Betty's Red Indian Guide Ka-la spoke first.

I bring you greetings from Spirit. We are happy to be with you. For some of you this is not a new situation. To others we would say: Do not be afraid for there is nothing to fear for we bring only love; we can only come in on the wave of love. But we would talk to you this night on many things.

First we wish to talk about how the mind of the physical has been influenced over centuries of time by those who would supposedly be messengers of God, who have brought in so much that has created in the minds of people much trouble. So when they come to the world of spirit their mind remains in a troubled state. They have been taught over centuries that God is to be feared. God is NOT to be feared. God is within you - it is God with LOVE. God can only come with love. Each one of us, whether on earth or in spirit, has God within us, for we are all created in images of God. And so it was that many come thinking that they were going into Purgatory when crossing the line. Others would be waiting for the Day of Judgement. Others would think that there was Hell or there was heaven.

All these things were created in the minds of those who would teach on earth saying it was the Word of God. Only your God can speak with you, cannot speak with others. Your physical mind can pick up and give to others, but each one has a way to tread and should be free of doctrine and know that within each one of you there is much knowledge and much understanding of your own God. For it is the REAL you, the physical mind and body are of the earth plane. We would say that it has taken a long time to bring about the changes, so that many young people are being brought into the earth world now who have been cleared of the indoctrination. Many are aware that there is more to life, but within them there is much seeking. And we say to you that there has never been any new philosophy - always the same: Seek within and be in harmony with those around you.

Create in other words the harmony with your thoughts. Each and everyone, whether on earth or in spirit, are as they think. For there are those who have passed over, who here on earth gathered around them people in order to influence their minds, and they still do this when they pass over. For many wish to rely on other's words instead of seeking for themselves. The world of Spirit was becoming changed, and spirit beings manifested themselves to those who were sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to use the knowledge and to give it to others, long time ago.

And so it is that we come up to this time. No longer is there a need for manifestations. It is now that we come with understanding and with love. It has changed from the psychic energy to the spiritual energy. For spirit is harmony - not religion. We do not come to you to give to you religion. For that is indeed man made. We come to tell you that as you think, you create. As you link in with the higher source so you will derive the knowledge that comes from the higher source. If you are content to just go through your life, meander here and there then that is right for you. But now many seek, they claim many different teachers. Some would set up another religion, but that would not be Spirit teachings. It is that the teachers would come to earth in many guises, come to set you free to help you to be aware of your own potential. But each one has a fulfilling life to lead. Each one has within them the capacity to love, to hate, to be afraid, to be strong, to have talents that can manifest into their physical lives to give them what is needed to find fulfilment in a material sense. For there is nothing new on your earth plane although man thinks that he is the only one that is creative.

Over centuries of time man has been far more advanced in many ways than he is at this time on your earth plane. There was time when man on earth was able to use his mind to control the winds and the waves and all the other natural phenomena. Until he thought that he indeed was God that he could do it, and that it was solely his power. And so with building on power such as that, many times there has come to your earth plane destruction. Man always seeking power to destroy. Many would use their psychic powers to bring about destruction of the enemy and in many ways, whether it was through the work, learning and troubles with tribes, or with machines.

As we said, over centuries and centuries ago, man not remember for each time the world of earth in places has been destroyed, so it has gone back to days of when man lived in the caves. Look around your earth plane and see the areas which at one time had a golden civilisation. We need not mention many, but you will be aware in your Bible that in Persia and many places around the Euphrates, there was an advanced civilisation. In other areas around the Mediterranean, there were also advanced civilisations. You have not reached the stage of Atlantis and other areas. Indeed, this area in which you live was one of those that was similar to Atlantis.

Is not strange that there would be people who come from many parts of the earth plane to live in this area, for it is great karmic time for the earth plane. We look at places where there have been great civilisations, places still there where there is warring, where there is constant trouble, one religion against another. All in the name of God. If God is love, how can God create a war? This is what you have to learn to understand.

