Anderson: How is everyone? I haven't seen you for ages have I?

Gina: Who is this?

Therese: Anderson.

Anderson: It's nice to know someone remembers me. I thought I'd come and give you all a progress report. Well, he's been born. Did I tell you he's a Negro?

Gina: No, you didn't. Who?

Anderson: My medium! Don't tell me you've forgotten.

Gina: I don't think I was here that night.

Anderson: Yes. So Harold who's my fellow guide, he's also a Negro, you see, but I couldn't pronounce his name. So I christened him Harold. I don't suppose the medium will have much trouble with him. So, we were there when he was born and we've got him a doorkeeper. Actually it's a young boy, he was about ten when he came over, and he's decided that for the time being he's going to keep that image because he thinks it will be friendlier for the boy, you see. And - em - so there's the three of us, and him. He's kicking, he's discovered he's got feet, so he's very intelligent. (General laughter) We've sort of been talking to him and doing our best to give him certain ideas. His mother gets a bit puzzled at times but she will get over it.

Gina: Did you talk to him before he was born?

Anderson: Yes, we did. We had quite a discussion. There's always lots of discussion before you are born you see. The problem is that once you are born you forget the discussion, you see. Anyway, he is at the moment in a country town in the middle of America but we want him there until he's grown up, until his mid-teens, when we will move him to a city where there will be opportunities for him. His parents are rather religious, but they are not that sort of very rigid type of religious. They've got their ideas about things but they're a bit free and easy about it - they don't go overboard. So that should give him a good grounding. He's going to go into a technical type of career. You see, we thought that this would balance things out, so he can be sort of up in the clouds, but having to have technical abilities and technical things in his career, it will balance him out.

Gina: You've got to have you feet on the ground to make things work.

Anderson: Exactly. So the two extremes, you know, he'll be in the middle, the see-saw. It'll work with him I think. So what we have promised to do is to line him up with a nice young lady, who will support him in his work.

Gina: How old is he now?

Anderson: Three months. I told you he was intelligent, he's discovered his feet already. You wait until he's a bit older though, his mother's going to be wondering what she's got, with us around.

Gina: Imaginary playmates?

Anderson: Yes, he'll have a few playmates around. You know, it's not going to be too extreme, we don't want to get her a bit nervous about things, we've got to play it right. His dad's a salesman for a - em - what do you call it? Sells farm machinery. Ferguson I think it is, something like that anyway. So you know, they are settled and comfortable, they're not scratching for the last penny. But they are not going to be over rich either, just comfy I think.

Gina: Has he got any brothers or sisters?

Anderson: Not yet.

Gina: Will there be?

Anderson: Well, at the moment that is the plan, but, as you know, these plans can change. But at the moment it is likely that he will have a brother and a sister as well. We'll just see. All that depends on his parents too, you know. Anyway, we'll see how it goes. As you know, nothing is set and laid down so there is always that bit of leeway. Well, what have you lot been getting up to? (Turning to Debbie) There's a new face. How are you?

Debbie: Good, thank you.

Anderson: I'm Anderson.

Debbie: I'm Debbie.

Anderson: How do you do, Debbie. Pleased to meet you I'm sure. I just drop in occasionally. You see, I wanted to get into this line of things, and this medium's guides were very good and they helped me to come through and talk a few times. And I went away and talked with my guides and so we decided, yes, I was going to be a guide, you see. I'm just bringing them up to date on me medium. So, nothing exciting happening?

Gina: Only boring mundane realities about being stuck on earth.

Anderson: Oh well, you'll get over that some day. Yes, its just the in between bit that you've got to worry about, isn't it? Yes, you see things a bit differently when you get over here.

Gina: I hope so.

Anderson: Well, your troubles are not all over. You've got all sorts of things to do over here anyway. I mean you've got to deal with your life-review, haven't you? At least you want to be honest about that. And then there will be the people you meet here - there will probably be a few problems there.

Gina: Having a few good parties too.

Anderson: Mmm. Well, you'll find out.

Guy: What kind of parties do you have in the Spirit World?

Anderson: Well, we get together and we sit down in a circle and we make this music, you see - spirit music. And - em - we all go off into a meditation, don't we?

