picked up any of the ill-health imbalances.

Now, even when you are not dealing with people who are sick, even just your normal social intercourse can affect your aura as I have been describing. And so there is a technique whereby you can smooth that aura and get rid of other people's vibrations or impressions on it. To do this stand up and shake your hands quite vigorously so you get some energy flowing in them and then sort of go over your aura, a little way away from your body, shake your hands again and do another part. Over your back, down the back, bring it off and shake. Do that wherever you feel inspired to go - all over as much as possible. This smooths your aura, gives it a smooth outline and the more you do it, the more effective it will become and you should find that you are very much refreshed by doing it. It may seem, for yourself, to be a type of healing exercise. (The flat of the hand should face the body making large circular movements, much as you would smooth an area of sand.)Now, what applies in the material world also applies in the Spiritual World and there is often a temptation when you come on this path to extend yourself aurally to other spirits that are around. Now, there are, in the lower part of the Spirit World, or astral world, whatever you wish to call it - everyone seems to have different names for the areas on the "other side" - there are around, souls that we have termed mischievous spirits. They are not, in themselves, evil because they, too, are a little spark of the Godness, but for some reason they are greatly attracted to the earthly plane - and there can be many reasons for this - and they can take great delight in influencing someone. Newcomers on this path are the prime targets for them, because the aura starts to open up and you are excited about this, and perhaps you want some contact with spirits, you want to contact your guides and so forth. And consequently you are really making yourself available. You don't realise you are doing this but you have this excitement about this wonderful new knowledge that you have learnt and so you tend to think about this thing to a great extent. Even in your normal life your thoughts will keep returning to it, after a while of course, you usually settle down and it will be more under control. I think even just telling you about this will help you to bring your aura back under your control.

Be aware that there are these mischievous spirits about, but do not be afraid of them because they are NOT evil. They may influence you to actions which you consider evil, you or your society. Most societies share a sort of common basic idea of what is right and wrong but there are variations from one society to another. And sometimes these spirits don't realise that they are influencing you to do something which you, in your society, consider is wrong because the society in which they lived did not, and because they are drawn to the earthly plane they are remembering that and so have different concepts to yours.

This is one of the reasons why we have been stressing to you that you must always follow the conventions of your own society. This will give you some protection from this undesirable influence, because this is your life and you must live it. We are here cheering you on, trying to inspire you to right decisions, but, as we have repeatedly said to you, in the ultimate analysis the final decision is yours.Now, some people seem to be more open to spirit influence than other people, and again, as you might realise, there are many reasons for this. One of the major reasons is having had some sort of a psychological shock. This may be associated with, perhaps, a physical condition, it may just be something occurring around you which affects you psychologically. Now, depending on the strength of the shock and the strength of your own self-worth, if you have a stable personality basis, you will be less prone than somebody who is less stable, or uncertain of themselves, hesitant and so forth.

The psychological shock can affect the aura, a very strong one may affect it permanently or, if there have been several, the effect will mount up until there is a permanent damage. This sort of damage causes the different layers of the aura to become mixed - the colours will be mixed round instead of in definite places - the aura won't have a definite shape, it could be thick here and thin there and so forth. And understand that your auras are always changing - if you have seen colours in a bubble how they move round, that is how your aura is, but you can see the colours clearly. When there is a damaged aura those colours will be much more mixed up. So instead of having, sort of, bigger patches of colours they will be very much more smaller and mixed round, all in together type of thing. Now, you know when you do this with colours you get a dark murky colour, and with nothing definite there (in the aura) you are more open to these undesirable influences.Now, sometimes there is a limit to this so if you have a shock of some sort the aura can be affected for a while and gradually settle back into its pattern and this is more likely to happen to somebody who is a stable personality in the first place, because eventually their personality comes to the fore again and they can re-assert control. It is the unstable people who cause us the most concern in these matters. Very often this type of - we are trying not to use the word possession - influence is something important in their lives, and to them it seems to be making them different from other people, making them special. And if they cannot value themselves in some way they will tend to cling on to this, especially if it is in some way giving them attention, or making them a focus for other people. They are the ones who can get permanently tangled up and this is why we say that only the stable people should be actively working in this line, this path if you wish. This is also why in many cases, but not all, in most cases, the medium will only really start to develop, to do work, when a stable stage of life has been achieved. Opening up too soon and too fast, too, can lead to this influencing situation. It is necessary to strengthen the aura and know what you are doing before starting active work.Now, you are probably wondering what you can do to help people who have got tangled up like this.

Praying for them; if they will attend church services there they are not being given opportunity to develop themselves but they are coming in contact with our vibrations, will often help, because coming into that kind of area their aura can be strengthened. Particularly if they will come forward for healing. This sort of thing particularly helps people who are in a temporary crisis or shock, or emotional shock, psychological shock - that I mentioned before. Because those conditions have a calming influence, if we can get the physical mind and brain to calm down then the aura too, will be affected and become calmer and it will be a strengthening, building-up process.Where people are getting out of control and possibly becoming a danger, to themselves physically or other people, we feel that your orthodox medical treatments at this stage are probably the best approach. The drugs used will affect the aura and cause it to contract and in many cases - you must understand that nothing will work in every case - in many cases this will break the influence. Unfortunately, we realise that there are often physical side-effects but we feel with time they will be overcome - other people, unfortunately, cannot be helped.Now, you may ask about doing a rescue on this person.But this, too, may work in some cases, particularly in, shall we call them, the temporary cases - these people who ARE stable but who have suffered some sort of psychological shock, and who really WANT to re-assert their own control and come out of this psychological state that they are in. The rescue in that case would probably work. But, in the extreme cases, if you do a rescue without first having done some aural work to build up the aura, you may get rid of that spirit but then another would come in its place - you may get more than one come in, you may get a stronger one come in, a more mischievous one - and so, before doing anything like this, you must investigate what the person's life circumstances were before this condition arose, and if they were in a stable condition and it seems that it is a temporary thing, perhaps they have lost someone, a serious illness, too, may cause this kind of problem, then by all means try a rescue. But if there is anything which leads you to consider that they may have severe aural damage, we feel that you should keep out of it.Check what their life is like, is it stable? Do they have their own home? (This does not refer to actually owning one's own house. Rather it means living in individual accommodation and can include renting a house or flat, but not sharing it with another family or people who do not form a permanent family unit.) Are they usually capable of making their own decisions? Are the decisions they make sensible? There is no reason why you shouldn't make sensible material decisions, nothing wrong with looking after yourselves physically and materially. Have they shown evidence that they have concern for other people, or are they solely self-centered? Do they usually keep their surroundings in an orderly fashion as well as caring for their own bodily appearance? Sometimes over concern with the bodily appearance may be an undesirable or negative indicator. Are they withdrawn or are they an out-going personality? On the other hand, if they are excessively out-going that, too, can be a negative indicator. There should be a balance, they should be able to be happy with their own company - shall we phrase it that way? - as well as being happy with other people's company. These are only pointers to look for.

So always remember, in any relationship you are in - you are a part of that relationship and, therefore, should be given as much consideration as the other parts of the relationship, the other people in that relationship. We have said several times before, always try to look at the whole situation, decide whose needs are greatest, sometimes it will be yours and sometimes it will be others.

(There were no questions that evening, so the session ended with a brief meditation.)



I bid you good evening.

Tonight we are going to take up one of the topics on your list; and we will talk with you about the aura. The aura, we know, is of great interest to you in your material world, it rouses great curiosity and great value is placed on it. I must confess that it is a very difficult topic to talk about, I will be running into our usual problem of concepts which you do not have. The concepts which I may find difficult to put into words, but we are prepared, as always, to face up to a challenge.

The aura that you see is a sort of vibratory emanation from what you would probably term the soul. The soul is not some definite object with these rays coming from it. It is the centre, it is true, the centre where the rays start from, where they are, therefore the most concentrated.

Challenge No. One - What sort of rays?

People in your world who can see the aura, see it as a light. This, as you by now probably guess, is not strictly correct. But it is probably about the closest we can get. It is a vibration. It is perhaps closer to what you know as a laser beam, but in the case of the aura, it is not strictly speaking, a beam, it is the closest. The best word we can use is, an emanation from the centre. How this emanation interpenetrates the physical body, and, to some degree, its force is determined by the physical body in that it is a bit taller than your body. Actually it extends a little from your feet but you do not see this because you have a floor blocking your vision. It is widest at the shoulders and tapers towards your feet and is rounded in form over the top. Extension of the arm from the body causes some extension of the aura too.

