Thursday, 15th June, 1989.

Guy: Good Evening Ah-So.

Ah-So: I must introduce myself to our newcomers - my name is Ah-So and when I was in your world I was a monk, a follower of Lao-tzu. It is sometime since I have spoken with you, and I came tonight specifically to bring my young countrymen to your company, your circle. To ask your help. Some of them are considerably confused and others are still trying to carry on their purpose. If you would for a few moments, please, to send them your thoughts of love and peace. It is necessary to calm them down so we can talk to them.

(Long pause)

We must explain to them that they have passed over, and that they must look for their friends and relations. Such young ones, to have come over here so soon! ... Now, they are calmer and more use to me here.


The leader has now stopped waving his banner.


We have a dozen of the young people here. We felt that this was as many as we could handle tonight.


And now their friends and helpers are moving amongst them. We can now explain to them what happened and what they are to do. There has been much work for them to do this last few days, as they are of your time.

I have been trying to get some semblance of organization and sense into the capital of my country. So many young people came here. I have been with a band of souls busy working among them to try to help them understand what has happened and where they are. There is some difficulty and some confusion with them, you see, because they have been brought up in a country which is against any sort of religion. They have still received some of the teachings from their parents, but they have come over here with this uncertainty, this ambivalence, and
so it has been particularly difficult for us to get through to them. And also, of course, the highly emotional and excited state in which they came over. They, too, have been shocked and surprised at what happened.

I fear there are hard times ahead yet for my country. Eventually all will be well, but not for quite a while yet.

(Long pause)

Some of these young people are anxious to reincarnate as soon as possible, in order to carry on the struggle. That is the supreme sacrifice. Others have decided that they will work for freedom in the country from this side. Others of course will tread their own path. But there are still many who haven't yet realised what has happened to them.

When you come over here in such highly excited and emotional states of mind, it is often very difficult for your guides and helpers to get through, to make contact, as it were. Such highly emotional states of mind carry a lot of energy with them, and so can carry with them the material surroundings. With so much energy available you can put yourself into similar surroundings over here. And it will take us some time before we can completely clear our Tienanmen Square.

Some people in this circumstance are so bound up with the material circumstances of their passing that they really cannot see, or hear or feel, their guides and helpers who are trying to contact them. Material vibrations are very strong and they are so determined to win their right that they just block out everything else. Those souls we were able to bring here tonight are resting now, and I hope that in a short time they will be recovered enough to be able to go back and work with their fellow souls.

You see, because they, too, are their comrades the souls we are having the greater problems with, will listen to them.

They will see them, they will see they are their comrades and they will not shut them out. And we expect these young souls to be able to help us greatly with those who are still in their own Tienanmen Square. First they will rest for a short while.

Over here the power of the mind is so much stronger than it is in your world where you have physical constraints. Over here everything is of very much finer energy, therefore, we can much more easily build your surroundings, especially when you have this tremendous mental force.

It is much easier for the elderly in your world to pass over because they have worked through so much in the material life that they don't cling so hard. They don't have this tremendous emotional attachment to the material world and so they let go much more easily. You understand, of course, that at the moment I am talking in general terms - there are always exceptions.


And so these young people here in the room at the moment are in a very difficult situation for us. It is not every one who has come over in this manner, you understand - there are some who have some understanding, and we are able to deal with them, and then the ones that I was able to bring along here tonight. You have helped us tremendously because when you were able to calm them down, then they were receptive. They will rest for a short time, and then we will ask them to work for us. And when our Tienanmen Square has been resolved then they can go along the pathway that they have chosen. You understand that none of this is forced on them, we hold out the options and explain, but such idealistic young people usually choose to help their comrades. I know there will be some of them who will not - that's all right. The majority of them will reach out a helping hand to their friends.

I do not expect that it will take longer than twelve months in your terms of time before we can accomplish that. I have chosen at the moment that my main task will be to work with these souls. There are many other spirits here who have decided that they will continue to work in the material level. There is so much help needed in so many different directions, everyone can chose what they would like to do, to choose the task that they feel better fitted for. Temporarily, I and some others have put aside many of the conditions in which we have been existing for a while. We have left them to come to do this work. We are not troubled about this change because we know we will go back to that state eventually. When you have all eternity you do not worry about a little delay.


Guy: May I ask you a question Ah-So?

Ah-So: Certainly, my friend.

Guy: From your vantage point, what would you say is the best course for the people of China to adopt in the present situation?

