This was an unusual session, the entity's talk was quite short. The comments of Albert, one of John Dixon's guides, and of myself and the other sitters are also given because they give some indication of how the entity spoke and behaved.

Entity: I have to tell you that Arrian is Robin. He decided that Robin was not quite right for him and chose this name Arrian because the sounds and rhythm are more compatible with his stage of development. Names still survive and divide one from the other but he will bow to your convention and adopt this name. Please do not think of him as a distinct, separate entity. It is more like a vortex, a whirlpool in a river. You can see where the whirlpool is but it is difficult to say where its boundary is. The sphere of influence spreads beyond the body at the centre, and merges and overlaps with others, as you would term, souls. The analogies are actually rather weak and poor - it is the best I can do to bring it down to your level of understanding.

In your world only one object can occupy a space at any one time. In the Spirit World this does not necessarily hold true. We can overlap and inter-mingle at the higher levels. These concepts can hardly be understood in your world. Please understand that I am talking about the world beyond the Spirit World, using the word 'world' in its very widest and broadest connotations. What I am calling worlds is more a state of mind. The whole level, whole series of levels, intermingle one with the other, all being present in one, and what you see and experience depends on your state of mind, and what you are able and willing to see and perceive. (A pause with laboured breathing.)

My message is not new, it has been told before and some can accept it and some cannot. And every now and again we try again, reaching more and different people each time. It was said once before, 'He that hath ears he will hear'. The message is not scattered willy-nilly. It is heard by those who are meant to hear it and where they are at a stage to accept or reject. The rejecters will eventually accept and understand. Everyone will ultimately accept and understand. But at every instant, there are those who gain this knowledge. It is not a matter of time, it is happening always. Events that are going on in the mind of God have no time as you know it.

Time is the passage of your world around your sun. This marks the time, it marks day and night, and the seasons and the years and so you have time. But time isn't a concept of God, it is a concept of man, and to God, time and space do not exist.

To Him everything is happening always and all at once. Because at every second, in your terms, things are happening you see things happening to separate people. We see the whirlpool going through the event, not the event passing through your own little whirlpool or person.

Events are concepts. The concept for living all those (events), will be gone through by the different whirlpools. At some time or other but always that event is taking place. You see it as many different events. The events are the manifestation of the underlying concept, and it is a concept that has permanency. I do not know how well you are grasping these ideas. It is difficult to express such things to you in language that you can understand because your language deals with your world, and this limitation makes it unsuitable to use for talking about the world beyond the Spirit World. In many ways it is also unsuitable for talking about even the Spirit World, and that has many correlations with your world, but it is also very dis-similar. It is, what you make it, this has been told before. Your experiences in the Spirit World are of your own making. Your intent, your attitudes, have more effect that the actual deeds that you do.

In God there is no concept of sin. Man has various rules of living, whether formal or informal and designated any deviance as sin. But I repeat what sin exists is in your intent. An intention to harm another in any way whatsoever is a sin. There is no reason why you should not enjoy the things that you have in this world but they should never be acquired at the expense of others. There may be reasons why you have certain things and others do not. Do not try to judge, accept everyone for what they are. There is some truth in the old saying 'There but for the grace of God go I'. But it is very often more true to say 'There but for the grace of I, go I'. Do not be afraid to love yourself as long as you do not love yourself at the expense of others. You are all children of God, and yourself is as worthy of love as others. If you feel guilty about something try to repair what you see as damage. If you cannot, forgive yourself, and try not to do that again. For if you feel guilty about something, that action is wrong for you. But examine your intent when you did it and remember that at your stage you are still human beings and not yet perfect. Do what you feel is right and accept yourself, and accept others. For you are all manifestations of God and, as such, are worthy of love, no matter what 'sins' have been committed. The most hated person in the world is still a manifestation of God. Extend kind thoughts towards that person and that person will be helped on his pathway. It may not be apparent in your world by kindliness extended to such a person may not be received but one eventually will help him on his way, on his path back to the Godhead. Do not be too strict or rail against yourselves. You are a manifestation of God and as such are not sinful. Always the underlying spirit is the real person.

