Meditation - Computer Assisted

Often people find it difficult to calm their mind, and to concentrate on one point only, when advised to do so in meditation books. Here the PC can be of great help. The following set-up will create a "Ganzfeld" simulation - a new browser window showing an animated (the first 5 and the last one) or static graphic accompanied by some music. You can customise the picture, screen size, background pattern or colour, and the music tune. To get into a meditative state, click on the "Start Meditation" link, look at the centre of the image - don't concentrate however, and listen to the music (adjust the volume to shut out most of your background noise). After a while you should be in the so called alpha state of brainwaves. You might get deeper - to the theta and even the delta states. What you do in these states is up to you. The "Ganzfeld" set-up has been proven to enhance PSI capabilities in virtually all subjects.
This page can only serve as an example for what is possible with this method. If you want to experiment on your own, I suggest you download this page on to your own PC and modify it for your own pictures and music files. Of course you can simply look in full screen mode at any graphic and play in the background any suitable audio file, without the need for html!

Just be sure to invoke spiritual protection, before you start!

Select picture to be displayed:
Coloured ellipses Coloured pentagramma Rot. pentagramma Rot. spiral
Energyspiral Blue Green Red
Black Pattern Coloured Noise Sky
Australian Flag German Flag Latvian Flag Flowing Energy
Local file - prompt follows

Desired screen size:
1280 by 1024 1366by 768 1024 by 768 800 by 600 640 by 480

Select background colour:
Coloured noise Black Red Green Blue Yellow Purple Green-blue White Self-specified - prompt follows

Select background music. The titles in green are deep meditation mp2 files
Instrumental Noise He-ho March March2
Bundeslied Die Himmel Glück Auf Lorelei Württemberg Song
Mockingbird Hill Varen Plasha Rīga Dimd Zilais Lakatiņš Uz Austrumiem
Venceremos Bunt sind Blowing in the wind Šveic Kalnos Siguldā He-ho
Varen Plaša Rīga Dimd Zilais Lakatiņš Lorelei Gamma
Flamme Empor Local file - prompt follows  

Start Meditation Not every browser works on this server: Firefox, Opera and IE work OK!
Stop Meditation Session

Since I don't want to violate any copyrights I have included only self-created images and music sequenced and created by myself. If you want to use your own images or music on your own PC, chose "Local file - prompt follows". You will be asked to enter the URL of the file to select.

The format for images is the following (examples):
For LINUX: file:///home/fred/pics/mypic.gif
For Windows: file:///C:/Pictures/nicepic.jpg
Windows users: Note that backslashes must be replaced with forward-slashes!!!
You can chose files with suffix .gif or .jpg or .png
The format for music is identical, just chose files with suffix .mid, .mp2 or .mp3

Of course you can replace the local URL with any remote one. It is however very impolite to encumber any remote server for this purpose! If you like some image or music on any website, download it on to your own PC and use it from there. It is also much quicker this way!

Technical Notes

Your web browser must be capable of:
Brain Waves:
There are 4 types that are of interst for meditators:
  1. Gamma: 35 + Hertz, "higher consciousness" state.
  2. Beta: 12 to   30 Hertz, normal conscious state.
  3. Alpha: 8 to < 12 Hertz, state of relaxation, improved learning ability.
  4. Theta: 4 to <  8 Hertz, deeply relaxed. Dreamlike awareness.
  5. Delta: 0 to <  4 Hertz, deep sleep, trance.
Here is how to create "deep meditation" mp2s and mp3s from scratch
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