Guy: Do the dance of the blessed spirits, do you?

Anderson: Well, some people dance. This medium probably will. Likes a bit of dancing, she does. But its so different from when you are on earth, you see, because you haven't got this gravity to pull you down. So you can go way up in the air and twirl around, have a go upside down, buzz a few people. (During these last couple of sentences Anderson was making hand movements to fit in with his words.)

Gina: That sounds a bit more interesting.

Anderson: Quite fun, the old dances are here. You see, you've got a different type of music to do it too, because - its a bit difficult to explain. You see, when we have a concert, people get together and decide that they're going to make music, the music comes out, but it comes out with colours as well. And so, you know, you really dance with colours when you dance.

Debbie: Very nice.

Anderson: Oh yes, we get quite hip at times. Quite hip. And you don't need your alcohol either, because you see, you've always got this music going, because it sets up the vibrations that people use to make their surroundings. But then, when somebody decides to deliberately make music its different. And you get all these colours with it. Its such a different type of music to what you have on earth. Its no good! I can't explain it to you.

Gina: You seem to be doing quite a successful job.

Anderson: Well, for now, I can't explain that bit to you. Its sort of inside you as well. Its not just coming from there into here, you feel it all the way through you.

Gina: Sounds very pleasant.

Anderson: And, of course, you can have lively music and soothing music. If you are trying to help somebody who is upset or in trouble, and doesn't know where he is or something like that, you can call on the soothing music. I did that a few times too, I think I told you about some of the people.

Gina: I don't remember.

Anderson: Oh, well, some of them get very upset, very upset. And, I sort of, had to take charge, and whatever I suggested, everybody said, yes, that's a good idea. And I thought, yes, I've been in this situation before, Anderson. Anyway I got them sorted out and everybody was very happy. So, every now and again I go away and do a bit of the old helping in the Spirit World. Of course, the young medium doesn't need us all the time. There is always somebody with him, just as there is with you. So I tootle off and have a bit of a look around and see if anybody needs sorting out, and sometimes I go and listen in those Halls of Learning. Because I think, well, I'd better learn a few things if I'm going to be a guide to this here boy. There's some very good concepts up there. Very interesting. We were talking about beauty one time, and duty, that was another interesting one. And then I thought I'd better go to this talk on how to interact with your medium. And we were doing exercises on altering the vibrations of our auras so that we could match it in with the medium's. Our auras have to vibrate at the right rate otherwise they won't mesh. If one is going faster than this one, they just won't mesh so you can't get through. So we did some practice on that one. It was very interesting too. And another good talk was on how to interpret what you see of the world from this side, because we don't see it the way you do. We mainly see it as lights. But its also indistinct, we can't see it so clearly as you. We get impressions from our medium, or the person we are acting as guide to, my young fellow is going to be a medium, but a lot of people don't, so its a bit different being a guide to somebody who is not a medium, you see. I'm going to go into that a bit more later on. So, you know, that sort of thing was explained, and how to pick up the impressions that your person is having. So you can - how can I put it? You can get very close to your person and if, say, they are feeling very hot, you could feel the difference in the temperature; or if there's a bright light, so it gets very dim, you will sort of have the same impressions. It's not quite the same, but you know what he is seeing, so you know that its dim or bright, that sort of thing. And if we, from our side, can see things that the person isn't seeing so clearly, you can sort of impress him, that well, there's a chair there, so don't go that way, come this way a little bit. That sort of thing you see. So I have to do a bit more work on that. I listened to a bit of general philosophy and that sort of thing. I wouldn't say that I am a great philosopher. I like the practicalities of things. I think young Elizabeth is more of a philosopher than I. That's one of the other guides that's going to be working with me. Now, also young Harold, you see in his previous incarnation, he was a witch doctor as you call them. He doesn't like me calling him a witch doctor, gets quite cross with me. Medicine Man, if you don't mind. Anyway, he is still very interested in healing so he was learning a lot because, they didn't exactly have all the right genes, these witch doctors didn't, so he's having to learn a few different things. His tribe understood the connection with the Spirit World, but they weren't aiming for the right kind of spirits. They often used a lot of the black magic kind of thing, that was their intent. Actually, just between you and me, it wasn't terribly effective (whispering). But, you see, they had this sort of intention and while he's been over here, he's been learning about the right side, and the light and intention, and this sort of thing. And so he is making an effort, boning up on that, and using the light for healing and that sort of thing. He is rather interested in colour actually, the vibrations of colour, so that's what he is doing at the moment, he is into colour healing. But I thought I'd better do something about the old brains, have a few good thinks. Oh, my guide was very pleased with me when I had that idea. He thought it was a very good approach for me - still the practical side of things, but he said, you're balancing you're balancing it up nicely. I was very pleased with that because it was my idea - I think. Sometimes I'm not too sure you see, because it is so different up here. You don't have to use words, you can just look at somebody and know what they're thinking. You have to be awfully careful - awfully careful. As long as you put up the barriers, remember that so nobody can, sort of, intrude. You do have this option of shielding yourself, but you've got to remember. So, as I say, you can just look at somebody and they just know. It's much quicker than speaking - much. Much clearer, much less misunderstanding. And its quite strange you know, because you can communicate with people who don't speak the same language as you. You don't need language. I wish some of you down there could do it. Save a lot of paper, wouldn't it?

