Guy: Good evening.

Entity: (eagerly) How are you all?

Therese: How are YOU?

Entity: Very well.

Therese: Good.

Entity: I could not be anything but well.

Guy: You look happy. You can hardly control your happiness.
(The entity was smiling and rubbing his hands cheerfully.)

Entity: That's right. It is a quality that has stood me in good stead.

Pat: If only we could all be like that.

Entity: With many people it's an attitude of mind. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anderson.

Norman: Just Anderson?

Entity: (with great satisfaction) That's the name I'm using now. Isn't this a jolly evening.

Therese: Good.

Anderson: Now, I have been in the Spirit World for fifty years. And when I first came over here, wasn't there a great to do. I found myself almost immediately in a group of quite distressed people. Oh, they didn't know where they were, or anything. So, along comes I, and I said: "Right, well, we're all in this together, lets find out." So I took them along and so we started exploring a bit. I said "Well, the first thing we've got to do is to find out where we are, you see." So, well, you know, I said: "I don't think I like this place very much. Let's go and see if we can find some place better." It was all sort of rocky and hard and dark, so I didn't think much of that, so I said "Come on, let's see if we can find our way out." So, they all sort of calmed down a bit and said: "All right, you lead the way." So I thought: "Yes, yes. We've been in this situation before, Anderson." So away we went marching. So I said: "Come on, we'll link arms and we'll sing." Well, that was a mistake because they all knew different songs didn't they? Anyway, while we were experimenting with all these different songs and finding that there wasn't one that everybody knew, suddenly we came to a sort of waterfall. So I said: "Hey, this is better isn't it?" So everybody agreed, "Yes, it was a definite improvement." And then we started seeing the fields and there were some nice trees and things, and there was this nice light about and we heard a few birds singing, and everybody started cheering up immensely. So we started walking through these fields and saying how nice this was, and how much better it was and all the rest of it. When all of a sudden somebody said: "Ooh, look, there's Grandma!" And she goes toddling over - dumpy little woman it was - toddles over, and they start having a great old yak and off they tootle. So I thought, "Interesting", and we went along a bit further and we came on a whole group of people, so we joined up with them. Awfully strange, because everybody in MY group knew somebody in the other group, you see. There were uncles and there were grandfathers, even a son, and somebody's mother was there. Oh, they cheered up no end. Then this tall fellow comes over to me and says: "I understand, Anderson, we've got to thank you." So I says: "What for? I haven't done anything." And he says: "We've been trying to get through to these people for quite a while, but they've been so upset, weeping and wailing, we couldn't do anything with them. And I understand you sort of came along, chivvied them up and brought them over here to us." So I said: "Well, I sort of, made a few sensible suggestions, and sort of like most people, when somebody makes a suggestion they say 'Ye-es. Go and do it.' So I did it." So anyway, there I was and I thought, isn't there anybody for me? 'Course there was somebody for me! The blighters bin hiding behind the bushes and then, out they all come! Wow, the people! There was two uncles, a grandfather, and a step-mother and there was a couple of brothers - oh, we was a big family! - Two sisters, the woman from next door and the old boy from across the road. And stack me, if there wasn't me St. Bernard as well! Well, you should have seen him. He was all over me. Have you ever had a St. Bernard all over you?

Pat: No.

Anderson: Well, take my advice - don't.

Pat: He would be better than an electric blanket.