There are many forces at work that affect people and their actions and some people must be restrained to prevent harm to others, but do not hate those people. Your good thoughts and kindliness towards them, will help them more than you can ever know. One kind word can help them to restore their sense of self worth.

At this point the entity left and Albert, one of John Dixon's guides took over the session. As I was still in semi-trance he asked the other sitters for their impressions.

Guy: I saw light shapes swirling round Valerie. Not exactly like an aura, but like a sort of light area, sometimes expanding, sometimes contracting, something like a dark bubble arising out of it, sometimes disappearing, sometimes like a light flare around her.

Tina: The only impression I got was fairly early on when he was talking, I was looking at Valerie, and my vision seemed to be peculiar. I thought I saw the beginning of a manifestation but it never really took on any particular obvious, physical, recognisable shape. Then it disappeared and I seemed to loose track of it.

Lola: When she started to talk I went into a sort of sleep. I could hear what she was saying.

Albert: Second round of questions. Anyone feel any physical sensation?

Guy: Just before Valerie went into trance I felt very warm, there was energy streaming right around me. I was warm all over, feet, hands, everything. I was not exactly hot but there was no feeling of coldness or anything. I felt like charged up.

Tina: I must say I was feeling progressively colder and I seemed to feel an overflow of energy as if whatever it was there was throwing out quite a long way into the room. Whether it was just energy from Valerie's control or whether it was energy in the room tonight I couldn't say. One thing I forgot was early in the part when Valerie was speaking. I went through a brief phase there of being almost deja-vu type of thing. As though what was being said was almost, sort of, already there. Almost very much as though I knew what was going to be said. But obviously I did not know in advance. But as you said it, it was as though it was there for sometime.

Albert: Lola, apart from feeling a little restful, did you have any physical sensation?

Lola: There was quite a lot before but I can't quite remember what it was. But I felt strange for quite a long while before she tranced. A few different things, but ...

Albert: We were sort of putting waves of energy into tonight, rather than building up to a peak, we were just letting the energy come through the instrument (John) and out into the circle. It made him feel extremely cold, like last week and the week before, but there wasn't a great height in the energy. It was just a steady flow coming out. (I was now completely out of my trance-state and Albert turned to me.) Let me come to you, Valerie. Did he give you a key very promptly?

Valerie: I thought at first that it was Ah-So because I was getting the hand movements. But then I felt as though he slipped away and the other one came through. At one stage I was holding my arms in front like the stereo-typical Chinese. And as I made that bowing movement, each time I did that, the energy sensations I was having increased. I can't quite remember the sequence in which things happened, but at one stage I put my hand back on the back of the chair with my palms up, and I could feel this big ball of energy going round and round between my hands. I even debated to ask if somebody wanted some healing, I thought perhaps it was a healing energy or something like that.

Albert: The words came in bursts. Very long bursts. Is that how you received them?

Valerie: Yes, there were pauses. In that long break in the middle I felt extremely distressed as though I couldn't stand it any more. At one point I thought I was going to pass out. I thought perhaps it was a physical condition that was manifesting.

Albert: Can you describe the physical sensations?

Valerie: There was the one where I thought I was going to pass out, sort of bursting - I couldn't contain it. I really thought it was a physical condition, and I thought I wouldn't be able to do anything at all if it was a physical illness.

Albert: What did you expect was going to happen?

Valerie: (Laughing) I didn't have a clue. Then things seemed to come more under control. The closest analogy I can think of is when you have a tummy upset and are going to be sick again, there is that awful feeling just a couple of minutes before you actually vomit, and you think, oh, I can't stand this.

Albert: And when the words came back, did that disappear?

Valerie: Yes.

Tina: Almost as though you were in the middle of the vortex of energy and it was too much for you.

Valerie: Yes, I didn't know what they did, whether they speeded it up, or slackened it down or what.