Gina: Its a Tower of Babel down here.

Anderson: Yes, well, you see, we also can just broadcast the whole thought out. Somebody who wants help for some reason, well, that thought will just come out and, if that thought picks up on the right kind of person to help, and if that person is willing, that person can instantly be there with you. Much the same thing works between your plane and ours. You see, if someone down there is asking for help from us up here, it can be broadcast like that. And you see, you don't only have your guides and helpers with you. Thoughts like that can go out and you can have temporary people come in and stay with you for a bit, somebody who has a speciality on that line, you see. It often happens in your hospitals. You will often get some spirits round there who are very interested in healing and they can match up with one of the patients, make a special effort to help that patient. A lot of us work with the doctors too, and the nurses. You would be surprised how psychic some of those doctors and nurses are but they don't realise it. There has been many a spirit tell the doctor or nurse what to do when something was wrong. You ask around, you will find many a nurse will say that she was just prompted to go, she doesn't know why she went to see a patient, something just prompted her. Well, of course, if it was that patient's time to go that doesn't help. But where, for some reason, that sort of intervention is needed, we can do it, and it happens a lot, you would be surprised. Am I dominating the floor again?

Gina: Of course not!

Debbie: How do you help to prepare your medium?

Anderson: Well, oh dear, you've asked a lot. Me and my big mouth! Well, it starts off, you see, when we decide that we are going to be a guide, and then we have to find somebody that we are compatible with. I am going to talk about my own case because I know it you see, and, because our person wants to be a medium, so I'm going to be talking about the medium. You've got to have the two things see. You've got to have the spirits who want to be guides, and you have to have the spirit who wants to be the medium. And you've got to be on friendly terms, because the auras have got to be similar and all that. If you are on friendly terms, it is going to make things easier. Now, sometimes, of course, its not too difficult, you have this group who feel, well we've got to do something about these poor old people down there and this sort of, we kind of, draw straws to decide who is going to go down there and who is going to stay up here, you see. Not always, it didn't happen in our case, but I have heard of that sort of thing. So we have this idea we want to help you lot, and this is the way we have decided to go about it in this instance. There are lots of other ways but still. So, the medium to be has always got a lot coming through. Now, I'm going to use 'him' because it will be a lot easier for me, especially as my medium is a boy anyway. So don't any of you feminists get on your high-horse because I am going to talk about 'hims'. So if you won the lottery, you will already have learnt a lot up here and we will just be close to him. Now a medium to be, the guides will spend a lot more time with him, than with someone who is just going to be an ordinary person - if there is such a thing as an ordinary person! So we try to remind him about the Spirit World, we are trying to keep his aura meshing with ours and - you see, there are the two aspects. There is the spirit and there is the material body. This also means you have the material personality. So, the spirit inside, the personality has to come to a level at which that spirit can work as a medium. You see, so we will be watching events in his life as he grows up, and we will keep trying to bring the material personality to that point. We will be trying to impress on the material side of the personality the thing behind that event, to bring it up to that level at which the inner spirit can start working through. So that is the best I can explain it, you see. Because the incarnating spirit has brought so much through with it anyway, especially if it is the first time incarnation. Remember, you don't HAVE to reincarnate. There is so much to do over here anyway, why bother to go back? Just carry on, do something useful for a change.

