My name is Ah-So and when I was in your world I lived in that area which you call China. This was many years ago in your time. I do not intend to display any of the stereo-typed characteristics which you associate with that nationality. These stereo-types and characteristics serve to separate, I want you to understand the underlying love of Spirit that is in you all. You see the colour of a person's skin, you see the shape of their eyes, you see their height besides your and you categorise them. I ask you, my friends, to look beneath this frame and see the spirit that is manifesting. It is like a tree, the main trunk, branches and the smaller branchlets and the twigs. Is one branch of that tree any different to the other branches? They are all part of the one tree, all part of Spirit. If you picture that tree and start at the twig, you will see that several twigs merge into one branchlet, and several branchlets merge into one branch, several branches merge into the trunk. This is how Spirit is organised. You have many twigs in your world, and you have the branchlets in the Spirit World, about which you hear so much in your particular teaching. Then there are the larger branches which are the areas beyond that Spirit World, and, finally, there is the trunk, the support of all this, which is the God or Spirit.

I wish, my friends, that I could tell you about the part that corresponds to the branches, the area beyond the Spirit World. It is a marvellous place to be. But, as Spirit develops and grows, you gradually merge and pass on to that other finer area. You really do not have concepts in your world that would enable me to really explain to you what that area is like. It is finer than the Spirit World. It is light. You have no set physical form. Your form is more amorphous, more fluid. There is a great state of bliss there. It is in that area where the finer energies are becoming apparent to you, where you have to shed the need for physical forms, where you can shed the need for communication, and yet there is still this unison in blissful, joyful experience?

The boundaries between the spirits in this part are very tenuous and as you pass through this area, the boundaries gradually fade altogether, and you merge through the boundaries into God.

The 'air' in this area is like sparkling, sparkling like jewels, and in your innermost soul, you know about this sparkling, and this is why you find jewels so attractive. They echo with this understanding somewhere deep within you. This is why you find the rainbow so beautiful. There are many, many more colours in this region than you can see in your world.

It is an area of great peace and bliss. It is an area which you should remember. I am afraid lest some of you concentrate on the Spirit World and feel that that is all there is. The Spirit World is a very necessary step in your development and I pray that all of you may have good experiences there. But it is only the beginning of far greater, more wonderful experiences. And I ask you, my friends, to remember there is something beyond it. Then you will not be trapped in the Spirit World. Its joys are very tempting, very enjoyable, but there is more beyond. Follow that vision and remember this world and you will be able to absorb all the experiences that you need in the Spirit World more easily, and you will, therefore, be able to develop more steadily to the stage where you can pass into the other area. Can you understand that there is no set area. The Spirit World manifests through the physical world and is beyond it, and this whole region as such manifest through the physical world, and through the Spirit World, and beyond. And God also manifests through all three stages and is beyond, as the deep calm, mysterious deep. This is why merging into that Godness is so wonderful. It is not an annihilation of your individuality, it is an extension of that individuality, to encompass everything there is.

I seek, my friends, to help you all on your pathway. I wish you to really understand that these divisions all merge and you cannot separate one from another. And underneath it all, there is Godness. I try to use the word Godness in an effort to prevent you conceptualising that area. It is not the God of the Christian, nor the God of the Hebrews, nor Buddhist, nor any religion in particular. It is something much greater than you can grasp or conceptualise by the human mind. It is a mystery. Do not conceive of God in any particular shape or form. Try to hold on to this universe of light. It doesn't conform to any picture, any image. It is greater than anything you can imagine. My friends, I thank you for your kindness to me today. I wish to bring you all peace. I wish you all to try and understand it is all so much more wonderful than you can conceive.

Thank you for giving me your love.

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