New Age and Spiritualism

This is not always a harmonious relationship. Whilst most New Agers accept Spiritualism as the "Religion of the New Age", Spiritualists often are aghast at the suggestion, that they belong to the New Age movement. Here are the facts:

1. Spiritualism pre-dates the "New Age" movement by some 100 years.

1.1 Spiritualism traces its origins back to the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg.
1.2 The New Age has adopted many of Spiritualist teachings:

2. The New Age movement encompasses all kinds of teachings, natural therapies, lifestyle choices, and paranormal activities, often at odds with each other.

2.1 Most of these activities are very ancient, for instance:

2.2 Some of the New Age activities are more recent in origin:


Far from being at odds with each other, Spiritualism and New Age are compatible. They both are rooted in very ancient practices, which have become popular again through the emergence of the New Age movement in the 20th century. Thus Spiritualism really is the Religion of the New Age.

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