Angie: Why do people choose to come back?

Anderson: Because they want to for some strange reason. You only come back if you want to. The first time incarnations are different, they have just decided they want to go through and find out what its like. And then some of them get that much involved with the world! I mean, I admit that I'm having trouble letting it go myself otherwise I wouldn't be interested in working with a medium. You really only make your full progress when you let go of your material world interests. It's all so different. I mean what happens to me is so different from what happens to you. Or, you know, to Joe Blow up there, its all so very different. Never let anybody tell you that it is definitely like this in Spirit. Because it almost definitely is not! Well, have I answered your question?

Debbie: Well, yes.

Anderson: Don't hesitate to ask for any little point to be explained. I am quite happy to deal with it. We often find it very difficult to know exactly what it is you need explained from your side, because we are seeing things so differently.

Debbie: So you are working with energy.

Anderson: Yes. That's what they said when I was in the Halls of Learning anyway. Its all energy.

Angie: Who teaches in the Halls of Learning?

Anderson: Oooh. The balls of light. They look just like glowing balls of light and - Oh, such lovely people. And I never feel afraid to ask them a question. Actually they don't really seem to teach that much now I come to think of it. You just sort of, absorb it. They usually, are those spirits that have made - you use the term progress. They have let go a lot of their material interests, and they sort of make an effort to pull us along a bit too. A person who was there one time when I was there, was trying to say how they didn't have all this at one time. It was only when people started to come over with these problems that this kind of thing had to be set up. When you realise that you are a drop of the Godness too, you don't need it. So difficult realising it.

Debbie: So you are still learning?

Anderson: Oh, yes. I'll be learning a lot, acting as a guide to this youngster. There is I'm going to be the chief organising guide, you see. But there is a higher guide also taking an interest. He's one of the shining people. It is so very blissful when he comes. I'm being told that it's not when he comes, it's when we become aware of him.

Angie: When you said we don't need to reincarnate - in the case of this medium, why did he choose to come as a medium? Was it his choice?

Anderson: Yes. He was interested in, if you like, 'spreading the light' or however you like to put it. Trying to take people out of the rigid concepts that they have. And we all thought, this might be one way to do it. It's the way he is going to try it.

Guy: What is his background? Is this his first incarnation? Was he here before?

Anderson: Well, no. He hasn't reincarnated very often though. This is only about his third incarnation. He's had, actually, quite a long space between his incarnations. He was in Europe about three hundred years ago and another time he was in North America. That was when they were having a lot of trouble with the Indian tribes and so he decided that he would like to stay in America and try to bring some information there.

Debbie: A lot of people talk of the higher self, and/or guides, the higher self getting in touch with the guide, the Godhead or whatever. Can you clarify that for me?

Anderson: Just a minute. Just a minute, I'll have to ask. The way these people like to put it is to think of your consciousness, and you've got a little slot which you look through, so you're only seeing this level but there is a whole lot more. And so, you have all heard about the sub-conscious, it stores a lot of your memories and looks after keeping your body going - the heart beating and that sort of thing. But there is also another level that is closer to your guides, and you call that your higher consciousness - that is where you get all your brilliant ideas from. That's where you are inspired to do things to save somebody, or that sort of thing. So they might talk in that sort of terminology - the consciousness. I will mainly use these terms, 'cos this medium's into that psychology stuff, you know about the conscious and sub-conscious level. The only thing is, they don't know about the higher conscious as well. So I think that's probably - does that make it a bit clearer to you?

Debbie: No. Some of these people say, yes, I'm in touch with my higher self, working through my higher self, and that's all there is. Are they actually, working through guides but not realising they do that? Or are they in touch with a more direct source than using guides? I mean can you by-pass guides?

