I feel there are some newcomers here, and so I want to talk about Spiritualism as it is today. Now, it's a long time since they (Spiritualists) started making themselves known in the Christian world. And I say Christian world, because in a lot of native countries people believe in spirit, they are well aware of communications from the world of spirit. Because of the orthodoxy, the teachings of Christianity gradually got away from what Jesus taught. So that people when they were passing had been brain-washed into thinking that they were going to sleep for a thousand years until the trumpet sounded, and then face their maker, and all sorts of things like that which made them fearful. And they would be waiting, wondering if they were going to hell perhaps because they thought they had misbehaved and sinned. And I well remember, many years ago at our trance group, I had been to a Catholic church with a friend for a particular reason. That particular evening when the guide came through he said to me:

"And are you a sinner?"

And I said: "Well, I don't understand what you mean." "When we were with you in the church that you went to with your friends, the prayers you were saying were: 'We come before you, dear God, as miserable sinners.'"

I said: "I haven't given it much thought and I don't remember saying the words. I may have read them, but it wasn't my kind of prayer." And he said: "As you think, you are."

So, if you think you are a sinner and if you think you are miserable, that is what you will become. And as these people passed over it was a very disturbed atmosphere in the World of Spirit or on the Astral Plane.

And so it was knowing that this new age was coming. This new age, what is this New Age about? It is about thought, basically that is the whole of it. The way that we think and are creating. And so it is roughly 150 - 160 years ago that people were beginning to hear rappings and noises, and having psychic phenomena. The World of Spirit were making themselves known in no uncertain way, but it was coming in on a heavy level, on a psychic level. But it had to come with these changes to bring it as it is today. And that was needed to use the psychic energy initially. Now, the difference between spiritual and psychic energy I will explain today, and we have to use a symbol because we can't see it, and so my guides help me to create a symbol. And if you think of a beam of light coming from the sky- it is the highest we can think of- as it leaves the source it is pure energy. As it flows down, there is all this energy that everyone has created, so it gets denser and denser until at the bottom it is dark. It is the same energy, but the top half is spiritual or harmony, and if you think of the spiritual as being harmony instead of religion, it makes a lot more sense. The bottom half, you may say, is emotion or psychic. Emotional people are very psychic. Everybody is psychic to some degree. It is learning to draw from the higher source for the emotional energy. And gradually the guides came through giving their teachings, and help came from the masters who were already aware of the changes that would come over this period. It all was to bring the age upwards.

Now, when Jesus came on earth two-thousand years ago beginning that new age, He started at the top, bringing all the teachings that have always been. There has never been anything new. It is: "Seek within and be in harmony with those around you." Obviously you can't love everyone, although the words come out, 'love your neighbour'. Being in harmony with those around is the same as loving them. And so we have to make an effort to create the harmonious vibrations in our thoughts. And so, as Jesus brought in all this understanding from the higher level, people turned it upside down for their own conveniences, because the priests of old wanted power, and they were doing much the same kind of work as a medium would do today. A lot of my work entails doing a lot of work with the sick and suffering and with the terminal cases, and so on. This work is bringing the two minds into harmony, the physical mind and the spirit mind. Every religion uses the symbol of the praying hands. It has been there for centuries so it must have meaning. And so there is a very simple symbol for people to understand. When the two minds are in harmony, our physical and the spirit, then our spirit is in control of our life, our God within. This is what it is about. When the mind is troubled we say it is heavy, oppressing the spirit. There is a cloud around the mind, and the mind is vulnerable to the energy around, so creating more negative energy. And so, as those came in many years ago, to give proof of life after death, it was to bring mankind up to this period now, and to continue to progress. It came in at the bottom, so it couldn't be turned over as the other Masters did who came on earth before. And gradually, as we became more aware of the meaning of spirit, we saw that it isn't all the psychic phenomena that are important - although these are very nice, it's a lot of proof - it is being aware that life is continuous, that this life is a preparation for returning to spirit. Within us all we have many effects of memories, and from what I have been gathering, these go back thousands and thousands of years, before what we know as time. And to put it in a modern day word, it's like a computer, of holding the effects. Not of what really happened, because that's not important. It's not important searching out what lives have been in other times, because we tend to draw on karmic conditions that are negative. Everybody has, at some time, drawn on that karma. But when the two minds are in harmony our spirit puts the card in the computer, our memory banks draw the quality of those experiences in order to further it's life because it came into this life to have a good life.

