The entity was behaving like a young child and needed some coaxing before she started to speak to us. For once, our cat had been allowed to stay in the room during the circle and the entity's first word was the cat's name "Mincus". Then the entity asked: Where's my mommy?
Pat:      Where did you last see her?  (There was a pause, then Pat asked gently)  You can't remember?

Entity:   No.

Pat:      You were asleep?

Entity:   I just wanted Mommy.

Gina:     What did Mommy look like?

Entity:   She was not very tall.

Gina:     What colour hair has she got?

Entity:   Black.

Gina:     Do you remember her eyes?  What colour eyes has she got?

Entity:   Brown.

Gina:     Have you been looking for her?

Entity:   (A little sulkily) I've been looking a long time and I can't find her.

Pat:      Did you cross the road to find her?

Guy:      Where you on a boat?  (Entity nodded her head)  You were on a boat.  Were any other people there?

Entity:   Yes.

Guy:      Was it crowded?

Entity:   Yes.

Guy:      (To the other sitters)  You know what we're dealing with?

Guy:      A Vietnamese boat child.

Gina:     Do you remember your grandma?

Entity:   No (miserably)

Pat:      Was daddy with you when you were with Mommy?

Entity:   Yes.

Pat:      Is daddy with you now?

Entity:   No, I can't find him.

Therese:  Or mommy?

Gina:     Did you have any brothers or sisters?

Pat:      And you can't find any of them?

Gina:     Was the boat a small one?

Entity:   I don't know.

Pat:      Did it have an engine?

Entity:   Yes.

Pat:      Did the engine stop?

Entity:   Yes.

Pat:      Was there another boat?

Entity:   I don't remember.

Guy:      Did strange men come on the boat?

Entity:   No.

Gina:     Did you fall off the boat?

Entity:   No.  I had a headache.

Gina:     Was the weather good?

Entity:   The boat was rocking.

Gina:     Were you near the edge?

Entity:   No.

Guy:      (To the other sitters):  She died I think on the boat.

Gina:     Well, unfortunately, we've got a bit of news to tell you.  Is there anyone you remember who you can see now?

Entity:   I can only see you and I've never seen you before.

Gina:     Well, I've never met you before either.

Therese:  We are happy to have you with us darling. If we can call you 'darling'.

Guy:      We know people who can help little girls just like you. You are a girl, aren't you?  (Entity nods)

Gina:     Is there anyone else that you can see that's shiny? Who looks really shiny?

Guy:      There is a very kind lady called Margaret McMurray who cares for little children like you.

Pat:      She would love to add one more to her family.

Entity:   But  I want my mommy.

Pat:      Yes, I'm sure Margaret could help you find her.

Gina:     And she would be a substitute mommy until your mommy could be found.

Pat:      She lives with lots of children.

Guy:      You see, you have gone to another country - a spirit country and your mommy is probably still on earth.  So your
          mommy can't come to you just yet.  You can go up there and have a very good time up there.  They can probably show you
          your mommy and what she is doing.

Gina:     Unfortunately, on that boat you got very sick and died.  So it will be a little while before you can see your mommy again.

Pat:      Just a little while.  But now go with Margaret and she will introduce you to some other children and you can have friends.

Gina:     Do you want to play with other kids?

Pat:      You can have a teddy bear there for a change.

Guy:      There should be children around here now.  They will probably ask you to come and play with them.  Do you see any?

Entity:   But I still want my mommy.

Guy:      She will explain it when you have found your mommy. She will probably show you where your mommy is, if you go with them.

Gina:     They will tell you about their mommies.  They have a problem like you.  Is there a nice lady nearby?

Entity:   Yes.

Pat:      You could hold her hand and go and have some dinner.

Guy:      The nice lady will show you where your mommy is. She will tell you what has happened to her.

Gina:     Do you want to go and hold her hand?  

(The entity shakes her head) 

Gina:     No?  Well, she is a very nice lady. Do you want to talk to her?