Anderson: Oh definitely. Yes. You don't have to go through guides, you can tap directly into the Godness. You also have to be a bit wary about some of these people.

Debbie: Some of which people?

Anderson: These people you are talking about. Keep everything simple.

Debbie: I just find that a lot of people are obsessed with their guides and they have angels coming in, and they say someone said this and someone said that. I feel as though its a diversion that they have, rather than tapping in directly, where they are off on a tangent.

Anderson: They are telling me that you are quite right - keep it simple.

Debbie: Because I used to have guides and all sorts of things. But for many years, I have just asked the question, I get my answers, etc. It's simple and quick. It's right for me.

Anderson: Some people make it very complicated.

Debbie: Enjoy it.

Anderson: Some of them exaggerate. You keep it simple.

Angie: I think Debbie meant that working through guides is not a direct way.

Debbie: I ask a question and I get my answers. Where it comes from I don't know. I used to be involved in this guide and that. I had my healing guide. I now say, I need help with this healing, I need help with da da. And I see my situation clearly. And that I use as my guidance.

Anderson: Quite right. If you are getting something from the guides you will usually have an impression of the guide. It's a lot easier for some people to have the concept of a personal guide, rather than start talking about the Godness, and merging back into it, and having contact with it. And so for them, it's better to talk about guides. When people start in this movement, as Debbie said, you usually do go through the guides, but you don't have to. You do get to that point where you can have direct contact. You still have your guides with you, they will still work with you, but you don't have to. O.K.? Keep it simple, and don't have all these layers of seven planes and what have you. If you can realise the truth, you will be there immediately. And I haven't yet, I fully admit. This is what they (my guides) are telling me. It's what one of those in the Halls of Learning said one time, too. Know thyself! So I thought well I'm Anderson. And he said 'No. That's not what I meant.' But very surely, it will all come in good time.

Guy: How do you understand the higher self? You commented about the medium's psychology talking about the sub-conscious but not the super-conscious. What do you mean by the 'higher conscious'?

Anderson: That area of the spirit which has the finer vibrations that can be more easily be contacted by those of us in the Spirit World.

Guy: Is it personally linked to you as an individual, or is it a general higher spirit level. In other words, is it MY higher conscious or simply A higher consciousness?

Anderson: I'm having to consult. (Pause) It's both, because the general 'higher self' is the Godness. And when you realise that you are really a part of the Godness, you are there. It's like a pea in a bowl of water. You are the pea, the water is the Godness. But that's not a good analogy, no analogy ever is, because the pea is too firm, and you are not like that. I can't think of any better analogy.

Angie: Would bubble and sea be better?

Anderson: Not for what I am trying to say at the moment, because I am trying to explain what they are giving me. I am trying to interpret what they are saying you see. You have this centre which is you, and then there is all the stuff out there surrounding and supporting you, it's not really so firmly encased as a pea.

Debbie: So people who use crystals and gems and tarot cards, are they diverting their energy? They don't need any of that.

Anderson: You don't NEED them at all. You just go direct to Spirit. BUT, if you find holding them helps to focus your mind, by all means hold them. But they can't give you anything that isn't already within you and that you can't get
by going direct anyway. Keep it simple.

Debbie: And so people who need those props really haven't come in touch with their true power and that link.

Anderson: Not fully. They are moving there. I wouldn't completely decry them because they do it, but it is not NECESSARY. And if you need a prop in order to get going, well, use one. Nothing wrong with it. You just don't NEED them.

Gina: You have to have a pretty powerful ability to concentrate if you don't have them though.

Anderson: It comes. It comes. Use anything that helps you along in the beginning but don't stop at it. I'm being told to ask what time is it?

Guy: Twenty past nine.

Anderson: Oh, I can stay a bit longer then. If you want me.

Gina: Of course we want you.

Anderson: Oh. I was getting a bit doubtful for a minute.

Gina: I'm just trying to think of important questions.

Anderson: Oh, there's much more important people to ask questions of than me. I'm only starting out on this you see.

Debbie: That's fine. It's just good to have access to.

Anderson: I'm going to be quiet for a few minutes and let you talk.