In a healthy person the aura usually extends two or three inches from the body. Mediums have slightly bigger auras, and when they are preparing to go in trance the aura greatly expands. This makes it easier for us spirits to enter the body of the medium. We are basically 'trapped' by the aura, although 'trapped' implies a deliberate snaring of us, but we enter willingly, by design. But we enter into the medium's aura. To do this our aura must be compatible with the medium's aura, that is, the rates of vibration must approximate so that we can fit in together. This is why very often the medium's controls exhibit certain personality characteristics in many ways similar to the medium. They are not identical, but similar. Even with rescues, the vibrations have to be within a certain range in order for the rescue to come in.

In the case of rescues though, there is more help given by the medium's controls. There is some attempt to adjust vibrations so that the rescue can come in. When a rescue is being prepared for, all the medium's controls will be present and will usually be gathered behind the medium. This is one reason why the rescue usually needs a higher degree of energy in the circle than the normal circles. When a person is ill, the aura will contract somewhat. Because the aura interpenetrates the body, the aura will be affected by the body because the body is affected by the aura. Illnesses usually show up in the aura before they manifest in the body, because they are usually a condition which the person has agreed to take on. And so, at an appropriate time, they will develop in the aura and then manifest in the body. So the person who can see auras and can see an illness developing, can give a warning and if the person is able to take appropriate steps the illness can be warded off. But not every person who looks at auras will see physical illnesses. It depends on what is the main area of interest for the psychic. One may be interested in health problems and will see them building up. But if the psychic is more interested in spiritual concerns, they sill see the spiritual indications in the aura, and may not see the illness indicators. Personalities and moods, all show up in the aura, usually by means of a colour which a psychic can see. Generally the brighter and lighter the colour, the more positive the attributes of that person. It is the quality of the colour which indicates the - just a moment - I am given the word 'continuum'. You have a line with positive at one end and negative at the other. The quality of the colour indicates where, on that continuum, the person is. For instance, red indicates energy. If is it a dull dark red, it will be a negative type of energy, the kind you will associate with anger; but if it is a clear bright red, it indicates a person with plenty of energy to spare and who will be leading an active life, at least at that particular moment. You can have an overall colour indicating the predisposition of the person, but also, colours will come and go. A person, who for some particular reason, has a high energy level at that time will have that nice, clear, red, but if they are having a quiet time in their life, perhaps for some reason they are being more alone, withdrawing from the world a little, they will have a different colour. Someone who has decided to retreat for spiritual purposes will have purple-mauve shades. Someone who wishes, or is, a healer will have the blue shades. And the brighter and clearer the blue, the more effective they are being.

The interpretation of the colours is not definitely laid down for everyone, and individual psychics may interpret colours differently. What I have been giving is the way in which we would interpret these colours. Green we would take to be growth and, depending on the shade of the hue, whether it is growth in a beneficial way, or a negative way. Whether the person is developing positive qualities or negative qualities.

You may have more than one colour in the aura at any one time. This can be shifting or changing, something like the colours in a bubble. A healthy aura, and I mean the aura itself, not the body, will be vibrating or manifesting in a steady fashion. It will have a clear outline. It will be evenly spread over the body with no particular bulges or indentations here and there.

Moods can affect this, if you are angry you will tend to have flares coming from the aura. Sometimes a person who is excitable, their aura will tend to, now and gain, shoot out, something like those pictures which you have of your sun with flares. These temporary projections do not matter greatly, they will subside down again. What gives us concern is when an aura loses that steady shape for a protracted period of time or even permanently. Instability of the aura can be caused by severe physical shock, such as a bad accident, especially one in which a part of the body is maimed in some way, or which leads to an amputation of some sort.

The other way is by a mental, psychological, type of shock, and, of course, you can have both. A severe accident can also involve the psychological aspect. The effect of the physical trauma will, in time, correct itself, but this depends very largely on the psychological state of the person. A stable confident person who values him or herself will recover more quickly and easily, than someone who does not have these qualities. Someone lacking in self-confidence, someone who has not achieved stability of themselves or of their life, will find it harder, and takes longer, to adjust and to accept what has happened. It is similar with the purely psychological shock. I am thinking particularly about the kind of events in which the person's self-concept has been affected, and there are many ways in which that can occur.

Psychological shock also has the potentiality of being permanent, and the person who can recover their stability and self-esteem will be able to recover - their aura will be able to recover - from the effects. The unstable aura makes it harder for the person's door-keeper to protect the person, I am trying to think up an analogy at the moment. Think of something that is soft and slippery. The medium is suggesting cooked spaghetti, it is perhaps as close as we can get. We do not like it because it has a lot of thin strands and we wanted something that is more of a whole. Your pastry is too dense for our purpose. But if you can think of something that is soft and slippery, jelly perhaps. If you try to hold it, it slips through your fingers. This is the kind of problem that we have. Also the person with a psychological type of problem, will not be freely co-operating with their guides. They will be emotionally upset and will have lost that calm centre which enables us to impress you more easily with our advice. And this means that a mischievous spirit can get at least some influence over the person and there can be some problem in getting rid of that mischievous spirit. I have been asked how do you cure or heal the aura. The best way is to get your material life back into a stable condition. If you can achieve that, the aura will, in time, calm down and be strengthened. This can take, by your reckoning, some years. And so anyone who has had a severe psychological shock should wait a goodly period of time before becoming involved in this kind of activity, and certainly before making any attempt to develop psychic gifts which they may have. We have often, in this circle, stressed the necessity for following the conventions of your society. You need to fit in with the society in which you have placed yourselves. You have placed yourself there for some purpose and so, fitting in with society, prevents negative thoughts and emotions being directed at you. And if your aura has been damaged in some way it is very important to avoid such a situation. So take care not to upset the people around you. Leading a calm quiet life, in these circumstances, helps to soothe the aura. The things that are often suggested to you as helping are also beneficial, things such as walking, getting out in the open, with plants, make sure you have a balanced diet, rest and watch the vibrations of sound around you. This is very important. Loud jarring noises can be quite harmful even to the healthiest and well adjusted person. For someone with any damage to the aura that would be quite destructive, almost to the point of preventing healing taking place. Also avoiding situations which cause you distress, and people that you do not feel compatible with. Watch the kind of things that you read, and remind yourself of the basic goodness of humanity.

In your daily life your aura will be affected by the people with whom you come in contact. You are often unavoidably in close contact with people with whom you may not be compatible, you use your public transport for instance. If for some reason you have to go into a crowded place, you can brush against people who are not compatible with you, and so the edges or a part of your aura may be disturbed. We have given you before, a technique for soothing the aura and we suggest that you practise this as often as you think of it. Briefly, the technique is to smooth your hands a few inches from your body. Just smooth over it, down the sides, come down the back, down each arm, come down the front. Wherever you feel particularly drawn, you can make a few soothing passing motions. Just see where you feel you need to calm and smooth the aura, as though you are modelling something and you are trying to make it smooth, just a few inches from your body. Do not actually touch the body. Particularly go over the head and down the back (as far as you can). The back is a particularly vulnerable part. While doing this you should also flick your fingers every now and again, that flicks off anything that doesn't belong to you. You can also shake them vigorously. That will shake down, perhaps you might like to conceive it, energy off from your hands, and that will help you in smoothing, soothing and calming your aura. This has often been found to be beneficial when feeling tired or depleted. It may help to give you a little more energy.

Now, we think we have covered the main points in the question. If anyone would like some further clarification or to ask other questions about the aura, I will do my best to answer your questions.

Marsha: What happens when you are going through a difficult time in your life, a combination of several types of involvement, work involvement, family crisis, plus on a personal level you are working on something at that particular time. How can you protect yourself? It is very difficult when you are in that position to clean yourself out. When trying to reach that higher self and trying to look forwards, I am not sure how I can protect myself. it seems one has to go into oneself to try to re-group. I am not sure if I am making myself clear.

Sertorius: I think I have the picture. When you have problems in different areas of your life and they seem to come at once, and you are trying to go within but the surrounding circumstances are preventing that or interfering with it.