Entity:   No.

Gina:     Oh, do you want to talk to us?

Entity:   No.

Guy:      Do you want to play with the pussy-cat?

Entity:   No.

Gina:     What do you want to do?

Entity:   I want to go with him...

Pat:      Then you can tell us who he is.

Therese:  Is he nice?

Entity:   Its my brother!

Pat:      There's someone you know.

Guy:      Go with him.

Gina:     He'll look after you.  He'll show you what to do. Has he got a smile on his face?  (Entity nods)  Good.  He must
          be dying to talk to his sister.
(The entity waved good-bye)

Guy:      Bye-bye.

Gina:     Good. What time is it?

Guy:      Its only 8 past nine. Nearly an hour left.

Anderson: Good evening again. (very cheerfully) How is everybody tonight?

Therese: And how are you?

Anderson: Very Well.

Therese: Are you Margaret?

Anderson: (indignantly) I'm Anderson.

Pat: I thought it was. Have you been organising things again? Did you organise this?

Anderson: Well, they let me join in. They decided that if I was going to go away and do things, I had better learn the right way to do it. So I had a hand tonight.

Therese: Good.

Pat: What did you do then?

Anderson: Well, I found this little one running all over the place looking for her mother. So I thought, right, this will be my first one. See, they told me to pick someone who was going to be easy the first time. Don't pick anyone who has great traumas. Well, I thought, any rescue is bound to be a trauma. Anyway, I decided that little one would fill the bill.

Gina: She was cute.

Anderson: Oh, yes. She had straight black hair. You see, when she came in, she was a bit confused, because she sort of knew who she was, but now she was in a different place, and she didn't really know what to do.

Pat: Sounds like you.

Anderson: I know what to do. So, anyway, you were all very nice to her. And, you see, you were quite right to get on to Margaret. And she was here, she had some very little ones with her because she thought, you know, they might be the best ones to attract the little one. She was going along quite nicely when all of a sudden she calmed down enough and she saw her brother, who was standing just over there and saying 'come on'. So she decided she would go with him.

Gina: How old was her brother?

Anderson: Oh, he was much older than she was. He was fifteen. And he had been over here for sometime.

Therese: So they were not on the same boat?

Anderson: No. No. He died several years ago.

Angie: How did she recognise him?

Anderson: Well, its a sort of a link and it doesn't have to be a conscious recognising, you see. When you can calm these rescuees down, then the intuitive link can get under way, you see - the telepathic link. And actually he died a few months after she was born, so he told me. And, um, so he has had enough time to find out a few things and he has taken her away, and she has calmed down now she is with him. So there you are. (The last said rather triumphantly)

Therese: Good.

Pat: Well, you seem to be getting on very well Anderson.

Anderson: Yes, yes.

Guy: The little girl just died on a boat? Escaping from Vietnam, or something?

Anderson: Yes, yes. The food was running out and she just gave way to one of these bugs of things that go around, 'Wogs', you call them. She just didn't have the resistance, you see.

Pat: What happened to her mum and dad?

Anderson: Well, they are still alive somewhere. I'm just not quite sure where. Em. All this took place about a year ago, so they are somewhere around.

Pat: Has Margaret got her in hand? Do you think she will end up with her or will she go with her brother?

Anderson: I don't know. At the moment she has just gone off with her brother. It depends on whether he is willing to stay with her, you see. He may have his own things to go on and do. In which case he will probably hand her over to someone like Margaret. But she was there ready to help, and the little one was attracted to her at first, until she noticed her brother.

Therese: What else have you done Anderson?

Anderson: Well, um. The question is, what haven't I done.

Pat: Yes, I thought that might be it.

Anderson: Well, I've been looking in on other circles for a start. Because, you see, every circle operates differently. Now, most of you know the sort of 'set' people who work through this one. There's a couple of sort of ancillary helpers, they help to, sort of, 'stir' the energy around, and if some more is needed they will bring people through to bring a bit more energy. You know - a kind of boost. And - um - so I've looked at how some other circles carry on, and - um - some did it all in darkness.

