Spiritual Messages

Not only mediums and other psychics receive spiritual messages, it is just a neglected gift, that everybody has got, but many have suppressed out of fear to be treated as "mad" or just eccentric. Messages can be spontaneous, like "gut feelings" and "strong urges" to do or not to do something, or they can be elicited - "Ask, and you shall receive".

It is important from which source a message comes. Nobody likes to be conned into believing lies. This is particularly relevant with spiritual matters. How often have you heard a criminal in the courts use the defence: "A voice told me, to do that!" In most cases this is a lie to avoid being sent to jail, but there are also people, who really have been bombarded with messages from the "dark" side of spiritual existence. Quite often they have been "dabbling" in occult practices, without realising the dangers involved (like playing "Bloody Mary" for instance). Also the so called "Ouija Board" - improperly used - has caused many a sane person to go mad! This is why everyone should
ask for
spiritual protection
each time before attempting any contact with the spirit world.

The practices used are many:
Once protection is in place, one can proceed with receiving messages. Generally this is done by going into a meditative state and contacting a spiritual entity, who is willing to talk to you. In the simplest case the spiritual entity will be one of your guides (for those unfamiliar with the concept: Many books explain what guides are all about and how they can be contacted, for example Shakti Gawain: "Creative Visualisation" Bantam Books ISBN 0-553-24147-8). Here a short summary:

Guides are your spiritual friends, spirits assigned to help you through your lifetime (or stages thereof).
Here are some of the messages I received by inspirational writing. This process starts as an urge to write when some controversial spiritual subject had been debated. The opinions of my guides and myself go into the writing, which is altered and adapted over and over again, until we achieve a consensus. This can take hours or even days. Of course for this process a word processor is essential! I have heard of other people who simply "take a dictation" from a spirit entity and write it down. I am uneasy about such contacts. Genuine spiritual teachers have no problems debating their teachings, they do not want to be just "dictators".

A way to contact spirits and elicit information is the practice of divination. In divination you use some implement like a pendulum with a crystal at its end, or Tarot cards, or a wide assortment of other tools to find something out, that you didn't know before. Divination has been used for millennia all over the world. For instance the practice of dowsing is a form of divination - an effective one as many successful dowsers prove! However this practice has its limitations as was shown to me in one of the messages I received:

Divination - Dangers And Limitations

Divination seems a convenient means to get to know just about anything - from the location of lost items and buried treasure to the future for anyone interested. But immediately you hit the limitations of the method. Your future is not fixed, it is shaped by you and your free will. How dare you ask, what will happen to you? YOU and ONLY YOU decide this! YOU have a spark of the Godhead in you, the Godhead, that has all power in the universe! Don't short-change yourself by slavishly asking what your fate is going to be! Before you came here, you made an outline, a rough plan, what your life shall be. But you can change it! You can be a fast learner or a slow pupil - the choice is yours.

Your psychic powers are to be used for the common good of all people, NOT for your own pecuniary or other material advantage. Spirits of the Light will respect the principle of the common good - therefore they cannot and will not tell you everything that you may want to know - give them a chance to say "I do not want to answer", or also "I don't know", for none spare God alone knows everything! Look, there are other spirits standing by, who will answer you every question, who will tell you, what you want to hear, and who may promise to make you rich and powerful. The transition from good to evil is very quick, most of you won't even notice it! If you think, you have to ask, ask a specific spirit or group of spirits, not just any crowd, that may contain the smart-talkers, hookers, and deceivers of the other side!

Date: 2/9/1999.

Another message ensued from a little Q&A session with my guides following on from a discussion about paranormal phenomena, amongst them "talking with God":

God and Gods

A: When you pray, you talk to "God" - or so you think.

Q: Who do you really talk to then?
A: There will always be spirits and energies resembling your idea of God, and they will respond to your prayers and pleas. So you talk to your God, the spiritual essence or entity you have accepted as supreme. Your God is just as you imagine him or her to be. If you think of God as female or male, loving or hating - so shall it be. You may be in two minds about the character of God - well you may have two or more Gods, like the old pagans did. For example there have always been strong moves to present the male and female aspect of God - hence the popularity of the "Virgin Mary" within the catholic church, who seems often more compassionate than God, interceding for sinners, to appease Gods perceived vengefulness.

Q: So how do you know if your God is "The real God"?
A: You don't. At every given time you talk to "your real God". As you advance in spiritual knowledge, the character of your God shall change, just as the teachers change from Kindergarten to University. There is no point to present anyone with concepts, that they cannot grasp.

Q: Well, how do you know then, if you advance "in the right direction" of spiritual knowledge?
A: It boils down to the question if you a priori know, what is right or wrong, or failing that, if you can deduct this by pure reasoning, as Immanuel Kant postulated it. The first question can safely be answered in the negative. Too many conflicts in the world are between people who each strongly believe, that they are right. So you are left to ponder - using all the intellectual power you can muster, if your new direction is the better one for all mankind. If you can answer this with a "yes", you are going in the right direction - at least for yourself.

Q: This of course begs the question, if there is an absolute "right direction".
A: We shall leave this for another time.

