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(During the opening meditation I had been impressed with a scene of a lake so I started with a meditation based on that scene.)

You are standing at the edge of a lake. And you climb into a boat and start rowing towards the centre of the lake, and you can see the sun shining on the water. As you row, you realise you are not alone. There is someone in the boat with you. He is talking to you in words but they are not words. It is reaching the depths of your soul. This is your main guide, the one who is closest to merging back with the Godness. His words are going deep within you, to the innermost part of your being and you are realising the truth. As he speaks so you, too, can feel the underlying Spirit. Realise that this is the real You. This deepness, this wisdom, everything is a manifestation of THAT Spirit. (The main talk started somewhere about this point.) Everything is one. Your guides are not separate from you at these deeper layers, it is only the manifestation on which you are focussing is different. All guides will try to convey this concept to you: we are all one. But, so often the message is not grasped and understood.

You have all the power of the universe, just as much as your guides have. If you think right, you will realise that you can go straight to the Godness.

The guides are manifestations of the Godness. They are manifestations of you. But, because you focus on the material world you need these concepts. And so they are there for you. You have so focussed on your material planet that you shut out the rest of it. You feel you need the material planet and so it is there. It is the biggest delusion of them all. You are already in the Spirit World, you are already Spirit.

You can but keep your attention on this realisation for a very brief time. You will be able to expand this awareness for longer periods. First be aware that it is there, and then give it the opportunity to manifest. You think you have a material body. You think you have material objects, and so you perceive them. You concentrate on them. You do not allow what is underneath to well up. Just redirect your attention and the material conditions will seem less important, less troublesome. In reality, you are already at the Godness. You just need to turn your attention there. So you float on your lake with your guide. The lake is the Godness, the boat is your material world and the guide is part of you, just as the guide is part of the lake, the water in the lake. You can dissolve that boat and just be floating in the lake. And if you sink beneath the surface of the lake, you can dissolve the lake and see the magical world that is there. You can be that world. You can see that world. You can see all parts of the world, that world beneath the lake.

All you ever wanted to attain, you already have. Do you want jewels? You have them. But far superior jewels to the ones you have in your material world, because all these things have the concepts. If you see the inner substance of all these things you will realise that it is but Godness. And that Godness is the real you, and so you are everywhere. And everything and nothing. And there is a joy in the freedom that that concept brings. Why fret about material concerns when you have in your heart all this? There is but one Spirit and you are all part of that Spirit. You are all part of that Spirit.

These concepts have been expressed as the peace that passeth all understanding. To feel it you must leave your material understanding behind. You cannot feel it if you use your intellect. You can only feel it when this is suspended. Your intellect, your mind, your brain power - call it what you will - works in the material world. To experience the depth in understanding, you need to leave that behind. You cannot encompass it with the material workings of the brain. This life is like a bubble. It is so fine, it reflects the colours and it can go 'pop' so easily.

Arrian: Georgina, what are you feeling?
Georgina: I was feeling that I can understand what is being said. In this world, even though I understand that what you were saying, we cannot find the peace. We should turn our attention deeper. I understood that we are trying to change the form that we are in. Make it more reflect the Godness.

Arrian: To change your concept of the form.
Georgina: So that we don't consider the form so important. So that it more accurately reflects the Godness.

Arrian: To change your concepts of the importance of the form. To change your concept of the form itself.
Georgina: Our concept of the form as we have it, is of a material thing and we are trying to change it to the spiritual.

Arrian: Understand what is underneath the form. What is forming the form.
Georgina: It is a difficult concept.

Arrian: (Sternly) Don't use the material brain or a material intellect. You cannot understand it. Just let it be within you. (Suddenly speaking quickly) The minute you focus your material intellect on it, it will slip through your fingers.
Angie, what are you feeling?
Angie: I feel as though I'm nothing.

Arrian: (Sternly) Not nothing - everything.
Angie: Its nothing or everything. Its encapsulating everything. It forms us at the moment.

Arrian: Guy, what are you feeling? Feeling, not thinking.
Guy: Have you heard of the smile of the Cheshire cat? Or Schrödinger's cat, is laughing at me. You know what I mean? (Mincus, the cat was meowing and playing up at that moment).

Arrian: Yes. But what are you feeling?
Guy: Just the cat laughing. No cat, just the laughing.

Arrian: Gina, what can you tell us?
Gina: I am very much at peace on the boat.
Georgina: I'm feeling frustrated at the moment. I would love to feel that feeling of peace all the time. I am very full of the material at the moment. I am not too sure that I am enjoying my work.

Arrian: Set aside a period each day when you can experience it, so you have your little holiday each day.
And Madame Therese?
Therese: Contentment.

By allowing yourselves to experience this for a short time each day, you will gradually have this feeling underlying everything you do. It will be covered by you and again revealed. The material world is a paradox, and when you solve it, you will have enlightenment.

(After a few moments Arrian quietly slipped away.)

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