The name I have chosen to use is Ah-So, and for those of you who do not know me, and there are many tonight, in my incarnation in your world, I was Chinese. I was a follower of Lao-Tzu, and I spent many years in a temple. The tape tonight brought back many memories to me, because the bells were so similar in sound to the bells that we had in our temple. We were in the countryside and close by was a stream with trees overhanging. I wish to thank you for the memories that this tape has brought back.

I spent many years in retreat and many years in strict meditation practices. To some people these practices are very beneficial and right and proper, but there are not many people like that. And if you are placed in a situation where you must lead a very material life in the world, you should not feel that this is a lesser calling than those of us who had the opportunity to follow these esoteric activities. Each one of us was born in this world with a particular plan, that plan is necessary for your own progress and development. I wish tonight to concentrate mainly on your relationships with your guides. Everyone has guides and helpers. By being aware of this fact, you make the link for us much stronger and easier. Our plan is to try to inspire you to the actions which are right and proper for you, but the choice ultimately is yours. You must make the decision. We are only to prompt you, to suggest. You have to lead your own life. If you listen to your own inner heart, when you can recognise our promptings, then you will be guided aright. But I stress, the decisions are yours to make. If you have no practice in leading your own life in this material world, you will not have the experience to try to guide and help others when you join us on this side. So, it is beneficial for you to try to pay attention to us, but we are not autocrats. We are not going to govern every aspect of your life. You don't have to ask us what clothes you are going to wear when you get up; you don't have to ask us what you are to eat for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. Those things are strictly your decision. If something is wrong, if you feel a change, perhaps in diet, is needed, then sit quietly, talk to us, tell us, layout to us the choices you have. We will prompt you perhaps, but you will have your own ideas, and it is up to you to make the decision.

You also must remember that not every thought that comes into your head is from spirit. That brain of yours works for itself. It may be like a computer, but the thoughts are your own. When you can identify which messages are from us, and if you agree with our promptings and you decide, yes, you will do that, all will be well. But we may make a suggestion which is out of keeping with your character, you may feel that this isn't the kind of thing you can do. Perhaps, if you are a shy person and we are telling you "Look, you've got to go and tell that person they are doing something wrong." Take that situation, that shy person may feel incapable of doing it. That person is free to make the decision. If they feel that this behaviour is totally foreign to them, that they are incapable of carrying it out properly, by all means don't do it. But if that shy person can say, "Well, I'll try. You lot up there help me", then they may start to overcome their shyness, and so, in future they will become more attuned to us, and more able to carry out promptings.

That is only one instance. There are many, many, many instances in which that kind of thing may occur. We may be telling a very brash, aggressive person, to quieten down and they may say "I don't want to quieten down. I get very good results the way I'm behaving, thank you very much." It is their decision. Do not shed all your decisions on us. We've got enough to think about.

Before you were born, you reviewed with your guides the broad general tenor of your life. You can change it because you had part in the decision making. It wasn't laid on you. You chose it. True, you had advice, it was discussed with us. But you agreed to take those situations, because of this you can change situations. You can change yourself if you decide that a change is needed. And if you decide a change isn't needed, well and good. That's your decision. That's O.K. It probably means that you want to stick with the original plan, O.K. Nothing is laid down hard and fast in Spirit.

In the material world you have many more rules than we have. Objects fall to the floor, for instance; water evaporates into steam when it boils. There are physical laws to which you are subject, and you need to live your lives within the bounds that are set, until there is a point at which you can, and are willing to change. Often and often, people are offered a choice. You make that decision, these things are LIKELY to happen; you make this decision, and other things are LIKELY to happen. If you pick up the promptings from Spirit and you have the courage, if it is needed, to follow those promptings, well and good. We will not cease to love you because you haven't followed our promptings.

There is an indissoluble bond between you and your guides. We will still look after you when you enter the Spirit World and together we progress through the Spirit World though we may be on a different level to you, in time we will end up on the same level.

