We are all here to join in creating beautiful vibrations. With our minds calm and our physical minds in harmony we can create more energy that not only can go out to the troubled parts of the world but also enhance our lives. We are physical and spirit, here and now. The world of Spirit is still physical and Spirit, but without a physical body. What happens at death is that the spirit leaves the body, the silver cord snaps and then the body decays. But the personality and the spirit go on to the world of Spirit according to the state of mind. They are not going to change just because they go through a door, curtain, or whatever.

But some are looking forward to going, because their bodies have been so painful, and some are aware that loved ones are awaiting around them while they are in that painful body. Some pass under extreme difficulties and so helping them has been my job for many years, and the first time it happened, I was ten years old - a long time ago.I was lying in bed, and we lived in a farmhouse that was built in 13-hundred or something, so you can imagine the energy in the house. I lived with my grandmother through circumstances that happened when I was younger. And I heard a little girl crying out, "Please help me." I knew it was a little girl crying, and I went downstairs to my grandmother and my aunt and bachelor uncle whom I lived with. And Grandmother said,

"Oh, yes. You just want to come downstairs." Just as people do. "And if it wasn't a glass of water, it was something else."So I said: "No. There's a little girl crying for help."She said, "It's probably one of the foxes in the wood."We lived on the edge of a large forest and that forest was, I should say, my 'playground', but we didn't have play in those days. It was really duties which you had to do. But eventually I couldn't convince her and I went back to bed. And still I could hear her. But I often heard voices, and this house was built with laths and plaster and as I grew older I realised that the wall where my bed was, was an outside wall. And I used to think there was a secret room there, and there were people in it because I used to hear children laughing and people talking, and all sorts of things going on that were happy. But I knew that this was a distressful voice, so I asked Jesus to come and help her. But I never allowed Jesus to grow up though, I couldn't bear the thought of him being crucified, so Jesus was always my own age. And this little girl I felt was the same age. It wasn't until some time later, some days later, that a little girl's body was found in the river that ran round the village, it sort of circulated round.And I wasn't allowed to read newspapers. My granny would not allow me to see the things that everybody has to grow up and learn about. Sundays we didn't sew, we read the Bible and it was a very strict upbringing. And the girls at school were saying I should be scared to go home: "You've got a long way to go down those lanes; Aren't you scared?" And I said, "Why?" And they said that this girl had been murdered and her body had floated 40 odd miles down the river, and why should it land at the back of the land where our home was? Well, sure enough it did. I knew her name, I've never forgotten it from that day to this - her name was Mona Tinsley, and she was ten, the same age as myself.

Many years later I was in London, 1941, I came down to London on war work. Someone took me to the Waxworks Museum and I went into a room where this man's (i.e. the murderer's) wax-works was. And I knew there was something wrong. It took me back to the time when I had this experience when the little girl was drowned, who was thrown in the water after being badly molested. And it was this man who had murdered her. It must have been a terrible experience for them to put him in a waxworks where it was nasty. Though later it was to crop up again.I was reading someone's life story, a medium, Estelle Roberts, and she was a very famous medium, I had never heard of her. Although I was a medium in a sense, I didn't know what mediumship was, I was just a natural. And she had been called in to try and trace this little girl. So again a psychic part came in. It was coming up all the time, it was as though I was being given a direction. And so, wherever we go, we can feel energy and we can react to it, just as I reacted when I saw that man, not knowing who he was, he wasn't even alive. But the very thought regarding him, created that energy with me. When our mind is calm then our spirit is going to guard us through our lives. When the mind is calm before passing, in any circumstances, from the physical body, then the spirit is going to be in control to take it upwards in a much easier way. I was told, much later, by a medium:"Do you remember when you helped a little girl to go into the arms of Jesus?" So I said:

"No, I don't remember."

But then it was all put into place, I was being prepared for the work that I would do much later in life.

