Trance Talks by Valerie Sturesteps and Betty Foster

Recorded and transcribed by Gaidis Sturesteps.
HTML Version by Waldis Jirgens.


Second edition July 2011. This material is not copyrighted. Valerie wanted it to be freely available to anyone.


This collection is also available in self-contained e-book format. You can download the following 2 versions:
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A lot has been written about mediumship and contact with the spirit-world. One of the most fascinating aspects is trance mediumship, where an entity actually occupies and uses the body of the medium for a short while. This can be done with complete awareness on part of the occupying entity or - like in the case of psychic rescues - the entity might be totally unaware, of what is happening. One of Canberra's most talented trance-mediums was

Valerie Sturesteps.
Valerie's PictureShe was born Valerie Turner on 23/11/1935 in Birmingham, U.K., and passed away on 19/8/1997. Valerie grew up in Birmingham and attended there the local Spiritualist church as a young girl. She was always deeply religious, but was not attracted to any particular church. At the age of about 30 she became interested in Indian religion and practised yoga for about 12 years.

She came to meet a local Canberra medium, and started to regularly attend his home circle. After 2-3 years of attendance, she spontaneously went into trance instead of the regular medium, and the spirit of her dead father came through. There was a powerful emotional discharge, as old and painful conflicts were resolved between father and daughter. From then on she started to trance regularly and for many years ran her own home circle. She became president of the Canberra Spiritualist Association. In 1993 she got a Master of Science degree in Psychology from the ANU.

Unfortunately Valerie's association with Spiritualism ended tragically. Around 2 years before her death she was diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis was a a very heavy emotional shock to her, since her guides had not given any indication of the upcoming illness beforehand. She stopped all mediumistic activities, and tried to heal herself by meditation - unfortunately to no avail.

Valerie's husband Gaidis (Guy) Sturesteps (10/12/1927 - 22/4/2006), who besides being an engineer, held a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the ANU, taped all the séances, which then were transcribed in machine readable format. Here is a collection of the transcripts. Only a few less relevant ones have been omitted. This material is quite voluminous, and in quality rivalling anything hitherto published! However, before you get carried away, please read my disclaimer, on how to interpret these talks.
Please read also: Some doubts about Trance Mediumship.

The sessions consist mostly of "Spirit Talks", where a spirit gives a lecture on a certain subject - from séances held during the 70s to 90s. The spirits involved are inter alia Arrian alias Robin, Ah-So, Jhannee, Sartorius, Silver Moon, Margaret McMurray, Verna, and Wung-Lo - not necessarily their names in the material world! Arrian is also the "chief guide of the group" - this function is often described as the "Control" on the spiritual side.

Spiritualists often have been classified as superficial, having no philosophical concept about spiritual life. Nothing could be further from the truth. These lectures prove otherwise. I have ordered them by subjects and added - as far as possible - an abstract, outlining the teachings:


Arrian on conditions in The spirit world
A thorough explanation!

Arrian on spirit world and material world
A Church talk, somehow lighter than the first one.

Arrian on Levels in the spirit world
Again a Church talk.

Arrian on the goods of heaven
More about guilt, remorse, retribution and forgiveness.

Arrian on the pre-birth process
Reminiscent of "Life Before Life" by Helen Wambach.

Ah-So on spiritual realms and unity
A church talk.

Levels of worlds
Related by Valerie from Ah-so's ideas.

Sertorius on progression in spirit
The institution remains - the persons move on.

Spiritualism from the other side
Arrian talks about the spirit side of spiritualism!

Jhannee on the Spirit-World
Many aspects are covered, even exorcism.

Jhannee on conditions in the world
Reflections on the Bangladeshi tidal wave disaster.

Jhannee on the unreality of the world
Relationships between spiritual and natural world.

Ah-So on the lower astral world
Inter alia a more civilised version of the traditional "Hell".

Silver Moon on spirit's influence on the earth
Or better: ... on the earths.

Verna on how spirit guides see the material world
It's not easy for them to tune in!


Arrian(?) on the message of the masters
Church talk.

Ah-So Easter Church talk
About the general meaning of Easter.

Arrian on the meaning of Easter
This again is an easy church talk.

Easter Church talk by Arrian
A few years on.

