PK Test

This test will reveal, if you have any psychokinetic ability.

Here are 4 buttons denoting 4 possible outcomes of a simple slot machine run. Your task is to press the button that will be the result of the run. Your timing when pressing the buttons will influence the outcome. The script is so quick (1/100 of a second for a colour change), that you cannot possibly do it by dexterity alone. Your subconscious mind must employ psychokinesis (PK) to do the trick. By chance alone your success rate is 25 percent. If after a reasonable amount of tries you achieve a higher than average result, indications are, that PK played a role. In this case you can request a detailed evaluation including mean deviation and calculation of the Anti_Coincidence_Probability (see below).
Note: Problems with Java-Script-interpretation by some browsers are possible. Critical is the capability to interpret the JavaScript method getTime. Please let me know if you detect a browser/computer/Java combination, that does not work with this test! My E-mail address is: My E-mail addr.
You can test your browser's getTime performance here. When you click, the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970 should be displayed. Most browsers show a trailing zero here, which I have taken care of by dividing the time by 10. Any further anomalies will invalidate the test.

Here now the real test:
You were
Success rate
The various colours came up so many times:
Blue Red Green Yellow

Expected Score
Achieved Score
Mean Deviation Sigma
1 to 3 Sigma Boundary
The Anti_Coincidence_Probability is defined as 1 - (the probability to achieve the amount of hits that you did only considering chance). Probabilities are measured as numbers between 0 (impossibility) and 1 (certainty). Results outside the 3 sigma (3 times mean deviation) boundary are extremely significant.

You might have found, that after many tries you actually achieved a lower than average success rate. This is called "negative PSI" and often happens with sceptics who believe that "this stuff doesn't work". Their subconscious mind wants to prove this belief, thereby actually sabotaging it...

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