I am pleased to be speaking with you again. It is very gratifying to see so many people coming to our meetings.

Tonight I understand there has been some distress with this disaster (Columbian Volcano) in your world, and we thought we would give you our thoughts on the subject of such disasters.

Inevitably, we feel, somebody is going to ask us if these disasters are being caused by the comet (Halley's Comet). We wish to point out to you that there have been many disasters without a comet, many kings have died without a comet, and many wars have started and finished without a comet. Natural disasters have been occurring in your world ever since it first started. Just think of the many 'disasters' that must have occurred while the Himalayas were being formed, and other mountain ranges. There have been many disasters in the formation of your world, land has disappeared and land has come up. Your world is not static.

There is, however, one change that has been occurring over recent centuries, and that is the number of people involved. Naturally, this is, in part, caused by the increasing population in your world. Naturally, the more people you have, the more are likely to be involved in disasters.

Another factor, is the collecting together of many people into cities and towns. Now we know that earlier this evening the question was asked of the medium "Why are these people involved in these disasters?" Many of the people so involved are there because they have chosen that event as some sort of punishment which they see or feel as being what they deserve. Those of you who have been coming here regularly know that we have been stressing that you do not HAVE to reincarnate in your material world in order to work out what you term 'bad karma'. You can make what reparations which you may feel are necessary, on our side. You do not have to reincarnate in the material world to suffer some sort of disaster - it only occurs when you think that has to happen. There are various reasons for you deciding on that. So that is one cause why people are involved. Another one is that there are people there who have just decided to depart your world. For some reason, they feel that they have accomplished what they came here for, perhaps they just don't wish to take part any more. And, of course, there are people who just happen to be caught up with these others. Perhaps you feel that this is a negative thing for those people. Maybe it is, but may be it isn't. You see, there is NO death, you shed your physical body, and you have many more opportunities over here than ever are available in your world.

Then, of course, there are the helpers, your physical helpers I am talking about at the moment, not the spiritual ones, people who have a desire to help others. Some of them see this as working out their 'bad karma' - they feel they have something to repay and so instead of choosing to suffer in a disaster or some other way, they choose to work to help others, and so they need a disaster in order to do their helping work. Now, I hope you understand that I am NOT talking about conscious ideas - these are things that are on the sub-conscious level and also on the super-conscious level. And it is possible to view these reasons in a negative way - perhaps as a result of some sort of twisted, negative thinking. On another level of thought, such disasters occur in order for the underlying Godness to be able to express that love and concern that are brought out in human beings on such occasions. It has been only in recent times that massive outside help has been possible in these disasters. Until recently, people involved in floods and earthquakes, volcanoes, and so forth, had to fend for themselves, and for many who were on the periphery there was still little hope. What you now perceive as quite simple injuries, such as broken bones, were quite major injuries until fairly recently, and could lead to death. And if not death, then to permanent crippling in some way.

Never perceive of any event in your world in terms of black and white, no event is wholly good and no event is wholly negative or bad. There is always a mixture of both. There will be joy at miraculous escapes - there will be grief and mourning and equally miraculous deaths. There will be that welling up of love and compassion and help - there will also be grief and anger and despair. This was why we asked you to send to that area particularly peace and love. Let us increase what you will perceive as positive aspects there. We know that material aid is being sent there, there will be people working, there will be equipment sent, and food and medicine.

But what is taking place on our side, in that area? As you understand, each person has around them, their guides and their helpers, and they are there to help the persons who are passing over. There are also attracted there many other spirits - we have termed such spirits in the past 'free-lance' spirits - they are attracted to such disaster areas - to anywhere where there is large loss of life - and they do their best to help, so that each person passing over will have several spirits on hand to help.

What actually happens to spirits in disaster areas depends a lot on their understanding and their acceptance of what we are trying to do. People who passed over peacefully - and we would include amongst those the youngsters, babies, will make the transition quite easily and smoothly. The older people who had the chance to realise that something drastic was happening will have with them some element of fear, possibly of anger, distress of some sort. And according to their concepts so they will be received. They may be taken to a hospital setting where they can gradually come to realise that they have passed over. I think we have explained before that someone who dies in an accident will very often be taken to a hospital setting because they expect to be taken to a hospital. Consequently, when they are in hospital surroundings they will be more open to our influence and what we are trying to say to them, because they will expect to see a nurse, they will expect to be in a bed, and consequently they will be that much calmer.