Christmas Church talk by Arrian(?)
A simple Christmas message.

Christmas Messages 1984
Ah-So, Verna and Sertorius.

Christmas Messages 1989
Jhannee, Ah-So and Silver Moon.

Verna's Christmas Message 1989
Followed by Wung-Lo and Ah-So.

Christmas Messages 1990
Margaret McMurray, Sertorius, Verna.

Margaret McMurray on the children and Christmas
Another friendly chat in the circle.

Ah-So - Pre-Christmas talk and meditation
A multi-subject session.

Sertorius Christmas Message 1989
Arrian and Verna also chip in.

Jhannee's general Church talk
Love and hate, and how they affect you.


Wung-Lo on bringing up children so their psychic abilities are preserved
Good parenting from a spiritual development viewpoint.

A "relative" of Robin about expansion of knowledge
Again some quite down to earth advice.

Arrian about creativity
A church talk.

Verna on material life
Some down to earth advice.

Verna and creativity
An often light-hearted discussion.

Ah-So on thoughts and emotions
Includes creative visualisation.

Sertorius - Note on changing a future event
A bit like creative visualisation.

Sertorius on life
Quite general.

Sertorius and Jhannee on life
More authoritative.

Silver Moon on attitudes to the world
Church talk about world-interrelationships.

Pat and an unknown entity
Deep philosophical talk.

Sertorius on evildoers
Church talk rationalising Christian principles.

Sertorius on balance in life
Church talk.

Silver Moon on vibrations in foods
What's good and what's not.

Silver Moon on mental health
Alternative views on mental illness.

The dying process
A look from both sides of the divide.

Jhannee on why some babies die at a young age
Covers a wide range of subjects - including suicide!

Margaret McMurray on the death of young children
Similar subject - different spirit.

Jhannee on "Walk-Ins"
An often light-hearted discussion.

Ah-So - Introduction
Some good advice how to lead your life.

Ah-So on China
He is still concerned with his home-country!

Ah-So discusses sleep states with the circle
Some interesting questions are answered!

Ah-So debates disasters
Puts the "Acts of God" in perspective.


Ah-So on praying
Some unintuitive answers.

Again Ah-So on praying
This time a Church talk.

Wung-Lo on meditation
A few useful techniques are given.

Ah-So introductory talk
Ah-So introduces himself and the essence of his lectures.

Ah-So about divination
What is valid and what is best.

Ah-So on people's relationship with guides
An introduction to the subject.

Sertorius on guides
The nature of guides, and how to contact them.

Wung-Lo on spirit doorkeepers
A very important reminder. Don't leave yourself open to undesirable spirits!

The Egyptian priest - Isis of Amun Re - on the beginning of guides
A historical view.

Silver Moon on magic
Evil influences and how to prevent them.

Lecture and discussion
The lecture is given through Valerie's trance-mediumship by an unknown entity. Later "Albert" takes over through the mediumship of John Dixon, and involves the circle in a lively discussion about techniques and impressions of the séance. Commentary is by Valerie herself.

Jhannee on the guru-disciple relationship
More an instruction for spiritual development.

Verna - Development and Healing
Another instruction for spiritual development.

Verna on the aims of the circle
Why have a circle?

Ah-So on the organisation of the circle
...and many other topics!

Silver Moon on the responsibilities of mediums
Being a medium can be quite a burden!

Verna on mediumship
There even is an answer to the question: "What happened to Adolf Hitler in the spiritual world?".

Verna on mediumship (short talk)
Given at a spiritual development circle.

Sertorius on mischievous spirit influences
How to protect yourself.


Sertorius on the aura
A thorough explanation.

Verna on auras and energy
A hands-on approach.

Wung-Lo on energy and the aura
Questions are answered by Verna.

Silver Moon on healing
The general principles and techniques.

Silver Moon on healing and the aura
How both are interconnected.

Jhannee on healing methods
A thorough view at spiritual healing.


Psychic rescue is an interesting - but demanding - aspect of trance mediumship. In a nutshell it is the practice of a circle to help people, who could not handle their transition to the spiritual world, realise the facts of their circumstances, and set them free to move on. This can often be a daunting task, especially if the "lost" spirit does not believe in life after death.

