13th July, 1989.

Therese: Good evening.

Ah-So: Allow me to introduce myself to our newcomers. My name is Ah-So and when I was in your world I lived in the country called China and I was a follower of Lao-Tzu. I spent many years meditating in a cave and was looked after by the local villagers. I now do this work as recompense to the world for all that I received during that incarnation.

Now, tonight, I am going to try to explain to you how this circle functions. Now, you know that there are several guides attached to this medium. Now, if I may break a rule of ours, I may describe the "highest" guide as being Arrian. As most of you know, we have explained that over here there is no higher or lower, it is all one. But we sometimes have certain concepts to get across to you, and it is very difficult to do so without introducing these relational terms because you have these concepts. It is one of the things that is extremely difficult to convey across to you, because of the difference in perception, the concepts and understanding of you still in the material world and those of us over here. In your world you usually have a hierarchical society, over here we do not - it all just operates. You see, there are so many manifestations of the one spirit that wherever there is a need there is someone to fulfil it, and because we are manifestations of the one spirit communication is so easy.

Arrian has many important matters to deal with and he does not often speak through this medium. Sometimes he does. You see, it is very much more difficult for him to handle the material vibrations than it is for those of us who have more recently passed over. So then we have the rest of us. There is Sertorius, Wung-Lo, Silver Moon, and Verna and myself, we are the principal communicators. This medium of course, like the rest of you, also has some helpers who vary from time to time. The most important one for her is her grandmother, her father has also taken some interest and there have been two or three others.

Now, since over here, we have no time as you know it in your world, one of the many questions which we are often asked is: "How do you know when it is going to be circle time?" Well, we usually pick that up from the vibrations of the medium. But we are also attuned to the seven day cycle and so we just, in a way, sense when a certain amount of your time has passed. And we usually then make a point of all of us gathering around the medium together. There is always at least one of us with her, but on circle nights we all gather, even though not all of us will be making contact or speaking through.

Now lets see. In addition to us there are also a few others - sort of general helpers. There is Ambrose, who I believe has spoken with you, he was a crusader. In addition to him there are two other spirits, now, those three take it upon themselves to make sure that no unwanted mischievous spirit can disturb the evening's proceedings. If you like, you can imagine the area of your circle as a clear open space: we put the barrier around you so that only those spirits whom we wish to communicate can come through. At your request we place the golden circle of light around you, and other spirits may stand by that ring and observe the proceedings. Sometimes the guides and helpers of those other spirits will also come and they will often seek to take advantage of the energy that builds up to help their soul - the one they are looking after.

There are also many spirits who have not specifically attached themselves to someone in the material world, if you like you can think of them as freelancers. They will join in wherever help is needed to give a little bit of extra energy, general assistance or whatever is needed. We often have these free-lancers visiting your world too. They will help someone who has a bit of an emergency, someone who is not well, or having a difficult time. You will very often find a free-lancer present at a birth giving that little bit of extra support to both the mother and the new baby. We have some of those around too.

Now, we gather, and the guides and helpers of all the sitters also join with us, we make a ring around you and we focus the energy into the circle for you to use for the evening's proceedings. Those of you who have been coming for a while will know that from time to time we give you a meditation and it usually takes the form of the energy building up and taking you through the roof. And we have you imagining the energy spreading around your world. This is one way in which you can assist your world with all its difficulties and its joys and pleasures. We do not only focus on the difficulties of your world. Remember there are many joys and pleasures too. You should always remember them. So, you may ask: "What is this energy?" Well, if you can imagine your world as a solid sphere - its not really solid but it seems solid to you so we will call it solid - and around it there is the atmosphere. Now, if you will bear in mind that no analogy is perfect - we are going to use that analogy to enable you to picture the Godness, and around the Godness there is this atmosphere of energy. It is - you might perhaps think about yourself, the different layers in yourself - the outer layer, the molecules are a little different to the ones in the middle. Then this relationship is something like that - the energy is an emanation of the Godness. And, if we wish, as we get together as a group, we can focus our energy into the centre. You might like to think of the spotlights on a performer on the stage. Where two or more spotlights converge together, that spot on the stage will be very much brighter. You will also have some areas that are a little less bright and around that there will be areas that are less bright still. It is something like that. We can focus our energy into the centre, and this is why we always say that you sitters, too, have contributed to the evening's proceedings. Even if you have not spoken or done anything, you have still contributed because you have brought your guides, your helpers, your energy with you and that has been put into, shall we say, circulation in the circle. It has given us that little bit more energy.