Ah-So: Immediately, they should be quiet and wait. Another four years, there will be better conditions.

Guy: Three to four years?

Ah-So: Yes.

Guy: What would be the best course for us in the West to adopt?

Ah-So: That is more difficult to say. To some degree you will break some associations but not all, you must keep open some channels at all costs, that is important. I feel that some connections will be broken. You must find ways of letting the ordinary people know that they are not forgotten, that they have friends.

Guy: I will ask you a question I have asked before but not of you, but I don't feel I have the answers yet. A lot of this trouble is caused by the tremendous population pressure, especially in China, the tremendous amount of souls coming in. The resources are so scarce that it is difficult to feed that amount of people. Why is there this tremendous pressure of new souls coming in at this time. A lot of the problem, I feel, is due to that.

Ah-So: There is an upsurge of the Godness. Now, we have told you before that the world is coming to an end of its usefulness for the current people in it. I am not prophesying the destruction of the world, but that there is a different type of person coming in. And there is a great mixture of the races taking place at the moment for that very reason, and there will be a great input into that new type of person from the Chinese race.

Guy: There is a period of suffering to transform it.

Ah-So: The suffering will pass. As you know, the suffering is only relative. It only exists in your level, at your material level.

Guy: Do these students represent the new type of soul that is coming in?

Ah-So: Some of them are a vanguard. They feel the direction of their destiny.

Norm: Is this necessity of change being predicted?

Ah-So: There is always change in your world. So whatever predictions of change are made will always come about. That is one of the features of your world that it is not static. It has always been in movement, it is always changing. There have been tremendous upheavals in the past, there are tremendous upheavals now and there will be tremendous upheavals in the future. It has always been the same. One of the problems these days of course is that you hear about it so much more.

Norman: Will these changes be as great in Australia as they are in other countries, in this case in particular, in China?

Ah-So: All countries will be caught up in changes at times. You may not be affected in the same way, it may affect you in different ways. It is the same the world over.

Margaret: The Australian prime minister has promised to extend the stay in Australia of Chinese students. Will this be an advantage for those students, or will the situation still be not sufficiently settled in China when the time comes for them to return?

Ah-So: It is an advantage for those students. Some will return, some will stay.

Margaret: Will the lives of those who return be threatened?

Ah-So: I think threatened, but that is all. And those who stay will also have a hard time of a different type of difficulty.

Margaret: Because of their emotional attachment, the family attachment to China?

Ah-So: Largely, but also because of conditions in your county. No place is perfect. Not in your world. Why you cling to it is beyond me.

Guy: Would you say that the new movement which Gorbachov started in Russia is likely to spread through China eventually? Or is it more likely to die out in Russia?

Ah-So: No.

Margaret: Will this lead to a more peaceful situation between Russia and North America?

Ah-So: One moment please. Now, each change of leadership in China will bring changes in society. There will be a lessening of tension among the super powers in your world. There will never be complete harmony.

Pat: Who are the people who started this project? Will it get off the ground?

Ah-So: The details do not interest me. Worry more about yourself - your area.

Guy: Do you see, a religious revival in China.

Ah-So: Oh yes. You see there is always that feeling about the self, it will always come out eventually. It can't be kept down for ever. There is that upwelling of the Godness in each person, which can be kept down for a while but not for ever. It will always be an undercurrent.

Garry: How can we manifest the Godness more clearly in this country? Is the Green Movement over here a manifestation of it? Or is it something different again?

Ah-So: Everything with the intent of improving the world is a manifestation of the Godness. Whether it be your environment or people themselves. Then there are those - what shall we call them? - deleterious activities which are the result of the consciousness being trapped in the material world - in its own material world.

Guy: Is the new type of soul that is coming, especially in China, going to need a new type of philosophy? Which of the existing systems of philosophy: Lao-tzu, Buddhism and so on, is any of those, or a new philosophy, from the existing or known philosophies, likely to be right for the new souls that come?

Ah-So: There will be as many variances in the new souls as there are in the old ones. There will be old philosophies available if that is necessary for some one. And there will be new ones for others. Nothing is static.

Guy: You don't see a new religious movement sweeping China or something like that?

Ah-So: There may be developments of new types of religions as you know them, everything is provided for the necessities. As we see the races mixing so we see the greater mixture, too, of the religions. A synthesis if you wish. You understand that I am talking about trends which will take a long time in terms of your material world to manifest. One, two hundred years will be necessary for the new souls to completely manifest in your world.

Margaret: What will be the main difference between these new souls and the old that we have here presently?

