We will start with a large ball of light in the centre of the circle. And tonight it is pulsing with pink light, softly pulsing light, out and in. As it gently pulses it is getting bigger and bigger. And now it is surrounding us, this large ball of pink light. Feel the gently glowing light and absorb it. Feel the ethereality of the physical body and feel the underlying unity through this pink light - with each other. This pink light is enabling our guides and helpers to link close with us, and so they are surrounding each one of us - they too are in this ball of pink light. We are all united in the peace and joy that this pink light is bringing us, and this peace and joy will stay with us throughout the evening. We will be able to take a bit of it with us when we go, just be aware of it now.

Silver Moon then came through:

How! Good evening to you.

Tonight I am being taken back to the days of my incarnation. I see our camp fires at night, burning, and the smoke gently drifting skyward. And I think that smoke is like spirits gently wafting as they come back to the material world. For those of us in the ethereal body your existence is not so firm and solid as it is to you. As you see us, those of you who can see us, you see us as finer not so definite beings, and this, too, is how we see your world as we come closer.We spirits have available to us a wide range of activities, we can choose to work in many different spheres. One sphere is to come back to your world and work as I am working now - through a medium - and this is one way we can get information through to you.But there are many parts of the universe in which we can choose to work. There are many planets far distant from you where work is being done. Some of them are only now being formed, others are at different stages of development. Some have plant life, some with animal life, some that are, as you would term them, rocks, and some have water. It is not necessarily water as you know it, you would not describe it as water. You are in a particular manifestation which uses certain chemicals and gases for its life system. Other planets use different chemicals and gases. They are all really but different manifestations of the One, and if you were to examine them closely enough you would see that they, too, are composed of the nuclei and the various particles and they dissolve back to Godness. But the Godness in its infinite variety manifests in different ways in different areas. And we spirits also work in those areas. We, too, can have some effect on this basic substance.

The spirits who are at this level are those who are approaching the point of merging back with the Godness, and so they can work quite closely with the Godness in forming these material manifestations. But even after the material manifestation is formed, we do not desert it. We can still work through the various aspects - there are some spirits who work within the firm framework of the world, dissolving in part, building in others, changing and re-shaping perhaps.There are others who work with the plant-life, helping its change or evolution, and then there are those who work with animal life, and we use the word 'animal' to cover a very wide range of creatures.And then there are those who choose to work with the conscious animal life such as you would term 'man'. Some spirits choose to actually incarnate in these conditions. Some will choose for reasons best known to themselves to incarnate as a group, and this will usually be the creatures which you would call the very primitive. But creatures that are necessary to the maintenance of the world, think, for instance, of your worms. Think of the valuable work that they do. And they will be animated by Spirit in an attitude of service to other aspects of life in that world. All creatures in a world have some purpose, even those which other creatures there would term harmful. And to make things easier let us talk about your world, but understand that my words can apply to all worlds.

Your world is a sort of self-maintaining unit. There are many parts to it and all are inter-dependent, and all have Spirit working through them, Spirit that has different levels of individuality. Those spirits manifesting in man have greater individuality than Spirit manifesting in your lower creatures - the worms in my particular example. So in some cases there is a group soul - in the case of mankind, yourselves, there are individual souls and, naturally, there are intermediate stages between these two. There are creatures in your world, some of which are wild and some are domesticated, such as the small creature over there (pointing to our cat). The ones that are domesticated have more individuality than those that are wild. Now, if you take - on a different level I have explained to you that the Godness is welling up in the individual aspects of manifestation - each of you is like a little bubble of the Godness welling up. While it is not separate, imagine another welling up of Godness which is invigorating, let us say a cat, so there is the welling up of cats, and again you can have small individual wellings up on that big welling up. And they will be particularly the domesticated cats, who have close contact with the humans. Those that are wild will be at a level that is closer to that main welling-up, and so they will not be so individualised - they will operate much more by instinct. The instinct of a wild cat is to hunt for food when it is hungry, your domesticated cat first miaows and hopes that you will produce it. It, too, has this hunting instinct, but in the case of the domesticated cat, it rather reacts to the chance occurrence of, say, a mouse running past. Whereas the wild cat will have to go deliberately to look for such a creature in order to satisfy its hunger. And so the domesticated cat has its basic instincts a bit lower down, and it has learned other tricks to satisfy its hunger.There are spirits who work with the plant-life. They will take delight in producing say, immense trees, there will be others who take delight in working on the dainty, delicate, small flowers, and the mosses and so on. Now, the plants have much less individuality than the animals, and in this case there is the underlying Godness welling-up in the plants, but rather than spirits really invigorating them, they work more on the plants instead of through them, if you can see the difference. Perhaps I might say that the welling-up of the plant life is lower than the welling up of Godness in the animal-life, and so the spirits interested in the plant-life work from the outside, as you might perhaps say, whereas with animals they will tend to more incarnate in them, 'inhabit' them, perhaps I should say. 'Incarnate' has a certain connotation for people.