The technique we have just shown should give some, at least, temporary help. Sometimes this is something which you have chosen to take on, and I am not necessarily speaking you, when I say 'you' at the moment I am using what the medium would call the 'generalised you', meaning 'people'. In this sort of situation you are in danger of losing that calm, inner centre, or at least are having trouble in experiencing that calmness. We suggest that, as often as you can, you remind yourself that that calmness is there. It is not gone for ever, conditions will pass, will improve.

To strengthen your aura, picture the aura around you like an egg-shell, with the aura expanding as far as the shell and then back again, a sort of vibration. Seek whatever guidance may be at hand for you. Each person is an individual, and each person will react best to something different to the next person. Try to see in your surroundings areas where you can take action. And if you can see something, no matter how small, then do it. This gives you some measure of feeling of control of your independence and abilities, self-esteem. Try to send loving thoughts to those who are causing you distress. Do whatever you find brings you relaxation. We prefer the calmer type activities. Sitting looking at a beautiful view, listening to beautiful music, this type of thing. However, we do realise that if someone does become angry at something, it is often beneficial to do something energetic, you can play one of your sport games, play at something that is vigorous. This will burn up the energy that is flaring your aura, and then afterwards you should have a calmer mind, and perhaps you would then be able to make better decisions and look at your situation in a more stable way. Those people who are in situations from which they cannot get out of, those in situations in which they cannot do anything to help themselves, the one thing you can work on is your mental approach. Try to accept what is happening, don't fight against it. A mixture of resignation and acceptance, being like the duck with water running off its back.

Marsha: In a sense, most of us can't see auras. Is there something we can perceive, perhaps subconsciously, when we are coming in contact with people, and is that perhaps something that protects in a sense?

Sertorius: Yes, if you have a good stable aura. It will, to some extent, protect you. But it can still be affected in these kinds of situations. This is why you will often feel very depleted when you have been in a large crowd, particularly one of strangers. You can indeed, not necessarily subconsciously, perceive auras, but you will, at least, subconsciously be aware of the effects of other people's auras on your own aura. And the more aware of this, the more sensitive you are, the more you are beginning to develop. Particularly in the beginning stages, you will be more affected by this. So we feel it is particularly useful to pass on to you these methods of soothing and cleansing the aura. There is another slight variation on the technique I showed you just now. This one actually touches the body, and is particularly useful if you have been healing someone. First place both hands, with your fingers meeting in the centre of your forehead, you draw your fingers towards the back of your head, across the ears to the base of the skull. Then go down one arm with the fingers of the other hand and then, down the other arm. Do that three times. Then do it again three times, but go from the neck down the full length of the body to the feet.

We do not pretend to have invented these techniques, they are quite well-known. We are very happy to be reminded about these things when we have new people in the circle. It all helps to protect you, particularly in your early stages. Very often when people first come into this movement, they are particularly excited about it, and for a while their minds revolve around it all the time. This means that they are constantly opening up their auras and so particularly at that stage you need to know how to close off.

Does anyone else have any point to make?

Guy: Could you briefly comment, Sertorius, on the effects of different types of music. You mentioned the effects of sound. There are many types of music around in our society.

Sertorius: Yes. Some, we feel, are quite distressing. There will be some variation from person to person. What one person will find soothing and beneficial, another person may not. The more 'refined' type of music and there is a wide range of expression in that, we feel is particularly calming or strengthening to people. Then there is the more lively music, the dance kind of music, the folk music, which gives more energy, more liveliness. Most of this is probably quite self-evident. Again, there is in that, a wide variety which will suit most tastes. Then you get other music which is quite stirring, the military type music, the marches particularly have a sort of rhythm or beat which, we are tempted to say 'designed' but that is, strictly speaking, not quite right, has the effect of rousing the body to action. It tries to drum up the courage.

The harmonious sounds are far and away the most beneficent. The discordant music jars the aura ever so slightly. Likewise, the very loud, and a particular type of rhythmic beat can be almost harmful to people. And we feel that people who are seriously embarking on the spiritual path should avoid this type. Anything that is loud and very jarring should be avoided by people who are wishing to develop. Do you wish any further explication?

Guy: No, thank you.

Sertorius: I think, with your permission, I will withdraw. There is some tiredness setting in (in the medium).



(The evening started with a longer than usual meditation and then each sitter sat on the stool in the centre while energy was directed to them.)


I should first explain what we have been doing tonight. We decided that tonight should be what we could call an 'Aura Night', and we have been working on your aura. The beginning meditation with the golden light going round you was specifically designed to try to strengthen your auras, and thereby to give you protection from any unwanted spirit influences. We don't really feel that any of you are at any particular risk in this respect, but we feel that it doesn't hurt to strengthen your aura, sometimes at least. And then we wanted to remind you about the exercise of feeling the energy in your hands. We haven't done this with you for quite a while and we wanted to remind you about it, and perhaps teach the newcomers the technique.

What we were hoping you would be feeling is some sort of energy flow in your hands. This can manifest in different ways, but a very typical one is to almost feel something solid, physical, between your hands when you were 'bouncing' them. Other people may feel a prickling or tingling, or almost any sort of feeling.

You can use this energy flow to heal yourselves if you are not well in some respect. You start by feeling it in your hands and then direct it to some other part of the body where you wish it to go. Sometimes people need practice to actually feel the energy somewhere else, but it will usually go to some part of your body just by you wanting it to, even though you may not actually feel it going there. Sometimes it will take practice to feel that. It is usually easier to feel it in your hands because you use your hands so much during the day in doing things. So you have a stronger connection between your hands and the neural pathways. It is much stronger than in other parts of the body. And you also have this concept of the laying on of hands giving the healing from one person to another. This is why you usually feel it first, or stronger perhaps, in your hands. Then we thought that by sitting you, in turn, on the stool we would be giving you practice in directing energy to someone else. And this is helping to strengthen the link between spirit, so the energy will begin to flow more strongly, more directly through, and out of, your hands to someone else. The desire to give something to someone else is always beneficial, and will attract to you a quantity of what you are trying to give to the other person. This is one reason why you must watch your thoughts, and try always to have a loving attitude towards other people. We know that it is very difficult to maintain this in all circumstances. But if you can do it as we ask, think of someone whom you dislike, and send them that love quite deliberately, even for a few moments. It will help you deal with that situation or person.

This approach can be used, not only with individuals but with areas. For instance, if you know there is a place on one of your roads which seems to be particularly accident prone, do this technique regularly, by concentrating on that area. The vibrations round that area should then be calmer, more peaceful, and so people approaching there will also be calmer. And perhaps then they won't be so impatient, or careless, or agitated and we hope the accident rate will drop at that spot.

You might also, if you wish, use it to try to lower the crime rate perhaps in a city or a particular area of a city. Your own city being the centre of government of your country, might perhaps particularly benefit from this technique. You might like to concentrate perhaps on your parliament house. If you would like to direct it more generally in your city, perhaps concentrating on something like the tower (Black Mountain Tower). Because that tower is broadcasting radio waves around your city, and your waves of peace and love will be broadcast with them, and so be spread out.

We also suggest that if you acquire something, whether it is new or second-hand, again put these vibrations of peace and love around it, and it should work better for you.

Another thing which we have in mind with tonight's proceedings is to give you sitters something particularly for yourselves. So that you who come to the evening may feel that you ARE contributing to the proceedings. And you may also like to use this technique in the circle, particularly if you think the energy is low. It would also be particularly beneficial when you have a rescue session. We wanted to give you each something of your very own that you might be able to practice in order to bring more beneficial conditions in your world.

You may, if you wish, just concentrate on your immediate surroundings and people, or you may apply it to a much bigger area of your world. It doesn't matter, even if you are only improving one small area, you are contributing to improving the whole. Sometimes it is easier for those of you who are in a body to concentrate on just a small area, because it is something that is easier to conceptualise, and therefore, you may be more effective in that. But if you feel happy to take a broader perspective by all means do so. It is very much an individual matter.

Is there any point which any of you would like us to discuss further?

(Several people described their sensations when they were sitting in the centre. But there were no questions or further comments. Verna stayed in a meditative state for some minutes before gently leaving.)



Verna answering Questions.