And so my work now, it isn't just talking to people - it is helping those who have passed with difficulty; helping those whose minds are so distressed on earth. And I do a lot of work with terminal cases wherever I go. Two years ago I was in America and there was an Aids victim, an innocent victim, who was found (to have Aids) when she was a little girl. But she had these symptoms, and no-one wanted to know her, and she needed help desperately. When I was holding her hand in the place where she was finally put, isolated, in an old people's place where she happened to have a room, where even the nurses didn't come and attend to her for fear of contamination, and I held her hand and talked to her. I had seen her for four weeks seeing her mind was right. And I gave her a tape that she would listen to, to lift her mind up and bring her two minds into harmony. I think of the right hand brain as the physical mind, and the left as spirit. When they are in harmony, God is guiding. And so she passed with ease. I sat with her the night before she passed. "Please God, take her. Don't you think she has suffered enough?" And she went with ease, just like a babe being born into this world.

This is part of the work of Spiritualism - Spiritualists and mediums. It is the work of everybody really. This is what Jesus taught us, and although quite ardent Christians comment and even ridicule the work that we do, we are still following, not all the dogma and creed that Christianity can bring, because there are so many denominations now of Christianity that Jesus never taught. He taught us to seek within. Be in harmony with those around. We can't love everyone, but we can be in harmony. What does it mean? It means radiating out good energy from your thoughts. So if you feel negative in any situation, if you think of the light radiating out from you, radiating from your mind, think of it flowing in when you are feeling a little bit down and change it as quickly as possible, rather than letting that negative thought take place. And now, some of you may have been seeing me,(for readings) and I talk about "my incinerator" there. But I learnt this from my husband who has been over in Spirit, many, many, years. I've stopped counting now because it has been such a long, long, time. But he used to come to me and say,

"Why are you worrying? Why are you so negative? Why are you holding onto that thought?"

And I seemed to be told off all the time at that time, because he had only just passed over and he was learning so fast. I wanted to have something to throw at him and I tried to dismiss it like everybody does. And eventually I came across the thought, "Let's have an incinerator there. If you put it in the fire, it can't keep coming back." And it is thinking it, visualising it at the time. If you can't see it, don't worry, give it a positive thought and this is when you feel negative with other people. Quite often other people's thoughts can make us feel negative. So feel that light radiating wherever you are.

I knew I couldn't meditate when I got here today because there is no room, unless I went in the Ladies of course. And so I did it before I arrived and so this is why I arrived at the last minute. My spiritual helpers said, you don't need to arrive until a certain time. We will get you there on time. I didn't know, I just relied entirely on that, because there wasn't anywhere to sit quiet.

And, as you know, when I arrived there was quite a bit of chattering going on. And it was good energy, it wasn't bad or anything like that, but it is not conducive to sitting quietly for five minutes to have a quiet mind, to tune within, to bring those two minds into harmony. Everybody needs to have time sometime in their day to be quiet, to tune in, to be at peace with themselves, to cast aside those things which are heavy. I find the best time is before going to sleep. I think this is why we were taught to pray before going to sleep, and I always teach my children to pray before they go to sleep - even if it is only 'God watch over me while I sleep.' It's the thought. It is a time to bring peace and quiet into the mind, so that night-time is a time for our spirit to manifest. If the mind is troubled then it is going to oppress the spirit and so stop it from being free to investigate what is needed for tomorrow, or look out for people we should be meeting up with. It is not linking in the physical, it is linking in the spirit. In the same way, when I get called to homes (to investigate spirits), I am not linking on the outside. I am linking with the spirit of the person, I am linking with the spirit of the person in Spirit. Not with where they are, but with their spirit which gives me the information. They are in a sense looking with their own mind power in order to remember just how they looked. And so you can imagine sometimes, they are not always (describing themselves) exactly how you remembered them, because if you gave somebody a photograph, you would make sure it isn't your passport photograph because it isn't complimentary, is it? So they show themselves as they wish to be remembered. If their mind is still troubled by their former conditions, then that is when you are picking up other things, and those people (i.e. the mediums) are very sensitive. So quite often after someone has passed under stress, you can feel this and go down yourself, become very depressed, even ill. But it isn't the body, it is the mind drawing the memory from the person's past because we held on with grief. Now, grief is needed to a certain extent, but who are we grieving for? Not the one who has passed, we are grieving for ourselves, in a sense, that we are not going to see them. And yet everyone has the ability to see their loved ones at some time, when it is the right time. I've had them come back to me before they've even been buried - when they are still in their coffin. My husband came back to me before his funeral and stood in the room, and he was brought up a Catholic although he was not attending the church any more. Nevertheless at times he would get very cranky with me doing my spiritual work. We had a little church which I set up with my little group of four, in those days, because there wasn't one close by. And I had to learn about the other side, not just being on a platform and talking, it was all part of my training. And he would really get cranky: "Do you really have to go off today?" And all sorts of things: "You and your spirits." You all must know the kind of things that he said. What I learned to do was bake a big batch of cakes, and some of them used to go with me to have with our cup of tea afterwards, and the others would satisfy him that I wasn't neglecting him. And it sort of cosseted him, you see, and so he would be coming in and: "Oh, what are you making this week?" And I was being guided, how to bring harmony with this, because it was creating a lot of disharmony. Learn how to make things balance.So he came back and said: "Don't give up what you are doing, I was wrong. I've been told I can help from this side, if you will let me." It was not his choice, it was my choice. And the worlds of spirit cannot impose themselves upon us. As they go on to learn they must give us the freedom of choice. And if I had said: "No, you didn't help me when you were on earth. I don't see how you can help me now." He would not have helped me. I just said:

"Well, if this is what you want to do, I'll be very happy." He knew the problems of the material life. He knew that we had had a hard time, because I had been the bread winner for such a long time, and I used to wonder who I was sometimes. When I was at home I was one person, when I was at work I was another, when I was doing my spiritual work, another: which one was the real me? Sometimes when I tried to explain he'd say:

"Oh, don't be silly. How can you be three different persons?" But he understood it when he passed over, because he was seeing things from that side. We are all many people, but which one are we? None of them. Learn to be yourself. So I learnt to accept that if you are meant to go somewhere, you will get there. If you set yourself out to be there at a certain time and you are not meant to be there (you will not get there). One time I was going to a church in Cambridge, in England, and we set off and something happened with the car and we were delayed. And there my partner was getting very upset and I was teaching him to do the address and be a very good speaker. And I said:"Stop worrying, if we are meant to be there we'll get there."We arrived when the person on the platform had got to the clairvoyance. He had given the address, but we didn't hear that. We just slipped in the back seat. Now that person had been told a lot of times that he was a good medium, but always had backed off. This time, when there was no-one to take the service, he had gone on without any worry because it was just pushed upon him. And I went up to talk to him afterwards and told him what a marvellous service he had given, and he said that he never intended doing it, I said "Oh, yes you did. YOU didn't in your physical mind, but your spirit was saying - it's time."He said: "Well, each time you have visited here, you have said, why wasn't I doing something about my life. It was so uninteresting." He had got into this state because his marriage had broken up but eventually he found a new wife. Eventually he became a very good speaker and clairvoyant, but he wouldn't have done if I had turned up on time. So quite often I accept now that if I am meant to be somewhere I follow what I am guided to do. I've had a fantastic day today, someone took me out and before I went out I said:"My spirit helpers say that if I am back by half-past one everything is going to be O.K."

What happened? Mary looked at her watch, it was exactly half-past one as we got back to the door. So know, that if we are going to do anything, put it right.

If your mind is in harmony, and you are in tune with your inner self, and not always in anxiety, you have got the balance. You need the stimulus for the mind, you need a home for the body. Whether it is a tent or a mansion isn't important, but you have got to create marvellous energies for that. Think of the light flowing in all the time. I always have Niagara Falls up there, just flush it out. I did it before we came here, hoping that you all would have a wonderful afternoon. But we need the leisure for the spirit, and we tend to forget about that, especially my age-group, because we were taught to get on with work. But we must have that leisure. I was very fortunate today that someone made me go out. I thought, I've got things to do. She said, "No, I feel we should be going out for a drive in the country." So this is what God gave to me today. And then to see all you wonderful people here, it's going to be a wonderful afternoon.

Thank you for listening to me.

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