We have been asked to talk to you about certain sciences that are in your world and which not everyone agrees with or believes. It is thought it would be best (that) I deal with this subject since many of them originated in what was my area of the world.

First, we wish you to understand that everything works in harmony. The vibrations set-off in one area affect vibrations in other areas. If you think of interlocking wheels I believe you use them quite a lot in your world these days (he meant cog-wheels and demonstrated their movement with my fingers) they can pass energy quite a long way through a series of interlocking wheels. It is much the same principle applying throughout the sacred sciences. Vibrations and their influences spread from one to the other, and so a star that is far away may influence the life. Now I am talking about what you call astrology. There are different types of astrology. Astrology rose in two parts of the world independently over a long period of time. The two approaches have been modified. Things never stay static or stay the same. They are modified according to the intellect and understanding of the people in that area. As so-called scientific discoveries in your world are made so your understanding is changed and altered. As new stars are found so fine tunings can be made in this science. The approach to astrology in my part of the world was different to the approach of yours. They were gone about in a different manner. The interpretations have long since been written down and can easily be disseminated and discovered by you. I will not go into interpretations of this or that.

Many people discredit astrology by asking how distant stars could affect human beings. I said earlier that vibrations in one area affect vibrations in another, the influence can be passed on. Of course, we do not really need the system of cogs - in this area that was an analogy which I hope will help to convey what I am trying to say. The new-born baby will be born when there is a star-pattern that is compatible with the baby's life-plan. The baby will be born when conditions are right. The baby's life-plan must fit with the parents' life-plan and the life-plan of any siblings. This affects not only the moment of birth, but also the birth conditions. Whether it is early, whether it is late, how difficult it is, etc.

When a baby is still-born or dies shortly after birth, you may ask for the reason for this. As usual, there is more than one reason. It may be that the parents and siblings have this experience as part of their life-plan. Sometimes the baby has simply changed during the period in the womb. Something has happened to necessitate a change in life-plan and so sort of revises what does take place.

In the case of short lives it is much the same thing. You have a life-plan of those around the child as well as that of the child. The child decided to come for a short time - may be that particular soul merely wanted to experience being in a physical body, and when that experience has been satisfied, the soul sees no reason to carry on with the physical existence. They are souls perhaps in a hurry, they have realised that there is development on the other side but for some reason they wanted to try a physical body, and when they have exhausted that, they decide to carry on with their development. They will only pick parents whose life-plan includes having a child for a short while. There are other methods of personality divination, or of, shall we say, fortune-telling, forecasting. And a well-known one is that of numerology - the science of numbers and of vibrations. Again, there are different systems and if you wish to become a numerologist, then you should read around and find which system suits you best. It is a similar thing. There are the vibrations that affect, you may call them vibrations by star-patterns, you may call them vibrations by numbers, you may call them by a few other names too. You will 'key-in' with these things. You have systems using cards, tarot cards or the ordinary playing cards. These are more short-term than the previous ones. Astrology can cover a whole life-span. Numerology can be used in various ways: It can pick out a person's personality; it can particularly pick out vibrations of a group, of a dwelling, or several things.

The methods with cards are mostly for forecasting the future. They can indicate people who will come, they can indicate the quality of relationships, they can indicate events (to come). Then you have even more short-term methods, which are not so hard to practice. You may have tea-cup reading. In this there are some set-down symbols, which are acknowledged. But this method in particular, leaves open to the reader a lot of interpretations. Because the reader looks at one pattern of the tea-leaves, and to different people who look at the same tea-leaves they may suggest a different things, different symbol, and even the same symbol being picked by different people may be interpreted differently. So you may ask what is their reliability and what is their purpose? In all these systems there are things which are set and there are things left to interpretation. Thus it is possible for a novice to pick up some things accurately. The more one practices, the more fine and subtle symbols, prognostications and what have you, can be picked up coming down to finer details. If you like, it is rather like drawing. The young child will first scribble, and then he will start to colour in pictures. At first they will run over the lines, but they will roughly fit the shape. Eventually they will not run over the lines. The colours may be, shall we say, unusual. Eventually as your world impinges itself on them they will refine their colours. And some few people will develop a gift for drawing when they get beyond the stage of colouring in.