Picture a silver circle around us, protective fence, and whatever form your contact may take, think now of your guides and helpers. Welcome them. Ask them to introduce themselves to you. Ask that each one of them give you a sensation which will be the key to knowing that they are there. Feel the love that they bring you. Receive it, and give love back. Feel this little cocoon, this safety, this love, receiving and given. Ask them, if it is appropriate, to tell you what your task is. You may not get the answers to these questions for quite a while. You may have to wait a day or two. On the other hand your guides may not want to tell you - you will have to accept that. Ask them if they have any guidance or advice to give you, something that will help you in your task. Thank them for any information that they have given, but stay receptive to them.

Think of a light in the centre of your forehead, it is going round and round your head. And now it is going down your body, moving round and round, and it is leaving a trail of golden light as it moves down your body. It's something like the bandage on an Egyptian mummy but it's not confining the way they were. When it reaches your feet it's going to move back up your body, still circling, and let it go down and up. This is your protective cocoon. Now, this golden light has developed to a thickness of three or four inches from your body (seven to ten cm. if you insist).

(At this point the voice changed tone. Seemingly an entity has taken over.)

And now there is an energy radiating from your body to the edge of that golden light, and back again. So there is a vibration set up. This will strengthen your aura. It will be a good exercise for you to practice each night before you go to bed. it is a protective exercise and a strengthening exercise.

During the day should you meet someone who, for some reason, makes you feel tired or drained of energy, picture this golden light around you and that vibration from your body to the edge of the golden light. It will strengthen your aura so that you are protected from the vibrations of the auras of other people. You can also picture the light or the energy, whatever you wish to term it, entering your body at some point - the point which we usually use with this medium is the top of the head - and down the spine and hence out into all parts of the body. Other people wish to use the solar plexus or the heart centre, it does not matter, as long as you then direct the light to the spine, up and down, and hence out into the body and into every cell of the body. This will provide your body with more energy.

For the purpose of bringing mental calmness, we recommend that you concentrate at the top of the head, the thousand petalled lotus, and think of the energy flowing down over your body like a veil would. This will have the effect of smoothing the aura which may have become somewhat excited. In such conditions the aura does not have the smooth firm shape. It will be here and there, without a clear outline. if you wish for mental brilliance, concentrate on the brain itself, and this time draw the energy in, again through the top of the head, circle it round your brain. Picture it permeating through your brain. This will specifically charge your brain cells especially if you have been using that organ for a while, and it is tired.

Similarly, if you wish to improve the skill in some other part of the body, bring in the light and direct it to that part of the body. your hands for instance. perhaps you want some special skill, perhaps you have some special skill and you want it just that bit better, that extra inspiration - try this.

Do you have to do much walking or standing? Then direct the energy to your legs and feet. To which ever part of your body needs some extra assistance. And, of course, you can do the same if part of your body is not working properly. In that case you could even enhance the effect by holding your hands over the part that is not working properly. you may hold your hands a little way from the body or you may actually touch the body, whichever you prefer. never think that there is only one way of doing things. Select that which feels right for you.

(During a pause the entity left and Verna came through.) I don't know how to tell you what has been going on. As we keep telling you, we have so many different concepts on our side which are difficult to get across to you. But there are some of you who we hope we will be able to usher on to the path, and we wish to repeat that, at this stage, you should not do anything to force it. Let it go very, very, gently, because if you try to force things you can burn yourself out, or you can become, as we have said in the past, like a 'hot house' flower which will keel over at the slightest thing. The gentleman whom you saw during the meditation (some of the sitters had earlier reported seeing a man at the side of the circle) in the cloak has visited this circle quite frequently. He just comes to visit and to lend a little extra energy. He is a visitor and we can call him Maskel. he is attached to a circle, but in the Spirit World. He just comes along. We did invite him tonight because we wanted to have a closer look at some of you sitters here. We really feel a bit excited at some of the talent we have here, but take it gently. Be very firm and strong in yourselves. in fact, having that centered self-confidence is a very necessary attribute if you are to do useful work for us in the material world.

I don't know if you recognised the gentleman who spoke at first. He was our old friend, Wung-Lo, the Tibetan, and he, too, was helping with the vibrations and the energy in the circle.

Now, we would like to stress that if any of you have any sensations or experiences during the week, do get in touch with the medium and, we repeat, make sure it is under your control.

Now, does anybody have any questions in particular which you would like to ask?

Pat: Verna, talking about energy, why do I get the 'shakes' when I sit in circles?

Verna: It is your response to the energy. It means that you are a sensitive. You are an energy builder and it is the passage of the energy through you.

Pat: I have been told that my chakras are not evenly energised, what should I do to remedy this?

Verna: Draw energy in through the top of your head, take it down the spine, and up. Just take it up and down.

Pat: Like a fountain?

Verna: No, but just up and down the spine. We personally do not attach great importance to that, but since this has been suggested to you, that would equalise the energy through the chakras.

Eva: If we do the exercise that was given earlier at home, do we have to close ourselves down after that?

Verna: No. It is in itself one of the protective things to do, because you are only taking the energy the depth of the aura and that will, of itself, strengthen the aura.

Eva: What would happen to those who have to be on medication? All that shows in the aura and would be weakening it, although you are strengthening it.

Verna: You mean that taking the drugs will weaken the aura? This will help to strengthen it and to counteract the effect on the aura of the drugs.

Eva: Does it mean that the drugs would not work?

Verna: No. Because the drugs are working mainly on just the physical body. As you know, the physical body affects the aura, and the aura affects the physical body, it is an interaction. This is why the effect is in the aura, but by healing the physical body then the aura itself will return to normal.

Eva: If we can realise the energy going up and down the spine and heal ourselves, can we do the same thing to heal other people?

Verna: Yes.

Eva: If someone has a broken arm, say, we can visualise energy going from head and spine to the arm and heal it that way?

Verna: That is correct.

Eva: Would it be just as strong and effective as when I heal myself?

Verna: It wouldn't be quite as strong as if you could actually put your hand on the arm or within two or three inches.

Eva: So just the visualisation is not just as strong?

Verna: It is not so strong as doing it physically, but it does help. You would probably have to do it for a longer period to achieve the same results. This is the way that the prayers in the churches work, if you accompany it with the correct visualisation.

Georgina: Can you tell us about thought forms? I've been reading that if you imagine or visualise a place or a friend very intently, you will have a thought form with them, even if they may not be aware of it.

Verna: Oh dear. This is one of those concepts which are so difficult to give analogies. You are sending your thoughts to that person; they will receive those thoughts whether they are aware of them or not, and the more you do it the stronger that impression will be. They will sense a picture of you. It's like their aura being like one of your cinema screens, and you are projecting your image on to it. It is that kind of effect.

Georgina: If it is a friend, or somebody you dislike, they are going to become aware of it anyway, aren't they?

Verna: If they are sensitive enough they will pick it up. It depends on their degree of sensitivity how strongly it manifests. They may simply feel a bit uneasy in your presence, or it can range right the way up to realising what you are doing quite consciously. It depends how sensitive they are.

Eva: I had the experience of feeling a friend close by during meditation, and I felt being actually touched physically, was that a thought form?

Verna: Could be, if the person was thinking of you. If a person is asleep when you think of them you could attract their sleeping spirit to you and you can sense their presence that way. Or, if the person were sensitive enough to pick up your thoughts, they could have thought of you and so you would have the effect of the image being projected onto your aura. If you are very sensitive you will feel it quite strongly.

Pat: Can you tell us anything about the process of re-birthing?

Verna: First of all you must tell me what you mean by re-birthing.

Pat: I am not too sure, but I am led to believe that it is a way of freeing a karmic block from previous life experiences, facing it, understanding and dissolving it, therefore, freeing one to go on to other matters.

Verna: Well, what the medium tells us of HER understanding of re-birthing, we understand that it is a method of taking people into a trance or semi-trance state, so that if there are any of these knots from a previous life you can dissolve them. You can bring those conditions to the surface, perhaps talk them out, reason them out of discharge the emotion that is connected with them. In your waking consciousness you can repress those thoughts down, so that you may have effects and re-actions which you don't understand. It is only one of many such techniques. We are not too keen on going into past lives except if there is some sort of a block which is seriously affecting your present life. 'We' - being this group of spirits working with this medium and circle - we feel it is much better to be developing your own spirituality and sensitiveness rather than going into what has gone on in the past. We do not like the idea that someone might go to this re-birthing just to find out what their past lives, IF ANY, were, just out of curiosity. By all means do it if there seems to be something adverse influencing you from possible previous lives. You should also check out the credentials of the people doing it. Check out what sort of training they have had, whether they have had training in dealing with anyone who gets into difficulties as a result of the re-birthing experience.

