There must be a letting go of concepts, and of ambitions and of thoughts. It is holding on too rigidly that causes many problems, both in your world and in ours. An open mind is always necessary, it is rigidity of mind that often places souls in a situation where they need rescuing over here, and tonight I will address this side of rescues. It is the set concepts which hedge the souls in. People who insist that everything is SO. When they come here, things are not just SO, they are different, and they reject this differentness. Sometimes they will simply wander round seeking the place that is just as they think it should be SO. Sometimes they will simply become static and curl up and refuse to look. The rigid ideas that what is after death cause even more problems than the rigid ideas that everything should be just as it is SO, on earth.

The first class of people are often those who do not realise they have died. They are often people who do not believe in life after death. How can you explain to someone that they are dead when they are very patently alive? This is where your rescue circles are most invaluable. The guides of these souls can contact other guides, like ourselves, and between us we arrange for a rescue to be conducted. The soul's guides can gently edge them towards the medium to be used. They explain to them, the soul they are guiding, that they are to be introduced to someone who will explain things to them. We can make the back of the medium look rather like a door, we can open the aura, and the person can quite innocently step through and find themselves in a physical body again. Then, of course, we rely on the sitters. You must understand that I can only give you a few examples of how these things work. In reality it is as variable as the numbers of souls who need such help. There is always some variation. The wandering souls, or those souls who think they are wandering, pose a slightly different problem, because the so-called movement causes stronger vibrations in the aura. This makes it more difficult for us to "talk" to that soul, therefore, they are less easy to influence. Their guides attempt to steer them in our direction, or the direction of the rescuing guides and sometimes they can be snared by the medium's aura as it expands. Once they find themselves in a physical body their panic diminishes and again, we have to rely on the sitters to do the work of explaining.

These days we are fortunate in that many people in a home circle have had some experience. It was very difficult in earlier years when this movement was being established on your earth. For many years the political and legal system really prevented us from doing the important rescue work. We could work through primitive people, but this meant that the range of rescues which we could perform was somewhat limited. It was not possible to discuss the problems of the soul to be rescued if they had come from another society.

The rescues performed were themselves very primitive. But they usually succeeded in establishing the first step - that of slowing down the vibrations of the soul so that afterwards their guides could talk with them. Now that in your society the movement is becoming more established, much more effective rescues can be done. Especially when we are fortunate enough to have a medium who has been trained under another medium. There are now two circles that we have contact with that can perform this work in your city. We hope that in the future other circles will branch off and also be able to do this work which is of tremendous worth and is very effective. It must be done with genuine love for the souls coming through, some of them are not pleasant people. Always try to hold the feeling of love in your heart during a rescue. These vibrations are sometimes the first time they have felt loving vibrations. It is a new experience and a very transforming one. The souls have received only negative approaches and experiences, sudden experience of love can really wake them up, can really advance their progress, and those souls very rapidly become very effective workers on this side. It is very wonderful to watch the change in them. We see the change in the form as something like light would be to you. You would probably talk of the change in a person's face when this kind of metamorphosis occurs, to us it is a different type of light.

We have many colours on this side which you do not have in your world, and I cannot very well describe them to you. But it is wonderful to watch the change in those lights in the person's aura. They have love, they have received love, and they suddenly want to give it to everyone else. This is why it is important to love your enemies. This is why - and we will talk of this at length on some other occasion - I have a request. It is important, and I ask you all to take my request very seriously. I want you to think of the most hated people you can - the wicked political leaders. Think of the dead ones - "dead" in your terms - and send them love.

When you come on this side, at some point you will be shown your life, and you will punish yourself more severely than would any loving God. You judge yourselves, God does not do it. Everyone has things in their life which they will regret, everyone is horrified at some of the things they have done. But these people who had much power and used it wrongly, used it to bring suffering and unhappiness to millions of people, they suffer far worse tortures than ever you would inflict on them. But this has the effect of hedging them in. When you come on this side, you are to contribute and to work just as much as you do in your world, but these people cannot do that. They become "frozen". Unless they are released from the frozenness, there is a danger that they will reincarnate. Not every soul has to re-incarnate, many souls don't. But with this kind of "frozenness" often, not always, but often, the only way to break it is to reincarnate. Do you want those people to reincarnate? Think of all the hatred they have been receiving from these millions of people, that is all they know, that is all they can express. It is urgent to send them love. They are often people who have very strong will-power, and if we can teach them to love, they can use it very strongly and to great effect. They can go amongst those whom they harmed in the world, they can do the work of releasing those souls from the conditions in which they trapped them. Those souls passing over in terror, and fear, and hate, because they hate their persecutors, they bring those conditions with them. Those conditions make those people rescue cases. There are not a great many rescue circles in the world. There is urgent need for rescues to be conducted in the Spirit World. And these people I am talking about can be very effective, but they need to be taught love - they need to experience it. You can do the same thing to people who are still alive. There are political leaders - I am sure you can think of some - there are criminals in your prisons, those who have murdered many people, those who are violent, send them love too. You may be able to perform a miracle in changing them.

The wickedest and most evil people, please remember, are still incarnations of God. It is an incarnation that has, we may say, "gone wrong". It is an incarnation that has abused the power, but it is still an incarnation of Godness.

