You want to know what to call me? My name is Ah-So, that is what I wish you to call me. You wish to know my nationality? I was Chinese. My body was Chinese in my material manifestation. The underlying spirit is immense and impersonal. It knows no boundaries, it knows no nationalities. It is not bounded by the solar systems. It is one manifestation through the many. But you always want to know, you always want to classify. You want to know the names, you want to know the nationality, you want to know when. Don't bother with such trivialities, they don't exist. Look beneath the manifestation, there you will find the underlying spirit.

(This was said rather contemptuously with emphasis on the bold words.) You are worried with these things. What colour is the skin, what is his age, how much does he earn, what has he got. They don't matter. Look beneath.

In each one of you is the manifestation of the one. This is what you must look for, this must be the aim of your life, of your understanding, of your work.

There are things unfinished, there are things before the earth was formed. It hasn't stopped. You are still in the process of evolution. But the evolution is now in the spiritual line, in the mental line. This physical realm is but one of the lower levels of manifestation. You must evolve upwards. The work you are doing here where you meet is part of the process of evolving the human race upwards. Many circles meeting like this may never be heard about by others outside the medium's circle, but the work they are doing is immense. They create vortices of power and energy. The vortices increase the energy and this increases the possibility of evolution. I want you to know, when you meet in this circle, how many (there are) who do not manifest, how many (there are) who do not really join in the immediate circle. If your guides were to look around not even they would see some of us. But we are tuning you in, we are watching you. Remember not to worry about the trivialities, the classifications, they don't matter, they don't exist. If you could know the peace of mind that comes when you don't worry with trivialities! You may play your part in this material world. Enjoy it, work, have your friends and your ambitions. You are here for a purpose. Play your part to the best of your ability, but remember in this, all your busy-ness, remember to keep a little space, and remember this oneness. There is no harm in enjoying yourself, there is no harm in taking pride in your possessions. But let there be an under-current. Let this undercurrent be deep peace. Laugh at your games in the material world. Have good games, have good ambitions, but kind, help those who need it. But remember, the real reality is underneath. Don't worry about what is going to happen, you will be cared for. What does it matter if this life ends, it is only your material life, you will go on living afterwards.

You people know that, surely that has been demonstrated to you many, many, many, many times. Take care of your bodies, make them look nice. But remember, its a game. Play your game, as the children play their games, whole-heartedly obey the rules. But remember the time will come, when mother calls you in for tea and you will have to leave your game.

Try to leave your little part of the world in better condition than it was when you came. Do your best not to harm this world. It is true there are other worlds in the universe, but they all need to be cared for. Remember that each little part of the universe, even you, including the stones you walk on, including the animals that are around, even the insects, are all bricks in the wall. Without one brick the wall will collapse. The wall is not much use if bricks are missing. It is weak, the wind blows through it. So take care of these bricks, everyone has its rightful place.

My friends, I wish to give you my blessing. I would like you all to join in a few moments silence.

(Pause of about four minutes. Then the following prayer was said):

The temple bells are ringing.

The temple bells are calling.

Do not be afraid, all will be well.

Be still everywhere.

I must seek the broader horizon. May peace come to your world. Peace will come to each of you individually. Remember the undercurrent. The undercurrent of peace and remembrance. The one that lies underneath all manifestations of your world.

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