Now, in your world, man is the most developed and individualised expression of Godness, and these other levels are working in ways to make man's existence possible. Man is at the apex of the pyramid - many things can be read into pyramids, and I guess now that somebody is going to ask me about pyramids - but you can see a pyramid in the build-up of the manifestation of your world and mankind is at the apex in the material manifestation. Man is the juncture between the material manifestation and the Spirit. In the Spirit World you have the upside down pyramid and man is at the tip of both.Those people who are more spiritual, more receptive to spirit influences, can at least sense spirit influences, some consciously sense spirit influences, and some have concepts about those spirit influences. Individual people in your world also have their own needs and these needs can also be superimposed on these concepts, these sensations, these awarenesses, whatever you like to call them. So whereas in reality they have little form or shape, people in your world can put the shape onto them and so they become embodied in some sort of symbol for them. Some people are happier, work better, when they have a definite form which they can understand and relate to, some use a more amorphous form, and we are getting to the point where there are those who can accept the quite formless manifestation. We are indebted to your scientific discoveries and understandings for much of this.Now, your material body also has certain needs and one of those needs is food and its close ally, water. And you have developed systems of deliberately growing your food, your vegetables, your fruits. Now, your world has been so arranged that certain foods and fruits are appropriate for different areas. You need to take into account the climatic conditions of the different areas, and the foods that naturally grow there will compensate and balance those conditions. There are also certain geographical conditions, either influences or the quality of the soil, the humidity, the amount of sun, and all such influences. But, it is possible to take plants from one part of the world and grow them in another part where conditions are somewhat different. Some plants you can't - but there are many plants that can. It may be more difficult to grow them there, on the other hand some things grow much more readily there, it can even get to the point of being a nuisance. And so you increase your work. You need perhaps to produce more water, so may be you have to build a dam to store large quantities of water; there may be certain elements lacking in the soil and so you will have to add those elements. Perhaps they will need shelter from the winds or frosts, or the harsh sun, or the snow, or whatever.

Now, the plant spirit will always have some interest in the plants that are growing, and if you have someone who is more sensitive to spirit influences, they will understand and be able to concentrate spirit in those areas to work on the plants. And the stronger and more developed the person is, the more spirit influence they can attract into that area. And this can help in a large degree in the growing of plants there, plants that are really not suitable to that area. Naturally, also spirit can influence those people to what they should do in order to produce what they want there. They can sometimes give valuable information, particularly perhaps if there is some element missing from the soil, something which may not have been realised by other means.Also these sensitive people can focus the spirit energy to certain things which it is realised are needed, that are lacking, such as rain. And the interaction between the two can set up a cycle of greatly improving the situation. Sometimes certain actions can be taken by people in the material body, can facilitate the work of spirit, makes it more effective.

If people, other people, are attracted to somewhere where this is happening, so that their own progress and development is accelerated, the process will, naturally, increase in scope and in strength. Each person attracted brings not only their material energy but also their spiritual energy, their own guides and helpers. And with the greater desire and intent which each person brings to the project, so the greater spiritual energy is focused there. And the greater desire being manifested on the material level focuses and channels the spiritual energy and influence. And so you can take barren, unsuitable areas and with a great deal of effort both on our side and on yours, you can transform that place. And it may be that you can influence other areas and also transform these areas. These are the ideal conditions. It takes great determination, great perseverance, and it also needs an ongoing impetus so that it does not collapse after the aims have been attained. Always in your material world there is the birth or build up, there is the maturity, and there is the disintegration.

You are presently aware of serious deteriorations in your planet, and many people are working to correct them. They should also call in the spiritual aspects and concern.

It is like a baptism, the negativities are being washed away with your love and concern.

(There was silence for several minutes.)

This process will continue for a little while longer, but I am now ready to answer your questions.