When this civilisation was here in this meeting place, we say it was good civilisation. But, as always, there are those who would use the power in the wrong way, for personal greed, until it became so powerful that it became destructive. So it was that this area became barren. Nothing would grow. There was time when great waters came onto this area to cleanse, to clear, many thousand years ago. And then it was time for this period to come, is no accident that this was built in such a way. Was already planned from World of Spirit. Minds came together who were sympathetic to the World of Spirit, they would pick up with knowledge. They would start to plan, to build on what was a barren area, and you can see now the growth that has come. Some would find it very difficult to live in places here, others would find that it makes them depressed, anxious, because they not understand the energy that is here. We say to you, there is need for much light to be poured into the earth. This why we always say to our medium, think of the light pouring into the earth as well as into the room. Is needed everywhere for many places now, the earth, itself, is turning over. The energy that has been poured into it over long, long time is already churning around with the minds of people who are picking up on it. So some would want to be very powerful here, and feel that they have great prestige. Some will wish to build bigger and bigger houses to show off to their neighbours. Others will think they are God's gift to man in many different ways, while others will seek in their quiet way and give of their gifts to others, unassuming, happy to give. They were in that way before. They would give and give with that inner love. You will find many people like this, in this, your city. They are drawing on the knowledge of before; they are drawing their gifts out so that they would be used. They are bringing forth the seeds that were sown many thousands of years ago. We look forward to the time when this beautiful city will bring forth the spiritual awareness of peace and harmony and love, one with another.

It is fitting that your Parliament should be there, and we say to you: Instead of grumbling and moaning and worrying about those who would be in power, far better for you to create good vibrations around all who are in positions of power in your Parliament. That they will bring forth the love and caring from within themselves, for they are all part of this new world that is here with you and yet still part of the old one that we speak of. Some in positions of power will be looking to build the future. But there are others who will be looking for their own welfare. Your world at the moment in this country is going through many changes, economically, many people changing, many people moving, many things happening. But also many tragedies for there are many who would come back to the World of Spirit too quickly, because of their own hand, where they have chosen to leave the earth rather than carry the heavy responsibility that they feel.

We say: each one of you has within you gifts of giving to others of the knowledge within you, of caring, of sharing, of lifting up the morale of those who would seek help. Many times there are those who would be turned away. This is the message from Spirit: what you give will come back to you, if you give with love. Learn to create the beautiful energy that is needed for the earth to grow, for the very spirit within you to grow, and for the world to grow. When thinking negatively of any situation, whether it is to do with those close to you, or whether it is to do with leaders, or the world situation, you bring it down, you create the conditions that you take. Think of this being the centre of a spiritual awakening. For indeed, that is what it can become. For it is as if it is Atlantis arisen, for it was same period of great knowledge and awareness.

We would say to you: Some of you here would have been aware and part of the situation in Atlantis at that time. There were instruments, that were so sensitive that they could pick up thoughts. There was amongst many, great telepathic communication. Some of you have this gift now, with your loved one, you can now take in the thoughts and give out the thoughts.

How do we communicate with you, with your gifts of clairvoyance? It is through telepathy. It was a gift that you had and used in your physical life in those far away times. And so those who are developing their gifts to give to others, whether it is healing, clairvoyance, or with their art, of beauty, whatever, it is something which has been innate within you for a long time. And you have reached this stage now where there is time for bringing out in the way that is best suited to you. When you calm your mind and send out a thought to your God within, you will find that there will be answers. Many times you have asked for help and have thought that God has not heard you. How could God not hear you when God is part of your whole being? We communicate under normal circumstances, not by taking over the body of the medium, but with thought transference. With the power of the thought it can become as words so that the hearing is quite accurate. As the thoughts go backwards and forwards, so one builds a rapport with the guide and with the loved ones - for everyone has loved ones who have passed over to the World of Spirit. And in this way you are communing via your spirits when you speak with the spirit of a loved one. Why is this? Bring it about with love, for it can only be done with love. This is why you find that with loved ones it is easier. With animals it is easy to give thought out, and the animal because of the love vibrations between you, will respond.

Each one can bring about this gift of telepathy so that communication is then easier with the helpers, who would come with you. They are not strangers with you, they have been with you many times, even if they may SEEM like strangers. In your book, The Bible, guardian angels are mentioned, and angels awaited. So it is that these helpers have been through many lives to learn, but choose this time to stay on this side in order to give help where needed. But they cannot give in a material sense because they are not of the material life. They will give in spiritual understanding, they will help to give strength in your health worries.