Now, you may say: "All right, if we are all a little bit of the energy from the Godness, how come that we are individual spirits?" This is one of 'those' concepts again. Underneath all you are all united, you are all linked. But the personality you have developed in the material world persists after you have discarded the material body. It persists partly because of its memories of the material world and the people still in it, but also because of the memories of the people still in the material world. It is that bit of interaction between the two that keeps that personality functioning in the Spirit world. And as people forget that personality, so the person becomes, in a way weaker, spreads, becomes more "pervious", it blends with other spirits around it. And this blending and merging comes on and on, until you are back in the Godness. What you refer to as progression is simply an expansion. And so those of us who gather around you in the material world, if you wish to use the concept, who have not 'progressed' all that far. We readily acknowledge that. This is why I said to you earlier that someone like Arrian will have greater difficulty coming into a medium. They require greater energy in order to concentrate their personality and in order to slow down their vibrations, so that they can 'take on' a material form. They always need a great deal of energy to do this, and it is some considerable sacrifice on their behalf, a greater sacrifice than it is on our behalf. But we have started this process of expansion. In a way we have deliberately slowed it down in order for us to continue working with the people in the material world. We still have some concerns for the world we have left, although those concerns occur to us only periodically and intermittently, unless someone deliberately calls us for help. Now, when one of the medium's guides wishes to communicate through the medium, of course, there is no great difficulty. Guides have similar vibrations to the aura to the medium. People very often comment that guides speaking through a medium have a similar personality. Of course there has to be some similarity in order for the vibrations to match so that the auras can mesh. So that process is, of course, fairly simple because the guide will come into the medium's aura, and with the co-operation of the medium the guide can impress his thoughts and concepts onto the brain of the medium and so use the voice box of the body.

We often have more difficulties when we are doing a rescue. Rescues are souls who have left the material body, but who are clinging to the material life situation. Very often they do not realise they have left the material body. Sometimes they do realise but will insist on trying to persuade those they have left behind to behave in certain ways. Sometimes they will have such rigid concepts of life after death, for instance those who believe they are going to sleep until the last trump, that they block out what is actually here. And so their expansion and merging cannot take place - they are 'cramped in', they are 'turned in' on themselves. Other rescues are people who died in very traumatic ways and have set up some vibration of fear, or perhaps they keep re-living that death, in which case it will just keep going on, over and over, so much so that their guides cannot get through to them to explain and introduce them to the new conditions. There are various tricks which guides can use to get over this difficulty. But if the soul or spirit has set up very strong, rigid, inflexible ideas they can do it to the point where the guides cannot get through to them. They may see their guides, they may hear what is being said, but block it out. You know how some people in your material world can block things out - you can talk to them till you are black in the face, but they cannot hear what you are saying. Well, it is like that too with some people when they come over here. They just completely block out, reject what is being said to them. So, these are the rescue cases. Now it is often very difficult to get a rescue case to come through and speak through a medium. Again, we can sometimes adopt subterfuges, we can dress up and pretend to be someone in the little scenario which they may have built around them, or something like that, and we can trick them into coming into the circle and into entering the medium's aura. Usually, once we have got them that far, there is no great difficulty because they feel at home in the material body. Sometimes things are much more difficult. We have had cases where the group of us have had to get around the rescue case and more or less force the soul into the medium's aura. You know, "We have ways of making you be rescued" sort of thing. Any of the experienced sitters in this circle will be able to tell you how difficult it can be at times to break through a very rigid belief system. To our newcomers we do have some transcripts which you are at liberty to read. This rescue work is usually successful, if not because of the efforts of the sitters, then simply by getting the spirit into the material body slows down their vibration, and we can very often get through the spirit in that state. We find that sitters who come to circles are concerned, loving souls who genuinely wish to help, and so it is rare that they cannot help a rescue case - it does happen occasionally - and the biggest factor in their help is the love and concern which they give that spirit. Many of them feel guilty or unworthy for some reason, and receiving the love and concern which they are given in the circle very often by itself will do the trick. I trust, you will understand too, that when you have built up the energy in a circle, it can be used for healing. Now, usually the medium being more sensitive can channel the energy through her body to the others. But it is also available much more strongly to the sitters in the circle to use in a similar way. And this is a prime and an optimum time for you to do absent healing. Just think of the name as it is said and your energy, your love, your concern, links up with the person in the circle who actually knows that person who is being prayed for, and so greater energy can be sent to the person. The energy can go more or less directly through the air because the molecules of air are so fine there is very slight hindrance to material objects, but it is slight and is not strong enough to really hinder the healing energy. The healing energy is different to the energy that is forming in material molecules, it is very similar but there is a slight difference to it. So there is a little hindrance from the material molecules, and this is why absent healing is a little less effective than actual presence healing. And it does depend in some degree on the strength of the picture that you can form of the person. The more clearly the linkage person can form the picture in their mind of the sick person, the more clearly, the more direct the energy can flow to that person. Now, when you have a group of regular sitters the linkage person does not have to be present in the circle. As tonight you have some people who are absent, but still their friends whom they have put on your healing list still receive the energy from them, because we can link up with them. Their vibrations are still with them, and so the energy can still be directed to the patient.