Question: When people are in this reality with monsters and they begin to communicate with each other and to co-operate, do they start to realise a better environment as a group or individually?

Answer: Sometimes it is a group, sometimes you will find that an individual will have this experience, sometimes it will start from an individual and spread to others.

Question: You said nothing is set on the other side, but it seems that loving and giving yourself is a set law on that side. That if you love one another and give of yourself, then you get over a lot of problems on the other side.

Answer: We would not like to describe it as a law, because when you use the word 'law' it implies something which is set down, it also has, for some people, a rather negative concept - of somebody standing there and absolutely insisting that you do, or else you will be kicked out, or something along those lines. It is just the way things work.

Question: Process?

Answer: Yes, process is a good word. It is the expression of the Godness. When you have this attitude the Godness can then work through you more effectively.

Question: These people who have very negative self-image on earth, do you have any suggestions from your side of how we can help them apart from being encouraging?

Answer: This is a very difficult thing to do, because it is so ingrained in them, very often right from babyhood, even if you deliberatively set up positive experiences for them. In many cases - I am not saying in all cases, only in many cases - they will still misinterpret it negatively. Cases are so individual and various, you can try but you will have to play it by ear. Sometimes if you are constantly giving that person compliments, they may sub-consciously realise that by having this negative attitude they can get nice things to happen, and so they will hang on to that attitude instead of adopting a more positive attitude. It would possibly earn them compliments, but they don't realise that, and sometimes these people can be a drain on you and be very demanding. So do your best, but watch out for yourself. There are people in your society who are trained to help those people. They will attempt to help, we will give them that, they do want to help.

Question: How do you do it on your side?

Answer: It is more the growth of the person. We explain about the Godness being in them, and because they don't have such a dense physical body as you have in your material world they have somewhat more sensitive reactions to this.

Question: So you really just wait for the concept to grow in them? To take hold in their imagination?

Answer: That is only a part of it. I am still trying to bring it down into concepts and words for you. Again we find different approaches. You see, we have a far greater scope over here for activities in which such people can start to learn, activities in which they can help others, who they can see are worse off than themselves, that is one way. Without that material body you are just so much more open. You understand that I am talking about those who have already made a couple of steps of progress and are more receptive to us.

Question: Are people able to reincarnate back here from the barren places?

Answer: It can happen.

Question: If they reincarnate, will the guides and helpers of that person come with them into the next incarnation? They would have less contact with the person then.

Answer: It's not that they have less contact - it's that there is less receptivity to their contact. Again, it can happen that they will stay with that person, but it is much more likely that there will be a change of guides, because the guides themselves will be wanting further experiences and they have already had one experience of helping that type of person. That is the usual case.

Question: And that person will come back not knowing that the guides are there, or that they changed?

Answer: Usually.

Question: With the rescue last week of the man being chased by monsters - from what level of his mind did they come from?

Answer: What he feared he put on to the mischievous spirits. So it wasn't entirely his imagination, there was something there, but he put his concept onto it.

Question: Some years ago this medium had a rescue of a Mayan priest. The priest obviously had a very strong personality, he seemed to me to be very devoted, concerned and loving to his people, he was certainly loving in a way to his Golden Eagle God, and yet he spent several hundred years in these barren, bleak landscapes being chased by these demons.

Answer: That was a somewhat different case. He had a concept that he would find his Golden Eagle if he overcame these tremendous obstacles, so he wasn't quite in the barren places I have been talking about tonight. But he was at that level where he was creating his own environment, and he thought he had to go through these kinds of places - they were the most difficult places he could imagine - because he thought his Golden Eagle would be secreted in such places, and that he would have to struggle over and struggle with such monsters and things in order to find his Golden Eagle.

Question: To set a challenge to himself?

Answer: Yes, but he thought that was the kind of thing he would HAVE to do to find his Golden Eagle, and so he presented it.

Question: What is the best thing for us to do when we go across, so we don't get into such places?

Answer: Because of your involvement in this philosophy it is most unlikely that you will. You are already opening up to the influences from your guides and helpers, and that will go with you when you pass over. With the knowledge which we are passing on to you, you should be able to understand these things, and that will be your protection.I think, if you will excuse me, I will draw this evening's procedure to a close. We have emptied our 'swimming pool' and there have been several spirits who have made some progress tonight, and we will be able to help them more effectively.


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