Whatever we are thinking, we are creating, so when the mind is troubled you are going to draw clouds and darkness to it. And before we have anything to do with spiritual awareness we always link in with the higher source by thinking of the light flowing in. I do it with everyone who comes to me. But I still do it again this week because I get tired and very negative and build up more negative energy. Everybody builds negative energy but they don't know about it, so what we are learning to do is to bring the physical and spirit mind into harmony. I use the symbol of the praying hands. The right hand is the physical mind; the left is spirit; and when they are in harmony, of course they link in with the higher source.

When the mind is troubled we say it is heavy. So it is at any level according to the state of mind. So how can your spirit really fulfil it's destiny that it has chosen to come in to the physical life, if the physical mind is battering it about? So discipline the physical mind when it is troubled to change it as quickly as possible. If you think of the light around people with whom you feel negativity, these people may behave like a sponge and absorb it, so you are actually clearing the way. And by thinking of the light radiating from you and doing it for the right reasons then you are going to generate this good energy. If you have met somebody for the first time and they were a bit negative, they don't have to speak, you can feel that energy and you back off. So you can imagine what people are doing to us when we are feeling negative. They are going to back off as well. But also our guardian angels, spirit helpers, whatever you want to call them - we call them guides, because they have a guiding influence. You have always been with them in some other time. It is not an accident that they come with us, and quite often it can be of a spiritual nature, when we had to learn to discipline the physical mind so that our God within can guide us. Because there is only one God and we are all created in God's image. That is our spirit, the very essence of us.

Spirit says that the easiest way to describe where Spirit is - because it's very difficult in physical terms - is to think of it being the other side of the mind. And so the praying hands is an easy way to try and put it in order.

So what we do is start to think of the light flowing in. Which is what I am going to do now, with my, if you like to call it, opening prayer. We call it an invocation. To me it is just my discipline. So let us calm our minds now.

We think of the light as it radiates from the force of light, we think of it flowing into every part of this hall, pouring into the furnishings, the fabric and the very foundations, to cleanse and clear of everything that may be negative. So we are building a nucleus of beautiful energy. Truly a power-house of light that can radiate out to those in need, it will attract all that is good, all that is needed. Dispersing everything cloudy or negative, and creating a protective force around - not just here but wherever one goes, so that nothing adverse can come close. As we think, so do we create. When the mind is troubled, obviously it creates channels and transmits troubled energy. And as we build on these beautiful vibrations, we are creating a sanctuary of peace, harmony and love, for a sanctuary is anywhere where people feel secure and wanted and loved. So that we think of it flowing into all the homes represented here tonight, filling them with beautiful vibrations. And when you leave here, hopefully you will take with you some wonderful feelings that you carry home with you. Whatever, I leave it in God's hands to know what you come for. But I will say that I have been fasting all day. I was told not to eat, and that is a sure signal that somebody is to come through to speak to you. So don't be alarmed if this happens. It's not a frightening experience or anything like that. But there will be some reason, and questions have been brought. I haven't seen them - but when the time comes, Elsie will read out the questions for whoever comes through and I think it will be my guide Ka-la. His name is spelt K-A-L-A, and I often wondered why his name was like that, because it is not a North American Indian name. And we were in a tribe with him - and he said- you will find out in due course. I eventually found out that it is the name of the God for the higher vibrations - what better name! And he said that my task in this life, my destiny, was to create good vibrations wherever I go in order to bring people's minds in harmony with their spirit.

I can't tell anyone what to do, I can only help you to find your truth. You may not be conforming with that truth, because you may not have conformed throughout history, but from my experience you can let go of everything in one go. We all of us have talents we don't even know we've got. And many young people have come to me over the years. They may have been rejected by their parents, society, the teacher at school, or someone, which has caused them to block out. I've been helping to activate some talent within them, so it starts to open up their lives in whatever way. It has nothing to do with psychics. Let me explain that straight away, for those of you who are not aware what Spiritualism is. It is nothing to do with psychism at all, but obviously it had to have a starting point. Some 150-160 years ago the psychic power was utilised to let people know that the world of spirit were alive and they wanted to do something about it. For a long time in the Western world we had been told by ministers going back to Victorian days, that we would wake up on Judgement Day to face our maker. Which has caused a lot of problems for those who have passed over, because their minds became trapped in the thoughts that they were being told to think.(i, e, to sleep and wait till judgement day). And so it was time to awaken because we were entering a new age. And now it is very prominent, and already you are seeing how the end of the eighties is breaking down the walls around many societies. It is not an accident, it is part of the spiritual plan of the awareness, that some have it more than others to live with. So here is the difference between spiritual and psychic energy - the simplest way to explain it is this:

