Helping unhappy souls.

Good afternoon friends. It is always an honour to be asked to come to address you in the church, and we are grateful to you for including us on your platform.

We often have so much that we wish to bring through to you but often we know that there is someone in your congregation who needs something special, and we always try to include that person in our talk. There is much peace and energy building up with you today. There are always many, many, souls gathered around you. There are souls who have come here today to be with you, their loved ones. There are souls who come to be with those who they are guiding during their material life. There are others who come to help with the energy and work in your church. And there are others who come to be benefited as much as you here.

There are some lost souls over on our side. Much of this is caused by inappropriate teachings when they were in your world, and it is the movement with which you are associated that is making tremendous efforts to correct the result. (Interference on the tape) of these wrong teachings when they come over here. The work that I am thinking of consists in freeing people's minds because, in your world, there are so many belief systems which are codified and things are laid down quite strictly and allow no room for development or expansion, and this becomes necessary in your world. Some of those with whom we have the most difficulty when they come here are those who believe that they must sleep or reincarnate - they are even more difficult that those who come over here believing that there is no after-life. And there are those who come here suffering from guilt about something they have done in your material world. These people often need comforting and reassuring, and those of us who work through this medium have a particular wish to help you in the material world with understanding of love, both there and on this side, and how to avoid this particular difficulty. You are in an imperfect world, and you cannot manifest perfectly in that world. You are all a small manifestation of the underlying Godness, the Godness, the Being, the energy that underlies all types of manifestation, whether in the solid material world or in the more ethereal spiritual worlds. Always remember - you are just as much in the Spirit World while you are inhabiting your body, as when you come over there, it is simply a more dense form. So do not expect perfection even at the level of manifestation in which you are - be prepared to try again and again.

But try to make good while you are in the material world to those whom you think you have wronged. Make your peace unto them before you meet the judge - this is the real meaning of the parable of the Lord Jesus when he spoke those words so many years ago. We teach that there WAS a person called Jesus, he worked very much in the way that your philosophy works today. Unfortunately there has been much elaboration about his life, so concentrate on the philosophy and the teachings. There is no harm in following the festivals that you have - it is better to celebrate His birth on an incorrect date than not to celebrate it at all. This does not worry us at all. During those few weeks of the Christmas season you all get such an upliftment of spirit - it doesn't matter whether Jesus was born on that date or not. All that matters is that you remember Him and His birth and His teachings. He, too, was guided by Spirit, but HE also really knew and understood His own nature. We hope that we who are working with this medium in your world, can set you on the path to understanding your own nature. Many people ask "What is the purpose of this life in this world?" This question has never been fully and satisfactorily answered. Does it HAVE to have a purpose? We ask you. Do your best in that world, enjoy it as much as you can. Accept others - remember everyone is a manifestation of the Godness - it doesn't matter what form their material body takes - but remember, when you come here you will have many greater opportunities. If there is an unfulfilled desire in your heart you can fulfil it over here. You will have an opportunity to make friends with those who you think you have harmed, or who you think were not friendly to you in your world. Nothing will ever be final, you will always be able to make it good. Do not castigate yourself. Remember always - in you, too, there is a drop of the Godness. You may feel that you do not manifest that Godness well. Then I say - do not try too hard. Accept yourselves and accept others too. This is the greatest thing to do. It is difficult too, we understand that, but work always to accept others. You see, when there is someone you do not accept, someone who you reject, remember that you are rejecting the underlying Godness, you are also rejecting yourself, and when someone rejects you they, too, are rejecting themselves. But you will have a second chance over here to work out everything, to make friends again, to make good, to help others. Perhaps you feel you are not able to do so in this world. There are many souls over here who need help too. One of the things which you can do to help others in your world is to feel love for them. Send that love to them, for many of them it could be the first time they have experienced the vibrations of unconditional love. Put golden light around them. You can, if you wish, if you know of someone, think of a particular person. But you may just send love generally to someone in trouble. Talk to them about the light, that golden light that emanates from Godness. Tell them to go to that lovely, friendly, loving light. Just getting them to look at it, in many cases, will free them and enable them to go on.

It is our custom when we talk with you in your church to finish with a brief meditation, and, today, I would ask you to send that love to those in Spirit who are in difficulties. We have a few such souls here, you do not need to know their story, or to know who they are. They are in a group here (indicating the area in from of the altar, about 1.5 metre above the floor) if you could quietly feel love and direct that love to them, you will receive much more love back. This is one way in which you can strengthen the link between you and Spirit. (Speaking slowly and deliberately now)

We are putting a golden circle around this church, while you sit quietly. You can use any idea that you wish - colours, lights, flowers, animals, people - and give them love.

There are some who have been greatly touched by your love. They may have experienced love for the first time.

They are opening up to spirit for the first time.

This work will continue after this service. And we thank you for your help and co-operation. Each one of you has now been given a spiritual flower which will accompany you through the coming days. May God be with you all. Amen.

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