Christmas Carol Service, 20th December, 1989.

We bring greetings to you. We are very happy to be with you this night. We have great pleasure in watching the carols that you sing, for with the joy that your voices bring, it creates energy of colours, beautiful colours.

We are so happy to be able to join you this evening. We have many here from Spirit with you, many loved ones, many children, many whom you not know have come because of these wonderful vibrations. We ask our leader to meditate this day, to link with all those who would, with mind, be still holding on to earth plane although silver cord has snapped. And so it is this evening we are able to lift up the minds of those spirits who would be earth-bound, and bring them here to take them higher and higher away from their physical memories, to bring joy into their lives also. For each one is treading a pathway, whether on the earth plane or on the spirit plane. Some not always know that they have left their physical body behind, so they hold on to the desires and frustrations and emotions of the earth. And whenever you join together in happy unison, then you are creating this energy of light and colour on earth that helps to release.

Never hold on to those that you love, whether on the earth plane, or who have left their body behind. For so you restrict those on earth, bringing out karmic conditions of when they were restricted in other times, either by mind or body. Then those who have passed to the higher life, let them go to the higher life. For it is in releasing with love, so they are able to move on, to let go of the physical comforts and discomforts. For some would want to hold on to the comfortable memories.

It is at times like this for you all to know that it is time for letting go of all those things that have been a trial and tribulation to you. A time for a re-birth - just as you renew the life of your Master Jesus, so it is you who are renewing your life also. Making a pledge to be re-born by allowing those things that would not be of peace and harmony to be cleared away. For it is as your world say, a time of peace and good-will; a time of looking forward; of radiating out that energy of love to all who come across your country. There is saying: one never knows who that one may be in disguise. We hear our sister read with words from paper, is also true in that way. We enjoyed many, many, hundred years ago, we also had saying of similar (type), but we would celebrate with the sunny dance. It was our time for renewing of the self; of letting go of all things that did not create the love and the harmony and the light. The sun was the light. It was needed to grow the crops; to grow the heart within us; to warm; and for so many other things. And yet it would leave our horizon frequently. Those were the times when we had to learn to create our own light, the light that came from within. It was our great teachings, that always the light of spirit is within each and every one. And so, through the ages, there are many kinds of festivals on earth that come to bring new life, new age, new ideas. But do not forget those who live in problem times also. For even in this place where you live, there are those who would be troubled, is not all land of milk and honey. We are indeed fortunate to be able to come to you, and we bring to you the blessings that come from the Master. We bring also happy blessings that come from your God within. For we are all part of One Universal Force that we call God. Each one will be blessed in their own way by seeking within and casting aside those things that trouble the mind, so that your spirit can, indeed, shine forth in this time that brings us to our new area in the world that is our earth.

We know many changes will come, some will not be good, but others who are seeking with love and harmony and putting their house in order, will find changes that will be able to use the gifts of spirit. Each and everyone comes with the blessings of Spirit, the gifts of love, of light, of harmony, and of healing.

And as we leave you this night, we say to you, look forward to your cheering and caring, one with another; forgive those that have hurt you; love those who despise you. But remember also to love yourself as well, for if is something in you that you do not love, it is better to cast it out.

We would say to you, carry on with your singing, it gives us great pleasure here. But we would also like to say to our sister (Mrs. Elsie Brownell), we have need to give you healing. During the time of the music coming, Ka-la will give you healing, for you are not as well as you pretend to be. We know this and it is not physical. We say to you all now, your God bless you, bless you all. (After the service Mrs. Brownell confirmed that she had not been feeling well that evening although she had not told anyone. She felt that the healing she received had helped her to stay for the rest of the service.)

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