Discussion with Sidney about psychic rescues
Sidney gives an introduction to psychic rescue work.

Ah-So explains psychic rescue
The same from a slightly different angle.

Arrian(?) on psychic rescue
Church talk - again a slightly different angle.

Verna on psychic rescue
Verna chips in with the same theme.

Verna tells, how to conduct rescues
..and gives a lecture, together with a visitor.

Verna - Instructions on conducting rescues
Same subject, one year later.

Psychic rescue organised by Anderson
Anderson's first one! Followed by a lively discussion about rescues, guides and mediums.

The rescue of Sister Dorothy
A MUST-READ for Christian fundamentalists!

Valija's rescue
There is some background to this. During the rescue Guy recognises the entity as
his late sister in law Valija, who had died in February 1983 in Latvia from TB and
cancer of the throat. Her marriage had not been good and she died full of hate.
Her husband - Guy's brother - then had a series of misfortunes and finally in
January 1984 a terrifying vision about Valija and her dark companions in what
he describes as "hell" - wanting to hurt him, but being powerless to do so. This
vision lasted for 15 hours. - Valerie writes about this:
"When Guy first translated this letter aloud to me I felt a little thrill run through
me. One of my guides intimated that something must be done about this, and I felt
as though one of them dashed off quickly to take action."
Seems, that this rescue is the result of this action!

Rescue of a holocaust victim
A 10 year old girl too horrified to remember.

The rescue of a Mayan priest
Some long kept beliefs had to be left behind.

Margaret McMurray - a rescue and the wee ones
More like a chat with an old friend of the circle.

Talk at John Dixon's circle after a rescue
Why rescues sometimes become necessary.

Alice's rescue
Alice is a lady of the early 20th century. She needs a lot of persuading!


These talks are more light-hearted chats, not lectures as some of the previous. They serve to clear up some misconceptions, that people might have about the spiritual worlds.

Anderson's first session
Anderson's chattiness makes this entertaining.

A general Q&A session
Valerie's guides take turns at answering.

Another general Q&A session
Same here, more than 1 year on.

Silver Moon - Introduction
Silver Moon talks about himself.

Silver Moon on love and the Redman
Indigenous wisdom.

Silver Moon on time
Followed by a light-hearted talk with Verna.

Jhannee on Jesus
Jhannee denies Jesus' trial and crucifixion, which contradicts recorded history. Odd is also the mentioning of the shroud (presumably of Turin), that has been proven, NOT to be the cloth that was put around Jesus' body. It seems, that Jhannee is not telling the full truth here.

Anderson has a chat with the circle
Anderson is not quite as advanced as Arrian. The reason given, why so many people are coming to this earth now is slightly disconcerting...

Al-kara talks about her life on earth
This is a one-off!

Questions answered by dictation
Not strictly Trance-Mediumship but interesting.

Questions answered by dictation
Same thing - four years later.

Verna - Discussion session
Various subjects.

Verna on meditation
She has a social chat, the subject is incidental.

Jhannee answers questions
Terminated pregnancies.

Beuzan the priest of Stonehenge
A view into history.

Introduction of Sertorius at John Dixon's circle
Sertorius symbolises power and discipline and explains it.


Sometimes the spirits lead a meditation for the circle:
Arrian's meditation on the material world
Relatively light and easy to emulate.

Another meditation by Arrian
Comments by Valerie.

Flower meditation by Arrian
Followed by a Q&A session with the circle.

Philosophy of the underlying spirit
Inflow and outflow and their relation.

Meditation by a high, unknown entity
A bit like astral travel.


Who Betty Foster is
A short history of Spiritualism in Canberra and Betty's involvement.

An evening with Betty Foster
Various aspects of Spiritualism are touched.

An Evening Seminar Talk given in the Hughes Community Centre
Spiritualism explained to the public.

Christmas Church talk by Betty Foster
Not a spirit talk - What Christmas is all about.

New Years Eve Church talk by Betty Foster
Again not a spirit talk.

Some of Betty's spiritual experiences
Another Church talk.

Spiritualism Today
Modern aspects of Spiritualism.

Ka-la on Christmas
Another Church talk.

Church talk through Betty Foster
Highlighting deficiencies of conventional Christianity.

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