Albert: That was a physical re-action of yours as the result of the connection between you and the spirit being closer and the energy building up.

Tina: Was he actually taking control within Valerie, or was he standing to one side?

Albert: He was standing to one side before that last bit and then he wanted to come in. The energy was high and we were building up the energy to see how far he could go in coming in. He got within her sphere of influence, the aura, and he was a little bit too over-powering.

Tina: So, in fact, he was controlling from outside Valerie's aura?

Albert: He was standing back, yes. That's why there were the pauses. The pauses were evident, but they were not all that frequent. There were long passages of words, and then a pause.

Valerie: At times I would get half a sentence and the rest was coming as I was speaking so I didn't have a clue what I was saying.

Albert: That's deliberate, so you know its not you.

Lola: When Valerie was distressed I had a strong impulse to reach out and touch her. Would that have been the wrong thing to do?

Albert: That's a very strong temptation. Anyone who is sensitive to the energy has that temptation, and it should be resisted.

Tina: Unless its somebody like John who is actually being controlled by somebody like he is by Albert at the moment. In which case they change the energy, but if we do it, just as we are, its quite dangerous. It may not be, but it can give the instrument a shock.

Albert: You feel you want to take the cause of the problem away from somebody. Its very common for somebody who can sense the energy.

Tina: The safest thing to do is actually talk, like we do in rescue circles. This assists the energy levels to change and perhaps even get rid of the entity by talking.

Albert: I came along tonight to have a talk to you.

Guy: Before you start, Albert, can you tell us briefly what you saw? What did the whole thing look like to you? Because I think it was a bit out of the ordinary what happened.

Albert: Well, there's not much that I am able to tell you because I'm not allowed to say anything that will identify the control. That is deliberate at the moment. All I can is that the control stood back almost directly behind Valerie. standing so that the energy is just a little bit above Valerie, about two feet above her head. The connection was to the back of Valerie's head. It seemed like a shimmering, it was three feet or something like that. It caused something like a whirlpool sort of going round and round, around Valerie's chair there and it was just around her legs and that's not very common, but that method of using the energy was chosen so that if the circumstances were right, the door-keeper could build up, just pick up the energy and Valerie could go into trance. Just a low level with a steady circular flow. Most of the time the circular flow of the energy is around the entire circle. This time it was looping the circle and then it was going around. So that more energy was coming around Valerie which could be picked up at any time to be used. We do that sometimes with the instrument when we have a rescue and we are never actually sure when the controlling spirit is going into the instrument and if we don't sort of capture him when the influence of the instrument is full of energy then we will lose him. With someone like myself we don't need it because I can come in gradually to the instrument. Its when you've got to capture the person in the energy so that there is a connection between the control and the instrument.

Guy: Are you allowed to tell us what he looked like?

Albert: No, I'm not, because that's something Valerie has to do. What I can say is that you are going to hear a lot more from that one. He is going to have a very important role. He is different in personality to the other controls. He's of a more serious vein and he is going to be very important. I am not allowed to describe the control because that one is going to be one of the regular controls that will actually take over Valerie and cause her to go into quite a deep trance. And at this time it would be undesirable to give her any pre-conceived ideas about that control. Until they have the key organised and until she can recognise that control.

Valerie: There was one other thing which I've remembered feeling, during the meditation or just afterwards. I had cold draughts going across my hands, my hands didn't go cold but I felt the cold draught. I had a lot of tingling in my cheeks and muscles round my mouth, the third eye and then at the back of my head. I could also smell something, not sure what the perfume was. I thought at one stage it might have been baby powder.

Albert: We have asked the instrument to keep this room free of strong smells like that prior to the circle. Its not likely to be a physical smell with a physical origin. Its likely to be a manifestation of the energy.

Tina: Was it disturbed much when I walked right across the middle of the circle?

Albert: No, not really.

Tina: There wasn't much I could do about that. I'm, curious to know whether it does have any effect.

Albert: No, it doesn't. It might have been distorted just a little but not a great deal.

Valerie: Would it have been different if it had been a stranger walking across?