Many times you will have been very close and you will have used your gifts in other times. This is not the first time that you use your gifts. But sometimes you would think it is so strange to you. Ask those who are accustomed to using their spiritual gifts and they will tell you that it is the most normal thing once you have overcome yourselves. It is overcoming the physical self first - bring the mind into harmony with the spirit. As you think so you create, is the same in World of Spirit. As you think so conditions are created. It is difficult to describe to you the World of Spirit in earthly terms. It is not as your earth. There would be no point in coming to earth from Spirit if it was the same. But many pass over always having the desire for a beautiful home, or a beautiful car, or beautiful this or that. Perhaps not achieving same. So, as they think, they create, and of course, just as on earth, evil can come in also. For there is still the memory of the physical mind creating what you desire. But for those who choose to go on to learn there is so much to do. It is a great adventure when the time comes. But you must live your full span on earth first and learn to give, to create with your mind in the right way, so that when you pass to the world of spirit then your physical mind is no longer overshadowing the spirit. But when you become in harmony within yourself, as you radiate out these good thoughts to others, so you help them to be in harmony within themselves, to draw out the quality of their understanding. It is impossible to give it to you because each one sees in different ways. We are as thought. We do not have physical bodies as we move onward. When you come into the Spirit World the physical mind needs to have a physical body in order to know that you are still alive. Some people think they are not alive, because they have been indoctrinated as we said at the beginning. You are very much alive. You have all good fulfilling lives to come into. It is up to each one of you to make it so. No-one else can do it for you. It is your pathway. Think about what it is you would like to do, think of whether it is going to benefit others. Is it a deep desire within you to do a certain work, or to learn certain music? Everyone has in spirit a mission, let it come out, it is your very self that is manifesting through the inspiration. It is indeed a need for it to manifest the beauty around it.

There are many who would pass into our world that are in great need of help. They have not left behind their problems; they have brought them with them. It is then that we rely on mediums as we do with our medium, to help with the physical and we can help with the spirit. We are no longer physical unless we come into a medium's body. We are just mind and spirit. We have access to memories of long ago, if needed, but as one progresses one is desiring to find the harmony that existed with the spirit and the physical of long ago. There are those who would come who are in need of healing in the mind, for the mind holds the body condition. There are those who desire to go on to learning something - perhaps they have not had the opportunity in the physical body. It is then that there are those who would give to them the learning whether it is to learn to be a painter, a musician, or any other kind of achievement, if that would help in their progress of spiritual realization.

Then there are others who choose to think of the healing flowing into those who have the gift of giving. Everyone can be a healer for you are all of spirit which is love. Each one of you has the ability to create the good vibrations needed to draw from the higher source those who would assist you in healing. We can only heal on the spiritual part, you would be giving to the physical, but when the two energies blend together then miracles do happen. It is said in the Bible that mountains can be moved by faith. We say to you: this is not faith; it is doing; it is believing that you are a good channel for your God to work through you, in whatever capacity. Say, it is believing in something that you cannot see, you will see the end result of what your thoughts are. Many in this world are sorely troubled in the mind, and healers can help by being there to give upliftment to create the good vibrations around to clear the darkness away. When you are helping, even if you do not tell them, you will bring to them great peace. For indeed, each one is a peace maker. There have been, over many centuries, periods like this where there are those who would communicate with those on earth, and yet it was man who stopped this from happening by putting to death those who would communicate with spirit.

But there are different levels of communication. This is why we say to you: there is a need to find peace and harmony within yourself, to bring your spiritual and physical mind into complete harmony. As you think, so you create. If you are satisfied with mundane messages or the giving of mundane messages, so be it. But if you wish to be of higher service then seek out the highest, whether in your material life or in the work of Spirit. For there are many workers of spirit here tonight. So also, as you link, know there is no cause to doubt, no cause to fear. We will NEVER let you down. It is only those who are not knowledgeable who would hold you, who would encourage you, and then not be there. For there are many who would latch on to those whose minds drop down. Can only link in with level of state of mind. So know, that as you seek so you will find. As you give, so it will be returned to you. In whatever capacity. All these things have been said many times, over many centuries, and we come back again, round and round and round. Always seeking to find perfection with our God within. So why is it that man must make a big thing of God being outside of the body.

There have been some of you here who have been put to death for your beliefs more than once in your search for your harmony with your God. It was not of Spirit or of God that these people would be there to destroy you, for no man can ever destroy you. It is IMPOSSIBLE to kill you, to destroy you, for always, your God within, your spirit, will survive. It may be bruised, but it will survive always. We also say to you that your loved ones here come very close; you will have had experiences in some way, sometimes you are afraid to speak of them. Most people have some awareness of sensing, seeing, or feeling one close who is not in the earth-world. The world of Spirit is not a long way away. It is here and now in the atmosphere, it is only that it is much more refined than the earth atmosphere. So it is that in certain ways the mediums can pick up when their minds are tuned to the vibrations of spirit. There are times when there are those who are quiet in themselves, who see shadowy figures or sometimes quite strong features. Be not afraid for no-one would come to harm you. They cannot hurt you.

