Greetings to you my friends from my side.

This is the first time I have had the honour to speak to you. My name is Silver Moon and when I was on the material plane I was a medicine man with the Ojibway Indians in that land you call now America. I wish to speak to you today of peace. We often wish you 'Peace be with you' - what do we mean? We wish that you may have no cares in your world. We wish that you may have no strife, no contests, no conflicts in your world. We wish you to know that calmness which truly passeth all understanding, that surety of knowledge that You Are, that You Always Were, and You Always Will Be - a part of that greater unity which is beneath the material plane, the spiritual world and all manifestations that you see and experience.

There is much conflict in your world, there is much trouble and strife. It often seems that man is at war with the earth itself. All these things cause un-peacefulness. You will have strife in your inter-personal relationships, with the people that you meet every day. All these things we wish away when we say 'Peace be with you'. You may truly ask 'How can we be at peace when we have all these things?' We wish we could show everyone of you the truth which comes as you pass through the spiritual world. The material world adds an extra layer of dimness to your understanding of your true self, and of your relationship with what is around you. I would perhaps remind you that in truth you are ALREADY in the spiritual world. This world is a part of the world of spirit just as much as those surroundings which you will experience when you shed your material body. It is but another layer that need to be at peace. With so many complexities in your world there will always be something to disturb what you perceive as peace. 'If only the people next door would move this would be a more peaceful neighbourhood, wouldn't it?' 'If only that dog would go it would be a more peaceful neighbourhood, wouldn't it?' 'If only we had more rain at the right time, it would be a more peaceful country, wouldn't it?' 'If only countries would stay within their boundaries it would be a more peaceful world, wouldn't it?'

How hopeless do you feel at times? You have no right to tell your neighbour to move, and so you must put up with that neighbour. You feel the need to defend your boundaries, there is nothing you can do about the natural boundaries, is there? Or is there? Truly it has been said 'If you wish to change the world, start with yourself.' Start with the basic way in which you perceive what is around you. Accept your neighbour, you do not know what has happened, what has caused your neighbour to be like that. Accept and send your neighbour love. It is true, you do not have to let him 'walk all over you', but in your heart of hearts, accept your neighbour. Spend a few minutes each day, peacefully sending love to him, practice this in all those fields of your life, of your world, where there is disharmony. I do not promise that the problems will go away, but what I DO promise is that your reaction to them will change. You will be able to deal with your problems without losing that inner calmness. You will still need to act - I am not proposing that you sit on the sidelines and do nothing and let the world go to rack and ruin. But by accepting it, by sending love to those things that disturb you, you can change your reaction, you can increase your inner peace so that you will have a greater understanding of what is happening, you will see many sides to the problem. You will be able to tap that inner wisdom that will help you to deal with them in a positive productive manner. Walk with nature in your world. Are you upset by pollution? Watch that you cut down on the pollution which you are causing yourself. It is only a drop in the ocean but if many drops act it will be an avalanche, and you will be able to make your mark. But the greatest peace will come when you understand your inner being. To some people this understanding comes even while they are in the material world, some people are born with it and seek to spread it to others. Other people only understand after they shed the material form. Doesn't matter, there is no time, there is only eternity, do not be in a hurry, just be at peace and know that you ARE.

Remember, that this material world is only the 'tip of the iceberg' of what there is. Vast as this material universe may seem to you, there is much, much, more beneath that surface. You are like tiny pin-pricks of light on a string of electric lights, but look at the electricity underneath that is lighting each one of you. Those of us working through this medium seek to spread this message, this understanding, to those of you in the material world, to help you both there and when you come over here. There are many of you here today who can do great work, you may not know the work that you are doing, your openness to this philosophy is expanding your minds and making you aware of far more things than this material world, this material universe, and when you come over here you will be very valuable people. There is much work to be done in the Spirit World, much light to be brought. There are many souls still in darkness here just as there are in your material world. So do not worry, do not feel that you are an insignificant unimportant person. To those of you here today, I say that you ARE and will be doing important work. You are important to our movement, you are important to what we are trying to spread through you.

We always try to finish our talks with you with a short period of what you would term meditation. Today, I would like to spend a few minutes taking you through a guided imagery. Would you please sit quietly, close your eyes and FEEL what I am saying.

Feel it in the innermost fibre of your being. - Feel that light inside your body, it is vibrant, it is pure. - Feel that pure pristine light expanding through you. - Expanding through this room and out through this city. - You are expanding, you are merging with those close to you. - Feel this expansion. - Feel this expansion of love, - and peace, and nothing else matters.

Picture your world from out in space. See, it is within you. - Look up to the beautiful, soft, welcoming void and go to IT. - You are that void. - You are the stars, - you are your solar system, - your earth, - your sun. - You are all people on the earth. - You are all beings on other planets. - You are everything. - You ARE the inner core, the inner being, the vibrant matter of everything there is, and nothing can harm you. - Feel this peace, this surety, this love which we try to being to you. Receive it.

See you, too, are part of those who have gone before you, and all those who will come after you. See the glory of light, of which you are a part. See in front of you a star, a drop of light, and hold it in your hands. Bring it back with you as you come down. See your earth. - See your country. - See your city. - This building, -this room, - and you have with you your little star of light, to shine within you during the coming days, and be at rest. When trials and troubles disturb you, remember this peace and may it bring wisdom and strength to you. My peace be with you.

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