Anderson: As long as you can breathe under him.
(General laughter)
Of course, I didn't need to breathe by that stage so it didn't matter very much. Well, did we ever have a gabfest! Talk about talk. I was bringing them up to date on the family, they were bringing me up-to-date on life over there and what to do next. My, I don't know when it finished. Anyway, all of a sudden, we all sort of calmed down and some of them said: "Well, look, we've got work to go to, so now that we've said Hallo, you know, we'll leave you to it." So they tootled off. And the others said: "Come on, we'll go for a bit of walk" So we went walking along and I suddenly realised there was this light about the place. So I said, you know: "Where's the light coming from?" And they said: "We don't know. There's always this light and we just sort of enjoy it." And then somebody said, "Look, there's somebody else coming over, so I'm going to go and see them." So that left two of us, and we were walking along and then I get confronted by this feller. I didn't know what to make of him at first! Long white dress, he was wearing, at least I presumed it was a 'he'. And he sort of stood there and he said: "Hallo. Its very nice to see you over here at last." So I looked at him and thought, do I know you from somewhere? And he said: "Well, I was with you all through during your life." So I said: "I never clapped eyes on you before." "No," he said, "You were so busy organising people you never had chance to stop and think and listen, did you?" So, I said: "Listen to who?" And he said: "Listen to me." So, I said, "Oh!" A right carry on this is. So anyway, he said "We've met up with you now." he said, "And basically you did a very good job." So he said, "Come along we've got something to show you." So just then I noticed this crystal type of thing, you know? So, I thought, "Interesting. I wonder who built that." He looked at me and said: "You did." So I said: "How did you know what I thought?" And he said: "Because that's how we communicate over here." So I said: "What happens if you're thinking something you don't want anybody else to know about?" And he said: "That's all right, because those thoughts aren't easy to pick up. But very advanced souls still can, so you had better be careful." Anyway, we come up to this crystal thing, and he said, "Come on in." And I looked, 'cause there wasn't any doors or windows, and he just walked straight through the wall. Then he poked his head out and said, "Come on. Come on in." So, I thought "Hm. Rum goings on." So I went on in with him, sort of thing. Well, it was like a picture. The only trouble was, I was the star. Well, I didn't know what to think. There it was, me life, I'm sure. So, I sort of sat through this, and every now and again I thought I wished I could crawl under the carpet. I couldn't, so I didn't.
(general laughter)
So then I said to this fellow: "What's your name anyway?" And he said: "Oh, call me Daniel." So I thought: "I hope it's not THE Daniel." You know, he's a bit above me. But anyway, we were great mates. I felt quite comfortable with him actually, you know, even though he was a bit on the solemn side. So I said: "Erm. You know, What am I going to do now?" And he said: "Well, that was your life, how do you react to it?" I said: "Well, you know, I did my best, I wasn't very malicious to anybody, was I?" And he said: "No-oo. There were a few places, you know, where you could have done a bit more." I said: "Yes, there was, wasn't there?" And he said: "Never mind," he said "nearly everybody's like that. You know, is there anything you'd like to do?" So I said: "Well, you know, I suppose I should have listened to Auntie Kate a bit more. She was a bit lonely, she wanted somebody to talk to." So he said: "Well, if you like you could do that sort of thing here." He said, "We've got quite an opening here for somebody willing to listen to people and talk with them." So I said: "All right. I don't mind having a bit of a talk with somebody." So: "All right" he said, "Lets start off with that, shall we?" And I said: "Yes, all right." So he said: "Come on." He said, "Now what I want you to understand is that you are never alone. If you need any help you've only got to call me. You've only got to think of my name and I'll be with you." So I said: "All right, yes. I'll remember that." He took me along and it was a sort of a dark wood we went to. I thought, "Ooh, I don't like this very much." Anyway, there was this poor old dear there, and she was sitting on this log, fallen over sort of thing. Ooh, she was looking very down. So I went up to her, and I said: "Good Afternoon, ma'am. How are you?" "OOoo-oo-ooh." She said. "I'm in this dreadful wood and I can't find my way home." So, I said: "Never mind dear. I'm here now, so there's two of us." So I sat down by her, and I said "Come and tell me all about it." So she told me this long tale all about her life, you know. The dreadful things that had happened to her, and all that sort of thing. So I said: "Well, you know, you've had some bad luck there, but this sort of thing wasn't so bad was it?" And I started trying to explain things to her and point out the brighter side of things, and she sort of started to sniff and pull herself together a bit. She said: "I suppose you're right REALLY." Then I said: "Look, there's a nice flower growing just there, would you like it? I'll pick it for you." So I picked her this flower, Dandelion it was, a nice bright yellow one. I gave it to her and I was able to jolly her up. I pointed out to her that the wood would come to an end and we would walk along. And we did this and we got to the edge of the wood. And, lo and behold, there was this field again, - another field - and there was a bit of a brook this time, and just sitting by the brook was this elderly gentleman, you see. So she takes one look at him and says: "Alfred". Well, that was the end of me, wasn't it? She'd gone off with her Alfred and they were having a lovely old gabfest. So I thought, Well, you make a friend and they tootle off and forget all about you, don't they? And there was Daniel. "Well," he said, "And how did you find that?" "Oh" I said "I handled it all right. I make a friend and I'm all nice to her and now suddenly, she's gone off with this 'ere Alfred. I realise she was married to 'im before, but I do think she could have said 'Thank you'". Just then, there she was, she said: "Oh, I want to thank you for bringing me out of the wood and helping me to find Alfred." Then she was gone again. So I said to Daniel: "Well, this is a bit of a rough place, isn't it?" And he said: "Well, a lot of people feel like that when they first come here, and it does take a bit of getting used to, because it's so different to the material world, which was all you focussed on when you were in the body." And then he started to explain to me about how you have only got to think of a place and you could be there instantly, that sort of thing. You know, you really save on transport costs up here. And, em, about thoughts and all that. And he explained how this woman had been weeping and wailing so much over losing her Alfred while she was in the body, that when she came over she carried on doing it, and nobody could get through until I came along. And, of course, because I am a nice cheerful fellow, and I wasn't going to take 'No' for an answer I was able to get through to her and bring her out to it. So I thought, you know, I don't mind helping people like that. So Daniel said: "O.K. But first of all, I'd like to introduce you to somebody else." And there was this girl, well, I was quite overcome. She was that dainty and she wore this blue gown and she smiled at me, and I was quite smitten when she smiled at me. And her name was Elizabeth. And she said: "I spent quite a while with you while you were in