Greetings dear friends. We are especially pleased to be speaking to you on this day before your special Easter Season. I come to you with the name of Arrian, I have spoken with you before and I wish again to thank you for making it possible for us to communicate with you.

Easter - the promise of new life but, in reality the promise that there is eternal life. You have the zzzzzz when you are in a physical body, an astral body, an ethereal body or when you have attained the ultimate of absorption back with the Godness. You celebrate at this time the release of the drop of Spirit that incarnated in the body of the man called Jesus. The body is sacrificed in order to set the Spirit free. You see, you concentrate, on the sacrifice, but it was the joyousness of being the Spirit.

The Spirit that incarnated as Jesus understood much more than most people who have inhabited a material body in your world - his true, divine nature. His spirit incarnated bringing the memories of Spirit, of the Spiritual state, and it is this understanding that the man called Jesus tried to pass on and to communicate. To a select band he was able to pass on this understanding, he was able to guide them to their own understanding and experience and knowledge. Others were not yet capable of that understanding but they, too, were able to receive reassurance and joy and peace when they understood that there was still life, even if the material body disintegrated and died. For them, this was the first step towards realisation. It was the step that brought them great freedom, for as they passed over, they at least knew that there was eternal life and were able to go on to the next step. Please understand (that I am using 'step' in the same way that I use words like 'level' and 'area' in an effort to get concepts across to you which otherwise I could not get across. In reality there is no division in the Spirit World. There is no 'step', there is no 'level' - it is all one. Progress, as you call it, is simply when you start to realise that there is something more than you are experiencing. Immediately you ask "Is this all there is?" "Is there not something more?" then you will start to see that "Yes, there is something more." There is a greater something which you can progress on to. And so these people, although they had gained really, a small part of the knowledge, yet were able to take a bigger step forward. They experienced a joy, there was an urgency about them to bring this enlightenment to others. Some received it, some rejected it, and some remained neutral. zzzz everyone who has come into contact with the message of Jesus was changed by it. Societies have been changed by it. Countries have been changed by it. Most of the world has been changed by it - by opening up to Spirit, to the knowledge that you can communicate with Spirit as Jesus did. He demonstrated this many times to His close circle. Other people felt it but did not realise it. But they still responded.

We ask you now to respond in your own way to this Easter message, this reminder of the eternal love. You were alive before you entered the physical body, you will still be alive when you leave it. It is, as has been said many times, as though you walk onto a stage one side and you walk off the other side. And what you are when you are on the stage is nothing different from what you are when you are off. Only something different - there is still zzzzz the drop of Godness in each one of you.

So, we ask you now, open yourselves up to this message of Easter. Sit quietly and receive the bliss from Spirit. There are gathered around you your friends and your loved ones and also your guides. They are all linking up to strengthen the feeling of peace that will come from Spirit. Please receive it. (Pause)

Be aware of the Peace. Be aware of the Spirit. Be aware of the energy. Be aware of the Joy. Be aware of your own divinity. So that when you, too, leave this material body you will be aware, you will be ready to expand, to open yourselves up to the zzzz you are capable off.

Receive in your hand the flower that is given you. We pray that this peace stay with you in the coming days to be manifested to people in your presence. I leave with you my love and may you take this peace. Amen.

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