Debbie: Have you been over there long?

Anderson: Oh, well. To me, of course, it seems like only yesterday. I suppose, must be about, twenty odd years or something like that. I'm really not sure, I haven't been thinking about my own life for quite a while. I know, I was always taking charge. "Anderson's here", they would say. "He'll know what to do."

Guy: What were you doing on earth. I suppose you've forgotten?

Anderson: Mmmmm. So have I, to tell you the truth. I know I was in the land where this medium comes from. And I was in one of them big cities. I know I was always taking charge. I was in one of them factories. I had to think quick, I did.

Guy: Well, what do you think? Will you reincarnate or not?

Anderson: No. I don't think so.

Guy: You don't want to come back as a medium?

Anderson: No. Not at the moment anyway, I would much rather act as a guide.

Gina: Don't you want to come back as a teacher?

Anderson: No. Not at the moment. I mean I might change my mind but at the moment, no. I think I'd like to work as a guide. You can be more effective you see.

Debbie: When we choose to come back, we usually have a set purpose.

Anderson: Oh, look, you can come back for all sorts of reasons. We get an awful lot of people these days who are feeling guilty, and think they had better go back and be punished.

Debbie: So we could be masochists?

Anderson: Yes. You can be anything you like.

Debbie: (laughing) We could just be flogging ourselves.

Anderson: There are so many people over here you can help if you are feeling guilty about something.

Debbie: We might come back without any deep and meaningful purpose at all?

Anderson: Oh yes.

Debbie: So did I. Set in the Akashic records I thought.

Anderson: You can learn all your lessons over here. You can work out all your guilts over here. There is so much more here to be done because there are lost souls coming over. There are so many people coming over who don't believe in all this.

Debbie: Aren't we meant to come to learn to work with physical form, and learn about creating things?

Anderson: Well, you've already done it, haven't you? You can create over here if you want to. You don't HAVE to come back on earth.

Angie: There are a lot of souls coming back at this time for the coming of the new age. There are a lot of souls that want to develop higher.

Anderson: There are a lot of souls coming back because they think they have got to be punished.

Debbie: That's interesting.

Anderson: You've got to be a bit careful about all this stuff you read, you know.

Gina: There are so many people just scared over on your side.

Anderson: Yes, some people are like that.

Debbie: The last few weeks I've been in shock I think, because I think I've grasped that we are total infinite. That we're masses of energy that we change and creative and I just feel as though I'm so ignorant - that's not quite the word. I feel in shock because it's just so infinite. I can't find the words. So what am I to do with this energy and creativity. Here I am on earth and I feel I have to see a certain term out, but I don't know how to use all this energy.

Anderson: Well, why do you think you are so busy?

Debbie: Because I'm using the energy?

Anderson: Yes.

Debbie: Right.

Anderson: Don't worry, it will settle down.

Debbie: I feel out of control.

Anderson: I'm consulting. (pause) They are saying it's a temporary phase, not to worry. You are being looked after. You've had a very quick insight. Something that usually takes people a long time, you have got suddenly, and this is why you are overwhelmed with it.

Debbie: So its the shock reaction that I'm involved in.

Anderson: Just take things as steadily as you can.

Gina: Cultivate peace of mind.

Debbie: I think I have to, I feel totally in awe. It's just that there is so much love and compassion flowing in on me.

Gina: Compassion and love for you. All you've got to do - the main thing you've got to do, is try to cultivate peace of mind so you can get in contact with it. They will help you.

Debbie: I know I have to have peace of mind, it has to be every inch, every part of me. But there are so many things coming in.

Gina: Just try to concentrate on peace of mind.

Anderson: Go with the flow.

Debbie: Well, I feel I probably need to meditate.

Gina: Get your priorities in order. Get yourself sorted out

Anderson: Just be. But don't worry about all these complicated feelings and things. It's all much simpler than that. Anyway, I'm going to say good-night because I'm told that I have talked enough.

Gina: Who told you?

Anderson: Never mind. But somebody was picking something up tonight, wasn't somebody? (to Gina) Anyway, Good-night. I'll try and call in every now and again and give you a progress report. Good-night.

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