If you think of the light coming from the sky, it is the highest you can think of, so as it leaves the source, it will be pure. But as it comes down into the earth's vibrations there is all this negative energy that everyone generates, it gets denser and denser, until the bottom is black. So that light is an energy that will manifest spiritual harmony. I never think of spiritualism being a religion, I think of it being harmony. It puts a lot of people off. To me spiritualism is not a religion, it is a way of life. The bottom half is emotional or psychic, everyone is psychic. The emotional energy creates psychic energy, and we can see that during adverse conditions. Where, say, a boat may go down and it may be many thousands of miles away from the family, and yet the family can get a message about it - they can see their son, or whoever it may be. That emotional energy has created the psychic power to transfer the tragedy. And so a lot of people pick up on tragedies because it is at that level. But when you are seeking for spiritual awareness and harmony, it really is linking with the higher source, which is what I was doing when I built up the light.

I have been preparing myself for someone to come through. So forgive me while I sit quietly for a few moments and see what happens. Perhaps because some of you may not have had this experience before, it was decided that instead of me just answering questions, that someone should come through and answer them for you, which is perhaps far more rewarding an experience which you will all enjoy. If it doesn't fit in with your views, don't be worried. Because some of it may and some of it may not, because everybody will get something according to their understanding.

I hope we will have a wonderful evening, I'm looking forward to seeing you when I 'wake up' again, seeing you all happy and smiling, or whatever.

(Betty is a full trance medium, she has no knowledge of what is being said through her. To her being in trance is like going to sleep and she 'wakes up' when her spirit guides leave her.

There was a few moments break while Betty sat, breathing deeply. Then Ka-la announced:We bring greetings to you, we are happy to be with you this night. We are going to let one come in before Ka-la comes back with messages. So I go to bring to you the love, the greetings from the many who are around us this evening. And so we leave the medium to receive her other visitor.

(A further pause occurred after Ka-la had left)

Hello everyone, I come to you, I am Sarah. I have not been in the Spirit World very long so it is very difficult to get the harmony inside Betty, but it will improve as I get more accustomed. Forgive me for a moment while I become more in harmony (with Betty).

I want to say to you, how happy I am that I am able to speak with you. I didn't always understand what Betty was doing. So often she would talk about these things and when she would talk about the energy, she talked about all sorts of things, and I thought "Well, she's just a religious maniac." I think a lot about it really, about going back a long time ago.

Now, when she was with me before I left the earth plane, as it is called here, I began to see things so differently and I knew what she meant by the energy. I couldn't cope with the energy when the family and friends came close with me, and I was waiting to go. And for two weeks, I had the joy of being with just Betty and our dogs, and I wanted to tell you why I think Elsie, sitting next to us, is our sister. She was there and I thought I saw her through the hospital window. She didn't know Betty had often talked about her sister in Australia, her spirit sister, and I know now that she is our sister. Just as she is a sister to all of you who come and are in need of help. We are all sisters really, and brothers.

But when I was lying on that bed in my home, in awful pain, and I had the honour of letting her use my home two or three times then, I saw things in a different way. I had to suffer with the cancer spreading right throughout my body, and Betty would hold me near and walk around with me when I was in so much pain, trying to disperse the fluid that was building up in my body that the cancer was creating. And we would have our arms around each other singing not "It will be a Lovely Day Tomorrow" but "It's a lovely day Today". We thought of all the friends that had a beautiful day. Even with all the pain it lifted up the atmosphere. And this is why Betty chose that music for tonight. We had that in our house, me in Spirit, and her there listening to the music. And we decided before she came here what she was going to bring that would be uplifting to everyone. That you could feel good with, just as we learned to clear the pain from my body. This was our pain. The pain did bring negative energy, because we were very unhappy. They didn't want me to go I suppose, because I was the youngest, but it was my time to go. And I was always wanting to work with Betty and came to realise what this is all about.

