Imagine in front of you, a flower. I want you to picture it in every tiny detail. Start with the stem and stalk. Look at it. Look at its shape and colour. Look at the length of it. Look at the leaves that are there. - What shape are they? - How thick are they? - What do they feel like? Are they smooth or prickly or hairy?. Are they round or long? Are they indented or are they soft? Now look at the flower itself. Look at its general shape, look at its colour, look at each petal, how many petals (are there?), can you see the veins? Are there spots? See the very centre of the flower. Are there stamens there? Is there pollen? Is there nectar? Go right into the centre of the flower and look at the nectar. Feel the flower all around you, feel the pollen, smell the scent and taste the nectar. Taste the nectar on your tongue and follow it as it goes within you. Go within you deep. Go within you deep. Go within with the nectar and go within.

We have just gone through the pinhole into another space, into the broader consciousness. Behold, the other side of the pinhole is space. Immense space. You are out in space, moving through space, moving closer and closer to the centre of all there is. But that centre is yourself. As you go through the pinhole within yourself so you expand into all that is. Look down and see the galaxies shining within your body. Look up and see the galaxies in your body. Look to either side and see the space and galaxies that are within your body. You are the deep joy that comes from feeling this space and your expansion and the freedom from the body. Remember, this is the way to go, go within. Do not be attached to the body, just go within and expand outward to Spirit, that is all you need. Go direct to Spirit. You need no other instruction. No other pathway, no other method. Go direct to spirit.

Keep everything simple. Don't be side-tracked. Man always makes things complicated. Don't fall into that trap. Just go straight there.

You see spirit is in all of you. YOU ARE SPIRIT. As long as you think that there is separateness, all will be tension. Think of unity. Think of oneness. Can you feel what we are trying to say to you? There is only ONE and you are ALREADY a part of it. You are not separate from spirit. You are already THERE. Just listen to my words, do not try to reason about it, just let my words go through to your deeper layers. As soon as you start to reason you will put yourself there again, your material self, it doesn't really exist. You use it just to be able to work in the material world - keep it out of the way while I speak. You get so wrapped up in this material world. We are trying to take you beyond it - NOW. So let my words flow - just absorb them. Don't reason, don't think about them.

You were never separate from Spirit. You are to Spirit like the flames on your sun which flare up and arch over, but never really separate (from it), and this is how you are. You ARE Spirit. There is no progress to be made. There are no exercises to be mastered - all these things just emphasise the material body more, we want you to discard them, let them go. Let them go.
They are the dust in the wind.
You are the wind.
You are everywhere.
You are peace.

Can you feel a material personality as insubstantial? It is like a garment, or a cloth over you, a very fine diaphanous cloth, blow it, and it goes away. You are the cloth. You are the breath that blows it away. You are the spirit within you.

Your material body has a form, see that form now. It is just a light, see the atoms of that shell in that light. See the space in those atoms. The body and the personality don't exist. YOU ARE free. You are Spirit. You are already that void. Feel that void. If you feel it, you are everything. Feel that extension. There is no limit to you. Feel the joy. Feel everyone within you. (Pause for several minutes).

Now see that pinhole in front, and again you will go through it. You will bring the focus of your attention to this material world again. Feel your body, you know now that it doesn't really exist. You know now, that it doesn't really exist, that you are more than this body, more than this personality, but you are going to focus back in on that personality again. You have tasks to do in this personality, and you will come back to them now. You will be back with the world now. You will feel your body, you will feel your bones, you will feel your head. You will feel the pressure of the seat you are sitting on. And you will stretch and be fully focussed again in this REALITY which you have all agreed upon for the time being. The time will come when you can permanently leave it but that time is not yet.

Would you care to tell me what you felt?

In reply to a comment from a sitter about a 'star' which she had seen during the meditation:
You can use that as your meditation focus. When you meditate put it in front of you and it will help you to concentrate your thoughts. You can also use it as your 'pin-hole to go through. Use it in that way when you meditate. You can use that technique of going through the 'pin-hole' as your meditation. But please do not do it when you are in bed at night. You can do it in the morning when you wake up, but not when you go to bed at night. You may do it before you go to bed, you may sit in a chair, and do it then, before you prepare for bed. You should not spend the entire night in that state at your stage. set limits so that you bring yourself fully back to your body before you sleep. If you do it in the morning there is that limit, because you have to get up. You must always have these things under your control, and if you go to sleep in this state it is not under your control.

Question: Are we too open then?
Answer: Yes. If you practice this for limited periods during your life you will be more easily able to shed it when your time comes. But while you have a physical body it must be under the control of the physical personality. You have taken on that physical reality for a reason and you must work out that reason. You must have everything in balance as we keep telling you. Everything that you do in this circle is a preparation for what comes next. It is not only the opportunity of being given these things. There is also the responsibility to pass them on. Now this does not mean that you are to immediately go round telling everybody - that would be the worst thing you can do. But, at some point in your life, you will be in a situation where it is appropriate for you to pass these things on to other people. This is the way it will spread through the world, and conditions in the world can be lightened in this way.

Always be prepared to pass on what you receive, but you have to be tuned to the right stage. The opportunity will come, always be patient. Because if you receive and do not intend to pass on you are stopping the 'flow' of Godness and you, yourself, will stop with that.

There are changes coming to this material world - we are not predicting a 'holocaust' by any means. Holocausts have been predicted for the past four thousand years and we have already pointed that out to you, but it hasn't come about yet, at least we don't think it has come about.

There have always been catastrophes in your world, no matter how far back you go. They are no fewer now than they have ever been. We are talking rather of a lifting of the souls, of a changing of the souls coming in. There is a new type of soul coming in, it is coming very gradually in your terms, and it has to do with the mixing up of the races, and so this message can be brought through more openly, because the souls going on can take it with them. But it will still be there for the others. Nothing can ever stop it. It is always changing, it is always at flow.

The new type of soul coming in is a different type. If you look back at the history of your world you can see where there have been qualitative changes in the type of people born. There have always been a change, an opening up.

Dorothy: Do you mean around times like when Jesus was on the earth?
Arrian: That was one point.

Dorothy: Is that why, before and after that event, there was such a lot of turmoil?
Arrian: There has ALWAYS been turmoil in your world. There always will be. But if you search and look, you will see that at certain points there have been qualitative changes and you are on one of those points now. There are not going to be any great dreadful disasters and things. It is gradual, if you like, evolution. There are many physical worlds which are inhabited. Remember that you do not have to come back in a physical body. It is all just experiences for the Godness.

Let us for a few moments pass the energy around the circle and then I will be gone. Just pass from one to the other. This will strengthen your aura.

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