Pat: They also used to do it with trumpets so I believe.

Anderson: People still do.

Pat: Really?

Anderson: Yes.

Pat: Do any of those do ectoplasm, or whatever it is called?

Anderson: Well, that doesn't happen very often these days. I'm told that people don't need it so much nowadays. You see, with all the advances in the science and knowledge and stuff, the concepts we try to bring across are more readily assimilated. We don't need to do all this fancy stuff. A few people do still do it, but we don't need to do it so much. You know, we're much more keen on getting down to the real stuff.

Pat: And keeping it natural?

Gina: What you are saying is that people have to advance a bit more before you can get down to the 'real' stuff.

Anderson: Well, something like that. We sort of had to start off somewhere, and give people sort of material things that they can see and grasp, that sort of thing. But now we can do much more abstractly.

Guy: It is much more impressive if you can make that chair bounce up in the air, people would be most impressed by
that sort of thing.

Anderson: True, but these days a lot of people don't need that. It is still around for those that do, but, you know, we've really got to move on to the real stuff.

Pat: Introductory.

Anderson: Yes, well, I've done that. And, um, I've been into those Halls of Learning, and I've been practising the old meditation. I'm getting on quite nicely with that so they tell me, and I've been meeting up with some other spirits you see. So there is about four of us at the moment and we thought that we would look for a medium, you see. So, the point is that we've got to start off with a baby medium, you see.

Pat: Why?

Anderson: Because we've got to really get to know the medium, you see, And we sort of grow up along with him or her - to keep the ladies happy since I'm in the minority here. And, um, so that we really 'mesh', sort of thing, and we can practise working with the child and -um- then eventually, you know, when the time is ripe we can start really working. Now, I'm told its a lot better, a lot easier, if you, sort of, grow up with your medium. Now, this isn't always the case, but me and my three little friends thought that if we were to start off as, sort of, 'core' people for somebody - which is what we would really like to do - we sort of have to get our 'baby medium', and sort of go with him. And then we can let others join us, you see.

Gina: Have you got your eye on someone yet?

Anderson: No. It hasn't been born yet. We've got to start right from the beginning.

Pat: Does the baby have to agree to all this?

Anderson: Naturally.

Pat: And be in the know?

Anderson: Yes. At least before birth, and they sort of 'know' about these things while they are still small, um, but as they move out into your world, you see, they tend to forget about us. Except some of them, some of them still, sort of see us, you know? The old imaginary playmate trick. That's us. Yes, we're the imaginary playmates. Um, so we are looking around for likely souls at the moment. And, um, now, my three friends, we've sort of met up from all different parts of the world. One of them is a young Arabian lass, she has decided to call herself Fatima. I wasn't very impressed with that, I said look, they're ALL called Fatima.

Gina: That's what I was about to say.

Pat: At least the child won't get it wrong.

Anderson: You see, that was the sort of thing she said. It is an 'iffy' sort of name, and she said it won't REALLY matter what nationality you have because the name is so well-known. So, Fatima she will be. And we've got an Eskimo also.

Pat: What's his name?

Anderson: Shinnuck. So, he wasn't very old when he came over. Um, and then the other one is a Negro from South Africa, and he has been over here about 50 years. Um, so we think that the four of us, you know, we've got all these different skills, you know, experiences and different approaches, and you know, between the four of us we should be able to provide whatever our medium wants.

Pat: You will be able to use your skills then.

Anderson: Yes, that is what we've been thinking about. We all get on very well together.

Pat: How did you meet up? Was it in the Halls of Learning?

Anderson: Well, yes. It was in the Halls of Learning and, you see, you sort of get attracted to people who are more compatible. And I met up with the young Arabian lass at a concert. There was this lovely music and, um, lots of spirits were, you know, sort of, being attracted, so we were sort of drifting over and, um, there she was, sort of drifting along and I was drifting along

Guy: The dance of the Blissful Spirits.