The little ones I have just referred to may be taken to some sort, perhaps of an orphanage setting where they will have adults to care for them. Particularly those whose parents or perhaps grand-parents have died at the same time with them, because those adults will also be receiving attention and will not be available to help, shall we say, care, for the younger children. Fortunately young children expect adults to be in charge, and so with adult spirits around them, they will be relaxed and calm, and will quite quickly start investigating their surroundings and accept what is being told to them. Naturally, there will be some rescue type cases - people who, in their fear, threw up some sort of wall around them - if they have realised that mud or rocks were raining down on them, they may even picture a wall around them to protect them from this. And so there will be cases where there is some difficulty like that. With so many passing over at the same time I hope you realise that I can only give you a few examples of what may be happening there.

Now, there will, therefore, be a high concentration of spirit workers in that area, and we wish to assure you that there is plenty of room. Please understand that space, objects, spirits over here do not occupy the same area as do objects in your material world, and so we can have many hundreds of spirits in this room where you may think there is only room for a dozen or so. In your material world one object can occupy the same space at any one time. Its not necessarily so over here. And so we can have high concentrations of helpers there. There will be people there - spirits there - who had many and more different talents, they will be available quickly to go to wherever they are needed most. We don't need someone to oversee and direct people hither and there - we are naturally drawn by the vibrations being sent out. In many cases we will be bringing with us the spirits of what you term 'dead' relatives to the people. Such spirits are always invaluable at such times. Their special knowledge of the souls coming over can help to decide what areas or surroundings will be appropriate for the newly passed over soul. The recognition of relatives, particularly in that type of country, helps very greatly. Very often even adults who die in such circumstances will be crying out for their mother or their father. This is an instinctive reaction, and enables the person so called to come more directly and quickly to them, and very often the newly 'dead' person will react instinctively to seeing that person, and it will be a little while before they suddenly think "that person died", and then they start questioning about themselves. But that first instinctive reaction has a calming effect on you, and so we are better able to help. Many of the souls involved in the disaster have already left that area. There are some who are still clinging there, but they will move on too in what you would conceive as quite a short time. In your measurement it will take no more than two or three days for us to have dispersed the concentration of souls. This is a rather difficult concept for us to talk about with you, because in a way they are still there, and, in another way, they have left it. We are always saying to you that there is no direction on our side, but it is sort of spreading out from that area - this is the only way I can try to explain it to you - with the underlying Godness spreading through the universe, and this, of course, includes the Spirit World. It is, in some ways more the spread of the concepts than individualities. The Spirit World is interpenetrating through your material world. It is merely a different way of sensing that is there. You use your material senses and so you perceive your material world, but when you come over here you have different ways of sensing things and consequently you see the Spiritual World, the world of Spirit.

The sense that is greatly enhanced over here is the tactile sense - the sense of feeling - but it is not that actual touching with your etheric body, it is more feeling through your aura. Sensations from your aura pass into your etheric body as long as you have that body, eventually, of course, you shed it. Without the physical body, the etheric body is more like some sort of condensation or accretion of the aura to form a shape, but when you reach the point at which that body, that shape, is not necessary, it dissolves through your aura so that there is just an aura. This is the very beginning of the merging back process and occurs when you have shed all contact, all links, back with the material world. As long as you have some sort of interest or link with the material world, you will still have some sort of form in your aura. As those links, those interests become less and less, so that form gradually dissolves into your aura. It is a gradual process, and after that, then starts expansion of auras and the merging of one with another. This stage I have not experienced myself, I have seen the beginnings of it, but I am still interested in trying to help in the material world, and so I still keep a little bit of my form, but it is not all that definite.


I am just trying to check what I have been talking about with you. I am sure it must seem like quite a jumble to you. So, do you have any questions or points which you would like clarified? Can you fully accept what I have been saying to you tonight?

Gina: You are saying another version of the same thing, except not in those words and from a slightly different angle. You have been saying that for every year, and other people have been saying that for over a year, so it's a new angle on it.

Ah-So: At least, I have something different.

Gina: Yes. The concept itself is not totally new to some people.

Ah-So: Perhaps it is time you gave us some more topics.

Guy: Can you clarify one thing for me, Ah-So? I am not sure that I got you right. In the disaster areas those people, many happened to be there or chose that locality, for reasons of their own, either to suffer or to help. To what extent were they instrumental in CREATING the disaster there? Did they simply happen to be there to share the results, or are they actually involved in creating the disaster itself? Would it have happened if there were no people living there?

Ah-So: (Definitely) Yes. They were simply attracted to an area where the likelihood of this happening was high.

Guy: So they were not actually involved in creating the disaster itself?

Ah-So: No. Because there were disasters going on in your world long before there were conscious men.

Gina: So was that what you were talking about in the general outline before you get born. These disasters are going to happen to you, but it is not designed how old you will be when it does?