Ah-So: Do you mean in their physical body, or do you mean their psychological make up?

Margaret: Both, if there are differences.

Ah-So: The major difference of the body will be the colour of the skin. Eventually all races will be mixed and the skin colour will mix too. Your world is an imperfect world, and the people coming in will not be perfect either, in their manifestation. As you know, there is that drop of Godness in every person that makes the, shall we say, inner seed of the embodiment. With that little drop of the Godness where is the progress to be made?

Guy: I seem to remember somebody, it may even have been you, saying that the new type of soul coming into the world will be less technologically oriented than we have been. Is that so? We have been looking to technology for solutions. They will look elsewhere.

Ah-So: They will have their technology, but it will not be so prominent in their life. The technology will be there. It is always so difficult to put into words; to be accepted as part of the things that are. There won't be the tremendous emphasis on it that there is at the moment. It is because your technology has taken a tremendous leap forward, that you are so much focussing on it. For the souls coming in it will be part and parcel of the world and will be the accepted thing, such as for you the motor car, and their emphasis will be in other directions. They will have the technology but it will just be a different attitude towards it.

Guy: We hoped that technology will cure the ills of the world, but now we know better.

Ah-So: While you are in the world you cure one ill, and there will be another.

Garry: Is there a limit to the number of souls that can be manifest?

Ah-So: No. Souls just come up out of the Godness and Godness is limitless.

Garry: There is no relationship between the quantity and quality - such as less souls and a better quality, a larger drop of Godness in each, sort of thing?

Ah-So: Drops of Godness can be big too.

Guy: Like Jesus or Buddha?

Garry: Or Sai Baba and others. Big drips.

Ah-So: So are many other people in your society.

Margaret: Does this relate to their attitudes in life, their behaviour?

Ah-So: Yes, something like that. That is probably about the best way I can put it. You understand I find it difficult to bring across these concepts to you because they have to be put into words. And when you hear the words you interpret them. So there are often difficulties.

Garry: When souls are born again, reincarnate, I have the impression that there is the possibility that parts of previous lives can consolidate to produce one new soul. Does it happen often that you get snippets of previous incarnations coming through in new personalities? Or is it more a pure form coming through and reincarnating each time?

Ah-So: Often the drops that will come back to your world, will sometimes have picked up some vibrations from others. So sometimes memories will be from that same drop's previous lives, sometimes you will have reflections from others. Sometimes you will have memories that are simply an overshadowing from a spirit. And we like to emphasise that it is better to worry about this life and what you have to do here, than worry about previous lives about which you can do nothing. What is past is past, let go, let go of your incarnations and remember always that you do not have to reincarnate. Those who die thinking they have to reincarnate will do so, but it is not necessary. Why bother?

Garry: Why is there bother on your side? Why is there the bother to go to the Halls of Learning on your side, to excel, to work, to consider to help, why is the bother there? What is the motivation?

Ah-So: We still have not completely let go of the material circumstances. When we can do so we will not do this work. We feel the vibrations from your world in distress, and we come to try to soothe that distress. Eventually, I will completely let go the vibrations of this world. As my merging becomes greater I will not need to keep this personality. I need to use it often in order to be able to make contact with other spirits who have a greater attachment to the material world than I. Because if I didn't use this material personality, you would not be receptive to what I have to say, there would be a barrier, perhaps fear, not understanding. Eventually I will let it go. I will then be working on a much deeper level.

Garry: Then your personality is then a kind of bridge?

Ah-So: Yes.

Garry: What is the best form of "bridge" we have, besides our attitude for us to bridge closer to the Godness?

Ah-So: To try to hold within you that stillness. You need to be able to work in your world. To be able to fulfil the material circumstances in which you are, yet to hold within an awareness of something else. An awareness of the peace. Be aware, perhaps, that you are acting a part, and that one day it will all slide away from you, or perhaps I should say that you will slide away from It. You will get upset, you will be distressed from time to time, you may get angry, you will also experience the positive emotions, joy, happiness, love. Even in those times try to hold the stillness within. They too are part of the play. But as long as you have some bridge to the activity in your world you will keep at least some part of your personality. Eventually, it will go, you don't need to do anything about it. The more you try to get rid of such things the more they will keep you because you will be focussing on them. Just accept what you are, and what you have.

And now I wish to spend a few more moments immersed in peace and quietness - I know you have had a lot of peace and quietness tonight, but there is a period of that still coming. If you will bear with me for a few more moments, and then I will quietly slip away.

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