Pat: What sort of difficulties might there be?

Verna: Well, if you have someone who hasn't a strong sense of 'self', who isn't really 'centered', and you put them into a trance or semi-trance state in a group setting, they could pick up either a stray spirit who happens to be there, or a mischievous spirit, or they may pick up somebody else's condition. It would be not very common and it is mainly, as I said, those people who haven't a strong sense of self, those who may have a weaker aura, who might get into this kind of difficulty. So always check out what training the people have had who are doing it, how experienced are they? Have they been through a supervised period? This sort of thing. We do not mean to specifically decry that, but anything where you are dealing with trance there is always a little element of that kind of thing happening so you should check out if they know what to do about it.

Stina: How often would it be advantageous to do the aura strengthening exercise that you gave? Once a day?

Verna: Once or twice a day, and you can do it any time that you feel that somebody is draining you of energy. It may be somebody in great difficulties who you are trying to help, or it may be one of those rare people who can actually take energy from you - very often they don't realise they are doing it. But if you are with somebody who makes you feel tired you can do that exercise. Another one is to simply picture the energy over you like a ball, or an egg-shell, whatever visualisation suits you. One thing will suit one person, another thing someone else. We try to give a variety of things.

Eva: Going back to re-birthing, what happens if a person has a dreadful experience in a previous life, and they hit on that experience as a 'block'? Could it actually drive them away from spiritualism?

Verna: It depends on their psychological build-up. The possibility does exist, naturally, because you have thought of it.

Eva: If that is the blockage, then you would bring it forward, would you? You would basically face the person up to it.

Verna: Yes.

Eva: Would they re-live those experiences, perhaps dying in a fire, or whatever? I look at blockages that can leave a permanent influence. In a previous life I feel that I died by drowning, and I accept that because I am terrified of water, and if I faced up to that experience again I would panic and be unable to handle it. But I know that consciously , if someone goes for re-birthing and they know something like 'I am terrified of water, what is it'. To clear the blockage they would have to go through the experience of drowning, and it might freak them out. I would be terrified and surely from that point of view it could have detrimental effects?

Verna: This is why we are saying that you should check out the credentials of the people doing this. Make sure that they know what to do if something does go wrong.

Eva: Could it actually kill you in the present life, if you actually re-lived that experiences that killed you before?

Verna: Well, you do not die until the time has come, so if you did die during one of those experiences it would be because that was the time, and even if you weren't doing that, something else would happen. Our main concern is that you don't start just focussing on past lives and being curious about them, and get side-tracked. But if there is some sort of a block it CAN help, but make sure that the person doing it knows what to do should something go wrong.

Eva: I would be too afraid knowing what might be released. That would be my main fear - not knowing what the block is.

Verna: Have you ever asked your parents whether anything has happened during your childhood in this life which may have made you afraid of water?

Eva: No, I've never asked, but I don't remember having any such experience.

Verna: It may be something that happened when you were quite young so you don't remember it. It is also possible for people to block out experiences.

Eva: I have always stayed away from water. Shallow water isn't any problem.

Verna: On the other hand, what is the attitude to water in the country where you grew up? Some countries like this one, have quite an emphasis on water and sunshine. If you grew up in a culture where swimming isn't a popular occupation, you may not have simply gained your confidence early enough. If you want to work through that block, if it is seriously affecting your life, then it would be better to seek something on a one-to-one basis, some other method. If it is seriously affecting you life - this is our attitude: that if something is seriously affecting your life, then investigate - first try to find out what has caused it by asking your parents or whoever grew up with you, whether they can remember anything in this life. If that does not work, then it might be worthwhile trying a past life, but don't go into past lives just out of curiosity. It is better to concentrate on your sensitivity and development that you have now.

Isia: Can you tell me anything about an organisation 'Kenja'?

Verna: We don't know it. We will try to find out.

Stina: Is there any way in which we can help you tonight?

Verna: Just by being here. The best thing you can do to help those of us on our side is to think of us with love, kindness. If you know someone who has passed over, try not to grieve about them, but send them loving thoughts. You know that each of you have guides around you and you also have helpers. you can talk to them if you wish, but not aloud if anyone else is around! You can discuss things with them, that will strengthen your link with them. But don't expect them to TELL you what to do in material things. You can ask for help, you can talk with them about the problem, but do not expect them to tell you exactly what to do. They may give you impressions of what your alternatives are, you may get an impression of what your alternatives are, you may get an impression of what will happen if you take one or the other alternative. But the final choice and decision is yours. There will always be someone around you, encouraging you, perhaps cheering you on if you have difficulties, or celebrating with you when something is going right. Do not have a set idea of what you would like your guides to do, because each group that comes with a medium or sensitive has a purpose. Now, that purpose, there may be more than one, they may have one purpose at one stage and it could develop on into something else later. And then some other aspect may develop. So if you start having some sort of psychic gift manifesting, don't be disappointed if it's not what you wanted, because nine times out of ten it won't be what you wanted. But what you wanted may develop later. It will depend on what your guides want to do, and your position in life, how settled it is. We personally like someone who is developing to have a good settled position in life, to be over the trauma of the teen-age years, to be over the difficulties of finding your position in life and perhaps of marrying, settling down, through your children's teen-age years and this sort of thing, just during that developing period. So the stage of life you are at will also have an effect on the particular gifts which you develop, and if there are changes, then it may be appropriate for something else to start coming through. So don't be too disappointed if the gift that manifests first isn't what you REALLY like to have, because if you do, you will probably block off the development of that gift. The main idea is to keep an open mind and keep that contact going with your guides and helpers. Perhaps I should differentiate those two a little more clearly. Guides are people who have progressed further on our side. They are USUALLY people who will not re-incarnate in the material world, unless there is a point at which they are going to come for a special purpose - avatar type. Now, helpers are USUALLY people who have know you during your material life or who are related to you. So you may perhaps have a great-aunt or a great-grandfather, or someone like that who may come to you as a helper. They are closer to the material world and remember more clearly than guides conditions in the material world. Always remember too, that your guides last incarnation may have been in a different society to yours, and so there may be a little bit of misunderstanding about conditions in your material life. Remember none of this is absolutely set, it is only 'mays' and 'perhaps' and all that sort of thing. But these are some of the things that usually happen or may happen. It is difficult to cover ALL situations.

Eva: Are the helpers helping the guides?

Verna: Helpers are helping YOU.

Eva: Through the guides?

Verna: No, through themselves. They are the ones who may try to give you an inspiration. They are the ones who will try to comfort you if you are unhappy about something. They too will channel energy to you. Perhaps if you are not very well, they will try to channel energy to you, something like that.

Eva: But the guides have a similar function too haven't they?

Verna: They are much more likely to be concerned with the spiritual development, although they will have some concern with the material world because, naturally, what happens there affects spiritual things, but spiritual things are their major concern.

If you will excuse me, we will bring tonight's proceedings to a close. Because we have been doing different things tonight with the different energies, and we do not wish to tire this medium too much, she has a lot to do tomorrow.



Good evening to you all.

I apologise to you for taking so long coming through. We were working on the medium tonight and I would like to thank you for your great patience. We know it is not always easy to sit still and quiet at such times. But we decided that tonight would be a good time to work on the aura and vibrations and things like that.

I will, tonight, give you a brief talk on giving spiritual healing. By spiritual healing I mean the various forms of healing by laying on of hands. As you are probably aware, you can give contact healing or you can give absent healing.

In contact healing, the client is present and you can heal directly, with absent healing the client is not in your material presence and you heal by means of prayer. You can also give healing by actually placing your hands on the client and you can give healing by merely holding your hands near the client. There are other forms. Some people give healing by using their head as well; or even their feet. It does not matter, whatever way seems right for you to direct energy to the client is correct.