You may be wondering perhaps, what is the golden light with which we make the golden circle of protection around you. It is simply a specially - how can I put it - a special vibration of energy which we build up. You might like to describe it as a faster rate, it might be a bit denser. And again, each of the guides and helpers who come with you will contribute to that. In addition to that golden band your increased energy - how can I put it - you have the stronger energy in the centre of the circle. Now, there is not a sudden cut off of vibration of the energy, it is a gradual diminishing, and so over the circle you will have rainbow colours too and those rainbow colours also help with any of the lost or unhappy souls who are attracted. So you might have immediately around you this golden circle of protection, but then beyond that there is another area of vibrating colours, and, as you know, certain vibrations can heal, certain vibrations can be harmful to those of you in the material world. But the rainbow colours that come from the spiritual energy are the healing kind, and so the lost and unhappy souls can absorb that healing vibration from those colours too. And that will, sort of, automatically help them in much the same way as giving a malnourished child food will, over time, increase that child's health. So these souls who are in a way starved of spiritual vibrations can rejuvenate themselves, can become stronger. And so, just meeting together like this can help many, many spirits and souls on this side, even though you are not aware of it. It is a sort of automatic thing coming from the love and concern and your interest in matters more than the material world in which you are so involved. And when you come to close the circle that rainbow energy is contracted, it concentrates back into the golden ring and we place a little of it round each of our sitters and so the whole arrangement gradually and gently dissolves. Those watching souls will gradually drift away, some now listening to their guides and helpers, some somewhat refreshed but still with quite a way to go before they really start their progress. Until we feel again the vibrations of our own circle, in the meantime we go about other tasks and interests. Some to amuse themselves, to indulge in desires from the material world, others to work with the lost souls, others to teach those who are ready to listen and others to progress on their own expansion and merging into the deeper bliss, which I promise each and every one of you, will eventually be inexorably yours.

I have no doubt that some of you will have some questions you wish to ask. You may do so now, if you wish.

Norman: Is communication between you and our individual guides possible, if requested?

Ah-So: This does happen. I do not guarantee that we will always communicate with your guides. Sometimes your guides may not want to communicate with us. So, it can happen.

Guy: Take the very highly advanced souls, such as Jesus or Buddha, people of that type. They would be, we presume, pretty well merged into the Godness. It is possible for such souls to "reassemble" their personalities sufficiently to come and manifest here through a medium or appear as materialisations or apparitions. Because he has virtually dispersed, the Buddha is no more. Can the Buddha be reassembled?

Ah-So: He probably could if the Buddha so desired.

Guy: So there is still individual consciousness left?

Ah-So: If the Buddha so desired. But they have, as you rightly surmised, expanded and merged to a great degree. Mainly what is keeping them with what little manifestation they have left, or what little resemblance they still have with their earlier earth manifestation, perhaps I should say, is the thoughts and the prayers of the people in the material world. You may perhaps remember that they have reached a state of desirelessness, and so the desire to actually speak through to the material plane is not really there. So the possibility is really hypothetical.

Guy: In the case of Buddha perhaps so, for that was his teaching, but what in the case of Jesus?

Ah-So: He, too, is in much the same state. Because of the great merging that is taking place he is barely at the level of some semblance of manifestation.

Norman: The answer to that last question has great implications for some teachings being banded around these days. One argument says that Christ will return to earth. Will this be a material return or a spiritual return?