So much in these methods depends on the skill of the practitioner, and much more depends on the psychic abilities of the practitioner. In all these forms the most highly developed, the most accurate readers will be those with a natural clairvoyant gift, a natural psychic ability. Very often the method merely serves as a focussing point, as a method of getting the person "out-of-the-way" so that the information may come through. By focussing, by, perhaps doing their calculations, by holding the tea-cup or dealing the cards, you are in a way getting the person's mind occupied with something else, and then the information can come through.

The biggest bar to psychic development is the person's own mind - putting the mind out of the way. These methods have grown up over the years, as attempts largely on our part, to do this, so that we can get through. It is in much the same way, some people will go through a ritual before we can speak through them as a medium. Some societies have needed very elaborate rituals, others need less. This medium goes through her own ritual. It may not be obvious as a ritual to other people but it is one that seems compatible between us and helps to strengthen our link.

Next, you may ask, if we are born with a life-plan what is the purpose of knowing ahead what is going to happen? Are things set definitely in the stars? Can we avoid troubles if we are warned ahead of time? It depends. Nothing is set - this is one of our reasons for working in - through - you. We want you to understand that nothing is set. What may apply for one person, may or may not apply to another. And so it is with these indications of the life's plan.

There are things which some people may be able to alter or to avoid. There are some things which you cannot. There are other things in which you may be able to mitigate the effects, if you can be assured that all is well. You see, it is easier for us to give you information, to strengthen our links with you if you maintain some degree of calmness. Any sense of panic, fear, distress, affects your aura - it vibrates differently and makes it difficult for us to contact you. It makes it difficult for you to feel our presence, to feel our love and concern for you. You lose the contact with that inner joyousness that is deep within you, so if you can understand what the tendencies are in your life-plan, you may be re-assured. But, as I have said, nothing is set. It may be that you can change (something). For this you need to be able to contact all layers of your mind. You need to be able to contact the super-conscious, your conscious and your sub-conscious and the layers in between. Very often these three consciousnesses are spoken about as though they were completely separate, they are not, they blend. It is like a slot that you can move up and down. But if you can make that slot bigger so that you can contact all the layers, you can then change the life-plan. Sometimes the super-consciousness knows something and is unwilling to have something changed by the other layers. Sometimes there is something in the sub-conscious which may have been there from before your birth. It may be something that has developed during your life as part of your re-action to your life-circumstances. To change something major in your life-plan, you need to be able to get those layers that are out of your conscious ken to change - I am almost tempted to use the word 'agree' to change it.

you need to have had a practitioner who can speak with absolute certainty and this will be your problem - knowing whether you have been given the full truth and often that will be the obstacle to changing. You will doubt and you will question. There may be part of you that will say 'I don't believe it'. And, of course, there are occasions when that will be correct, there has been some misinformation. Sometimes you will be insistent on a certain part of your life actions and, for reasons known to your higher consciousness, you will stick to it in spite of warnings. This is when you know but you need that experience.

Of course, the one ultimate prognostication, the ultimate fore-seeing, fore-casting is 'Everything will be all right'. In the ultimate longest term, longest run, you, the inner you, the inner joyousness will be all right. But you are concerned with your material life. And we agreed to give these methods to the world so that you can receive some help during your journey. But we are trying to bring this understanding that nothing is wholly, definitely set unless you, on all your levels, want it so. You may, on your conscious level, resist something in your material world, because you have lost the understanding from your higher consciousness. When you have calmness, you can find the understanding warped, you will be able to accept, and the more highly developed and skilled practitioners of these arts can give you that understanding. If you feel it necessary to resort to these methods, take what is given, and realise the limitations. The greatest understanding is what you can get yourself by contact with your higher consciousness.