Now, I should perhaps say quite clearly that in spiritual healing YOU DO NOTHING. You are merely providing your body as a means of directing, focussing, channelling - whatever term you like, whatever concept you like to use - the energy to the client. Everyone can heal to some degree. Some people appear to be more effective than others, but everyone has the capacity. Those who appear to be more effective are probably those people who have been working longer or who are more aware of the spirit influences, or they are simply more open to the spirit influences, or can allow themselves to be open to the spirit influences at certain times. It cannot be stressed too often that the spiritual work is always under your control - you are leading your life in the material world and you make yourself available to spirit at certain times. Now, this does not mean that spirit will NOT be able to work through you, or contact you at other times, your guides can do that, but when you deliberately make yourselves available to spirit it is under your control and you do it when you say.

So, the next question, of course, is how do I give healing? Of course the easy answer is to say, by wanting to give healing or comfort or reassurance, or whatever. Perhaps one of the most obvious forms of spiritual healing is the mother with a young child, when the child falls over, and mother says:

"Let me rub it better." And she does rub it better. And almost instantly, the pain will have gone. It is not just a placebo effect, mothers and children have a very close contact and when the child is small, that contact is particularly strong, so the mother can heal. As long, of course, she has not got emotionally caught up. This perhaps is another point that you need to be aware of. If something quite drastic or serious is wrong with a member of your family or someone who is close to you, you will be emotionally caught up. It is quite likely, and I concede that this is not always the case, there are exceptions, but it is quite likely that you will have lost your calm centre and that is important when giving healing. Very often when you start out, in healing, working as a healer, developing your healing gifts, you will not be aware of this calm centre, but with time it will manifest to you. When you are emotionally involved with your client, when you are emotionally upset, your aura is being affected and it is difficult for us to work through you. This is why you will very often find people saying that they cannot heal their close members. They maybe able to heal if it is something small, like a bruise or having touched something hot with the back of the hand, or something like that. But if there is something big, you may find that you cannot help a close person. And that, of course, is when you call in somebody else.

Now, back to the healing process, it is very nice if you can have a special room for it, a room that can absorb the vibrations. But it is not in the least essential, you can heal anywhere. You do not have to make it obvious that you are healing. If it is someone who you think will not be receptive to what you are trying to do. You can think up some excuse for putting your hand on their arm or knee, or something like that; there may even be occasions when you can sit very close. It isn't always possible or acceptable. In some way you can make contact with them. As I say, you do not HAVE to make actual, physical contact, you can just be sitting near a person in such a way that the palms of your hand are directed at that person. Or you can simply think of the healing stream coming forth from you to that person. Let us think of the situation in which you are, shall we say, 'officially' giving healing. You have been asked by someone to give them healing. The first thing to do is to say a short prayer - you don't have to say it out loud, you can. But you can say it just mentally. If you know the name of your healing guide, then ask that guide to work through you. If you prefer to take a more abstract approach, you can simply ask spirit to work through you. Offer your body as an instrument or a channel, whatever concept or visualisation you like to use. Offer your body for the energy to flow through to the person.

Now, it is often a good idea to start by simply holding your hands a little way from the head. Just for you to pick up the first vibrations. Alternatively, you may place your hands on the person's shoulders, or on their upper arms. Some sort of neutral position, such as those I have mentioned. In your society, healing is usually, at least partly, done from the back. There are areas of the body which are sensitive and which people do not like to be touched by others. These parts are usually on the front of the body. It is usually acceptable for you to touch the back, so most of the healing will be done from the back.

So you have taken up your starting position and for a short while just be receptive to spirit. Listen to what we are trying to say to you, to what advice we are trying to give to you. Your healing guide will be trying to direct your hands to the part that is giving trouble. Always listen to what is being said inside you. There are various things that can be done, but always listen to what is inside - that will be telling you specifically. You may want to simply move your hand up and down the spine, a few inches away, you may want to actually touch the spine. You may want to make circular movements. You may want to massage or knead the shoulders. Or something like that. Just listen, be aware and just feel what you are to do.

Now, you can work through the person's hands and arms, in this case you may move round to the front of the client, or side, or something like that. You may also be drawn to work on the knees or the feet, or the soles of the feet. Again, this would, naturally be done from the front, and again, let your own guides tell you what should be done. You will know when YOU have given enough healing to the person. You will learn to recognise your switching off point. Very often a client can only take so much and your spirit guides will know when that level has been reached. At other times it may simply be that YOU have given enough healing and so, again, you will be "switched off" for that person. It is seldom that a healing of something long-lasting or very serious will be healed in one session. Minor things, may be but it is usually necessary for the client to return ands because of this you should never promise to give instant healing. Actually you should NEVER promise that a cure definitely will take place. It may be that the client, for some reason, will not be healed it does not necessarily reflect on your effectiveness as a healer. So, explain to the person that it is usually necessary for the client to come back several times. Somebody who is new to this movement and who has been recommended that they come, of course, will not be able to take too much of the higher vibrations which you will be directing to them. This is another reason for the cutting off of the energy at some point. You may need to sit down and talk for a few minutes with such a person. So that they understand what you are doing, so that they understand a little of our philosophy. Always be aware that in the past our movement has not been welcome in certain societies and so people who have no real background or experience of the movement can be a bit uneasy, a bit scared or anxious and so it will be more effective if you can sit and calm their fears. Explain our basic philosophy. Explain to them that our movement acknowledges Jesus the Christ, that we often use the Lord's Prayer and that in no way are you associated with witchcraft or secret societies and that everything is over and above board. For this reason too, there is no harm in having a small cross not in a prominent position, but just at the side somewhere, whether you use the cross or not it will help to calm people who are new to the movement and who are anxious about coming to you.

Now, when you have finished the healing you must always "close down" the client. You have been forming the link between the two of you, the client will almost certainly have been opened up to spirit and you must close them down before they leave you. Otherwise you have them opened up and receptive to all sorts of spirit influences. Now, there are, believe it or not, several ways of closing down a person and you should always use the way that suits you. One way is to put your hands above the person's head and bring your hands down their sides, several inches away from the body so you are soothing down the aura, you are enclosing it. Other people will picture themselves sort of wrapping the person up as a package and tying it on the top of the head. Another one is to write the sign of the cross on the top of the person's head. You may like to run your hand down their spine. You may do different things with different clients. The one cardinal rule is to always do what you feel inside you is appropriate for that particular situation. You may have some other way of doing it, that is all right. My personal feeling too, is that it is helpful to close with a "God bless you friend." This is my personal approach.

It is also important that you have the energy flowing from you to the client. Never, EVER, try to draw a person's complain out of them towards you. This can lay you open to developing the person's ills or complaint and this we do not want. It can also make you open to undue spirit influences if the person's trouble is being caused by a mischievous spirit. So always have the energy coming into you through your head and out through your hands and arms or whatever part of the body you are using. Keep the flow from you to them. Some people also like to give a good strong flick to the hands. Either when they have finished healing a person, or sometimes during the healing. You can do this if you wish. We also feel that it is almost mandatory for you to wash your hands after healing someone and before healing someone else. It does not have to be an elaborate wash, it can be just dipping your hands in some warm water and then drying them. You see, water has a capacity for equalizing your aura, it can absorb vibrations and it is so fluid that those vibrations can be equalled out, or negated, or dissolved, transformed, transmuted, so even just dipping your hands in water and then drying them can remove from you untoward vibrations. And , naturally, you should always, when you have finished healing, cleanse your own aura. There are two methods which we tell you from time to time. One is to hold your hand two or three inches away from your body and just make a washing type of movement all over your body. If there is a particular area that needs attention then you can give a little extra attention to that area. This will help to soothe your aura, to balance it, to get the vibrations even all over. The other one which is quite well-known is to place your hands in the centre of your forehead and bring your fingers down to the nape of your neck. Then slide one hand down the other arm and then the other hand down the first arm and flick. Repeat that three times. Then start again with your fingers in the centre of your forehead, bring them down over your ears to the nape of your neck. This time bring them down the front of your body and down the legs and off your toes. And repeat that three times. There are other methods of doing it too, but those are the easiest two.

Now, another aspect of healing which some people have used is the use of colour and tonight I am speaking specifically about mentally using colour giving spiritual healing. You may be given an impression of a colour and if this comes to you, you can mentally put that colour around the person. Colours having different vibrations will assist in different illnesses for different people. We are reluctant to particularly specify a particular colour for a particular illness because people are so very different and it can vary from person to person, but generally shades of red will give more energy; blues and greens will be calming; yellow will bring more cheering. We use the purple and mauve shades as a general all-purpose colour. They contain colours from the two extremes of the spectrum. They contain the reddish colours and the bluish colours, so these are mixed to form the purple and mauve shades. So you have a colour that is balanced, has both warming and soothing qualities.

