A Christmas 2000 Message from Norman Ivory's Chinese Guide Sun Tsen.

Note: This message was given at Norman and Lynette Ivorys' Spiritual Development Group on the 19th of December 2000 during trance mediumship. In transcribing it, I have left the grammatical idiosyncrasies unchanged. W.J.

The world is in a very bad way, in a very bad state. But it is a great cause for concern for the people on the other side of life. They see more than we do. And it is a cause for concern not for people like yourselves. People like yourselves are progressing, and learning very much, so although you do not have the best of circumstances, you do learn. You are gradually becoming better, you do gradually make the progress you desire, and you do a little at a time, climb a little higher in that spiritual atmosphere, which is, what we most desire. However although this is very pleasing for us, there are great many peoples in your earth-world at this time, who are experiencing very poor and negative times, without any hope, without any progress, without any true spiritual feeling at all. These are many peoples. It is not, that they are necessarily very evil people, it is that they are people, who seem to lack the vision for recognition of light and love and progress in a spiritual way. So it means that we are very concerned for those many, many peoples. We are very concerned for them, because we would like to see them of course making some little progress in a lifetime. it seems to us, you understand, that in a lifetime perhaps of 60 or or 70 or even more years a little progress in a spiritual sense is very much to be desired. Hard, difficult, negative situations for people are one thing, but if there is no uplifting of the mind, if there is no illumination of the soul, if there is no little light creeps in to that life at a spiritual level, then we feel great compassion, and we feel great sadness at this because, what is life for, if it is not for the illumination of the soul, and the letting into life of the God-love, the love of God. There are so many in your own world, that suffer in this way, they do not even perhaps think, that they suffer, they are perhaps very pleased and very self-aggrandised,that they live in the manner, that they do. So there are many people in this case, and it is for these people, that we are concerned. We are concerned for them, because we see at this time at any rate little hope, that they will make the progress, which we so dearly would love for them. This Is a judgement on our part perhaps, but it is a loving thought, hoping that they will find something good in their futures.

