Greetings! We are sorry that this is the last time this visit that our medium is visiting you and that we are able to speak with you. We say to you, we listen with interest to the words that you sing. Do you read and understand the words that you sing? We would say to you, some words we do not think proper here. Are you miserable sinners? Do you feel that you are sinners? As you think, so you create. So if you think you are a sinner so you become one. We say to you, you are not sinners, you are striving in your life to overcome that image, that is needed for you to come closer to your God within. Many words have been written over the years with deep orthodox views, and it is the problem that has arisen with those who would return to Spirit with this orthodox teaching causing all their problems over the centuries. Many have been put to death in the name of religion, and the Master weeps when He sees what is done in His name, just as with other Masters who have been to the earth plane, not to create new religions but to bring understanding and harmony, for God is within each one of you. You are all indeed Gods in your own way, many thirsting through your physical bodies and minds.

Through the years many things have happened in the name of Spirit or God. But it was to bring people into subservience to the preachers and the priests, not over a short time but, indeed, over a very long time. We say to you, Spiritualism is a philosophy to bring you freedom from these thoughts that were in error. Think about those words that you would read from papers, Inwardly think in yourself what is the meaning. Help yourself to progress for each one must progress along their individual plane. There are many of you who are becoming more and more aware spiritually. You are allowing your spirit to bring forth the gifts but you cannot hold on to any gifts, for it is knowledge that should be shared, and for others then to interpret in their way. We do not say that you should think in this way or in that way, only to be sure that what you are thinking will create that harmony and love, that you will do it to others. Within each one of you, you have great knowledge. It is not accident that your spirit has guided you so far, to turn away from those things that would be destructive to you. They open up your mind. We would say think of your mind being opened up to the truth of your God within. Allow your God to live, the freedom to see, for him to feel everything through your physical awareness. As the two become in harmony, the physical and spiritual awareness, so it is that all fears, all doubts go from you. But you look forward to each day that sunrise brings to you, new journeys, new learning, new opportunities. So cast aside those things that would limit them, cast aside those ropes that would bind you, set yourselves free to do all those things that your life has brought for you. We say, there are many waiting to use you for the highest works of God. As you think, so you link in, and if you feel a sinner then you cannot link in with the highest source. For it brings the mind down to a lower level. It is as St. Peter says: unless you become as little children who trust, who love without expecting, who know that food will be there for them, that as they come into the world of earth, so they come with complete trust. This I say to you, be as little children. Cast away those things that have caused you stress with your life time, let all be put into God's hands, that God will dispose. Each day clear your mind and thank your God within. Honour this journey of life and allow the freedom of your spirit to manifest the works of God through the physical awareness.

Each one of you has the gift of healing, for it is a loving compassionate energy within you that you can activate whenever your mind is in harmony with your spirit and with the highest source. Each one of you can see clearly when the mind is gone and your God within talks to you, for clairvoyance is simply to see clearly with the inner mind. It is also a word that has been used in many different ways, but the gift of clear seeing is a part of your heritage, part of what you would bring into your life to help you to be fulfilled in the way that is suited to you. Have no doubt that as you allow the things of negativity to slip by, so it is that your gifts unfold and you are able to give clearly to others.

Many of you have suffered in many different ways because of the minds of others. But we say to you, if minds of others be troubled do not allow their troubled minds to inflict upon you hurts. If you see something in another, then it must be within you or you would not recognise it. Bring forth good vibrations from within you, think and it will be made so.

There are thoughts that are powerful agents, far more powerful than the facade that one creates for the world to see. We say to you, we come to you with love and harmony, we think of this beautiful energy radiating through each one of you to make you whole. As you think, so you will create this energy to make you whole. Then when you are in world of spirit looking to come into the earth life, you would be looking to see what was needed to be overcome. You have gone through those trials to overcome what may appear to others to be insignificant, but to you it may have been a heavy journey. Today we say to you, we bring you good news, that today you can be whole, that you help yourself to be whole in mind, body and spirit. Each one of us is progressing along a pathway, it can be an adventure if you think it is. It can be full of trials and tribulations if that is what the thought is. Is no different here in world of spirit. Many carry their trials and tribulations with them into the world of spirit. The purpose of a spiritual philosophy is to help you to be at peace in yourselves. When time comes for you to return home to world of spirit, then you will not carry with you all those things that you thought of as adversity. Adversity is the teacher, but without darkness you would not recognise light. Without pain you would not recognise pleasure. Everything has two sides. Within you, you have this knowledge and we are happy to give to you words of comfort, for many have travelled the way of hardship before you, eventually reaching a higher stage. Even when your Master was on earth, did not He have to go through the trials and tribulations to overcome? Did He not also doubt the presence of God in His time? He came to man to teach, and He said to those who would follow him, "Go ye into the world, and do even greater things than I have done." He set an example, He showed through his life of difficulties that pain could be overcome by drawing close to spirit within himself, drawing on that energy of spirit, of God. He knew of the communion of angels when He spoke, but we say to you, we are not angels, we are as you are minus the physical body. Many have chosen to delay their journey further themselves in order to give to others knowledge that will help to bring the harmony where at one time the message from God was to be afraid. Your God is a loving God, a caring God, a God within you that wishes to find fulfilment through the physical life. It came to earth to be happy, religion, if we were to use the word, should be a happy, caring, holy message, one who has been made whole.

We now say to you, we wish to thank you for the time that you have given us your love and affection, and to our medium during the journey to this far country. We hope that you will have absorbed some of the words that have been given to you. We know that our medium's path is here, but she also has work to do in other countries and other places. But we look forward one day to being able to speak to you once more. We say to you now, feel the love that pours down. All your fears and doubts, we say to you now, are at this moment in time. Cast them out from yourselves, only you will know them. Throw them in the fire so that they cannot come back to your mind again.

Make that space within yourselves where there is love that pours down from your helpers and loved ones who have gone before you. As this bountiful energy of love and harmony pours into each one of you, this is, indeed, the blessing that we leave with you. We say to you, do not hide your gifts within you, give out the love, give out the peace, give out the healing and the words of comfort. And as we take our leave, we say to each one of you that you are very important, for this country is the nucleus of the spiritual awareness that will come in time, so it is important to know that if you are negative you will add more to the negativity around. Spiritualism may have developed in our country (England) first, but you now are ready without all the patterns of the old Spiritualism. It is still the same philosophy, that has always been "Seek within and be in harmony with those around. Know that as you think you create. All things are possible, even mountains can be moved with the power of Spirit."

We now take our leave from you and we say to you, your God bless you, keep you, help you in your search for your freedom.

After a short break Betty's sister, Sarah, came through with a short message.

Thank you for having my sister Betty here. We have had a lovely journey with you. We know that many thoughts have gone out to her. Sorry for being not quite in harmony. (There was a short pause as there seemed to be some difficulty) I didn't know I was going to be able to come to you, so I came in a little too quickly. I want to say I am so happy that I am able to speak to you. Good-bye and God bless you. You have been a source of inspiration and love as Betty has done her work with you. Know that we all have enjoyed our stay with you. It is a little difficult for us, unless we become in harmony with the spirit of our medium, it is a little hard to come back, forgive me. May you have the blessings of spirit wherever you go, the love, the harmony and friendship of God bless you.

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