Albert: It would have been different then, or if it had been somebody who was a very strong power builder. Or someone we are using as a funnel, like the instrument, if he walked across, it would have really changed the shape of the energy flows. We do that sometimes to achieve certain things.

Tina: I don't know if I still do, but I used to tend to give off more energy than I usually used.

Albert: It doesn't actually make any difference.

Tina: I don't know if I've changed.

Valerie: But you are so much a part of the circle anyway it probably wouldn't matter.

Albert: I hope you listened carefully to what was said. It's a bit hard to fully appreciate because it sounds so mechanical in the way that Valerie's giving the information she's receiving.

Valerie: I was getting pictures of whirlpools and the eddies all over-lapping.

Tina: It made me think of a diagram in a book that the Theosophists have. They use a fairly intricate drawing to indicate how levels of energy come down from a very high developed level, through various levels to be able to actually reach this level here. They showed things that looked like cart-wheels or a vortex of energy.

Albert: Just because of the way the information is given, don't dismiss information because it seems routine and mechanical and there was no change in Valerie's appearance.

Valerie: The thing I want to know is, did it make sense?

Guy: It made sense. It was very slow at times. There were long pauses in between (some phrases). Sometimes it was quite fluent and then it was very halting and interrupted. But it made sense.

Albert: It was coherent, I agree. It was coherent.

Valerie: And logical? (Assent from other members of the circle.)

Albert: Even before and after the gaps it followed on logically.

Tina: The presentation was mechanical but it struck me as being a very deeply philosophical personality.

Albert: A very serious one, that one. He knows what he is talking about. I can't quite imagine how he is going to come across once he gets to taking control. I can't quite imagine at this stage, how the two personalities are going to come together and what sort of personalities are going to come together and what sort of personalities are going to emerge. It will be interesting to see how that develops. You will be hearing more of him so there will be more opportunities to think about what he's got to say.

Albert then went on to give the following exercises which are used in the Spirit World and which can also be used in the material world.

1. To be used when intense mental activity is called for, especially when you are feeling listless. Relax for a minute or so beforehand. Sit comfortably, shut your eyes, feet on the ground. When you feel more relaxed, rub your hands together, put your fingers on your temples, little finger on the ridge where your forehead comes round. Index finger and second finger just below the ear and concentrate on your fingertips. Imagine that there are flashes of lightning going right through your head, right through to the other side of your fingers. Try to visualise the flashes going from right to left and left to right, for about 30 seconds, no more. It's the visualisation that is important. You find that the more you concentrate, the more you can concentrate.

2. When feeling physically tired at the end of the day, and you feel a bit on edge and irritable, to re-charge yourself, put yourself on an even keel. Sit with shoulders firmly against the back of the chair. Slightly arch your spine so tummy muscles are stretched. Put your left hand just under the rib cage with the right hand on top of it, push your tummy muscles into your hand and keep your spine just a little bit curved, but comfortable. Imagine that energy is coming in through the backs of your hands. You will feel the inside hand getting warm. Stay like that and concentrate imagining there is a vast hole where your hand is and you are covering it up. Keep imagining the energy coming into that hollow. Just quietly breathe and imagine this energy coming in. Do that for about 10 minutes and then relax.

3. When you are wanting to solve a problem of any sort, something on your mind to which you have no solution, when you need an intuitive answer. Sit comfortably in a chair. Push your hair off your forehead, put your two little fingers end to end just in front of your third eye, don't touch your forehead with your other fingers. Keep your fingers pushing against the third eye. You will feel a little bit of a pulse, hold it there and then slowly think about the problem and either say it aloud or to yourself : "The problem I would like some help with is ..." When you have been able to say the problem, just relax the fingers and take them away. Sit there for about 30 seconds and within an hour something intuitive will come. It may not be the entire answer, just a hint. But an intuitive answer will come. It can come in a variety of ways, a word in your head, something from someone else, a flash of insight, or an image. Or a series of thoughts may be stimulated.

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