So, this is a point of concern for us, but at the same time we see a good situation around purpose peoples like you. For you are trying to expand your life, you are trying to do all of the things, that those people do not see as being necessary. You are trying to bring in the love of God.Trying to allow them to shine out from yourselves, trying to little by little make things more clear in your mind for the understanding of others.You are trying to bring into your lives a little of that insight for love of others. You are trying to just expand a little, and as you do so,you feel within yourself perhaps a hunger for more, for more of that spiritual experience. My friends, do not worry about your earth-world. In the near future, perhaps even within the lifetime of some of you, who are here now,there will be changes, there will be changes in your society,particularly in the - how you say - western societies. There will be changes, which will allow and encourage spiritual development on the part of many within your societies. There have already been some changes. It is not so much a change, that is caused the - how you say - New Age movement, but it is a feeling within people, that there is something more. You see there are many people in your societies, who feel, there is something more. There never enters their mind that - ha - the church may have a part to play in this. And by this I mean the orthodox churches, It never enters their mind, that these openings for their growth could have been explored before. It is just a vague feeling, which has caused them to feel ready to expand. And the New Age movement is partly a response to this. But this hunger in the world, this thirst, this need, for more expression of something within them, which is -ah - full of light, and hope and meaning and purpose, it remains there. And within your society this is growing more - ah -not polarised, but more emphasised as time passes. So then once you are now then well into this - ah - century, that you are now in, we are talking now in the years ahead, and 20 years perhaps, you will start to find within your societies larger and larger movements of people, who are trying to understand life, understand themselves, bring light into your society.It is as though suddenly within the feeling of a whole nation there comes a shining of a light, there comes this feeling of - ah - coming together for the purpose of just being and experiencing development. It is very difficult for me to put this into words for you, because it is my feeling, which plots this development, than it is an intellectual understanding.There will be many within the group, who will have intellectual,philosophical understanding, of course, but there will be many people, who just move with this change in your society, because they feel, it is good. It will mean for you, that there is a coming together through a general consensus,a general feeling of how good it is to come together and how good it is,to understand life, and how good it is to just become more spiritually in their thinking. People will begin to understand the responsibility,that they have for themselves. It is a very interesting thing, that within Spiritualism you have this principle of the responsibility of the self. For it is within this movement, that there will gradually grow this understanding,that there is a responsibility for your life, there is a responsibility for your society, there is a responsibility for all things within the very simple being of each individual. It is very difficult for a person in your society today, to understand, that everything that occurs in their life, is happening with their permission, and with their volition, and that they are therefore responsible. It is very difficult for them to see, that if they become very ill, it is something, that they have done to themselves.It is very difficult for them to see, that if they walk down the road,and they perhaps some automobile come up on the pavement, and knock them down, that they have a part in the responsibility for this. It a simple reason: The reason is, that they are spiritual beings, fully aware and conscious within them-self, and the experience has been chosen by the soul for them to go through, for learning and growth. Or be it, that the physical body gets a bit knocked up perhaps, as you say, or it gets a bit broken perhaps. Ah, but never mind, these things can happen. So, this is this responsibility, and gradually your society in many ways will begin to understand this. Because they understand this, they will begin to realise, that the responsibility of society and the responsibility for themselves and therefore the outcome, the result of how you live, is very tangible, and can be directed.So people will begin to feel other than "Oh, what can I do - there is nothing I can do, I am only one person, I am only one little individual, I cannot change anything". They will begin to feel other than that, and they will begin to realise, that as they come together as a society over these things,that things can be changed, things can be altered, things can be improved.Now I do not want you to feel at this stage of your evolution, at this point in your time period, that suddenly the whole world will become a place of light and paradise, and love, and great things. This is not so,but it will happen, in, as you might say in some manner in pockets of societies,in pockets of nationalities, in countries individual, so that that there will be areas, where there is much more - you might say - spirituality, than there was before. There will still be other areas, which are not so good, there will still be other areas of shadow and difficulty. But there will also be these areas, which are very enlightened. Ah I cannot at this present time say, how this can be, oh no, perhaps you cannot. Or how you can have one area, which is good, and one area, which is not, in your world today. I mean every part of your world now is not only linked by the telephone,and by the radio, and by all these by all these television broadcasts,but is also linked by this internet pass-up. So how can you have the individual area, which is at it were an island in the midst of a see of "today". It is very difficult to say, but so it is, that's how it is shown to me. So you must understand, that there will be society changes, to make this possible.It means perhaps, that in some respects there will be less communication between parts of your world. It means perhaps, that there will be conditions developed, which will mean that there will not be the fluidity of communication etc. and correspondence between various parts of your world. But although this is true, we do not see a falling in the value of society, we do not see less - ah - physical welfare. We do not see poverty at any greater level, than it is today. Although of course you do have areas of your world today, which are very poor, and starving. This is one of those things,which we strive to alter as time passes. Feed your world, it may help you,I do not know, if it will help you, but it may help you to understand that within a approximately - really approximately - eight- to ten thousand years, you understand eight-to ten thousand years, there will be a state of some spiritual expansion. It will be as though your earth-world has come out of a very - ah - dark time into a very light time. So that that the the dark night of the ages, through which you pass at the moment, is passed, and you come into a day of enlightenment. This will come. It does not help you very much at the moment, does not bring you that peace, that spiritual growth, at the moment, it does not really comfort you greatly,but it may give you a little hope, knowing about the future. Meanwhile- as you say - meanwhile - as you say - how is it you say - back at the ranch - here, now, that is still progress for you to make. Do not worry about your earth world, as I said before. Do not worry about your society.This society here in your Australia has a bright future, even in the few years ahead. You have one advantage here. You have much of that watery see all around your world. Your world of Australia is surrounded by water. This is a great advantage in the future, because it means, there will be something of a barrier between you, and some of the other forces in other countries, in other places. It will have some disadvantages too, because it will mean, what you achieve in a light way will attract others from other places. But there is plenty of room here. There is plenty of capacity for expansion. So it will be. Yes, today is difficult in many places. And it can make one sad, and it makes us sad, as we endeavour to make changes.But for you there is the opportunity here. This is why many of you have come to Australia. Ha, this is why many of you have come to Australia. Look at you in this room today. There is people - all people - almost -not some people, but majority of people were not born in Australia, did not come from Australia, did not come from - how they say - the convict era, they come new, they come from overseas, they come to visit and to live in Australia, because it's a good place. Today do you think, this is by accident? Do you think, this is by chance, that you come here?No,of course you have been guided to be here, to form a society, which is created to grow in brightness and lightness, and to show a light for the world. It is not an accident. We do not bring people to Australia, in order just for them to be good, and just for them to be able to live well. It is only that this happened to be a - how you say - very good country, but we also require spirituality for Australia, and this will be also. It a pattern it is a grow of development, it is a growth, it is something good,which is being achieved. Yes, it is sad, that your society is still flavoured with ah corruption. Your society in many respects will overcome this. And we feel happy, that here now is a place, where much work has already been achieved, and where we can just let the development of this society continue to be and grow into goodness. It is like we have prepared a cake. We have put in the ingredients we have stirred it very very briskly, we have put it into the tin, we have put it into the oven, and it is now cooking very nicely, and the the cake is rising. You know ladies, how the cake rises. This is rising and it will be beautiful. It will be a little while now,before the cake will be ready for eating. And when you come to eat the cake, this is one of those special cakes, because you not only can eat it, you can have it as well. Ha, ha, you did not realise that. So you can eat your cake and - how you say - have your cake and eat it - yes, this is right. This is a special sort, because it is like this with spiritual things, is it not, my friends? The more you consume, the more you have.The more you use and give out to other people, the more grows within you.Is this not so? With this spiritual beauty and love within and around you,you may never experience anything other, and anything better. So it is,that in Australia - how you say - the lucky country, this spiritual movement is growing. Even in Australia it will not be everywhere, even in Australia it will not affect all people. It will help your society and over the next 20 to 30 years there will be a distinct change, a distinct enough change for you to see, to understand it, to know it, and to be part of it. So do not worry. Be good little vegemites, and as you grow, and as you find this new vibration in society around you, you will be able to help others,you will be able to see ah - if not Spiritualism, an organisation of spiritual progress growing all around you, more every day.

We always like to come to you with messages of good tidings. This is supposed to be - is it not - at Christmas, the messages of good tidings.So here is the message of good tidings for this Christmas please, you understand, message of good tidings, and - how you say - ah - good will and love to all men. This is how it goes, is it not. You have heard it before. So th is a message for you for Christmas this year. And now you go away and have your Christmas. And have a good time. Do not listen to what they say. If you feel like having a drink, to eat, having good things, and enjoying yourselves, you do it. It is fair enough. It is not for you, to necessarily go without. You have the good things, then enjoy the good things. You are right about this. If you have the good things here now, you cannot give them to the poor in other countries. So you might as well enjoy, what you have, for there is work for all in the coming year ahead. In the year of 2-0-0-1. It is an interesting change, isn't it? It was always 1-9-A-A.Now it is 2-0-0-1. It is a bit like Santa: Ho, Ho, God bless please. Ha you are worth Santa. And Santa will be around too. So we will see you next year. You might not realise, this is your last meeting for this year.So next year we will see you in very good hands. Now I gotta leave you,and let you go home. God bless you!