the material body." And she said "I was one of your guides too." And she explained how Daniel was my chief guide and how I had had several, sort of, 'helping' guides, and she was one of them. And she said: "I was the one who used to give you those brilliant inspirations in your dreams." "Oh," I said, "I've got a lot to thank you for." And she laughed such a laugh, you have never heard anything like it. Just like tinkling glass it was. Anyway, she explained about the guides, and how you have a chief guide who stays with you all the time, and you have your door-keeper who is to protect you from unwanted influences. And then she also explained about the helpers that you have, and how my helpers had been all those people who I had met before. I didn't half have a lot of them. "Well," she said I really used them, she said "You did so much and were so busy you were always needing help." She said "They really had to take it in shifts with you." So, all this was new to me. I had never heard anything like this before, you know, I had heard about guardian angels sort of things, I those were the ones, you know, two at your head and two at your feet, during the night to protect you sort of thing. But I didn't know about them helping in your everyday life and all that. So then she said, "Would you like to come to a concert?" So, I said, "I've never been to a concert in my life." "That's all right." She said, "Just come along." So there we were, and a whole crowd of people and right in the distance I could see this sort of light. And it was vibrating and, Oh, there was a beautiful sound coming out of it. It didn't seem to matter even though I was way up the back and in the open, I could hear perfectly. Oh, it was beautiful. It really was. So I just sat there and the waves of sound were washing over me. I was beginning to feel quite light and happy and all the rest of it. Anyway, then Elizabeth said to me: "Well, you know, I think there is somebody over there who needs some help." So I walked to him, and this one was a young feller. I went over to him and I said: "Come on sonny, what's up? Anything I can help with?" So I got talking to him, and eventually I was able to introduce him to his people too, and so he went off happily, you know. I really took to this kind of work. Then I came up with another lady, and she said she was doing this sort of thing too. So we sat down and swapped tips and talked about the people we had helped, and how we went about it. And that was great, because now I knew I wasn't the only one doing it. While this was going on I became aware of more people around me, and I could see that people were talking to each other, and some of them were a bit more "with it" and the others weren't. Then it, sort of changed, and there were these very distressed people and there were so many of them. You know, we could hardly keep up with it. And some of them had had buildings fallen on them and others had been blown to bits. Some of them were in quite a state and it took me ages just to get them to sort of, calm down and get them together. At one point I met up with Daniel again and he explained to me that in a lot of these people who had been blown up, their astral body is really shaken, its not really shattered into little bits, but its sort of all loose and all over the place, and it has to settle down a bit before they can really start working in the spirit world. I realised then, that there was a war on somewhere, and I was helping the people who had died there. Now, I might have been a good Londoner, but it just didn't matter to me. There were Frenchies there, and there were Germans there, and Americans. There were some Hungarians, and all different nationalities. But somehow it just didn't matter. I just went and sometimes I would stay with them for ages before I could get them together and introduce them to their guides or helpers, or other people or something like that. One time Daniel explained to me that I just had this knack, because I was sort of bound to earth and ordinary people were trusting me more. Because some of the guides, you know, they sort of do their best, but there is just something about them which sometimes over-awes their people. Then some people who see people who they know have died before them, become even more scared because they think they are seeing ghosts. And that causes terrible problems on this side. You know, I wasn't blessed with any great books or any thing, I am sort of down to earth, practical sort of a fellow, a bit cheerful - well, people would just sort of accept me and talk with me, and I was able to help them like that. Anyway, after a while, things sort of calmed down a bit, and I thought to myself, I'd like to look around a bit further and see if there is anything else here. So I decided I could have a holiday and I went wandering off, doing a bit of an explore. Well, you should have seen what I came across. There was this big place, and it was a VERY imposing building. It looked a bit like one of those Greek temples, you know. It had the columns and the triangular bit at the front. But there was a lot of people in there and I thought I would investigate. So I walked in and started to look around, and this light was still there but it was rather strange. It was different from the one outside. It somehow seemed to come from some of the people there this time. I looked at them and some of them were sitting and talking with groups of people, and then some of them were sort of painting, but they had this, I suppose you could call it a sort of canvas, they just sort of stood there and made a pass with their hands and this picture appeared. And they were talking with other people and explaining about pictures and things, and these other people could do it too. And others, they were playing instruments, and making music and, you know, having a bit of a - how would you call it? - jam session. It wasn't quite a jam session, it was a bit more high falutin than that, but lovely. It really was beautiful music. Even the beginners could do it. Oh, some of them were that thrilled to be able to do it. One fellow said to me that he had always wanted to learn to play the violin. But, he said, he couldn't afford it. He said, I was too busy having to work. He said, "Now look, listen to this." And he played this beautiful music. I was impressed. Oh, there was so many things going on in there. Would you believe there was some people doing mathematics. Now, that REALLY floored me. You see, some of them had this idea that the world is founded on mathematics. So they were having a go at improving the world by doing mathematics. I ask you! Everybody knows the world is on a turtle's back don't they? (General laughter). Oh, and I had some fine old talks with some of them. They were really good. They could have talked the leg off an iron pot. Anyway, after a while, I sort of thought, well, I had had a look around and I was more interested in people. So I went wandering off again. I was doing some more work and one time Daniel came up - he would come and talk to me every now and again, you know. And he sometimes took me on a bit of a trip. He took me around the world. I said: "I would really like to see parts of the world that I had never seen." "So all right," he said "Most people want to do that." So he took me round and satisfied me curiosity. And then I said: "Well, I've heard all about these planets, so lets go and have a look at them." So we did. And it was so strange. You know, we actually went through the sun and it didn't hurt us. Not a bit. So we then passed Venus, we had a look at Mars, we called in on Jupiter - big place, Jupiter is. But the most intriguing were Neptune and Pluto. You wait, your scientists and people are going to find out some funny things about those two planets. For a start, Pluto isn't solid.