I had to come here, to the world of Spirit to do my work with Betty. She would talk about how she came to Australia, how there was nowhere to stay when she first came, and she found somewhere to stay. It was a little tiny room and she had to keep her mind calm to find the way, because it was like taking a leap in the dark, having a lot of faith. I didn't have that faith, but my sister did. I had to find it when I came into Spirit. As a reward I was given this opportunity to come through Betty and to experience through her. Life is wonderful. I know that a lot of my problems I created myself. I know that I created the cancer within my body, by holding everything in. Now, I have the reward of working side by side, I wanted to come to Australia so much. I took Betty to America last year, a dream that was realised for me in Spirit. Then many people come to spirit with dreams unfulfilled. Fulfil your dreams, don't keep them waiting on the horizon. All of you have dreams that you think are impossible. I thought mine were and so I didn't fulfil them.

To be in harmony with Spirit is to be in harmony with the spirit within you. And those dreams which you would have come in your mind can become reality.

We are entering into a new phase now. You are aware of it here, and I have had to learn so much in such a short time, just four short years. But it has been worthwhile. You have something to learn too. Create love and harmony around those dear to you. Let them fulfil their dreams, create the love and harmony around to give them healing, for that is what it is. And when we are being spiteful and nasty and impatient with each other, then that is when we create the negative energy. It hurts, I know, because I received it and created it. And so this is the foundation of Spiritualism - seek within and be at harmony with those around you.

I am still very close to the earth plane, I do not have the wisdom and understanding of those who would come. But they make me feel loved and wanted, so I give to you my love, my thanks to you for allowing my sister to come amongst you and making her feel welcome. All these years you have continued carrying on the seed that was sown so long ago. For it is not an accident. These seeds were sown thousands of years ago and this is what I am learning about. For man has destroyed a thousand times, and then the earth rises up again and they learn again. This time it is hoped that with all those who are coming more aware, the mind must be free. It must not be cluttered up with all the rubbish that we do clutter on our earth. But we have to live one day at a time. Each day is so important.

Each of you here, you are alive; you have some love around you. You may feel sometimes a little rejected, but if you are feeling that, then it must be within you to feel it. You must have given someone else rejection. This is the lesson that we are learning - to discard what is not needed in your thoughts, to build up beautiful vibrations. So often it has been said that if everyone could think of the light radiating miles around them there would be no darkness in the world. All that negative energy could not be put to use, to create the disharmony that is in some parts of the world. Sometimes the energy is far lower in some parts than it is in others. Canberra is becoming alive. There are many changes to come, and the light is about to come which will lead us into the two-thousands of your calendar. But in spirit that is not the date - there is no date.

It is now time for me to leave you, so I am going to slip away and allow Ka-la to come and speak to you.

(There was a few moments till Ka-la took control and was welcomed by Mrs. Brownell.)

Ka-la: We now welcome you with much more energy around us, was not easy at first, but as our little one came in to pave the way for Ka-la to bring in what is going to be this evening of challenges - who knows? Whatever, we have asked our sister to have questions for Ka-la. If it is within our power to answer then we will do so. Question and Answer Session.

Question: I wish to communicate with my son in a friendly and loving way. How can you help me and him to achieve this?

Ka-la: We would say to you, many ask this question. Why they find it difficult to link in with their loved ones? Sometimes it is needed for a time for them to go on, to let go of those traumas of the mind that they passed with. Other times it is that their minds are taken into other avenues, but with the loving devotion that you have for your son, we would say to you: If the mind is troubled then you will not be able to link. How do we communicate with you in the clairvoyance and in the scheme of those in spirit? What is clairvoyance but a clear mind - it is seeing with a clear mind. It is a mistaken word. We would say to you here - learn to calm your minds, especially before bed-time, for it is during the night time that the spirit can be uppermost. The physical mind relaxes if it is calmed. If the mind is going round and round on many other things then it cannot be open to spirit. It is the spirit within you that links with that one in world of spirit, for he no longer is in physical. He has still the personality that he had on earth but is part of a physical mind. But he is now becoming more aware of the world of spirit. Gradually, as you are able to be calm in your mind, and build up the loving vibrations, so it will be that he will come close to you. But not to hold him to earth, this is so important. For many would draw close with their loved ones, and when they are linking, the grief can be so over-powering because of the distance, for a body to be able to see only a spirit face (holding the image of the departed). And so the grief can trap that one who comes to you with love. So we say: first come to grips with the grief. No need for it, for it is very distressing to the one who has left, and also very distressing for those who are left behind on earth. It is needed sometimes to be aware of the grief, but not to become so much strong that it takes the mind into a low state. Your loved ones will always be close, but have to come to you for right reason. We say to you: just as our medium learnt to let go of her loved one immediately the spirit left the body, and prayed for her to go on to work. That is why she is able to come into Ka-la's group in order to be of service.