Anderson: Oh, yes, and then the young Negro. I met him at one of the talks in the Halls of Learning, and we were both sitting there. And I could see him looking at me and I was looking at him, and you know, thinking "A bit over my head" (general laughter). I'm not sure how I came up with the Eskimo, he was sort of just there one day. You know, he sort of said, "I gather you're looking for a medium, you know, and I thought I might have a go at that sort of thing TOO. So do you mind if I tag along." So, we said "No. Come on." So
there we are, the four of us.

Gina: What's the Negro's name?

Anderson: Can't pronounce it. I'm going to call him Harold.

Gina: Sounds real Negroid.

Anderson: It is. But its not so sensational as Fatima you see.

Gina: What's the first syllable of his name?

Anderson: (with some difficulty) Ooblo.

Pat: Ooh, yes. I can see what you mean.

Anderson: And that's only the half of it, you see. I think he is just going to have to be a bit sensible. You see, this is one of the reasons why so many guides have such common names.

Pat: Well, how are you going to get on with his name then?

Anderson: He is going to have to do something about it.

Pat: What does he think about that?

Anderson: He doesn't much care. You see, we don't care very much about names when you come over here.

Pat: A name is just a moniker to make sure that people are getting the right one.

Anderson: And we very often choose names that, um, we just feel 'fit' us, they are not necessarily the names that we had in the world.

Pat: That makes sense.

Anderson: Yes.

Angie: Anderson, was that your name?

Anderson: Oh, I don't think it was. You know, I just like it, it sort of, 'fits'. Um, where was I? Oh, I've travelled about the world a little bit too. I thought that might be a good idea - you know, to sort of know a bit about the place. Um, those Himalayas, they're good, aren't they?

Pat: Love to go there.

Anderson: Its better when you are in spirit, I tell you. It's not so cold.

Pat: Have you been to the magic caves?

Anderson: Which ones?

Pat: The ones that have all the futuristic stuff - the lights that come on when you walk down the passages and all that. You're doing all this with special machinery and stuff from ages gone by when technology was ahead of us.

Anderson: I haven't been.

Pat: You will have to go and tell us whether its factual or not.

Anderson: I tell you what, there are some caves that are much more impressive than that.

Pat: Why, what's better about them?

Anderson: Oh, beautiful.

Pat: With stalactites and stalagmites?

Anderson: Yes.

Pat: Did you meet one of the Bigfoots?

Anderson: No.

Pat: You're not going to the right places.

Anderson: Oh, I'm going to the right places all right.

Angie: Why did you go to the Himalayas?

Anderson: I had to go somewhere. That's only one of the places I've been to. I went to the Amazon jungle, I always wanted to go to the Amazon. So, I floated up the Amazon.

Pat: Did you meet some of the Indians?

Anderson: Yes. And some of them saw me. Oh, very nice that was.

Gina: Did you see some of the places where they've chopped it down.

Anderson: Yes, very sad, very sad. Its badly affecting the natives. I'm very partial to the natives because so many of them saw me. Not like your mob.

Pat: Yes, but they're on drugs aren't they?

Anderson: Some of them. And some of them don't need it.

Pat: That's good.

Anderson: Some of them just use the drugs for the initial opening up. There are quite a few of them who don't even need that.

Angie: How did they perceive you.

Anderson: Just as I am.

Gina: Please describe yourself.

Anderson: Can't you see me?

Gina: I can hear you.

Anderson: I thought you could see me as well. Have a guess.

Gina: I would rather you described yourself to me.

Pat: Medium to short, with what one might call a 'wiry' physique. Fairly live wire. Lost a bit of hair there but you've still got some left. You comb it straight back, its straight. How am I going?

Anderson: Well, the body part was right when I was 20, and the top part was right when I was 50.

Pat: You mean you were beyond that?

Anderson: Oh, I'm ancient now.