There have been times when it has been put down to spirit activity, happenings in houses, in buildings. It has usually been of a person on earth who is very disturbed and builds up the psychic energy for these things to happen. As they think, they create. So we say to you, do not believe that everything that is written or said of spirit is true. For many have said that it is spirit working through them. Many profess that it is spirit actions when things move. There are many times, we can assure you, when it is not of spirit; it is the minds of young troubled lives. Frustration and the energy that they build up creates the movement.

We say also to you: There are many who are very sincere, who are able to give with their hearts great love to others, dedicated to the service of Spirit. Do not take advantage of them, but create the love around them for one day you may be in the same position. And if you have reviled those it is surely going to come back, for as one gives, whether in spirit or on earth, so it is that it will return. We are no different to you, it is only that we have no physical body. We bring a personality when we come into the body of a medium, we have a mind, thoughts, that we are of spirit as you are in the flesh. We have also much to learn as we also progress, but we come to you with truth, with love, and with sincerity, just as those who would walk in the service of Spirit also do the same.

Look into your lives, clear out those things that are obstructing you. Clear out those thoughts of the past which are indoctrinated into you. This is the message that is needed to be learned. Set yourselves free to follow what your God within would guide. Link in with the higher source always. Create good vibrations around those that you would come close with and learn to listen to your thoughts. We are happy that we have been able to give you these words. If you find it difficult in this place that was once a great civilisation, know that you will get the help that is needed to bring peace and harmony into your mind. For over the next ten years many changes are to come as we herald the new period in your earth time. There is a great awakening in this continent of yours which is a very old continent that did not sink beneath the waves. There are many places in the other side of the world that have been used to bring forth the news that the World of Spirit is very, very, much alive. It has been a slow awakening, here but it is good that it is slow for then it comes with truth. It is not seeking to be part of a big conglomerate but to be of individuality. There are not ties to anything. It is a free world; it is a free body; it is a free thought. If you tie yourself down to something, then you are not free. If you tie yourself down with fears, how can you be free to do things in this land. As time goes by there will be other teachers who will come across the pathway. If they are going to restrict you, then know that they are not necessary for you, but can be inspiring. If they come to teach you freedom of thought and help you to find your own truth, then you know that they are indeed, sincere.

We leave you now but much has been completed. For we have our little one to come in to speak with you. It has been good to speak with you. We would like to have enlarged more on the situations around, but hope that these small snippets of words will help you to understand. We now say to you, we will let our little one come to you.

(After a brief pause Sarah, Mrs. Foster's sister came through. She spoke very gently and shyly.)

Good evening, good evening to you. This is Sarah coming to speak to you. I am not very wise, but I hope I am learning all the time that this world that I know now, is wonderful to experience. When I was on earth, only months before I passed I became involved with people who came to my door who, in my loneliness, I trusted. They were Jehovah's Witnesses and, as a result, I refused to have a blood transfusion. I know now that it would not have saved my life, but it would have cleared my mind if I had allowed it to happen. For I believed, in my loneliness, that things would be saved, that they were the ones who were truly promised a life after death. I have searched in many ways to find my truth. I had been married in a Spiritualist church and I truly believed that when one is ill and alone, then so often there are those who would come and take over all those in mind. I learnt with Betty to see clearly again, and learned to let go the fears that I built up in that period when she wasn't with me. I truly was ready to pass and accepted it gratefully when the time came. I was very fortunate that I had someone who cared enough to help me through those dark times. Many times I doubted that there was a God, for my life had not been particularly happy. But I was responsible for that life and I know now that I created the problems, because I had not learnt to calm my mind and to seek within. I believed the teachers, whether they came from one religion or another, and so in my seeking I was the easy prey for them to take me into their shadow.

I will tell you that it is wonderful to have a mind that is clear to come into the World of Spirit. It would not have been clear had I died six months earlier than my physical body died. For then I would have gone with my state of mind which was not very happy when Betty came to stay with me. For those who are not aware - she is my sister and my mother for our real mother died when I was little and so she became both. Of all the young ones, I was wayward and so I rebelled against what she would try to help me to do. And I thought that all she thought about was her religion as she was a minister, and she had a little group in the church in London. I went along when I visited her although I did not feel part of it, because I had been so indoctrinated by going from one place to another seeking, where one said it was wrong to communicate with those who had passed, another would say that it was the work of the devil. And so I had to learn to clear this. I would sit in meditation groups with Betty when I visited her in London, enjoying that. But when I went away from her, I lost it. It seemed as if, when I was with her we could be strong, but when I was away from her it was gone. For there were all trials and tribulations that would come. I longed indeed. As I look back on my life from this point of view, I can see that although I was seeking to find someone to love me what I was seeking was indeed that love that dwelt within myself.

