Internet Based Psychic Development Courses

Psychic Skills Exploration And Development
This is a FREE 80 page self-study course in PDF format - download it, store it on your PC and go through it at your own pace.

Hypnosis for Kids
Far from being "for kids" this is an indepth course of autogenics and meditation, describing inter alia the newest binaural sound-techniques. Online only.

Lessons from "The Abbotts"
A more mainstream "New Age" course. Online only.

The Kybalion
This is not a course as such but a book containing the essence of the Hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece, putting the doctrines of most world-religions into perspective! You can download the Kybalion in pdf form HERE.

That's enough for a good start. There are very many courses offered online. The above ones are good (in my opinion). Any search engine will give you many more links. But remember - Caveat Emptor!

And before you start, please ask yourself Why do you want to develop psychic powers?

Is it for personal gain (power, money)?
In this case you will be disappointed, because the Parsifal Effect will stop you from making any progress.
You can only succeed, if your motivation is altruistic, i.e. if you want to help other people.

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