We say to you: We have young man here, died tragically in your world.

Elsie: Anyone who can take that young man please? Anyone lost someone very tragically?

Ka-la: We would say: Life was ended early. But was kind, for this one as we look at pattern of life, has ended life quickly in other times, and so came back to learn for short period of time. You understand? We say to you now, send out your loving thoughts, take mind into calm state, think of the light flowing in so that he can become part of that light. Cannot come into earth energy - must create good vibrations first, for all you together.

How does one from spirit manifest himself? We would say to you: it was mind of personality that was with you on earth. One learns to use mind in correct way. Then can with mind create picture of self as remembered. This why sometimes you get little confusions over ways in which face is projected. For can look younger than mind remembered. They also sometimes become so comfortable in world of spirit and active in what wish to do, not forgetting family, but just as little children play and forget parent has meal ready, so it is in spirit. No different. One can become lost in what one is doing, and so does not always hear because the light is not bright enough to lead. Mind creates many things. When one is in spirit and still has troubles, some of you will be aware that they come into medium's body. She then helps to clear mind of spirit being in order for them to go higher. If comes in body of medium, it always brings memory of what is left from past.

Elsie: We have two questions here on reincarnation: What is the relationship between the higher, true soul and the conscious soul? And reincarnation: do you have to believe in it to be a Spiritualist?

Ka-la: We would say to you: Many Spiritualists not believe in reincarnation. Many stop their progress because of this. It only sensible that one could not learn everything in one life pattern, any more than when going to learn at school can learn everything in one class. So we say to you: What is Spiritualism? It is a word that is being used and misused. Many who profess to be Spiritualists in essence are not. Many who profess to be not Spiritualists are in essence Spiritualists, for they are spiritually aware. It is not an 'ism' that we have brought into your world. It is that people must give name to everything. So, we say to you: what is reincarnation? You will all have experienced certain feelings when you meet people as if you have known them before, but not in present state. It is spirit mind within you recognising spirit of other. Many criss-cross lives over centuries of time. Is not only short time, is long time more than any remember, before time of records. Have been many states on earth that have been advanced more than the earth is now. But always what happened? Power comes in with a struggle. Someone's mind is used with power, sometimes, weapons used with power. So there are many who would reincarnate with memory of this for revenge. They go into areas where most suitable to use revenge. Others coming in on spiritual pattern, look for where is possible to utilise those gifts within them. Not necessary with word of Spiritualism, because Spiritualism is only a word. In your world your master came to earth to change the world two-thousand years ago, teaching. But he did not come to make new religion of Christianity. Man made that later. Always must be names and titles and differences. All philosophies are of faith, never have been changed over centuries of time. Deep within be in harmony with those around. Within is the knowledge that comes from spirit. If the mind is troubled you draw on strain of what mind says, So drawing on other lives which were in a way destructive. This why we put into medium's mind to speak of psychism and spiritualism, for many would decry the word spiritualism or become afraid, and yet it is a loving, caring religion - if you want to call it that. We think not that it is religion - this is why we have music, not hymns this night. For you are not coming into a place of worship. We do not wish to be worshipped. God is within each and every one of you - do you worship that one? Many religions create idols to worship, do they worship false Gods? Why not love your God, for your God within is a loving God. It is part of the wholeness. We are all part of that wholeness, love, and if you can calm your mind and draw the quality from your life patterns, so it will enhance the life that you have now. Each incarnation is for a purpose - to over-come the things that were not over-come. With many of you, as we look around this night, are trivial things to over-come. But the hardest things are being tolerant and understanding of others' views, for everyone can choose their pathway, whatever pathway they choose, whether with religion, or with politics, or with any other pathway they should choose. Is their choice. Who are we to say that they should do one way that we prefer? Is their choice. Freedom is what is important now and you are all in this room, free. But some would try to influence others to their way of thinking. You have your truth within you, this is why we say to you: Seek within, with a calm mind. Ask your God within to guide you in your life, to draw on those aspects and qualities that you have achieved. For within everybody there are the darker sides that one would like to hide. If we were all perfect, both on earth and in spirit, we would not still be here, you in your earth body and we coming to speak through an earth body. All are climbing toward that total, to be as one with the totality of God. Each one has a pathway to take, creating good vibrations around. You have helped to draw the quality where you are; if you have constantly been negative will only bring out the negative aspects that are within all, everyone. We hope this bring some answer to you. It very big subject, it take perhaps many days to answer.