Pat: Water or gas?

Anderson: Guess, what colour it is.

Norman: Purple.

Anderson: No.

Pat: Grey?

Anderson: No.

Pat: Green?

Anderson: Yes. Its blue-green gas. And then we went and had a look at Halley's comet. It was quite a way away actually, but it didn't take us long to get there of course. We went and had a look at Alpha Centauri, because I read a book about Alpha Centauri, and that was a weird place too. Lots of stars in that one. And then Daniel said: "You know, you've been doing a lot of work, and investigating a lot. How'd you like to do some more advanced work?" I said: "Oh, well, lead me to it. I'll have a go at anything." I'd been feeling my sea-legs by this time, spirit legs I supposed you should call them. So, he brought me back to earth, literally, and he started to show me some of these groups like this one. And he showed me how spirits can come into someone else's body and talk to it, and explain to people still in the earth, what goes on in spirit, you see. So I said: "That could be fun to do." And he showed me about rescues, "You've been doing a lot of rescues" he said. "These are the really difficult ones." And he explained how sometimes, the only thing you can do with somebody who is really upset is to force them into a medium's body and this sort of pulls them up with a bit of a shock, and the people in the circle can talk to them and perhaps do something whereas we can't. So that was interesting. And he told me about meditation and how to bring the energy through, how to concentrate it and said: "Actually the energy is all over the place. It is the same wherever. It doesn't matter whether it is in the earth or up here in Spirit. The energy is there all the time. Sometimes, you see, we can stir it up a bit and it increases the vibrations so the people who are still in these rotten, physical bodies, can feel it better. You see, that makes them happier when they can feel something and know that something is going on, so they stay calmer and we can work better through them." It was odd reasoning, but never mind, and so I spent quite a while watching all this and listening to the explanations. And sometimes Daniel or Elizabeth would take me up for a trip in the higher realms, sort of thing. Ooh, wait till you go there! Oh, now, that's the feeling of bliss, that is. That even stops me talking. (General laughter) And you sort of just float there. And Daniel said that the time will come when I am permanently in that state. But I decided I wasn't quite ready for it yet. I am quite happy to go and have a bit of it, but you know I still start to get restless after a while. So that's when I come back and start doing some other work, a bit of a rescue. Or one time I worked in a hospital for a while, there were people who were very ill. I actually helped a few people, you know, in their transition bit. That was very good too. Quite a bit I stirred up this energy for the poor old sick people. Quite a few of them improved greatly after my visit. And that was quite an achievement for me too, I felt rather proud of that. Anyway, I've been doing things like this in the world, and I thought I'd like to come and talk with you. And so this nice young lady here, said I could come in tonight and talk with you all and say 'Hello', so I've come.

