I bring you greetings from all of us on this side of life, as you term it. My name is Arrian, and I am the chief guide of the group working through this medium. I wish to bring you the peace and the blessings of this Eastertide. When you have your great festivals in your world, the vibrations of the joy and peace come up to us and we join in that festival. No matter what the religion or denomination, we can join with you in those great and uplifting festivals.

In the hymn you sang just now, you referred to the decay of matter and to the new life, and this is the message of Easter. You celebrate the grief of the crucifixion of the Master, and then you celebrate the joy of the news of His resurrection. This is the news that we wish to bring to you - that just as you, too, will died in the physical body, as too, will you thereby be released into the joy of the Spirit World, and there you will be welcomed again by many. Thus Easter for you is a mixture. It has the two polarities, just as your lives are full of joys and pleasures, they also are full of griefs and sadness. Accept both - both are gifts to help you release from this material world into which you get so caught up. Frequently people concentrate too much on the griefs and sadnesses and they tend to forget the joyful times. This is natural - we understand that grief can be completely overwhelming, but remind yourselves, too, that there is a joyful side to life. If you have lost someone you will miss them in your material plane, but can you deny them the joy that they experience when they pass over here? And be assured that they are waiting for you. They go to prepare a place for you - if you wish to think of that, take it, and take comfort from it.

One of our aims in working in the material world is to try to bring you to a state where you can feel the joys of spirit. This knowledge is becoming more widespread in your world, and it is something which gives us great pleasure. To you it will seem to be spreading slowly - we can see the speed with which it is spreading. We wish it to spread even faster, and so we try to explain to you about conditions on this side when you come here. We are not insensitive to your problems in the world, but we do promise you that they will pass and you will attain a state of joy and happiness. It is true that if you wish you may return to the material world for further experiences, but we also tell you that whatever you have lacked in the material world, you can, if you wish, experience that over here. And, eventually, you will pass from these material conceptions, you will have opportunities to bring this news to other souls. Many souls come over here afraid and grieving and we experience much joy when we can bring some enlightenment and comfort to them. Try, while you are still in your material world, to pass this message on to those who are receptive, not everyone will want to listen to you, but pass it on where you can.

Pass on the real message of the Easter story : that just as Jesus rose again from the dead and passed into the Spirit World, so will you.

There are many wonderful places here. I cannot find words to describe them all to you. But remember that there is more than just the Spirit World, the world of illusion, whatever you wish to term it, where you can fill out your material existence. There are greater states and more wonderful, and you will return to those places. You came from there once and you will return there again.

Try to understand the illusion of your material world. Your scientists have demonstrated that material is not what you think it is. You get together and you arrange an understood world, and you often get very involved with that understood world and you forget what is underneath it. This, too, we wish to remind you of, also that you can see your world as the chimera that it is, but one in which you need to play your part.

You need to play your part in your material world to your full extent, as the Master did. He took on that role and He played it to its fullest extent, although He knew and understood what was beyond and behind and underneath it. He played His role - so, too, you play yours but remember what is underneath.

Set aside a little time each day to remind yourself of this, this little memory time. It does not matter when, it does not have to be for hours and hours, but just a short period, and in that time your guides, your loved ones, your helpers will be able to come closer to you and strengthen their link with you. Thus, you, too, may find you are developing a psychic gift, so that you, too, can help us in this work of lifting the vibrations of the material world.

There is a change in the consciousness of mankind coming about, and we are only a part of it. There are many approaches, many aspects of it. This upliftment is coming, work with it. Be faithful to us and remember us.

I would like you now, as is our custom, to spend a few moments quietly. Just think of those who come close to you from Spirit, give them your love. Just feel love within and think of them. Some may be willing to show themselves to you, others are more reticent, you must accept that. But quietly now, remember the true message of Easter: That death is followed by a more glorious life and it is your due, it is your honour.

(Pause for meditation)

We come to you with love. We leave you with love. We pray that our love stay with you through the coming days. Tune into us as often as you can. We bring you Peace. Peace, Hope and Joy. And roses all the way.


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