I wish to speak to you tonight about what happens when the little ones pass over. We have had your little one here tonight, indeed, he is still here in the middle of your circle. There are several people who are interested in him and will take care of him as he grows up in the spirit world.

We know that there are many questions asked about why the little ones pass over. Why do they have such a short life? Those of you who have been coming here for a while will, I know, be saying to themselves: there are many reasons, because we keep telling you that nothing in spirit is laid down hard and fast, and what applies to one, does not necessarily apply to another. So we try to explain many different causes.

First, there are those who, in a previous life, died by their own hand and who seek merely to complete the length of time that had been allocated to them in that life. Some people in this occurrence, only had a short time left to live and they wished to spare themselves and their loved ones the unpleasantness and the unhappiness of a slow, painful death. But still they feel, within themselves, that they should have lived their full span. And so, often, they will reincarnate just to live for that period of time that they feel they should have had. And when it is up, then they come back to the spirit world. Unfortunately, some people in this situation will put themselves back into a similar situation, so that they live long enough to experience the painful death that they saw before them in a previous life. We wish to explain to you and to stress that you do not HAVE to reincarnate in order to go through this experience. If you wish to make reparation for something in your life, you can do it quite easily here in the spirit world. You do not have to go back to the earth plane.

Unfortunately, we get many people who feel that they must be punished, and who feel that they can only be punished in the earth plane - that they have to go back into an earthly body to be punished - and so they force themselves to be reincarnated for this experience. Another reason is someone who lacked love in their material life, and they want simply to experience being loved. Everyone loves a baby, and so they have this concept that to be loved they have to become a baby. And so they will bring themselves back and they experience this love, this care and this tenderness. And this love, this care, this tenderness, can awaken within them the realization that there always was this love and care for them , they did not have to come into a material body to experience it. They grow and advance in that short period of love. Then they realise that there is something in the Spirit World for them to do, and they realise their mistake and come back.

These are the major causes of a short incarnation. There will sometimes be a genetic cause behind the purpose of going. Sometimes there is none. Sometimes it will occur as an accident as you would term it, and sometimes in the accident situation the child is being presented with a choice, you can come if you wish or you can survive and stay. This situation really indicates a soul that is uncertain, and at the point of the accident it will make a clear decision one way or another. A child surviving an accident will have made a clear decision to stay. It will have been a soul uncertain, deciding to go, deciding to stay, deciding to go, and so on, changing its mind all the time, until its guides put it in an accident situation and say, "Right, make a decision." At that point the soul will make a decision either to stay or to go.

When a little child comes into the Spirit World they will bring with them their concept of themselves as a baby or young child. Even those who are coming back to carry on their work in the Spirit World will, for a while, still conceive of themselves as that little child. Now, time over here is not like time in your world. Time really does not exist for us. It is true we will have an event after event, but we have nothing with which to measure time and so basically, it does not exist for us. We are, we experience but we do not have time. So, a young baby or a young child coming over here, will grow, mature, shape his or her babyhood or childhood at a pace to suit itself. One baby may, in a week of your time, have developed a whole year over here. May even have developed two years or more. On the other hand, another young baby may stay at that age for one or two years of your time. It depends. The one who has received the love that was wanted and has realised that it has work in the Spirit World to be getting on with, will, of course, be the one that sheds babyhood quickly. Now, when that soul visits the earth plane, visits the people who perhaps were caring for it, it will still have to present itself - if those people are sensitive enough to see him - as a baby. Otherwise they will not recognise it. If you have lost a baby a few months old and then you see a spirit child of six or seven, naturally you would not link that with the baby that you have lost. And so, even a young baby who is making rapid progress or development in the Spirit World, rapidly shedding its babyhood, will still appear to its associates in the earth plane as that baby, in order to make itself known, accepted, recognised. The ones who are staying at their babyhood, will, of course, still be presenting themselves at the age at which they passed. There is no real difficulty with recognition there. Those who passed as a result of illness, will usually present themselves in a state of good health to reassure their associates that all is well now. Only if some definite information is to be brought across will they present themselves in the state of illness in which they passed. This usually happens in those cases where some proof is needed. Perhaps information is being given by a psychic to the people concerned. In which case the psychic needs to be able to see the child as it was when it actually passed, so that a definite identification can be made. But if the associates are sensitive enough to pick up the soul, then the soul will USUALLY - remember what I said before - usually present itself in good health.