Pat: Hello.

Guy: Welcome.

Anderson: Thank you. They tell me I've talked for a long time.

Pat: You have to go?

Anderson: No. They said I can stay for a while longer, but I was to ask you if you wanted to ask anything.

Garry: Will you be coming back often.

Anderson: If I'm allowed, I'll come again.

Garry: I see.

Pat: We'd like you, Anderson, to talk to us again.

Anderson: Is there anything you want to know about? Because I sort of burble on about things that interest me, but I felt that you might be interested in something else.

Pat: We're a bit more involved in the earth down here I suppose. We are more concerned with the other side of the coin, like how to stop the wars before you get lumbered with the dead people on the other side. And how to overcome AIDS and cancer and things like that. Got any suggestions about that?

Anderson: You've still got to have an excuse to come over here for a start.

Pat: We've got to go over eventually, but some of us would like to put it off for a while longer.

Anderson: What for? Its much more fun over here.

Pat: I agree but they don't allow suicides. They frown on that.

Anderson: Yes, yes. No, suicide isn't too good. Because a lot of suicides, they feel very guilty, and what do they do? Put themselves in the dark places, you see. Mind you, some of them are quite right sometimes - not all of them though. And so, then we have to go and do a rescue on them. Now, you got quite a lot of problems in your world, on the other hand I'm being told you've ALWAYS got a lot of problems in your world.

Pat: I suppose that's what we're here to learn.

Anderson: In your world you'll always have a lot of problems. As soon as you solve one you'll get another one.

Norman: So what should we do?

Anderson: Your best. Here you are worrying about prolonging life and here am I saying, come over here and enjoy yourselves.

Pat: We would like to, but we opted for this one and I suppose we've got to make the best of it.

Anderson: Yes. That's right. But don't worry about it too much. Now let me see. The most important thing is to love, and forgive and accept - and don't be too strict with yourselves. Especially yourselves, you've got to love and forgive and accept. Other people as well, but especially yourselves. Because very often it is that sort of rigid kind of putting yourself down - How dreadful I am - that sort of attitude. It doesn't exactly cause these difficulties but it does pre-dispose you to them. You see, even those germs and bacteria have a right to life and they can live there and not hurt you, you see.

Therese: If you don't resist.

Anderson: Yes. Exactly.

Therese: Accepting.

Anderson: Yes.

Therese: That's pretty hard.

Anderson: That's right.

Guy: Love your germs? (general laughter)

Anderson: The world couldn't exist without germs.

Pat: And the common fly, and cockroach!

Anderson: They've all got their place. And the fleas are left over from a previous incarnation.

Pat: My cats would love you for it.

Anderson: Someone just told me about them and fleas. They mutated, I'm told.

Guy: Oh, did they?

Anderson: Yes, they are the descendants of the dinosaurs. (More laughter) They had to shrink you see.

Guy: How do you teach a dog to love his fleas?

Anderson: You don't need to teach him, he does.

Norman: If he wouldn't have anything to scratch, he wouldn't be happy would he?

Anderson: That's right. They'd have nothing to do.

Pat: Now we know why we've got our problems.

Anderson: You see, this disease you were just talking about, this Aids, people very often have it and are not sick with it - You know that? They've got the germs but they are not sick with it. And its their reaction to life that predisposes them to develop it. The same with all sorts of germs. You've got all sorts of germs in you. But as long as you maintain a loving, calm, accepting attitude, there's no problems - unless, of course, you decide you want a day in bed.