We are all searching to be loved, but what we are really searching for is the union of our spiritual and physical. In doing so we are able to find the companionship with those around us, with our partners. We make mistakes because we seek partners because we are lonely. I was indeed a battered wife, mentally and physically. I can say it now as if it was not me. But I thought it was my karma, I thought I had to help this person (i.e. her husband) through this time. Now, I know that it was nothing to do with me at all. It was to do with his family life from early childhood. It went even deeper than that, to other times, for having seen now the records of those things, it makes sense to me. But I thought I had to suffer because I thought I had done something to this one. I know now that he has to work out that pattern with his own mother for that is where the karmic problem was. So I was left on my own for a year with a lot of harassment, which in turn created the cancer within me. We all create in our bodies our health conditions, and everyone has some kind of weakness that could be inherited, but it does not mean that it should manifest into a physical condition. It is the emotions and the fears and the worries and the oppression, all these things help to create that which affects the body. Mine was very rapid when it came, and spread right through my body till there was nothing left but bone - for it turned into fluid. But again, what is the body composed of? It is said that it is ninety percent water.

When I look down on that memory of what I was, I realise that my spirit kept my body going long after it was indeed dead - so that I could learn and be at peace before I was to leave and the silver cord break. Betty and I had, when we chose to, telepathy - and it is that the great ones spoke to others through telepathy - we found that together in the last months, and it was that Betty said to me, as I left the physical body quite aware mentally, that I would indeed help her. I little realised what it would entail. It is the most rewarding thing that has ever happened to me, to be able to come into her body and to tell you of the things that we really do create in ourselves through fear, through lack of understanding, really through not seeing clearly, with those around or with ourselves. You know, clairvoyance is such a mis-used word. It is really only a meaning of clear-seeing. I didn't know that. As a child I would see people, I would often pick up on things that were very negative because that was my state of mind. When Betty would try to teach me to link in with a higher source I didn't understand. I did not realise that this higher source was within me. It was what was keeping me alive.

From the moment that my spirit left my body as Betty cradled me in her arms, the body disintegrated within her arms and the fluid ran all over her. I watched from above her wondering why I had put her through this. But she was able to make things right. It is one thing which I wish I could have changed, for she had made the home so white and beautiful. But we were hoping to spend a few days, just the two of us and the dogs. And it meant that I had learnt sufficient to pass. And I did not know that I was going to go very soon for at that moment we thought we had a little time to talk with each other. And Betty talked to me, I was in the air then looking down at her. She said "Don't worry Sarah, if I didn't have this mess to clear up, I would probably be sitting down and weeping. God has given me this work to do so that I would not be holding you to earth." And so she set about clearing everything up.

I am so grateful for the help that was given, I hope that you will be able to help those close to you. If ever the chance comes for you to help someone who is in the state that I was in, having lost faith because of those who had come to impose their views on me. I was so weak, I want you to know that it is the love that Betty gave to me that forged the link between Betty and me. I love her dearly and I know there are many here who love her also, for she is truly a mother to many. I was jealous of her being a mother to so many. I thought I should have her to myself because I didn't have a mother. I did not realise that all the time, my mother was waiting for me in spirit, trying to lift me up. For she was indeed the one who was giving everything to me. But because my mind wasn't clear I only saw the negative side. Everything has two sides but when we are down, we can only see the negative side. But when we have someone around who can show this love to us, it is as if it illuminates all around and it all becomes clear. If everyone could give out this love to others then the world would be illuminated. I didn't understand, I just thought that over the years what Betty was doing was because there was something lacking in her life and that she had, as I told her many times, religious mania, just as our brothers said too. There are many people will revile you when you appear different, but in the end, it is that you benefit by sending out love to get rid of the dark, for in their ignorance they do not know.

I, in my ignorance, did not know and so it is that I have been so fortunate to bring in today a little of the experiences that I went through in order to come now as I do. I am honoured that I have chosen service as my life here. I forgot that I had chosen it when I came into the earth body, and so I did not be of service. So when I came to Spirit I chose to be of service to build up the beautiful vibrations along with Betty when she meditates, to help her to be a good channel for those who would come to speak.

