We are starting the pre-Christmas circles and I agreed to come to you tonight to start off the process. I wish, first of all, to come round to each one of you to work on your aura. We are going to give each of you a flower, and I am going to ask each one of you in turn to tell me what your flower is. Do not worry if somebody else already has the flower which you feel you have got. It doesn't matter. (Each person then described their flower.)

I would like you now to spend a moment or two thinking about the concept of Christmas. (There was a few moments pause.) I would like you each, in turn to say a few words about the concept of Christmas.

Guy: I see Christmas as a symbol. It is a symbol of the divine, of the spiritual, expressing or manifesting itself on earth.

Angie: To me Christmas is a time of light and of God coming to earth and spreading good will to all men.

Gina: The Jesus as divine eternal love.

Karl: Love, forgiveness, and I don't mean material forgiveness, but Loving thoughts and understanding.

Doreen: To me Christmas is light, and lots of love, and keeping people close together.

Ah-So: You do not leave me much to say, do you?

It is one of the great festivals of your earth. It is a time when we receive these vibrations from the earth. The spiritual vibrations, we feel them, we sense them, and we can use them. We can use them a great deal for rescues. We can bring enlightenment to a great many more lost souls during Christmas time than almost any other time of the year, because of this tremendous increase in love which permeates your planet.

It is a time when people are really much more friendly and loving to each other because it is the time when you remember the pure love of God. It does not matter whether things are explained in their true form or in dogmas and tenets. What matters is that you remember that love exists. And that love has been expressed towards the earth. You remember that. And so, to a small degree, you start exhibiting it in your life, in your relationships one with another. It is true that there are some people in the world who do not share your philosophy, and they may take advantage of this state of affairs, but in the overall scheme of things the love is more dominant. It will always be more dominant because, in reality, love is all there is. There are various expressions of it and sometimes on the material level those expressions will clash. If only all men could realise that there is the one love and they are all trying to express that love in their own way, it would be so much easier.

In this circle we often emphasize the more abstract ideas and concepts. We seek to give some counterbalance to your material concerns with which you are necessarily involved because you are in the physical body. And we try in this small way to bring these concepts into the earth plane, to plant a seed. There are many such seeds being planted, each with a slightly different aspect and emphasis, so that we can appeal to the greatest number of people. The knowledge and understanding of these things are increasing in your world. There is a great need for this knowledge to expand and to be used by as many people as possible in your world. There are trials to come and you will need these ideas. We give them to you to help and support you, and also for you to pass on. The abstract underlies the physical.

Remember that which underlies all. By remembering it, by attempting at least, to contact it, you can increase it in your world and in your own way influence the world. It does not matter that you feel you only influence a small area. I assure you that such influence will spread. It will multiply like the ripples in a pond. It will greatly increase. Unless some knowledge of this abstract underlying energy is given to you, it is unlikely that you will be able to contact it. Some people do, but not very many, and so we have to tell you about it. But words are totally insufficient, inadequate, to explain it - you must experience it for yourselves. I would like you now to contact the underlying spirit, that you may bring it into your life and enrich your life.

I wish you to let go of your daily cares, let them slip from you. It doesn't matter what imagery you use. Gently relax. Check all through your body that it is at ease, be comfortable and relax. Take in a deep breath and gently breathe out. Breathe in love, and breathe out love. Breathe in joy and breathe out joy. These are your true selves.Now try to locate the centre of your head. It is such a tiny pinhole but so much can be seen. You can go through that pinhole if you wish. (There was a break of several minutes.)

Spread back through your brain. Feel the surface of your body. Feel the chair by touching it, the chair is supporting you. And now the floor.

That is a meditation which you can do over the next few weeks. It should help you in contacting the greater source that is available to you.

There is time for several questions if you wish.

Guy: We don't see you very often. What do you occupy yourself with now?

Ah-So: I have spent sometime in the Halls of Learning, talking with those who are beginning to let go of the material conditions, those who are beginning to wish to start their expansion in the Spirit World, with those who are realising there is something more than their present surroundings. I spend some of my time in the next part of the Spirit World - you understand that there is no real division but I have certain concepts to bring across to you - and that state of more 'abstractness', is the word perhaps I can use. I spend more time in the meditative state. Similar to what I have tried to give you tonight. But when I am in that area it can become very much deeper and more pro-longed. I spent some time in the material plane with my country. I have continued to work with some of the young people who came over here when those conditions were low. But the greater part of my time has been in meditation. That is the major activity of those who are passing into that part of the Spirit World and eventually they will go beyond even that, and that I cannot even start to begin to describe or explain to you. That will be enough.

Doreen: How does a person 'shut down' after meditation, or after you have been in a circle?

Ah-So: There are several ways of doing this. You can try different methods that you hear about and see which one suits you. As you know, part of the process in this circle is to say a short prayer, also to have something to eat and drink. A more specific way is to simply think of shutting down. Imagine your aura contracting in a little. The spine is important in contact with the Spirit World, so you may like to devise some imagery for closing that down. This medium uses the idea of a zip. You can also with your hands start here (at the forehead) smooth down (going to the back of the head, then down the front) and throw it away. There is also a more elaborate cleansing technique which is similar to that one, which also serves to shut you down. Start here (both hands at the centre of the forehead) go to the back of the neck then down each arm and throw it away. Do that three times. Then start there again, go to the base of the neck and down your front, and do that three times. If you wish you can close down another person in a similar way, take your hands from their forehead to the neck and down both arms at once. And the second part, start at the forehead, the nape of the neck and down the spine. Also, most important is wanting to close down. There are people who wish to remain open permanently. This is not advisable because, as you move about your world you sometimes go in very crowded places, you are forced to be very close to people, to whom, if you had a choice, you might not wish to be so close to. And you can pick up vibrations from them, even sometimes an attaching spirit can be picked up in such conditions if you are still wide open. If you have been in such conditions and feel drained, then do the aura cleansing technique which I have just demonstrated to you. If you are properly closed down these places will not upset you so much and you will not pick up an attaching spirit. Now, because you are thoroughly closed down does not mean that you have no contact whatsoever with your guides. They are still there with you, they can still communicate with you if it is necessary, but you are not going to be open to all the influences around. But remember that your guides and helpers also have other activities in the Spirit World, they are not with you all the time. There is always someone with you but no one guide or helper is with you all the time except you doorkeeper. But doorkeepers do not usually communicate. They are there to make sure that only those people who it is desirable to enter your aura, do so. That door keeper can be over-ridden. If you want to have the willy-nilly spirit contact, you can over-ride your door keeper. We have no worries about anyone here. You should also remember that you have material responsibilities and you should always perform those material duties with full care and attention. Of course, there is always the other side of the coin, the opening up to spirit when you have your meditation, and you can do that simply by wanting to open up. If you wish you can simply 'unzip' your spine. You do not have to. In most cases, simply wanting to be receptive to spirit during that special time of the day is sufficient. But try all things and see what suits you.

Angie: What can you tell us about what is happening in the Gulf? Will anything happen before Christmas?

Ah-So: Such conditions change so much from day-to-day, we can but pick up trends, please understand that things are never completely set and determined. When dealing with such a large section of humanity there are so many inputs and some many different sides. At the moment we do not think there will be a problem before Christmas. We would ask your prayers and ask you to send the light and love to that area, you may be able to tip the balance. It is important at times such as these to maintain an optimistic attitude. Optimism and love to all concerned will help a great deal. So will tolerance and acceptance of different views between peoples. Keep directing the love and energy to that area, it will help us too.

And now, if you will excuse me, I will take my leave and wish you all a very happy Christmas.

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