Pat: That's a good one.

Anderson: So just watch it. The 'loving people' that's very important one. Not only loving, accepting - it's a little bit different. Can you see the difference?

Norman: Yes.

Anderson: Taking them as they are, not trying to change them.

Norman: That's right.

Anderson: 'Cause They're all a projection of the Godness, like you, and that's why you must never put yourselves down. That is why you've got to accept yourselves for what you are and value yourselves, because you're all very valuable.

Pat: Why?

Anderson: Because you're a drop of the Godness.

Pat: It means we can't be destroyed

Anderson: That's right.

Pat: I've lost my argument.

Norman: You started it.

Guy: It's nice you say a drop and not a drip.
(General laughter)

Anderson: Yes, yes, I must remember that one.

Garry: Anderson, do you have any techniques whereby one can be momentarily aware of that acceptance? Pull oneself up?

Anderson: Well, I have to ask them, you see.

Garry: Give him a week.

Pat: He is a fast worker.

Anderson: The main thing is to spend a short period each day quietly practising this feeling. And then if you realise you are doing it wrongly, you can slip back into this nice calm acceptance state. The main thing is to know about it, and the next step is to become aware of you doing it.

Norman: So then you've achieved it?

Anderson: Yes. But you mustn't be strict and rigid with yourself. If you fall back, just forgive and accept it and have another go.

Pat: When you talk about our gate-keeper keeping out negative influences and so on, how does that explain us getting harassed by others in a non-physical way? When we're asleep or astral travelling, something like that.

Anderson: Well, some people are very attractive. Now, especially when you get interested in this, 'cos your aura expands you see. So this sort of spirit can come along, and think "Ah, we'll have some fun here, here's somebody who is a bit receptive." You see. Sometimes too, they can pick when somebody has a weak aura and they can sneak in then. Now, you, yourselves, have to allow it to happen, because you can over-ride your gate-keeper. Now, sometimes things happen which affect your aura, like getting very upset about something, you know, one of these great traumas of life which you don't handle very well. Some sorts of sickness, that sort of thing, can sometimes badly affect you aura which makes it difficult for your gate-keeper to, sort of, keep it under control. And if you're not co-operating with your gate-keeper, you know, you've got a problem.

Angie: What do you mean by co-operating?

Anderson: Well, some people, when they become aware of these spirits who - to use your phrase - are attacking them, or trying to contact them, they will go along with it, instead of saying "No. You only come through if my gate-keeper gives permission." You sort of look for the contact.

Norman: So you are attracting them?

Anderson: Exactly, and so you over-ride your gate-keeper.

Pat: What is the remedy for this?

Anderson: Well, you have to be very firm with this kind of contact and you say very firmly "I will talk with you, if my gate-keeper says it will be beneficial." So you put the onus back on him, and you very firmly block out all other contact. Now, there's various techniques you can use, things like picturing a shell round yourself. This sort of thing strengthens your aura. And you can think of the gold light going from yourself to the shell or whatever your picture is, backwards and forwards. That, too, will strengthen your aura. I know they are telling me this because they have told you this before - these sorts of techniques. Not getting over tired. Not over indulging in alcohol, these narcotic drugs and things. Taking a much more - no - approaching the difficulties of life with much more equanimity - that's a big word, isn't it? Knowing that nothing can ever harm you, basically. The physical body can be hurt, but the real you can never be hurt, and if you KNOW that, that's a big protection. Also you might even exert your own individuality - saying something like: I am me and you are you. That can put up that separation.

Norman: What advice can you offer on psychic healing?

Anderson: Now, that is a very worthwhile occupation. Because you have to be able to give unconditional love to anybody who comes to you for healing. Because basically, what you are getting then, is love. You must totally accept people as they are, with all their faults, with what you think as faults anyway, with all their good points. Total acceptance and love of that person who is before you, and giving them that, strengthens you too. You might only be the instrument, but what you are doing is building this sort of vortex, accepting it, and the energy circulating through. And everybody can heal, its just that some people know it. What else can I tell you about?