I wish it were possible to have all those here around who would wish to speak through her. There have been others and I am sure he won't mind me telling you. We have D.D. Hume who was a medium a long time ago, who was also persecuted for the work that he did. He is part of our group and he made me so welcome. We have a lady who was also a medium in those times in the last century. Her name is Florence, her name is Florence Cook and she also was persecuted for bringing forth her gifts. We have also Lillian Bailey who has lived in some of your lifetimes and she is there also.

There will be a time we hope when they also will be able to speak to you. It is not possible at this time, but it is being worked upon. And this is why I am fortunate in being able to blend our energies together to create this within Betty. It is possible also that there will be another who will come over water to you. But this is yet unclear, so we cannot say as yet, but we do hope that one day one of Betty's group, who is a wonderful medium will choose to come also. I am being told now that I must leave, but know that so many are here because you have sent out your love. It is beautiful energy that you have generated from your heart. This has helped those who would come, your loved ones, your helpers in spirit, but will always link with the block of spirit that we represent. For we are told that there are many blocks of spirit on earth and we can help each other. I am not just with Betty. I am told that I will be used in coming into the groups if they allow me to. (At this point a woman in the audience suddenly started to go into a controlled state. She was moaning and breathing heavily and several people gathered around her, directing energy to her.) I know that our sister will be close with me and in due time we will feel the compassion with each other. We would say to you with the one who is troubled, think of the light flowing into every part of this one. We are aware that the mind has been opened that this one has not learnt to close in her desire to be part of us. Think of the peace flowing into every part of the mind and body and spirit to bring harmony and peace and love. And now I must say good-bye to you. Thank you so much for having me, and I will also say to you, Good-bye from those around. May your God bless you and keep you. May you always walk with the learned one. God bless.

(Sarah then left. Betty retired into a room at the back of the hall for a few moments to recover from her trance. The woman who had been trancing earlier was again being over shadowed and Betty came to her help. Several people were still giving her healing, directing energy to her to help both the woman and the spirit influencing her.)Betty started talking to the spirit, asking what happened and telling it that it can talk. But nothing was said. Betty explained that it was with friends now. (Not everything that she was saying can be heard clearly on the tape because she was now some distance away from the microphone and the spirit was making loud humming noises.) Betty addressing the disturbed woman (M):- Close your eyes, relax and now we are going to think of the light as it flows into every part of you, gradually clearing you of all that is not needed. And that the one is with you. We are going to take you on a journey because you don't realise where you are, do you? We are going to go up these beautiful steps. Through these golden steps, going higher and higher up those stairs. Hold my hand. Up and up. At the top of the steps there is someone waiting to receive you. Such a lot of light, he will take you and stay with you. I'm putting my arms around you, creating beautiful vibrations around you, that you are loved and wanted. And they are taking you through the door now, I can't come through the door with you. Oh, there are so many people there. They are making you so welcome. Feel the love and joy as they welcome you back. Just go. It is wonderful. There is a little dog there, take him with you. You have died, just the body died. You didn't realise it. You just happened to see the light here.

(There followed a long talk by Betty, addressed to the intruding spirit which is not comprehensible on the tape.)

For many of you who are wondering what it's about, and in order to help those stuck in a body, a memory body for that's what it is, there are times when those who are unaware of their spirit nature, sometimes they are trapped inside their memory body. And so the first thing all mediums should know is not to accept an incoming spirit (when it is not an appropriate time), but to bring that body good vibes until the light and energy is strong and clear. Allow spiritual things to take over only when the time is right. Advanced souls cannot come to Betty unless she has made herself receptive and that she has made the conditions right for us to come together. And so it was shown here how, if the mind is bound to be a trance medium, then there is learning to be done.

Sarah speaking through Betty: You are yourself?

M: Yes.

Sarah: There is nobody with you now?

M: Yes.

Sarah: We are blessed to have been able to show how easy it is to come into a body before the person is ready. There are very few who become trance mediums. Some can be overshadowed, some can go deep. But it is ALWAYS wise for the ones in the body to be aware of these things, and not to rush the situation. I have been told that I will be close even though Betty will not be here. If you need me, call for me, for I cannot overshadow you. I will attend because I have asked to be of service. I cannot impose my will on others. I can only be there when it is needed. Always see that your mind is calm and in harmony, and, if it is, then all will always be well. Will someone take care of my body?

(Betty at this point was unable to stand and someone held her. She checked that the woman was all right.)

Valerie (Chairwoman for the evening): Earlier tonight I asked Betty what was going to happen tonight and she said "I don't know." Now we know why.