Pat: Don't believe it.

Guy: Did you develop a bit of a waistline when you were older?

Anderson: We-ee-ll. Yes.

Guy: I thought you would.

Gina: A short, tubby little English gentleman.

Anderson: I thought you couldn't see anything.

Pat: So now we've gone back to the earlier image.

Anderson: I think I'll go back to being 20.

Pat: It suits your character better.

Anderson: Yes. And what is my hair like now?

Gina: Now, its a lot thicker and darker.

Pat: Either that, or you've turned into a Friar Tuck.

Anderson: No, Now it is a bit wavy. I brushed it back.

Guy: Won't you be getting a bit tired waiting for this medium to grow up? It takes quite a while.

Anderson: That's all right. We'll be growing up with it.

Pat: Anderson, was your hair sandy coloured at one stage? Before it went white?

Anderson: Well, ...

Pat: You know, a light gingery colour.

Anderson: Mousy gingery, actually.

Pat: A bit of everything in it?

Anderson: Mm. Yes.

Pat: So where else could you go?

Anderson: The Niagara Falls.

Pat: Did you go over in a barrel.

Anderson: (indignantly) I didn't need a barrel.

Pat: At least on the other side it wouldn't hurt anything.

Anderson: Well, as I say, I didn't need the barrel.

Gina: So you still went over the Niagara Falls?

Anderson: Oh, yes. Good fun. And, um, then I went to the
South Sea Islands and had a look around them.

Gina: Did you go to Australia?

Anderson: Well, I'm there now, aren't I?

Gina: Are you going to see other parts of Australia, apart from here?

Anderson: Oh, yes. I've had look around the old Aussie.

Pat: Have you been to Ayers' Rock?

Anderson: Yes. And various other places.

Guy: Do you see any spiritual atmosphere around Ayers' Rock? What do you see around places like that?

Anderson: Well, It does attract a lot of the Aborigine spirits. They are attracted there. As you probably realise, any place where there is a lot of prayer, religious ceremonies, that sort of thing, it will always attract a lot of spirits. And that one does attract a lot of the Aboriginal spirits.

Guy: But does it have any special spiritual quality of its own?

Anderson: About as much as anywhere else.

Pat: Did you go to South America?

Anderson: Yes. Yes, I went to that old place in Peru.

Guy: Macchu Picchu?

Anderson: Yes.

Guy: What could you see there?

Anderson: Well, from the spirit point of view it has reached the point where it was rather sterile. Because it is so long since people lived there or really been there. Most of the spirits that were hanging around there have by now moved on. But there are just a few, you know, really determinedly hanging on there. I tried to talk to them but they wouldn't have a bar of it.

Pat: What about Egypt and the pyramids?

Anderson: Well, I only had a bit of a look at them. They are a bit boring, you know, only having the four sides. I tried to have a bit of a look around inside but it was either empty rooms or solid rock. So I decided they were a bit of a wash out actually.

Guy: You didn't see any spiritual forces in them?

Anderson: You see, after all these years, most of the spirits that were attached to them have moved on. So there's not a great deal left.

Guy: O.K. Lets go back to the Himalayas. There's a very famous place called Mount Kailas there, have you seen that?

Anderson: Well, I've seen many peaks.

Guy: That one is supposed to be special.

Anderson: Well, Let me think. Did a lot of sliding down them.

Angie: Truly?

Anderson: Good fun that was. There are quite a few spirits hanging around there, actually. They got a bit cranky with me for sliding down. Um, Oh, very prim and proper they were - sitting up there, hands out and legs crossed, I thought "Gee, that would stop the blood flow."

Pat: So would the snow after a while.

Anderson: I tell you what, it did for some of them. Some of them weren't so crash hot on generating their own heat. They had a fair bit of trouble. Yes, perhaps I should say, there are a lot of spirits hanging around there. I tried to tell some of them about the other parts of the spirit world, one or two of them were a bit interested.