Sometimes, we have people here who are sad. The depressed person, the person who has suicided. These people will not respond to the joy and love on this side. Think of the person who suicides and discovers they are still alive. you know what many of them do? They carry on suiciding. They can spend years jumping over cliffs, or stabbing themselves, or shooting themselves, over and over again. These are also difficult people to contact and to reason with. Tell them there is no death, and they become depressed. These are the people who, you may say, have poor self-image, who consider themselves worthless. They are the people who see themselves as separate from the Godness. Try to tell them about the immanence of Godness, they cannot accept it. They cannot accept that someone who is as insignificant as themselves, can be an incarnation of the wonderful God. This is one reason we are trying to spread the message through you of the presence of God. The sad and depressed person will often just do as he or she is told and will mechanically enter into the rescuing medium, and, again, it is then up to the sitters in the circle. I hardly need to explain I hope, that the circles are usually very carefully chosen, so that whatever the problem is, there will be at least one sitter with the necessary understanding to talk to the soul in an appropriate manner. It is all done through vibrations. Each home circle has its vibration, each person in the circle has their vibration, and so we can pick the vibrations that are necessary for the soul in trouble. This is why it very seldom happens that the rescue is completely unsuccessful. The troubled soul is matched with the rescue circle.

I wonder if any of you have a question to ask about rescues and rescue circles.

Philip: Does it cause a medium much discomfort?

Ah-So: No. The medium's experiences in a rescue are somehow muted because the medium isn't really in the body. The medium knows what is going on and can tell you about it afterwards, but it is perhaps, somehow, second-hand knowledge. It is muted, deadened somewhat. If the medium seems to be in extreme distress, then instructions should be given to the entity to relax, to not distress the medium. Keep re-assuring them, but keep emphasising relaxing: "Take it easy." "Relax." "You're doing fine." they don't really understand what you are saying or why you are saying it, but they will usually, at least attempt to obey your instructions, and after several attempts will succeed in doing it. In an extreme case, if the circle's guides felt that the medium may be harmed in some way by the entity, either physically or psychically, we can pull them out. It is a difficult thing to do because the entity by that stage is resistant to coming out but we can do it.

The medium also has the power to eject an entity. I do not think that any group of guides would bring in an entity so powerful that he could not be forcibly removed from the medium. The guides usually have a vested interest in keeping their medium operational, and therefore guard against that kind of thing.

Garry: Do language barriers affect communication between sitters in the circle and the rescues?

Ah-So: No.

Garry: Are words really necessary? Or is it just our lack of development that we need to use words?

Ah-So: Words are necessary in rescues, because often the entity is rejecting conditions on this side. On this side our communication is somewhat akin to what you would call telepathy, and in rescues the physical sounds are very necessary. There is no language barrier really because the concepts get translated back.

Garry: Through the medium?

Ah-So: Yes. When we operate, as we do, through a medium who is conscious of what is going on, we cannot talk in a language that the medium does not know. But concepts are presented, and then the word formation is passed on, and this can also operate in reverse. It is the entity using the concepts across, shall we say, a brain barrier, that is happening and it can work both ways.

Garry: At what distance is the medium? His or her consciousness, where are they?

Ah-So: It varies from medium to medium. This one is still partially in the body. When you know a full trance medium they have left their body, and so they do not know what happens during their trance. It is something like astral travelling for the full trance medium. But in a control medium, the medium is still occupying part of the body. It may be perhaps the lower part of the body, or one side. Perhaps peripheral, or central, but there is still contact with the body.

Garry: Does the trance medium have other experiences while out of the body?

Ah-So: Some of them do, not all. To many it is simply like going to sleep and they will awake refreshed.

Garry: It seems to me that there is no other method of slowing down the vibration or calming it on the other side. Is there no such thing as drugs or similar methods on the other side?

Ah-So: No. We work through vibrations. We do not have such solid things as you have here. We work with lights and vibration.

Garry: So one needs to be receptive to those methods to co-operate and react?

Ah-So: It is the vibration of the aura. And if the aura is vibrating in an erratic manner we cannot mesh with the vibrations. A steady rate of vibration we can mesh with and communicate. But it is the erratic manner, I think we have said before, that often, after what you would call time, this will slow down and adjust itself. But if we can get the person into a circle, it is easier and quicker. And going on from what I said earlier, these days, in this kind of group, we can also deal with other factors, which are affecting the entity, psychological factors left over from their life or their passing.

Kingsley: If an entity took over a medium to an extent where members of the circle became greatly concerned for the well-being of the medium, what can they do to relieve the situation, apart from what you have already said?

Ah-So: You mean that if the sitters in the circle think it would be better if that entity departed?

Kingsley: Yes, contact to be terminated.

Ah-So: You tell the entity to go. The usual phrase is something like: God bless you; God be with you; something like that. "It is time for you to leave now. God bless you." That is the usual way that you can help an entity to go. But such occasions are so very rare. As I said, the guides have their vested interest in looking after their medium. But I repeat the warning - never touch the medium. You can make them ill if you touch while they are in trance. Especially if it is a full trance medium, but it is still important for the control mediums.

Kingsley: What number of rescue circles would be operating at any one time around the world? have you any idea?

Ah-So: Not really. Somewhere in the hundreds.

Philip: Is there any chance that these souls who have been rescued, would then go out and seek other souls and explain what happened to them, and so help them realise that they can be helped? Ah-So: Yes, that is actually a very common occurrence.

Philip: So this would actually negate the need for so many rescue circles. They could go out and say: I know what you have been through, I know what has happened to you, here is the way.

Ah-So: It is a great help. But remember that we have people coming over here all the time.

Gina: The consciousness that came through a couple of circles ago, there was no identity put down. Do you have any idea of its identity?

Ah-So: It was a contact with souls from the realm beyond the world beyond the world of illusion. At that point, or at that stage, the souls are merging and so it is difficult to refer to a particular soul from that realm. It was more in the nature of a contact with the realm, than an individual soul or spirit from there.

I think, with your leave, it is time for me to go.

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