Focus your attention in the centre of the circle. Seeing there, growing, a ball of energy. And this ball of energy is expanding and growing bigger until it encompasses you all. This is energy from Spirit, it is your safe cocoon and together we will go sailing in our cocoon.

Feel, now, our cocoon rising, slowly, through the ceiling - we are all carried together upwards. As you are rising towards the stars, feel your guides and helpers with you. Feel their presence. Feel their rejoicing at your openness to them. Feel this joy within you too and picture how you wish to express that joy. It is the joyful bliss of the Godness welling up within you. Feel the joyful shout as we all shoot upwards like a comet, leaving a trail of joy behind us. Feel our cocoon now shooting through space, deeper and deeper. Shoot upwards like stars through the space until we come to rest in a shining, golden-green, place. From this place you can see the universe below you. (At this point the style of delivery changed from being calm to quite sharp and forceful.)

You are part of the Godness that spreads throughout space, throughout all space, from your world upwards and outwards, ever outwards, without end. You are a part of it. You are more than this body that you see yourselves inhabiting. You are concerned with the body and with its material surroundings, this you cannot avoid for the time being but do not think that that is all there is. Do not think that that is all there is to YOU. You are more, much more. I wish you could feel this expansion and to keep your daily concerns in their true perspective. Something which your surface personality has to do but remember within that surface personality there is the real YOU a speck of the Godness and yet that speck of the Godness also encompasses the whole of the Universe. This, I know, is not logical to you when you are using your material brain with its material logicalness. But in the spirit that logicalness does not work it is quite different. You have a set of your basic laws for the material world, for your expression in that material world. But the Spirit World to which you have access doesn't work like your material world. It is like the ko-ans, it is illogical to you. It is something that can only be experienced. I could talk to you non-stop for a hundred years and yet I could not get the concept across to you. I seek to awaken you to the knowledge that these things are there. To free from expecting rigid 'such and such' laws and expectations. I wish you to become freer and more flexible. When you return to your material body, I know you will have to obey these laws of causality as they exist in your world. But already those laws are being challenged, people are beginning to realise that there is more, that things are not so. It is like peeling the layers off the onion and when the layers are all peeled away then you will know there is nothing there anyway.

Now, when your thinkers and your scientists reach this point where they are peeling away the inner core of the onion of knowledge, zzz the souls in your world can grasp and understand, that will be set free. Your world will become completely different. It will obey different physical laws. There are many layers to the onion it will seem for a long time yet that every time a layer is peeled away and understood, that there is yet another one there. But your thinkers and well on the way to that inner core. It will not happen in your life-times. The material universe will appear to change as these things become known and understood and applied. They will be applied by and to and with people. It will lead to an understanding of consciousness and what is beneath it. And that is when there will be an end of your world as YOU KNOW IT. But the end of the world not by cataclysms and disasters but it will change. The change will be imperceptible at first and gradually zzz people will hardly realise it. It will only be when they look back and say: 'At that point it started to change.' You can look back now on your history and you will see points at which there was a change in consciousness. There is such a point approaching but it is not the final point. There is a change in consciousness coming in your world. There will be more upheavals but they will pass and there will be a new attitude towards the world and towards each other, towards man, animals and all manifestations in your world, in your solar system, in your universe. Everything is always evolving, it is never static. It is always changing. Do not be afraid of the change, remember the real you can never be harmed. It is like an actor playing a part, if you wish you can think of it amusing itself playing this part, by taking on this game, just as your children play games, they pretend they are grown-ups and so on. They can take a piece of wood and pretend it is a horse, a box and it is a space-ship. it is much the same with your spirit.

But as your scientists and your thinkers are bringing things up to the surface so the consciousness of people is being changed and you are shedding the tremendous concern which you must have with the pure, physical, existence. Every scientific discovery in your world, expands consciousness a little bit more.

One of the turning points was the realisation of electricity and what it could do. Another turning point was when man discovered that the world was a sphere instead of being flat. And you are now approaching another of those turning points. There is a gradual build-up coming from different sides, but it is all contributing and one day it will fall into place as another of these expansions of the human concept. Individual spirits break free from the earth as the realisation is made. You do not have to be in a physical body, the realisation can take place in the Spirit World, in fact it usually takes place in the Spirit World and that is when the shackles to the material world are broken and the Spirit breaks free. But what is coming is this conscious change which will spread over the earth and then there will be mass freedom for the individualised souls and with that massed freedom will be the mass realisation of the truth of the underlying spirit. And that will be like a spiritual super-nova. This much I can tell you but what is beyond that you do not have the concepts to grasp and change. Do not worry if you do not understand what I have been saying, I am planting the seed within you and in time that seed will work, it will grow and flourish. Do not be concerned with attaining these things, they will all come if you are willing to let go, to enjoy the things you have in your material world, there is no reason why you shouldn't.

But do not let your aims be concerned purely with the items of the material world. There are other things to aim for and to be aware of. Yes, you can go in two directions at once, you can look after your material world, you can also work with the - I am thinking of something much greater than the Spirit World - I am trying to bring you through and beyond what you mean by the Spirit World. So many people get caught up and do not go beyond that Spirit World teachings that you have. These teachings are true and they are necessary. There are many souls in your world who are badly caught up in your world And they will have the Spirit World as usually described to you but there is more beyond that. Perhaps is should be that there is LESS beyond that because beyond that it is pure energy - I just cannot describe it. But it is greater than the Spirit World. It is formless, it is bliss, it is light and colour and sound and everything. The things of your material world are as dust compared to it and the things of the Spirit World are as grains of sand compared to it.

Look beyond the concepts of the Spirit World that are given to you. You will experience the Spirit World we hope that when you join us there, you will have more understanding and will work with those souls that have not yet gained that understanding, that you will help to spread it to them, but do not get caught up in the Spirit World zzz there is greater yet than that. And you can have great peace in the Spirit World I do not seek to diminish that in any way. But there is yet more for you. If you will now sit quietly, the spirit guides will come close to you. Open yourselves to them and you may have a glimpse of what I am trying to teach you. Just be receptive to us.

(There was silence for several minutes, then speaking very quietly and gently the sitters were brought back.) Come back into the cocoon. The cocoon is gently coming back to earth. It is entering the solar system - by- passing the sun. It has now reached our earth. It is now over our country - our city. It is gently coming down to the roof of this house bringing you back here. Feel the strength of your bones, and the blood as it circulates round your body. Feel the firmness of the chair and the solidness of the floor. Stretch gently and when you are ready, wake again to this room. (I had some difficulty in coming back to 'earth' myself. So, for a while, I was given some psychic impressions which I passed on to the sitters. Each item was accepted by one of the sitters. These items were just for identification and a bit of evidence of spirit contact, it was not clairvoyance or prediction. By the end of this I was fully back to earth.)

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