Date: 10/8/2003.

I got another message after listening to a platform talk at the CSA. My guides thought, that this should not go un-answered.

Respect for All Creatures.

Some old spiritual philosophies espouse "respect for all creatures" as a special sign of holiness, sometimes prohibiting their disciples to step even on a cockroach.

Modern men listen to this with unease, thinking of the myriads of parasites, bacteria and viruses our medicine is so desperately trying to kill to save human life. The ancients didn't know about bacteria and viruses, still they had their wild beasts to contend with, showing them the shakiness of this philosophy. It is outrageous to still nowadays preach "respect for all life" as a spiritual value, but that is just what many unthinking "New Agers" do. They fail to realise that the fight for survival is still a fight. There is "them" and "us", there are REAL enemies, out to destroy human life. TV commercials - like the one with the "good" and "bad" bacteria - bring this truth effortlessly and entertainingly home.

But what about the argument, that all life is God's creation, and since "God is good" all life has to be respected? Well, Swedenborg for instance disputed this assertion, saying that "nasty" creatures were not created by God, but by demons (literally "The Hells"). This argument has some merit, since humans are very close to creating a "fully synthetic" life-form themselves.

But then comes the argument, that God created the demons too, thus their creations could finally be traced back to God? Well, a demon is just a human(oid) without a body who chose the "path of darkness". They have free will like any intelligent creature in the universe to do good or bad. Not all human creations are for the benefit of humankind, so why expect that all life-forms should be?

Date: 9/12/2005.

Update 20/12/2010: Dr Craig Venter and colleagues announced they had created synthetic life: M. mycoides JCVI-syn1.0, an artificial bacteria.

The following message had been "brewing" for a long time, until it finally emerged relatively quickly. Again it is in form of a Q & A session with my guides:

Organised Religion

Q: The scourge of mankind? The hope of the believers? The source of civilisation? or possibly all of the above?
A: Yes, and much more. It is organised by inferior, one could even say infernal spirits, out to keep mankind enslaved and backward for aeons to come. The level of civilisation is kept on a very low level, barely above the times of the many ancient civilisations practicing human sacrifice. Using the old technique of "divide and conquer" the infernals keep many conflicting religions alive, blinding the believers to the fact that they are being "led up the garden path" big-time!

Q: So where is God? What is (s)he doing about all that?
A: See, God gave everyone their logical reasoning mind to use! (S)he also gave everyone free will. So people are free to believe the fabrications of the behind the scenes organisers of religions, or think for themselves and see through the smokescreen of disinformation!

Q: Does that mean that "God is an Atheist"?
A: Of course not! There are many scientific facts that should convince even the staunchest Materialists, that their philosophy is dead. But alas, Atheism is another of these organised religions sponsored by the infernals. Rudolf Steiner already realised that!

Q: So what IS the answer?
A: Is it not obvious? Discard any and all illogical doctrines, whatever their origin! Be it dogmatic religious teaching or dogmatic philosophical views like Atheism! Open your eyes, look at nature, and see for yourself, what's going on! There is MUCH more to the universe than matter and energy. There is MUCH more to spirituality than the proclamations of earth's religious leaders.

Q: If this is so, why do we still see so many ancient religions? Has humanity not come a long way otherwise?
A: Humanity yes, humans no. There is this tribal feeling of "wanting to belong" and organised religion (including Atheism) is one ready made outlet to satisfy that. There the brainwashing sets in. To paraphrase Dante: "Abandon all logic ye who become followers of dogmatic religion!" It takes a lot of courage to cut through all this and say: "No. Rational thinking and logic have been given to me by God, who wanted me to use them in my life. Don't ever dare to take them away from me!" This ALONE is the key to break free!

Date: 14/4/2007.

Finally in 2008 I got the promised answer to the last question from the 10/8/2003:

We left the question of the existence of an "absolute right direction" of spiritual advancement for a later time. This time is now.

Let's go back in time to see what spirituality looked like in ancient times. There were good spirits (gods) and bad spirits, the latter however NOT classified as demons or devils. The tribe saw all of them as their rulers. From experience with human rulers they found good and bad character traits, and these got mirrored in the character of the spirits - yes you could say they were an image of secular rulers.

The objective reality or un-reality of such spirits does not matter, since what one imagines strongly enough can assume objective reality, therefore the "artificial" spirits created by groups through imagining and visualising their characteristics. Thus "Gods" were born as collective creations of a group of humans.

Ancient times were rough times, so short tempered "Gods" with plenty of human character faults were born. Somehow the collective attitude of humanity changed over time. The "Gods" became more mild mannered and compassionate. Monotheism sprung up with all its logical contradictions in regard to the character of the ONE GOD. It could not last long, so the idea of dualism entered the scene: The "Devil" was born as an enemy of God personifying every evil deed and inclination ever contemplated by mankind. Thus God's character could be rescued as "totally good" and every mishap could be blamed on the Devil. Of course God had to be stronger than the Devil, so the stories of the apocalypse and the final victory of good over evil came to be.

