ESP Test

This test is about extrasensory perception. At the start I have selected one of the colours below. Your task is to guess, which one it is, and to click on the (hopefully) right one. As soon as you guess, I again will select a colour, and you guess again.

After 20 or more tries you can request an evaluation, how you went. At any time you can restart the test from scratch.

You guessed: In fact it was: This is Total Correct: Total:

Tries Total
Expected Score
Achieved Score
Mean Deviation Sigma
1 to 3 Sigma Boundary
The Anti_Coincidence_Probability is defined as 1 - (the probability to achieve the amount of hits that you did only considering chance). Probabilities are measured as numbers between 0 (impossibility) and 1 (certainty). Results outside the 3 sigma (3 times mean deviation) boundary are extremely significant.

You might have found, that after many tries you actually achieved a lower than average success rate. This is called "negative PSI" and often happens with sceptics who believe that "this stuff doesn't work". Their subconscious mind wants to prove this belief, thereby actually sabotaging it...

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