We understand that often reassurance is needed and we try to provide it. When we provide direct, through someone who does not need to use a method, or when we can get through direct inspiration, it is possible to bring through other things, more subtle. This is the method by which it is possible to really prove to you that there is no death. And this is why we are keen and anxious to give you opportunities to develop these gifts if you have them and do not be distressed if you think you do not have these gifts, you bring other gifts to us. People who do not manifest gifts are those who bring energy to enable others to do so. So you, too, are just as vital as important as they. Now, we have some difficulties with your rain (it was raining heavily and the sound nearly drowned out voices). If you have questions we will do our best to answer. The medium has especially asked tonight, when you ask a question, please to also write it down because we may have problems transcribing what you say. If you have a question to ask, please do so.

Guy: If one wants some change in the life-plan and not knowing the life-plan, wants some particular event to come into their life, the old method is to pray for it. Now prayer, is probably the most effective means of communicating through all the layers of consciousness. In other words, that would be the answer why prayers are answered and why prayers are effective.

Ah-So: It depends largely on the prayer and the type of prayer. It also depends on what you mean by prayer. Endlessly repeating a string of words without feeling behind them is not very effective. It can be effective if it leads to a change of consciousness, but mindless repetition of words is not true prayer. Holding a picture in the mind may be conceived of as a type of prayer. It is the quality of holding that is of importance. You may have mindless daydreams, I am not talking of those. To hold a picture of what you want calmly in your mind, gently perhaps, is what I want, with the feeling of Godness with it. Not necessarily with a concept of a God, not necessarily repeating the word 'God'. I hope those of you who have been with us for a while will understand that God has no set form. The formless Godness is the highest concept we can give you. To, let us say, present this picture to the Godness, without imposing your will, gently, I do not like the word 'humbly', but that has some of the connotations of what I want to say. Not grovelling, but with love towards the highest self, towards the Godness. That is true prayer and that is the effective one. Naturally, the smaller, less significant areas of life are the ones easiest to alter. The classic one would be your need to find a parking spot. The more important areas of your life, perhaps the time of death, will be harder for you to control. Again, I hope you will understand 'harder' is in inverted commas, because it is your material concept. Does that satisfactorily answer your question? Guy: Yes, thank you.

Garry: Regarding that prayer for a parking spot. Is there any payment due on our part for that parking spot, or is the visualising actively and the work put into that visualisation all that is involved? Is the work you do in visualising it paid off by that parking spot? Or is there a further payment due, as like the Devil's agreement concept, where you trade something for something you need?

Ah-So: No. We believe the work you put in is the payment enough. These trivialities as we think of them, can be used as steps in your development. But if you do this, remember too, that there may be someone with a greater need for that parking spot. These trivialities you may regard as being paid for by the work you put into them. Do not latch on to this concept of something having to be paid for. Think rather of the freedom of your spirit. It is all you anyway. If you latch onto this concept of something having to be paid for, you may, unnecessarily, punish yourself. Accept all in a spirit of joyousness, because there have been many times in your life, when you have done something for which you have not been rewarded. It all balances out in the end. You do not need to worry about paying or reciprocity. Does that feel right for you?

Garry: Yes, it does. The question was brought about by my mother-in-law saying you will have to pay for that when I visualised parking in Sydney and ended up having to walk about a mile in 35o heat to get to where I wanted to go. The similarity of a tree growing: it sometimes shades a tree below it, where it grows. But you shouldn't be annoyed because it grows there, just because it shades the tree below. The tree is no better or worse because of it. As an analogy with the ecology, even though it symbolises the person who visualises and uses their imagination to secure a parking space, that person is not any lesser or higher than the one who misses out on a parking place, although the people are different.

Ah-So: That was very well said. Thank you.

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