1. Linux is maintained by volunteer programmers who want to help their fellow citizens, are happy for you to install the OS wherever you want, and encourage you to duplicate installation media and pass them on to your friends.
    Windows is maintained by employed programmers who are told what to do by people out to make a profit. They try to restrict how many times you can install a Windows system, how many users you can have, and so on. They disallow copying installation media, calling it "piracy".
  2. Linux allows you to do, what you want to do.
    Windows "knows what you want to do" and acts accordingly - the ultimate nanny system.
  3. Nearly all Linux software is free for personal use.
    Nearly all Windows software (even drivers for unusual add-on cards or integrated systems) you have to pay for.
  4. Hackers love Windows because of its many vulnerabilities (exacerbated by time pressure on the developers to release incompletely tested software), widespread use, and ease of bluffing users into installing some malware. They have a very much harder time with Linux and its users.
  5. Linux needs less resources than Windows. Thus it is common to recycle old Windows PCs by installing Linux on them, thus getting many more years of useful service out of them.
Understandably the powers that dislike Linux try
to restrict its openness as much as they can, even
wanting to cement  restriction into the fabric of html
itself. "DRM" sounds good and geeky eh?
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