Ah-So: What is there to return? What is there that is left?

Norman: Some people believe the return to be a spiritual one, and others a physical one. Which belief to accept is entirely up to the individual.

Ah-So: He has never left, because the entire universe is made up of one substance, and as you merge back into the Godness you are everywhere.

Norman: How do these things come about then - when people think they see indications that Christ will come tomorrow. Such teaching makes nonsense of it.

Ah-So: I'll leave it to you to judge. It depends of course on what you mean by 'Christ'. Do you mean The Christ or do you mean Jesus? The Christ, is merely a state of mind, a state of awareness or consciousness. Jesus was someone who had that permanently.

Guy: You said that when an entity or guide, such as yourself at the moment, enters a medium's aura you now are able to impress on the medium's brain images and thoughts of concepts or whatever you want to convey. Now that has been hotly debated among philosophers here for years and years. How can such an impression take place? Can you help in explaining how does the discarnate mind operate on the physical brain? It is a mind boggling problem for philosophy.

Ah-So: The discarnate spirit enters the aura, the medium's aura permeates the medium's body. The discarnate spirit enters the aura and consequently the discarnate spirit's ideas, thoughts, if you wish, and can be conveyed along the vibrations of the aura into the brain.

Guy: So its basically no different from the medium's own discarnate spirit operating on her brain? The same process? But there is this gap, how does the disembodied mind operates on the embodied brain?

Ah-So: Through the vibrations of the aura.

Guy: In other words, the brain is nothing but a vibration, and the aura is nothing but a vibration, and so is the mind, so one vibration impresses and modifies another vibration.

Ah-So: Very nicely put. I knew I could rely on you.

Guy: That has puzzled our academics for years and years. Thank you.

Ah-So: That puts in place much quicker.

Angie: I would like to know what the future of this planet is.

Ah-So: The planet will go on. We have said before that this planet is coming to an end of its usefulness for its inhabitants at the moment. You do not have to worry about great cataclysms and disasters, the world at present is no more disturbed or upset than it has ever been in its history. It seems to be to you, simply because you hear about all of it. We would wish you not to focus on all these predictions of great disasters. I repeat, it is no worse now than it has ever been. There will always be changes in your world. There is a new type of soul coming into it. If you look back at the history of your world you will see that there are periods when there has been a leap forward. One of those times is coming now, but there is no need to worry or fear, it will be so gradual that people will hardly notice. It will only be when someone in a few hundred years looks back and will say "Oh, at that time there seems to have been a tremendous change". Do not be afraid. Nothing can harm the real you, and when you shed your body you will be so relieved, I wish you to have no fear.

Guy: Ah-So, from what you have just said, is it really correct to speak of a leap forward in all this, is it not simply one pattern replacing another?

Ah-So: Yes. You could put it like that.

Guy: Is there actually a progress in the whole thing?

Ah-So: You are quite right, perhaps I should have said 'change'. Its just that in the relational terms of your world you think of it as progress. It is usually progress in your material objects.

Guy: You basically say that this old spiritual concept of progress, or evolution, does not really hold.

Ah-So: Well, since each of you is a little drop of the Godness, what is there to progress? Is not Godness already the Godness?

Guy: The concept that the human race as such is becoming more Godlike, getting " higher" if you like, or more "God conscious". We interpret that as progress, is there such a thing?

Ah-So: Do you mean a specific race, or man-kind as a whole?

Guy: Human-kind as a whole.

Ah-So: If you take it has a whole and average it out, has it really changed?

Guy: It doesn't seem so.

Ah-So: Statistically, significantly? (mocking the mediums statistical studies).

Guy: You ask the medium that.

Ah-So: She told me to say that.

Guy: In other words, is the human race today closer, say to God than it was 2,000 years ago?

Ah-So: You mean the physical brain part of it?

Guy: The consciousness with which we function in this world.

Ah-So: Its like the curate's egg - parts of it have. But that is how it has ever been.

Norman: And is it how it will always be?

Ah-So: In your world, yes. Your world will never be perfect. Because of the nature of its materiality there will always be conflict between the different parts of it. The people in it have a greater individuality. And as that individuality decreases through lives, lessens, so there is less conflict.

Norman: So it all comes down to a state of perpetual change.

Ah-So: I think I will leave you with my blessing for tonight.

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