Good Afternoon friends.
I thank you for the opportunity to speak here to you again. You know me by the name of Arrian, and I seek to speak through this medium to bring you encouragement and love as you journey through your life in the Material World. Often it is asked what is the difference between the Spirit World and the Material World? Why are we here if we are spirits?

I would like to tell you that the difference is very small, in reality you are already in the Spirit World, because the Spirit World interpenetrates the material world. It is simply that you see your individuality. Your modern science has taught you about the atoms of which your matter is made up - of the nucleus and the particles around it. Really friends, there is more space in your body than there is matter, and yet, to you, it seems so solid, because that is what you see. And when you shed that so solid seeming body, you change the focus of your attention and so you will see different surroundings. But because you are so used to seeing your material surroundings at first, when you come here, that is what you still see. You will see your friends and your loved ones and they will be in bodies too, and you will recognise those bodies. But as you go beyond that area you will lose your physical form, you will become more like a shining light, like a candle flame. And when you go beyond even that area, you lose even that form and you will merge back with the Godness.

What is this Godness? Godness is the underlying spirit which upholds your material world and all the other manifestations too, both immaterial and material.

Why, you may ask, has God made this world? Why does he allow the happenings in this world to occur? This world is an expression of Godness, He is just bubbling up and manifesting, you just see the surface manifestation, the little crinkles and the bumps. But, because the underlying spirit in you is also a part of Godness, you too, have a hand in that creation.

Before you were born, you agreed, in discussion with your guides, to take on various conditions in your life, and because you agreed to them that is why you can change them. You can change them by your attitude. When you find yourself in certain situations, you can behave in ways which will direct your life that way, or in ways that will direct your life in another direction.

You have a part in all this, too. You have an incarnation in the world and during that incarnation you absorb certain ideas. You take on certain attitudes towards other people, towards objects and when you come into the Spirit World you bring those with you, and so it may be that you re-incarnate because you are so attracted to those material things; perhaps because you are carrying hate toward someone, or towards a group; perhaps you strongly desire something and so you re-incarnate. You do not HAVE to, and this is one of the things that we - this group of guides - wish to bring across to you. It is your choice.

It is when this desire for material conditions is strong, that you are drawn back again here (that is, to the material world) and because you may bring back with you the negative attitudes that you absorbed before, you may express them again. And this cycle will occur again and again, until you can break out from that negativity, until you can love everyone as you love yourself. As the Master, so many years ago said, love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Remember also his teaching on who is your neighbour - your neighbour is anyone who needs help. Your neighbour is someone who doesn't look like you; your neighbour is someone who eats different food, who has different traditions. But that person so different from you, is still an expression of the Godness that is expressing itself through you too. And when you can rid yourself of these negativities, you will experience such an up-pouring of peace and bliss and love, that you will want to spread it everywhere throughout creation, and then you really start to move back to where you came. You will have discarded this mortal coil and when you join us on this side, as you see it, you will quite rapidly pass through the lower areas of the Spirit World and you will go to that area where you are the candle flame. And there you will find such peace and love and bliss.

And often from that area someone will choose to come back into your material world. Can you imagine that sacrifice? That person, that drop of spirit, coming from that rarefied area, coming to a gross material body is making the greatest sacrifice anyone can think of. They come to try to tell you, too, about this bliss and peace and joy. They come to explain to you, that this world is an illusion, a game. Play it with all your heart, but play it in the right spirit. Play it with peace and with love.

Sure, there will be hurts in your life and there will be difficulties. But try to look underneath. Try to remember that it is a game, and if you can keep that attitude, when you shed that mortal body, you will know the real peace and bliss that is available to you.

We would like you all to try to spend a few minutes each day, just remembering that this peace and love is available to you. We know many people meditate and they will say "I can't. My mind is too restless." We ask you only to attempt, because in that attempt you remind yourself that that peace and bliss is there for you to tap, and even just remembering it for a short time will help you.

Now, friends, whenever a group of people meet together like this, you generate a tremendous energy which we see as a light, remember as the master said : Where two or three are gathered together there I am. You are generating this energy and light. This is bringing through spirit, peace and bliss.

Gathered around you now are many spirits from all levels of the Spirit World. They, too, are rejoicing in this energy and the peace that is here. And, as is the custom when we speak with you, we would like you now to spend a few moments and open yourselves up to that.

Sit quietly and just be aware of what is going on around you beyond the veil of your sight. There are spirits there wanting to help you. There are spirits there wanting to bring you love, accept it. Put aside your scepticism. Put aside your doubts and your worries and your sadnesses and for these few moments just accept that love and peace. (There followed a few moments peace for meditation.) As often as you do this in the remembrance of Godness, so will spirits be attracted to you with love and with joy, and you will be refreshed. Farewell.

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