Another way in which you can use colour is quite simply to use all of them. You may like to the person in the colours of the rainbow, just all over, so the person will first be red, then orange, then yellow, then green, then blue. You might like to give it all at once so you have red at the top, orange across the chest, and yellow across the middle and so on down to the feet.

Some people will get alarmed with the red colour because they associate it with anger. But red is basically an energy vibration, it is particular types of red which would be associated with anger or various negativities - they are the darker kinds of reds, the dull reds. In your colour spectrum they would be reds with a lot of black in them. So, be particularly careful with the colour red, be sure that you are visualising a good clear, vibrant, red. Similarly with the blues, keep to the clear pastel blues or the vibrant blues. If you are getting into the dark blues, you are getting to a colour resembling black, and this is a colour which you do not use in healing. Black and grey you do not use. They are very deadening vibrations, they also absorb all vibrations and this, of course, is not really a good idea for someone is who is not well - they need livening vibrations around them. White light and gold are good colours, too to use. White symbolised purity in your society. So you will be feeling that you are giving them something pure. And if you are telling your client what you are doing they will be receiving the purity of that light. And those of you who have been coming here for a while will know that we use gold light as a sort of general purpose light. You cannot really go wrong with the golden light. In your society, gold is a precious metal, it is highly valued, and so using the golden light, will also have those connotations both for yourself and for your client - something precious and valued. It is also the colour that is usually associated with a vision or manifestation of very far progressed souls - those souls who are approaching their merging - they will usually come with this golden light. It is the colour which is also traditionally associated with haloes around depictions of saints, angels, in your society. And so it carries all these connotations with it too. When you are giving absent healing, the white, the gold and purple colours are good ones to send to someone. They travel particularly well.

Now, a colour which often gets a bit of a mixed reception is the colour brown. Again, it is the type of brown which you visualise and we do not REALLY recommend using it as a colour to put round someone during healing. But it is an excellent colour to put underneath someone's feet. It is the colour of the earth bringing strength and stability and by putting it under a client's feet you will be helping them to ground them. Some people will not be feeling steady in you world - and I am not talking about the way the physical body behaves. They may not have a fixed purpose perhaps, they may not be operating in your world to a satisfactory level, perhaps they have got a bit carried away with intellectual pursuits, or even some types of religious beliefs and so forth. And so, giving them, shall we say, this little mat of brown you will be rooting them, grounding them, giving them some solidity, stability in their life. And again you should be careful about the shade, make it a good clear strong brown. The medium is suggesting the phrase 'donkey brown' you might know that. Keep away from the fawny, beige, shades or tones. They are a bit too wishy-washy, they don't have any strength left to them, there are no real vibrations. So make sure it is a good, strong, healthy type of brown which you put underneath them.

Now, lets go over the main points before I finish: The opening prayer.

Your own starting position to centre yourself, to be aware of what your guides are trying to tell you, to open yourself up to them. Do what you think is right for that particular person. Be aware that there are sensitive parts of the body which it is not appropriate for you to touch. This is particularly strong for men healers who are treating women.

Use colours if you feel they are appropriate.

Close off the client afterwards.

You may even say a brief farewell prayer.

Wash your hands and when you have finished the healing session, close off yourself and close your aura.

There are a few minutes for questions.

Pat: Is there any way that we can know that healing has been done or must this be taken on faith?

Silver Moon: Usually during the actual healing you will have to take it on faith. At the end of it, you may ask the client how they are feeling or how the condition is. If they feel some benefit, they will usually say so. But healing is not always instantaneously effective. It may be the next day or the day after that, that the client will realise that an improvement has taken place. You must also be aware that sometimes you are dealing with someone who is not going to be healed. And in that situation you may only be bringing peace of mind and tranquillity and that in itself is a great thing. As long as the patient wishes to come to see you, peace of mind is a great gift to give. And sometimes people can bear quite serious, quite painful, conditions if they know that someone cares. This is a big thing that you would be giving to that person too - that you care about them; that you wish to help them. Do not belittle even that. It is a big thing to give to some people.

Pat: Can you tell us something about psychic operations.

Silver Moon: That is a big topic. They can be performed by people who are very closely in tune with guides who have a very clear understanding of the structure of physical matter and therefore can work at the molecular level. This is how these operations are performed.

Pat: Can this equate with what is termed faith healers?

Silver Moon: It depends on what is actually meant by 'faith healers'. It can be a synonym for spiritual healing, its a very vague term.

Pat: I was thinking in this case of Arrigo who lived in South America and the Philippinos who have been seen and photographed removing physical matter from the insides of people or doing operations with their hands without the aid of sharp instruments and very little blood.

Silver Moon: They are people who have these guides who clearly understand the structure of physical material and they can work on the molecular level, parting the molecules.

You do not need to use force or tremendous will-power or concentration, indeed, sometimes those things can get in the way of healing. Because they cause you to be aware of your body, of your material self. You do not need to bombard a person with thought impressions, the gentle approach is just as valid, if not more valid. Just give yourselves up to spirit and we will do the rest. You will learn to know when the energy is passing through your hands, you will get various sensations in your hands - one person will feel one thing and another will feel another and both sensations are equally - what shall I say - valid. You will also find that the clients are giving different reports of what they are feeling. Some clients will feel nothing, but it does not mean that healing has not taken place. Always accept what the client reports.

Good night.



The evening started with each person in turn sitting in the centre while Silver Moon gave healing through me. Then Silver Moon spoke. Good Evening.

We are desirous of trying many different things out, and tonight we decided to try healing with the laying on of hands. We wish to thank all of you for being our guinea pigs. Now, I would like each person to tell me what you experienced.

(The sitters did so. They reported feeling peace, concern, relaxation, energy in my hands amongst other things.)

Quite a bit of what we did tonight was actually working on the aura itself as you probably realised, because the condition of the aura affects the body and if we can keep the aura tuned as it should be, there will be less obstructions to the energy flows in the body itself. You understand I hope, that everyone's aura vibrates at a different rate, and ideally the rate should be steady both over time and over the aura itself. It should not be vibrating aster at one place than at another. And tonight is probably a good occasion to remind you about the aura cleansing techniques which we have mentioned from time to time. I am not sure whether Pat or Eva know these techniques, they are not our own, they are general techniques which are fairly well known. It is very useful to do when you have been in very crowded places such as your shopping centres or your public transport, where you are crammed willy nilly against people you do not know, and indeed against people who if you did know, you would like to keep a little distance. In those conditions it is possible for your aura to pick up conditions from other people's auras, and this can make you feel tired and drained and so forth. The technique is quite simple.

(The technique is described in other transcripts and will not be repeated here. Copies can be obtained from me.)

People like yourselves who are interested in this philosophy, this way of life, at times will be rather susceptible to this kind of thing. Especially in that period when you are just becoming interested, up to the point at which your own development is REALLY beginning to take place, you are particularly susceptible at that time. If you are one of those who is not going to actively work in the spiritual field in the material world, the period of susceptibility will gradually diminish and you will be far less susceptible. But there will be that beginning period, different lengths of time for different people, when you will be susceptible. You may find that there are people who seem to 'drain' you, there are people who can pick up energy from someone. The people who are most vulnerable to this are those who have a spiritual gift, but do not know it and are not interested in spiritual matters - they are particularly vulnerable to people who can 'drain' energy from them. Now, I am not saying that people do this deliberately, although that can happen, naturally, by someone who knows about it. Some people do it without realising it. Now, if you feel that you are having to associate with someone like that, there are various mental techniques you can adopt. One which we usually recommend - it is only a starting point, you may find that it suits you and you can us it, or you may find that you need to adapt it or alter it to suit your own particular wishes, that is quite all right. But we just offer it as a starting point. That is to picture yourself as though you are in an egg-shell, the life energy from your body goes as far as that egg-shell and back, so that you've got this vibration. now, you don't have to imagine an egg-shell specifically, but we are trying to get this 'egg shape' across to you. You can make it of whatever substance you wish - crystal is probably a good one, but you've got this vibration going backwards and forwards. This will also help to strengthen the aura itself.

