New Year's Eve Service.

Good afternoon everyone and it's wonderful to see so many people here on this New Year's Eve.

We are entering a very momentous time in history, the last decade leading up to the year 2,000, and during this time there are going to be very many tensions. The World of Spirit tells us that it is a time of great change. A great change in the energies and, as we have already seen, to which we all respond, and how in various parts of the world people are seeking freedom - freedom of life, and freedom of culture, and freedom of thought. This is always so important and yet we are always told since childhood that everything is so fixed and should be as documented and set out as before.

So what is it that we are to become more aware of? It is to be more optimistic and positive. We are all mind, body and spirit. We are all part of God and interlinked, everyone. Just because somebody happens to be either a communist or an atheist or one of the many different religions that are around the world, we see ourselves as separate from him. Nevertheless, God is that unseen thing within us that links all of us. And it is the task of learning to bring the physical and the spirit minds into harmony.

I use the praying hands, as many of you know, as the symbol of the two minds - the physical mind and the spirit. When they are in harmony then, of course, our higher self is guiding our minds. Our spirits inwardly know the truth, but because of the things that happen to us that make us what we are, we all get misled and overcome by the temptations, and many other things that Jesus went through in his life before he became The Teacher. I don't know if you have read the book "The Aquarian Gospel", but it concerns His life. I read it many years ago and I liked it because it made a lot of sense and timeless wisdom. Also it brings us up to this time, because he went through all those things in order to learn to be at one with Himself, to be at one with God.

We all have a lot of problems to overcome, and so when we choose to come into this life, we are choosing a path to find the truth. And I know from experience that I cannot convince people who do not believe in re-incarnation. And I know that everyone I have seen has been on earth at other times. Some have learnt to bring the two minds into harmony - Those lives were of a spiritual nature although in a physical body. We were being tempted in convents, in monasteries, and various other places where the spiritual influences on the physical mind augment the bodies, for the spiritual was the guiding influence. Although we may talk about the guiding role of our guides and our teachers in spirit, they cannot tell us what to do. They cannot live our life for us or they might as well be in our body and we in theirs. They come as guardian angels or whatever one calls them to help us to draw on the knowledge of the past. When we were with them, we were part of a core or larger store of knowledge. It's rather like a computer of knowledge.

It is only when the two minds are in harmony - when the physical and spirit minds are in harmony, that the aura and energy that comes from spirit is a very strong, vibrant energy. Anyone who comes close at such times and feels the vibrant energy may not know what it is, but they like to feel it, it is good energy. And this is what we are radiating out when we feel the light radiating out as a thought force around the world. There are, perhaps, millions of groups of people who are doing just this, We have been taught for many, many years by our spirit helpers to use the mind of light, to pour into places on earth of darkness because they knew the time was coming for change. When the mind is troubled then it is heavy. It pushes out the spirit making it light and strong, so we are vulnerable then to any dark influences around. But we are also responsible for the negative energy around the world, because it is pushing out, in a sense, the good energy of the light and going into those trouble spots. And it isn't just the world. It is for our family lives; it's within the very places where we work; it is everywhere. But for us it is not just a 'Sunday' light-giving exercise. It is constantly there. It's adding many years to our lives. In this way true religion is a way of life. It is knowing one's own light that enables one to deal with any situation.

Now, as we think, so we are creating, and so I want you to think for a moment of the people in Europe who have suffered and now are trying to pick up the pieces. It is not concentrating on any single places, because it's happening in many areas, where the Communist machine is slowly being taken away. We want to think of those people in all these places where there is tremendous natural activity, unforeseen. For example, the church in Newcastle has suffered damage, and there are places in South America. For a couple of minutes I want you to close your eyes, think of this wonderful energy that we are all going to create by thinking of love and oneness. Concentrate your thoughts on light and love and let them flow with all that energy to those places where there is darkness and need. Such energy may help to bring about a turning point in history.

The energy that is being generated now is getting so much stronger, and so now we send our loving thoughts outwards until the whole world is drawn unto you. We think of this light rising higher and higher above the globe of the earth, linking with all those thoughts going out with light, compassion and harmony. And, as the earth rotates, we think of this light, this glowing of light, as flowing into every part. We see this orb of light which is the earth, radiating an aura with the light around it. And we think of it flowing to all those people who are in need, helping them to set their mind free, even though their bodies may not be. And we think of God as light, flowing into their hearts, opening up their God to them, to bring in this new era which is so close to us, these 1990's, this new decade, with loving thoughts. As our New Year's resolution let us adopt that we are going to spend some time each day in the light, going out to all those people around the world who are our brothers and sisters, that they will be free in mind and body. For the mind knows no bounds, there are no restrictions.And we come back into this room and relax, knowing that we can do this at any time, when our loved ones are troubled, when we have loved ones pass away, or are sick. All we have to do is to relax and to think of that light which is so strong, our loving thoughts going out with a freedom that is not restricted in any way. And then return back in time again. As we think of the light flowing into all the homes represented here today, we think of the energy of light flowing in and being utilised in any situation. Now, open your eyes full of the joys of spirit.