Guy: I was discussing this with the medium - we have the cases where some person living here on earth, suffers brain damage - through stroke, physical injury, disease, whatever it is. He becomes sort of semi-conscious, partially conscious, he is unable to think or reason. Now, somewhat we are not certain, what happens to the spirit of that person, because the spirit mind should not be subject to that injury. In other words, to what extent does the spirit mind is handicapped by a physical injury in the brain? How does spirit mind respond to all this? How far is the spirit mind involved in it? Is the perception and reasoning like the incarnated person's mind? What happens?

Anderson: Not much. I'm having to get the information from THEM1 you know, so you have to be patient with me. The spirit consciousness of any individual is another vortex, and it comes down onto the brain and expresses through the brain, onto the body. If the brain is injured, it cannot express out into the body. But there is still the rest of it, with its consciousness. So, there will be some frustration for that spirit, but, it is also more aware into the spirit side of things, so it has its compensation. It is increasingly occurring these days, that the person should have come over to our side but you are preventing it. And so it is a sort of half-way state.

Guy: So, it would follow then, that taking a person with Alzheimer's disease or something like that, who has is hardly aware of what happens around him, does not recognise his family, or anything like that, to us he may seem like a zombie, but in fact, he is acutely aware and functioning on the spirit level? But he is simply not aware of what happens to the physical body any more?

Anderson: Yes.

Guy: What the senses of the physical body receive doesn't get through to him?

Anderson: Yes.

Guy: He leads his own life in the spirit world?

Anderson: There is just enough contact to keep the physical body alive and sort of moving, there will be some sort of responses, but not appropriate ones. They have much more consciousness of our side.

Guy: Thank you, I wanted to clarify that.

Garry: On the same question, is the spirit still gaining by its connection to the material body? Or is euthanasia an acceptable possibility in those cases?

Anderson: What does the spirit gain from being in the body anyway?

Norman: Experience.

Anderson: Of what? It has life on this side too.

Norman: It also has life on this side.

Anderson: There's only one life.

Norman: Well, But it also experiences life as an individual on earth.

Anderson: Its all the same.

Garry: It doesn't have the same limitations in spirit as here in the material world, and because of that there may be some gain to it.

Anderson: Well, if you are a drop of the Godness, what is there to gain? You've already got it.

Guy: It would follow from what you just said that euthanasia is fully justified and OK in all cases, if the person simply gets sick of living and he doesn't feel guilty about committing suicide, its perfectly OK to do so. Is that what you intend to say? If I say "I'm sick of this game" its perfectly OK to commit suicide.

Anderson: As long as you don't hurt other people in the world.

Guy: And I don't feel guilty about it?

Anderson: If your going isn't going to incommodicate anyone.

Pat: Say that again.

Anderson: I couldn't.
(general laughter)

Therese: I remember this couple who committed suicide and we asked, I think Verna, to explain how they feel and they said to us: It is OK in this case, because they didn't have any responsibility any more, they had finished their task so they could go.

Pat: How will we know when we have finished our tasks then so we don't feel guilty? Is that an indication of whether we have finished our tasks or not?

Anderson: Well, that's very difficult to know, whether you have finished your tasks, isn't it? You've got so many tasks to do when you come over here, don't think you are going to be at rest.

Pat: I was still thinking of a holiday.

Anderson: What difference does it make?

Pat: None, really, except that we have various ethic and moral codes of society which are against that sort of thing.

Anderson: But you can go to another society where it doesn't matter.

Pat: I'll have to think about that.

Anderson: Mind you, most of them live in a rather cold place part of the world.

Pat: Like Alaska? If you're not going to meet a polar bear.

Norman: If as an individual, I decide to 'block' something, a thought or an idea, be it good, bad or indifferent, does this in any way affect the higher self? You said a short while ago that the real self, or higher self, is generally not affected by anything. But I'm asking specifically if the task of the higher self in this particular body is to learn or assist it, or whatever, and I, as an individual, block a thought or idea, it must have some effect on the higher self.

Anderson: Well, it does get a bit frustrated sometimes. But basically, it cannot be harmed. You might hinder its operation in the world. But it has always got tomorrow to give you the same thought.

Norman: Try, try, again.

Anderson: After all you've got eternity.

Norman: We accept that.

Guy: You can't win Norman, no matter what you do.

Norman: Yes you can.

Pat: Its a no win or all win situation.

Anderson: Since you are all one, who's winning?

Norman: Everybody.

Anderson: But there's only one of you, so how can there be everybody?

Pat: Higher self, lower self and anything in between.

(The tape ended suddenly at this point.)

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