Discrepancies Between US And Chinese Images of The Lunar Surface

The USA and China have taken pictures from the far side of the moon. Both show the region of the craters Rynin,Stefan and Wegener

Firstly the USA images - click on the image to see it in original resolution:

This image is actually a pair of frames stitched together into a mosaic to allow to cover the same area in question. These are nadir shots from the DSPSE Clementine basemap archives (2000nm), shot back in 1994, looking straight down at this trio of craters. There is a gash line on the crater "Rynin" (on the left) clearly visible slicing through the crater rim.


Then the Chinese images - click on the image to see it in its original resolution:

This is a frame grab from the Chang'E 2 probe footage from the year 2010, that provides another look at this trio of craters - Rynin, Stefan, and Wegener. This image has been rotated 90 degrees to show the same perspective as the Clementine images. There is NO gash line on the crater Rynin:


So which image (if any) shows the real crater Rynin?

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