As we prepare for the new decade that opens up now, whatever is needed, the way ahead will shine. Each one has a way of working it out in the coming year.

The World of Spirit tells us that this energy is out of balance at the moment, and some of you are aware of the days when we had a chance to use the energy to send around the world. For those who are optimistic and positive the energy is based on the higher levels, so it's more elevating to us as we send our good thoughts to those needy areas of the world.

In those who are anxious and troubled that energy is being levelled out, and so you have to learn to be quiet, close your eyes and calm the mind. You know my way - there is an incinerator there and when my mind gets troubled I just fling it away into the incinerator. I learnt this the hard way. My husband told me off when I was holding on to my worries, saying, "Why are you holding on to it? Get rid of it." I said, "I do get rid of it but it comes back." "So why don't you throw it away or burn it?" So, in the end I came up with the idea of an incinerator, wherever I go. So whenever I am upset or irritated, whenever I need to go where people come to me with their troubles and many of them do, I use it. Instead of holding onto troubled thoughts, I mentally think of them being moved into my incinerator and I put that light flowing in to fill the space with the energy. Because it's no good just trying to hold on to something good for in a while the negative comes back. Calm the mind of all those things so that you are able to discard the junk. Each day is a new day, and so, in a sense, you are beginning to think: "Today is the first day of my life." Get rid of all the junk that is clouding our memories, it truly is a new year every day.

And, so we come up in a very short time to midnight, which brings the nineties into this country. It's going to take 20 hours of the earth rotating until every country in the world is in the nineties. Perhaps this is what they meant when they were saying about the energy being slightly out of balance. The earth is very strange and lacks certain elements.

So this is what Spiritualism is about. It's using the knowledge that we have gained. It's helping to put about the good energy into areas where there is need for it. It is being able to help those who are in need or who are troubled.

And yet so many of us have a fear of death, why is it? Over centuries of time people have been put to death in extreme conditions. And I often encounter in my work patients with phobias. So, to put it in a nutshell, if someone felt trapped in their life, their marriage, or their job, or their home, not consciously but frustrated in their daily activities, so creating a more trapped feeling, then often something in such situations re-activates the memories of previous lives. If someone had died incarcerated in a dungeon in another time then it was a terrible experience of death. This is the mind of a person so heavy with the experience that in this life it will become a phobia.

This actually happened to one of my patients who had many suppressed memories, which had been activated when she was young by a very strange experience. It had been put into her mind that someone else had had these experiences, and that made her feel like she was another entity.Now, this lady was in her thirties and she had been a mental patient for quite a long time. Sometimes she had to stay in the mental home, sometimes she was allowed out. It started when she was 13. She was at church and the priest was talking, and she was slipping into a state almost like sleeping. Then everything went quiet, and then she heard, "It's time to go home." When she was on the way to school the next day, this girl started to feel all the feelings she had felt in the church. And she sat on the floor and she screamed and screamed. She couldn't go on, and she couldn't go back. Eventually, recurrences of these feelings persisted all those years - 20 years in and out of mental hospitals. And she was put on drugs by the authorities to calm her down, but that didn't work. Eventually, someone brought her to me and I took her mind into a quiet state and then we talked things out. And eventually she got into another time. What had actually happened, while she was in a quiet state I asked her what the priest was talking about, and it was concerning the Pharaohs. And she in that ancient time was a servant to a Pharaoh, she had been buried alive in the burial chambers. She had her eyes put out, and so she had trouble with her eyes and she had really become unable to see a thing. And so this is one case where I was able to use this spiritual knowledge of reincarnation in order to explain to her how to use such things in a creative manner. It all forms part of our spiritual lives and is involved in throwing out the karma remaining from past lives.This young lady got rid of her phobias and she went back to work, and she has had no more problems since. There were several things, At puberty the energy is out of balance, and she perhaps went along to the church not really wanting to go, she drowsed during the sermon, and so in that quiet state with an open mind hearing the droning voice of the priest, one word, 'Pharaoh', entered.

Who knows what words activate our lives? They come from children who should not have spoken to change the lives of adults who have fears of so much all their lives. They fear the unknown and yet, in our lives there should be no fear. Because if you believe that within our selves there is a good part, there will be fewer experiences triggered by old traumas. In future lives we have to dissolve such experiences in addition to bringing the two minds in harmony - not two minds really, because there is only one God and we are all part of that God. And finally there will be the two minds in one, which is like the two faces of the Roman God Janus. In this life we must try to find our God within. But we all have freedom, we each have a choice. Your choice will be between the physical and the spiritual, the split finally healed to have one mind. We want to stop negativity and disharmony, because we are aware of the one God and Spirit in our mind. Let go of things that disturb it, and those memories and thoughts that are horrible to you.

Think of the beginning and the end, only those matter. I think of the ticket in my hand, getting on the plane, and getting out - not how the journey is going to be. Put the rest in God's hands. Some of you have journeys ahead. Don't worry about them. Clean the mind and you will be O.K. But send the light ahead of you and journey into this light. And you will be safe in return.

Thank you for listening.

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