Elsie: Next Question. Can you tell us more about guides and helpers. Do they exist at different levels? How many levels are there on the other side? Do we need to work through them?

Ka-la: What are guides? Ka-la is guide. Ka-la is guide to medium here but helps many. Will help not only to our medium but when in need will send thought to others; cannot speak to other medium, only with our medium. Guides have been in life before. Sometimes there may come one who is door-keeper who is not in that category. So to keep out the negative vibrations out of the mind of a medium, the medium may not be strong in the way of the light. So you may have sometimes heard of those who would harm. But they are not there all the time. They are only there when the medium would be under control and would not always be very wise. Some entities could be very dominant and possessive on earth, and still retain this sense and so we are able to make use of that. Then there are those whose mind could not stay calm and could attract other entities who would not be of any knowledgeable mind, but could influence too much and take over, not allowing free-will. Now, we come to those who would come in in different categories, but not of different levels. All have something to give, so there may be one who comes with calming of the mind. You would have been in that one (category) and it could have been perhaps in a religious faith that would have learned to discipline the mind. This would be a wise one who has come in initially. But other types will also come in.For These are still repeats of lives of those of earth. These lives go on and have not finished. They can bring trouble. But also bring colour and thirst for knowledge. But not to worry. Now we say to you there are those who come with you in many life-times, as I do with my medium. So become what is termed 'first guides' or guide who is most influential with medium, where medium can talk any time, even at night for different purposes. I come with medium for her spiritual pathway, path of what you on earth would call destiny. Have waited long time and part of this is the awakening that you are finding now. Was part of great civilisation in this part of world many thousands of years ago - man on earth not know this. Was great catastrophe in this part of world, long, long, time ago, and was needed to bring revival of spirit. So many would come from all over world to these parts, having been here before. Some would draw with great strength with their guides and clear them with light. Some would not understand why and draw on different level. So would bring in what they think of are guides, but would link in with past times giving evidence, but not being in harmony within themselves. These could cause problems. So, in order to link in with your helpers and with your guides, get yourself in harmony. Little one who came first is not guide - is just helper. She was spirit in time needed for help, although in spirit she already knows her part. We use that phrase for your helpers. We think now, everyone has guides or guardian angels. In your book of God is mentioned to you words on paper concerning angels. Every religion has in shape or form someone to look up to in spirit, maybe saints, maybe what call God, for there are religions with many Gods. But these are forms of linking with higher worlds. What are higher worlds? We not know of different realms. Was given in order to use words for people of earth to know. Or, if like on earth, do you know what realm or level your neighbour is? Do you? Can you judge what faith, spiritual pattern has emerged? What can you tell of how much progress you have made spiritually, or the one that is sitting next to you. Progress is state of mind. So in spirit there are those who one would not see because of state of mind. When you walk along road do you see each and everyone that you pass? No, because is not part of your mind, is not part of your life, part of your charter of life. Is same in Spirit. Progress comes with light. Some are still in little darkness, some in big darkness. Some are wise to have learned much.

We have much light. Why we need for you to build light when we come in to see you? Why we need our sister by our side for she has energy that medium needs. It is not that others must have it, but is that over long time they have built up this energy together - not just in this life but in other lives. You also will feel with certain partners that there is harmony that words cannot describe, but you feel and mould this. When you are together, you can build this good energy. We do not call it 'power', we call it 'energy', for power is word that is so misused on your plane of earth. 'Plane' we mean by earth. You are on earth plane, we are on spirit plane, others on other planets or planes. For in spirit all are aspiring to lighter planes, whether in light or in heaviness, or in brightness or in dark, cloudy ways. Ka-la able to put into words so one could understand.

Elsie: In what way can Spiritualism enrich the lives of my family and myself, that other religions, e.g., Christian living, cannot? Can spiritualism lead one to delve into black magic or Satanism? How can one communicate with their spirit guides? What about karma?