Betty: I am myself again. I understand now, because I was only lightly controlled then. It wasn't like being asleep then, it was strange. I couldn't hold myself up though when Sarah left my body. I knew she was there, because when I was in that room (a small room at the back of the hall) and I came to, I was still feeling her presence. But what actually happened was - and I didn't know that this would happen - but Sarah was saying to me in the little room that the young lady was being over-shadowed. It wasn't a guide. She is very sensitive or psychic. (Speaking to M.) Are you in a circle or a development group?

M: No.

Betty: But are you desiring it?

M: Yes. I am doing some work.

Betty: You have opened up yourself too much.

Now for anyone wishing to give help, to be a good healer you need to send out loving thoughts. A simple way to do this is before you go to sleep - because daylight is living our physical life, you have got a lot to do and all sorts of things are going on in the day-time. So calm your mind before going to sleep - I do it every night before I go to sleep to get rid of any energy that is left over and not wasted. It's a bit like cream. If you leave it over-night it can go sour and it leaves you a bit frustrated. So that is calming the mind: relax, think of the light flowing into every part - I did it tonight while I was sitting in there; I did it before I came here; I thought of it flowing into the furniture, the foundations, everything and into each one of you. Before I came to the hall tonight, I thought of that beautiful energy flowing into you, and that all would be well. I never plan anything, I just make myself a good channel for whatever God has for me to do - My God within. And if we relax, think of that light flowing into every part of the home, it becomes a habit because we are all creating energy with our thoughts. Our thoughts really are so powerful, but we don't know. We have all been into rooms where we felt negative energy and we want to get rid of it. Well, it is created by the mind, so the mind can get rid of it, it is as simple as that. But it is nice if you can find a symbol that you can understand. When you walk into a dark room you can be nervous and afraid, what you do is switch on the light. Basically that is what you are doing with your thoughts only you are thinking it.

I just say it like this: I just think of the light flowing into every part of the home wherever it may be, because I am in so many different homes. I think of it flowing into the furniture, the fabric and the very foundation, and I make it a positive thought, clearing away anything not needed - I don't call it negative, I call it not needed. But I am building up an atmosphere that is charged with beautiful vibrations of peace and harmony and love. But whoever comes close, whether it is from the astral world or the earth, they will feel these good vibrations. And then I think of the light flowing into every part of me.

But I also am a good channel and I do it many times a day when I am seeing people, but I still do it again when I am asleep. I could be a bit tired and get negative from someone, and that would carry over and build it. You have all experienced this - I am no different from any of you. I may be a bit older than some of you, but basically, I am no different from any of you. There is nothing special about me, it is just that I chose this before I came to earth. It happens to be my destiny. You all have lives to live and you can give. Well, you relax and you build up good vibes and you think of the energy flowing through you as well. Feel relaxed with two or three deep breathing exercises, just to relax more. Think of beautiful steps leading up, just as I took that young lady up who was with you. Go through a door into a beautiful garden, and relax. Another bit of luxury, think of a beautiful garden hammock, that's luxurious. There is no sense in lying on the floor when you can relax in luxury. And have an incinerator there, because it is human nature for the mind to go round and round with negative things. We have all got them within us - a lifetime of experiences you see - and then project the thought. I put my children in the light every night before I go to sleep, then I go to all my semi-adopted kids who may need help, and then I go out to my healing. So you think of that light flowing to you, the light flowing into the patient, and if you have, like I have, someone in hospital, I think of the light flowing into every part of the room even though I may never see it - flowing into the nurses, the doctors and everyone who is going into that room, because each one is an individual and can take in negative energy - so that we are building up beautiful spiritual energy, in case a spiritual surgeon is needed. It can't come in if the energy is not good. And it only needs one person to walk in who is a bit down and it changes the whole atmosphere, so it builds up the physical energy from the physical mind and they bring in the spiritual energy and the blending of the two is what does the healing. We have seen miracles and I am sure that everyone else has done so at some time. So it is the loving thought that we are sending out the light to create the good energy, but we are just the channels - you can do it, everyone of you can because we have all got this ability. We all have a desire to help someone, and this is why you are here or you wouldn't have come.

And so I am ever so happy that you came, because if you hadn't come there wouldn't have been any point in me being here. I am feeling rather weary. Normally when mediums do what I have done, they just walk off the stage or whatever, and just shut the door and go and rest. Well, I've trained myself to carry on, but I couldn't carry on indefinitely. I thought I was going to do clairvoyance, but I have been told that it isn't needed because you have all had an experience of that. Maybe you haven't had the experience of overshadowing before, and that is wonderful in itself.