To progress towards real spiritual advancement this dualism has to be overcome and the "spirit wars until final victory" have to be discarded. The spiritual realm is ONE, just like the material realm is one. However the quality within these realms shows a broad spectrum from very poor to very rich. So what is the hallmark of "very rich"? In the material realm you will never have a consensus what constitutes a good and desirable life. Everyone's idea about that is different from everyone else's. And so it is in the spiritual realm.  Still there are some quite general guidelines, like freedom of thought, freedom from suffering, tolerance and so on. Thus there is a GENERAL direction that can be perceived by human intelligence, but within this general direction there are multiple paths where nobody ought to be the judge about their desirability or otherwise.

Date: 16/5/2008.

Wishing something into reality:

You have been told: "What you think - IS" tying in with sayings like "Whether you think that you can or can't do something, you are probably right" and the whole teaching of creative visualisation. You certainly wanted something to be a particular way, or you wanted to have some material object, but found that just thinking and imagining was not enough, you had to DO something to make your dream come true. Occultists tell you that this is not strictly true; but then they tell you that you have to study many years to become a master who can just wish something into reality - well that's DOING something, isn't it?

Now you are also told that in the spirit world you can create something by just wishing it into existence. You have seen that this works in your dreams. Now you start wondering what is REALLY behind all this and what limitations there are.

There ARE some limitations to this, but fewer than you think:
If 2 or more people want the same thing, and there is only ONE of these things, you might think that obviously at best only one of the "wishers" can have that thing. But what about the fulfillment of each wish splitting reality into multiple parallel realities? In the natural world you call this the "Multiverse" theory and have difficulty comprehending it; in the spirit world it's far easier to imagine having multiple realities. This will account for people's perception of the world: Whether you think it's a dangerous or a nurturing place or anything in between - you may inhabit a reality where your perception is true.

REAL limitations are the following:

So think about what you wish for. You might get it, but then you will also get the consequences of your wishing.

Date: 19/8/2009.

More on Wishing and Healing:

The greatest wish of a sick person is of course to be healthy again. The New Age provides numerous alternative methods for healing. Many of them are based on wishing, imagination, amplified imagination, i.e. suggestions, hypnosis or autohypnosis.

The common factor here is the WISH to be healed by the sick person. The sickness or illness appears as a dark force trying to defeat and tear down the sick person. This is most obviously seen in cases of addiction where the addictive substance seems to rule the mind of the addicted and make a mockery of their wish to be free of it. Depression is even worse, needing no addictive substance at all to make the life of the depressed a misery.

So here is the wish of the sick person to be healed. At first the battle for healing appears hopeless, the dark forces seem just too powerful. Visualisation and imagination attract positive spiritual forces combatting the forces of darkness. And as we saw before - wishing something into reality - soon enough the positive spiritual forces gain the ascendancy and the sufferer is healed.

Of course the previous caveats apply: Sometimes the illness is part of a person's life's plan. They have to learn something by experiencing the illness. If they can do that without going through all stages of the illness, healing can be achieved, if not, no amount of whatever kind of healing will help.

These are the general principles. Now comes the question which type of healing is preferrable. This is different from person to person. Personal belief plays a paramount role. If someone believes they have to spend a lot of money for some healer or therapy to be healed, this will work for them AND NOTHING ELSE. Others may prefer healers who do healing as a labour of love. Some believe in "tuning into" Divine healing energy, prayer - alone or in groups, in nature, in a church, or at some pilgrimage site. "AS YOU THINK, SO SHALL YOU BE" is the principle here. So examine what YOU really believe about healing and use YOUR method. 

Date: 7/7/2010.

Wrong Science:

Various spiritual groups and individuals really make it easy for the sceptics to make fun of the paranormal by their use of wrong science. What does one make of the following healing meditation statements: "Your body is made of energy" followed by: "Energy is moving in circular motion, thereby creating vibrations"? This is simply not true. What is actually moving around in circles? And what is vibrating? Energy is non-material, like potential energy for instance, it simply IS. The aim of that particular meditation was to influence the energy (which the body is supposed to be made of) with ones mind. However there is nothing wrong with influencing matter with ones mind - PK shows that!

Talking of spirits one often gets: "Spirits vibrate at a much higher rate (frequency) than people in this world" or "Undeveloped spirits vibrate at a lower rate than highly advanced ones". This sounds rather like: "lower frequency bad, higher frequency good" and is incorrect. Often you can sense the mood of a group of people in a room when you enter it. The mood can be exuberant, or it can be depressed and anything in between. Mood is also multi-dimensional. It is simply sloppy to say that you have low or high "vibrations" there. The analogy to electromagnetic waves with their mixture of frequencies and amplitudes all changing with time is rather seductive, but it's still wide of the mark.

Even channelled spirits use the term "vibrate" extensively adding caveats like: "But I cannot think of any way of giving you the concepts that we have here, because it is so foreign to your terminology" (Arrian in one of Valerie Sturesteps' talks). What they are trying to convey is the distinctive type of character of people or groups of people. There is no material object that would vibrate in any shape or form.

If you want to be taken seriously, do not use scientific terms that you do not understand to describe spiritual matters!

Date: 19-20/6/2013.

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