Me and my wife Sigrid on King Island

Waldis Jirgens

3 flagsI was born in 1940 in Latvia, grew up and went to school in Nürtingen, West Germany, got a degree in Mathematics at the University of Tübingen, became a computer expert, married and migrated with my family to Australia in 1980. Here we settled in Sydney. Until my retirement in April 1996 I had been working for the John Fairfax organisation. Now my wife and I are "empty nesters" living in Canberra, and I can pursue my various hobbies with renewed vigour.

My hobbies are:
The Paranormal  Amateur Radio  AR Digital Modes  LINUX 
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Me and my wife Sigrid on King Island
Family Reunion 2010

The Paranormal

Let's first define the term. Wikipedia says:

Paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation" or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure.

This is a heavily biased definition, as we will see in the following. More truthful is:

Paranormal is a general term that describes experiences and human capabilities that contradict the materialistic world view espoused by most governments, corporations and mainstream media. It has been investigated, documented and quantified by science since the 19th century.

Fact is:

People had paranormal experiences for as long as humanity existed - and probably even before that, since animals have psychic abilities too. The paranormal has been investigated by science starting in the 19th century, and mountains of evidence have been collected by reputable universities all over the world. Here is a tiny subset of it.- compiled by myself, and here is a long list of Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications on PSI Research - compiled by Dean Radin.

One should think, that this would be enough to have Parapsychology established as one of the many disciplines of science and let people investigate and talk about it as freely as about any other field of scientific endeavour. However this is not so, because Parapsychology contradicts the unacknowledged de-facto state religion of "The West", which is MATERIALISTIC ATHEISM, never mind the tolerance expressed towards religious believers ("Opium for the masses" as Karl Marx said, but of course he is not acknowledged openly)...

There are a lot of collaborators in this plot: So called sceptics, the majority of clerics, and most governments oppose the acceptance of the paranormal: Thus baseless faith and the love of power try to keep the general population in the dark about the paranormal. This has nothing to do with science but everything with propaganda.
The following site exposes their methods with gusto:
Debunking Sceptics

We are supposed to live in the AGE OF REASON. Polls show that 71% of the population have had at least one paranormal experience. NDEs show that human consciousness is not dependent on a functioning brain. Remote Viewing shows that human consciousness can travel long distances away from the body. ITC, EVP and materialisation mediumship show that human consciousness survives death.

This would rank as the greatest scientific discovery ever achieved would it not be for influential nihilists trying to ridicule all things paranormal. The late Ingo Swann suggested in his book PENETRATION an even more sinister motivation of government officials. The result? Honest people who admit that the paranormal is real have to fear for their careers, whilst the nihilists and their yes men rule the roost. IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

Just an aside:
Even "regular" scientific discoveries that contradict the opinion of the science establishment are censored, ridiculed, and suppressed, as this Article by Rochus Boerner shows.

Space probe exploration is censored too. Look at these Discrepancies between Chinese and American lunar probe imagery for instance. Now either at least one of these image sets is altered with a graphics editor (which seems very likely - see the following pictures and thoughts) or between 1994 and 2010 somebody must have been mighty busy on the far side of the moon with heavy soil-moving equipment.

Here are the two pictures side by side:

Everyone can see the differences. Yet there is a strange silence in the general population. It is as if people are afraid to face the truth - that they are being lied to by their own governments when it comes to such a simple matter as the topography of the lunar surface. The implications are obvious! Surprising is also that none of the mainstream media have picked up on this. Where are the investigative journalists? Do we have to rely on volunteers to put up a presentation from official NASA videos on YouTube?

Everybody can check out ESP and PK themselves using the following JavaScript programs. All source code is inline, so you can see for yourself that it's all above board, and if you so wish modify them to your liking:

ESP and PK tests

They are based on the experiments of Joseph Banks Rhine (29/9/1895 - 20/2/1980)

More PSI-links:

PSI-Research FAQ  Afterlife Evidence - Victor Zammit  The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom 

As we have seen above religion is less than helpful in making sense of the paranormal. People often adhere to their religion (including atheism), which is mostly the religion of their parents, out of tradition without trying to verify the veracity or otherwise of their particular beliefs. I found this approach naive and negligent in the extreme and set out to look for "the true religion", a spiritual philosophy that is logical, can explain paranormal phenomena in a coherent and logical way, and does not attribute human character faults (like anger, hate, jealousy) to its deity. If you have done the same, you will have guessed by now that I am a Spiritualist. As value system I like the Wiccan ethics:
"As long as you harm none, do as you will".