My guide is saying that he hopes that you would have understood all this to help you to look at your life, look at your lives, and see how you can bring fulfilment into it, in whatever way suits you, because you have all got individual roads. I can't say to you that you should do this or that. All I know is that in sending out love, but not leaving yourself an open channel for everything to come in, think of that light radiating around you creating that protection. I was told to make sure that the door was locked to- night, I didn't know why, but it's understandable now. Someone did come in, didn't they? But it was only the way that it was put. [To M.] It is good that you have experienced that. Now you know you are going to think of that light radiating out, aren't you?

M: In case they do I will put white light over me.

Betty: But you let yourself go into a state tonight and you have to learn to close. Now, a simple way of closing after you have opened yourself which my helpers have told me, is a way that you all know. Now, you wouldn't leave your front door open for everyone to walk in, and this is why it is a good way to go up, through the door, so that when you come back, you come back through the door, telling yourself that you feel fantastic, or whatever; that you are just going to get on with your life, not going to sleep. Tell yourself that you are going to be wide awake, full of the joys of spring. But whatever is needed you are going to be able to get on with it. But keep telling yourself, putting that thought there, as you think so you are creating. Walk through the door and close the door, not leaving your mind wide open for anything to come in.

[To M.] And in this way then you are helping. But because you are so keen to be of service, you haven't learnt anything so far of the awareness of it. Can you understand? You are psychic or that wouldn't have happened.

Now, emotional people are very psychic people. Now I will try to explain the difference between spiritual and psychic energy. Everybody is psychic, some more than others because it is an emotional energy. So if we think of a beam of light coming from the sky - take the highest you can think of - as it leaves the source it is going to be pure energy. As it comes into the earth atmosphere with all this energy which everyone is generating, it is not so good, so it gets darker and darker until the bottom is black. It is the same energy, but the top half is harmony or spiritual, the bottom is psychic or emotional. And so what we are using is the spiritual energy, or the top, the good. It doesn't mean that psychic energy is bad, it's only that it's frustrating. So the kids and their riots, and all sorts of things that go on in this world, they are not bad or evil, but they have a lot of frustrated emotional energy and it only needs one to throw a brick through a window and they are all so psyched up that they are all going to do the same.

You can see how it can be very frustrating, in calming your mind and asking for help [to M.]. But I would leave it alone for a little while because I would say to you that you need something more stimulating in your mind. I feel there is more to come into your life. You are not as contented with your life at the moment. It is going to widen and open up. If there is anyway in which you can be involved in something, it would be better than meditation. Something that is artistic, so it may be that you could go to an art group, or make pottery. You could do anything, but you are totally absorbed and lost while you are doing it. So now you will feel much better. Have you been feeling moody, having headaches? Because I am seeing a swing of moods, it is learning not to get upset, calming your mind quickly. I used to train myself by going to spend a penny and thinking: let's get rid of it, flush it away, the quickest way. The only place you can be on your own to calm your mind.

We all get into these emotional states because it's human nature. I remember coming home one time from my circle which is down in Surrey, quite a long way from where I live in North London. When I got home, I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on, and there were piles of dinner pots. I had rushed home from work and cooked the dinner. My kids hadn't even washed a pot. I had had a fantastic evening, but I was tired. I had had a long journey. I went in the bathroom and while I was in there my husband came to me and he said: "Why are you upset? You've had a lovely evening, you have done a lot of good work, so why are you getting in this state. ?"I said: "Wouldn't you? They have no concern for me, they couldn't care less. I'm only there to cook their dinner and everything. They haven't thought, that's what it really is, they just don't think?He said: "Now calm your mind; create some good vibes all through the home again; build up the light."

I went in the kitchen, moved the things off the side, filled the sink up with hot soapy water, left everything soaking, made myself a cup, put my head round the door and asked:

"Would anyone like a drink?"

And they said: "Oh, we're just leaving."

So they left. I didn't get angry, I was amazed. I said: "Do you think you could put all the pots in the sink? It's nice soapy water. Wipe down the sides, and it is half the battle, then it is not so hard to wash up."

And I said it in such a calm way, I was amazed! I was so angry I was rushing in ready to have a battle. As a result, my sons to this day will wash up. To this day, they will clear everything up and they will wash up. If I had been angry with them it would have built up a lot of negative energy. We would all have been exhausted, and they would not have done it anyway. So it is finding ways of working round the situation, and this is really what this spiritual awareness is about, but I had to learn the hard way.

Anyway, I think we really should come to an end now, the time is nearly 10 o'clock. So I hope that you all have had a wonderful evening.

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