Guy: Do they sit and meditate?

Anderson: Mm.

Pat: You could do that for a while.

Anderson: You could, but you would get bored with it in the end.

Pat: Obviously they did not have a sense of humour if they couldn't see the fun in sliding down.

Anderson: No. There was one young fellow who had a sort of a sly grin. I tried to get him to come with me but - decorum won out.

Pat: Yes, they are usually trained against that kind of thing.

Guy: Did they have their gurus sitting with them too?

Anderson: Oh, some of them are most excited about their gurus. Some of them are a bit disappointed when they can't find theirs. So I told one young fellow where to go and look for his, but he didn't believe me.

Pat: What did you tell him?

Anderson: Told him to start looking around at something else in the spirit world and he might find him. I said: You know, there's some nice mountains over there, go and look amongst those. But no, he said it had to be these mountains. So, all right, you know. A word to the wise, but if its rejected, what can you do?

Pat: Sounds like all of us at one time or another. So, Anderson, what did you think of these other groups? Did you think they were good training for you, or did you actually find something that really interested you?

Anderson: Well, I think its all good training. We've still got to decide on our own approach.

Pat: But you've got a few years for that.

Anderson: Oh, yes. You know, one step at a time, there's no hurry. When you know you've got eternity, you don't rush things.

Pat: You don't find that daunting?

Anderson: No, why should I?

Pat: Just a thought, some people tend to give up and get bored

Gina: If you like to procrastinate I think it would be great.

Anderson: If you want to, that's your decision, isn't it?

Guy: You are picking your future medium and you are going to grow up with him or her. Did these guides who work with this medium also pick her as a little child and grow up with her? Or some of them?

Anderson: Some of them.

Guy: Which ones?

Anderson: Arrian has been with her from the start. You know, he started off as Robin? Verna also.-

Guy: They have been with her from birth? Those two? I knew Arrian was from birth but I would not think he would grow up with her.

Anderson: No, no, no. I don't think you quite understand me. When I say "growing up" with the medium, we don't do the growing up, we are just with the medium while the medium is growing up.

Guy: That would be more logical. That would be more like the personal guides.

Anderson: Yes.

Guy: So you are going to be somebody's personal guides? That puts it in a different context.

Anderson: So, -

Pat: What about Jhannee?

Anderson: Oh, no. He is a more recent one.

Pat: So there is only the two?

Anderson: (after a slight pause) Yes, I am told they had a bit of a change over a few years back. But those two were always there.

Pat: Do they have to get on real well?

Anderson: Yes, we have to be compatible and we have to be compatible with our medium as, you see, our auras have to be able to mesh.

Pat: Why the change then?

Anderson: They just decided that they had come to the end of their bit here and decided to move on. And some of these others thought that they would take over. You are never left without guides and there will always be at least one who is with you from birth. At least one.

Guy: So if you pick this child you would stay with him or her all its life?

Anderson: At least one of us will. I mean, you know, you change your mind.

Guy: But one of your foursome will stay right through?

Anderson: Yes one of us will. It is nice to have that sort of continuity, you know? We are not bound to our medium one hundred percent of the time. We, sort of come and go, but there is always somebody there. And we have such a link that we can always come back if there is an emergency or we get called.

Guy: You are looking for a child who will be receptive and a psychic one?

Anderson: Yes.

Guy: Not like a boxer or a wrestler who doesn't give a damn about these things?

Anderson: Well, if its a boy who wants to go through that stage well and good. I mean, we don't necessarily impose our wishes on the medium. Its always a choice, you don't have to take it up, you can block it off if you wish. It is your decision.

Pat: So you will be with the party when they are deciding what to do with their life?

Anderson: Yes, we have this bit of a contract. But choices and decisions can always be altered, you see?

Pat: But you are a part of that, and have some say in the life of the person even if you can quite happily fit in with any changes?

Anderson: That's right, and if that person wants to develop and let us through, O.K. And if they don't want to, well, that's O.K. When you've got eternity, it doesn't matter. You can always go and have somebody else when this person's come over here, you see.