Ah-So: Yes. You need - I'm being given the phrase - critical mass. When you have the requisite number of people with this - (exasperated) words, words, words, words - intent, I have to stay with intent although it is not quite what I want, intent it will occur. There seems to have been some influence with this from that previous earthquake (in Mexico City). There was a greater weakening there so that this eruption was greater than your scientists had expected. But it was this certain critical mass of people there.

Gina: But how did that conflict tie in with the fact that it is near the edge of the plate - the one down the west side of South America. How does that contact tie in with geology?

Ah-So: It affects the time. The two can work together. If you like, there is some sort of consciousness in the earth - it is not the same consciousness as yours - and so you have the two working together. The souls are drawn to that area where this is likely to happen, and the edge of the plate is an area where the chances are higher. You see, if you had not had so many people there it would hardly be considered a disaster. Exactly the same thing would have happened.

Gina: So would you say that the people who had decided to be born in Australia are not after that sort of major upheaval in their lives?

Ah-So: They, of course, can travel. You can change your plan.

Gina: I was just thinking generally. Because Australia doesn't have any major natural disasters.

Guy: There's fires and floods.

Gina: But it's not a sudden physical disaster though. I was thinking more along the lines of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Ah-So: You were being more specific than your friends?

Andreas: Is anything known to you Ah-So, what the behaviour pattern will be of souls who have gone through their lives here in Canberra. It was predicted once before that there will be an eruption of earthquakes and outbreaks of volcanic matters, which didn't happen, thank God.

Ah-So: That is exactly why we are not very interested in forecasting. It detracts from the main point of the message which we are trying to bring through. As I said earlier, your world is not really a stable planet. There is still change going on. Your continent is moving.

Gina: Change will continue to go on until it is a place of rock with no atmosphere.

Ah-So: Something like that.

Gina: It's interaction. That type of change with interaction of the atmosphere with the earth. The sun heats up the atmosphere and is causing friction with the earth.

Ah-So: Many things will be happening.

Jim: What is the cause of mass extermination? How about that?

Ah-So: Mass extermination of what? Physical bodies?

Jim: Physical bodies.

Ah-So: That is all!

Gina: If you feel you have to reincarnate you end up on another planet.

Ah-So: There are many opportunities. There is never just one thing. Always keep your mind open to all possibilities. Never say that only THIS is so.

Garry: Since there is some determinism in planning each individual entity's life plan, how can the 'vulcanologists' on the other side determine the possibility of these eruptions on earth?

Ah-So: (After a pause) I have conceptual problems, give me a moment. What happens is that the spirits will look at your world and see what is likely to happen - and I am emphasising the word 'likely' - and when there is the critical mass of people there, it will. It is probabilities, perhaps everything is probabilities. But it can change because you can decide to move somewhere else, and, who knows, on what ground you make those decisions? People make quite major decisions on the basis of very small occurrences, at times, you understand.

Gina: Can I get something on a different topic?

Ah-So: If everyone has exhausted what they wish to talk on this?

Irene: What happens to all the spirits, the people that were killed in that disaster? Are they all into the hospital on the other side?

Ah-So: Those who need that setting will be. We will provide appropriate settings for everyone. Many will want the hospital setting, but there will be quite a few who won't. There will be those who are immediately open to us, and can go straight into the Spirit World setting. As I said, the children will be looked after and they will adjust quite quickly. But whatever setting the individual souls think appropriate - so they will. There are even some who think that they are still helping in physical bodies, and they will work like that for a little while and then they will start to think, "This is strange, there's no weight in these bodies." And little things like that will prompt them to look around a little more.

Irene: I have read that there will be more disasters, a shifting of the axis they call it.

Ah-So: That has occurred many times in the past, and will occur again.

Irene: Will it come in a few year's time?

Gina: The earth wobbles anyway, as it goes round the sun.

Irene: As you said just now, the earth is shifting all the time ...

Ah-So: And it always will.

Irene: So there will be more disasters

Gina: Actually, as Ah-So says, the only reason we call them disasters is because of the people there. It's a perfectly natural occurrence.

Ah-So: It has been going on all the time, there is no greater frequency of occurrence. In many cases you feel that there is, but this mainly the result of your improved communications so you know now what is going on in other parts of the world. And so you have the impression these things are happening more frequently.

Irene: It has been said that by the year 2,000, the next century, things will be very different to what they are today.

Ah-So: Things are surely very different to what they were 40 years ago. It is the natural progression.

Irene: But vastly different from what they are in comparison to what they were forty years ago. I mean that people will be different in their thinking.

Ah-So: Change is always taking place.

Gina: The only difference between this century and previous centuries is that the cumulative change is making itself known, and the rate of change is increasing as a consequence. The rate of change is a reflection of human society. It's no reflection on nature because the two things are totally different.

Irene: The guides of this author (Ruth Montgomery) of the book I read, said that there will be a war, not an all out nuclear war, but there won't be many people left. There will be a shifting of the axis.

