Evidence for The Paranormal

If you have been told that "There is no evidence for the paranormal" consider these websites that prove otherwise:

Rhine Research Center
The Rhine Research Center builds on the the work of Dr. J B Rhine and his wife in the areas of ESP and PK which commenced in 1927 on a much wider scale and with more modern equipment.

International Consciousness Research Laboratories
ICRL continues the work of the "PEAR" laboratory at Princeton University and has undertaken many studies about the influence of consciousness on material objects and processes. They are not out to show that such phenomena are real, but develop practical applications for them.

The Rosenheim Poltergeist
This is one of the most scrutinised Poltergeist cases.
Here is the 1st video about the investigation of it, with Prof. Bender as investigator (in German).
And here is the second one (also in German).

Also please watch this poltergeist story from the BBC about the "Enfield Poltergeist"

The Real X-Files
The true story of Americas remote viewers during the cold war. This video runs for 50 minutes. Well worth watching.

The Farsight Institute
Remote Viewing in a strictly controlled scientific setting - published and peer reviewed. They also show how Quantum Theory and the Multiverse Theory explain the nature of reality itself. There are very many links on this site alone.

The Global Consciousness Project
shows the effects of emotions shared by many people on quantum event based random number generators. According to the sceptics an impossibility, nevertheless a scientific fact.

Victor Zammit: The Evidence for Life After Death
Victor Zammit - a retired lawyer has been compiling such evidence for many years. He has written a book "A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife" that constitutes nothing less than the proof of the afterlife. See a video preview of it

Dr. Mark Pitstick's Soulproof book
This is in a similar vein to Vicor Zammits book.

Afterlife Data Repository
It claims to be to be "The Largest Database of Afterlife Description & Analysis on the Internet".

The Scole Experiment
This experiment ran over many years. It encompasses PK, apports and transcommunication. The results are nothing short of amazing.

Instrumental Transcommunication shows that no mediums need to be present to establish contact with "dead" persons. The following video also gives practical advice for obtaining EVP and also disproves one by one the "explanations" of "sceptics":

The authors are now working on an updated version of this video.

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
This is a massive collection of scientific research about NDEs and the Afterlife. It demolishes once and for all the hypothesis that NDEs are caused by oxygen starvation of a dying brain.

Near Death Experience Research Foundation
This is the largest Near Death Experience Website in the world with over 2500 full-text published NDE accounts.

On a lighter note - here is a collection of ghost videos, photos and audio. Do you really believe that they are all fakes?
Disneyland ghost on CCTV
Gettysburg Ghosts
Ghost slide show
My own direct voice recording from 2003 - I swear it's genuine. An autogenic training induction tape in German was running in the background. Suddenly a whispering voice in English barged in. This is the unedited clip. My wife and I heard the intruder twice before, only then I deciced to run a tape recorder whilst the autogenics tape was running. The voice is NOT on the autogenics tape, it seems to be coming from between me and the tape.
Same - noise reduced.
The voice itself - slowed down 52%

Finally: Have you ever spoken to an NDEer? If so, you won't forget that conversation in a hurry! Now look at your own experiences, or the experiences amongst your friends. If you still believe that there is no evidence for the paranormal, you must be wilfully blind.
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