If you haven't heard of Spiritualism, please check out,
what Spiritualism is all about, and if you like how it originated. I am a member of the Canberra Spiritualist Association.

Just let me tell you what Spiritualism is not:

Some interesting Spiritual Topics:

Are New Age and Spiritualism compatible?  Why are psychics not rich? The Parsifal Effect 

Inspirational Writing: Messages on various topics  Online Psychic Development Courses

The attraction of Spiritualism for outsiders are Trance mediums and their channelled messages. Here are transcripts from more than 100 channellings by Canberra medium Valerie Sturesteps. They are also available in self-contained e-book formats:

The spiritual arena does not attract idealists only, but also deluded, arrogant, greedy, stupid and/or dishonest people preying on the gullible, so  there is a lot of nonsense around.  What one gets from people in the flesh one can also expect from spirits. It is definitely necessary to USE LOGIC to discern the quality of spiritual information - ancient or modern, coming from "holy" books, "gurus" or from channelled spirits.
How to separate spiritual trash from treasure

The Millennium-doomsayers were wrong. So were the ones expecting doomsday on December 21st 2012:

Doomsday has been cancelled!

On a lighter and more useful note:
Want to try some computer assisted meditation?

So, what do Spiritualists and Radio Amateurs have in common?
More than you probably think:

Amateur Radio in General

This has been my hobby since 1960. Call sign: VK1WJ.

Skeds, Station Set-up, Projects  Some useful AR software  Still useful Broadcast-bits 1997 - 2000 

My XYL and I, shack, QTH (LVP pictures)  QTH Map  Fieldday Pictures

Summits On The Air (SOTA):

VK1  VK2  VK3  VK4  VK5

I am a member of the Wireless Institute of Australia, and was the broadcast officer of the then ACT division until February 2000.

To check condx:

WSPR Real Time Propagation Map  IPS Space Weather  IPS 10 cm Flux  IPS Grafex  VK Lightning 
Note: The IPS Grafex propagation tool allows only SP predictions!

DX topics:

World Time Zone Map  EWWA Countries List  Global MHD map

VHF Topics:

Hepburn's Tropo Ducting  Make More Miles on VHF  National VHF DX Group  NSW VHF DXing  Meteor Showers 
VK/ZL MHD Locators  VK MHD Locators  VK WX Map  VK1 Rainfall Map

Some of my favourite AR sites:

AR Wiki  ARRL Propagation, Keps, DX  Contests  Send QSLs electronically via  Reviews of AR Equipment

Clubs And Organisations


HAM Sites:

VK1DA | VK1HW | VK1NAM (SOTA) | VK2FLR (Sounds) | VK2DLF (Morse Keys) | VK3UM (EME)

HAM Homebrew Sites:



Amateur Radio Digital Modes

Digital modes have been around for quite a while. In the 80s and 90s I was QRV in packet on VHF and sometimes on hf. Later I did a bit RTTY and AMTOR with a TNC. In 2000 I started with the newer digital modes like PSK31 and MFSK16. Since then numerous additional digital modes have been developed. Most of them improve dramatically on the "oldies" like RTTY for example. CW has also been integrated as a digital mode amongst the others.

Details including schematics for homebrew interfaces,
various programs for Windows, LINUX and FreeBSD and links for downloading them:

A Digital Modes Primer

Some specialised digital modes:

FreeDv Digital Voice  Meteor Scatter  HF Style Digital Modes on 2m AE

Olivia - arguably the best digital chat mode:

Olivia, The Magic Digital Mode  Olivia by WB8ROL  Olivia Spots 

Other Modes:

ROS Software  Feld Hell Club  PSK31 Home  Guide to HF JT65A  JT65a Frequencies

Meeting Places for Digital Skeds:

FreeDv Page  JT65 N0UK (HF and VHF)  K3UK Interactive Sked Page

VK-Logger  Pingjockey (FSK441)  ON4KST VHF +

I am member # 1204 of the 30m Digital Group and member # 4038 of the Digital Modes Club

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