Another technique you may like to try is simply picturing a waterfall between you and the other person, because water has a cleansing effect and movement down would be able to wash away the other person's aura - wash it away from you, that is, not sort of disintegrate it! And, of course, you can also draw energy into yourself quite deliberately. The basic technique is simply to imagine energy pouring into you. You may choose to consciously picture a certain part of your body where it enters - the top of the spine is a very common one, or the third eye - it can enter your body wherever you wish, and just feel your body absorbing it. This, of course, works in cases where your life energy is being drained. It can help to some degree when you are simply suffering from physical exhaustion, simply because you have been working too hard or something like that.

However, we do like to stress to you that when you have been in this state, even if you have used the spiritual energy, do still be quite sure to rest physically. Even though you have used the spiritual force you will still need the physical sleep to thoroughly re-charge your body batteries. Do not neglect any sensible health precautions, because just as your aura affects your body, so can your body affect your aura. And if you neglect it or harm it in some way by your life style you can be affecting your aura. And that, in turn affects the link that you have with your guides and helpers and will make that more difficult.

We feel we should remind you tonight of what we have said before, there are various substances which are in common use in your society which affect the aura to some degree.

Now, your tea and coffee have a slight effect on your aura, it normally does not trouble us very much and usually dissipates quite quickly unless you drink a lot of tea or coffee. If you are constantly putting it into your body, then of course, the effect will be there constantly. The next substance that causes us difficulty is tobacco. This is not usually strong enough to actually PREVENT our contact unless you are smoking extremely heavily and constantly - the person who always has a cigarette in his or her mouth.

Alcohol is the next effect and, again, the amount that you consume will affect the aura - the more you drink naturally the more your aura is affected and with chronic drinkers the aura can be very much weakened. I will leave that point for the moment.

And the fifth class of substances is the illegal drugs the marijuana, heroin, morphia, the various mushroom things, all those. Now the excessive alcohol taker and the person who uses drugs can both weaken their aura to the extent that you can see glimpses of the other side, but it will be usually negative impressions. It depends a lot on the situation in which the consumption takes place and the reasons for it, but it is usually the negative impression. And the weakening of the aura also makes the person vulnerable to those mischievous spirits. The spirits in particular who would like to lead a life in the material world in those circumstances, without having to be born there. Because a spirit who is attached to someone in the material world can experience that person's world, but it can also experience the spirit world, so they are getting a bit of both. They see things little bit differently and so they do not wish to go into another body in order to experience it that way.

Basically we like people who are drawn into this philosophy, particularly those who are willing to develop their gifts, to live sensibly. Eat a proper balanced diet, watch your fluids, get your proper rest and pay due attention to the material aspects of your life. If you know people with whom you do not feel comfortable, and there will be degrees of this - there will be some who are just a little bit grating, ranging up to those who have a very negative effect on you - watch that kind of company. If you can, avoid it, we know you can't always. When you can't, remember the little protection technique which I mentioned just now, and remember too, that the more you employ them, the stronger and more effective they will become. Seek out the company of people with whom you feel compatible and also have time alone. Now, there is just time for a few questions from you if you have any. Q: If you are getting a spirit attaching itself to your aura, surely you can close your aura down and thereby prevent the spirit getting to you.

A: Yes. If you understand what is happening, but I was speaking specifically about people who are damaging their aura with the drugs and the drink. You are quite right. This can be done by people who know about it and understand what is happening.

Q: If you close down your aura after meditation surely you can't have anyone attach themselves to you?

A: There are things which can weaken your aura, so that a spirit who wants to attach itself can at least start to do so - over tiredness, worry, starting a cold, etc.

Also understand that an attaching spirit does not have to be a bad spirit or a negative spirit. A spirit may attach themselves to you in order to have vicarious experiences through your life - they may attach themselves in order to try to help you. They may be there just to help you over a particularly 'rough spot' and in these cases it will be with the 'blessing' of your own guides and helpers. There are a few people about who rather LIKE to have these attaching spirits for various psychological reasons. It makes them special. In that case the person wants them there and won't let them go. Fortunately such cases are rather rare, but it can happen.



The first requirement is for receptivity on behalf of the person receiving the healing. Without receptivity healing cannot take place. The person must not only believe that the healing can take place, they must really want it, and you would be surprised how many sick people do not, really, in their heart of hearts, want to be healed. They will say on the outside that they do, but on the inside they do not.The reasons for this are varied. One is that they receive much attention from their sickness and this they enjoy. They are prepared to suffer bodily ailments in exchange for this attention. I am not saying that the ailments are imaginary, they are real enough. Another reason is that, for some reason, the person believes that they deserve to be punished, and so they allow the sickness to manifest in their body. Another reason for the illness manifesting is in order to demonstrate that healing can take place. This is the manifestation of Christ's saying that the person was born blind to manifest the goodness of God.

Other reasons for the illness is purely abuse of the body. If you do not follow the laws of health by caring for your body, then sickness will manifest in the body. There are some people who can break every health law and who will be healthy. They are manifesting that for a different reason. They have a tremendous input of energy and this enables them to break all these rules. Because you have a tremendous input of energy does not mean that you necessarily manifest it in the work for Spirit or in ways to benefit mankind. it is just something that the person has decided will be one of the conditions of their life in this world and there are many and varied reasons for that. It depends on the individual souls.

When the person really wishes to be healed right through all layers of their body, then they will be healed, whether they follow the path of normal medical practice or whether they follow other physical methods of healing, the so-called "alternative" methods, or whether they seek spiritual type healing.

There are three main branches of healing, one we may call 'normal' physical methods, which is much propagated by your doctors and medical profession. This we will leave aside from our discussion. There are mental methods of healing. This is most effective when the healing is of psychological causes or, as I have mentioned before, healing of guilt and punishment.

By mental healing, talking through the problem for instance, the root cause can often be discovered but this must come through the sick person's own mind. It is no use telling them what the cause of the illness is, it must be realised by them spontaneously. There are many ways of doing this. There are many teachings to be followed. But it is also possible for mental healers to develop their own methods and to have no sort of training in any of the others. Sometimes, good old fashioned common sense is extremely beneficial and useful. In this category can also be allocated those 'alternative' methods which employ quite rigorous and sometimes unpleasant practices such as fasting, water cures, etc. Also the adopting of postures and other methods, which it is very easy for you to discover by reading. There have been many books, many regimes published, if you believe it is right for you it will be effective.

Of greater interest to us is the spiritual healing. In spiritual healing, the healer receives inspirations from spirit as to what will help the sick person. The instructions may be to the laying on of hands, in which case energy will be channelled through the healer's body through hands, or whichever part of the body they choose to use for healing and so into the body of the sick person. The influx of energy serves to strengthen the cells in the body usually making them rotate faster. This increases heat and can be effective in destroying germs in a similar way to the raised temperature that often manifests in certain illnesses.

In rare illnesses, the cells of the body are vibrating too quickly and the influx of energy will calm them down. This can occur in certain types of growths. It often happens that the body is working overtime and this causes a growth to manifest in some part of the body, because the excess energy must be channelled somewhere and a certain area is selected.

Sometimes the healer, by laying on of hands makes a stronger contact with the aura of the sick person, and this enables them to pick up more easily where problems lie. There is thus a dual interaction going on in the healers, he receives input from Spirit and input from the sick person. This interchange greatly increases the healer's effectiveness. Sometimes the healer will be inspired to suggest various physical remedies, perhaps vitamin tablets, perhaps sun baths, perhaps contact with the earth or any number of other suggestions may be made. Sometimes the healer will need to soothe the aura of the sick person. This is done according to the ways that the healer feels is right for him - it may be soothing, stroking the aura, it may be simply the holding of the hands a few inches away from the sick person's body without movements, it may take the form of massage type movements on the aura. There are variations on all these. Each is appropriate to the individual healer and their rate of vibration in proportion to the rate of vibration of the sick person's aura. Sometimes, Spirit can channel energy through the healer and again, the healer may adopt different ways of channelling this energy into the sick person. They may choose to do it through the aura by just holding their hands some way inside the sick person's aura. They may prefer to place their hands on the sick person's body. It may be on the place where the sickness is manifesting, or it may be preferred to concentrate on some significant spiritual spot; areas on the spi