Ka-la: We say to you: There are many illusions concerning world of spirit. There will always be those who can quote words on paper but world of spirit always tuning in to light. Darkness is only with state of mind. We have had to protect our medium from those Christians who send out their thoughts to stop her from giving healing. Her body came up in wheals from their prayers. What are these prayers that they should bring out on medium's body? Is that Satanism? Is that the devil? Is that Christianity? It is anything. It has nothing to do with any religion. It is to do with the minds of those who are doing these things. This we say to you: whatever pathway you choose, it is progress and understanding of those around. All have different views on the word we use, 'Spiritualism', but all this means is to be in harmony within yourself and those around. To give of your gifts of healing and with charity of heart, to be aware that you have a life to live and if you are not feeling happy about it, do something about it. God is within your heart, within your soul, your very essence. God is not away from you. Everyone is created in God's image. You are aware of this. So why are there so many different coloured people, many different religions, many different attitudes, some war-like, some peace-like? Would God come in all these different faces? About God we use the word 'he', not because God is male but purely from habit. We say to you: Whatever your views are, if religion is dominating your life and possessing you, it is not a religion of peace and harmony and love. Where anything in life becomes obsessive, no matter what it is, whether it is your relationship with your self, to those close to you, to your work, or to your God, then it cannot be in harmony, for obsessions do not create for the growth of the soul. We say to you now, we do not know whether Spiritualism would help you guide yourselves. We can only say you do not have to use that word but you can seek and find. You can learn to use your mind to create the good vibrations wherever you go. We always have faith that where there is light there can be spiritual growth. When the mind is in darkness, whether from ignorance, people's attitudes, or from something that one is drawing from within, how can this spirit be nourished and grow? You are here on this earth plane to discard the things you have not discarded before. So we say: Where there is hurt, think of where the hurt is, is it within the mind? How did it happen? Have you done something to hurt another? Or was that person feeling hurt themselves within their mind intending to hurt you back? So why is it desirable increasing someone else's hurt by being hurt yourself? Far better to use the mind to create good vibrations around than build up more negative ones by feeling hurt. When one feels rejected, why is one rejected? It is something that has come into the person's life from the life from another past, and it can be exercised and built on until it becomes again like an obsession. It can cloud the light; it can cause many problems. For many of the things that you go through in your young life are the things that you have come in to over-come. Just as one would be warmed to a mother who has to give her child away to another, it is not an accident. It is the spirit of the child who chooses the parent, because that parent has something to learn. But if that parent was not able to look after the child, then someone else who needed it better would be found. But many would learn from the experience. But this can also open up what was coming in this life to be over-come, that is: the rejection of the mother because she was unable to bring the child up, and give the child away to parents who may be unable to have a child. Surely that is being loving and caring for that child, not rejecting. There you have to look at the reason behind certain actions.

We can use the case with animals. Some would have their pet put to sleep because it was suffering so much, and there was no way for it to be made well again. That is the right thing, if given with love. Another may kick his dog to death because it is his way. That is an action that has to be accounted for. With Spiritualism, everything is cause and effect - karma. Everything that one does in life sets up a cause that must be realised at some time.

Many now are very sensitive and so are opening up some memories from other times. This why we say to you, better to calm your mind so that your God within may give to you the blessings of those experiences you have, rather than would cause more problems and set up more karma. You have not come into this life to be suffering. It is to atone, not to suffer. Why do people of earth think that one should be made to suffer, to atone for something done? Far better to put that deed right by creating good vibrations. There are many in your prisons who would be better doing work for those who are unable to do it, who would clear those things that they have to account for by working towards that goal. Is same with those in everyday life. To give to someone, whether it is giving with life, or with heart, or with hands, it is far better than sitting away or turning away. This is what Spiritualism teaches. Is what your master, Christ, who came to earth taught. Is no different, we follow path of masters, all have same words to give to you: that man has indeed much control over his life on earth. This was misused because the priests of old wanted to be in control. And yet there was time when priests of old were as our medium, who would speak with words from world of spirit. But was misused, was called Word from God. But so called 'Word from God' is not always perfect. God is willingness. Look for ways, you wish to go. If it brings you harmony, happiness together, and love, and security, then it is right for you. If it brings you problems within your mind, whatever the name, then it is not right and your need to seek within your self to find what is your truth.

Elsie: As Spiritualism is now established, would it be time for all different churches in Australia to unite and formulate a common aim towards which to grow?