Ah-So: Perhaps that will be an advantage.

Jim: Can I ask spirit - who I understand is of Chinese origin - if there is to be a change in concepts, in thinking, in philosophy. The people in ancient China used to understand the concepts and trends in nature much better, than we do today. How come? Have we lost our sense of harmony with nature?

Ah-so: The gathering together of so many people into urban situations has caused many people to be less aware of the natural cycles and rhythms. But the changes that are taking place, these are to be expected changes, and they are part of the development of the souls who are experiencing them. And we have said before, that this material world is beginning to come to the end of its usefulness for the types of souls that are in it at the moment. But we do not wish to go into descriptions of other souls coming into it, or any such thing. We feel that this is not particularly helpful to you. So it is this development of the souls coming through, it is leading to greater concepts being available to people in the material world which are approaching, and I emphasise approaching, many concepts in the spiritual world. For instance your development of electricity, the radio waves, that come through the atmosphere, you understand these things and so we have, we can bring through to you these days a lot of information that we could not bring some hundred years ago. So the changes that are taking place in your society are not necessarily negative. Remember what I said earlier, everything has negative and positive aspects, the yin and the yang, and everything in your world is in flux and change - it always was and it always will be.

Gina: We are getting more sophisticated, but are we growing up in the process?

Ah-So: Some people are. You wished to ask a question.

Gina: Yes. What I was thinking about when you were talking before is: Is there any specific sort of soul ... all these souls think "O.K., I've got to reincarnate." ... is there any specific sort of person who decides I'm going to reincarnate on earth, because it's got certain experiences and things like that, or are all the planets generally much the same version of the mishmash? Do all the planets offer approximately the same stage of development and the same variety of experiences?

Ah-So: Which planets do you mean? The ones round your sun or are you referring to my inference a little while ago that there are other worlds in which you can incarnate?

Gina: Those that are inhabited by intelligent life.

Ah-So: They are at all different levels. Everything is available.

Gina: So that means that it is a certain sort of person who decides to reincarnate on earth? Or a certain level of development?

Ah-So: Yes. You get sort of waves through the world, at one time there will be a certain type - and it is a gradual process. That type, some of them will stay and develop and go along with the next type coming through, others will pass on. If they want to have more material incarnations they can pass on to wherever they wish. Then, of course, there are the wise ones who decide to stay in the Spirit World. And, too, there is the other type of soul, the one who is at the level of beginning to merge, and who decides to come back to try to bring some sort of enlightenment to the souls in the material world. They have varying degrees of success, some of them become well-known and some don't. It depends on what exactly they decide to do. And usually the message gets twisted, and altered and added to, and subtracted from.

Gina: And changed to suit the current status quo.

Ah-So: And so eventually somebody else decides to come back to earth to help.

Irene: I read that the people from Atlantis, that was submerged so many hundreds of years ago, that they are coming back now. Is that so?

Ah-So: Well, those people who were incarnate many thousands of years ago, if they have not progressed, they will still be here, if they have not learnt.

Irene: They say that they are a very disturbing influence and that is why there is so much crime in the world today.

Ah-So: I doubt whether the level of crime is proportionately worse than it ever was. You must remember, not everything that is printed and published can be accepted wholly. Very often it needs interpretation. Nothing is completely set, some things will apply to some and some things won't. Always be open, never form set ideas.

Jim: I would like to ask Spirit, what happens to the earth-bound spirits? How long are they locked in time?

Ah-So: It varies. It varies. There are some who will remain here for thousands of years, others for only a short time. There are not many who stay for what YOU would term long periods, because in the Spirit World, remember, our concept of time is quite different to yours. Usually they break away, or their helpers can get through to them. And, of course, we receive quite invaluable help from rescue circles such as this one. There are always at least several souls around the earth bound spirits trying to release them.

Gary: You left an option of whether the planets around this earth could carry incarnate spirits in other dimensions or in material form. Do spirits who need different types of material existence have to go elsewhere to get other existences?

Ah-So: There are spirits who are attracted to those other planets. But I doubt that people in your material world would ever be able to recognise them there.

Gina: Are they actually incarnating in some version of a physical three dimensional body?

Ah-So: Not solid physical, as you would understand it. And we are not going to go further into that line of questioning because it will distract you too much.

Andreas: I don't think that a planet in one dimension is duplicated elsewhere in the universe. If there are others like earth would that be among existing planets? That would be a waste of resources.

Ah-So: All things are possible. There are opportunities for everything. There are as many variations as there are planets. There will be some similarities between some, and there will be some which bear no similarity to any other, but even where there are similarities, there will be differences too.

I will, with your permission, bring this session to a close.

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