Many people are confused between guides and helpers. Helpers are people who have some link with you, they may be a relative or a friend. In a relative link, they do not need to have actually known you. A great-grandfather, for instance, may take an interest in you, even though he has never met you. But there is the link through the sub-atomic particles and through the genes. There is a link there between you. And so he may take an interest in you, even though he has never met you. There is still that linkage The helpers are the ones who bring love to you. They are the one who will seek to comfort you when you are distressed. They are the ones who usually seek to pass on messages to you through mediums and clairvoyants. They are - I must use the word 'level', there are no levels in spirit, it is all graduated, but it is a concept you will understand better. They are on a lower level from the guides. They are more interested in your material welfare. They can act as a liaison between the Guides and yourself. Sort of message bearers, although guides can come close and pass messages on themselves, in the majority of cases it is passed through the helpers, the people who are around you. Sometimes the person will stay with you out of a sense of duty, or sometimes it is because the person wishes to relieve something which he or she regrets. They are trying to compensate for some wrong perhaps that they might have done you. Please understand - there are no hard and fast, set rules.

Those helpers who are not related to you in some way, are friends who did know you before they joined us 'up' here, if it is 'up', which it may not be, but that's another talk. Even if they only knew you very briefly.

In addition to these guides and helpers, there are other spirits who have taken on the task of bringing additional help and energy to people who need it for a short time. Perhaps someone who is sick. Very often a pregnant woman will have additional helpers around during her pregnancy. It may be when you are going through a difficult period in your life, if you have some worries, if you have extra work to do, then very often these, shall we say, free-lancing helpers, will come round you for a while for some special purpose. And when they see they are no longer needed, they will pass on to someone else. They don't need to be told where to go, they are just drawn by certain vibrations. A free-lancer who is, who wants, to specialize in helping sick people will pick up vibrations of sickness from someone and will naturally, go along to them to see what they can do. Or it may be vibrations of sheer desperation, or unhappiness or whatever.

There is much grief in the Spirit World over people who are addicted to very strong drugs. Even tobacco affects your aura, tea and coffee, very little. But alcohol and the strong drugs shatter the aura, so the person is wide open to the Spirit World, but they are incapable of handling what is happening. The aura is a protection around you, and when it is shattered, any spirit can come in, any spirit can over-shadow you and cause you to act the way they want you to, which may be harmful to yourself or to others. When the aura shatters like that, it is very hard for your guides and helpers to protect you. It is rather like being struck by lightning, only whereas lightning is a brief flash, in this case it is permanently there. Brain cells are destroyed and other cells in your body are affected. And this all contributes to the shattering of your aura, virtually destroying the link between your guides and helpers, so they cannot influence you. Much of the guides' and helpers' influence on you come through the aura - they 'work' on the aura, if you like the phrase. It is the way they can link up with you. I am speaking through this medium now because she has an aura, and I can manipulate that aura. She is allowing me to manipulate her through her aura. When the aura shatters that cannot occur. The sensations from our side are coming through violently, full force, you have no protection, no filter, so you can filter it down, so that the guides and helpers can feed you what you can handle, what you are ready to accept. And when such persons pass over to us they are in a sorry state. The ethereal body is sort of a shaking type. These concepts are very difficult to bring across to you. If you can imagine a physical body of a person in delirium tremens and they will shake, they will see things that aren't there, they are hallucinating. This kind of thing happens when they come over on this side. There is this excitation. The vibrating, shaking, they are frightened. They don't understand what is happening and the guides and helpers cannot contact them. They cannot receive the messages that are being given to them to calm them down. It takes a long time and a lot of work from a lot of other spirits before we can really reach those spirits and bring them to a point where they can start their progress in the Spirit World. And we grieve. It wastes so much of what you would call time, and energy And we work on them, and we work on them, and we work on them, until at last someone manages to make contact. Until we have been able to build up that body the person needs much quietness. We have to bring soothing calm vibrations and conditions. We have to keep trying and experimenting until we find out what that person can respond to. For one person it may be a cave, for another it may be a hospital, or a straw hut in a jungle, or snow fields or mountains, and we must keep on trying. This is one of the things we do, to try to contact the person. We keep bringing them loving, soothing vibrations. We keep trying out different settings.