Ka-la: We say to you, as we are saying all evening: There are many ways in Spiritualism, some not always of spirit. When centre was set up in Canberra, was meant to be separate entity not linking with others; was to build up group of centres in this area for awareness, for progress. There are some who will only think of what the money is coming in and how to use it to make a bigger building and use it to make a bigger this and that. Money does not come into it. We are happy to bring to you the teachings in a field, where there is just grass and trees. So we say to you: Look to what is of Spirit. Look what is of truth. We not happy with all that we see, but we know that we must sit by and wait. And we can wait many life-times for this to take place. Just as we have waited a long time for this to occur in this part of the world so it will go on - time not important. But there are those whose minds would like to become part of others, because it is easier to link with others than to grow on own level and to rise above what is heavy with worry of the material. With Spirit when growth comes for purely love and for wanting to give to others light - that is what is important - not having commandments to obey. Each one here is free to think their own way in eyes of Spirit. Each one has that truth and that pathway to follow. If it should happen to coincide with one another or not, then good. There must always be room for discussion. For words should open up more and more. If it becomes a closed group because of mind of leader of group, then it not of Spiritualism. There have been some groups that have been going for long time. Some are of Spirit but must fight hard to remain within the light. There are others who would impose their rigid rules upon others. There must be room for discussion, for looking for what is good for the people. The Masters who came to the earth over the centuries did not need buildings. Whatever the name of the religion that came did not need buildings but needed people. What needs to be discussed among you is to look at what you are benefiting by and what is necessary. If you benefit spiritually then that good, but if there is no benefit spiritually then it only bring worry into mind. Then how can you say that joining with others away from your own environment can help you? It's too different. It will help to link with others for discussion but not to become part of dogma and creed. Always know that way of Spirit will be open to all. Is not like if a brother did not agree, one can put words to obey. Too many religions have caused people to retract. Too many religions have caused war, and still on your earth plane there still are wars because of religion. There have been in this area also that we know, where there has been disharmony where there should have been the two joined together, sharing together, but living separate lives and each doing what they can for the other, but still following own way. We hope that that will make sense to you.

Elsie: When do the atoms of our physical body become atoms of spiritual light?

Ka-la: We can only say to you: While the body of the physical has spirit within it, it has light within it. The moment the spirit leaves there is no light in that physical body, and the spirit becomes free of the grossness of that body. We not understand the atoms of spirit, for the spirit is light, can never be more than light in the earth's atmosphere. In world of spirit is natural state. We cannot give more than that on atoms. We not understand meaning to do with spirit.

Elsie: The next question concerns the time warp we have just been through. Is there going to be another one and what is the effect on the world situation?

Ka-la: We are aware of this situation. And when many people send out their thoughts of healing, of energy and light, such states develop. This has happened before, but many people not know. So in doing this all time, not just when special time, it becomes far better. For why have to find the special time to send out positive thoughts of light and love to the world. There were other times which were smaller, but this was one time that needed to have great impact, for is turning tide of world. Many things come in, in this new decade of yours. Some impossible to explain but will see many changes. This time was given from spirit in order that many could send out their thoughts for the world situation, as many, we would tell you, were considering only their own events. Not all used it for the right reason. This is why is not always given to man on earth.

Elsie: To what extent is a medium influenced by own experiences while transmitting spirit messages?

Ka-la: We would say to you with this question: Is one of great importance. For those who receive message must always look at it with own eyes also. For many messages that are supposed to come from spirit, we say do not. So it is that by creating again the good vibrations around, whether it is with a sitter or with a medium, if they are in harmony will find with truth. If one comes to medium with mind that is not going to believe, will set up bad vibrations, and will not always receive fully from spirit, and will be part of mind of medium. For medium feels entity give negativity, and will only get according to what is given. There are also many who would be able to give in different ways to spiritual leader. Those who are working on psychic levels do not give of the word of spirit, but give because they have been in other lives very powerful, with magic and with fears, and so are able to draw on this from within to make predictions. It is not spiritualism to make prediction in this way. We come to help you to look at your life and will help to make good vibrations that are needed for your earth plane. If not satisfied with message then can be mind of sitter, or mind of medium. Always two ways where two people. I hope that will answer question.We do not wish to drain our medium more. But we say to you: perhaps you will wish to discuss within yourselves. We happy to have been here tonight. We thank you for your love, for your caring for our medium. And we say to you all: your God bless you, wherever you are. Your God bless you.

(There were three questions left over which were distributed among the platform workers but as the tape ran out in the middle of one of them the replies to these questions have not been recorded.)

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