Control thought to be Arrian. In the middle of your forehead is a white light. Picture that white light circling round inside your skull, slowly to the left, anti-clockwise direction. It is going faster and faster. It is going so fast that it is like a light ring inside your skull. The ring is going to stay there but the white light is going down your left arm and you are passing it on to the person on your left. You will receive the white light from the person on your right and feel it move up your right arm. Let it circle around the room, keep going down your left arm again and keep passing it on.

A control then came through:

This is how the energy is. You receive it and you pass it on. You do not always receive it from the person to whom you have passed it on. It does not matter. In the ultimate sense it comes from the underlying Spirit and since you are all linked by that underlying spirit, since everything is one, you are in effect giving to yourself and receiving from yourself. You are giving to the greater whole and receiving from the greater whole.

Do not worry if you do not get back from the person to whom you have given. In time, that person will give to someone else and you will receive from someone else. Give freely without attachment and without expecting return. This is the law. It will always come back to you, sometime, somewhere, from someone in some way. It may not be in material terms or material objects. It may be in a spiritual direction. It may be an opening up to that underlying spirit, to that love that is there for you. You may, by passing on the light, by passing on your love, open yourself up to that underlying spirit, so that you can be aware of it more than you have been until now. The aim is to become aware of that spirit, every moment of every day of your life. At present it is spasmodic, you will remember it for a while and then become immersed again in your daily activities, in your material objects and duties. But whenever you can, think of that Spirit and ask it to help you, ask it to come into your life. The more you ask it to come, the more you will be aware of it, the more you will receive it, the more you will be guided in your daily activities, the more you will become unattached to your daily activities. This does not mean that you will not perform your daily activities with full rigour, your full duty, or to the fullest of your abilities - you will still carry out your duties to the best of your ability. But you will not be worried if the outcome is not to your liking. You will not be attached to the outcome. You will be developing that inner calmness that will carry you through adversities, it will carry you through your happinesses and your successes. You will rejoice at those times, you will feel sad at the negative times. But within there will be a certain amount of non-attachment, a deeper peace and calmness. So remember how this light is circling around this circle, you were receiving and you were passing on. Do that freely and joyfully in your daily life. And remember, what you pass on is what you will receive. So be sure that you only pass out the good-will, the love and the joy. It does not matter what other people do to you. Give them only love, it will drive them insane, but it will negate their negativities and replace them with positivities. It is very difficult to be negative towards someone who is being positive towards you. Remember my words, as often as you can. I know there will be times when you will forget them - doesn't matter. Just start over again. Do not go around beating your breast and calling yourself a sinner, you are not a sinner. You are an incarnation of a drop of the Godness, of that underlying Spirit. If it were not so you would not be able to move, you would not be able to think. In short, you would not exist. And remember also to love yourself. It does not necessarily mean putting yourself before other people. Sin or wrong-doing is hindering other people. That is the very basic. But treat yourself equally. Sometimes the other person should come before your own good, but there are occasions when you come first. It will all balance out. Remember you are all equal before God. Because each one of you is that underlying spirit. Each one of you have gifts and abilities that are needed in this world of yours - if they were not needed you would not have them. Sometimes, from your point of view, it is very difficult to see the value of whatever gift or ability you might have, but we, on this side, can see much further than you. And we can see why it is there.

May be I am asking you to take me on trust, it is just that I know that this is how it is. This is why, when you are relaxed and at peace, when your thoughts relax and you can let go of your earthly cares and worries, you can contact that inner spirit, and everyone describes it as love. You have that feeling of love.

Think of the person you love most in all the world. When you remember them, remember the feeling you have within you. Now, exaggerate that feeling ten-thousand times and you will have some idea of what the full realisation of the underlying spirit will be like. You will almost burst with that love - with that love that you will be able to pass on to other people whether they are aware of it or not. People will just know there is something different about you and they will be drawn to you. The ones who need you, will be drawn. The underlying Spirit always knows what is needed. Always knows where to draw the needful. But you need to quieten this material personality, so that you can feel it on the conscious level of your mind. So often these promptings are squashed or ignored, pushed out of mind, because of your cares with the material aspects of your life.

And I will repeat the promise recently made to you. Some day you will reach that perfect realisation. It is impossible for you NEVER to reach it. You WILL reach it - sometime. It does not HAVE to be in the material body, it might be when you come over here. And remember, when you come over here what is available is far more than the continuation of the material conditions that you hear so much about. That will be there for a while, but let it go and you will find something far more rewarding, more enjoyable, far more exciting. I cannot begin to describe it to you. I can only assure you it is there and you cannot fail to reach it.

So relax. Don't worry about those things that you call backslidings. But aim always for the good. Aim always at the positive aspects and let the negativities flow off you like water off a duck's back. It has no part of you because you, deep within, the real you, is Godness. So the negative conditions that build up in your world cannot harm you, it is not a part of this Godness. Those conditions will pass away, but the positives cannot pass away, because they are the Ultimate. And now my friends I am going to come to each one of you in turn, to give you that love and energy. If you will please remove your chair.

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