When you are in the Material World, you are surrounded by many objects. Some liquid, some firm and some air. The matter of your world seems well defined and formed, but in reality you know that it is made up of atoms. You have the nucleus and you have the particles going round it, and there is more space in that atom than there is solid matter. When you leave your physical body and you come to this side, you have got - for want of a better word - what you may still call a body. But it is very much finer than the one you left behind and it can do things that your physical body cannot do. It can move faster than the speed of light, it can move instantaneously. When a person, a spirit, visits your world it can pass through your material objects. Because the body in which it is in is so much finer, it can pass through those particles. But that is not the end. As you progress further through the Spirit World - and the group (of souls) who speak through this medium are always at pains to emphasise that there is really no direction in the Spirit World, but we use concepts that you would understand in an effort to get these matters across to you - as you progress through the Spirit World you become an even finer body. It is so fine that souls are beginning to merge. They merge, they share past remembrances and experiences, so that souls at that level have much more knowledge and understanding on which to draw than you do at the other levels. And I use the word 'levels' still merely as a vehicle to get across to you what we are saying, there is really not any levels. It is from this level at which souls can choose to re-incarnate in the Spirit World, and that is quite a sacrifice for them to make. They make the sacrifice to come back to try to remind those of you still in the physical body of what you have left. To ask you to remember, to remember what you are still striving for.

These are the people whom you have called Krishna, or Buddha, or Jesus. There have been many of whom you have never heard. They have been long before the time of recorded history, or they have lived in places where their lives have not been written down. They have lived in civilizations that have passed from your world and are no longer remembered, or have only vaguely been re-discovered, and so you do not know about them. These souls remember many lives and so you have a concept of re-incarnation.

You can, at any time, decided to re-incarnate. You can choose to re-incarnate again at the first level which you come to, or you can wait until you get to the higher levels and return to help others on their path. At this level those that you merge with will be souls, spirits, which whom you are most compatible, those around you who have been drawn together by similar vibrations.

The organization in the Spirit World is very free. We do not need to have people to set down and organize things and to decide who will do what. It just organizes itself. This is through vibration, for, as you bring vibrations along with you, so you attract similar vibrations. This works to some extent in your physical world, but not very well, for you will always find that there are people around you with whom you are not compatible. These situations are often those that you have chosen to have in your incarnation for various reasons known only to yourself and your guides.

In the Spirit World it works very much more effectively, and when you go beyond even this level of merging, you find somehow that the vibrations themselves are all similar, and so what you thought were different or incompatible at level you realize it is all the same. There is nothing that is incompatible, or compatible, it is just as you think it.

To some extent in the material world your thoughts govern what is there. you come together in a group and decide what the world is like, and then you will have other groups, a different level from those, who work - for want of a better word - in different areas of the world. And then you have your groups beginning to manifest in the material world itself, which affect areas of that. so you build cities, or you plant, or you cut down and so there your are obviously affecting the world.

But you have the other level - your own individual sphere - at which you can affect your world. When you come to the Spirit World, each individual can form their surroundings. You project your images of what you want out around you. When you want contact with other spirits you can have it. And eventually you realize that there is something more than just projecting your own ideas around you and you look up. 'Up' is still being used metaphorically please remember - and then you see. You see the next stage of what you need. it may be what you term the 'Halls of Learning'; it may be groups of people who need help. They will be the people who you can help the most effectively. There may be other things, and when you have gone through that stage you see things very much more finer, very much less strongly defined. They are beginning to merge. And you go beyond that when you are beginning to merge. Then you will experience the bliss and joy of the true Spirit World. You will no longer need 'real' things around. You are experiencing this joy. You are experiencing colour and music as you have never experienced them before - the music of the spheres, the music that is throbbing in the whole of creation. And when you go through that stage you will be merged with the Godness. You consciousness will be expanded in a way that not even I have experienced.

Many people who have heard of stages variously termed Nirvana, or Christ consciousness and similar terms, feel that this is an annihilation of the individuality. It is not! It is an expansion of that individuality, to such dimensions that you cannot conceive in your physical world.

It is such joy and bliss and then you will truly know the meaning of the one in all and the all in one.

It is the practice when we speak with you, we like to give you something to take away with you. And we are building up now, around this room, you have a golden light around you, encircling you, protecting you.

We would like now, to give you a taste of the peace which will come to you as you shed the layers of things, and atoms, and particles as you progress through the Spirit World. We would give you a glimpse of that.We ask you please, to sit quietly, be relaxed, breathe gently. Do not will anything else, just be at rest. Just be. open yourselves to what we have to offer. To those of you who are troubled, distressed or unhappy, to those of you who are joyful and in good circumstances, may you be able to contact this joy and this peace as you go through life. As often as you remember it, where you are, taste this peace.

(The following prayer was spoken softly and with deep meaning)
Take it with you into your difficulties.
Take it with you into all your adventures.
Take it with you into all your joys.
Think of it as often as you can.

(After a pause Arrian quietly left.)

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