Pat: So it doesn't really matter whether the four of you have any strong influence on this person or not in their life.

Anderson: We will always try to have an influence. We will try to warn them and demonstrate their options, but its always the person's own decision.

Pat: It seems to be almost too serious for you Anderson.

Anderson: Oh, it is, it is.

Pat: At least you've got the team, you just need the leader. Or the one who's going to be led or be a partner. God essence like all of us.

Anderson: We are all equal

Pat: In the sight of God. Well, whether you call it a partner or a leader, its still something of a game, isn't it?

Anderson: Mediums are never puppets. Nobody's ever a puppet to their guides. Your guides are more in the role of advisers, we may try to teach, we may lecture, we may explain what happens if you do such and such. A person is at liberty to listen or not, as the person chooses. Its good training for us sometimes too.

Pat: Or a punishment.

Anderson: Yes. Nothing is ever static, nothing is ever laid down and cut and dried. This is what I have been learning, anyway. You've got to go with the flow. A lot of people would like to have it all cut and dried and set down. But you don't.

Pat: Sometimes it is a bit difficult to find out what the flow is, especially when it changes.

Anderson: True, true. But you've got to learn to open up to it. The more you learn to live with that sort of thing in your world, the more you are going to be able to weather it when you come over here. And it raises your frustration level, so it causes less disturbance in your inner self, sort of thing. We also have to decide whether we are going to have a full trance medium or a control medium, whether we are going to go in for healing or whether we are going to do clairvoyance or what.

Pat: It sounds like a smorgasbord or a supermarket. How about a bit of everything, or jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none.

Anderson: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. We are always master of everything.

Gina: Including modesty?

Anderson: Naturally! (laughter) Well, when you know something, well, you know it, don't you? You can't 'unknow' it. Not when you're over here anyway.

Pat: How unusual.

Anderson: Not usually, anyway. There are a few souls who do forget it when they come over, first thing, the shock and all that. Normally you remember everything you want to.

Guy: Well, this medium's guides were pretty patient. They had some early contacts, but they waited till she was in her forties before they actually started working with her.

Anderson: Before she started working with them.

Guy: Yes, I suppose you could put it that way (laughter).

Anderson: They wanted certain conditions, certain experiences had to be gone through, and when the conditions were tight, that was it.

Pat: What happens if those conditions aren't met because of a change of mind.

Anderson: Nothing.

Pat: Would the medium's development still necessarily take place?

Anderson: No. We will all have certain experiences through the growing up of our medium. We will always be learning something even if the medium doesn't take on the opportunity to work with us.

Pat: I was thinking more on the lines: if the medium didn't experience the earthly experiences which set the scene for you lot to act on her and to come into play, if she may not have undertaken all the experiences which would be to the best advantage of Spirit to come through and use her as a medium. Her choice was still to seek to become a medium, would that then be considered and eventually take place? She probably hasn't had all the experiences you would prefer she had prior to becoming a medium.

Anderson: If all the conditions are not met, it doesn't happen. (Pat acts surprised).

Guy: What would be the main conditions?

Anderson: A willingness to let it happen.

Gina: You've struck circular arguments like that before.

Pat: True.

Anderson: If you don't want to work with your guides, you won't work with them and that's all there is to it. If you want to work with them, you will.

Guy: Not everybody's guides want them to be a medium, let's face that too.

Anderson: True

Guy: Many people prefer other things to being a medium.

Anderson: That is quite right. How are we going for that time?

Guy: Ten to ten.

Anderson: Well, we have had a good chat. I have also been asked to pass on a message. It is a request for topics for talks. If you don't give any you might find that things get a bit repetitious.

Pat: Thanks for coming Anderson.

Gina: Thank you very much.

Anderson: (graciously) Thanks for having me.

Guy: Next time, bring again somebody else with you.

Anderson: Goodnight.

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