Are You Psychic?

These test will reveal, if you have any PK or ESP ability.

The test consists of 2 separate ones, the first one is:

The Psychokinesis (PK) Test
Psychokinesis is the ability to influence matter via your mind, giving you capabilities like spoon-bending (Uri Geller), but also enabling your body to perform stunts normally impossible. This test is based on the latter.
The second one is:

The Extrasensory Perception (ESP) Test

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) is the ability to gain information not available through your 5 senses. In this test the computer "thinks" of a colour, which you have to guess.
There are other online tests, for instance:
The Fourmilab Online PK Tests

These are quite entertaining and require your browser to run Java applets,
Neither ESP nor PK are controversial amongst scientists these days. Since the introduction of statistical meta-analysis in the 1980s it could be shown, that the experiments done in the parapsychology departments of various universities prove even beyond unreasonable doubt, that ESP and PK are real.

As with every gift, people are more or less talented. Virtually everyone can be taught, how to read and write notes, but only very few will ever be as good composers, as for instance Mozart was.

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