Now, I said that the baby or child brings with it its concept of being a baby or young child. And the one thing that babies and young children need is someone to look after them. And so, coming over here, with that concept of themselves, they will need someone to look after them. Now, I assure you there is ALWAYS someone to look after a baby or young child. ALWAYS. Such youngsters are usually much easier to deal with when they come over here, because they have not acquired the indoctrination that people in the earth plane received from those around them. And so, a baby coming here expects to be cared for and accepts who is there. You have none of these problems with guilt, or with surroundings being built up, or with preconceived ideas of what is going to be here. They are open to us, and in some ways a brief life of only a few weeks or months is one way in which a rescue can be obtained, because that period in the body washes the material memories from the actual brain cells. The brain cells have not acquired knowledge of the immediate environment and surroundings. And so that child coming back is 'clear', and will accept us, and ultimately can deal with whatever problems there were from the previous life. It has been like a holiday or a sleep - as an analogy. In the immediate passing over period the child will accept us, and so we can make contact with his spirit in the Spirit World. And if there is something left over from the previous life it can be dealt with, with full co-operation with the spirit.

We often grieve when somebody comes back for a short life, and one that is going to be painful, because you do not HAVE to punish yourself. There is no-one here who will judge you and say,' you have been wicked, you have got to go back and suffer'. You are the ones that make that judgement and that decision. Please understand now, no-one has ever lived through a material life perfectly as conceived by the society in which they are placed. Accept your humanness, and remember that there are opportunities here for you to work and help others if you wish to make reparation for something.

But when you come here, if you are open to spirit you can realise an expansion of your spirit to encompass others around you, to enlighten them, if you are open to us. If you had a great desire during your material life, you can satisfy it here if you are clinging to it. That's all right, after all you have all eternity, but do not condemn yourself. Sometimes, the hardest person to forgive is yourself. Acknowledge that you may not have lived up to your society's standards to the full extent. Many societies demand quite superhuman behaviour which is quite beyond those who are not saints, and there are very few saints I can assure you.

So, I said that every baby who comes over here has someone to look after it. Naturally, the babies guides and helpers will be there. They will take the soul. Now, again, a lot depends. If the soul is going to progress rapidly and be wanting to go on, the baby may stay with those guides and helpers. In this situation the development and progress can be very rapid indeed, and then the soul can take on full understanding and work in the Spirit World. But there are those who have not received optimum care in the world, and this may be a new cause for that soul to want love and care. They may reincarnate, but they may also be taken by one of the helpers in spirit. There are some spirits who just wish to care for these little ones, to help them get over problems that they have brought with them until they are ready to go on to their full spirit work. You have had several visits, I know, from one of these workers - I am referring, of course, to Margaret McMurray - who particularly wishes to work with those little ones who have not received proper love during their earth life. She gives it to them, with great joy and with great love. For, in a way, she is hindering her own individuality progress by doing this work, but when she decides that she will go on to other areas of the Spirit World, she will be very effective, and she will make, as you would put it, rapid 'progress' there.

Sometimes these concepts are very hard to bring across to you, on the one hand she seems to be retarding her own progress, but on the other she is still developing. And one day she will manifest it in a less material fashion because of the great love that she has. Sometimes a young child will be looked after by a relative. Now, our particular young child has had several relatives around him. Each of those relatives is happy to look after a baby for a while, but they are seeing him at different earth plane ages, and he is going to make quite rapid progress. He can go to these different souls who are interested in him, and he can be at different ages. It doesn't have to be linear, it can go from baby to six years if he wishes, and then he can come back a bit. But it will not be long before he sheds the concept of the earthly body, before he grows to what you would term adulthood, and then he will be manifesting his spirit work.

Now, I think I have given the important points I wish to bring across. I am willing to answer questions if you have them.

Guy: Is it proper to ask what particular condition our little Matthew had? The reason he had to go so quickly?

