In your world you have a saying : "You can't take it with you." You are referring to money and material possessions of your world. But the question comes then: What can you take with you when you come to this side? You bring with you your beliefs, your attitudes and your psychological attitudes.

What you believe about this side influences very much what you experience here. Most of you have some sort of idea that there will be a judgement and that you will be rewarded for your good deeds or punished for your sins. The first thing that I want to explain to you is that it is you who does the judging. Not the Godness, not some superior being who is far removed from your world and has little understanding, but yourself. You can be very strict with yourself. I am appealing to you to forgive yourself. Do not hate yourself, do not put yourself down. Remember, you, too, are an incarnation of the Godness. Do not put down or decry that Godness. You will have opportunity for reparation for the things you regret, but you do not have to hate yourself because of them. This is a very big factor in your experiences on this side. Do not hate yourself. There are opportunities, many opportunities, for you to make reparation on this side.

I would like to stress that you do not HAVE to reincarnate in the material world to perform your reparations that you may think are necessary. They can be done here (that is in the Spirit World). If you believe that you MUST return time and again to the material world because you have not lived the perfect life, then you will have to return again and again, and again. It is almost impossible for you to lead a perfect life in the material world. Those that do are beings reincarnation from the higher realms who have CHOSEN to incarnate in your world in order to pass on some enlightenment and guidance to your world, who try to lift you up. It is a conscious, deliberate choice on their behalf.

The more that you recriminate against yourself, the harder you will make it for you to begin your work of reparation. Activity on this side is very much performed in an attitude of joy, of love, of acceptance, acceptance of the life you have. But, remember, there is but one life for you, that life continues from one state to the next. It is truly said that you only have one life, but that life can be lived in many states. You will live through many different states until you reach the highest. As some of you know, there is really no higher or lower, or inner or outer, and the concept is very difficult for us to get across to you. So, we will talk of higher states because that way you may grasp and accept more easily what I am trying to say. And eventually you, too, will be reunited with the Godness. It will come for all of you in time.

I am anxious to repeat again what I have said, although probably most people here have not heard this before. You have heard many descriptions of life in the Spirit World, I am anxious that you realize that there are states beyond the one that you usually hear about. There are states where everything is getting finer and less clearly defined. They are not so individualised as you are in the 'first area' of the Spirit World, which is the stage to which most of you will come when you first pass over.

In the first area you can have your surroundings much as you wish them. If you have a desire to live in a golden palace, then you can have that palace; if you have a desire to live in a country cottage with a garden then you can have that too. But eventually you grow out of these things, eventually you start to think "Surely, there must be something else". You start to feel a restlessness of spirit and then you start to see some different things around you. It is your ideas that are beginning to slip away from you and the next stage of the Spirit World is becoming apparent, a stage of life, and of colours. There are so many different colour that you are incapable of seeing them with your physical eyes. They are vivid and they are soft, they are bright and they are dim, and it is truly beautiful. You can slide along the rainbow and you can play with the stars, and you, too, can form worlds and universes and dissolve them at your will.

And ever as you move higher, you are merging more and more, one with another. First with your immediate guides and helpers, and then with another level. It is like the flowers you have. The little white flowers and their stems joining down to other stems, and those stems join on to other stems until they join on to a higher stem and that stem goes on to the roots and into the earth. And eventually, you, too, blend into the earth, the underlying, supporting substance which I refer to as the Godness because you cannot, ever, in the physical world conceive of God. There is no conception of Him and so I use the term Godness to get away from the preconceived ideas which you may have of God.

I would like to repeat to you, it is your ideas, it is your firmly held beliefs that govern your experiences here. I ask you again, accept yourselves and love the Godness that is within you. You do not have to love the things you do. Just think of that inner seed and accept it and express the joyousness of that love and you will be able to express so much more when you come here. You will be able to achieve much more. It will be like missing the first year at school - you can go on ahead and you will be able to help others more around you, because of this joyous attitude which I pray everyone of you may be able to cultivate in spite of all the sorrows which you may experience in your life. This is my prayer for you.

May I, as is often the custom with this medium, ask you to sit quietly for a few moments and just hold on to that thought. The Godness within you and its joyousness, and let it flow through you to one another and especially to those who are not kind to you. Let us have a couple of moments please.

(After a short pause, Arrian speaking softly, more slowly and with great feeling said the following prayer.)
May this peace, which is beyond your understanding, stay with you for ever and ever. May it give you guidance and strength in your life and may you all come at last to that peace and joyousness which we know to be the Godness.


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