Good Afternoon friends.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity of coming and talking to you this afternoon. It is a great honour to be able to come, to try and tell you of things that many of you have wondered about. It is often very difficult to pass on this information to you and our particular approach with this medium (is that) we often give her pictures and she helps us to put those pictures into words which we all hope convey what we mean to the rest of you.

There are many wonders in all the worlds. And many wonders in the world which you inhabit. There are many more in the worlds beyond and in the worlds beyond things are so very, very different that it is difficult to pass on the concepts and we try to do this. The approach we are using is with pictures and impressions. This medium is willing, if there is something you don't quite understand, to talk with you individually afterwards if you care to come and try to clarify some point. Our approach is experimental. It is very much more an interaction between us and this medium that often takes place and it is useful to us to know when we have passed a concept across successfully and when there is still some area of fuzziness and misunderstanding. We will all be very happy to try and clarify things afterwards if necessary. Please don't hesitate to come forward.

We wanted today, to try to tell you about your standing with the underlying spirit. Very often people in your world will have an insight into some problem. They will say "I had an inspiration". The question is, from where is that inspiration coming? They will often say it was a guide, a helper, perhaps some relative who has passed on. But we would point out to you that these inspirations do not come into an empty mind. They come into a mind that is already dealing, or attempting to deal with the problem or puzzle. There is an interaction. If all inspirations come only from our side, you would not develop yourselves, you would not develop the skills for you to use when you come to this side, to help those you have left behind.

Think, what do you mean when you say "I"? "I am sitting", "I am talking", "I am doing this" or "I am doing that". It can refer to you as a material being, to your activities, things you are doing. But it can also be used in a much deeper sense - and notice that I said deeper, not higher, but deeper sense - to mean the underlying spirit that makes you an alive human being. What is that deeper sense of I?

I want you to think of the analogy, and it is not a new one, of the lights of a city. There are many lights and there is one electricity. So there are many people, there are many spirits, and there is one underlying all these. We can use a familiar term, the Absolute. This term should be familiar to some of you at least. So, if you get an inspiration from your guides or your spirits, you are not getting it from someone, or something, who is separate from yourself. You are getting it from an extension, from an extension of the Absolute which extends into you, too. This is the way the interaction takes place. There is activity on all levels, for you to receive these inspirations you have to be doing some work too. You have to be tuning in, you have to be developing, because it is all the one spirit. From my point of view there is no developing to take place, because there is the one spirit, and it doesn't need to develop. But that spirit is filtered in your world, by your bodies, and so from your point of view there is a development that is needed. And so I use a phrase which I think you will be able to grasp.

Creativity is a process you are all involved in. No one process is any greater, more important, than another. You are creating the whole time. Yes, there is creativity which you can see and grasp in your world - when you make things. There is the creativity of music, pictures, buildings, clothes, food. But there is also a deeper creativity. You are creating the conditions of your life. And, as your attitude is, so will those conditions be. This is why it is necessary to hold everyone and everything with an attitude of love, and respect. If you allow resentment or bitterness to creep into your attitude then those are the conditions that will manifest in your life.

Watch the filter that you have, through which the Absolute is manifesting in your world. Keep the filter clean. You will be hurt many times in your life. The filters shut off, one from the other. When you come to this side, the filters become finer and finer and so these hurts are much less possible because there is much greater understanding of one another. Remember an old Chinese saying, Before you judge a man, walk three miles in his shoes. People will hurt you, you cannot go through your life without hurts. But watch the way in which you handle that hurt. There are ways of discharging it that are harmless, ways of discharging it that are harmful. If you cannot really forgive the other person, pretend you have forgiven them. Behave as though you have forgiven them. And you will often and so often, discover that you have forgiven them.

As the Absolute comes through your filter, let it come through. Do not hinder its passage with your resentments and bitterness. And if you cannot get rid of those resentments, there are people in your world who are willing, who would try, to help you discharge them in a harmless manner. If you cannot handle them by yourself, then seek the help of others. But most of all seek the Absolute that is within you. As the Master said, come unto me ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. The Absolute will give you that rest from your resentments and bitternesses.

I can hear you saying; But I am only a human being, I am not strong enough. You are the Absolute. If you can maintain an inner calmness, you will be able to do it. If you can't maintain that calmness, then find some way to discharge what is upsetting you. There are many ways available and if you pray and earnestly desire you will receive the inspiration of which way to go for you. For what helps your neighbour may help you and it may not. By prayer you can bring into your world the Absolute, the calming vibrations. By prayer you can increase these vibrations. By prayer you can clean the filter. There are many methods of prayer and many methods that will keep clean your filter, us e the one that seems right to you. There is no hard and fast rule. Seek and you shall find.

My friends, I thank you again for listening to me. There is all round this room a vast choir, I guess you would term them angels. The ones I am talking about are those from a higher level. You have your friends and helpers here, but about them there is this further choir. A golden choir and they are bringing much energy. This room is a vortex of energy. Would you please sit quietly for one or two moments and absorb that energy.

(After a pause Arrian softly prayed) May this peace linger with you through the days to come.
Thank you.

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