Jhannee: He had lacked love and he wanted to experience it. This is why he will develop quite quickly and go on to the Spirit Work. This was all he wanted.

Guy: Which relatives are attending him?

Jhannee: Well, there is a great-grandmother, there is an aunt who is showing some interest - a great-aunt I think the specific relationship is. There is the daughter of that great-aunt, she is showing particular interest in the babe. I think you understand to whom I am referring - this medium's cousin. She is seeking to fulfil some of the obligations she left behind and so, at the moment, when he is with her he will be a young baby. There is also a great-grandfather who has done a bit of "baby-sitting" too, and a grand-father. These are the ones that we have the strongest links with, there are others from the other side of the family but the information from them is not so strong. There is a grand-parent there.

Guy: Can you convey on my behalf my greetings and thanks to the great-grand parents.

Jhannee: Those thanks are delivered.

Pat: Jhannee, I feel I have had two experiences of assisting in the birth of children, but not at the physical level. Could you give some explanation of this?

Jhannee: You mean that while astral travelling you have assisted at a birth into the earth plane?

Pat: Yes.

Jhannee: Yes, this has happened. Forgive me a moment, I am trying to link to the specific occurrences. As with a death, at birth there are also spirit helpers, and you have been particularly drawn to this situation because of your own love for children. The extra energy that you brought with you was used to make the birth a little more easy than it would otherwise have been. Because you - how can I put it - because your spirit was inhabiting a body you were able to reassure the incarnating spirit that all would be well. There is sometimes a feeling of apprehension as a birth approaches by an incarnating spirit. We have these cases where a baby dies shortly before birth or during birth, or very soon after birth. It is usually a soul which has achieved some sort of understanding and is suddenly not so certain that it wants to incarnate. And so death at that point is a change of mind on the side of the incoming spirit. But very often there is just this feeling of apprehension and - it is after all, a change of state, and whenever you are approaching a change of state there will always be some apprehension, whether it is of being married, or, of course, of your own approaching death. No matter how firmly you believe what we are telling you, how firmly you believe in the Spirit World, as you approach death you will have some apprehension. We hope in your cases that it will be very much less than in people who do not embrace this philosophy. One of our purposes in working through this medium is to lessen this apprehension about death. It is really quite easy to do.

Pat: There was another instance where I wished to reassure a mother-to-be that she would carry her children safely through to a healthy birth. Is that possible as well?

Jhannee: Yes, certainly. In the astral state your spirit would have been given this information from her guides, and, again, because of your spirit's link still with an earthly body, the mother-to-be would have been more receptive to you, because your vibrations are still of the earth plane and so they are easier to receive. (There was a short pause then Verna came through)

I thought I would come through for a few moments to say "Hello" to our newcomers. My name is Verna and I organise this circle. I hope you have enjoyed your night.

It has been quite a while since I have spoken with you all, I have been keeping an eye on you though. There have been upsets here and we have all been close at hand to give support. And I can assure you that Matthew is quite happy in his new state. We are looking forward to him starting his full spirit work. He has formed a link with his parents and we expect that one day he will be working with them. He needed a particularly strong link with them and this was the way he chose to do it.

There is often more than one reason for something to happen, and this was one of the ways he wished to work. The parents, too, have had to learn something, to learn an understanding of things in the earthly plane to really bring into their consciousness this sort of understanding. People do not always remember the understanding that they have gained around various events from previous incarnations, or from watching from the spirit world and, of course, there are those souls who are incarnated for the first time. And so, earthly experiences will bring into the conscious consciousness an understanding and awareness, and this is one of the things that has happened in this family recently.

It has been very nice to see you all here tonight, I look forward to seeing you all again in the future. Good-night.

Guy: Can I ask you something before you go? From what you said about Matthew, it seems that he has had a link with his parents before. Is that so, or is this the first time he has had contact with them?

Verna: No. This is the first time. He wished to have a strong link with them, before working with them.

Guy: In other words he feels that he has a job to do with his parents?

Verna: yes.

Guy: He will be bringing them up?

Verna: You could put it that way. As you know, we do expect something from your son. He will work through to it himself in his own way. Good-night.

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