Christmas 89

Good Afternoon everyone. I am so happy to be here on this Christmas service, really that's what it is.

But what is Christmas all about? Well, it's a time of taking stock really, and of looking at and clearing out the hurts, the troubles and anything - forgiving and forgetting - and bringing together the harmony and love which we all desire, which is the growth for our very spirit or soul. And so we think of the light going out to all those who would be troubled, whether it is our family that we are distanced from, or friends that we know are very troubled in their lives, maybe because of family upsets, maybe because they are going through many turmoils and strife. And we think of all this beautiful energy that is generated in this church today, helping those who are not aware of the understanding of spirit. For 'spiritual' means 'harmony', it doesn't really mean religion, and people become very confused by it. If we could put the right meanings to the right words it would make so much more sense. Over the years there has been a lot of stress in the minds of people because of religion. Yet it is not what Jesus came on earth to create for us. He came as a simple person born in a lonely place, His parents didn't have anything, and yet He managed - by all those things that He went through - to overcome what the mind was creating. And virtually this is what we are overcoming - what our mind holds on to. The things that people say to us, if we are feeling hurt then it must be within us, or we wouldn't recognise it. So we learn to forgive and create good vibes where there is an energy that is not in harmony. This is what He taught. Be in harmony within the soul. Seek within the soul, be in harmony with those around. And understand them, see clearly with them, so you too, can become as I am (i.e., Jesus). It took Him a long time to learn, yet He died very young. We are all, looking around, older than He was when He passed, and yet in that short time He had to go through all the various hells and heavens and temptations, everything, to be what He was.

We have a time now, that we are coming into, it's a new decade. The world of Spirit tells us that it is a very strange time. It is leading up to the year 2,000 and the energy is very strange, it can cause great problems if we are not aware of it. Now, for those who are going to be optimistic and hopeful, and calm their minds and send out the loving thoughts, that is going to be multiplied and strengthened. Just as on those days when we were sending out thoughts to the world, it isn't something to stop, it is something to continue.

When we are down, that is going to be magnified, and that is why they say it is going to be a very strange time. Already we have seen where walls are being knocked down in the world (the Berlin Wall), also we are seeing where aggression is being much more strengthened in other places. And this is where we are needed to think of that light radiating out to help through this difficult time in a much more concentrated way. Thoughts are never wasted. Whether they are good or negative, always they are going to sow seeds.

And when I came here l5 years ago and there wasn't any room anywhere for me, there was not a hotel nor a bed and breakfast. I couldn't get in wherever I 'phoned. And I can feel now, although I didn't know then, the feeling "Who cares?" And I must admit that I felt like getting on a plane and going back! Then I found a little room at the YWCA, and I stayed for two or three days and things guided me on to the next step. And from those little seeds that were sown, my goodness, hasn't it grown? Canberra I come back to, and so many people are interested in helping others in different ways. There are those who would massage and heal the body; there are those who would use their healing gifts in different ways - not spiritualists. But what is Spiritualism? It wasn't meant to be an 'ism'. It was meant to be a way of life. Just as Christianity wasn't meant to be a religion either, because, look what has come from Christianity. So many different pathways from one simple man, who came as a master to teach us, all fighting with each other. And so, if He came on earth again people would just destroy Him or start some new religions again. The religion was started many years after His death, by well-meaning people, just as the word Spiritualism was started again by well meaning people. It should be to us a way of life, of creating wherever we go, harmony with our thoughts, creating that beautiful energy. It is always Christmas; every day is a new birth.

So it is, I have learnt to say this to myself - otherwise I don't think I could have coped with this last month with all the people I have seen. Some who are, happily, inspired to go on to other things; some are weighed down by their lives; some even suicidal; there has been a variety of people. But each day I would tell myself "Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Let's get on with it, please God help me". And I am not talking to some old man up there, I am talking to my inner self: "Come on, you are in charge". We all have this within us, but how many times through the years do we think: Why me? And I must admit, I have told them up there so often: "What's going on?" And I have lost faith more times than the average person perhaps, because of the lessons I had to learn to reach this stage. And now, of course, at my age there cannot be many years left, not as many as I have left behind, so it is very important that I do help to spread this good energy, help others to tune in to what is within them and know that you have all got the ability to do what I am doing. I am nothing special. I just happen to have been through a lot of experiences, and due to a bump on my head which opened up the psychic, then it started very early. You do not have (to have) a bump on the head - just bring the two minds into harmony, the physical and the spirit. And everybody is the same. Everyone has been through so many different experiences over centuries of time. We wouldn't have reached this stage of wanting to know what life is about, if we hadn't. So I think of the praying hands which is a symbol with all religions all over the world. It has been for centuries. I think of it as being physical and spirit mind. The world of spirit cannot tell us what to do. They have to get on with what they have to do on the other side, helping the spirits who come back to spirit bruised and hurt. They are helping them to relocate themselves when they come back to earth. Instead of going back where they may have gone into spirit with aggression, they (i.e. the spirit guides) will guide them back to peace. But they didn't always do that because they didn't understand. It was only this awareness that came about 170 years ago. They tell us, always in certain parts of the world there had been an understanding of spirit, of the earth, of the people all in harmony. Now, suddenly, the world is becoming aware of ecology, of people, of the needs of everyone to be in harmony one with another. But there will always be those who will tune in to the memory of having aggression, which we all have within us. It is learning to cast it aside, or to put it to good use in another way. Because we can channel it in so many different ways. Everyone has a life to live. I haven't seen a spirit yet that has come into this world to have a bad life, but I have seen where our physical mind has turned us away from our destiny, and it takes a lot of getting back onto it.

So we are here as "Spiritualists" and we use that word in inverted commas, to radiate out those good vibes. To give help where it is needed, but not to take on the burden of others. Just discard it and help to start the new life which was the birth of Christ, coming in to bring new life to the world.

We are all at that point in time now, so it brings us into the nineties at that level, that we are looking forward with hope and with optimism, knowing that whoever we come across we are going to touch them a little bit in some way or other. Feel that light radiating from you. Even if no words are spoken, the energy is going to go out and touch each and every one.

At the other church we start off by saying "Please look at the person next to you, and shake their hand, or hug them." And it's a wonderful way to say "Hello" to the next person. It's the same the world over. Wherever I go I have learned now - but I didn't always - fifteen years ago I didn't - I learnt to think of the light so strong around that it's going to take me to wherever the next move is. I never know where it's going to be. I was asking my helpers "When am I going to get on a train?" or "Where am I going when I leave Canberra?" And it took ages, and they said "Wait. There will be a message come to you." And lo and behold, the message came last week by a telephone call when there happened to be two dates free in Queensland. And I thought well, this must be the sign. Sure enough, when I meditated they said "We had to wait until the people remembered that there was a date free. But we made the other date free for you, so it would not be a wasted journey. There is a lot of work to be done."

Everyone has a lot to do and the nineties coming in as it is, with this very strange energy, you could feel very low, or you could be on a high. It is not balanced at the moment. So throw it out when it is not very good. Be like me, have an incinerator there, and just fling it in. And then project the good thoughts, the good vibes. Ask your God within to guide you. Do not ask the world of spirit because it is your spirit that has come in to have a fulfilling life. So you can be re-born each day again, with new ideas, new stimulus, a way that is for you.

Thank you all for listening.

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