We are all responsible for our own lives. We can't blame anyone, although all of us do, and I've been the worst offender when I've felt stifled by the responsibilities that I have to carry. But I see that I must have chosen to come in to carry those responsibilities in order to learn what I have to do. I'm no different from anyone else here, only that I happen to be a little bit more psychic due to an accident, and I had to learn how to cope with it and bring it into this reality. We all have spirit helpers or guardian angels. When the two minds are in harmony we link with them. When our mind is linking with the higher source of spirit it is also linking in with those wise ones. But we also have the same capacity when our mind is troubled, when it is heavy, to link in at that level with other entities who come in, according to that state of mind. And a lot of my work over the years has been in dealing with these problems, because many people think guides will help them, especially in their material lives, but of course, those who have been in spirit a long time are not interested in the material life,. They wouldn't know what electricity was, if they haven't been here for a few hundreds of years, but they would be aware of the difficulties that our spirit is experiencing when it is being over-shadowed. And this is what Jesus taught in a way. He was always saying about the trials and tribulations that we would go through, but we would over-come them if we calmed our minds, and go and seek within and find our truth. Each one has truth within them. I can't give anybody their truth, I'm only saying that within you, gradually your truth will take shape in the way that is needed for you. When it all boils down, you only need to learn to create harmony in any given situation. I've always got Niagara Falls up there, and I think of it as flushing in, flushing out, all the negative energy. And then thinking of the mind being filled with beautiful vibrations. It becomes a habit, so before I came here today, I was already doing it in order to make sure that the energy here was good. Wherever I am going, whether it is on the material level or on the spiritual level, it is still the same. Our beliefs are not 'Sunday' beliefs; they are every day. They fit in with life, they are part of living. If we want now to draw on a quality that is there for everyone, all we have to do is to think of that light radiating out, creating the vibrations that our families, our friends, and anyone that we come close to can share. I've been at the hospital this week. A very dear friend is in a coma, and I am having to concentrate on her. Also, not only on this young lady, but also on people who are visiting - her family, her friends, the doctors and nurses - each are equally important. And from what spirit says, she chose to go through this experience for a reason. I sat with her last night, and her guide came out with this: "She has chosen to go through this experience." She has been looking after her children because she is a widow. And she has done so much for her children, we all do this. We take away their responsibilities because we think we are doing what's right; we're protecting them, we're cushioning them against things. And I have spoken with them and they are realising that Mum must have been under a lot of pressure. She had to work, she had to keep the house going. With all these things that she was doing, how on earth did she fit it all in? And so through that a lot of learning will come. It is a terrible tragedy, it's so sad, but she is not suffering in a sense at the moment because she is in this deep sleep. And I am sure she is going to come out of it. With all the spirit helpers being around, it has been amazing to sees her progress, because the medical people are not being very helpful. And so, their family feelings are fluctuating up and down. I am building them up, and then they are being told to expect the worst, so they go down. But they are gradually becoming aware of that love and tender care that is there.

Now I want to go back to a time two years ago, concerning about how harmony and healing comes into it. I had a very dear friend, she was 24 at the time. And she was here in Sydney on exchange. She was standing on her balcony; the balcony gave way and she crashed three floors down. And she was injured all over her body. She was blind, deaf, multiple injuries right through her. They x-rayed her spine - there were two inches missing on the x-ray, but I still thought that Alison should be improving, that something should happen. And so with another close friend - she was god-mother to this other friend's children - we concentrated three times a day so we would tie in with the time here. Lunch time would be midnight time here, where they would be settling down for the sleep at night, when the spirit helpers can work with them better. It is much easier for our spirit surgeons to work on the spiritual body when the person is relaxed and asleep. This is why I am not concerned about Julie coming out of her coma. They know it is necessary for her to be quiet, not to be using up her energy by being wide-awake and moving about.

And so we did this, and even when I eventually went to America I still got the timing and worked in with Dee-dee on this other girl. She was in intensive care for quite some time. It was the 23rd of January when it happened. They said there was not a chance that she would ever walk again, or that she would see, or all these sorts of things. But we continued. Eventually Dee-dee, the lady in England, borrowed 3,000 and came to Australia to be near Alison and to see her. And it would be about 3 or 4 months later, and she worked on her also. Alison was a physiotherapist. They didn't know who she was for three days, and then one of the nurses recognised her and got in touch with England. So a lot of things happened and there must have been a reason for it all to happen. It is not coincidence. The hospital was Prince Henry Hospital in Sydney, they learnt a lot as well. They were so amazed. Eventually she did improve and she did walk. And Dee-dee was over in Australia when I was in America, and I also was doing a seminar on healing. I asked the people, as I took them into a quiet state, please concentrate on seeing this young lady walking normally and being healthy and happy. And we had five minutes healing meditation, teaching them how to send out their thoughts. And I wrote it in my diary and when I eventually got back, and Dee-dee got back to London, sure enough it tied up. She had been taken down in a wheel-chair to the beach, and she had been massaging her feet and doing all sorts of things to make her strong, and thinking of that light flowing in, working with the surgeons in spirit.

And she said to Alison: "Will you walk on the beach and I will hold on to your wheelchair".

She said: "I can't get out of the wheel-chair."

"Come on, let's just try to stand."

And she did this every day that week. At the end of the week Alison said to the nurse: "I want to go to the toilet. I am fed up with using this thing. I'm going to walk there." It was only a few steps. The nurse said: "Oh, it is not right. You can't do it. She said, "Oh, but I can."

She walked to the bathroom and the nurse and doctors didn't know that she had been practising. They were still treating her like a cripple. She was determined to get back to England under her own steam. And she did eventually come back, and she is now working. She still has her problems with her bladder - she has to have a catheter at home. But she is improving and she is working again. She is living in her own flat in London, and it is just two years on the 23rd of January. All one does is the same as leading an everyday life. It is thinking of that light flowing in to create good vibrations. Then those from a higher source can come in on that energy. We are creating the physical energy - they are creating the spirit energy. The two combine to work on the physical and the spirit. It is getting harmony within the mind, body and spirit. This is what I am doing with this young lady at Woden Valley. But it is commonly being taught we can't. It is no good healing the body if the mind remains troubled. It is no good healing the patient if the mind remains disharmonious and troubled. Each one of you has the potential to heal, because you are all physical and spirit. You all have wonderful minds and by creating those good vibes with the thought you are then able to link in to create that good energy which your spirit helpers can use. This is the way our surgeons in spirit taught us. And you should think of the end result. Our little group in London concentrated on Alison's spine, we thought of a fish-bone and we thought of everything being perfect. It is very difficult to think of the spine without flesh on it, and we just concentrated on that being perfect, there was going to be no breaks in it at all. We thought of her walking and happy and relaxed. She has sat in the group in England since. She has marvelled at it because to her it is a miracle. And everyone will see miracles some time in their lives, in a sense. Give thanks if you are able to bring the physical and spirit mind into harmony to create the peace, the love and the togetherness that is needed. We are all learning how to get ourselves to be givers. I hope those few words will help you and give you something to think about and use your talents in your way. Thank you for listening.

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