And oh, the relief when finally we can make progress with that person. The joy we experience, like the shepherd who saves the hundredth sheep. This one of the aspect of work by guides and helpers on this side. We would ask at this point if anyone has any questions on anything I have been saying. To those of you who have not been here before, I would explain that many concepts we have over here are very difficult to translate into phrases you, in your world, can grasp and understand. The analogies we often use are but very poor and pale compared to the reality of what we are trying to say. So if anyone has questions at this point, I would be glad to try to elucidate further.

Philip: Am I being guided now, in my life, am I listening?

Ah-So: You are always being guided. You are listening. You are trying to listen too hard, I am told. I am told, keep your feet on the ground. Look first for ordinary explanations. Only when you have exhausted all physical and material explanations should you then move up higher and start looking for the mental and spiritual explanations. Do not try too hard, this sets up more of a tension, and remember, make your own decisions, after listening. Do not attribute everything to spirit. Calm down a little and take it more gently. You will be fine, you will develop.

Garry: Are there a limited number of guides and helpers in the Spirit World, and is there a limit to each individual soul in this world?

Ah-So: Are you asking does each person in the world have a limited number of guides, or is there, in total, a limited number of guides?

Garry: Both, actually. Is there a total limit on the number and are some shared between individual person?

Ah-So: Give me a moment please. let me say, there are plenty of guides, enough to go round. (Laughing) You see, using this dreadful analogy of levels, which we don't like, but it is the only way we can try to get this concept across. As you go higher up, individuality breaks down, and so it is harder to talk about numbers of entities at that point than it is in the lower levels. So it is really very difficult to answer in a short way. Guides can come from many different levels. People have as many guides as they "need". Some people only have two or three, others may have a dozen, nothing is really laid down hard and fast in the Spirit World, though it is rare for anyone to have more than about a dozen usually, because the tasks of the incarnate being can be quite adequately covered by that number. We do not have to indulge in redundancy. So, in one sense, you can say, yes, there is an unlimited number of guides in Spirit, because as you go higher, the individuality is breaking down. Usually, the group of guides connected with a person will be from different levels, so that a person can receive or have the benefit of different types of inspirations. We like to leave people their choices.

Kingsley: Is it an opportune time to go into further detail on the aura, or would you want to leave that for another time?

Ah-So: By detail do you mean colours and that sort of thing?

Kingsley: Yes. I understand there's a health aura and an ethereal aura.

Ah-So: I will speak briefly although the subject of the aura is something to which we could devote a whole year of circles. It does reflect the health of the body. It also reflects the mental condition. The mental aspect has two factors, two parts, two aspects. One is an overall sort of impression, this would give someone who can see auras an idea of your general personality. It can also reveal passing moods, depression, or anger, or joy, or pleasure. The auras merge into one while you are in a physical body. When you come over to this side you still have an aura, but it is different to the one that you had when you were in a physical body. Like the ethereal "body", for want of a better word, it, too, is much finer. It is much more easy to see the spiritual stage of development of the entity, because when you are in a physical body, the aura is affected by the body. When you no longer have the heavy material body then the real aura can shine more clearly. It tends to be proportionately bigger, as though it has been released from some confinement. It is through auras that we, on this side, communicate. We do not need words to talk to each other, it is done through the auras. This is why the drug addicts are so much harder to contact, because the aura is so shattered and fragmented that it is difficult to really make contact with.

I will try to talk more, or my colleagues, on other occasions. Please feel free to bring up this subject again later. It is often easier for us when we have a specific question, because so many of these topics are so wide and general, even we have trouble deciding where to start. And a question gives us a focus and from there we can lead on naturally. I feel it is time that I left. So, my friends, with your concurrence I will bid you good-night and God bless.

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